Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag What is your Clubs Team Name Is this your 1st event at Leaguegaming?
1 cHELIOS-7x cHELIOS-7x The God Squad No
2 xSnipeSter xSnipeSter Expected Yes
3 Diamond l 4 l Diamond-I4I Ice No
4 Frozy27 Frozy27 Renaissance Yes
5 YT_IvanDelosh xDelee Northern Elite Yes
6 Stxvio Stxvio Italian x Stallions No
7 tbeat-- tbeat-- Rick Heinz Goalie School No
8 NielerR NielerR Hotel California No
9 stammerchel stammerchel No Limits No
10 DumouIin DumouIin Nationals No
11 Helix x 21 Helixtex Deja Vu Yes
12 Mugfxrd Mugfxrd Psychopaths Yes
13 IAdxmI IAdxmI Vendetta Yes
14 xiTz_McKenzie_-x xiTz_McKenzie_-x Hidden Talent Yes
15 TourFwenty-_- TourFwenty-_- Rascals HC Yes
16 ROLLaBACKWOODS Ghosfacekilla14 Boys Are Buzzing No
17 xTrav89 xTrav89 Claim To Fame Yes
18 Carbeen- Carbeen- Razors Edge Yes
19 KLoKLuca Birdman4581 Crodies No
20 Snxpzy- Snxpzy- One Step Ahead No
21 jacksdawgs jacksdawgs Mystery America No
22 Rosemontbbqhc Rosemontbbqhc Toxic City Academy Yes
23 Ten Ply TenPly-_- Pinnacle No
24 LePorcs28 LePorcs28 GM CHIEFS Yes
25 god_of_crist god_of_crist The Offseason No
26 NotMxke NotMxke Abnormal Yes
27 iamchillson iamchillson Sailboats Yes
28 ltz0ver4u ltz0ver4u Midnight Express Yes
29 Kingerr_- Kingerr_- Force Warriors Yes
30 Deets39x Deets39x Ontario Offseason Yes
31 MrPurpleCrush MrPurpleCrush Yotes No
32 l_LOCKET75_l l_LOCKET75_l Budz Yes
33 RawJuiice RawJuiice Let It Ride Yes
34 Dr Dee Dr__Dee Real Ominous Stuff No
35 xDoer3 xDoer3 Synergy No
36 DJ_DeaThSlapZ85 DJ_DeaThSlapZ85 Creepers No
37 UNDynasty21 UNDynasty21 TwC Gaming Yes
38 McLxvinn McLxvinn- Denial No
39 NerdyMamba TalentCheckl94l Revitalized Gaming Yes
40 Ryan_x_28 Ryan_x_28 4th Line Hero's No
41 GoalieGodz GoalieGodz Dead Shot Yes
42 JerDubzz JerDubzz Canadiens Esports No
43 BROSKI_002 Broseph_Geobbels Down Two Earth Yes
44 Fowyyy Fowyyy Legion No
45 GingerNHL GingerNHL Jockeys Yes
46 Frenchy3131 Frenchy3131 Degenerati0n Yes
47 LOopSx91x L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 Road 2 Glory No
48 BigSmeII BigsmeII Bantam Boys Yes
49 DeMxrco8 DeMxrco8 Simplicity No
50 x Fisher 81 Fisher81-_- Tostitos Scoops No
51 CoachSamy CoachSamy Against the Odds No
52 Hockeygab_20 Hockeygab_20 Lg Reginapats No
53 eZ_WiNS-313 eZ_WiNS-313 Dirt Squirrels Yes
54 xDatsy xDatsy Nocturnal No
55 EvO-o_O CantDenyMe The Usual Suspects Yes
56 CRAlGZY CRAlGZY Sicko Mode No
57 Fooldawg83 Fooldawg83 Clubb No
58 Tendy Tendyx29 Nuge's Man Bun No
59 Paradis-7117 Paradis-7117 No Mercy No
60 PAPA--33 PAPA--33 Jue Blackets Yes
62 SelkeSean SelkeSean East Coast Bias No
63 Pavelbure_10 Pavelbure_10 Legendary Legends No
64 X_Mick_14 X_Mick_14 No x Fear Yes
65 ItzProv_ Prxov- 3rd Line Botttts Yes
66 Hypnxtiikz Hypnxtiikz Calculated Yes
67 PDX_Cloudy PDX_Cloudy Just shoot and score Yes
68 Westy0927 WestyQC The Bad Guys Yes
69 TTV_Kingflips TTV_Kingflips Berries & Cream No
70 FreeZ-o-R FreeZ-o-R The Great Warriors Yes
71 wildstajan1 wildstajan1 Great White North Yes
72 Morn Morn Psychosis Yes
73 TrippyNav TrippyNav Demolition Crew No
74 Konzy-- Konzy-- Slaughterhouse No
75 MikeH1029 MikeH1029 Ellaborated Chelling Yes
76 BCboi4 BCboi4 Red Army Yes
77 Marner_Magic16 Marner_Magic16 Boyz Be Buzzin Yes
78 DylbertDangles DylbertDangles Southern Ontario Storm Yes
79 xNightHawk11 xNightHawk11 Northeast Wolf Pack No
80 Nick_x_98 Nick_x_98 Empire eSports Yes
81 Avez12 Avez_12 The Firm Yes
82 Silva ll 21 ll Blueshockey79 The 09ers No
83 HellaciousDragon HellaciousDragon Absolute Zero No
84 BoKnows x 88 BoKnows____ Red Raiders Yes
85 AbailG93 AbailG93 Baby B’s Yes
86 GuruGreg79 GuruGreg79 Power Hungry Yes
87 ZTurnsyy ZTurnsyy LG Halifax Mooseheads Yes
88 Ray9733 sixxpac9733 Canadian Jets Yes
89 Oakley1169 Oakley1169 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds Yes
90 Biscuit_017 Biscuit_017 Capn Crunch Yes
91 Chanation17 Chanation17 We Vibin Yes
92 dantas101 dantas101 Durham Dynamo Yes
93 JonnyT217 JonnyT-21 FULLSEND69 Yes
94 SPED3409 SPED3409 Trash Pandas Yes
95 TheeSonnyG TheeSonnyG Warmup Warriors Yes
96 Nealrambo Nealrambo Good Boys No
97 JrPens91 JrPens91 Syn City Yes
98 FIinnur Flinnur The Prophecy No
99 Shmeeemz Shmeeemz Greasy Backhanders Yes
100 Sharpxo justjazzy_uwu Tape 2 Tape Yes
101 Enzoren- Enzoren- Sawceboyz Yes
102 ViLLvoN_10 ViLLvoN_10 Fjord Yes
103 xShoot_N_Scores xShoot_N_Scores Proficiency Yes
104 Lock3rs420 Lock3rs420 OG Leafs Bud Yes
105 SheilaTequila_- SheilaTequila_- Ice Cold HeartBreakers Yes
106 kdogracing29 kdogracing29 Knights Grind Hockey Team Yes
107 NeNe Ruxanne Verdansk Yes
108 FrenchMoron FrenchMoron Flawless No
109 Sous_jugg24 l2l-Jean_Guy-l7l Offside Yes