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Thu Jan, 28th 2021

Flight Simulator 2020 Guides

Flight Simulator 2020 Game Video Guide now Windows Store! This is not a game. Just Guide. Category: ---Basics Beginner's Guide Aircraft list Airports list Game modes Toolbar Realism Ground Services ---Flying school Analog cockpit Flight Plan - basics Take-off Change of direction, course Climb Cruise Descent Landing ---Advanced Flying Flight Plan - extended version Glass cockpit Cold Start Taxi to the runway Autopilot ILS - automatic landing Three engine control levers ---FAQ How to find your home? Animals - how to find? Autopilot - how to turn it on? Color of the plane - how to change it? Terrain - what are the differences? HUD - how to turn off? Multiplayer mode - how does it work? ILS frequencies - how to display? ---Appendix System requirements PC What hardware / controller to choose Rolling Cache Achievements list

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