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  1. PrototypeX85
  2. Swaggnificent_
    Available for all games in LG.
  3. Bbrawler84
    95 overall Bozak Boi
  4. Stalkrmd
    Looking to be scouted LD or RD.
  5. Bbrawler84
    Tim Thomas for HUT card 2020. Spread the word
  6. lilShing
    lilShing vvMcLovin
    hey new gm for your team this year. i would like to get in touch with you. plz join the discord our link is posted in the lg chl forums
  7. ITIoMMy-
  8. Screamed
    Goalie looking for a team, Willing to tryout message me on Xbox anytime
  9. jhawkman81
    Owner Of Mississauga s6,s7,s8,s9 and s10
  10. QC_spectre173
    S11 Regina Pats owner
  11. Daddyy Chukyy
    Daddyy Chukyy
    I Can do this All Day
  12. Schowtime2499
  13. didjeman
    The Kangooroo is back!!!
  14. Kinneyyy
    Dont bid! Only signed up to play SNP during the summer
  15. RoUxChArD Qc
  16. ComingUpClutch00
    ComingUpClutch00 LG McDonald
    Hey man I’m kind of new to this competitive EASHL. I have signed up for psn lghl season 11. I am wondering what is the next step and what I must look out for? I couldn’t send you a discord message. My discord name is ClutchGenes#8141
  17. SoberFawn547292
    PSN - GetF0kinDunkedOn // Xbox - Joorrdan
  18. HarvSaucler
  19. xXToX1cGam3R_87X
  20. Chuck--31
    A moment ago - Gourr- : Congratulations on the cup Chuck! Well deserved brother!