Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 PortugeeKilla93 PortugeeKilla93 Defender Defender
2 CriminaI Casper CriminaI Casper Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
3 Gnora x 14 Gnora x 14 Midfielder Defender Soccer?
4 Shotta Paka Shotta Paka Forward Forward
5 Icon Baggio Icon Baggio Forward Forward
6 Frosty l17l Frosty l17l Defender Defender Austin carried me
7 WhiteyFord8 WhiteyFord8 Midfielder Forward
8 knowles8 knowles8 Midfielder Forward,Defender
9 SpillShot SpillShot Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I'd like to score this time...
10 Conski 77 Conski 77 Forward Forward,Midfielder
11 BIGxShon BIGxShon Defender Forward
12 JoeMagz JoeMagz Defender Midfielder
13 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Forward Forward,Midfielder
14 Tricky l88l Tricky l88l Midfielder Defender
15 Icon Messi Icon Messi Midfielder Forward
16 aslandies aslandies Midfielder Forward
17 Grande Possa Grande Possa Forward Midfielder,Defender
18 LeBorn Jams LeBorn Jams Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
19 theSplntr theSplntr Midfielder Forward
20 l Boyle l l Boyle l Goalie Forward
21 Lionel Gerrard Lionel Gerrard Defender Midfielder
22 OIAMDAVE OIAMDAVE Forward Forward Ready to ball
23 l RISKTAKER l l RISKTAKER l Forward Goal Keeper
24 Lagsak Lagsak Goalie Goal Keeper
25 King Dragao King Dragao Midfielder Defender
26 OIAMTHEGREAT OIAMTHEGREAT Forward Forward,Midfielder
27 Get Acedd Get Acedd Forward Goal Keeper
28 Ace I 27 Desoou Midfielder Forward
29 L3git Diego10 L3git Diego10 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I can Literally play anywhere, im the goat
30 Poodle911 Poodle911 Midfielder Forward
31 FodusCaralho FodusCaralho Forward Midfielder
32 Brisan x6 Brisan x6 Midfielder Forward
33 Montano l 80 l Montano l 80 l Midfielder Forward No one likes me
34 Bauer l 43 l Bauer l 43 l Forward Goal Keeper Im a peacock, you gotta let me fly.
35 Criminal Vidal Criminal Vidal Goalie Midfielder trying to play Gk will play Mid if needed
36 Arodx99 Arodx99 Defender Midfielder
37 Soul Wallyson Soul Wallyson Midfielder Forward OM or AM
38 Ticket Man Volz EVOLZx8 Forward Forward
39 lxSTONExl lxSTONExl Forward Forward,Midfielder
40 SoSRevolution SoSRevolution Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
41 A Rusty Rocket A Rusty Rocket Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
42 dityboycom dityboycom Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
43 Hodgster1985 Hodgster1985 Midfielder Defender
44 SalmonKingNinja SalmonKingNinja Midfielder Forward The only person to tell davids wife that playing peggle 2 is dumb. And live.
45 LukeScheff LukeScheff Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender played last season started for brighton.
46 BvbbIe BvbbIe Forward Midfielder
47 I39Lagace39I I39Lagace39I Forward Forward
48 Vieira I 9 I Vieira I 9 I Forward Midfielder Yus
49 N0T NiiCE N0T NiiCE Forward Midfielder
50 T E A L x 17 T E A L x 17 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
51 l Fitchett l l Fitchett l Forward Midfielder
52 nicholas08chick nicholas08chick Midfielder Forward,Defender
53 lStastny26l lStastny26l Midfielder Forward
54 RAWness l13l RAWness l13l Defender Midfielder,Defender Availability is week to week but can play 2-3 nights; CDM OB OM
55 Albino Dyslexic Albino Dyslexic Forward Midfielder
56 zombieBRAAIINNS zombieBRAAIINNS Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper Hi
57 StamkoSnipez StamkoSnipez Midfielder Forward
58 Kasimis96 Kasimis96 Forward Midfielder
59 Oh Bosna Oh Bosna Forward Midfielder
60 TengoLombrices TengoLombrices Defender Midfielder
61 mAc11seVen OG7Blakout Forward Forward,Midfielder 88 ST. 11v11 experience since FIFA 11.
