Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 o KniGhtZ o o KniGhtZ o Midfielder Defender
2 Extremee888 Extremee888 Forward Midfielder Willing to play any position
3 PortugeeKilla93 PortugeeKilla93 Defender Midfielder
4 Brisan x6 Brisan x6 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
5 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Midfielder Forward,Defender i WIll play anywhere
6 D4KISTHEGO4T D4KISTHEGO4T Midfielder Midfielder Bash me
7 Jules Winfield4 Jules Winfield4 Midfielder Defender
8 Rusty l 4 l Rusty l 4 l Midfielder Midfielder
9 YngAssClappa YngAssClappa Defender Midfielder,Defender
10 xU sniper xU sniper Goalie Forward
11 Criminal Lazer Criminal Lazer Forward Midfielder
12 carrieleester carrieleester Midfielder Midfielder
13 Mr WorldWlde 69 Mr WorldWlde 69 Midfielder Midfielder None
14 Cougar920 Cougar920 Forward Forward
15 XxxJayLesxxX XxxJayLesxxX Forward Midfielder
16 Viktomize Viktomize Forward Midfielder S2 LGFA Golden Boot Winner.
17 Maradona l10l x Maradona l10l x Forward Forward
18 Icy Mafia Goresy94 Forward Forward
19 TIMBORULES TIMBORULES Forward Midfielder,Defender Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
20 NSpencer34 NSpencer34 Goalie Goal Keeper
21 Deadwizards Deadwizards Forward Forward
22 O Tonayyyy O Tonayyyy Midfielder Forward,Defender
23 A GingaNinja12 A GingaNinja12 Midfielder Defender
24 AccursedEagle07 AccursedEagle07 Forward Midfielder
25 MrYaowa7 MrYaowa7 Forward Forward,Midfielder
26 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Midfielder Forward
27 recon diety recon diety Forward Midfielder
28 cappLU cappLU Forward Midfielder
29 TheOnlyDuckeh TheOnlyDuckeh Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
30 MFD00M 47 MFD00M 47 Forward Midfielder
31 dre l 3k dre l 3k Defender Defender
32 kleber23 kleber23 Midfielder Forward
33 Cobra624 Cobra624 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
34 Psycho7Clutch Psycho7Clutch Goalie Midfielder
35 Dropbows DropBows Defender Midfielder
36 WannaBE Cali WannaBE Cali Defender Midfielder
37 The vFlare The vFlare Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
38 EricE30 ERICE30 Midfielder Goal Keeper
39 Dunks Dunks Midfielder Midfielder Only playing midfield this season. Don't bid on me and try to put me somewhere else :)
40 DoX Thibeault DoX Thibeault Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper I only play for the best
41 DoX Elmo DoX Elmo Forward Forward,Midfielder I shoot I score
42 l ZIPPZ l l ZIPPZ l Midfielder Forward,Defender
43 Dangs92 Dangs92 Midfielder Forward,Defender
44 Montano l 80 l Montano l 80 l Midfielder Forward
45 Austin l 33 l Austin l 33 l Defender Midfielder Still the best
46 SpillShot SpillShot Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Can I win?
47 Pinks0 Pinks0 Midfielder Forward
48 RAWness l13l RAWness l13l Midfielder Defender
49 DueY I 1 I DueY I 1 I Forward Forward Top 10 ST in lg of course here to bang and give them B taps!!!
50 Ticket Man Volz Ticket Man Volz Forward Forward
51 DanielleJesus33 DanielleJesus33 Midfielder Defender
52 OSGUNNERS OSGUNNERS Midfielder Forward
53 SkilledXxViperZ SkilledXxViperZ Midfielder Defender,Goal Keeper
54 You Dont Vape You Dont Vape Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper Pls no one sign me, I’m trash
55 PuRe TeMpAh2709 PuRe TeMpAh2709 Goalie Forward 90 GK
56 Will l 3 l Will l 3 l Midfielder Defender
57 Dude Got Jimmy Easy Save Goalie Goal Keeper Can make most games and I’m an 85 overall
58 BIGgirlsNEEDlov BIGgirlsNEEDlov Goalie Defender
59 Mort Ragnarsson Mort Ragnarsson Defender Forward,Midfielder Do not bid on me if you expect me to carry y'all...... look at the last few people who put all their eggs in my basket.....
