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Xbox One
Bionic Pony
Fri Feb, 28th 2020
Bionic Pony

Ultimate Massage

Ultimate Massage is a game that gives you complete control over your gamepad's vibration function allowing you to use it for back massages or anything else you'd like. Players have precise control over all aspects of the individual vibration motors in their controllers. Players can choose to, for example: Activate only the left (rough) rumble motor. Activate only the right (smooth) rumble motor. Activate both motors at once. Adjust the intensity of the vibrations manually. Activate a pulse mode that adjusts the vibration speed continuously for optimal massages. This game also features match three mode in which players must flip over 15 cards in order to find five pairs of three matching cards. This quick game mode usually takes less than a minute to play and offers a fun distraction.

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