"How To" Upload Images Using Imgur.Com

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    Imgur.com Header.png

    Imgur.com is the highly recommended hosting site for sending us your photo generated links as proof in the LG. We encourage & require the use of Imgur as we require visual evidence whenever you want to file a "Action Center" Report or when you send a Private Message to any Staff Member. It is IMPORTANT to provide visual evidence at all times. This section of the "How To" will inform you of how to use Imgur.com properly & the appropriate options needed.

    If you haven't signed up *For Free* to Imgur.com it is suggested to do so. If you have already signed up then please sign into your account.

    Step 2 In Imgur.com Process.png

    Step 1 : Click on "New Post"

    Step 2 : Click on "Upload Images"

    After clicking on

    "Upload Images"

    you will encounter the following that will pop up on your computer :

    Step 3 in Imgur.com Process.png
    Step 1 : Clicking on "Browse" will bring your to the image with the (2) Next to it that should hold all your files that you saved to your computer.


    You can also drag your image to "Drag Image Here" or Paste your images address to "Paste Image or URL" option provided.

    It is recommended that you right click on any image that you wish to save to your computer & create a file to save your images in if you haven't already.

    After you click on the picture that you wish to use, The following image screen will pop up :

    Step 4 in Imgur.com Process.png

    Step 1 : That is the link that you will need to copy & paste to an message that you wish to provide evidence in.

    Step 2 : Is an optional step as it will be useful to label the picture that you are attempting to provide.

    Finally all this should be used in messages as for example in the Following image :

    Step 5 in Imgur.com Process.png

    The above picture is a sample picture of an "Action Center" Report that is being filled out. It shows you where & what your link would look like when you copy & paste it to the message. Again this is a crucial step in providing evidence into anything that you have complaints about. This "How To" Can go hand & hand with "How To" File Action Center Complaints.

    We hope this is a helpful piece of information provided top the LG Community!

    Any Questions you might have, Please don't hesitate to ask the CHL Staff
    (Make sure you add ALL CHL Staff listed below in your message)

    CHL Deputy Commissioner

    CHL Board of Governors
    @ozip8826/@DG_Keeper/@Vanessa graf

    Thank You!
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