Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
2 Rallo x 74 Rallo x 74 Right Defense none
3 x Neal x 18 x x Neal x 18 x Right Defense
4 Ezreal Ezreal Right Wing
5 cadillac eldo CaDiLLaC ElDo Right Wing I play any forward position. Full availability
6 x Fisher 81 x Fisher 81 Right Defense
7 Gary Garoo Gary Garoo Right Wing
9 Maxwell x 3 Maxwell x 3 Right Defense
10 l Steele l l Steele l Left Wing
11 Weldxr Weldxr Right Wing
12 Bourque x13 Bourque x13 Left Defense
13 Carm95 Carm95 Center
14 IlFox IlFox Center
15 Tenzous Tenzous Left Defense
16 l Ristolainen l l Ristolainen l Right Defense
17 l Stastny26 l l Stastny26 l Center
19 DavosJB DavosJB Goalie
20 PieR Talent PieR Talent Right Wing
21 Eamonn Eamonn Left Defense
22 Mr Blain3r Mr Blain3r Goalie
23 Rob475 Robsmash475 Center
24 jackD00P jackD00P Right Wing
25 GoogAndSwag GoogAndSwag Goalie All
26 I Flight l I Flight l Center
27 IB U C IK IB U C IK Goalie
28 xJLucas xJLucas Right Defense
29 APX x 93 APX x 93 Right Wing
30 Position banc Position banc Right Wing
31 Xxlevi Xxlevi Center
32 JayNades D2G JayNades D2G Center Ava for all games
33 Duchesne x10 Duchesne x10 Center I can also play RW
34 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Center
35 Chromeaholik Chromeaholik Goalie
36 Dangs92 Dangs92 Right Wing
37 Krejci l46l Krejci l46l Left Wing
38 Grandma In Urn Grandma In Urn Right Wing
39 kjm007 kjm007 Right Defense
40 MrRekoub MrRekoub Center
41 BadHabbitts BadHabbitts Right Defense Can play D or wing.
42 i need too P00 i need too P00 Center
43 Martel x 29 Martel x 29 Right Wing
44 l S4K l l S4K l Center Can sing too
45 Augchenyuk Augchenyuk Center
46 Some fat gezer Some fat gezer Right Wing
47 ShortyxLOSE ShortyxLOSE Left Wing
48 Buddy x 34 Buddy x 34 Goalie
49 o Panda o Panda o Panda o Panda Right Wing C/LW
50 D4nkNecessities D4nkNecessities Left Defense dahlin is my dad
51 Gongshow l31l Gongshow l31l Right Wing
52 KqMq KqMq Goalie
53 Homiezoned Homiezoned Right Wing RW / C
54 l Eichel x 9 l Eichel x 9 Center
55 Manning x76 Manning x76 Center
56 Z3R0CR45H Z3R0CR45H Goalie
57 GroseSauce GroseSauce Left Defense
58 King P Bron King P Bron Right Defense
60 PartyDrew PartyDrew Right Wing Solid winger. Looking to get some games in
61 WatchForRiddick WatchForRiddick Center
62 Two Beer Timmy Two Beer Timmy Left Defense Can also play RD or RW or G
63 Proud Gay Dad Proud Gay Dad Right Wing
64 I zigz I I zigz I Left Wing
65 RickHeinzGoalie WesterlyHalo654 Left Wing I'm fucking sick on the sticks lads
66 Devin Decibel Devin Decibel Center
67 VolTaGe TaCKtik VolTaGe TaCKtik Left Wing
68 rdonley7 rdonley7 Right Defense Im garbage.
