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Wed Jan, 17th 2018
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Winning Putt: Golf Online

Winning Putt is a free-to-play online multiplayer golf game. Face off against worldwide competition and win tournaments! Perfect your swing and get in a round of golf anywhere, anytime for free.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful and Varied Courses - Play on nine different courses from tropical resort Plumeria or alien planet Starglen for a round. Courses all have their own unique challenges from tricky layouts, high winds, or challenging slopes to beat. Play any course at night for an extra challenge!
  • High Fidelity Gameplay That Only PC Can Achieve - Take advantage of the power of CryEngine for one of the most realistic golf experiences on PC. Everything from club choice to environmental effects such as wind and rain will affect each swing.
  • Customize Every Aspect of Your Game - Choose Accuracy or Power for your class, and customize your game even further as you choose your skills, enchant clubs, and choose apparel for an experience unique to you!
  • Competitive Gameplay - Participate in tournaments and climb the ranks to become the ultimate golfer. Try out more than three different gameplay modes to test yourself and beat the competition!

  • One Putt Master
  • Golfer's Dream
  • Eagle Hunting
  • A Bird in the Hand
  • Bogus
  • Fairway Attacker
  • Chipper
  • Chipping Birds
  • Sand Chipper
  • Rough Chipper
  • Sandbagger
  • Top of the Class
  • Around the World
  • Challenger
  • Victor
  • Champion
  • Try Hard
  • Novice Gambler
  • Tournament Participant
  • Novice Golfer
  • Junior Pro
  • Semi Pro
  • Dedicated
  • Golf Fanatic
  • Professional Golfer
  • Tour Pro
  • Master Pro
  • National Champion
  • World Champion
  • Master of Helena
  • Master of Plumeria
  • Master of Seven Angels
  • Master of Wildstone
  • Master of Edelweiss
  • Master of Memorial
  • Master of Breezy Hill
  • Master of Starglen

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