Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag What is your Clubs Team Name Is this your 1st event at Leaguegaming?
1 Hxndry Hxndry Entourage No
2 Yonnnnnnn x 13 Yonnnnnnn x 13 CBJ Gaming No
3 Vio37 Vio37 Tour Roadrunners No
4 AgentSooksta008 AgentSook613 Fall of Ideals No
6 Go Bar South23 Go Bar South23 Kangaroo Court No
7 TertleToes TertleToes Coastline eSports Yes
8 Go for a celly Go for a celly The Express No
9 Berth x 91 Berth x 91 Revelation No
10 ServingStank ServingStank 9th Wonder No
11 MickeyMikeyy MickeyMikeyy Toronto North Pack Yes
12 Rockxt 5 Rockxt 5 Olympia No
13 Tendy Tendy Composure No
14 Gwan Gwan Vertigo No
15 OG Kevin Bacon OG Kevin Bacon Clout9 No
16 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l BBB No
17 Benny I93I Benny I93I Quebec Nordiques No
18 iChuckFinley iChuckFinley Playoff Mentality No
19 Wrxsto Wrxsto True North No
20 CT 66 CT 66 Hidden Potential No
21 Hamilt0n18 Hamilt0n18 The Shadow Knights Yes
22 rickchel rickchel Eclipse No
23 Pinel xQCx Pinel xQCx EVOLUTION No
24 Kxv 97 Kxv 97 Riptide No
25 Vahey x 19 Vahey x 19 Sound Turtles Yes
26 JayJ4yy JayJ4yy Reservation No
27 F0G 19 F0G 19 Cohesion No
28 The AB Show The AB Show Euphoria Yes
29 Sejje Sejje Mercenary eSports No
30 FreeKz eh FreeKz eh Night Rats No
31 Seawxrd Seawxrd Prime Example No
32 JerDubzz JerDubzz Canadiens Esports No
33 Pastrnak x88 Pastrnak x88 Cryogenic Yes
34 R xYATESx77 R xYATESx77 Rageaholics No
35 Dangs92 Dangs92 Highlanders No
36 Amerks8771 Amerks8771 Roc City Roadrunners Yes
37 Sneakler Sneakler The Bad Kids No
38 PoIgz PoIgz Prodigy No
39 Shlarchey Shlarchey Pressure No
40 l TiMx71 l l TiMx71 l The Big Bad Wolf No
41 FirebushNewFie FirebushNewFie Recovery No
42 Schtinker Schtinker Essentials No
43 nhlNJDevil00 nhlNJDevil00 NJDGC No
44 Itz Spiiddy Itz Spiiddy Mean Machine Yes
45 Psycelangelo Psycelangelo LFG No
46 RedSport95 RedSport95 The Notorious Dogs No
47 vBxnditt vBxnditt The Commission No
48 Kilarney42 Kilarney42 Killer Saints Yes
49 Planck x96 Planck x96 Force of Habit Yes
50 PigsOnJupiter PigsOnJupiter Pink Whitneys No
51 Wales x I26I Wales x I26I YNK Yes
52 RJYorke RJYORKE Bandits HC No
53 D4D USA D4D USA Next Question No
54 Sourslapshot2 Sourslapshot2 One Last Chance No
55 Williams x12x Williams x12x Anonymous No
56 I HDC I I HDC I Dismiss No
57 Slikkrick72g Slikkrick72g Kings of The Dot No
58 bcusitsthecup bcusitsthecup 50 in 07 Yes
59 Jiglipuff1 Jiglipuff1 Xblazers No
60 El Donn Juan El Donn Juan The Railroad No
61 PBanc PBanc Freedom No
62 ChiSouthSiderr ChiSouthSiderr Bangerz No
63 IDarktimesI IDarktimesI Level Gaming Yes
64 KoryDub KoryDub Jinnipeg Wets No