62 RiCo505 RiCo505 Forward Forward,Midfielder
63 Kometstickboy96 Kometstickboy96 Midfielder Forward
64 NiK Drizzle NiK Drizzle Forward Midfielder
65 l TwisTd l l TwisTd l Defender Midfielder,Defender
66 BlueDevs9 BlueDevs9 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
67 KingScorpi05 KingScorpi05 Forward Defender,Goal Keeper
68 FIERCExKARMA FIERCExKARMA Forward Forward,Midfielder
69 FungousPit1031 FungousPit1031 Midfielder Midfielder N/A
70 KingHennyMan KingHennyMan Midfielder Forward
71 King Gordinho King Gordinho Forward Forward
72 Cstol Cstol Forward Midfielder
73 Marijuano626 Marijuano626 Forward Midfielder
74 XPrEttYB0Y818X XPrEttYB0Y818X Midfielder Defender
75 x2LiveMikex x2LiveMikex Defender Defender
76 Mortama 92 Mortama 92 Defender Forward Don't waste all your budget on me.... I can't play all the games.... p.s FIFA 20 is shite
77 PahkTheCah1387 PahkTheCah1387 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
78 Snuffer xX Snuffer xX Forward Midfielder,Defender
79 Gerbe x 42 Gerbe x 42 Forward Forward
80 xCHAPARITOx xCHAPARITOx Forward Midfielder
81 CoLoMBo14 CoLoMBo14 Midfielder Forward,Defender Every position except CDM, CB, & GK
82 luckyluisito LKYLUISITO Midfielder Defender
83 A1 BOS A1 BOS Midfielder Forward,Goal Keeper
84 Belcatraz Belcatraz Forward Forward,Midfielder
85 Tragic l19l Tragic l19l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
86 llraylew52ll llraylew52ll Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
87 BIGgirlsNEEDlov BIGgirlsNEEDlov Goalie Defender
88 Tanney0nay Tanney0nay Midfielder Midfielder
89 DUGAN x 95 DUGAN x 95 Forward Forward,Midfielder
90 l KC97 l l KC97 l Defender Midfielder
91 Jzo Photos Jzo Photos Goalie Goal Keeper
92 ASAPxDon11 ASAPxDon11 Forward Midfielder
93 Riz l1l Riz l1l Defender Midfielder,Goal Keeper
94 LFc Tex LFc Tex Forward Forward,Midfielder
95 cmyl cmyl Goalie Defender
97 iMMuNiiTy iMMuNiiTy Forward Midfielder,Defender
98 OGG Shadow OGG Shadow Forward Midfielder,Defender
99 Air Boss l7l Air Boss l7l Midfielder Forward
100 Hubley x13 Hubley x13 Midfielder Forward
101 Eu1p Eu1p Forward Midfielder,Defender
102 Jimbonii Jimbonii Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
103 Rielly I44l Rielly I44l Goalie Midfielder
104 Charyzen Charyzen Goalie Goal Keeper
105 I Bean Juice I I Bean Juice I Midfielder Forward,Midfielder LM/RM
106 pucK sb pucK sb Midfielder Midfielder
107 DopeSwagYOLO DopeSwagYOLO Forward Midfielder Long time FIFA player back on the grind
108 Wyll4866 Wyll4866 Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
109 l Reiders l l Reiders l Forward Midfielder
110 Dust I 17 I Dust I 17 I Forward Forward,Midfielder
111 Ao I DiLo Ao I DiLo Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
112 x zJig zJig Midfielder Midfielder
113 Windtroop Windtroop Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
114 O Magic Italian O Magic Italian Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
115 Pohloe Pohloe Defender Midfielder
116 Ramirez x13 Ramirez x13 Defender Defender
117 KC x44 KC x44 Midfielder Defender Really looking to play OM. Will sub in D if absolutely needed or if the other Defenders need to see FIFA Jesus.
118 Lapierre x 92 Lapierre x 92 Midfielder Midfielder
119 Cantona 75303 Cantona 75303 Forward Forward Can play if ya want, just let me know
120 Moneybags x11 Moneybags x11 Forward Forward
121 Fuji I 6 I Fuji I 6 I Midfielder Midfielder
122 ZestyWang ZestyWang Midfielder Forward
123 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
124 BIRD l 28 l BIRD l 28 l Midfielder Midfielder
125 Shlarchey Shlarchey Forward Forward
126 DoX Elmo DoX Elmo Midfielder Midfielder
127 Evo21x Evo21x Defender Midfielder,Defender CB or CDM only
128 NOiD CLiCK NOiD CLiCK Defender Midfielder
129 Viktomize Viktomize Midfielder Forward,Defender
130 TPForMyBungCole TPForMyBungCole Midfielder Defender
131 LeTangled LeTangled Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender I'm not very good, but I have 99 heart.
