Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

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Xbox One
Wahoo Studios
Fri Jan, 24th 2020
Oath Inc

One Leaves

What is this place?! To your horror, you find yourself in a hellish labyrinth, trapped behind a steel cage. There are three others unfortunate enough to join you. A voice explains that only one of you will get out. You will need to breathlessly run through an abandoned high school, a creepy hospital, a terrifying morgue and seemingly the depths of hell itself. Racing against your peers, you will need to keep your wits about you, solve insidious clues, avoid demonic obstacles and ultimately find your way to the exit – before it’s too late. Four will enter, but only one will leave. Will it be you?
  • 10
    Off to a Good Start
  • 150
    Down the Rabbit Hole
  • 10
    Not so Pearly Whites
  • 200
    One More Out of the Pack
  • 150
    One of Three
  • 200
    You're the One
  • 20
    Turned Around?
  • 10
    Up in Smoke
  • 20
    What have You Learned?
  • 50
    Light the Way
  • 150
    You'll be Back...
  • 10
    Hurts to Breathe
  • 10
    Don't Let This Be You
  • 10
    Open Up

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