Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 Facialize FaCiaLizE Forward Midfielder
2 vI Kiroxy Iv vI Kiroxy Iv Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
3 TIMBORULES TIMBORULES Forward Midfielder pass first play defense finish win repeat
4 KCNightshade KCNightshade Midfielder Forward Depending on when the league starts, I should be available every night. The only day that would be iffy are Sundays and some others scattered in. Looking to play CM/OM/ST this season.
5 Eh CanadianHobo Eh CanadianHobo Forward Midfielder -
6 Saad Excuse Saad Excuse Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper
7 Brisan x6 Brisan x6 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender CAM or CDM, preferably. Will play mostly anywhere. Availability might be hit or miss depending on other commitments.
8 II REX Il II REX Il Midfielder Forward
9 x Tka c h uk 19 x Tka c h uk 19 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Lets get it
10 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Forward Midfielder
11 realdemonX DH x 19 Goalie Defender
12 zMayhemIV zMayhemIV Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper I was the worst owner in LG history
13 Dangs92 Dangs92 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender CB but Can OM/AM if need be
14 Maradona l10l x Maradona l10l x Forward Forward St/CAM
15 GeT MuTeDD GeT MuTeDD Midfielder Midfielder
16 jygal1ng jygal1ng Midfielder Forward
17 Yantzer x 84 Yantzer x 84 Goalie Forward
18 Rusty l 4 l Rusty l 4 l Midfielder Defender
19 AirBullseye23 AirBullseye23 Midfielder Forward
20 A GingaNinja12 A GingaNinja12 Midfielder Midfielder Holding Midfielder known as the "Destroyer"
21 Trollin4points Trollin4points Forward Midfielder,Defender
22 KSease KSease Forward Midfielder Si
23 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Midfielder Forward
24 PortuggeePrince PortuggeePrince Midfielder Defender
25 DueY I 1 I DueY I 1 I Forward Forward
26 ITSthaBRODIE ITSthaBRODIE Midfielder Forward
27 x Leddy x x Leddy x Midfielder Forward
28 savag3patchk1dd savag3patchk1dd Midfielder Forward
29 PortugeeKilla93 PortugeeKilla93 Midfielder Defender
30 Dswish3 Dswish3 Midfielder Forward,Defender
31 euroxhalfer euroxhalfer Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
32 JoeMagz JoeMagz Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
33 MerKCitY803 MerKCitY803 Forward Forward
34 no7slickster no7slickster Defender Midfielder
35 Drouin XCII Drouin XCII Forward Midfielder
36 FaintPup9919367 FaintPup9919367 Defender Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
37 JABB3R JABB3R Goalie Goal Keeper
38 Austin l 33 l Austin l 33 l Defender Midfielder Still the best
39 Jer Dubz ThaiUp34535 Forward Forward
40 VolTaGe TaCKtik VolTaGe TaCKtik Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
41 badulov badulov Forward Midfielder
42 Montano l 80 l Montano l 80 l Midfielder Forward Well its me Im back
43 Icesn1per2525 Icesn1per2525 Forward Midfielder
44 Pont40 Pont40 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender I like to play CDM and outside back
45 L3git Diego10 L3git Diego10 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Im a 92 CAM but i can play anywhere in midfield and can also play striker, can make every game
46 FaceboxAJC44 FaceboxAJC44 Forward Goal Keeper
47 IIx OMARK xII IIx OMARK xII Midfielder Forward
48 Doop YNWA 7 Doop YNWA 7 Goalie Forward
49 BrassyStatue361 BrassyStatue361 Goalie Midfielder
50 CJWAGEN1028 CJWAGEN1028 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Can play pretty much anything down the center of the field. ST,CAM,CM,CDM,CB