65 Paradis-7117 Paradis7117 Red Lite No
66 detee ef T oXi c4259 Chance of Reign No
67 McKaBLe McKaBLe Wet Socks Yes
68 Dr Chatton Dr Chatton Technicity No
69 StL Blues Fan54 StL Blues Fan54 iONiC No
70 ludmers ludmers The Generals No
71 l Assonnato l l Assonnato l Dark Horse No
72 LNDxGeorgio LNDxGeorgio DYNASTY No
73 Vaporize 17 Vaporize 17 Royalty No
74 SweetLou9208 SweetLou9208 Cobra Kai No
75 ArrogantStop ArrogantStop Danglestown Dash No
76 Miike Scott Miike Scott Threat Level Midnight No
77 Daqs x 13 Daqs x 13 Bardown Clowns Yes
78 Luzzy_66 JOFA8087 Catch 22 No
79 T Jenx T Jenx Scooty Pufff Jrs No
80 Frauts Frautsy Instant Replay No
81 MrWYMAN10 MrWYMAN10 Minnesota Hotdishers Yes
82 Rogers l4l Rogers l4l Its Nothing Personal No
83 DRIVE4FIVE DRIVE4FIVE Hewett Bulldogs No
84 Flowseidon92 Flowseidon92 Sigfreudia Yes
85 XenoSZN XenoSZN Continuum No
86 Trick x9 Trick x9 Blacklist No
87 At43 AT43 Light It Up No
88 dirtsaucesnipes dirtsaucesnipes GrindersUnited No
89 quatch02 quatch02 Adherence Yes
90 l JLP l l JLP l Gabagoons No
91 Pelley_ Pxllxy Rise 2 Fame No
92 Sleemn Sleemn Ground N Pound No
93 Nicky Moose 69 Nicky Moose 69 Knight Shift No
94 EndoMills EndoMills Fuze Hockey No
95 lStastny26l lStastny26l Slippy G HC No
96 TruIceman21 TruIceman21 Forgotten Nightmare Yes
97 NHLDucksGaming NHLDucksGaming Anaheim Ducks Gaming No
99 theFiGS42 theFiGS42 Reality Check No
100 l KhaaN l l KhaaN l The Outlaws Yes
101 BTW8892 BTW8892 Resistance No
102 Archon Assassin Archon Assassin Momentum No
103 Schreiny Schreiny Bulletproof No
104 The Gr8 Haxby The Gr8 Haxby Fantastic Boys No
105 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus The Bomb Squad No
106 Draperov Chemistry Esports Yes
107 iTz x Luigi x iTz x Luigi x Instinct No
108 N A S T Y x 93 N A S T Y x 93 No Expectations No
109 Naslund x 19 Naslund x 19 The Helmet Boys No
110 Kooppaaa Kooppaaa 8Bit No
111 Reiders90 Reiders90 Nocturnal Yes
112 Josh55777 Josh55777 Sons of Anarchy No
113 Ir0n hAnds Ir0n hAnds E M P I R E HC No
114 HooFooXIII HxxFoo OverPowered No
115 Axey19 Axey19 Response No
116 TIN045 TIN045 Code of Conduct No
117 ItsBest91 ItsBest91 Mindset No
118 Thomps79 Thomps79 Coaches corner No
119 Devin Decibel Devin Decibel Recapture No
120 SafirSnipezGOLD Safir662574 Centrum No
121 Smitthias US Smitthias US Eden Hall Warriors JV Yes
122 Kasimis96 Kasimis96 Stay Off The Tracks No
123 Rexx Rexx High Latency No
124 WAT7T WAT7T The Wicked No
125 RYguyX9 RYguyX9 Vortex No
126 ScXr Allen ScXr Allen The unspoken one Yes
127 cmcHoffa cmcHoffa GAME BREAKERS Yes
128 OrocK LLC OrocK LLC IxI R e s p e c t IxI No
129 Psycoachlogy xl DatStud lx Flawless No