132 Alpha x 77 Alpha x 77 Forward Midfielder
133 private D0NUT private D0NUT Defender Forward,Midfielder
134 BLACKCOUGA BLACKCOUGA Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
135 Bendtner x Bendtner x Forward Forward Striker only
136 scholzey18 scholzey18 Midfielder Midfielder
137 PRiMETiME x11 PRiMETiME x11 Midfielder Forward,Defender
138 PensCanuks PensCanuks Goalie Defender
139 l King Kaner l l King Kaner l Forward Midfielder,Defender
140 Eh CanadianHobo Eh CanadianHobo Forward Forward
141 OSGUNNERS OSGUNNERS Midfielder Forward
142 leafs83 leafs83 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
143 TEGLIA l93l TEGLIA l93l Forward Forward,Midfielder
144 Zumeck Zumeck Goalie Goal Keeper
145 Squamtastic Squamtastic Forward Midfielder
146 ShaunaIdinho ShaunaIdinho Midfielder Forward
147 Grayyy 23 Grayyy 23 Goalie Forward,Midfielder Im nasty at tendy
148 MikeHancho4952 MikeHancho4952 Midfielder Forward
149 iwantvisa iwantvisa Midfielder Forward,Midfielder CAM/LM/RM
150 Stu l 91 l Stu l 91 l Midfielder Forward
151 yrn hamsa yrn hamsa Midfielder Defender
152 GeriatricPickl3 Piled up Filth Defender Midfielder,Goal Keeper Ready to get back into it
153 BWitt x 14 BWitt x 14 Forward Midfielder
154 KNIFEinYOURguts KNIFEinYOURguts Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
155 CHoD l 45 l CHoD l 45 l Midfielder Defender DM, Def
156 l SaIty I l SaIty I Midfielder Midfielder
157 DrewFitzz DrewFitzz Forward Forward,Midfielder
158 VVqde VVqde Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
159 l LittleButta l l LittleButta l Forward Midfielder Mainly play striker or RM
160 Austin x33 Austin x33 Defender Defender
161 Stevens l29l Stevens l29l Midfielder Defender
162 smokeygull smokeygull Midfielder Midfielder
163 DAV1S0N DAV1S0N Goalie Midfielder
164 Lilkooks227 Lilkooks227 Midfielder Defender Ldm, lb, lm
165 Max Lechialeux LeMaskk4174 Midfielder Forward
166 Patatoskr Patatoskr Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
167 lil bo bonez lil bo bonez Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
168 Gilgamesh v6 Gilgamesh v6 Midfielder Forward,Defender
169 Skirata x Skirata x Goalie Defender
170 MostTHE WAE MostTHE WAE Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
171 no7slickster no7slickster Defender Midfielder
172 GOD MELO NYK vJimmyBuckets Midfielder Forward,Defender
173 lm Ching lm Ching Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
174 Merk FR Merk FR Forward Midfielder
175 CaneShades CaneShades Goalie Goal Keeper
176 Sargent2411 Sargent2411 Goalie Forward,Midfielder
177 Manbearp1g 86 ManBearP1g 86 Defender Midfielder Glad to see the leauge back up and running!!!
178 WinglessBadger1 WinglessBadger1 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
179 kill cuddly kill cuddly Defender Midfielder,Defender
180 Richhy I 19 I Richhy I 19 I Defender Midfielder
181 ILLUMINAUGHTY o ILLUMINAUGHTY o Forward Midfielder Striker or Att Mid
182 ArtMorue ArtMorue Midfielder Defender
183 MaCh Xanadu MaCh Xanadu Goalie Defender
184 NotMazzy NotMazzy Forward Forward
185 xHoodler xHoodler Forward Forward
186 Kasra25 Kasra25 Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goal Keeper
187 Phil GFz Phil GFz Midfielder Forward,Defender
188 Maestro l 21 Maestro l 21 Forward Midfielder
189 lL A lK lE lL A lK lE Midfielder Midfielder
190 Mazda I 20 I Mazda I 20 I Midfielder Forward,Defender
191 MILOSx86 MILOSx86 Forward Midfielder
192 JaysWayss JaysWayss Midfielder Defender
193 Walker l 2 l Walker l 2 l Midfielder Forward
194 XxDARKxRANGERxX XxDARKxRANGERxX Forward Midfielder
195 Eagles9412 Eagles9412 Midfielder Midfielder
196 TTL Speedy TTL Speedy Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
197 Playhboi Playhboi Midfielder Forward
198 Destroyd45Qc Destroyd45Qc Midfielder Goal Keeper
199 AvsFan292 AvsFan292 Forward Midfielder
200 ultraknight1234 ultraknight1234 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goal Keeper
201 G0nzo18 G0nzo18 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
202 Broomball16 Broomball16 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goal Keeper
203 I Prozzer I I Prozzer I Midfielder Forward,Defender Cam, RM , RB
204 FCS Lambao FCS Lambao Midfielder Forward
205 MyntMars MyntMars Midfielder Forward