"How To" Update Your NHL Player Name, Default & PSN Gamer Tag

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    whether you're new to the LG or have been here for a while. Some members are still around with incomplete LG Website profiles. What I am referring to is the sections that can be found in your profile that I will be listing below.

    It is important to take advantage of all the opportunities @Tris10 & the LG Site administration have given you at your disposal. Also some of the information is critical as it can determine stats & how things sync up from your LG Profile to your PSN or vise versa. I will be informing you all how & where to access the following key information that is to be updated in your profiles.

    - NHL Player Name

    - Default Gamer Tag

    - PSN Gamer Tag

    To start I will be discussing how & why to update your NHL Player Name. You can locate all the information that I will be talking about in this "How To" just by clicking or hovering over your name that is shown in the upper left hand corner of the screen like shown below :

    LG Updating Personal Information 1.png

    When you click on Step 2 - Personal Details it will bring you to the next screen that looks like what's provided below :

    LG Updating Personal Information 2.png

    This is just a small show of what you would actually see but it is important to update all 3 Options (Plus the others) Provided.

    - NHL Player Name

    - Default Gamer Tag

    - PSN Gamer Tag

    LG Updating Personal Information 3.png
    The above photo illustrates why it's important to update your information properly. Notice that the players in the Red Box don't have EA names underneath their gamer tags. Then notice the player in the green box does have an EA name underneath their gamer tag. If a game is ever updated or needs to be fixed, It is important that the EA name (NHL Player Name) & Gamer tag are properly inputted or else you might not get the proper stats.

    Please make sure once again you take advantage of all the opportunities the LG gives you in order to get the best experience from the game / league.

    Any Questions you might have, Please don't hesitate to ask the CHL Staff
    (Make sure you add ALL CHL Staff listed below in your message)

    CHL Deputy Commissioner

    CHL Board of Governors
    @ozip8826 / @DG_Keeper / @Vanessa graf

    Thank You & Good Luck!
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