60 KawaiiOniiiChan KawaiiOniiiChan Midfielder Defender Hit me up if you bid on me
61 daniellelouxox daniellelouxox Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
62 Vanquish I 8 I Vanquish I 8 I Midfielder Midfielder
63 II SKYW4LKER II II SKYW4LKER II Midfielder Forward Outside mid but contemplaying a DM switch. ....Champion. Don't really play tuesdays
64 Calibornkid91 Calibornkid91 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
65 Prestara Prestara Forward Midfielder
66 Strikers98 Strikers98 Goalie Goal Keeper
67 El Tokes13 El Tokes13 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder LM,RM,RW,LW
68 CM9 PT CM9 PT Midfielder Defender I mainly play DM
69 Ramirez x13 Ramirez x13 Defender Defender
70 Mermer MR Mermer MR Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
71 llraylew52ll llraylew52ll Midfielder Defender Dm, cm or rb
72 XxTHEMASTERQCxX XxTHEMASTERQCxX Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
74 Rohan Ki Rohan Ki Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
75 AyeVols AyeVols Midfielder Forward
76 gatoteo gatoteo Forward Midfielder
77 CoLoMBo14 CoLoMBo14 Midfielder Defender LM/RM RB/LB
78 Icon Messi Icon Messi Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
79 Stu l 91 l Stu l 91 l Midfielder Forward
80 xBrotherLewy xBrotherLewy Forward Midfielder PCN Striker for AC Milan
81 MUFC804 MUFC804 Midfielder Forward,Defender
82 Mkhitaryan 808 Mkhitaryan 808 Midfielder Forward Here and back again just as a player. Pretty open availability.
83 RobertoS713 RobertoS713 Forward Forward
84 Arodx99 Arodx99 Defender Forward,Midfielder Can’t make Tuesday’s
85 Panarin l 10 l Panarin l 10 l Defender Defender Rb
86 Moneybags x11 Moneybags x11 Midfielder Forward
87 Soul Wallyson Soul Wallyson Midfielder Midfielder OM
88 sugarb1998 sugarb1998 Goalie Defender
89 JaysWayss JaysWayss Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
90 Mapes l 8 l Mapes l 8 l Midfielder Midfielder
91 Evo21 x Evo21 x Forward Forward ST or CAM, should be able to make most games but can’t promise all of them
92 Its Twit Its Twit Goalie Midfielder
93 fizzy1337 fizzy1337 Midfielder Defender
94 Belcatraz Belcatraz Defender Midfielder,Defender
95 LFc Tex LFc Tex Midfielder Forward I play Cam
96 M3NIN M3NiN Forward Forward
97 King Q l 11 l King Q l 11 l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I'm only playing Cam or LM so bid accordingly
