Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 nubsy004 nubsy004 Midfielder Forward Best nub in FIFA. CAM first, ST second.
2 Austin l 33 l Austin l 33 l Defender Midfielder Still the best
3 zMayhemIV zMayhemIV Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper Can’t wait to finally not play GK & break the record for giving the ball away the most! Call me eLeX Iron Man
4 L3git Diego10 L3git Diego10 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Im a 90 Cam but can play anywhere in MID field.
5 Cobra624 Cobra624 Midfielder Defender I want to play cdm
6 tsuifa tsuifa Defender Midfielder
7 FaintPup9919367 FaintPup9919367 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
8 Maradona l10l x Maradona l10l x Forward Forward,Midfielder
9 Bu11frog91 Bu11frog91 Forward Midfielder St then cdm
10 N0T NiiCE N0T NiiCE Forward Midfielder,Defender Primarily a ST but I can play anywhere in Mid and DM. I can make all games.
11 JaysWayss JaysWayss Forward Forward
12 KCNightshade KCNightshade Midfielder Forward,Defender I will play CB for you if you're not terrible. I want to play DM or OM this season because I play CB in every other league I play. Should be able to make most games.
13 DoX Thibeault DoX Thibeault Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Don’t know what position I want to play...
14 I Murked I I Murked I Forward Forward Can’t play sundays
15 iF Barco iF Barco Midfielder Forward CDM!
16 NinoRT9 NinoRT9 Forward Forward I have good availability now. Just take the league serious and I'll show up.
17 Vega004 Vega004 Forward Defender
18 Rewind l 7 l Rewind vF Forward Forward
19 CoLoMBo14 CoLoMBo14 Midfielder Forward,Defender Willing to play OB for the right team ..
20 Maestro l 21 Maestro l 21 Midfielder Forward
21 Kemosabe l 27 l Kemosabe l 27 l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I'm not playing GK.
22 Cruz l 7 l Cruz l 7 l Midfielder Defender I play GK as well
23 CriminaI Casper CriminaI Casper Forward Midfielder
24 ll xPhenom ll ll xPhenom ll Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Take me to the promise land
25 Rusty l 4 l Rusty l 4 l Defender Midfielder
26 lZona lZona Midfielder Forward
27 Alyonka l 21 l Alyonka l 21 l Forward Forward ST only, the return of goldenbootetto
28 YBGVickers YBGVickers Forward Midfielder cam or striker only and willing to be an agm or gm after takin up some reigns with san jose last seaon
29 AccursedEagle07 AccursedEagle07 Forward Midfielder,Defender
30 Risxn Risxn Forward Forward,Midfielder Im done playing defense. Want to try something new.
31 Fino xv Fino xv Midfielder Defender
32 H4VENS H4VENS Forward Forward,Goal Keeper Mr. Utility. ST or GK. Does this league have fall guys?
33 M3NIN M3NIN Forward Goal Keeper
34 OgN GodOfWAR OgN GodOfWAR Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
35 TrulyTwizted TrulyTwizted Midfielder Forward
36 DanielleJesus33 DanielleJesus33 Midfielder Defender
37 Huether 10 Huether 10 Midfielder Forward
38 Richhy I 19 I Richhy I 19 I Midfielder Forward Should be available all games just dont assume my gender
39 x Maple EH x Maple EH Goalie Goal Keeper Hello!
40 Annoyin Noob Annoyin Noob Midfielder Goal Keeper
41 AbKeepzIt100 AbKeepzIt100 Midfielder Forward,Defender you will not regret on getting me drifted
42 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Forward Midfielder,Goal Keeper
43 Montano l 80 l Montano l 80 l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
44 Ao l Smash Smash I 99 I Defender Defender
45 TheOnlyDuckeh TheOnlyDuckeh Midfielder Midfielder A little more active than I should be
46 xU sniper xU sniper Goalie Forward
47 MURPHANATOR3000 MURPHANATOR3000 Defender Midfielder
48 Icy Cold Veins Icy Cold Veins Midfielder Midfielder I'm a god... When I don't lag
49 Scribbz XI Scribbz XI Midfielder Forward,Midfielder OM BACH, going for assist leader
50 Col Ramirez Col Ramirez Midfielder Forward,Defender I prefer mid but I'll see what we working with
51 Mazda I 20 I Mazda I 20 I Midfielder Forward,Defender
52 iReecey XD iReecey XD Forward Midfielder,Defender 88 all round player that play in various positions, good listeners and will follow instruction!
