Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Preferred EA Server What Console will you play on Status
1 LG McDonald LG-MCDONALD Left Wing East Veteran
2 Bambzz-- Bambzz-- Goalie East Veteran
3 The Gr8 Haxby TheGr8Haxby Right Wing West Veteran
4 Wallywallabee wallywallabe Right Wing East Veteran
5 Nxckles Nxckles Right Defense West Veteran
6 Astro x 72 K72M-_- Right Defense East Veteran
7 Bazlund Bazlund Right Wing West Veteran
8 Kuzyyyy_19 Kuzyyyy_19 Right Defense East Veteran
9 Bweissss iiTzz_B Right Wing East Veteran
10 Kxv 97 Kxv-97 Left Wing East Veteran
11 jeff0012 jeff0012 Right Wing East Veteran
12 jay6219 jay6219 Left Wing East Veteran
13 aK-_Snxper aK-_Snxper Right Wing East Veteran
14 TGil36 TGil36 Right Wing East Veteran
15 zZenkyyy- zZenkyyy- Right Wing East Veteran
16 ltsDxstin ll-Dustin-II Left Defense East Veteran
17 GhostMK GhostMK Right Wing Central Veteran
18 JuicedWRLD999 JuicedWRLD999 Goalie East Veteran
19 xBedard98 xBedard98 Left Wing East Veteran
20 OPxOwen OPxOwen Left Wing Central Veteran
21 Frozy27 Frozy27 Right Defense East Veteran
22 ct83-- ct83-- Left Defense Central Veteran
23 PieR Talent PieR_Talent Right Wing East Veteran
24 Pavelbure_10 Pavelbure_10 Right Defense East Veteran
25 KyleY12 Ski-U-Mah99 Left Defense Central Veteran
26 BarryWoodsDong BarryWoodsDong Center East Veteran
27 xTarasenko91 xTarasenko91 Left Defense West Veteran
28 prodigytolegend prodigytolegend Left Wing Central Veteran
29 RBCressor RBCressor Left Defense East Veteran
30 PatJoyce_ PatJoyce_ Left Defense East Veteran
31 HypaD- HypaD- Right Wing West Veteran
32 Swarko- Swarko- Left Wing East Veteran
33 BurnsForNorris BurnsForNorris Left Defense Central Veteran
34 CaLL Me Jakoo CaLL_Me_Jakoo Right Defense East Veteran
35 Shlarchey Shlarsh Right Wing East Veteran
36 Bxrt1_ Bxrt1_ Center Central Veteran
37 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Center East Veteran
38 Boughss Boughss Center Central Veteran
39 SaucyLii SaucyLii Left Defense East Veteran
40 SquishyTootz DrFurryNips Right Defense East Veteran
41 Hall of Fame31 hockey305 Right Defense East Veteran
42 Mreedxr Mreedxr Left Wing West Veteran
43 CompleteLuck21 CompleteLuck21_ Right Defense East Veteran
44 datsyukmagicman datsyukmagicman Right Wing East Amateur
45 CantTreadOnMe_ CantTreadOnMe_ Center East Veteran
46 RawJuiice RawJuiice Left Defense East Veteran
47 Jordy_Sniper81 Jordy_Sniper81 Right Wing East Veteran
48 jarrettszn FreeTheFlow Center East Veteran
49 SeIects- SeIects- Right Wing East Veteran
50 x Brastos x x_Brastos_x Goalie East Veteran
51 Skanoodle 10 Ska-_-Noodle Right Defense East Veteran
52 MaX_BeAsT_Max MaX_BeAsT_Max Right Wing East Veteran
53 Badbradguy5 Badbradguy5 Right Wing West Veteran
54 jojodevil91 jojodevil91 Right Wing East Veteran
55 iThatCanadian iThatCanadian Right Defense East Veteran
56 ZxchXO ZxchXO Left Defense East Veteran
57 Pxnarin Pxnarin Left Wing East Veteran
58 maje3355 maje3355 Right Wing East Veteran
59 DCLightt DCLightt Right Defense Central Veteran
60 Dxhlin Dxhlin Right Defense East Veteran
61 Lurkyy_73 Lurkyy_73 Left Defense East Veteran
62 WhoseMans-- WhoseMans-- Center West Veteran
63 Mstrbtionismurdr BigPapaTan Left Wing Central Veteran
64 x camo 29 IIx-camo29II Left Defense East Veteran
65 Ayoub-97- Ayoub-97- Center East Veteran
66 Mxkar- Mxkar- Center East Veteran
67 isNefarious isNefarious Center East Veteran
68 Vaniskk Vaniskk Right Wing East Veteran
69 Crazykid_1818 Crazykid_1818 Right Defense East Veteran
70 Dxegrr Dxegrr Left Wing East Veteran
71 c3decker c3decker Center East Veteran
72 rudymac rudymac Center East Veteran
73 Scredd91 Scredd91 Left Wing East Veteran
74 Xposurez Xposurez Left Defense East Veteran
75 xl-Memory-lx xl-Memory-lx Right Wing East Veteran
76 LiIjegren LiIjegren Right Defense East Veteran
77 mathieu112 mathieu112 Right Defense East Veteran
78 Titan2215 Titan2215 Right Wing East Veteran
79 Crowe x 43 Crowe-43 Right Defense East Veteran
80 AssisDragon AssisDragon Center East Veteran
81 NiCkZi- NiCkZi- Goalie East Veteran
82 ItsCxcky ItsCxcky Right Wing East Veteran
83 Parroot- Parroot- Goalie East Veteran
84 DrxpLex- DrxpLex- Right Wing East Veteran
85 Time2Shineee xDixie_Damelio Right Defense East Veteran
86 juniorrock86 juniorrock86 Goalie East Amateur
87 Made_in_Quebec-8 Made_in_Quebec-8 Center East Veteran
88 Chamberlean Chamberlean Right Defense East Veteran
89 ElPoits91 ElPoits91 Left Wing East Veteran
90 Effxct-30 Effxct-30 Goalie East Veteran
91 mjbenny- mjbenny- Center Central Veteran
92 BiNgO_649 BiNgO_649 Left Defense East Veteran
93 lII OvO lII cHELIOS-7x Right Defense East Veteran
94 Osuits89 Osuits89 Left Defense Central Amateur
95 Drouin27_beast Drouin27_beast Right Wing East Amateur
96 Hakiboy_Qc Hakiboy_Qc Left Wing East Amateur
97 PAHWLISH PAHWLISH Left Wing East Veteran
98 Lauro22 Lauro22 Left Wing East Prospect
99 OviTheGr8_GOAT OviTheGr8_GOAT Left Wing East Prospect
100 Lapensee182 Lapensee182 Left Defense East Prospect
101 CapitalsFan_08 CapitalsFan_08 Goalie East Veteran
102 Lafreniere_X11 FleX_Laffy Right Wing East Amateur
103 rdsmitty105 rdsmitty105 Right Wing East Prospect
104 talkingstick92 talkingstick92 Center East Prospect
105 KuttnKornerz KuttnKornerz Goalie East Amateur
106 iamsmokxy-_- iamsmokxy-_- Right Defense East Prospect
107 Bornofosirick Tesserick Right Defense East Amateur
108 Jimmy_Stutz Jimmy_Stutz Right Wing East Amateur
109 D0wn1nSm0ke D0wn1nSm0ke Left Defense East Prospect
110 G--P--3 G--P--3 Left Wing Central Veteran
111 iAm-BeanZy xBeanZy- Left Wing East Veteran
112 xMillsy_- xMillsy_- Center East Prospect
113 xDoer3 xDoer3 Left Defense East Veteran
114 LPD260 LPD260 Right Defense East Veteran
115 Daoustttt_12 Daoustttt_12 Left Defense East Veteran
116 Brendzyyy_ Brendzyyy_ Goalie East Prospect
117 T-Hughesy- T-Hughesy- Left Wing Central Veteran
118 RomanovX27 RomanovX27 Left Wing East Veteran
119 Pee_Nus_Butter Pee_Nus_Butter Right Wing East Prospect
120 GetGerman GetGerman Right Defense West Amateur
121 Mallia27 Mallia27 Goalie East Veteran
122 Nealrambo Nealrambo Right Defense Central Veteran
123 zeropucksgiven04 zeropucksgiven04 Right Defense West Prospect
124 Givens43 Givens43 Left Wing East Prospect
125 Gletzky Buznazty Center East Veteran
126 VulgarGentleman VulgarGentleman Left Defense East Veteran
127 K1773rm0nk3y K1773rm0nk3y Left Wing East Amateur
128 KEV--410- KEV--410- Goalie East Prospect
129 x-Mxrphy-8 x-Mxrphy-8 Center East Amateur
130 U_Just_ U_Just_ Right Defense East Amateur
131 kickass8000 kickass8000 Right Defense West Veteran
132 GT_LUMPII_ GT_LUMPII_ Center East Amateur
133 CHARAx33z CHARAx33z Right Defense East Veteran
134 Malkin71_- Malkin71_- Right Defense East Veteran
135 Romi_321 Romi_321 Goalie East Prospect
136 Komibryant88 Komibryant88 Left Defense East Prospect
137 Detrma95 Detrma95 Right Defense East Amateur
138 Rinzaler Rinzaler Center East Prospect
139 churchy1707 churchy1707 Right Defense East Veteran
140 SPA350 SPA350 Right Defense East Prospect
141 TheSlurricane420 TheSlurricane420 Right Wing West Prospect
142 g544322109987643 Ducksfanwaterloo Right Wing East Veteran
143 Hedmxnn Hedmxnn Left Wing East Veteran
144 Joffman- Joffman- Left Defense East Veteran
145 Vxkingz-- Vxkingz-- Right Wing East Veteran
146 Traxxonwaxx Traxxonwaxx Left Wing East Amateur
147 AyoDoogs AyoDoogs Right Wing East Veteran
148 Jakeypoogoham Jakeypoogoham Center East Veteran
149 DirtyDeeds200 DirtyDeeds200 Left Defense East Amateur
150 KripticCG KripticCG Right Defense East Veteran
151 berge2202 berge2202 Goalie East Prospect
152 XxMedeiros41xX XxMedeiros41xX Goalie East Prospect
153 ReDeYezReAPeRx ReDeYezReAPeRx Right Defense East Prospect
154 Frost_phang Frost_phang Left Defense East Amateur
155 Mrxzek- Mrxzek- Goalie East Veteran
156 xServz-- xServz-- Goalie East Draft Pick
157 Br0midas br0midas Right Wing East Veteran
158 iTapOn1stDate iTapOn1stDate Center East Veteran
159 CharlesBawsMTL CharlesBawsMTL Left Wing East Veteran
160 TwistedCDN TwistedCDN Left Defense East Prospect
161 Tanger7758 Tanger7758 Left Wing East Veteran
162 xKuba52 xKuba52 Left Defense East Amateur
163 MoniB22- MoniB22- Right Wing East Veteran
164 JonnyR-93 JonnyR-93 Left Wing East Veteran
165 ZacCanada-519 ZacCanada-519 Right Defense East Amateur
166 FullScopeJedi637 FullScopeJedi637 Right Defense East Amateur
167 Dixthewoat Dixthewoat Right Wing East Prospect
168 Pucks4Breakfast9 Pucks4Breakfast9 Left Defense East Amateur
169 xxPRIMETIMExx-91 xxPRIMETIMExx-91 Right Wing East Prospect
170 Canadianbeauty30 Canadianbeauty30 Right Wing East Prospect
171 RosettaStoned902 RosettaStoned902 Left Defense East Prospect
172 etienneb134 etienneb134 Right Defense East Prospect
173 toslick toslick Right Wing East Veteran
174 EagleWatch15 EagleWatch15 Left Wing East Prospect
175 Rockgosu4 Rockgosu4 Left Defense East Veteran
176 xDemon12x xDemons12x Right Wing East Veteran
177 Mondsy- Mondsy- Right Wing East Veteran
178 kingprather kingprather Goalie Central Amateur
179 Lafrenierexl11l Lafrenierexl11l Goalie East Amateur
180 x-Andersxn-_- x-Andersxn-_- Goalie East Amateur
181 x-Pastrnak-_- x-Pastrnak-_- Right Wing East Amateur
182 Korrupto-777 Korrupto-777 Goalie East Prospect
183 i-Envvy- i-Envvy- Right Wing West Amateur
184 EvanK50 EvanK50 Left Defense East Draft Pick
186 Vasiii-_- Vasiii-_- Goalie East Veteran
187 XxR2D2x XxR2D2x Goalie West Veteran
188 megaduke6665 megaduke6665 Goalie East Amateur
189 pittpensfan76 pittpensfan76 Left Defense East Veteran
190 BigCaWwQC BigCaWwQC Left Defense East Prospect
191 gau6det9 gau6det9 Center East Amateur
192 Rosemontbbqhc Rosemontbbqhc Right Defense East Veteran
193 AudiHo_NHD AudiHo_NHD Center East Amateur
194 Gvnb Sxpernatural-_- Right Defense East Amateur
195 B2-xX- B2-xX- Right Wing East Amateur
196 Marcococo07 Marcococo07 Right Wing East Prospect
197 GoochLicker_23 GoochLicker_23 Left Wing East Veteran
198 Debrxsk Debrxsk Goalie East Amateur
199 xBrocc xBrocc Right Wing East Amateur
200 Pickleboy1988 Pickleboy1988 Left Wing Central Veteran
201 Barricade410 Barricade410 Right Wing East Amateur
202 WillyStroker14 WillyStroker14 Right Defense East Prospect
203 Benythebum Benythebum Center East Amateur
204 moose_goc76 moose_goc76 Right Wing East Prospect
205 ThootxYacht ThootxYacht Left Wing Central Prospect