51 uG Narula uG Narula Forward Midfielder
52 sugarb1998 sugarb1998 Goalie Forward
53 DeBRUSK X74X DeBRUSK X74X Forward Midfielder
54 ILnD StyleZz ILnD StyleZz Forward Midfielder
55 JaysWayss JaysWayss Forward Forward One-timing is my specialty
56 VK Qc Lagace39 VK Qc Lagace39 Forward Midfielder
57 TheSnipeShow91 TheSnipeShow91 Forward Midfielder
58 nhl23ducks AnthonyDunnCali Forward Midfielder
59 Bitetto x5 Bitetto x5 Midfielder Forward CAM or DM
60 EricE30 ERICE30 Midfielder Goal Keeper
61 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Forward Midfielder
62 Maverick FPS Maverick FPS Forward Goal Keeper
63 GONJAGUY7 GONJAGUY7 Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
64 Moreno I 24 I Moreno I 24 I Defender Defender
65 xCr4cKx Ochoa xCr4cKx Ochoa Forward Midfielder
66 PANDA SwAGGGGG PANDA SwAGGGGG Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
67 I_Smash_Fatties Ay Dindu Nuffin Defender Midfielder
68 lBeLiEvEJESUSl lBeLiEvEJESUSl Defender Midfielder
69 PSMITH330 PSMITH330 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
70 Jelly x 35 Jelly x 35 Goalie Forward
71 McLucas22 McLucas22 Forward Midfielder
72 MURPHANATOR3000 MURPHANATOR3000 Goalie Defender
73 ugzxnino UGZxNiNo Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
74 AViss93 AViss93 Midfielder Forward
75 murderboy100 murderboy100 Forward Forward,Midfielder
76 Santi I19I Santi I19I Forward Midfielder Best on the wing, but can play as a CF behind a ST.
77 Qc Darkangel Qc Qc Darkangel Qc Forward Forward
78 N0T NiiCE N0T NiiCE Forward Midfielder
79 Wanyamaaa Wanyamaaa Defender Forward the best
80 OgN GodOfWAR OgN GodOfWAR Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender I can play anywhere but gk and cb
81 Richyrichisbak Richyrichisbak Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
82 Fatal Enjoyment Fatal Enjoyment Forward Forward If you have questions about my availability just message me
83 xDarth29 xDarth29 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
84 Mkhitaryan 808 Mkhitaryan 808 Midfielder Forward Knocking the dust off
85 Jack Bauer tuna Jack Bauer tuna Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
86 OSGUNNERS OSGUNNERS Midfielder Forward first time playing fifa want to see how this works
87 l HitNit l l HitNit l Defender Midfielder Prefer LB.
88 StinkyFeet I21I StinkyFeet I21I Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
89 BigBADBruins14 BigBADBruins14 Forward Midfielder
90 DanielleJesus33 DanielleJesus33 Midfielder Defender
91 TrulyTwizted TrulyTwizted Midfielder Forward
92 daniellelouxox daniellelouxox Forward Forward,Midfielder
93 l Virtanen l18l l Virtanen l18l Forward Midfielder
94 LAZYKIDZinGA LAZYKIDZinGA Forward Goal Keeper
95 SpillShot SpillShot Midfielder Forward CAM/CDM or winger
96 Doanxr Doanxr Midfielder Defender
97 l ZIPPZ l l ZIPPZ l Forward Midfielder
98 EnVyD l 1 EnVyD l 1 Forward Forward
99 B3ARCAT95 B3ARCAT95 Midfielder Forward
100 Nakis x 14 Nakis x 14 Goalie Goal Keeper
101 frenchienay88 frenchienay88 Defender Midfielder
102 My mom sister My mom sister Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper Oui monsieur!
103 Beta Dreams Beta Dreams Defender Midfielder
104 PineapplePotPie PineappIePotPie Defender Midfielder Defender with experience playing at a high level in the EU clubs scene until FIFA 18 where I went inactive. Once managed here for like a month with a team of trolls. getting back into the groove of things. hmu if interested on here or xb
105 Raging_Envy RagingEnvy Forward Forward
106 Easton Hoover Easton Hoover Midfielder Forward
107 eh shots eh shots Forward Midfielder
108 Criminal Lazer Criminal Lazer Forward Forward
109 IlBrucie Brucie Jay Forward Forward hot streak on my debut season, team was a mishap but here i am hopefully get some good team mates
110 x Mbappe x Mbappe Forward Forward
111 IxGOTxDAxSAUCE IxGOTxDAxSAUCE Goalie Goal Keeper
112 Mort Ragnarsson Mort Ragnarsson Defender Midfielder,Defender
113 xXChilledRiotXx xXChilledRiotXx Forward Midfielder New to LGFA. Usually Available. Let me know if you want to scout me.
