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  1. D0NPABL0 128482
    D0NPABL0 128482
    FA LW/LD for NHL 19. Serious about competing and getting better.
  2. paparobkingsrule
    paparobkingsrule millerlight225
    Dude get a hold of me please.
  3. xKillzone99
    Good Series Pittsburgh
  4. Jack Bauer tuna
  5. Dusty 0260
    Dusty 0260
    "It's a hard life pickin stones and pullin tits but sure as god's got sandles it beats fightin dudes with treasure trails."
  6. jhawkman81
    Owner Of Mississauga s6,s7 and s8.
  7. STLstash
  8. KushNastyy
  9. EdmOil5
    Solid two way Dman, can play both sides and move the puck.
  10. Marsh-all-
    Season 8 playoff champs, BOGs stole the actual cup and gave it to 2nd place lol.
  11. Gour_x_71
    The eyes never lie
  12. Nick NHL
    Nick NHL
    Alex Jones is Tris's hero.
  13. Cloudhero777
    Playoff bound. #islanders #Chl #Lg
  14. Mattson1980
  15. xUnknown_31
  16. Kingbling647
  17. KStormmmmmmmmmmm
  18. nyBARISny
  19. OhStaff
  20. jgiroux4
    Chirp Tim Riggins, I fuckin dare you