206 DreamzVIL DreamzVIL Right Wing East Amateur
207 CohesiveJewpon CohesiveJewpon Right Wing East Veteran
208 Eagles-2186 Eagles-2186 Left Wing East Amateur
209 papasmurf364 papasmurf364 Goalie Central Amateur
210 FrewX93 FrewX93 Goalie East Prospect
211 Aceyx76 Aceyx76 Left Defense East Veteran
212 Cross x l92l xCross-92 Right Defense East Veteran
213 Actiiz- Actiiz- Center East Veteran
214 Lundqvixt Lundqvixt Goalie East Veteran
215 RypTiize RypTiize Goalie East Prospect
216 I PhamCorp I Reverb-3 Right Defense West Prospect
217 Bad_Girl_Qc84 Bad_Girl_Qc84 Right Wing East Amateur
218 Careym Careym Goalie East Amateur
219 Dubbc1982 Dubbc1982 Left Wing Central Prospect
220 TTV_MattySnipess TTV_MxttySnipez Right Wing East Prospect
221 Keebawdize SugarRush-92 Right Wing Central Veteran
222 xmorin67x xMorin67x Center East Veteran
223 Bilal-I96I Bilal-I96I Right Defense West Amateur
224 Hockeytendy39 Hockeytendy39 Right Defense East Prospect
225 Richardson47 Richardson47 Right Wing East Prospect
226 xGreenyy-_- xGreenyy-_- Left Wing Central Amateur
227 alexandros0987 alexandros0987 Goalie East Amateur
228 coryn17 coryn17 Left Wing East Amateur
229 John22019 John22019 Left Defense Central Amateur
230 Kingtom111 Kingtom111 Center West Veteran
231 Stice1219 Stice1219 Center West Prospect
232 kAbAL-Wins1 kAbAL-Wins1 Right Defense East Amateur
233 Bra_dy Bra_dy Center East Draft Pick
234 TiiBOWLiiNG_Qc TiiBOWLiiNG_Qc Left Defense East Amateur
235 DracoLagfoy DracoLagfoy Right Wing East Amateur
236 joe_canzo1987 joe_canzo1987 Left Defense Central Prospect
237 Lummyb Lummyb Right Wing West Amateur
238 Jetup91 Jetup91 Left Defense East Veteran
239 dooper010 dooper010 Goalie East Amateur
240 JLott0910 JLott0910 Right Wing East Veteran
241 geiim geiim Right Defense East Draft Pick
242 RzR_CHAMP RzR_CHAMP Left Wing East Prospect
243 XMurray30X XMurray30X Goalie East Draft Pick
244 Melzy_13 Melzy_13 Goalie West Amateur
245 rimms_usamp_85 rimms_usamp_85 Right Defense East Prospect
246 savvy16 savvy16 Right Wing East Veteran
247 Stammer91x Stammer91x Goalie East Veteran
248 gregroth12 gregroth12 Center East Prospect
249 blackbelt5693 blackbelt5693 Goalie East Amateur
250 Chanation17 Chanation17 Center West Amateur
251 Matarazzo1738 Matarazzo1738 Right Wing East Prospect
252 I-RockTheRed-I I-RockTheRed-I Goalie East Amateur
253 x2Mandalorian2x x2Mandalorian2x Left Wing Central Amateur
254 Don_Elway Don_Elway Left Defense Central Amateur
255 cmike17 cmike17 Left Defense Central Veteran
256 termanator432 Termanator432 Left Defense East Amateur
257 xTinkyy- xTinkyy- Right Wing East Amateur
258 HellaciousDragon HellaciousDragon Center East Veteran
259 xxBluntz88xx xxBluntz88xx Right Wing East Veteran
260 jerry1330 jerry1330 Left Defense Central Amateur
261 LysxlDrew LysxlDrew Left Defense East Prospect
262 D_SPORS_5 D_SPORS_5 Right Wing East Veteran
263 Nhlbot Nhlbot Left Wing East Veteran
264 xOneTimer xOneTimer Left Wing East Veteran
265 Stav 98 Stxvio Right Wing East Veteran
266 GonzoArmstrong GonzoArmstrong Left Wing East Veteran
267 Ballinbynature93 Ballinbynature93 Center East Amateur
268 IRISH_BASTAHD617 IRISH_BASTAHD617 Goalie East Prospect
269 eHxns eHxns Left Wing East Veteran
270 Cloudhero777 Cloudhero777 Right Wing Central Amateur
271 lCarterl77 lCarterl77 Center East Draft Pick
272 tibod68 tibod68 Goalie East Veteran
273 Teamrun420 Teamrun420 Left Defense East Veteran
274 D1ggy420 D1ggy420 Center Central Amateur
275 premierplayer Premierplayer Center East Veteran
276 mrmagoo mrmagoo Left Wing East Amateur
277 TeixeiraFanatic TeixeiraFanatic Left Defense Central Draft Pick
278 Gwanzie Gwanzie Left Defense East Veteran
279 Fooldawg83 Fooldawg83 Goalie Central Veteran
280 JePeto_132 JePeto_132 Center East Amateur
281 Honest90 Honest90 Right Defense East Veteran
282 PLP Kenny PLP_Kenny_ Center East Veteran
283 xB-Red94 xB-Red94 Right Wing East Veteran
284 Vasilevskiy88x Vasilevskiy88x Goalie Central Veteran
285 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Right Defense East Amateur
286 KLoKLuca KLoKLuca Left Defense East Veteran
287 xSmirta xSmirta Goalie East Amateur
288 DrWally DrWally Goalie East Veteran
289 Ronik Ronik Left Defense East Amateur
290 Dumais93 Dumais93 Right Wing East Amateur
291 xMr-Stevens_17 xMr-Stevens_17 Right Wing East Amateur
292 LilAsthma- LilAsthma- Right Wing East Prospect
293 Ninjajoe10r Ninjajoe10r Left Defense Central Amateur
294 Noblood777 Noblood77 Left Wing East Veteran
295 Breeezy2129 breeezy2129 Left Defense West Prospect
296 Carbeen- Carbeen- Right Wing West Amateur
297 xZeZeL- xZeZeL- Right Defense East Veteran
298 REAPZx74 REAPZx74 Left Wing Central Amateur
299 GrittyWitty856 GrittyWitty856 Goalie East Amateur
300 Billybobjo12344 Billybobjo12344 Right Defense East Prospect
301 DCRestrictive DCRestrictive Right Defense East Prospect
302 Brendow555 Brendow555 Left Wing East Prospect
303 zKoivu zKoivu Right Defense Central Amateur
304 jasonx1755 jasonx1755 Goalie East Veteran
305 HoodedMerc HoodedMerc Right Defense East Veteran
306 Kozy7373 VoltageFusion Left Wing Central Veteran
307 Jcfalcon21 Jcfalcon21 Left Wing East Veteran
308 oli5858 oli5858 Left Defense East Prospect
309 Kabraxis7 Kabraxis7 Right Wing East Amateur
310 Method018 Method018 Right Defense East Amateur
311 Bxlchy Bxlchy Goalie East Amateur
312 martysox2 martysox2 Right Wing East Amateur
313 Rogerdega Rogerdega Right Defense East Amateur
314 Sebascaron88 Sebascaron88 Right Wing East Prospect
315 Yantzer Yantzer Right Defense East Amateur
316 I Ckim I ckim-87 Right Defense East Draft Pick
317 Evildoink666 Evildoink666 Left Defense East Amateur
318 Loochador- Loochador- Right Defense East Draft Pick
319 ITZA-chuu ITZA-chuu Center Central Amateur
320 Smittyy-91 Smittyy-91 Left Wing East Draft Pick
321 Smxrsh- Smxrsh- Right Wing Central Veteran
322 LeaFx16 LeaFx16 Right Wing Central Amateur
323 xgoalscorer9 xgoalscorer9 Left Defense Central Veteran
324 Joshrg88 Joshrg88 Right Wing East Amateur
325 Newfie_Bullet97 Newfie_Bullet97 Right Wing East Prospect
326 Ucci34 Ucci34 Right Wing East Veteran
327 Mooner2019 Mooner2019 Goalie West Veteran
328 Mxrcer_- Mxrcer_- Right Wing East Amateur
329 ender554 ender554 Left Defense West Amateur
330 Kingerr_- Kingerr_- Right Defense East Veteran
331 BTL_MoTi BTL_MoTi Center East Veteran
332 Stiifler-_- Stiifler-_- Right Defense East Veteran
333 lMike2Dopel lMike2Dopel Right Wing East Amateur
334 dantas101 dantas101 Center East Amateur
335 dj_kreation dj_kreation Right Wing East Amateur
336 Caleb_Gamin Caleb_Gamin Goalie Central Prospect
337 Rob1ta1lle77 Rob1ta1lle77 Center East Amateur
338 Segs94_ Segs94_ Right Defense West Prospect
339 Vxngy- Vxngy- Right Wing East Veteran
340 kershaw1984 kershaw1984 Left Wing East Veteran
341 ibarjawi ibarjawi Right Wing East Amateur
342 He_H8_Me_85 He_H8_Me_85 Center Central Amateur
343 Jodal777 Jodal777 Right Wing East Veteran
344 Dxtsyuk-_ Dxtsyuk-_ Left Wing East Prospect
345 Fro-berto Fro-berto Left Wing East Prospect
346 vMinsky35- vMinsky35- Center Central Amateur
347 xReignMan- xReignMan- Left Wing East Veteran
348 AbailG93 AbailG93 Center East Veteran
349 Dirty-Dietrich Dirty-Dietrich Center East Veteran
350 Ppeels_ Ppeels_ Left Defense East Draft Pick
351 TheGua2dian TheGua2dian Right Defense West Amateur
352 MacK-AttacK16 MacK-AttacK16 Right Defense East Prospect
353 JAAMx93x JAAMx93x Goalie East Veteran
354 ZeRo-I92I ZeRo-I92I Left Wing East Veteran
355 xTheKraZe96x xTheKraZe96x Center East Prospect
356 TheRawdawg69 TheRawdawg69 Right Defense Central Amateur
357 curtisx18x curtisx18x Left Defense East Amateur
358 X-_Belzyy_-X X-_Belzyy_-X Left Defense East Amateur
359 Airbusdoc Airbusdoc Right Wing East Prospect
360 akp91 akp91 Left Defense East Amateur
361 Buckleyx18 Buckleyx18 Left Wing East Amateur
362 Jaqueezy95 Jaqueezy95 Left Wing East Prospect
363 superroger11 superroger37 Right Wing East Veteran
364 NicNacAttac NicNacAttac Left Defense East Veteran
365 GR812NV GR812NV Right Defense East Prospect
366 IVIelo IVIelo Left Wing East Amateur
367 filipeqc71 filipeqc71 Left Wing East Draft Pick
368 gingetopia gingetopia Right Defense West Amateur
369 TheImperial757 TheImperial757 Right Wing East Amateur
370 HeyKep HeyKep Right Defense East Prospect
371 vegasmtl vegasmtl Right Wing East Prospect
372 boreass516 boreass516 Left Defense East Veteran
373 TopCheeseNeon TopCheeseNeon Goalie East Amateur
374 PhillyXGhost53 PhillyXGhost53 Center East Amateur
375 The_Falcon__ The_Falcon__ Left Wing Central Veteran
376 HandonBradlow HandonBradlow Left Defense East Prospect
377 Sportsdude333 Sportsdude333 Center East Prospect
378 Smzza17 Smzza17 Goalie East Prospect
379 Dradavich Dradavich Left Wing West Amateur
380 Mabzz05 Mabzz05 Left Wing East Prospect
381 El-Deezal-G7 El-Deezal-G7 Left Wing East Prospect
382 TheGreat1_Qc TheGreat1_Qc Left Wing East Amateur
383 Lisiecki18- Lisiecki18- Right Wing Central Prospect
384 johngadd johngadd Left Wing East Prospect
385 Mr_Janack12 Mr_Janack12 Right Wing West Prospect
386 ItzChico-_- ItzChico-_- Goalie East Amateur
387 Doubledose86 Doubledose86 Right Wing East Amateur
388 unseen-remorse99 unseen-remorse99 Right Wing Central Prospect
389 xCaptainComeback xCaptainComeback Left Wing East Veteran
390 Brentonm79 Brentonm79 Left Defense East Prospect
391 Chuck_Morrisse_ Chuck_Morrisse_ Left Defense East Draft Pick
392 MrOsgood24 MrOsgood24 Goalie East Amateur
393 Kamzaar Kamzaar Left Defense West Amateur
394 A_RS_Y A_RS_Y Center East Veteran
396 OwN x PoWeRZz PoWeRZz92 Right Wing East Veteran
397 TURTLE-98- TURTLE-98- Right Wing East Veteran
398 SelkeSean SelkeSean Center East Veteran
399 N_a_n_o___66 NxnoSamo Left Wing East Prospect
400 Striznizz Striznizz Left Defense East Prospect
401 Blades-l59l Blades-l59l Right Wing East Veteran
402 Jakedasnake-Qc Jakedasnake-Qc Goalie East Veteran
403 lilmitzvah lilmitzvah Left Wing East Prospect
404 darkdany darkdany Left Wing East Amateur
405 Mr_snake21 Mr_snake21 Goalie East Prospect
406 teh pwnerer25 teh_pwnerer25 Center East Veteran
407 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Goalie East Amateur
408 TheMyzzz TheMyzzz Left Wing East Draft Pick
409 worf35 worf26 Goalie East Veteran
410 Hoyas197777 Hoyas197777 Goalie East Prospect
