Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 Facialize FaCiaLizE Forward Midfielder
2 Kiroxy IV Kiroxy IV Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
3 TIMBORULES TIMBORULES Forward Midfielder pass first play defense finish win repeat
4 KCNightshade KCNightshade Midfielder Forward Depending on when the league starts, I should be available every night. The only day that would be iffy are Sundays and some others scattered in. Looking to play CM/OM/ST this season.
5 Eh CanadianHobo Eh CanadianHobo Forward Midfielder -
6 Saad Excuse Saad Excuse Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper
7 Brisan66 Brisan66 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender CAM or CDM, preferably. Will play mostly anywhere. Availability might be hit or miss depending on other commitments.
8 l Regicide I l Regicide I Midfielder Forward
9 Polska_B0SS_780 xXLikeABOSSXx92 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Lets get it
10 l PoIar l l PoIar l Defender Midfielder,Defender
11 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Forward Midfielder
12 realdemonX Demon X 35 Goalie Defender
13 zMayhemIV zMayhemIV Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper I was the worst owner in LG history
14 l Dangs l l Dangs l Midfielder Forward,Defender Prefer OM or ST
15 Maradona l10l x Maradona l10l x Forward Forward St/CAM
16 GeT MuTeDD GeT MuTeDD Midfielder Midfielder
17 jygal1ng jygal1ng Midfielder Forward
18 Yantzer_84 Yantzer x 84 Goalie Forward
19 Rusty l 4 l Rusty l 4 l Midfielder Defender
20 AirBullseye23 AirBullseye23 Midfielder Forward
21 A GingaNinja12 A GingaNinja12 Midfielder Midfielder Holding Midfielder known as the "Destroyer"
22 Trollin4points Trollin4points Forward Midfielder,Defender
23 KSease KSease Forward Midfielder Si
24 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Midfielder Forward
25 PortuggeePrince PortuggeePrince Midfielder Defender
26 DueY I 1 I DueY I 1 I Forward Forward
27 SmokinBoddy SmokinBoddy Midfielder Forward,Defender
28 ITSthaBRODIE ITSthaBRODIE Midfielder Forward
29 QcKT Tsunami QcKT Tsunami Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
30 Merkley SJS Merkley SJS Midfielder Forward
31 savag3patchk1dd savag3patchk1dd Midfielder Forward
32 PortugeeKilla93 PortugeeKilla93 Midfielder Defender
33 Dswish3 Dswish3 Midfielder Forward,Defender
34 euroxhalfer euroxhalfer Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
35 JoeMagz JoeMagz Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
36 MerKCitY803 MerKCitY803 Forward Forward
37 Fedorov91X Fedorov91X Goalie Forward Avail 24/7
38 no7slickster no7slickster Defender Midfielder
39 Drouin XCII Drouin XCII Forward Midfielder
40 Saucerman x3 Saucerman x3 Midfielder Forward LM, LAM, LW
41 FaintPup9919367 FaintPup9919367 Defender Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
42 JABB3R JABB3R Goalie Goal Keeper
43 Austin l 33 l Austin l 33 l Defender Midfielder Still the best
44 Jer Dubz Jer Dubz Forward Forward
45 VolTaGe TaCKtik VolTaGe TaCKtik Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
46 badulov badulov Forward Midfielder
47 Montano l 80 l Montano l 80 l Midfielder Forward Well its me Im back
48 Icesn1per2525 Icesn1per2525 Forward Midfielder
49 Pont40 Pont40 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender I like to play CDM and outside back
50 L3git Diego10 L3git Diego10 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Im a 92 CAM but i can play anywhere in midfield and can also play striker, can make every game
51 FaceboxAJC44 FaceboxAJC44 Forward Goal Keeper
52 IIx OMARK xII IIx OMARK xII Midfielder Forward
53 Doop YNWA 7 Doop YNWA 7 Goalie Forward
54 BrassyStatue361 BrassyStatue361 Goalie Midfielder
55 Chytil l72l Chytil l72l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Can play pretty much anything down the center of the field. ST,CAM,CM,CDM,CB
56 uG Narula uG Narula Forward Midfielder
57 sugarb1998 sugarb1998 Goalie Forward
58 DeBrusk x74x DeBrusk x74x Forward Midfielder
59 ILnD StyleZz ILnD StyleZz Forward Midfielder
60 JaysWayss JaysWayss Forward Forward One-timing is my specialty
61 G CHECK 305 G CHECK 305 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender AM THE BEST
62 Clutch II 46 II Clutch II 46 II Forward Midfielder
63 VK Qc Lagace39 VK Qc Lagace39 Forward Midfielder
64 Clutch Danglzz TheSnipeShow91 Forward Midfielder
65 nhl23ducks nhl23ducks Forward Midfielder
66 Alyonka l 21 l Alyonka l 21 l Midfielder Forward CAM or DM
67 EricE30 ERICE30 Midfielder Goal Keeper
68 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Forward Midfielder
69 Maverick FPS Maverick FPS Forward Goal Keeper
70 GONJAGUY7 GONJAGUY7 Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
71 Moreno I 24 I Moreno I 24 I Defender Defender
72 xCr4cKx Ochoa xCr4cKx Ochoa Forward Midfielder
73 PANDA SwAGGGGG PANDA SwAGGGGG Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
74 I_Smash_Fatties Ay Dindu Nuffin Defender Midfielder
75 lBeLiEvEJESUSl lBeLiEvEJESUSl Defender Midfielder
76 PSMITH330 PSMITH330 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
77 Jelly x 35 Jelly x 35 Goalie Forward
78 McLucas22 McLucas22 Forward Midfielder
79 MURPHANATOR3000 MURPHANATOR3000 Goalie Defender
80 ugzxnino UGZxNiNo Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
81 AViss93 AViss93 Midfielder Forward
82 murderboy100 murderboy100 Forward Forward,Midfielder
83 Homiezoned Homiezoned Forward Midfielder Best on the wing, but can play as a CF behind a ST.