Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 Wzia Power Forward Center,Small forward 89 Post Shot 6’10” 265lb
2 Maxwell x 3 Shooting guard Shooting guard
3 MMurph Murph6897 Shooting guard Center,Point guard
4 JKGrizzle Center
5 CTRAIN2002 Point guard Point guard
6 M4CK EH Power Forward Center,Power Forward Stretch 4
7 Alpha TCG Point guard Center
8 Schizostone Shooting guard Point guard
9 CKxWhalefan26 Small forward Small forward
10 swiss97 Small forward Power Forward,Shooting guard
11 Nekski Nekski19 Center Center,Power Forward,Shooting guard
12 Hope Legacyy Power Forward 90 OVR Stretch Four
13 IIx OMARK xII IIxOmarkxII Point guard Center,Shooting guard
14 ScottLAX18 Point guard
15 Mats ZuccareIIo Center
16 Payner dpayne090 Center Point guard 89 OVRPURE POST 7'3" CENTER OR 6'5" 90 OVR PG SLASHING SHARP
17 ThePalps Small forward Power Forward
18 x casey o Shooting guard Power Forward Sg is a sharp shot my 4 is a shot stretch
19 Billsmafia1186 Billsmafia1186 Shooting guard Small forward
20 im just a squid imJustASquid Shooting guard Small forward
21 LONZO Ball Son Point guard Shooting guard
22 smythe dawonder Chocolate_Brown- Small forward Power Forward,Shooting guard
23 JMizz9 Shooting guard Shooting guard
24 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Shooting guard Small forward,Shooting guard,Point guard
25 Focus TF YouKnow_Chris Center Power Forward My build isn't a stretch.
26 l0l iVeRsOn l3l Charliera85 Center Point guard
27 Bourque x13 Power Forward
28 Teebonom Point guard Shooting guard,Point guard
29 COSTA215 Center
30 Dangs92 Small forward Center,Power Forward,Small forward,Shooting guard,Point guard have all builds
31 xRICKOSHAY Shooting guard Small forward,Point guard
32 Jack Bauer tuna Center Power Forward,Small forward
33 BlueLineKing7 BlueLineKing7 Power Forward Small forward
34 Po_luhr Po_luhr Power Forward Small forward
35 CubsCrusher14 Center Power Forward
36 Weston Streetz Shooting guard
37 Amendment64 Buffs420 Power Forward Center,Power Forward,Shooting guard
38 H0L7BY Shooting guard Small forward
39 Dswish3 Center Power Forward,Shooting guard
40 ThankYouHinkie Small forward Power Forward
41 Longshot906 Power Forward
42 Milonee88 Center Power Forward
43 Mxckie ThirdLineGM Small forward Point guard
44 Big Popo45 Shooting guard Power Forward,Small forward
45 Viktomize Shooting guard Small forward
46 Easy Macaroni Point guard Shooting guard
47 xJettx Small forward Shooting guard Pure Sharp or Pure Lock
48 Sh3ld0nb0y10 Shooting guard Point guard
49 x TERRY x 77 XxTerryTORxX Power Forward Center,Small forward
50 Doanxr Center Point guard
51 theilegalseagul Center Power Forward,Shooting guard
52 xDarth29 xNick93 Power Forward Power Forward
53 APsychicTaco Center Power Forward
54 CHALLENGER 305 Shooting guard Center,Power Forward,Small forward
55 Jelly x 35 Shooting guard Shooting guard I’m 90 6’5 playmaking shotcreater amateur 3
56 NfldTim Power Forward Center,Power Forward,Small forward,Shooting guard
57 ShortyxLOSE ShortyxLOSE Shooting guard Shooting guard Pure Sharp
58 WiliestJester56 Small forward Center
59 Perrilyzer1 Center Center
60 Jayoum95 Point guard Shooting guard
61 BTW8892 Shooting guard Small forward,Point guard 90 Overall 6'7" Shot-Creating Sharp
62 RideThePorkChop Center Center
63 B DuB 718 BDuB_718 Power Forward Power Forward
64 CaneShades Shooting guard Small forward
65 Daddy Marino Marinol71l Small forward Power Forward 90 SF Slashing Defender can play the 3 or 4 or 89 Stretch 4
66 Dimitri x 91 Center
67 mfricha mfricha Point guard Point guard I WILL CROSS U OVER
68 trevwings Point guard Shooting guard
69 Tb ToXiC Tb_ToXiC81 Shooting guard Im owning in FNP draft me as a backup