411 GHCream GHCream Right Wing East Draft Pick
412 YaBoiOvn YaBoiOvn Left Wing East Amateur
413 X-ShoreySzn-X X-ShoreySzn-X Right Wing East Amateur
414 mottly39 mottly39 Left Defense East Veteran
415 Jxson71- Jxson71- Right Wing East Veteran
416 il_bambino96 il_bambino96 Goalie East Prospect
417 Vince_19QC Vince_19QC Right Defense East Prospect
418 Spongescrub Spongescrub Goalie East Draft Pick
419 Aimp11 Aimp11 Center East Amateur
420 Swish054 Swish054 Goalie East Amateur
421 thatbaillieguy thatbaillieguy Left Defense East Amateur
422 Kaprizov97x Kaprizov97x Left Wing East Veteran
423 xRxCkYz4 xRxCkYz4 Right Defense East Amateur
424 Micro-Meat- Micro-Meat- Right Defense East Amateur
425 YaBoiWattsy YaBoiWattsy Right Wing East Amateur
426 RaVen_Phantom_ RaVen_Phantom_ Center East Veteran
427 X_Booty_X3 X_Booty_X3 Right Defense West Amateur
428 PooIzy- PooIzy- Left Wing East Amateur
429 xBlaknite xBlaknite Right Wing East Amateur
430 Tarasenkox91x Tarasenkox91x Left Wing East Prospect
431 PR7_Cfox PR7_Cfox Right Defense Central Amateur
432 mtremblay91 mtremblay91 Left Defense East Prospect
433 xCLOUTIER10x xCLOUTIER10x Left Defense Central Amateur
434 PensCanuks PensCanuks Center East Amateur
435 FryStarZero FryStarZero Right Defense East Prospect
436 Grimmhawk Grimmhawk Left Wing West Prospect
437 penguin_leaf319 penguin_leaf319 Goalie East Veteran
438 Rick_F_73 Rick_F_73 Right Defense East Amateur
439 Mobius_09 Mobius_09 Goalie East Amateur
440 Battz Battz Right Wing East Veteran
441 bardxwnskii bardxwnskii Right Defense Central Veteran
442 StaTiiC_Swiftt StaTiiC_Swiftt Left Wing East Prospect
443 harkov47 harkov47 Right Defense East Veteran
444 Al3xro_QC Al3xro_QC Center East Veteran
445 wild_boal_crew wild_boal_crew Right Wing East Amateur
446 Gunnerskale_13 Gunnerskale_13 Goalie Central Draft Pick
447 A_CapTa1N_A A_CapTa1N_A Center East Veteran
448 AlecMcLay7 AlecMcLay7 Left Wing East Amateur
449 Moception JSanti92 Right Defense East Veteran
450 RC-Boomer RC-Boomer Center East Veteran
452 Mgiroux Mgiroux Right Defense East Veteran
453 Dugzz l67l DugzZ67 Center East Veteran
454 Alpha-33x Alpha-33x Right Wing Central Veteran
455 ATC666vinny ATC666vinny Left Wing East Amateur
456 DaKnot DaKnot Center East Amateur
457 EngvaIl EngvaIl Center East Draft Pick
458 Wvu7_pens87 Wvu7_pens87 Goalie East Amateur
459 PeDrO-0003 PeDrO-0003 Right Wing East Prospect
460 Mckenney_4 Mckenney_4 Right Wing East Amateur
461 JoV JoV Left Defense East Prospect
462 Evilwayz7187420 Evilwayz7187420 Goalie East Prospect
463 The_Leakster The_Leakster Left Defense East Prospect
464 ICJI 17 ICJI17 Right Wing East Veteran
465 Kuma_La_Puma Kuma_La_Puma Goalie East Amateur
466 Matrim10 Matrim10 Left Defense East Prospect
467 KCisGoat KCisGoat Left Defense East Draft Pick
468 budfly budfly Right Wing East Veteran
469 Co-Kane88 Co-Kane88 Right Wing East Amateur
470 Natepownz Natepownz Right Defense West Prospect
471 Maxpain456 Maxpain456 Center East Amateur
472 xSuperSad xSuperSad Goalie Central Prospect
473 Elfpha Elfpha Right Wing East Veteran
474 MachineGunLange MachineGunLange Left Defense East Draft Pick
475 CarterBanks97 CarterBanks97 Right Wing Central Prospect
476 Wozy97 Wozy97 Right Wing East Prospect
477 Bufford80 Bufford80 Goalie East Amateur
478 Coreylush08 Coreylush08 Right Wing East Prospect
479 IRONLUNGZ77 IRONLUNGZ77 Goalie East Prospect
480 xGrizzo- xGrizzo- Goalie East Veteran
481 Swaymxn Swaymxn Goalie West Prospect
482 Ix-Liq Ix-Liq Goalie East Amateur
483 OoMBRQCoO OoMBRQCoO Left Wing East Draft Pick
484 Kylo_Reli Kylo_Reli Center East Veteran
485 SuperDiicks Poopworms Left Wing Central Veteran
486 RedxDevilx44 RedxDevilx44 Goalie East Amateur
487 USMC6199 USMC6199 Right Defense West Amateur
488 limpark limpark Right Wing East Veteran
489 Jeda-336 Left Wing East Prospect
490 FRNDOG FRNDOG Left Wing East Amateur
491 Captain_Teazer88 Captain_Teazer88 Right Wing East Prospect
492 Bejimo97 Bejimo97 Right Wing East Amateur
493 YSL-Carti- Nez_Carti Left Wing East Amateur
494 ShirtNoService ShirtNoService Left Defense East Amateur
495 I_Dorito_I I_Dorito_I Right Wing East Amateur
496 Thecrazyman4 Thecrazyman4 Goalie West Amateur
497 M-A-Skotlas20 M-A-Skotlas20 Left Defense Central Veteran
498 Ols-9- Ols-9- Left Defense East Veteran
499 j_marz25 j_marz25 Left Wing East Veteran
500 eXecuti0n80 eXecuti0n80 Right Defense East Veteran
501 psylencer psylencer Right Defense Central Veteran
502 Papa_Johns101 Papa_Johns101 Goalie West Prospect
503 Dksmith09 Dksmith09 Right Defense West Veteran
504 b_tpa b_tpa Right Defense East Amateur
505 Collozy Collozy Left Defense East Amateur
506 Axglu Axglu Left Wing East Amateur
507 Winter-KTH Winter-KTH Goalie West Prospect
508 PeteZaCrust PeteZaCrust Goalie Central Amateur
509 rCrispyy aXandrr Right Wing East Prospect
510 Tricky086 Tricky086 Right Wing East Prospect
511 zazurules zazurules Left Defense East Prospect
512 Lightningstar66 Lightningstar66 Right Wing East Prospect
513 Bigajd09 Bigajd09 Right Defense East Amateur
514 xChoo-_- xChoo-_- Goalie East Veteran
515 ItzShieldz ItzShieldz Left Wing East Prospect
516 FluffyRabb1tFur FluffyRabb1tFur Goalie Central Prospect
517 Leprechaun4488 Leprechaun4488 Center East Prospect
518 iFillyzzz iFillyzzz Right Wing East Prospect
519 zBlackCloud zBlackCloud Right Wing Central Draft Pick
520 isles44 isles44 Left Defense East Amateur
521 Kbatch0914 Kbatch0914 Left Defense East Prospect
522 Jabbabuttafingaz Jabbabuttafingaz Right Defense Central Amateur
523 FirebushNewFie newfieginger Goalie East Prospect
524 Gnew543 gnew543 Right Wing East Amateur
525 trott1er7 trott1er7 Right Wing East Prospect
526 Xx_PATTEY_xX nicepeckerpattey Left Defense East Amateur
527 mgb2092 mgb2092 Left Wing East Amateur
528 globalchronic420 globalchronic42x Right Wing East Amateur
529 westm1234 westm1234 Center Central Prospect
530 ydntumanup ydntumanup Left Defense Central Prospect
531 Benhess Benhess Right Defense East Prospect
532 ARSR--27 ARSR--27 Goalie Central Prospect
533 Atkins77- Atkins77- Right Wing East Prospect
534 GodlyXJohn GodlyXJohn Goalie East Amateur
535 ICEMAN-HOCKEY75 ICEMAN-HOCKEY75 Left Defense East Amateur
536 xMids-_- xMids-_- Right Defense East Amateur
537 DJ_DeaThSlapZ85 DJ_DeaThSlapZ85 Left Defense East Amateur
538 BigIrishJim BigIrishJim Goalie East Prospect
539 alexander1032 alexander1032 Right Wing East Veteran
540 EyesOfWarfare EyesOfWarfare Center East Prospect
541 Chiraq_44 Toxic_Chi44 Right Defense Central Prospect
542 KingWillum KingWillum Right Wing East Veteran
543 I_LoveCiroc I_LoveCiroc Right Wing West Draft Pick
544 Kingryguy Kingryguy Right Wing East Amateur
545 BATMAN_2101 BATMAN_2101 Right Wing East Prospect
546 SUPERWhiskers420 SUPERWhiskers420 Right Wing East Prospect
547 l_HOFF_I l_HOFF_I Left Defense East Veteran
548 STM68- STM68- Right Defense East Veteran
549 RiCKY69BoBBYjr RiCKY69BoBBYjr Center West Prospect
550 GoNicsGo95 GoNicsGo95 Goalie East Prospect
551 meatballparmx meatballparmx Right Wing East Prospect
552 Nypd09 Nypd09 Right Wing East Veteran
553 xIKIEILJO xIKIEILJO Left Wing Central Veteran
554 Duck_on_quack_23 Duck_on_quack_23 Right Defense East Amateur
555 ibosky91_ ibosky91_ Left Wing East Veteran
556 l KhaaN l oKhaaNo Center East Amateur
557 ChefBoogs_ ChefBoogs_ Left Defense East Prospect
558 ChinoFlow10 ChinoFlow10 Left Defense East Amateur
559 Mhook1797 Mhook1797 Left Wing Central Veteran
560 twilsontwotwo twilsontwotwo Right Defense East Prospect
561 Cmdeadly Cmdeadly Right Defense East Veteran
562 ii_Taste_ii ii_Taste_ii Left Defense Central Veteran
563 sevinski sevinski Right Wing East Amateur
564 KxllDrxp- KxllDrxp- Center East Prospect
565 XxWeTheNORTHxX XxWeTheNORTHxX Goalie Central Amateur
566 IM-BATMAN-Ml IM-BATMAN-Ml Left Defense East Amateur
567 lTheShadyLemurl lTheShadyLemurl Left Defense East Veteran
568 CGio59 CGio59 Right Wing East Veteran
569 Cerkus11 Cerkus_ Right Defense East Amateur
570 Stxmkos91- Stxmkos91- Center East Amateur
571 Sclark7213 Sclark7213 Left Wing East Prospect
572 iamchillson iamchillson Goalie Central Veteran
573 SRXfrost18 SRXfrost18 Right Wing East Prospect
574 LHSbrad35 LHSbrad35 Right Wing East Amateur
575 DracGodx-_- DracGodx-_- Center East Veteran
576 LuhhhKey LuhhhKey Center East Amateur
577 Nolan_M-30 Nolan_M-30 Left Wing East Amateur
578 DOPE_city69 DOPE_city69 Right Wing East Prospect
579 PDiddy-I27I PDiddy-I27I Center East Veteran
580 xStLiLLUSi0N xStLiLLUSi0N Center Central Veteran
581 toadder99 toadder99 Goalie East Prospect
582 XxOlivierLCXx XxOlivierLCXx Left Wing East Amateur
583 Timtheturkey1 Timtheturkey1 Goalie East Prospect
584 one4rose2004 one4rose2004 Right Defense East Prospect
585 DownSouth_Outlaw DownSouth_Outlaw Right Defense East Prospect
586 hockey8127 hockey8127 Right Wing East Prospect
587 rzerk rzerk Goalie East Amateur
588 SKT-Uzi91 SKT-Uzi91 Left Wing East Prospect
589 BillysNYR30 BillysNYR30 Left Defense East Prospect
590 Buffalo__Seven Buffalo__Seven Goalie East Prospect
591 Canucksfan66420 Canucksfan66420 Left Wing West Amateur
592 xsend-it_519x xsend-it_519x Right Defense East Amateur
593 ItsAPurpleDragon ItsAPurpleDragon Left Defense East Veteran
594 Reps--For--Jesus Reps--For--Jesus Left Wing East Amateur
595 Kaprxzov Kaprxzov Right Wing East Veteran
596 Broussbat_Gg Broussbat_gg Left Defense East Prospect
597 Beeper_tha_1st_a Beeper_tha_1st_a Right Defense East Prospect
598 Elseshiky Elseshiky Center East Draft Pick
599 Dedstarks Dedstarks Goalie East Amateur
600 canuckftc12W canuckftc12W Right Defense West Veteran
601 BenGol208 BenGol208 Right Defense East Prospect
602 GriffQC- GriffQC- Center East Veteran
603 lil_skw3rl lil_skw3rl Left Defense East Amateur
604 ForrestGump_8 ForrestGump_8 Goalie West Prospect
605 imskore imskore Right Wing Central Prospect
606 MAVERlICK MAVERlIICK Left Defense West Amateur
607 BoatsNhoes333 BoatsnHoes333 Right Wing East Prospect
608 Sabreshockey716 Sabreshockey716 Left Wing East Amateur
609 WesK73 WesK73 Center East Prospect
610 ItzRoachyy ItzRoachyy Right Wing East Veteran
611 D0zenutz- D0zenutz- Right Defense East Amateur
612 Mawson_99 Mawson_99 Center East Veteran
613 JoGaG-83 JoGaG-83 Right Wing East Amateur
614 Kerr-94- Kerr-94- Right Defense East Veteran
615 Teddy_NY24 Teddy_NY24 Left Wing East Veteran
