Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Class Nights Available Comments
1 Yo itz Charlo Yo itz Charlo Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Mid secondary Solo 3rd 3K ELO Gold 4 S3 (Almost all Solo Q) Gold 5 S2 (Most games solo Q)
2 Reformed Goalie Reformed Goalie Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
3 Josh l96l Josh l96l Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
4 Nightingale l8l Nightingale l8l Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
5 Deebo l13l Deebo l13l Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
6 ExoticWarTurtle ExoticWarTurtle Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I just signed up but lemme know if this is really happening
7 Imagamer x88x Imagamer x88x Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I play anything really just prefer solo or supp but I'm a good carry and ok kid but not a good Jung
8 MBBxKerm MBBxKerm Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
9 FLINTs WATER FLINTs WATER Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday any role
10 lMacK EHl lMacK EHl Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday i can play around lghl and when im not working. I am not an experienced player but i am a fast learner and looking to get better at playing the game.
11 Koho Koho Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can also carry/support
12 l HowieDoo l l HowieDoo l Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Hunters and mage are my best. But can rock a guardian if needed. No warriors or assassians unless desperate.
13 M3nTor 1 M3nTor 1 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
14 l Pete God l l Pete God l Jungle
15 Some Pylon Some Pylon Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
16 Kusznir Kusznir Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
17 dMerch dMerch Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
18 Dumba x 55 Dumba x 55 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
19 wafflecake37 wafflecake37 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I can play any role except solo; order of competency/comfort in descending order from best-worst: Mid Carry Support Jungle
20 Kan Ra Kan Ra Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
21 Byerg Byerg Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday https://www.reddit.com/r/SmiteLFM/comments/5aw660/naxboxlfteam_solo_looking_for_team/
22 Perrilyzer1 Perrilyzer1 Solo Comfortable in all roles except Jungle. Availability varies, but I'd prefer to not have to play every night.
23 DavyGM DavyGM Carry Monday,Tuesday,Thrusday
24 cem3nt Cem3nt Solo Monday,Thrusday Vote for match time: 1. 6pm Eastern 2. 7pm Eastern
25 SweeT 9 LoU 84 SweeT 9 LoU 84 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can play any, pretty average like Support, Mid, Carry, Solo, Jungle in that order
26 Hunter 3295 Hunter 3295 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Thrusday Prefer mid but am on a team for solo.
27 LoneWanderer258 LoneWanderer258 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Support main that can get by in any role.
28 EDS0952 EDS0952 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
29 HaTreDzHoRiZeN HaTreDzHoRiZeN Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I can play everything just prefer solo or support very experienced player.
30 Bane Dont Care Bane Dont Care Carry Monday am bad. lou stinks
31 IG ViolentJew IG ViolentJew Jungle Monday,Wednesday,Thrusday I've been playing smite religiously since the beta on Xbox I main in conquest, my God pool is very open, willing to play warriors and guardians in the jungle as well as meta picks, also can play support and mid fairly well also God pool is very open for those roles as well
32 Pladora Pladora Jungle Thrusday I am not the best at jungle just looking for a group to get better at it.
33 HDC Kane88 HDC Kane88 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Thrusday
34 calebj13 calebj13 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Mid/Carry/Support
35 Coach Crass Coach Crass Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday nights depend on school and work as well as LG
36 l 17 l l 17 l Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
37 xDarth93 xDarth93 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
38 SleightOfVic SleightOfVic Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
39 King Natzu King Natzu Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
40 Jewest One Jewest One Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
41 Draisaitl 29 Draisaitl 29 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
42 MVPurity MVPurity Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
43 Relik527 Relik527 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I can main mid or solo. Looking to have fun and see where this goes
44 Dovahkiin4Mage Dovahkiin4Mage Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I have played since xbox launch, i can play all roles at a ok level but play mid better than any other role. Looking to join a team with mics and isn't toxic and wants to be one of the best.
45 xDraKoniCx xDraKoniCx Support Monday,Wednesday,Thrusday
46 BlackOutJohnson BlackOutJohnson Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
47 R0BBO 1010101 R0BBO 1010101 Support Monday,Tuesday,Thrusday
48 MU12PH MU12PH Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
49 LGC Yakelrocks LGC Yakelrocks Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Some days may vary but shouldn't be an issue
50 TVK TVK Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
51 Stop Noto Stop Noto Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday i can play whatever but im more effective as a support
52 Masil1 Masil1 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
53 EASTERN30 EASTERN30 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
54 oLdSkooLKaRmA oLdSkooLKaRmA Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
55 Blitz0Matic Blitz0Matic Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I can play any role, but i jungle most i like the important role
56 AJH Emu AJH Emu Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I haven't played in a couple months and I am no where near as good as I used to be. but i think it would be fun to play a couple nights a week. Support or ADC prefered
57 Keero Keero Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
58 Codester109 Codester109 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
59 AJ9191 AJ9191 Support
60 Knight x 26 Knight x 26 Carry Monday,Wednesday,Thrusday
61 Th3KingRj Th3KingRj Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
62 GOV Rick Snyder GOV Rick Snyder Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday can play any role, prefer jungle
63 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday SHIMTE
64 Owen I 93 I Owen I 93 I Mid
65 Tyypes Tyypes Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday :)
66 NE1SON 26 NE1SON 26 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
67 KINGxViperr KINGxViperr Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday can play mid also
68 RunnyForestDump RunnyForestDump Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
69 xD JAYviZua1 xD JAYviZua1 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
