Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 NiK Drizzle NiK Drizzle Forward Forward,Midfielder 90 forward and midfielder with eyes for runs and assists
2 LukeScheff LukeScheff Forward Forward
3 VolTaGe TaCKtik VolTaGe TaCKtik Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
4 no7slickster no7slickster Defender Defender Only play lb
5 BIGxShon BIGxShon Midfielder Defender
6 LindsayMc88x LindsayMc88x Midfielder Midfielder,Defender Play Rm & Cb
7 REPTAR 58 REPTAR 58 Midfielder Midfielder CM
8 Wulfroc Wulfroc Forward Midfielder,Goal Keeper Not elitist like all of my "friends", Jabo's back?
9 Babaloouu Babaloouu Defender Midfielder
10 AViss93 AViss93 Midfielder Forward,Defender
11 Calibornkid91 Calibornkid91 Midfielder Forward
12 TIMBORULES TIMBORULES Forward Midfielder Teamwork makes the Dream work
13 l TMLP l l TMLP l Forward Midfielder
14 UnDEAD MIMBS My5loppy2nds Midfielder Forward
15 iDiillon ladd x iDiillon ladd x Midfielder Forward DM 87 AM 87 ST 86 (6ft4)
16 Strikers98 Strikers98 Goalie Goal Keeper
17 PortugeeKilla93 PortugeeKilla93 Defender Midfielder
18 D4KISTHEGO4T D4KISTHEGO4T Midfielder Forward Yuuus
19 Dswish3 Dswish3 Midfielder Forward,Defender
20 cappLU cappLU Forward Forward,Midfielder
21 BaseScoutX1 BaseScoutX1 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
22 Kojak913 Kojak913 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Cdm
23 Perreault x 13 UseLess x 1 Midfielder Forward
24 Elusive Wolfy Elusive Wolfy Midfielder Forward
25 NovacSTDz NovacSTDz Midfielder Defender
26 watayawantfrome watayawantfrome Forward Forward
27 Purple Subaru Purple Subaru Forward Forward
28 MURPHANATOR3000 MURPHANATOR3000 Midfielder Defender
29 FallenPhoenixVI FallenPhoenixVI Midfielder Defender CDM,LM, LB
30 Huskers4lif3 Huskers4lif3 Defender Midfielder
31 oVo_S1KEM S1KEM Defender Midfielder,Defender OB, CB or CDM
32 Jcb0304 Jcb0304 Midfielder Midfielder 90 LM 91 CAM 89 CDM
33 Detroit Tech13 Detroit Tech13 Midfielder Defender
34 AnthonyDunnCali AnthonyDunnCali Forward Midfielder
35 Wanyamaaa Wanyamaaa Defender Midfielder CB / DM. If I don't know u pm me for before u bid on me
36 L3git Diego10 L3git Diego10 Midfielder Forward I can play anywhere except defense and GK . Im available ALL games 100%
37 STNGR sK STNGR sK Defender Midfielder
38 l Toffoli l73l l Toffoli l73l Forward Midfielder,Defender
39 Reroot the III l KAHN l Goalie Goal Keeper
40 BIGgirlsNEEDlov BIGgirlsNEEDlov Goalie Defender
41 Adav Adav Defender Midfielder,Defender
42 Pickpocketor Pickpocketor Defender Midfielder
43 Kosta x23 Kosta x23 Defender Forward,Goal Keeper
44 XSkubaSteve24X XSkubaSteve24X Goalie Midfielder cant find world cup sign up so im signing up for both
45 ANGELSKYWALKER3 ANGELSKYWALKER3 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
46 MATALOCO14 MATALOCO14 Midfielder Midfielder
47 LemmyDoThis LemmyDoThis Midfielder Defender
48 A1 BOS A1 BOS Midfielder Midfielder
49 I Greggy I I Greggy I Forward Forward Striker
50 balloon boy toy balloon boy toy Goalie Goal Keeper
51 daniellelouxox daniellelouxox Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
52 Mort Ragnarsson Mort Ragnarsson Forward Forward #Mort4ST
53 SpicyBeatIe SpicyBeatIe Forward Forward,Midfielder
54 Mkhitaryan 808 Mkhitaryan 808 Forward Forward,Midfielder Same ole same ole. St,RF, ram . Pretty open availability just check with me.
55 CM9 PT CM9 PT Midfielder Defender I mainly play DM
56 l King Roxas l l King Roxas l Midfielder Midfielder LM, RM, or DM (:
57 Ix J RO xI Ix J RO xI Defender Defender
58 sF Batistuta sF Batistuta Forward Midfielder
59 Maradona l10l x Maradona l10l x Forward Forward
60 xX Kuraly 52 Xx xX Kuraly 52 Xx Forward Forward
61 xBrotherLewy xBrotherLewy Forward Forward
62 BoT sLoThy BoT sLoThy Midfielder Forward RM/RW (flexible to play other positions)
63 TheKnife18 THeKniFE18 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
64 uG Narula OGx Narula Midfielder Defender 89 cdm and Lb
65 EricE30 ERICE30 Goalie Midfielder
66 gatoteo gatoteo Forward Forward
67 Cougar920 Cougar920 Forward Forward
68 OldMR Peanut OldMR Peanut Defender Midfielder,Defender
69 BrandoNiko1 BrandoNiko1 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
70 xU sniper xU sniper Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
71 IbrahJR27 IbrahJR27 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
72 KawaiiOniiiChan KawaiiOniiiChan Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
73 M3NIN M3NiN Forward Forward
74 A GingaNinja12 A GingaNinja12 Midfielder Defender
75 DeGea I6I DeGea I6I Goalie Goal Keeper
76 SpillShot SpillShot Midfielder Forward Yes.
77 ViiTaL iiMaG3 ViiTaL iiMaG3 Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
78 Mapes l 8 l Mapes l 8 l Midfielder Midfielder
79 xXThanhTranXx xXThanhTranXx Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
80 Unlucky Pride Unlucky Pride Defender Defender
81 ProNathan1050 ProNathan1050 Forward Forward,Midfielder When are the games
82 TheHeanBean TheHeanBean Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
83 Belcatraz Belcatraz Forward Forward,Midfielder
84 Criminal Lazer Criminal Lazer Forward Forward
85 Icy Cold Veins Icy Cold Veins Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Can possibly make most games now
86 x Erickson x Erickson Forward Forward
87 DoX Thibeault DoX Thibeault Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Huge ego
88 P3TER SAVAGE P3TER SAVAGE Defender Defender
89 Soul Wallyson Soul Wallyson Midfielder Forward OM
90 Its Twit Its Twit Goalie Midfielder
91 Isoken I 11 I Isoken I 11 I Midfielder Defender
92 Vanquish I 8 I Vanquish I 8 I Midfielder Midfielder
93 Cstol Cstol Midfielder Forward
94 ChocheMan22 ChocheMan22 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
95 Maestro l 21 Maestro l 21 Forward Midfielder
96 Garland x 83 Garland x 83 Forward Defender
97 x Juwell SadBoy Kinho Goalie Defender,Goal Keeper I'm SadBoy Kinho
98 Risxn Risxn Forward Forward Im a god pick me up
99 Mermer MR Mermer MR Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
100 Huether 10 Huether 10 Midfielder Forward,Defender
101 yungpeezus yungpeezus Midfielder Defender
102 ATRIPP82 ATRIPP82 Midfielder Forward