616 Jaguarknight_ Jaguarknight_ Right Defense Central Veteran
617 Xx-Kane_88 TTV_WeStompedU Left Wing Central Prospect
618 tippy_sauce22 tippy_sauce22 Right Wing East Prospect
619 My Names Zack MyNamesZack Right Wing East Prospect
620 DatsyukQC13 DatsyukQC13 Center East Veteran
621 FUGAZi-59 FUGAZi-59 Goalie East Prospect
622 Tcx7 MomGetDaCamera Left Wing East Veteran
623 R_chambz69 R_chambz69 Right Wing East Prospect
624 Markz_51 Markz_51 Right Defense East Veteran
625 USSAILOR24 USSAILOR24 Left Wing East Prospect
626 jm_2419 jm_2419 Goalie East Prospect
627 ElCrowlo ElCrowlo Goalie East Prospect
628 WestyQC WestyQC Left Wing East Veteran
629 JustGiroux JustGiroux Right Defense East Veteran
630 BIGxZIZ BIGxZIZ Goalie East Veteran
631 HockeyDragon87 HockeyDragon87 Right Defense East Veteran
632 MFarrer74 MFarrer74 Right Wing East Amateur
633 Cyrus1092 Cyrus1092 Left Wing Central Prospect
634 Uncle_hacksaw Uncle_hacksaw Left Defense East Amateur
635 BELISLE86 ABELISLE86 Goalie East Prospect
636 YoungModern12 YoungModern12 Left Defense East Veteran
637 GinooMalkin GinooMalkin Right Defense East Draft Pick
638 Tafc373 Tafc373 Right Wing East Prospect
639 Wheelchairdevon8 Wheelchairdevon8 Right Defense Central Amateur
640 CompSus- CompSus- Goalie West Prospect
641 xl Goat21 lx Gotiayi21i Left Defense East Prospect
642 Lx_Maxwell_xI Lx_Maxwell_xI Goalie East Veteran
643 SZ-Flow SZ-Flow Right Defense East Amateur
644 Fonz8981 Fonz8981 Left Defense East Amateur
645 dj_pcu dj_pcu Center East Prospect
646 HowAreYaBuddd HowAreYaBuddd Right Defense East Prospect
647 TheFrogman77 TheFrogman77 Left Defense East Amateur
648 Lafontaine-_ Lafontaine-_ Right Wing East Amateur
649 Capo_911 Capo_911 Goalie East Amateur
650 Hardie x 96 Hardiie- Right Wing East Veteran
651 z-Jor-z z-Jor-z Left Wing East Veteran
652 Leger_17 Leger_17 Right Wing East Amateur
653 GhostSlayerTv GhostSlayerTv Center East Amateur
654 InfiniteMadness3 InfiniteMadness3 Right Wing East Prospect
655 RyGuy91x RyGuy91x Left Defense East Prospect
656 pemm pemm Goalie East Amateur
657 vanh33zi3 vanh33zi3 Right Defense East Prospect
658 x_TJohn Pxgani- Left Wing East Amateur
659 JINX_XT_ JINX_XT_ Left Defense West Veteran
660 Nickgosensgo Nickgosensgo Left Defense East Prospect
661 QC_LA_BETE QC_LA_BETE Right Wing East Amateur
662 X-Silent-Wrath- X-Silent-Wrath- Right Wing West Amateur
663 Tychi66 Tychi66 Center East Veteran
664 tony_snipeQC tony_snipeQC Goalie East Amateur
665 Mason-Gosselin69 Mason-Gosselin69 Goalie East Veteran
666 DeFuZeD6 DeFuZeD416 Left Defense East Prospect
667 xR34-_- xR34-_- Left Wing East Veteran
668 Roboavenger420 Roboavenger420 Right Defense East Veteran
669 Gerbs94 Gerbs94 Right Defense East Amateur
670 x-Eagles-_- x-Eagles-_- Center East Amateur
671 PXSTRNAK-_- PXSTRNAK-_- Left Defense East Amateur
672 Loimcloth Loimcloth Right Defense West Amateur
673 olivier_pirates olivier_pirates Goalie East Prospect
674 Kiprusoff x Kiprusoff- Goalie East Veteran
675 xLecavalier xLecavalier Left Wing East Amateur
676 StepBroRindo StepBroRindo Right Wing West Amateur
677 ItsGallagher11 ItsGallagher11 Right Wing East Draft Pick
678 Semp3rjuggal0 Semp3rjuggal0 Center Central Prospect
679 DomSquad100 DomSquad100 Left Wing East Veteran
680 Fleury_08 Fleury_08 Right Wing East Prospect
681 FLP_Sports FLP_Sports Right Wing East Veteran
682 ViLLvoN_10 ViLLvoN_10 Left Defense East Veteran
683 Diggi8469 Diggi8469 Right Wing East Amateur
684 dtizz87 dtizz87 Center East Prospect
685 sribs88 sribs88 Center West Amateur
686 Joshhillie Sweat2hard_68 Right Wing East Amateur
687 DonaldAssman44 DonaldAssman44 Left Defense East Amateur
688 MONUBK MONUBK Left Wing East Amateur
689 PNCPark2k1 PNCPark2k1 Goalie East Veteran
690 Brandon19___ Brandon19___ Goalie West Prospect
691 North_Blackfoot North_Blackfoot Right Defense West Prospect
692 JCEB85 JCEB85 Center Central Veteran
693 Higgxns21 Higgxns21 Left Wing East Prospect
694 GawdzEnvy GawdzEnvy Right Wing Central Prospect
695 yyaRayy yyaRayy Goalie East Prospect
696 E_vaporrub E_vaporrub Goalie West Prospect
697 HellViaSin HellViaSin Left Defense East Prospect
698 DylbertDangles- DylbertDangles- Right Defense East Veteran
699 lRayde lRayde Right Wing East Prospect
700 BucketBence BucketBence Left Defense East Prospect
701 RayRayy_61 RayRayy_61 Goalie West Amateur
702 GRIMEY-22 GRIMEY-22 Center East Amateur
703 Yeap_93 Yeap_93 Right Wing East Veteran
704 Kingofallfishers Kingofallfishers Right Defense East Amateur
705 Tibbytwo Tibbytwo Right Defense East Amateur
706 Benny B-__E-N Right Wing Central Veteran
707 LOopSx91x L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 Left Wing East Veteran
708 Bruinsfan8422 Bruinsfan8422 Left Defense East Amateur
709 Kmoreau19 Kmoreau19 Left Defense East Prospect
710 ToneCarbone ToneCarbone Center East Amateur
711 GreasyBenito GreasyBenito Left Defense West Prospect
712 mistohmurlee Mistohmurlee Left Defense East Amateur
713 Killerninjamoder Killerninjamoder Goalie East Amateur
714 Jimbo_Slice093 Jimbo_Slice093 Left Defense East Amateur
715 Bxrrette Bxrrette Left Defense East Draft Pick
716 DirtyDangl3r_Qc DirtyDangl3r_Qc Right Wing East Prospect
717 RenewableBanned RenewableBanned Center East Draft Pick
718 King-Kush1331 King-Kush1331 Center East Amateur
719 roostaa roostaa Goalie East Veteran
720 Tagard86 Tagard86 Right Wing East Amateur
721 TripleJ54 TripleJ54 Right Wing West Amateur
722 wyleestyle wyleestyle Left Defense East Amateur
723 Glimi-1 Glimi-1 Goalie Central Amateur
724 Fishhure FishhuRe Right Wing Central Veteran
725 greatzilla007 greatzilla007 Goalie West Veteran
726 MaximeQc MaximeQc Left Wing East Draft Pick
727 CLiiNcH CLiiNcH Center Central Veteran
728 BaconStaysCrispy BaconStaysCrispy Goalie East Veteran
729 MikeKnox85 MikeKnox85 Left Wing Central Prospect
730 RedrZ_ RedrZ_ Right Defense East Amateur
731 Guilbault27 Guilbault27 Right Defense East Veteran
732 thinmints39 thinmints39 Left Defense Central Amateur
733 O-dYNAMOs-fROtEs O-dYNAMOs-fROtEs Left Defense East Prospect
734 JDFRYE31 JDFRYE31 Right Wing East Veteran
735 bNYCe83 bNYCe83 Left Defense East Veteran
736 AMD_3055 AMD_3055 Right Wing East Prospect
737 StepMotherLover StepMotherLover Right Wing Central Amateur
738 Sheldog7704 Sheldog7704 Goalie East Prospect
739 Shadyko4 Shadyko4 Left Wing East Prospect
740 LGallagherL11 LGallagherL11 Left Wing East Prospect
741 Harrd-Knock Harrd-Knock Right Defense East Amateur
742 ECHXMPO ECHXMPO Right Wing East Veteran
743 GoatSkillz89 GoatSkillz89 Right Wing East Prospect
744 Whoshotya_eljefe Whoshotya_eljefe Right Wing East Prospect
745 Oneshot190 Oneshot190 Left Wing East Prospect
746 Montagnais91 Montagnais91 Right Wing East Prospect
747 bearbrook14 bearbrook14 Center East Amateur
748 RainsVision RainsVision Left Defense East Prospect
749 xCammii xCammii Left Wing East Prospect
750 Rockan40 Rockan40 Center East Amateur
751 JERLEKlNG JERLEKlNG Left Wing East Veteran
752 ForanPolicy ForanPolicy Left Wing East Prospect
753 TTV-SenzFN_ TTV-SenzFN_ Goalie East Amateur
754 Mr_Kassel Mr_Kassel Goalie West Prospect
755 Jrock_14 Jrock_14 Left Wing East Amateur
756 TheMonkeyShow TheMonkeyShow Left Defense Central Amateur
757 BigDaddyNinja11 BigDaddyNinja11 Center East Amateur
758 Bobby1127 xBobby92- Right Wing East Prospect
759 DandG915 DandG915 Goalie East Prospect
760 KrazyKanuk l77l KrazyKanuk_l77l Center East Amateur
761 Max-l09l- Max-l09l- Right Wing East Amateur
762 FrostMetroid FrostMetroid Left Wing East Amateur
763 Theskinnyshadow Theskinnyshadow Right Wing East Prospect
764 AgentF_01 AgentF_01 Center East Prospect
765 itzGh0stt__ itzGh0stt__ Right Wing East Prospect
766 Winkle_09 Winkle_09 Right Wing East Amateur
767 Keeper0386 Keeper0386 Center East Amateur
768 Habsy22 Habsy22 Right Defense East Veteran
769 P3tter5son-I40I- Skillsy-I91I Right Wing East Prospect
770 xShrum160 xShrum160 Goalie East Amateur
771 GoldenGlovesQ GoldenGlovesQ Right Defense East Amateur
772 Murphwizzle Murphwizzle Center East Veteran
773 msant23 msant23 Left Defense East Amateur
774 Heroic_saunter Heroic_saunter Right Defense East Prospect
775 Philmorin Philmorin Right Defense East Prospect
776 GeneralGrievers GeneralGrievers Right Wing Central Prospect
777 Dlcjr75 Dlcjr75 Left Defense East Veteran
778 dlp3273 dlp3273 Right Wing East Prospect
779 franknbeans776 franknbeans776 Right Defense East Amateur
780 Shawzy10x Shawzy10x Right Wing East Amateur
781 Straughan_1994 Straughan_1994 Left Wing East Amateur
782 Teneur RedRose0505 Right Defense East Veteran
783 Natale_59 Natale_59 Goalie West Prospect
784 Cummins_4YOU Cummins_4YOU Center Central Amateur
785 RiPPER-XCVIII ItzRipper98 Right Wing East Amateur
786 BobbyStokers911 BobbyStokers911 Left Wing East Amateur
787 ApexHaze-_ ApexHaze-_ Right Wing East Amateur
788 KnightsATL KnightsATL Left Wing East Veteran
789 Rabz_26 Rabz_26 Goalie East Draft Pick
790 Cotachoda7 Cotachoda7 Goalie Central Veteran
791 Holland98x Holland98x Center East Veteran
792 VintageTrav VintageTrav Right Wing East Veteran
793 SelkeTrix- xSaltyy-- Right Wing East Prospect
794 JWertsy7 JWertsy7 Left Wing East Prospect
795 Crusader3200 Crusader3200 Center East Prospect
796 cheesepuff2882 cheesepuff2882 Left Wing East Amateur
797 corbechkin corbechkin Left Wing East Prospect
798 xBoldukov xBXLDYx Center East Veteran
799 smatthew9 smatthew9 Right Defense East Prospect
800 lMarner16l lMarner16l Right Defense East Amateur
801 MikeTysonzTiger- MikeTysonzTiger- Right Wing East Veteran
802 MattHags17 MattHags17 Right Wing East Amateur
803 JJs_Taxi JJs_Taxi Goalie East Prospect
804 Birdo43 Birdo43 Right Defense East Amateur
805 Goodfella1489 Goodfella1489 Right Defense East Veteran
806 XUltimatomX XUltimatomX Goalie East Draft Pick
807 JMalarkie JMalarkie Left Wing Central Veteran
808 ZofaKing ZofaKing Left Defense East Prospect
809 xBouch-_- xBouch-_- Right Wing East Veteran
810 Landamov Landamov Left Defense East Veteran
811 HipposAreCool34 HipposAreCool34 Left Defense East Prospect
812 Relentlxsss- Relentlxsss- Goalie East Veteran
813 user110- user110- Right Wing East Prospect
814 ijdubs1754 ijdubs1754 Goalie East Veteran
815 krackerboi krackerboi Right Wing East Prospect
816 x2Apollo4x x2Apollo4x Right Wing East Veteran
817 Collintinov RollinColon23 Right Wing East Amateur