98 lL A lK lE lL A lK lE Midfielder Midfielder
99 x Zlatty x Zlatty Forward Forward
100 Huskers4lif3 Huskers4lif3 Defender Midfielder
101 Babaloouu Babaloouu Midfielder Defender
102 MUFASATHEKING23 MUFASATHEKING23 Midfielder Forward,Defender
103 Rahzki Rahzki Defender Midfielder,Defender LB & CDM
104 Alyonka x21 Alyonka x21 Forward Midfielder
105 Quad In The Act Quad In The Act Forward Forward Experienced Fifa Player
106 Walker l 2 l Walker l 2 l Midfielder Forward Prefer to play DM
107 BIGxShon BIGxShon Defender Defender Lb/rb
108 R0N4LDO I 9 I R0N4LDO I 9 I Forward Forward
109 Skirata x Skirata x Defender Goal Keeper
110 shockazulu shockazulu Midfielder Forward
111 KeiranGW KeiranGW Midfielder Forward
112 Joe D red7 Joe D red7 Forward Midfielder Good CF or Winger. Used at a creator type forward.
113 Fatal Enjoyment Fatal Enjoyment Midfielder Forward Can play ST/CAM/Wing/DM
114 Adav Adav Defender Defender
115 Beast l 14 l Beastinh0 Defender Midfielder Only playing OB. CDM or OM in 3 back
116 l HitNit l l HitNit l Midfielder Forward,Defender
117 Xblade1816 Xblade1816 Defender Midfielder
118 USSR Shadow USSR Shadow Goalie Forward,Midfielder
119 BoT sLoThy BoT sLoThy Midfielder Forward I’m a RM/RW
120 SteelJackal89 SteelJackal89 Midfielder Defender
121 AViss93 AViss93 Midfielder Defender
122 Culv3r Culv3r Goalie Defender
123 l Keyes l l Keyes l Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
124 x Domi 13 x x Domi 13 x Forward Midfielder
125 VasilyPodk0lzin VasilyPodk0lzin Forward Midfielder
126 TrulyTwizted TrulyTwizted Midfielder Forward
127 TKFP MUNCHIE540 lil munchieX Forward Midfielder
128 S8RR S8RR Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
129 Nord2030 Nord2030 Forward Midfielder Merica!
130 OVO Lykan OVO Lykan Midfielder Midfielder
131 TastyCakes2U TastyCakes2U Midfielder Forward
132 BIG SWAGG BIG SWAGG Midfielder Forward
133 TXTX TXTX Midfielder Midfielder,Defender Can play any mid position/WB in a 3-5-2.
134 ThePalps ThePalps Defender Midfielder
135 ModernMarvelous ModernMarvelous Midfielder Midfielder
136 o Fc Dallas o o Fc Dallas o Midfielder Forward
137 ANGELSKYWALKER3 ANGELSKYWALKER3 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
138 CriminaI Casper CriminaI Casper Midfielder Forward
139 Shamrockslax24 Shamrockslax24 Forward Forward
140 The Mastro The Mastro Forward Forward
141 Maestro l 21 Maestro l 21 Forward Midfielder
142 Mazda I 20 I Mazda I 20 I Midfielder Forward,Defender Can’t make Sunday’s
143 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Forward Midfielder
144 x Juwell l Alisson 13 l Forward Defender
145 RDobson RDobson Midfielder Forward
146 mindcraft elite mindcraft elite Defender Forward,Midfielder
147 Shenanigan10 Shenanigan10 Defender Midfielder
148 minnesotamaniac minnesotamaniac Defender Forward,Defender
149 lx Lowe xl lx Lowe xl Forward Forward
150 EIMAJ SLLEW EIMAJ SLLEW Midfielder Midfielder,Defender prefer LCM
151 Issinho 11 Issinho 11 Midfielder Midfielder Anywhere in the midfield
152 ProvidedInk5879 ProvidedInk5879 Forward Midfielder,Defender LCB, RCB, CAM
153 trevmister277 trevmister277 Goalie Goal Keeper
154 Cstol Cstol Forward Midfielder I play a lot of LW, LAM and ST. 91OVR
155 Tofske Tofske Forward Midfielder,Defender
156 Savage Razi3L Savage Razi3L Defender Defender
157 AutomatedSquid AutomatedSquid Midfielder Forward LM, RM, DM, ST 6 seasons of PCN Super League experience. I'm nice wit it. How's your day going?
159 DRIFT3R DRIFT3R Forward Midfielder
160 eLeX Iron Man Iron Man I 42 I Midfielder Forward,Defender No CB or GK
161 cucurucuu cucurucuu Defender Midfielder
162 McLucas22 McLucas22 Midfielder Forward
163 Floweri30i Floweri30i Goalie Goal Keeper
164 ATRIPP82 ATRIPP82 Midfielder Forward
165 Classic Daniiel Classic Daniiel Midfielder Forward,Defender
166 PSquaredPreston PSquaredPreston Forward Forward,Midfielder Play ST, CAM, LW/LM, RW/RM. PCN experienced.
167 El Pyr0 El Pyr0 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
168 Icy Cold Veins Icy Cold Veins Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Can only play sundays
169 Africa aR Africa aR Forward Forward The legend is BACK
170 BrandoNiko1 BrandoNiko1 Midfielder Defender
171 JoeMagz JoeMagz Midfielder Defender
172 STNGR sK STNGR sK Defender Midfielder
173 A1 BOS A1 BOS Forward Forward
174 DADDY GORDINHO DADDY GORDINHO Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
176 LxmiTLesS Yo Lxmit Defender Midfielder,Defender I also play CDM, all of the back line a long with LCM and RCM.
177 NYCFC Diggs NYCFC Diggs Forward Midfielder since 94
178 Unlucky Dustin Unlucky Dustin Forward Forward,Midfielder
179 Garland x 83 Garland x 83 Goalie Midfielder
180 Mocro B Mocro B Forward Midfielder ST/RM
181 SubieMan7 l KingEvan300 l Defender Midfielder
182 EcF Peanut Peanut l 7 l Forward Forward
183 Saucerman x3 Saucerman x3 Midfielder Forward LAM, LW, ST, CAM
184 Ao I DiLo Ao I DiLo Forward Midfielder
185 xJettx xJettx Goalie Forward,Defender
186 OldMR Peanut OldMR Peanut Midfielder Midfielder
187 Birdinals29 Birdinals29 Defender Midfielder availability isn't always the best with work, but i can always let you know my schedule ahead of time.