53 Tooo Lazyyy Tooo Lazyyy Goalie Midfielder 89 GK 88CAM 88RM
54 GeneralBoss915 GeneralBoss915 Defender Midfielder,Defender I played a couple years ago, I'm not the best but i'll give it my best shot
55 Saucerman x3 Saucerman x3 Midfielder Forward
56 x Leddy x x Leddy x Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper
57 HDC Kane88 HDC Kane88 Midfielder Defender
58 Shenanigan10 Shenanigan10 Goalie Midfielder,Goal Keeper I’m baaaaaaack
59 Beast l 14 l Beast l 14 l Defender Midfielder I will only play outside back if the team is not cheeks. Otherwise DM
60 Huskers4lif3 Huskers4lif3 Defender Forward,Midfielder
61 K inG x NeymaR K inG x NeymaR Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
62 NickyLeaks NickyLeaks Forward Forward
63 Duke I 23 I Duke I 23 I Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
64 x NoDnArB x NoDnArB Forward Forward,Midfielder
65 lS1MPLEl lS1MPLEl Forward Midfielder
66 Lord is back Lord is back Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
67 Soul Wallyson Soul Wallyson Forward Midfielder,Defender
68 TheRealRein TheRealRein Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Preff Left Side. LM, LW, LB
69 Kwsta 23 Kwsta 23 Midfielder Defender
70 G CHECK 305 G CHECK 305 Defender Midfielder,Defender G check 305
71 Joey ur6hrwvgIldtrdf Midfielder Forward I honestly have never done this before, but am very interested. Please consider adding me.
72 Brisan x6 Brisan x6 Goalie Goal Keeper Signed up as a goalie but will play elsewhere. I am not going to have the best availability. Some weeks I may be able to play all, some I may struggle to make minimum.
73 EricE30 ERICE30 Midfielder Forward
74 RAWness l13l RAWness l13l Defender Midfielder
75 OVO Lykan OVO Lykan Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
76 R0N4LDO I 9 I R0N4LDO I 9 I Forward Forward,Midfielder Former league ang Golden Boot winner
77 CreepyKlepto CreepyKlepto Defender Defender Send Again, Try switching captains, Did everyone back out?
78 Elusive Rav l Mann l Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
79 Unlucky Pride Unlucky Pride Defender Defender
80 JoeMagz JoeMagz Midfielder Forward
81 daniellelouxox daniellelouxox Forward Midfielder
82 LegendaryFig V4 LegendaryFig V4 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
83 X2Z Assassin X2Z Assassin Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
84 OldMR Peanut OldMR Peanut Defender Midfielder,Defender
85 NONEbutTHEbrave KNIFEinYOURguts Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
86 Ouchie YumYums Ouchie YumYums Goalie Forward
87 Johns l20l Johns l20l Midfielder Midfielder
88 King Q l 11 l King Q l 11 l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder CM/OM
89 EcF Peanut Peanut l 7 l Forward Forward GOLDEN BOOT WINNER ESKEEEITTTTT
90 YARDI JAY YARDI JAY Forward Forward
91 uptop sekooo uptop sekooo Goalie Goal Keeper Wasup
92 Virgil l 4 l Virgil l 4 l Defender Midfielder,Defender CB or DM
93 Purpz l 18 l Purpz l 18 l Midfielder Defender RCM, LCM, CDM, CM or Outside mid.
94 NYCFC Diggs NYCFC Diggs Forward Midfielder Old and Bold
95 l Da Silva R9 l l Da Silva R9 l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Play American League looking to play st or outside mid
96 GrundleChooch GrundleChooch Defender Midfielder OB
97 Soul Willll Soul Willll Midfielder Midfielder
98 GolSki40 GolSki40 Forward Forward Striking only. Don't talk to me.
99 Evo21 x Evo21 x Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender Any pos but OM or GK thx
100 I John I I John I Defender Midfielder
101 l Riz l 1 l Riz l 1 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
102 Doanxr Doanxr Midfielder Midfielder CDM can also LB and RB
103 Zwigggy Zwigggy Midfielder Defender Played a few seasons ago I don't know any plays/style now but I can catch on, just hmu for club sometime I need some warming up to the game
104 Criminal Owen Criminal Owen Defender Forward
105 TINA45 TIN045 Defender Midfielder Will have limited avail on/off
106 NotMikeD MikeDishin Midfielder Midfielder midfield
107 Unlucky Dblock Unlucky Dblock Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
108 JackLivesMatter JackLivesMatter Forward Forward,Midfielder Target man. Can also play wing or outside mid on either side.
109 xBusquets xBusquets Midfielder Midfielder Dm, cm, om, wing
110 x Mbappe x Mbappe Forward Forward
111 KawaiiOniiiChan KawaiiOniiiChan Midfielder Goal Keeper
112 Y0u MA4D 8R0 Y0u MA4D 8R0 Midfielder Midfielder
113 My mom sister My mom sister Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper Versatile like ta mère
114 RATED XlX RATED XlX Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
115 l Karlos I I Bojo I Goalie Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
116 Jimmy I 2 I Forward Goal Keeper would like to be a back up cant make all games
117 Belbum GIenn x Defender Defender im gay
118 TheLaw1055 TheLaw1055 Midfielder Forward GT - thelaw1055 D1 VPN/EGN player looking to try out this league
119 Tofske Tofske Forward Forward
120 wIg96 wIg96 Midfielder Forward Student at the Grant Lynch academy.