818 iiAaron-30 iiAaron-30 Center East Prospect
819 nLands nLands Right Wing East Amateur
820 SupaRiill SupaRiill Right Defense Central Amateur
821 IrIsh__InVaSiOn IrIsh__InVaSiOn Left Wing Central Prospect
822 Zozpekt1 Zozpekt1 Right Wing East Prospect
823 ZTurnsyy ZTurnsyy Right Wing East Amateur
824 xNeepo xNeepo Right Wing Central Prospect
825 Boske51 Boske51 Center East Veteran
826 Insane_girl_Qc85 INSANE_GIRL_QC85 Goalie East Veteran
827 Brxdyx- Brxdyx- Right Wing East Amateur
828 I7I-Collier-I2I I7I-Collier-I2I Center East Draft Pick
829 xBradeii xBradeii Left Wing East Prospect
830 Laysfritos87 Laysfritos87 Right Wing East Prospect
831 Habs4lf Habs4lf Goalie East Veteran
832 HockeyLife87 HockeyLife87 Right Defense East Prospect
833 Tymxse_9 Tymxse_9 Left Defense East Amateur
834 AuCoin34 AuCoin34 Goalie East Prospect
835 K2ev7iN K2ev7iN Right Wing East Prospect
836 cody_mcfly cody_mcfly Left Wing Central Amateur
837 noob_worldorder noob_worldorder Right Wing East Prospect
838 Swayzee2015 Swayzee2015 Right Defense West Prospect
839 Ellustrious Ellustrious Right Defense East Prospect
840 leiniesman leiniesman Goalie Central Prospect
841 John_Dean_Love John_Dean_16 Center East Amateur
842 RAFA_757_RAFA RAFA_757_RAFA Center East Prospect
843 Zeus_Zwick Zeus_Zwick Goalie West Amateur
844 CHEDZz-94 CHEDZz-94 Left Wing East Draft Pick
845 Cameron_c46 Cameron_c46 Left Wing East Amateur
846 Dunnsi Dunnsi Center East Veteran
847 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing East Amateur
848 Krysh55 Krysh55 Right Defense East Amateur
849 Tendrr_ Tendrr_ Goalie East Prospect
850 Vincent-020 Vincent-020 Right Wing East Prospect
851 Snipersoda11 Snipersoda11 Right Defense East Prospect
852 Blackknightwpg Blackknightwpg Goalie Central Amateur
853 Viking_Phoenix99 Viking_Phoenix99 Left Wing East Prospect
854 MuddyTheLegend MuddyTheLegend Center East Prospect
855 weaseljosh weaseljosh Right Defense East Amateur
856 skillzzz55 skillzzz55 Left Defense East Amateur
857 TheNLShow TheNLShow Left Wing Central Amateur
858 Repo_Jake Repo_Jake Left Defense East Prospect
859 Franklishh Franklishh Right Defense East Amateur
860 bubica83 bubica83 Right Defense East Amateur
861 Old-cellar2 Old-cellar2 Right Wing Central Prospect
862 xxHazzy-Eyesxx xxHazzy-Eyesxx Right Wing East Veteran
863 Scoble812 Scoble812 Goalie West Prospect
864 MeltingSnowman94 MeltingSnowman94 Goalie West Amateur
865 vViperrz vViperrz Left Wing East Draft Pick
866 l0lCorbzzl3l l0lCorbzzl3l Goalie East Veteran
867 Washko86 Washko86 Center Central Amateur
868 puffyfluff26 Master_Oogway260 Left Wing East Prospect
869 squatchess73 Squatchess73 Right Defense East Amateur
870 Rbobby1420 Rbobby1420 Right Defense East Prospect
871 Ryan_x_28 Ryan_x_28 Goalie East Veteran
872 Gbhockeyboy Gbhockeyboy Right Defense East Veteran
873 xFATDTCKx xFATDTCKx Left Wing West Veteran
874 ZERO_MERCY487 ZERO_MERCY487 Right Wing East Amateur
875 OGBobbyBartIett OGBobbyBartIett Center East Veteran
876 GoonerMassive GoonerMassive Right Wing East Amateur
877 Hksevo Hksevo Right Defense East Veteran
878 udca udca Right Defense East Prospect
879 xBobby88 xBobby88 Center East Prospect
880 M-L-N83 M-L-N83 Left Wing West Veteran
881 AlwaysPac YesSirPac Right Defense East Prospect
882 TTVdrunkwelder69 TTVdrunkwelder69 Left Wing West Prospect
883 Shortsy14 Shortsy14 Center East Prospect
884 SN1PINGKING SN1PINGKING Left Wing Central Amateur
885 MrPiezrus MrPiezrus Right Wing East Amateur
886 Trevhound Trevhound Right Wing Central Veteran
887 LJackson37 LJackson37 Goalie East Amateur
889 xKaratekid87x xKaratekid87x Center East Prospect
890 hypey- hypey- Center East Veteran
892 Doctcr Doctcr Right Defense Central Amateur
893 Xx-thrasher-xX16 Xx-thrasher-xX16 Left Defense West Amateur
894 Jondo8303 Jondo8303 Center East Veteran
895 Tho92mp19son Tho92mp19son Left Defense West Amateur
896 concky77 concky77 Right Wing Central Amateur
897 playmaker x 7 Playmaker_x_7 Left Wing Central Veteran
898 fcarbo2 fcarbo2 Right Defense East Amateur
899 XxFatDiplomatxX XxFatDiplomatxX Left Defense East Prospect
900 DrewFitzz DrewFitzzz Left Defense East Veteran
901 X-Sogaard-X X-Sogaard-X Goalie East Prospect
902 fa_bedard17 fa_bedard17 Right Defense East Draft Pick
903 fakeflexer69 fakeflexer69 Left Defense East Prospect
904 SonGoKu_215 lGoKu96 Right Wing East Prospect
905 Alvin10100 Alvin10100 Right Wing East Prospect
906 rottingflesh666 rottingflesh666 Left Defense West Veteran
907 NOVI_Toxic NOVI_Toxic Goalie East Prospect
909 ChoubbQc ChoubbQc Left Wing East Prospect
910 landon_ren landon_ren Left Defense West Prospect
911 DillyTheCrumb DillyTheCrumb Center East Amateur
912 bbitty011 awlr0609 Goalie East Prospect
913 Thewall6687 Thewall6687 Left Wing East Veteran
914 Samathai_ Samathai_ Left Defense East Amateur
915 I9I-LeFranck_I9I I9I-LeFranck_I9I Goalie East Veteran
916 Sabeski Sabeski Left Wing East Amateur
917 Joshuabm11 Josh_77x Goalie Central Prospect
918 Traz615 Traz615 Center East Veteran
919 xPens- xPens- Right Defense East Draft Pick
920 GetsxBusy GetsxBusy Right Wing East Amateur
921 vipuhrs vipuhrs Left Wing West Prospect
922 SauceShow709 SauceShow709 Left Wing East Amateur
923 SugaShow92 SugaShow92 Right Wing East Prospect
924 G10namo G10namo Right Wing East Veteran
925 Habs3105 Habs3105 Goalie East Amateur
926 Mista_Rogaz Mista_Rogaz Right Defense East Prospect
927 Blinding-Light-- Blinding-Light-- Left Defense Central Veteran
928 WordsWithJT WordsWithJT Right Wing West Prospect
929 SyNc_ImpacT SyNc_ImpacT Right Wing East Prospect
930 T24688slashH Rhyser74 Center East Prospect
931 Mxrshhyy Mxrshhyy Center East Amateur
932 BeviMerchant CroatianSedation Left Defense East Amateur
933 GucciStJean GucciStJean Center East Prospect
934 Thxmson-l23l Thxmson-l23l Left Wing Central Veteran
935 OgSweetEnds Ogsweetends Left Wing East Prospect
936 imcensored55 imcensored55 Center West Amateur
937 Riddxch Ridds_ Goalie East Amateur
938 Junepon-darasta Junepon-darasta Left Defense East Amateur
939 Habshater69 Habshater69 Left Wing East Amateur
940 YoImCory YoImCory Center East Veteran
941 Chiken-biskit Chiken-biskit Left Defense East Veteran
942 Mangiapane88_ Mangiapane88_ Left Wing West Prospect
943 natedogg1122 natedogg1122 Right Wing Central Prospect
944 slinger510 slinger510 Left Defense East Amateur
945 TheWlnterSoIdier TheWlnterSoIdier Right Wing East Amateur
946 Bearcat55-_- Bearcat55-_- Left Wing Central Veteran
947 Sylvainprice31 Sylvainprice31 Left Wing West Amateur
948 x_Pepsi8_x x_Pepsi8_x Right Wing Central Veteran
949 ESTR19 ESTR19 Center East Amateur
950 schnably schnably Right Defense East Amateur
951 xCmess xCmess Left Wing East Veteran
952 Deets39x Deets39x Center East Veteran
953 TheXcapingTaco TheXcapingTaco Goalie East Veteran
954 Bob_De_Lion Bob_De_Lion Left Wing Central Prospect
955 iix-CONQU3R iix-CONQU3R Center East Amateur
956 Wicked_gencoupe Wicked_gencoupe Right Defense East Amateur
957 ttvWealthy_Bacon ttvWealthy_Bacon Right Defense East Prospect
958 brunsy38 Brunsy38 Right Defense East Amateur
959 awm_91 awm_91 Left Wing Central Prospect
960 MikehTheGod MikehTheGod Right Wing East Veteran
961 slimeszn288 slimeszn288 Right Wing West Prospect
962 Krvstoffer Krvstoffer Right Defense West Veteran
963 Lightningstar67 Lightningstar67 Right Defense West Veteran
964 xguenzel59 Jake_guentzel Right Wing East Veteran
965 xNewttzz xNewttzz Right Wing East Prospect
966 nick2235y nick2235y Goalie East Veteran
967 iceking15 iceking15 Left Wing Central Amateur
968 xCxshy xCxshy Right Defense East Draft Pick
969 muted-nobody2 muted-nobody2 Left Wing East Prospect
970 Pawdiddy Pawdiddy Left Wing Central Veteran
971 Relevant_Yuri Relevant_Yuri Goalie West Amateur
972 Jibad- Jibad- Right Defense East Veteran
973 Hot_Pocket_Handy Hot_Pocket_Handy Left Defense East Amateur
974 l-Datsyuk_13-l l-Datsyuk_13-l Left Defense East Amateur
975 Steve_ray_74 Steve_ray_74 Right Defense Central Amateur
976 Darbyclark31 Darbyclark31 Goalie East Amateur
977 ttommyboiii ttommyboiii Center East Veteran
978 oBonez x oBonez-x Goalie West Veteran
979 xbbshaywa xbbshaywa Center West Prospect
980 Spaceguy200 Boneheadspace Center Central Draft Pick
981 JaYI77I JaYI77I Center East Veteran
982 Nickochky Nickochky Goalie East Amateur
983 PokeGod-09 PokeGod-09 Left Wing East Veteran
984 Ostrichtrot Ostrichtrot Left Wing East Amateur
985 Topshotman53827 Topshotman53827 Left Defense East Veteran
986 HillysEgo HillysEgo Center East Veteran
987 PKEXCLUSIVE34 PKEXCLUSIVE34 Right Defense East Amateur
988 NIT_THE_TRIT NIT_THE_TRIT Center East Amateur
989 Pla2mag_ Pla2mag_ Right Defense East Prospect
990 m_sibs m_sibs Right Defense East Veteran
991 Imso4914 Imso4914 Right Wing Central Amateur
992 Lxppy-- Lxppy-- Left Wing East Amateur
993 XGEnErAL 420X XGeneral420X Goalie East Veteran
994 Mtl_Raze Mtl_Raze Left Wing East Prospect
995 Jimbo3394 Jimbo3394 Left Defense East Amateur
996 Lombard197 Lombard197 Right Wing East Amateur
997 Shrubbrother Shrubbrother Right Wing East Prospect
998 Complexitii- Complexitii- Right Wing East Prospect
999 DrSlaughter_ DrSlaughter_ Left Wing East Prospect
1000 riccoakasuave riccoakasuave Right Defense East Prospect
1001 Happyguy90 H8ppyguy90 Left Defense East Veteran
1002 ServalMtl ServalMtl Right Defense East Amateur
1003 Mr_Tigers__ Mr_Tigers__ Goalie East Amateur
1004 LosLocoLocals LosLocoLocals Right Wing Central Amateur
1005 Scotch-x4 Scotch-x4 Center East Veteran
1006 BosnianDiamond11 BosnianDiamond11 Right Wing East Amateur
1007 ClumsyTurtle13 ClumsyTurtle13 Goalie Central Veteran
1008 NappyLuke NappyLuke Left Wing East Amateur
1009 llayton llaytxn Right Wing East Draft Pick
1010 Bmarche2001 Bmarche2001 Goalie East Amateur
1011 OmegaWolf1020 OmegaWolf10 Right Defense East Amateur
1012 AnglerStxR AnglerStxR Right Wing East Amateur
1013 VitalDayz VitalDayz Goalie East Veteran
1014 NuttyOutlaw13 NuttyOutlaw13 Left Wing East Veteran
1015 Ze2- Ze2- Right Wing West Prospect
1016 SiIkyy-- SiIkyy-- Right Defense East Veteran
1017 battalion99 battalion99 Right Defense East Amateur
1018 chrisbayley chrisbayley Goalie East Amateur
1019 Gaaauge Gaaauge Goalie East Prospect
1020 MyNamesMino MyNamesMino Left Wing East Veteran
1021 Funrun99 funrun99 Left Wing East Amateur
1022 cujo4201985 cujo4201985 Left Defense Central Amateur
1023 Xjonsy- Xjonsy- Left Defense East Prospect
1024 Raidershuey x-Raidxrs-_- Right Defense East Prospect
1025 hockeyJVB50 hockeyJVB50 Left Wing East Prospect
1026 Legend88x_ Legend88x_ Left Wing East Draft Pick
1027 MNxWILDx MNxWILDx Left Wing Central Prospect
1028 RowlandV2 RowlandV2 Right Defense Central Veteran
1029 DizzyHippy98 DizzyHippy98 Right Wing East Prospect
1030 ChrisPwns-42 ChrisPwns-42 Center East Prospect
1031 KQ31 KQ31 Center East Veteran
1032 Hitpack Hitpack Left Defense East Amateur
1033 Bv_Ares Bv_Ares Left Defense Central Amateur
1034 xOppi- xOppi- Right Wing East Prospect
1035 Flamand71 Flamand71 Goalie East Amateur
1036 kgrilli kgrilli Right Defense East Veteran
1037 Dodsy x 17 dodsyyy- Left Wing Central Veteran
1038 frysideninja1 frysideninja1 Center East Amateur
1039 ShowtimeSacco ShowtimeSacco Right Wing East Prospect
1040 fiveholelavergne iTzFiveHole Left Wing East Prospect
1041 Rxbertson- Rxbertson- Left Wing East Draft Pick
1042 beastkid558 beastkid558 Left Wing East Amateur
1043 K_Lemieux66 K_Lemieux66 Left Defense East Amateur
1044 Juucr Juucr Left Wing East Amateur
1045 IiiIMessiahIiiI IiiIMessiahIiiI Left Defense East Veteran
1046 TRUEBLOOD_TACTIC QuiLLGorDoN12-14 Right Defense East Prospect
1047 eagsab05 eagsab05 Goalie East Amateur
1048 sledgestar28 sledgestar28 Goalie East Prospect
1049 Lou-Sainiss Lou-Sainiss Center East Veteran
1050 JOBO-COP81 JOBO-COP81 Right Defense East Amateur
1051 x-Suzuki-14 x-Suzuki-14 Left Wing East Amateur
1052 Schlimeyy Schlimeyy Left Wing East Prospect
1053 Brxfio Brxfio Center East Veteran
1054 gatesse gatesse Left Defense East Veteran
1055 JUMBOcanuck JUMBOcanuck Left Wing West Amateur
1056 xNxsh- xNxsh- Right Defense East Draft Pick
1057 Jyuhnn Jyuhnn Right Wing Central Veteran
1058 A_d_jr A_d_jr Left Wing West Veteran
1059 GingerNHL GingerNHL Right Defense East Veteran
1060 Stony123 l_-2-d-_l Right Wing Central Amateur
1061 RiCo505 RICO505-_- Center East Veteran
1062 juicyywave29 juicyywave29 Right Defense East Prospect
1063 VxD- VxD- Right Wing East Prospect
1064 txctfeezy txctfeezy Right Wing East Veteran
1065 Laucekx Laucekx Center West Veteran
1066 oli_big oli_big Center East Draft Pick
1067 JohnnyV76V JohnnyV76V Center Central Amateur
1068 oraclerampage oraclerampage Left Defense East Veteran
1069 BuddhaDan23 BuddhaDan23 Goalie East Veteran
1070 acap_514 acap_514 Right Wing East Prospect
1071 Fethdar Fethdar Right Defense Central Amateur
1072 TheBobbyOrr4 TheBobbyOrr4 Left Defense East Veteran
1073 BobeyX BobeyX Goalie East Veteran
1074 DCRoyL- DCRoyL- Right Wing East Amateur
1075 Frxnco9- Frxnco9- Left Wing West Amateur
1076 Celery_juicy Celery_juicy Left Defense East Prospect
1077 xLuukkonen1x xLuukko Goalie East Draft Pick
1078 Cabot07 Cabot07 Left Wing East Prospect
1079 M4TRiX__SN1P3R M4TRiX__SN1P3R Left Defense East Prospect
1080 Mr_Rude23 Mr_Rude23 Right Wing Central Prospect
1081 Mykezero Mykezero Right Defense East Amateur
1082 MichealCry MichealCry Right Defense East Draft Pick
1083 Demyy-- Demyy-- Goalie East Veteran
1084 x1BallModzyx x1BallModzyx Goalie East Amateur
1085 Iamrickyy- Iamrickyy- Center East Amateur
1086 The_Bobchize The_Bobchize Left Wing East Amateur
1087 GrandMastrCheech GrandMastrCheech Left Wing East Prospect
1088 mikmad34 mikmad34 Left Defense East Amateur
1089 flavius10 flavius10 Right Defense East Amateur
1090 TheDonFatherMTTM TheDonFatherMTTM Left Wing East Prospect
1091 Liquiduzs Liquiduzs Left Wing East Amateur
1092 Darcyhickey018 Darcyhickey018 Center East Prospect
1093 TorLeaf-67 TorLeaf-67 Left Wing East Amateur
1094 Gatinofreak1977 Gatinofreak1977 Right Wing East Veteran
1095 CrustySkidMarx CrustySkidMarx Left Wing West Prospect
1096 xKC-8x xKC-8x Left Defense East Veteran
1097 Thedesro10 D-Ro_Pxpov_88 Left Defense East Veteran
1098 Bxrgeron Bxrgeron Left Defense East Amateur
1099 IplayCrackedOut IplayCrackedOut Right Defense East Prospect
1100 Don_Zakzouk Don_Zakzouk Center East Prospect
1101 NewfieWalsh709 NewfieWalsh709 Left Wing West Prospect
1102 ParkzyTTV ParkzyTTV Center East Prospect
1103 Jaylude Jaylude Center East Amateur
1104 temp-386838 price_the_goat31 Right Wing East Prospect
1105 Gwood_Boys Gwood_Boys Center East Veteran
1106 Majorvision718 Majorvision718 Center East Veteran
1107 falcolover falcolover Goalie East Amateur
1108 DopeSniper97 DopeSniper97 Right Defense West Prospect
1109 Gamer_085 Gamer_085 Left Defense East Veteran
1110 Fmoham6627 Fmoham6627 Center East Amateur
1111 JRKface18 JRKface18 Goalie East Prospect
1112 ohKappyy ohKappyy Left Wing East Prospect
1113 D34DLY_ST1CK D34DLY_ST1CK Left Wing East Prospect
1114 jonnyrawton jonnyrawton Goalie East Prospect
1115 Xenial_Scum Xenial_Scum Left Defense East Amateur
1116 MommasWrongAgain MommasWrongAgain Left Defense East Veteran
1117 Gibson36-- Gibson36-- Goalie Central Veteran
1118 Acesiciliano Acesiciliano Right Defense East Veteran
1119 Bombxass Bombxass Left Wing East Amateur
1120 x3xMATTHEWSx4x x3xMATTHEWSx4x Right Wing East Prospect
1121 xX1_Stxtzle_8Xx xX1_Stxtzle_8Xx Left Wing East Amateur
1122 killerzqc killerzqc Center East Veteran
1123 xGallyx_ xGallyx_ Right Wing East Veteran
1124 iPovrty iPovrty Right Wing East Prospect
1125 JeFfBdR31 JeFfBdR31 Goalie East Veteran
1126 Verret97 Verret_97 Left Wing East Prospect
1127 Acarey128 Acarey128 Left Defense East Amateur
1128 eZ_WiNS-313 eZ_WiNS-313 Center East Amateur
1129 BIGTBUC BIGTBUC Left Defense East Veteran
1130 ItsRickSanchxz ItsRickSanchxz Right Defense Central Prospect
1131 Spelliscy_21 Spelliscy_21 Left Wing East Prospect
1132 AStupidWolfOwO AStupidWolfOwO Goalie East Prospect
1133 Replacables Replacables Right Defense West Amateur
1134 THEY-CENSORED-ME THEY-CENSORED-ME Goalie Central Prospect
1135 ItsGleyberDay25 ItsGleyberDay25 Right Wing East Prospect
1136 x-Filayy-x x-Filayy-x Right Defense East Prospect
1137 WreckxXitXx11 WreckxXitXxQc Center East Amateur
1138 Heffy_02 Heffy_02 Right Wing East Prospect
1139 AngryCrab21 AngryCrab21 Left Defense Central Prospect
1140 Archie2395 Archie2395 Center East Amateur
1141 Obrien42295 Obrien42295 Right Defense East Amateur
1142 StockyNP StockyNP Right Wing Central Amateur
1143 Thor Rollon Thorbjorn_Rollon Goalie East Draft Pick
1144 ItsWillee ItsWillee Center East Veteran
1145 xKazyy-- zeidell Center East Veteran
1146 EyeSin_ EyeSin_ Right Wing East Amateur
1147 SgtAndyBoy SgtAndyBoy Center East Veteran
1148 Yimit94 Yimit94 Left Wing East Prospect
1149 Poololli843 Poololli843 Left Defense East Prospect
1150 JonnyT217 JonnyT-21 Goalie East Amateur
1151 JDogg1884 JDogg1884 Left Defense East Prospect
1152 Harrison666hell Harrison666hell Left Wing East Amateur
1153 DevonPlayys--TTV DevonPlayys--TTV Right Wing East Prospect
1154 GravitySnipez72 GravitySnipez72 Goalie Central Prospect
1155 Solefoil SoleFoil53 Left Defense East Amateur
1156 Loopxr- Loopxr- Right Defense West Veteran
1157 PQ_TheSheriff18 PQ_TheSheriff18 Right Wing West Amateur
1158 OhGreg_ OhGreg_ Right Wing East Prospect
1159 MotherShabubu066 MotherShabubu066 Center East Amateur
1160 WEBBY_STYLES WEBBY_STYLES Right Defense Central Amateur
1161 hockeyplaya4life hockeyplaya4life Center East Amateur
1162 X_R4DUL0V_47_X X_R4DUL0V_47_X Left Wing East Prospect
1163 Jnewts8 Jnewts8 Left Wing East Prospect
1164 steinbtch steinbtch Center East Prospect
1165 ll GOHST ll GohstAHW Goalie West Veteran
1166 MrSnipes74 Crom__74 Left Wing Central Amateur
1167 Centurion716- Centurion716- Center East Prospect
1168 Antg310 Antg310 Left Wing East Amateur
1169 Benzymcnasty Benzymcnasty Goalie East Amateur
1170 Corcky1996 Corcky1996 Center East Prospect
1171 jeiel9876 jeiel9876 Goalie East Amateur
1172 youngguns5522 youngguns5522 Right Defense East Draft Pick
1173 xJugzy- xJugzy- Right Wing East Draft Pick
1174 tydalton16 tydalton16 Right Wing East Prospect
1175 Ev1l420 Ev1l420 Right Wing Central Prospect
1176 Jetsrock21 Jetsrock21 Left Wing East Veteran
1177 iGodKu_ iGodKu_ Right Defense West Amateur
1178 kvaz826 kvaz826 Left Defense East Prospect
1179 CanadianKush2121 CanadianKush2121 Center Central Veteran
1180 Ovechkxn- Ovechkxn- Right Wing East Prospect
1181 BLACK_DAWN66 BLACK_DAWN66 Goalie East Amateur
1182 L-purelock-L L-purelock-L Left Wing East Prospect
1183 Jlm1410 Jlm1410 Center Central Veteran
1184 Ernie_Adams Ernie_Adams Left Wing East Amateur
1185 Changuito74 Changuito74 Left Defense West Amateur
1186 YellowBannana314 YellowBannana314 Goalie Central Prospect
1187 Barbuffe Barbuffe Left Wing East Amateur
1188 Maddens26 Maddens26 Left Wing Central Veteran
1189 WarchiefGrim WarchiefGrim Right Wing East Amateur
1190 egomaniacstud1 egomaniacstud1 Right Defense East Amateur
1191 GoodWAR__ GoodWAR__ Right Wing East Veteran
1192 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Left Wing East Veteran
1193 WiIIiam-6 WiIIiam-6 Center East Prospect
1194 Baloukxd Baloukxd Right Defense East Veteran
1195 sabu22 AverxgeD Left Defense Central Veteran
1196 timbilton201 timbilton201 Right Defense East Veteran
1197 The_4th_Forward The_4th_Forward Right Defense East Amateur
1198 LockerRoomCancer LockerRoomCancer Left Defense East Prospect
1199 Brxndamour Brxndamour Left Wing East Veteran
1200 Mrlolchico13 Mrlolchico13 Center East Veteran
1201 A__Round_Squar3 A__Round_Squar3 Goalie East Prospect
1202 xSicKMoTioNz xSicKMoTioNz Left Wing East Amateur
1203 Kraftyx16 Kraftyx16 Right Wing East Veteran
1204 Soopy 22 Right Wing East Veteran
1205 GG_PrimeTime06 GG_PrimeTime06 Center East Prospect
1206 McHowland16 McHowland16 Left Defense East Prospect
1207 Gino_135 Gino_135 Left Defense Central Amateur
1208 DeterminedDoug DeterminedDoug Left Defense West Prospect
1209 Butterov Butterov_86 Right Wing East Amateur
1210 WARDO_05 WARDO_05 Right Wing East Prospect
1211 xDawgx- xDawgx- Left Defense West Amateur
1212 Eggman--1 Eggman--1 Left Defense East Veteran
1213 MikeeTeeze MikeeTeeze Right Defense East Veteran
1214 stay_at_homed stay_at_homed Left Defense Central Veteran
1215 TygCham TygCham Goalie East Amateur
1216 Gamingguy98 Gamingguy98 Left Defense East Amateur
1217 Slapnutz_2 Slapnutz_2 Left Defense East Veteran
1218 ltz0ver4u ltz0ver4u Right Defense East Veteran
1219 Chicken201311 IChicken-I Left Wing East Prospect
1220 Agger33 Agger33 Goalie East Veteran
1221 Misguided_childr Misguided_childr Center East Amateur