69 swiss97 Swiss97 Center
70 Pattelite Pattelite Left Wing Can also play C
71 TIN045 TIN045 Center CACATINO
72 Crux l20l Crux l20l Goalie
73 Brook x 2 Brook x 2 Left Wing I’m also willing to own or something!
74 Diabolic Viper Diabolic Viper Goalie
75 cabcavlax1 cabcavlax1 Right Defense
76 Really Good Dad Really Good Dad Right Defense
77 Partially Pete Partially Pete Right Defense
78 xGetAcedx xGetAcedx Right Wing
80 steelcityfan15 steelcityfan15 Center
81 Stieny Stieny Right Defense
82 Kapitanov x 91 Kapitanov x 91 Right Wing
83 ItsbOnG42o itsbOnG42o Left Wing Is this esports or just 3's
84 Soxfan7744 Soxfan7744 Left Wing
85 Skelly x 88 Skelly x 88 Right Wing
86 Heiskanen x 41 Heiskanen x 41 Right Defense
89 RedLampDistrict RedLampDistrict Right Wing
90 Sportfreak114 Sportfreak114 Center
91 HeatFan53 HeatFan53 Right Wing
92 CANESTRAx88 CANESTRAx88 Left Wing 9/9
93 x99x OAFEE x99x x99x OAFEE x99x Right Wing
94 JuniorHawk16 JuniorHawk16 Left Wing
95 l bruins l l Bruins l Left Defense
96 Golvellius06 Golvellius06 Right Defense I primarily play RD but I can play any position. I just perfer RD Thanks
97 Hu88z Hu88z Left Wing
98 FJGeezy FJGeezy Left Wing
99 Born in a Storm Born in a Storm Center
101 Itz Peege Itz Peege Right Wing
102 The Gr8 Haxby The Gr8 Haxby Right Wing
103 ItsCOC ItsCOC Left Defense
104 OrockOnYoutube OrockOnYoutube Center
105 Powell65x Powell65x Goalie
106 MJKOO7 MJKOO7 Center 900+ CR Center, knows faceoff counters and am good at offense and defense.
107 iBozaK x42 iTavares x91 Left Wing
108 xFiore91x xFiore91x Left Wing
109 BoDerek77 BoDerek77 Center
111 CountyBoyJG CountyBoyJG Right Defense
112 Bureee Bureee Center
113 Remnato Remnato Center Can play all fwds
114 Suneedee Suneedee Left Wing
115 Jamezy Jamezy Right Wing
116 TheREAL CptKirk TheREAL CptKirk Center
117 Jumps x 66 Jumps x 66 Left Wing
118 Dangle Spree Dangle Spree Left Wing
119 rmac777 rmac777 Right Wing
120 Fr0dmang715 Fr0dmang715 Right Defense
121 QuongI22I QuongI22I Center
122 The Mowerrr The Mowerrr Right Wing
123 l PoIar l l PoIar l Goalie im out of loffs but was in 2nd round to start, pretty sure i can play according to the rules but if im wrong lmk
124 MedicMiiKE MedicMiiKE Left Wing
125 aeLgi aeLgi Right Wing Can litteraly play any position on 3v3.
