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Mostafa Ghafari
Sat Oct, 19th 2019
mostafa ghafari

Parma Video Player

Parma video player is an universal app for windows 10. video and music player The program has the ability to find and list all movies and videos on your device. This program can list existing movies and videos in your folders and subfolders. The program supports the majority of formats available. convert media to other media format. Support for multi language movies. It has ability to go to the next or previous movie or video in the playlist It Plays the next movie after each movie playback. It gives you the ability to play a particular file and play movies and video in a specific folder. srt Subtitle Support. Supports touch control (swipe) , easy to use and fast loading. Open Subtitles from anywhere on your device. you can change font family , font color and font size subtitle. Volume slider. Subtitle delay slider. Video streaming. It gives the ability to view movies and video playlist during a playback. The program has a user-friendly and simple interface -------------------------------------- Coming soon in next updates: Support for other video formats Video sharing

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