1222 TiWAaa_ TiWAaa_ Center East Amateur
1223 DaddyWesticles xl-Westy-lx Right Wing Central Amateur
1224 Googan85 Googan85 Right Wing East Amateur
1225 god_of_war_22 god_of_war_22 Left Wing East Amateur
1226 HYPER_DRDs HYPER_DRDs Right Defense East Prospect
1227 Heedlessjem420 Heedlessjem420 Center East Amateur
1228 Bianco_Neri1 Bianco_Neri1 Center East Prospect
1229 Hotboxedlungs Hotboxedlungs Left Wing East Prospect
1230 MrFreddy1994 Mrfreddy1994 Right Wing East Veteran
1231 Djsnez Djsnez Left Wing Central Amateur
1232 xQcNastyx xQcNastyx Right Wing East Amateur
1233 FiVEpointOHHH FiVEpointOHHH Left Wing East Prospect
1234 SpaghettiSquill SpaghettiSquill Goalie East Draft Pick
1235 dsully1087 dsully1087 Right Defense West Amateur
1236 sAyHi2GoD_00 sAyHi2GoD_00 Right Wing East Prospect
1237 Tangelis Tangelis Goalie East Amateur
1238 Supreme_Team69 Supreme_Team69 Left Defense West Prospect
1239 BiG-PaPi_AM34 BiG-PaPi_AM34 Right Wing East Veteran
1240 CorrosiveJake CorrosiveJake Right Wing West Veteran
1241 Gayerov Gayerov Left Wing West Amateur
1242 Chooch780 Chooch780 Center East Amateur
1243 ExclusivelyTipsy ExclusivelyTipsy Center Central Prospect
1244 ForgiveSalted ForgiveSalted Goalie East Draft Pick
1245 Bioo_hazzardd Bioo_hazzardd Left Defense East Amateur
1246 xCory95 xCory95 Left Wing East Veteran
1247 TTV_Kobesrkt TTV_Kobesrkt Left Wing West Prospect
1248 TheyAllLuvMason TheyAllLuvMason Goalie Central Prospect
1249 RuthlessDefender RuthlessDefender Left Defense East Amateur
1250 ChiefTrout ChiefTrout Right Defense East Veteran
1251 lilShing lilShing Center East Amateur
1252 ImmuneHen ImmuneHen Goalie East Veteran
1253 RJ_MacReady_27 RJ_MacReady_27 Left Defense East Veteran
1254 Pikachuguy35 Pikachuguy35 Goalie East Veteran
1255 Roods-19 Roods-19 Center Central Prospect
1256 Russian10rocket_ HuggyBear_43 Left Defense West Prospect
1257 LeafsNation22 LeafsNation22 Center East Prospect
1258 Tassoboss- Tassoboss- Center East Veteran
1259 CahtahHaht CahtahHaht Goalie East Veteran
1260 Kitten_Mittons_0 Kitten_Mittons_0 Center East Prospect
1261 lightningfan17 lightningfan17 Goalie East Prospect
1262 XxTiE-uPxX XxTiE-uPxX Left Wing East Draft Pick
1263 iMajE69 iMajE69 Left Wing West Prospect
1264 ArtVanNostrand ArtVanNostrand Right Defense East Amateur
1265 Little_Demon_666 Little_Demon_666 Left Wing East Prospect
1266 Mcgraw522 Mcgraw522 Left Wing East Amateur
1267 tbeat-- tbeat-- Left Wing East Veteran
1268 Steveskin10 Steveskin10 Right Wing East Prospect
1269 Zxcvbnmlkjhgfdsa Zxcvbnmlkjhgfdsa Right Defense West Prospect
1270 BigPoppa1997- iiBigPoppa Left Defense East Prospect
1271 Ariapan_2 Ariapan_2 Left Defense East Amateur
1272 ThatGuyKale ThatGuyKale Goalie Central Prospect
1273 Ashotahenney91 Ashotahenney91 Center East Prospect
1274 SiMpLiFiEDChAoS SiMpLiFiEDChAoS Right Wing Central Amateur
1275 Richie_l8139 Richie_l8139 Left Wing East Amateur
1277 sugarcoatz sugarcoatz Right Defense East Amateur
1278 Black_revolvers0 XxToHellYouGoXx Right Wing West Prospect
1279 JHochman JHochman Left Wing East Amateur
1280 Chxnch- Chxnch- Right Wing East Draft Pick
1281 xMankii xMankii Right Wing East Veteran
1282 justwho69 justwho69 Left Wing West Amateur
1283 Voltigeurcb Voltigeurcb Goalie East Prospect
1284 AvoidingFamily AvoidingFamily Left Defense East Prospect
1285 DATS-NASTY24 DATS-NASTY24 Right Defense Central Prospect
1286 GaMeRzBrOknThMbZ GaMeRzBrOknThMbZ Right Defense East Amateur
1287 bigmac_wings bigmac_wings Goalie East Prospect
1288 Chxlked Chxlked Right Defense East Prospect
1289 xAsTrOnOmYx xAsTrOnOmYx Left Wing East Veteran
1290 AlanS1800 AlanS1800 Left Defense East Amateur
1291 silverstxin silverstxin Center East Prospect
1292 Jmarilley10 Jmarilley10 Right Wing East Prospect
1293 YGX_MUSH YGX_MUSH Right Wing Central Prospect
1294 Pizzasready Pizzasready Left Wing East Veteran
1295 DirtyNewf613 DirtyNewf613 Center East Veteran
1296 redflag33 redflag33 Left Wing East Veteran
1297 CFairman7 CFairman7 Left Defense East Veteran
1298 blueman391 blueman391 Goalie East Prospect
1299 Krilla92 Krilla92 Center East Veteran
1300 D3cdang3r D3CDANG3R Left Defense East Prospect
1301 xAlbuoy xAlbuoy Left Defense East Prospect
1302 Pastrnak88x Pastrnak88x Center East Amateur
1303 BillCrxsby-_- BillCrxsby-_- Goalie East Amateur
1304 iZinczyi iZinczyi Right Defense East Veteran
1305 Hehaka19 Hehaka19 Left Wing West Prospect
1306 kylej83 kylej83 Right Defense West Amateur
1307 Savage_kiills Savage_kiills Right Defense East Veteran
1308 xScabs-_- xScabs-_- Left Defense East Amateur
1309 dudethisishard dudethisishard Goalie West Veteran
1310 Msantos Msantos Center East Amateur
1311 Cbthomas96_ Cbthomas96_ Right Wing East Veteran
1312 Connor_olstad24 The_CoNMaN24 Goalie West Amateur
1313 guint843 gunit843 Left Wing East Prospect
1314 Beaudry-_-stopU Beaudry-_-stopU Center East Amateur
1315 hewittdave0 hewittdave0 Goalie East Amateur
1316 AlphaWolfCK92 AlphaWolfCK92 Left Defense East Veteran
1317 NHLBEAST- NHLBEAST- Goalie East Veteran
1318 Can_u_c_me Can_u_c_me Right Wing East Prospect
1319 Stevens-I4I Stevens-I4I Right Defense East Amateur
1320 PeskyBugbear FleshEatingAlien Center East Veteran
1321 BucketOfPucks BucketOfPucks Goalie East Prospect
1322 JonathanC1428 JonathanC1428 Center East Veteran
1323 XxNoaim711xX XxNoaim711xX Right Defense East Draft Pick
1324 Sampxr Sampxr Right Wing East Veteran
1325 Darkl79l DarkI79I Right Defense East Veteran
1326 Sour-Sapper Sour-Sapper Goalie East Prospect
1327 Heaters50in07 Heaters50in07 Left Wing East Veteran
1328 LadyThor_ LadyThor_ Left Defense East Amateur
1329 Goofy_indian Goofy_indian Left Defense Central Veteran
1330 brazz_84 brazz_84 Center East Amateur
1331 phlayy phlayy Center East Prospect
1332 Toeffoli Toeffoli Left Wing East Veteran
1333 KJsniper KJsniper24 Left Wing East Veteran
1334 Heavyarms97 Heavyarms97 Goalie East Amateur
1335 Giroux Gxroux Left Wing East Veteran
1336 DirtyDangler82 DirtyDangler82 Right Wing East Amateur
1337 Carleazyy Carleazyy Right Wing East Prospect
1338 XXBenBishop XXBenBishop Left Wing East Amateur
1339 MattyKoto MattyKoto Goalie East Amateur
1340 hopsin56 hopsin56 Right Wing East Veteran
1341 Leveskii Leveskii Center East Veteran
1342 Perfetti_- Perfetti_- Left Defense East Veteran
1343 T--o--M--M---y T--o--M--M---y Left Wing East Veteran
1344 steelersfan26 steelersfan26 Left Defense East Veteran
1345 I_Killed_U_0419 I_Killed_U_0419 Left Wing East Prospect
1346 Alvatron1588 Alvatron1588 Left Defense East Prospect
1347 Hriiz TrippyBabbu Right Wing West Veteran
1348 Kappuh- Kappuh- Right Wing East Amateur
1349 Killjustin87 Killjustin87 Goalie East Amateur
1350 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Goalie East Veteran
1351 Shawn-I88I Shawn-I88I Right Defense West Amateur
1352 xquizt-kys xquizt-kys Right Defense East Prospect
1353 OhhCrosby87 OhhCrosby87 Left Defense East Veteran
1354 xLoachx xLoachx Center East Veteran
1355 Hellsfyre Hellsfyre Goalie East Amateur
1356 Nashsquatch Nashsquatch Left Defense East Amateur
1357 malf922 malf922 Right Defense East Amateur
1358 DreyBobby DreyBobby Right Wing West Amateur
1359 joeja15 joeja15 Goalie East Veteran
1360 JJBERVIN JJBERVIN Right Defense East Prospect
1361 TaPoisse28 TaPoisse28 Center East Veteran
1362 brownninja2727 brownninja2727 Right Defense East Prospect
1363 XFrxncey XFrxncey Left Defense East Veteran
1364 big_skimmy big_skimmy Left Wing East Amateur
1365 Benn_89 Benn_89 Right Defense East Amateur
1366 Grindxr- Grindxr- Right Defense East Veteran
1367 Sags3316 Sags3316 Left Wing East Amateur
1368 Timik9 Timik9 Goalie East Draft Pick
1369 IcloudPc_ IcloudPc_ Left Defense East Prospect
1370 Tcharty Tcharty Right Wing East Draft Pick
1371 TheEllsProject TheEllsProject Left Defense Central Amateur
1372 Del-Trudo-9 Del-Trudo-9 Right Wing East Prospect
1373 Morrow_2867 Morrow_2867 Left Wing East Veteran
1374 Knxght29 Knxght29 Goalie Central Prospect
1375 xJohnny03 xJohnny03 Right Wing East Veteran
1376 Enragedfury Enragedfury Goalie East Veteran
1377 Goostaav Goostaav Center East Veteran
1378 T E A L x 17 TEALxx17 Center West Amateur
1379 BeamMeUpMatty BeamMeUpMatty Left Defense East Veteran
1380 xSpeevy xSpeevy Right Defense East Amateur
1381 XManiac_MayoX XManiac_MayoX Left Defense Central Amateur
1382 CookedMegaToast CookedMegaToast Center East Amateur
1383 MetroBoominq MetroBoominq Right Wing East Veteran
1384 phillygonaspanku phillygonaspanku Center East Veteran
1385 dylan-_-carr94 dylan-_-carr94 Left Wing East Prospect
1386 Pompa_88 Pompa_88 Left Wing East Amateur
1387 Sebassgod35 Sebassgod35 Center East Veteran
1388 xElias_26x xElias_26x Center East Veteran
1389 Not Greggy Messersmith- Left Defense East Veteran
1390 Wasteaway44 Wasteaway44 Goalie East Amateur
1391 Bensxn24 Bensxn24 Right Defense Central Veteran
1392 Julien The-Freak-Show2 Left Wing East Veteran
1393 TMGKuzKuz31 TMGKuzKuz31 Goalie East Amateur
1394 Mystical-Rino Mystical-Rino Right Wing East Amateur
1395 DaNeechie B1G-N33CH Right Wing Central Veteran
1396 Boqvistx27 Boqvistx27 Left Defense Central Prospect
1398 Ligma Leafs leafs1791 Goalie East Veteran
1399 MDicus96 MDicus96 Left Wing East Prospect
1400 Erikson23 Erikson23 Right Defense East Amateur
1401 great-8- great-8- Left Wing East Amateur
1402 Zibbie_ Zibbie_ Center East Veteran
1403 Free_Howes Free_Howes Goalie West Prospect
1404 SPED3409 Perry-94- Center East Veteran
1405 Dunks Dunkstrict Center East Veteran
1406 Ten Ply TenPly-_- Right Wing East Veteran
1407 Kuzerrr Kuzerrr Left Defense West Veteran
1408 toastft toastft Right Wing East Amateur
1409 Chaskin12 Chaskin12 Right Defense East Veteran
1410 Mario_cowboy76 Mario_cowboy76 Left Defense East Draft Pick
1411 xWicki- xWicki- Left Defense East Prospect
1412 BrxnisI96I BrxnisI96I Goalie East Prospect
1413 Berrakov Berrakov Center East Veteran
1414 Bong_Brothers Bong_Brothers Goalie West Prospect
1415 Eqbomber21 xQuinzy-_- Goalie East Amateur
1416 TorN-Qc TorN-Qc Center East Prospect
1417 Micro-CA Micro-CA Left Wing West Prospect
1418 Der_Todesengell Der_Todesengell Right Defense Central Amateur
1419 BAADHON_QC BAADHON_QC Goalie East Prospect
1420 Dr Dee Dr__Dee Left Wing East Veteran
1421 Ovi_SZN Ovi_SZN Right Wing East Veteran
1422 Junior1597 Junior1597 Right Wing East Amateur