70 DIXON l35l DIXON l35l Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
71 Ezio Morghulis Ezio Morghulis Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
72 LSU260 LSU260 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
73 KillerT342 KillerT342 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday After 8pm would be best.
74 JJ-Finesse- JJr Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Jungle/support
75 OperatingGnome OperatingGnome Carry Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
76 CrimsonxPaladin CrimsonxPaladin Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
77 MaUrI ThE KiD MaUrI ThE KiD Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
78 GravityTense GravityTense Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
79 Medusalith Medusalith Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
80 Manning1018 Manning1018 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
81 The Warrior2End The Warrior2End Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
82 CSilveri CSilveri Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
83 XperiMentIll XperiMentIll Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
84 Stith00 Stith00 Support Thrusday Can do ok in anything but jungle, still learning/willing to learn. Avail is pretty random with my work so I only checked thursday
85 Leddy Leddy Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
86 oF4B oF4B Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
87 Daydayyyy Daydayyyy Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
88 UrinalD00kie UrinalD00kie Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
89 Drilltooth Drilltooth Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
90 II Exclusive ll II Exclusive ll Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can play jungle/mid available everyday willing to learn and get better
91 TIH Vengeance TIH Vengeance Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday i have been maining mid lately but play all positions except solo. Mid, jungle, and support are my best followed by carry.
92 WaterMeIom WaterMeIom Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday conquest
93 PlungedNumber55 PlungedNumber55 Solo Tuesday,Thrusday
94 Wreck1ess Ninja Wreck1ess Ninja Support
95 Nry371 Nry371 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
96 x I Kno Montana CokeBoy Haan Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
97 x KING J0HN x x KING J0HN x Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
98 Rectifications Rectifications Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
99 Braxton46 Braxton46 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
100 Austin113XC Austin113XC Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
101 tazman63 tazman63 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
102 BeeZburninTreeZ BeeZburninTreeZ Support Monday
103 h0ly seraph h0ly seraph Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Lets play an see if it works
104 DontEvenMaatta DontEvenMaatta Mid
105 dilpikle04 dilpikle04 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
106 foiI foiI Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
107 SET IT T0 WUMB0 SET IT T0 WUMB0 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
108 l Strait l 37 l Strait l 37 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
109 T_Hopz Hopkins 28 Mage Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
110 ChevyWarrior93 ChevyWarrior93 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I have been playing Xbox Smite since the beta, as well as Season 0 on PC, I have a huge god pool, and can play any role EXCEPT support. I stream and make YT videos in the game, and have been trying to find people to play conquest with. I can pull out anything from Ao Quang to Athena in the jungle, and I can pretty consistently hit skill shots like Rama ult when playing other roles. I play insta cast, with an elite controller, so my reactions are pretty quick, and my shot calling is pretty good. I understand the importance of warding and using actives for the team when needed.
111 SassySam1234 SassySam1234 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
112 x Lundqvist x x Lundqvist x Assassin Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
113 A Saucy Pizza A Saucy Pizza Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
114 Walla Mane Walla Mane Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB
115 sSixAxiSs sSixAxiSs Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Schedule varies, will notify week prior to availability
116 DiehardKnight39 DiehardKnight39 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
117 MOESTRADAMUS MOESTRADAMUS Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
118 jacktharipper20 JackThaRipper20 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
119 ll SiZZLe ll ll SiZZLe ll Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
120 Pfeiff17 pfeiff17 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
121 loucodered95 loucodered95 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
122 TheAngry Mormon TheAngry Mormon Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
123 Breckeeezy Brecky x 73 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
124 Huddy Hudacek Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
125 SK CrystalMatt SK CrystalMatt Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
126 FightMe lRL Assassin Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
127 MikeyDoug98 MikeyDoug98 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday 2nd supp 3rd jung 4th solo
128 iiBubblyii iiBubblyii Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Willing to play anything
129 Mr Twigens Mr Twigens Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Multirole
130 procraft180bass procraft180bass Support I don't only play supp tho
131 Konecny x 11 Konecny x 11 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
132 drgooshgoosh drgooshgoosh Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
133 DxG Cynical DxG Cynical Hunter Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
134 l Scopes x l20l l Scopes x l20l Carry Monday,Wednesday
135 SiK N DestroyQc SiK N DestroyQc Jungle Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
136 Kazpor Kazpor Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
137 l Gabella l l Gabella l Support Tuesday,Thrusday I can play any role.
138 iPreddd iPreddd Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday main solo and carry available any time
139 Kuhrow Kuhrow Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
140 Post Kobe Post Kobe Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday iFeedMuch
141 o Irving o o Irving o Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
142 l NHL l Krejci l NHL l Krejci Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
143 a feared pickle a feared pickle Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
144 Aldridge410 Aldridge410 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
145 BigxBasilisk BigxBasilisk Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday will play all roles besides support
146 Paizano44 Paizano44 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
147 S4 PeaceLaBeast S4 PeaceLaBeast Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday S4 peacelabeast i play mid/support
148 THE SANDDADY863 THE SANDDADY863 Mid Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
149 GrimVisions OwO GrimVisions OwO Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday