Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Class Nights Available Comments
1 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
2 Petan l19l Petan l19l Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Order of best roles: Jungle > Carry > Support > Solo > Mid
3 Koho Koho Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can do anything but jungle
4 Kusznir Kusznir Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
5 Jewest One Jewest One Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Eat a penis
6 Ricky is MVP Ricky is MVP Mid
7 isawyou0506 isawyou0506 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
8 x Hendry 91 x Hendry 91 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
9 Smith x 27 Smith x 27 Support Monday,Wednesday,Thrusday
10 BigxBasilisk BigxBasilisk Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
11 Paizano44 Paizano44 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
12 FLINTs WATER FLINTs WATER Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday any role
13 Chislett 19 Chislett 19 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Hi
14 Juney Juney Carry Monday,Tuesday
15 Dye Violently Dye Violently Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Available most nights with exception to work schedule but even if I do any time after 10:00 works
16 TheGameFactor TheGameFactor Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Solo/Sup/Mid/Jungle/ADC
17 x KING J0HN x x KING J0HN x Jungle
18 Badprodigy21 Badprodigy21 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
19 Dumba x 55 Dumba x 55 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
20 M3nTor 1 M3nTor 1 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can play any role besides carry
21 KEAPPS Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
22 Spectra Fafnir Spectra Fafnir Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
23 SweeT 9 LoU 84 SweeT 9 LoU 84 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday All roles
24 shootingh shootingh Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
25 DestroyRobo01 DestroyRobo01 Solo Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Available Monadys from 11pmEst onward
26 Jenquh Jenquh Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
27 Stop Noto Stop Noto Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday always down to play
28 Yo itz Charlo Yo itz Charlo Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
29 Just Whiteyy Just Whiteyy Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Play in the CHL and RL
30 Cozack904 Cozack904 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
31 Austin113XC Austin113XC Carry Tuesday,Thrusday
32 lst 48 OG LOGIC lst 48 OG LOGIC Support Monday,Tuesday,Thrusday i am on a team always looking for more scrim partners
33 SoaR Guaranteed SoaR Guaranteed Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I'm actually a God at mid. that is all.
34 Daydayyyy Daydayyyy Jungle
35 V1S10N V1S10N Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday I am available on Thursday night after 6pm central.
36 An Orange Steel An Orange Steel Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
37 RMLFarley RMLFarley Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Availability entirely dependent on a weird work schedule, and whether or not I've successfully gotten the kids/wife to bed yet. ALSO: I can play pretty much any class... though my Jungling isn't great.
38 AmendmentXXI AmendmentXXI Support Thrusday rest of my team is planning to join. and then we will submit a roster. please contact me at trentw02@yahoo.com with questions/concerns. thanks
39 Heavy Shorts Heavy Shorts Mid Thrusday Thrusday is my favorite day!
40 Mofahsa Mofahsa Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
41 AK2COLD AK2COLD Jungle Thrusday
42 RealCG3 RealCG3 Solo Thrusday
43 Cr1mson8 Cr1mson8 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
44 Kush n Success Kush n Success Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Carry or solo are my best roles. Cann play jungle or mid if needed. Ymir and Khumba are my only supports Im confident in. Also, my brother (NickFilABluntUp) is looking to get picked up too, he specializes in mid or solo if needed but also can play any role. Thanks guys,let's have fun!
45 Ozzyy M4L O z z y y x z Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday play anywhere hmu O z z y y x z
46 GRIZZLEA2 GRIZZLEA2 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I can play anywhere from 1700-2300 ET, I'm currently in the army so those times can be flexed at any moment.
47 Rags8 Rags8 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
48 Im Juzry Im Juzry Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Eu jungler looking for a competitive team.
49 Josh l96l Josh l96l Support No solo/jungle Can carry but prefer not too. Solid support and mid
50 l Scopes x l20l l Scopes x l20l Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
51 VI17AIN VI17AIN Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
52 Is You Bool Is You Bool Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
53 SepticFir8 SepticFir8 Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
54 DampesWrath DampesWrath Carry
55 jcaxlive jcaxlive Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
56 Some Pylon Some Pylon Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Or carry
57 x I Kno Montana CokeBoy Haan Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
58 TVK TVK Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
59 D Intervent10n D Intervent10n Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
60 dMerch dMerch Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
61 Imagamer x88x Imagamer x88x Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
62 XSPARKY51 XSPARKY51 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
63 ExoticWarTurtle ExoticWarTurtle Support Monday I might be available. Just MESSAGE ME and ask first.
64 HinduWonder HinduWonder Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Jungle
65 Kuhrow Kuhrow Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I'm a Top Solo on the Box 256TP Masters
66 iAdidasBOYxXx iAdidasBOYxXx Support
67 Xinthes Xinthes Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I play jung or mid at a very high level just msg me on xbox @ Xinthes and we can talk.