126 Brian1591 Brian1591 Goalie
127 ArmoredSet6130 ArmoredSet6130 Right Wing
128 Boyle x 7 Boyle x 7 Left Wing
129 Devilz R3aper Devilz R3aper Right Wing
130 Nxgi Nxgi Right Wing
131 pghreaper PghReaper Center
132 Maaa dude1219 Maaa dude1219 Left Wing
133 Polska_B0SS_780 xXLikeABOSSXx92 Right Defense
134 l Vezina l 1 l Vezina l 1 Goalie
135 Gagne l83l Gagne l83l Right Wing
136 x Leddy x x Leddy x Left Wing
137 l FreeStyle 7 l l FreeStyle 7 l Left Defense
138 TheAtchy TheAtchy Center
140 Sty l27l Sty l27l Center
141 Jelly x 35 Jelly x 35 Right Wing will play Center
142 xIx Mac xIx xIx Mac xIx Goalie
143 DIXON l35l DIXON l35l Left Wing
144 DampShorts DampShorts Right Defense
145 PitcheRxSwaGx PitcheRxSwaGx Goalie
146 BladesOnThree BladesOnThree Left Wing
147 Got Chronic Bro Got Chronic Bro Left Wing
148 AMalcs AMalcs Left Defense
149 Da Dirty 30 Da Dirty 30 Left Defense
150 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing
151 aCanadianGamer aCanadianGamer Right Wing
152 EvILaNgEl7394 EvILaNgEl7394 Goalie Im a tendy who has played in X1 before and currently looking for a spot on a team
153 badulov badulov Left Wing
154 Aeropus Aeropus Goalie
155 Purp1eRain668 Purp1eRain668 Left Wing
156 Moesof17john Moesof17john Right Wing
157 Lord Cyphoner Lord Cyphoner Center Play any forward position
158 Ragey23 Ragey23 Right Defense
159 TheHeroicDuck TheHeroicDuck Left Defense
160 IamMcJesus IamMcJesus Right Defense
161 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
162 Nights of Chaos Nights of Chaos Right Wing I got eliminated in round 2 can I join late lol?
164 leezzyyy leezzyyy Left Wing
165 XxHowDatTASTExX XxHowDatTASTExX Center
166 CaPTaiN PauL CaPTaiN PauL Right Wing
167 x BeIt x BeIt Left Defense
168 iTub3 iTub3 Goalie
169 lx GIBBY xl lx GIBBY xl Right Defense
170 Legion4 Legion4 Right Defense
171 clutchcolbs clutchcolbs Goalie yeet
172 BlGdaddyDONALD BlGdaddyDONALD Goalie
174 SchneiderVice SchneiderVice Goalie
175 FJN74 FJN74 Goalie
176 Soapy412 Soapy412 Right Wing
177 sammyb4398 Xxxxxx Bergeron Goalie
178 xKingTut37x xKingTut37x Left Wing i can play all week every game.
179 LeviSteele STE3LE Center
180 xl staal 18 lx xl staal 18 lx Center
181 JOHNROY6 JOHNROY6 Left Defense
182 Toxic Dynamic Icyy Fuzion Goalie
183 Dip City Don Dip City Don Center can play wing or D if needed, left handed
184 Lussetutte Lussetutte Goalie
185 Goon Dubs Goon Dubs Center
186 Wickedly Moist Wickedly Moist Center
187 YummierScarab46 YummierScarab46 Right Wing
188 CVilly82 CVilly82 Left Wing
189 Holta Holta Goalie
190 l Glad l l Glad l Left Defense
191 Bourque33 Bourque33 Center
192 ScottLAX18 ScottLAX18 Right Defense
193 Andrewlicious14 Andrewlicious14 Center Is this world juniors and international?
194 lxl MLGesus lxl lxl MLGesus lxl Left Wing
195 Riley_Barber19 Goalie Just trying to play new to xbox
196 xDemon12x xDemon12x Right Wing
197 A Blind Tendy A Blind Tendy Goalie N/A
198 Kasimis96 Kasimis96 Left Defense
199 I Horvat I I Horvat I Right Wing Can also Play C
200 vMvtt vMvtt Left Wing
201 Noto l44l Noto l44l Right Defense
202 BigTIBBY74 BigTIBBY74 Left Defense
203 l Toffoli l73l l Toffoli l73l Center
204 BigDaddyMaggot BigDaddyMaggot Left Defense
205 TrT Spartan37 TrT Spartan37 Left Defense Merry Christmas!
206 fade green fade green Goalie im on team can
207 Roseart2 Roseart2 Goalie
208 Go for a celly Go for a celly Center
209 T F A 24106 T F A 24106 Left Wing
210 AirB0rneFaTheR AiRB0rNEFaTHeR Goalie
211 OilFieldTrash412 MlakarSmacker75 Center
212 jonlol jonlul Goalie
213 Naazzyy Naazzyy Center
214 Viktomize Viktomize Left Wing
215 IIVIIcNasty x91 IIVIIcNasty x91 Left Wing
216 IronCuda47 IronCuda47 Right Defense I play both defence
217 PARA099 PARA099 Left Defense
218 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Right Wing
219 Zatyra Jinn Zatyra Jinn Right Defense
220 Chipy_19 Auto Jets Center
221 I Might Drop I Might Drop Left Wing
222 Vaporize 17 Vaporize 17 Right Defense
223 bigdiskk bigdiskk Center
224 Huckfinn95 Huckfinn95 Left Defense
225 Smithy021 Smithy021 Center can play defense too
226 rds I 67 I rds I 67 I Right Wing
227 Weston Streetz Weston Streetz Right Wing Can Play All Forward Positions.
228 NlK5 NlK5 Left Defense
229 wtfkevo89 wtfkevo89 Goalie
230 TricksterLoki25 TricksterLoki25 Left Wing
231 Giroux Giroux Right Wing
232 Murph6897 Xx2murph7xX Left Wing
233 InY0f4c3 InY0f4c3 Right Wing
234 lX Kane 88 Xl lX Kane 88 Xl Right Wing
235 Daqs x 13 Daqs x 13 Center
236 Dr Tre 2001 Dr Tre 2001 Center
237 Daigle x 97 Daigle x 97 Right Defense
238 Too Much Twoco Too Much Twoco Goalie
239 Alfie48 Alfie48 Right Wing
240 rovert78 rovert78 Goalie
241 Xtreme Allen Xtreme Allen Center Let's do this
242 Ballistik ICE Ballistik ICE Right Defense
244 CroydonKNIGHT9 CroydonKNIGHT9 Center Or rw
245 YuIian YuIian Center
246 Admiral Deanus Admiral Deanus Right Defense
247 Tom 0 Tom 0 Left Wing
248 cI a m n cI a m n Center
249 I4I Yann I4I I4I Yann I4I Right Defense
250 QcKT Tsunami QcKT Tsunami Left Wing Hi
251 Reiders90 Reiders90 Right Wing
252 Mats ZuccareIIo Mats ZuccareIIo Right Wing
253 PigsOnJupiter PigsOnJupiter Left Wing
254 GRG allstarbear GRG allstarbear Goalie
255 l KC97 l l KC97 l Right Defense
256 l Mackie l l Mackie l Left Wing
257 mfricha mfrichardson Center
258 King Sergachev El Trapo Jr Right Defense
259 LukeForceWalker LukeForceWalker Left Defense
260 BARDOWNSNIPE08 BARDOWNSNIPE08 Right Wing Winger/goalie looking for a team
262 NewMapleLeafs NewMapleLeafs Goalie
263 Twistafied Twistafied Left Wing
264 Igneus x 88 Igneus x 88 Center
265 The Broche The Broche Left Wing
266 skyre5 skyre5 Center
267 Ducky Agent 007 Ducky Agent 007 Left Wing
268 Chislett 19 Chislett 19 Left Defense
269 l SaIty I l SaIty I Left Defense
270 DoubleBrah61 DoubleBrah61 Center
271 DIEMENTOR Diementor Right Defense
272 DaSteelerz DaSteelerz Left Wing
273 Glachs Glachs Goalie Why not, fun time
274 Lord x Finesse Lord x Finesse Right Wing 8"
275 Payner Payner Goalie
276 Grandpa Jagr Grandpa Jagr Left Defense
277 Uh 0h 0reo Uh 0h 0reo Left Defense
278 NotoriousFAT 00 NotoriousFAT 00 Left Defense
279 Marr570 Marr570 Left Wing
280 X OnCloudNine X X OnCloudNine X Left Defense
281 bmasker15 bmasker15 Goalie
282 WhoUsedAllTheTP WhoUsedAllTheTP Left Wing
283 Jesus52 Jesus52 Goalie
284 GoalieBro GoalieBro Goalie
285 R0tes R0tes Center
286 STL Bleeker STL Bleeker Center I’m probably not going to have the best avail but let’s do this.
287 FIREFIGHT3R93 FIREFIGHT3R93 Left Defense Can also play RD
288 SocietyNumber4 SocietyNumber4 Left Defense
289 Xx LoL xX 9 Xx LoL xX 9 Center
291 Sejje Sejje Left Wing
292 Jaw Ache Jaw Ache Left Defense
293 xXDR3AMK1LL3RXx xXDR3AMK1LL3RXx Left Defense
294 CT SWAG2431 CT SWAG2431 Center
295 B L A M E x 67 B L A M E x 67 Left Defense
296 LiLNickaI93 LiLNickaI93 Left Defense Can only play Sunday and Tuesdays Prob gonna regret signing up for this
297 Bigged Bigged Left Defense
298 Chyeeet Chyeeet Left Defense
299 stev stev Center
300 zBLINDZy zBLINDZy Left Defense
301 xxIArmy0f0neIxx xxIArmy0f0neIxx Right Wing
302 Reviive Legacy Reviive Legacy Center
303 therealmooresy mooresy 27 Center
304 dirtracer91a DirtRacer91a Right Wing
305 MARTINEZ2619 MARTINEZ2619 Left Wing
306 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Goalie
307 UT75035 UT75035 Goalie
308 Meestah Don Meestah Don Goalie
309 Sleeman Guy Sleeman Guy Right Defense
310 hotwinglol Hotwinglol Left Defense can play any position top 3s player nhl 18 rank 2 club
311 Game Seven W Game Seven W Right Wing
312 Blunterone BlunterOne Right Wing
313 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 Center
314 xScRaMs xScRaMs Goalie
315 Bousquet x 50 Bousquet x 50 Goalie
316 prOspect08 prOspect08 Right Defense
317 CT 66 CT 66 Right Wing
318 Daoust l88l Daoust l88l Left Defense
319 RoaringViper RoaringViper Center
320 Glimi Glimi Goalie Can only play 9PM Games
321 Sokastr7 SokaStr7 Right Defense
322 Zarvek Zarvek Left Wing
323 APsychicTaco APsychicTaco Goalie
324 HuskGoat lHuskie Right Wing
325 Shockz Shockz Center
326 Best in Ottawa Best in Ottawa Center this is for the 3v3 right?
327 Big bopper 17 Big Bopper 17 Right Wing
328 l Saucy x 17 l l Saucy x 17 l Right Wing
329 VOODOOx07 VOODOOx07 Right Wing
330 l0l iVeRsOn l3l l0l iVeRsOn l3l Center
331 Broomball16 Broomball16 Right Defense
332 TEmery1 TEmery1 Goalie
333 hatemakerr hatemakerr Left Wing
334 Jaxx IRI Jaxx IRI Left Wing
335 Big Wet May Big Wet May Goalie
336 RocKoKaneFlow RocKoKaneFlow Right Defense
337 Chidzo Chidzo Right Wing
338 Cuddyyyyy Cuddyyyyy Left Wing
339 LG McDonald LG McDonald Left Wing
340 officialmark07 officialmark07 Left Defense
341 POT SHOT122 POT SHOT122 Right Defense
342 Foote Foote Left Defense
343 goonderk goonderk Left Defense
344 An AngryFawn An AngryFawn Goalie
345 SouPerSaiyan SouPerSaiyan Right Wing
346 I The Kev I I The Kev I Right Wing
347 Meier x 28 Meier x 28 Right Wing
348 Sorokin x 90 Sorokin x 90 Goalie
349 Doc Vanilla Doc Vanilla Right Defense
350 Mclean x25 Mclean x25 Right Defense
351 macros73 macros73 Left Wing
352 x Hendry 91 Hxndry Left Wing
353 SamDelisle9 SamDelisle9 Center
354 Newfie Bruins Newfie Bruins Left Defense
356 Makar x 16 Makar x 16 Left Defense
357 TheSnipeShow91 TheSnipeShow91 Right Wing
358 Bc bud024 Bc bud024 Right Defense
359 nhl23ducks AnthonyHBCali Right Wing
360 Griizmo Griizmo Right Wing