121 Classic Daniiel Classic Daniiel Forward Forward
122 Criminal Lazer Criminal Lazer Forward Forward The best
123 DoX Elmo DoX Elmo Forward Forward,Midfielder godlike striker
124 Pavard x21 Pavard x21 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Don't really wanna play CB unless I know you
125 oz_OGES Oz Oges Midfielder Defender
126 yungpeezus yungpeezus Midfielder Midfielder
127 ArtZtho ArtZ tL Midfielder Forward,Defender
128 IlBrucie Brucie Jay Forward Forward
129 AnRaDe728 AnRaDe728 Midfielder Midfielder
130 III Danny C III III Danny C III Midfielder Midfielder
131 LB211288 LB211288 Midfielder Forward I’ll play for anyone apart from Man City or Liverpool haha
132 xHEDMAN77x xHEDMAN77x Midfielder Forward,Defender CDM primary build can also play CM/ RB/LB/CB in that order
133 XPRESS DA BOSS XPRESS DA BOSS Forward Forward,Midfielder
134 Mort Ragnarsson Mort Ragnarsson Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender Shhh
135 DJStretch18 DJStretch18 Midfielder Forward
136 Lblaxmax97 Lblaxmax97 Midfielder Defender
137 OGG Shadow OGG Shadow Forward Defender
138 BoRn4bAtTTle BoRn4bAtTTle Forward Midfielder
139 Eagles9412 Eagles9412 Midfielder Forward,Defender
140 Richyrichisbak Richyrichisbak Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
141 TIMBORULES TIMBORULES Forward Forward,Midfielder
142 B9ANTIX B9ANTIX Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Beast in the Center of the Pitch
143 RDobson RDobson Midfielder Forward Am a passa u want me
144 Insane Abate Insane Abate Defender Forward
145 DueY I 1 I DueY I 1 I Midfielder Midfielder
146 o Vieira o o Vieira o Midfielder Forward
147 Nick l 5 l Nick I 5 I Defender Midfielder
148 Dolberg l 15 l Dolberg l 15 l Forward Forward
149 Soul Suully Soul Suully Forward Forward bad availability
150 truecl3ver truecl3ver Midfielder Goal Keeper
151 Criminal Vidal Criminal Vidal Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper this is like my 4th time in a row that i signed up late lol
152 Clark I 7 I Clark I 7 I Forward Forward 90 st 8.5 tots ob xvpg mls
153 AngryMuskratXYY AngryMuskratXYY Forward Midfielder
154 TheMoistMelon TheMoistMelon Midfielder Forward here to win
155 Wulfroc Wulfroc Forward Midfielder,Goal Keeper my availability varies don't hate me.
156 JKeuler20 JKeuler20 Goalie Forward
157 CTRAIN2002 CTRAIN2002 Midfielder Forward
158 VanB Matthias S0UNDQUAKE Forward Forward,Midfielder Not playing Defense no matter who it is
159 Bauer l 43 l Bauer l 43 l Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender Will miss some sundays but can make majority of games
160 Beast l94l Beast l94l Forward Midfielder
161 o 96 Roy 96 o o 96 Roy 96 o Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
162 RojasA RojasA Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Im pretty decent :)
163 Unlucky Dustin Unlucky Dustin Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
164 xCr4cKx Ochoa xCr4cKx Ochoa Defender Goal Keeper RB CB
165 l HEALEY l l HEALEY l Midfielder Defender
166 xJettx xJettx Goalie Defender
167 nhl23ducks nhl23ducks Forward Midfielder
168 XGN DICE God XGN DICE God Defender Midfielder,Defender
169 Dusan Double D Dusan Double D Midfielder Forward
170 ORod80 ORod l 80 l Midfielder Forward,Defender Box to Box regardless of position. ;)
171 BigBADBruins14 BigBADBruins14 Forward Midfielder
172 CC14 CC14 Defender Forward,Midfielder
173 Criminal Smith Criminal Smith Midfielder Forward I’m Criminal Smith but it won’t let me change it so RIP
174 Criminal Arias Criminal Arias Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
175 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Midfielder Forward
176 Landy Byng Landy Byng Midfielder Midfielder
177 Turtleurp Zulu Turtleurp Zulu Goalie Forward Have been banned for too long. Time to come back
178 P3k1ng DuK P3k1ng DuK Goalie Forward Im bad
179 crisboss1000 crisboss1000 Goalie Goal Keeper
180 Im a 2nd Tag Im a 2nd Tag Midfielder Forward
181 Reiders90 Reiders90 Forward Midfielder
182 YoungRogen YoungRogen Midfielder Forward
183 Acardy Acardy Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
184 SleazyMcGoozy SleazyMcGoozy Forward Midfielder Kinda midfield
185 Ripo Ripo Midfielder Midfielder
186 Lalonde22 Lalonde22 Forward Midfielder
187 Qc Darkangel Qc Qc Darkangel Qc Forward Forward