114 AccursedEagle07 AccursedEagle07 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
115 OVO Lykan OVO Lykan Midfielder Forward Don’t want to play back line, played it last year was ok at it but personally didn’t enjoy it
116 l Chubbs I l Chubbs I Forward Midfielder RW or RCM
117 yungpeezus yungpeezus Midfielder Defender
118 LegendaryFig V4 LegendaryFig V4 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
119 Blaze TS Blaze TS Defender Midfielder
120 I M0NEY l Moneybags x11 Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper Time to get these ez trophies again
121 iiM Scotsman iiM Scotsman Forward Forward
122 MAfonso1988 MAfonso1988 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
123 Joker17 x Joker17 x Goalie Forward,Midfielder Sensational
124 Kosta x23 Kosta x23 Forward Defender
125 Maestro l 21 Maestro l 21 Midfielder Forward
126 SpicyBeatIe SpicyBeatIe Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Winger/Center Mid/CAM
127 Bauer l 43 l Bauer l 43 l Forward Midfielder,Defender Will miss some Sundays. If your trying to pick me up please message first
128 degea1066 degea1066 Goalie Forward
129 Subi Ross Subi Ross Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
130 Huether 10 Huether 10 Midfielder Forward
131 kleber23 kleber23 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
132 Purpz l 18 l Purpz l 18 l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder not gonna play defense
133 KawaiiOniiiChan KawaiiOniiiChan Forward Forward Dont sign me
134 Foppe l 4 l Foppe l 4 l Midfielder Forward Im a GOAT and I love to play Farming Simulator 14
135 Im a Fnatic Im a Fnatic Midfielder Forward
136 Walker l 2 l Walker l 2 l Midfielder Forward
137 Adav Adav Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
138 Messi IAI Messi IAI Midfielder Forward RW, RM, RS, CAM
139 TachyonicBoot23 TachyonicBoot23 Midfielder Midfielder
140 Soul Wallyson Soul Wallyson Midfielder Forward OM
141 boilerup700 Boilerup700 Goalie Goal Keeper
142 T0T4L 90 T0T4L 90 Midfielder Forward,Defender
143 nubsy004 nubsy004 Forward Midfielder Sorry I'm late. Was boning Brisan's dad. Worst commissioner in LG history. I hit post a lot.
144 The Mastro The Mastro Forward Forward
145 SaltyDogs 22 YngAssClappa Midfielder Defender
146 Mazda I 20 I Mazda I 20 I Midfielder Forward Back up player I got the beans
147 DADDY GORDINHO DADDY GORDINHO Forward Forward,Defender
148 LTSQUAD21 LTSQUAD21 Forward Midfielder
149 I Vendi I I Vendi I Defender Midfielder CB or CDM or CM. Available for all games
150 RAWness l13l RAWness l13l Midfielder Defender
151 Jules Winfield4 Jules Winfield4 Midfielder Goal Keeper
152 SkilledXxViperZ SkilledXxViperZ Midfielder Defender,Goal Keeper
153 LB211288 LB211288 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
154 TheLaw1055 TheLaw1055 Midfielder Forward
155 Icy Cold Veins Icy Cold Veins Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Ima god
156 Swede is Buns Swede is Buns Midfielder Forward
157 NinoRT9 NinoRT9 Forward Forward
158 BoRn4bAtTTle BoRn4bAtTTle Midfielder Forward,Defender Lets go!
159 BIGxShon BIGxShon Midfielder Forward,Defender
160 xAZxItalian xAZxItalian Midfielder Forward,Defender Really good on the outside. Can play middle any position
161 Shenanigan10 Shenanigan10 Goalie Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
162 Vanquish TM Vanquish TM Midfielder Midfielder 90 LM 8.4 amr looking for top team. I am a dedicated and competitive player. I have plenty of 11v11 experience. I’ve played in VIFA, VPSA, LGFA AND PCN. Xbox GT: Vanquish TM
163 DoobTrayn DoobTrayn Forward Midfielder Striker or outside mid.
164 OldMR Peanut OldMR Peanut Defender Defender Ima cb “look at me”
165 wF Reissco wF Reissco Forward Forward Baller
166 Ramirez x13 Ramirez x13 Defender Defender
167 Obey Fayde Obey Fayde Forward Midfielder nada
168 Eazy Dazz It Eazy Dazz It Forward Forward only ST
169 HandsumHustla HandsumHustla Forward Midfielder
170 PuRe TeMpAh2709 PuRe TeMpAh2709 Forward Forward Can only make Tuesdays games
171 Kroneez Kroneez Midfielder Forward
172 Purple Subaru Purple Subaru Forward Forward 90 ST
173 l Stastny26 l l Stastny26 l Midfielder Forward
174 l King Kaner l l King Kaner l Forward Forward
175 V1NSUN V1NSUN Goalie Goal Keeper #1
176 Bendtner x Bendtner x Forward Midfielder
177 xU sniper xU sniper Goalie Midfielder
178 Hainers Hainers Midfielder Forward I prefer to play CAM or LW. Can play ST/LB/CDM in that order of better to worse as well.
179 TheRocksays2324 TheRocksays2324 Forward Forward
180 IMOBI LOYALTY IMOBI LOYALTY Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
181 CriminaI Casper CriminaI Casper Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
182 XPRESS DA BOSS XPRESS DA BOSS Forward Midfielder
183 GolSki40 GolSki40 Midfielder Forward I dunoo
184 Ticket Man Volz Ticket Man Volz Forward Midfielder
185 Kemosabe l 27 l Kemosabe l 27 l Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper Available most nights.
186 imWed imWed Midfielder Forward,Defender
187 WARMACHINE0103 WARMACHINE0103 Forward Midfielder,Defender Gamertag: WARMACHINE0103 Email: cristiantrofa@aol.com Discord: CT_25 Availability: Should be available 95% of the time.
188 Viktomize Viktomize Defender Forward,Midfielder