68 Joey z7 Joey z7 Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
69 ASAPCoachie ASAPCoachie Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I play the best Aphrodite
70 MJTheGameMaster MJTheGameMaster Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
71 oIM SAUClNo oIM SAUClNo Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
72 LetsGet It Ramo LetsGet It Ramo Support Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
73 Luckski l 87 l Luckski l 87 l Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I am platinum in ranked i can also play carry
74 TIH Vengeance TIH Vengeance Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday main mid/supp but play everything. top 3 are mid supp and jungle.
75 x BooBooChicken x BooBooChicken Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
76 II Exclusive ll II Exclusive ll Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
77 NE1SON 26 NE1SON 26 Support
78 KINGxViperr KINGxViperr Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
79 Spearmint Spaff Spearmint Spaff Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
80 SK CrystalMatt SK CrystalMatt Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
81 Ticulo Ticulo Carry
82 holdinger holdinger Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
83 FoulMantis FoulMantis Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday See my post in the FA thread
84 Xenostate Xenostate Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
85 Venattor Venattor Carry Monday,Tuesday,Thrusday Love me pls :)
86 diZzie Legendz diZzie Legendz Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
87 Bullyy Bullyy Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
88 THE SANDDADY863 THE SANDDADY863 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
89 TC the God TC the God Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
90 xHADENLAND23x xHADENLAND23x Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
91 Hopkins 28 Hopkins 28 Mid
92 Deebo l13l Deebo l13l Mid Monday,Wednesday
93 Teen Gohan v2 Teen Gohan v2 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
94 Zachackary Zachackary Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Available for the vast majority of the time. Fridays I may occasionally be unavailable.
95 M8 Blue M8 Blue Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
96 Braxton46 Braxton46 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
97 B0STIC Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
98 Cammber Cammber Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
99 Sancitity Sancitity Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I run the forest and im toxic
100 xStrategicc xStrategicc Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
101 WooliestLamb8 WooliestLamb8 Carry Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
102 DontEvenMaatta DontEvenMaatta Mid
103 x513 Harambe x513 Harambe Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
104 GOV Rick Snyder GOV Rick Snyder Solo
105 Tenebris Regium Tenebris Regium Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
106 Steve Stefani Steve Stefani Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I play all positions really
107 TitanFallOfDuty TitanFallOfDuty Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
108 Hunter 3295 Hunter 3295 Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Joel <3333
109 FHz Guerrero 9 FHz Guerrero 9 Solo Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
110 Im Tom Im Tom Solo Tuesday,Wednesday
111 zRaden zRaden Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Been playing Smite since alpha on pc
112 Difficult ok Difficult ok Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
113 Sportfreak114 Sportfreak114 Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
114 Tindeee Tindeee Support Monday,Tuesday
115 o0 THE SHADE 0o o0 THE SHADE 0o Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Thrusday
116 xxxThe NSAxxx xxxThe NSAxxx Carry
117 Nacho l 6 l Nacho l 6 l Support Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
118 akaSxnsei akaSxnsei Mid Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday
119 ll xPhenom ll ll xPhenom ll Support
120 Alexthegreat458 Alexthegreat458 Support Thrusday Just learning how to play.
121 Blitz0Matic Blitz0Matic Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Have 80 God's mastered and can play any role I just prefer jungle
122 UniqueSniperr UniqueSniperr Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I can play everything but adc and support st an above average level
123 CommunistSweden CommunistSweden Should+be+available+pretty+much+every+night%2C+I+have+music+lessons+at+8+and+my+band+practices+around+5%2C+both+are+once+a+week%2C+but+it+shouldn't+be+a+huge+issue
124 La GRAN MANZANA La GRAN MANZANA Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday I play all roles
125 Kiomey Kiomey Carry Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Can play mid and jungle but prefer carry
126 TheRealregent84 TheRealregent84 Carry Monday,Wednesday,Thrusday
127 ThorneBCFC ThorneBCFC Mid Monday,Tuesday
128 l HowieDoo l l HowieDoo l Jungle Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thrusday Im terrible
129 DanTheMan1452 DanTheMan1452 Support Tuesday,Wednesday