188 IJaguarKnightI IJaguarKnightI Defender Midfielder,Defender
189 ChocheMan22 ChocheMan22 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
190 Ats Ats Forward Midfielder
191 Gameztaman Gameztaman Midfielder Midfielder,Defender CDM
192 lRoon lRoon Midfielder Forward
193 x Jetnando x Jetnando Midfielder Defender
194 jeremybarza jeremybarza Defender Midfielder,Defender hi
195 Reroot the III l KAHN l Goalie Goal Keeper
196 zJig zJig Midfielder Midfielder
197 Fencing Guy Fencing Guy Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
198 iCory Koshiomi iCory Koshiomi Goalie Goal Keeper
199 FH LoganTD03 FH LoganTD03 Defender Midfielder
200 RyBish33 RyBish33 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
201 YaBoiiHarambe YaBoiiHarambe Midfielder Forward
202 Jay Twinkie18 Jay Twinkie18 Midfielder Midfielder
203 Hello Im Unix lI Unix lI Defender Defender
204 stay high playa stay high playa Forward Forward
205 Eazy Slays Slays l 6 l Midfielder Defender
206 Kaws l 3 l FwC Kaws Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
207 xTheANSWERx3 xTheANSWERx3 Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
208 TRMC BIGMAC TRMC BIGMAC Forward Goal Keeper
209 Kasra25 Kasra25 Goalie Midfielder,Defender
210 iFaWzi iFaWzi Defender Midfielder,Defender
211 SolaricNike SolaricNike Defender Defender
212 xXThanhTranXx xXThanhTranXx Forward Midfielder
213 MexicanoR7 MexicanoR7 Midfielder Forward,Defender I'm Shy
214 JohnnyTheDreamX ActuallyJTD Forward Defender
215 BEAST I 3 I BEAST I 3 I Defender Midfielder
216 Wulfroc Wulfroc Forward Midfielder,Goal Keeper Jabo, I can play most days.
217 lxSTONExl lxSTONExl Forward Forward,Midfielder
218 QIK QIK Defender Defender
219 SPANkDiiZZLE 15 Dank SpanK 22 Midfielder Defender
220 NinoRT9 NinoRT9 Forward Forward
221 Elusive Sound CriminaI Sound Midfielder Forward
222 BRAVEHEART310 Midfielder Defender
223 balloon boy toy balloon boy toy Goalie Defender,Goal Keeper
224 x Mbappe x Mbappe Forward Forward
225 Albino Dyslexic Albino Dyslexic Midfielder Goal Keeper
226 Snipesx74 Snipesx74 Midfielder Forward
227 Unlucky Masters Unlucky Masters Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender Middle CB in 3 back or LCB in a 4
228 Inhabited59 Inhabited59 Midfielder Forward
229 Isoken I 11 I Isoken I 11 I Midfielder Defender
230 dranblood dranblood Midfielder Forward
231 Grafix l5l Grafix l5l Defender Goal Keeper
232 Oh My GADO x Oh My GADO x Defender Defender
233 Pickpocketor Pickpocketor Defender Midfielder LB/RB can play DM too
234 Ix J RO xI Ix J RO xI Defender Defender
235 Coufaveliii Coufaveliii Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender let me get a look
236 Poptart I 20 I Poptart x 13 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender I eat ass.
237 xNFx Marc xNFx Marc Forward Midfielder
238 TPMxRyanGiggs11 TPMxRyanGiggs11 Defender Defender Main is rb and 2nd can play cb or anywhere
239 W McCauley 4 W McCauley 4 Goalie Forward,Goal Keeper
240 lilGod18 lilGod18 Midfielder Midfielder
241 Unlucky Dblock Unlucky Dblock Forward Forward,Midfielder
242 PensCanuks PensCanuks Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper I can play anywhere you need me to play.
243 GBR Dingurz GBR Dingurz Forward Midfielder
244 TheKnife18 THeKniFE18 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
245 Marijuano626 Marijuano626 Midfielder Midfielder
246 ELiTE x 93 KawhiYouMad I2I Midfielder Forward CAM or ST, can CM if needed.
247 Elusive Wolfy Elusive Wolfy Midfielder Forward I can play anything offense. And a good defender on the wings for a three back. I prefer cam but can play winger
248 Comptone5150 Comptone5150 Midfielder Defender Ask about me
249 uG Narula OGx Narula Defender Midfielder Im a left back cam and cam all 87+ rating
250 no7slickster no7slickster Defender Midfielder
251 Shadow God 2315 OGx GOD23 Goalie Defender
252 MATALOCO14 MATALOCO14 Goalie Goal Keeper
253 LindsayMc88x LindsayMc88x Midfielder Midfielder,Defender Rm or cb
254 qnpsdub qnpsdub Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
255 ModalLawyer261 ModalLawyer261 Forward Midfielder,Goal Keeper