1423 Xman823 Thexman823 Right Wing East Draft Pick
1424 Swaggnificent_ Swaggnificent_ Goalie Central Amateur
1425 Bubba_zed90 Bubba_zed90 Right Wing East Prospect
1426 shawn040798 THEREAL3PT Left Wing East Amateur
1427 Miikeyx09 Miikeyx09 Right Defense East Veteran
1428 TheJDHD The_J_D_ Left Defense East Amateur
1429 Comii9 Comii9 Right Wing East Amateur
1430 Jags19- Jags19- Right Wing East Prospect
1431 DCExclusive DCExclusive Left Defense East Prospect
1432 DiGiBudz314STL DiGiBudz314STL Goalie Central Prospect
1433 YupBill3rs YupBill3rs Left Defense East Amateur
1434 Marktsib marktsib Right Defense East Veteran
1435 NC-Clampz NC-Clampz Left Wing East Prospect
1436 JCpens22 Jcpens22 Left Wing East Veteran
1437 believe_vlady believe_vlady Goalie East Veteran
1438 A1-Rapada-Beast- A1-Rapada-Beast- Right Wing West Amateur
1439 A-OVIII A-OVIII Center East Amateur
1440 PatriotXp PatriotXp Goalie Central Veteran
1441 CGH CGH_55 Right Defense Central Veteran
1442 MattAdoresDanna MattAdoresDanna Left Defense East Veteran
1443 Bepoleon x9-bxdxrd-8x Center West Prospect
1444 Yall Truly yalltruly Left Defense Central Veteran
1445 jjdomZ jjdomZ Center East Draft Pick
1446 xReim-- xReim-- Right Wing East Draft Pick
1447 Mxzzin Mxzzin Left Defense East Veteran
1448 Flapshot9 Flapshot9 Right Wing Central Prospect
1449 DbxSwanson DbxSwanson Goalie Central Veteran
1450 YuNgWuN413 YuNgWuN413 Left Defense East Veteran
1451 xARMYYY_ xARMYYY_ Left Defense East Amateur
1452 artdv120 artdv120 Left Wing West Veteran
1453 Frizyal8er Frizyal8er Right Defense East Amateur
1454 ncs220 ncs220 Left Wing East Amateur
1455 SyNS x Crusade SyNSxCrusade Right Wing West Veteran
1456 Bear_Bear_ttv Bear_Bear_ttv Center East Prospect
1457 Jinglebells96 Jinglebells96 Left Wing East Amateur
1458 Buckeyes2525 Buckeyes2525 Right Defense East Veteran
1459 Fedorov91X Fedorov91x Goalie East Veteran
1460 KnightLax27 KnightLax27 Left Defense East Amateur
1461 l Careen l Careen-- Goalie East Amateur
1462 GuruGreg x79 GuruGreg79 Center East Amateur
1463 BRIEREx Briere-- Right Defense East Veteran
1464 Desyd19 Desyy-_- Right Defense East Veteran
1465 Jacob_TheGoat Jacob_TheGoat Right Wing East Prospect
1466 x-Sin1ster x-Sin1ster Left Wing East Veteran
1467 Saucenikov Saucenikov Right Wing East Veteran
1468 X_Pat-King_X X_Pat-King_X Left Defense East Prospect
1469 DumbSon1 DumbSon1 Right Wing West Prospect
1470 NoScxpe96 NoScxpe96 Left Wing East Veteran
1471 Hacker49 Hacker49 Right Wing East Prospect
1472 rharmer3 rharmer3 Left Defense East Veteran
1473 C BRUINS 7 C_BRUINS_20 Left Wing East Draft Pick
1474 CrashMan67 xCrashMan67x Right Wing East Veteran
1475 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie East Veteran
1476 ICxrdiI ICxrdiI Left Wing East Veteran
1477 BeasT_RickO_Qc BeasT_RickO_Qc Right Defense East Veteran
1478 Poit77 Poit77 Left Wing East Amateur
1479 xLoyalty96 xLoyalty96 Left Wing East Veteran
1480 Deman7302 Deman7302 Center East Veteran
1481 Kalvinator95 Kalvinator95 Right Wing East Veteran
1482 KNAAKTRICK KNAAKTRiCK Right Wing Central Prospect
1483 phenom2kewl phenom2kewl Right Defense East Amateur
1484 eaglehawk2014 eaglehawk2014 Right Defense East Veteran
1485 Cxdizzle-_ xCodizz Center East Amateur
1486 Reversel3lumpkin Reversel3lumpkin Left Defense East Prospect
1487 The-TrollToll The-TrollToll Left Defense East Prospect
1488 gunass0910 gunass0910 Center East Veteran
1489 Duval_blooded Duval_blooded Right Defense Central Amateur
1490 jfreitas66 jfreitas66 Left Wing East Prospect
1491 slamoureux1984 slam6996 Center East Amateur
1492 Brandongray17 Brandongray17 Left Defense East Amateur
1493 patrickisonfire patrickisonfire Left Defense East Amateur
1494 sbahog sbahog Goalie East Prospect
1495 DirtyDanglez-88 DirtyDanglez-88 Left Wing East Amateur
1496 big_orca_killa93 ItzOrca93 Left Defense Central Veteran
1497 PufferM PufferM Goalie East Amateur
1499 jasonw1978 jasonw1978 Right Wing East Amateur
1500 Sadtech0 Sadtech0 Goalie Central Amateur
1501 M-Yorkiee M-Yorkiee Right Defense East Veteran
1502 Slickwfs19 Slickwfs19 Left Defense East Amateur
1503 TheyCallMeSims TheyCallMeSims Center East Prospect
1504 Tyleroth Tyleroth Goalie Central Veteran
1505 CaptainCarter45 CaptainCarter45 Right Wing Central Amateur
1506 l3Knott l3Knott Goalie Central Veteran
1507 smokiebear421 PR7_Smoke Right Wing East Prospect
1508 BaRtMaN42008 BaRtMaN42008 Goalie East Amateur
1509 xINNUxWaRRioR27 xINNUxWaRRioR27 Center East Amateur
1510 Alivemn Alivemn Center Central Prospect
1511 HanBananaman HanBananaman Left Defense East Prospect
1512 Figure-it-outQc XxTabarnakQCxX Right Wing East Prospect
1513 JGod350 JGod350 Right Wing East Amateur
1514 yanyboy yanyboy Goalie East Amateur
1515 Sebas33_Qc Sebas33_Qc Left Wing East Prospect
1516 Madmaxmorris91 Madmaxmorris91 Center Central Amateur
1517 Shawn1593 Shawn1593 Right Wing West Prospect
1518 Diogo_723 Diogo_723 Right Wing East Prospect
1519 Imperial_Blaze94 Imperial_Blaze94 Center East Amateur
1520 Fine_Wine69 Fine_Wine69 Left Wing East Amateur
1521 van_der_Heide van_der_Heide Center East Prospect
1522 mistejess mistejess Right Defense East Amateur
1523 EL_R_O_O_K_I_E EL_R_O_O_K_I_E Right Wing East Prospect
1524 jonny__ross jonny__ross Right Defense East Veteran
1525 twnsPepsi twnsPepsi Left Wing East Veteran
1526 Sniping_boy91 Sniping_boy91 Right Wing East Prospect
1527 UnCUNPHE-DUNPHE UnCUNPHE-DUNPHE Left Defense East Prospect
1528 Jesta_Actual Jesta_Actual Left Defense East Prospect
1529 TRllPP TRllPP Center East Amateur
1530 RUSH_MP RUSH_MP Right Defense East Prospect
1531 LANARKBOY LANARKBOY Center East Prospect
1532 Mxrshmalo Mxrshmalo Left Wing East Prospect
1533 Hemmer083 Hemmer083 Left Wing East Amateur
1534 C-LAND_THE_BOSS C-LAND_THE_BOSS Goalie East Prospect
1535 El-Baxxter El-Baxxter Goalie East Veteran
1536 TheRealDrPork TheRealDrPork Right Defense East Draft Pick
1537 mythic_stick mythic_stick Right Wing East Prospect
1538 Cartier_Xo Cartier_Xo Goalie West Prospect
1539 Couture53 Couture53 Right Wing East Veteran
1540 innuass Lyubushkin-_-91 Right Defense East Prospect
1541 JRM-10- JRM-10- Right Defense Central Amateur
1542 Lil_Andrew Lil_Andrew Right Wing West Veteran
1543 G_bone8 G_bone8 Left Wing East Prospect
1544 zZubee- zZubee- Right Defense East Amateur
1545 CAPTHAGOAT-_- CAPTHAGOAT-_- Goalie East Prospect
1546 DaBirdMan27 DaBirdMan27 Goalie East Veteran
1547 CrypticHusk3r CrypticHusk3r Left Defense Central Amateur
1548 bwubzz bwubzz Right Defense East Veteran
1549 Dw_rocket Dw_rocket Left Wing East Prospect
1550 BCEPlaya3220 BCEPlaya3220 Center East Amateur
1551 Anthonyd8616 Anthonyd1686 Right Wing East Amateur
1552 BlaznZigZagz420 BlaznZigZagz420 Right Defense East Amateur
1553 BKing_315 BKing_315 Right Wing East Amateur
1554 mitchdabigfoot39 mitchdabigfoot39 Center East Amateur
1555 GeneralStefano GeneralStefano Right Defense East Prospect
1556 Squeegydingers87 Squeegydingers87 Right Wing East Prospect
1557 Fake-_-Nate Fake-_-Nate Right Defense East Draft Pick
1558 IlI2PACIlI IlI2PACIlI Right Wing East Draft Pick
1559 Dacrewzzzz Dacrewzzzz Right Wing Central Amateur
1560 CASNAW__88 CASNAW__88 Right Wing West Prospect
1561 BLuuRy_sPh BLuuRy_sPh Left Wing East Draft Pick
1562 ZeDev92 ZeDev92 Left Defense East Amateur
1563 mattyallstar94 mattyallstar94 Center East Veteran
1564 Beened Beened Right Defense East Veteran
1565 Kyle2771 BarDownBarzal_13 Left Wing West Amateur
1566 Young Nutt YoungNuttt34 Left Wing Central Amateur
1567 Stoss x 44 xStoss Center East Veteran
1568 Dunce_A_Tron3000 Dunce_A_Tron3000 Right Wing East Amateur
1569 x-Saindou-l89l x-Saindou-l89l Right Defense East Draft Pick
1570 iTzDeezNutz- iTzDeezNutz- Goalie East Veteran
1571 bmore_80 bmore_80 Center East Amateur
1572 ClutchDaddy91 ClutchDaddy91 Right Wing East Veteran
1573 xDelee xDelee Goalie East Veteran
1574 Cam0_1124 Cam0_1124 Goalie East Amateur
1575 UncleDarly33 UncleDarly33 Goalie East Prospect
1576 vBLacKzz-_ vBLacKzz-_ Right Wing East Amateur
1577 ReeseNHL BakedTendy88 Goalie Central Prospect
1578 hickseytricks44 hickseytricks44 Goalie East Prospect
1579 Sinicalhiphop Sinicalhiphop Left Wing East Prospect
1580 imfreakingout imfreakingout Center East Amateur
1581 SynCraftrz SynCraftrz Right Defense East Amateur
1582 HooFooXIII HooXIII Left Defense Central Veteran
1583 Tokie-toke_19 Tokie-toke_19 Center East Amateur
1584 eastons- eastons- Left Wing West Veteran
1585 Scubasteve41111 Scubasteve41111 Right Defense East Amateur
1586 UnboGazebo UnboGazebo Right Defense East Veteran
1587 havlat havlat Left Wing West Amateur
1588 Da1Sleez Da1Sleez Left Defense Central Amateur
1589 Pxrfetti91- Pxrfetti91- Center East Amateur
1590 Pezdemic Pezdemic Center West Veteran
1591 lxfukitol85xl lxfukitol85xl Left Wing East Prospect
1592 Ace33420 Ace33420 Left Defense East Prospect
1593 King_Morrow King_Morrow Left Defense East Amateur
1594 yorsini07 yorsini07 Right Wing East Veteran
1595 CyberPunk_2178 CyberPunk_2178 Left Wing East Amateur
1596 LetherB_Carnage LetherB_Carnage Left Wing Central Veteran
1597 davyl4 davyl4 Left Wing East Veteran
1598 JEDIqc JEDIqc Right Defense East Veteran
1599 AyoMoran AyoMoran Center East Veteran
1600 JellyFamBrandon- JellyFamBrandon- Left Wing East Prospect
1601 three_eleven07 three_eleven07 Left Wing Central Veteran
1602 JxBx1891 JxBx1891 Goalie East Veteran
1603 JEDI-INFIDEL JEDI-INFIDEL Right Wing East Amateur
1604 Best_in_Ottawa Best_in_Ottawa Left Defense East Veteran
1605 matz0622 matz0622 Right Defense Central Veteran
1606 Duchesne x10 Duchesne_x_10 Right Wing East Veteran
1607 FRANKIE__ FRANKIE__ Right Wing East Amateur
1608 PerfectSkillz_Qc PerfectSkillz_Qc Right Wing East Veteran
1609 SerialThriller53 SerialThriller53 Left Defense East Amateur
1610 Chibss93 Chibss93 Right Defense East Amateur
1611 Pavelbarber88 Pavelbarber88 Right Defense East Amateur
1612 Henris09 Henris09 Right Wing East Prospect
1613 polarbears30 polarbears30 Goalie East Amateur
1614 GhostxBearx GhostxBearx Left Wing East Veteran
1615 Brydxn Brydxn Right Defense East Veteran
1616 DREAMEATERdnb DREAM-LXIX Right Defense East Prospect
1617 Brobskie- Brobskie- Goalie East Amateur
1618 Styles007 Styles007 Right Wing East Amateur
1619 Chearthquake Chearthquake Left Defense East Veteran
1620 SP33DY_SENS SP33DY_SENS Left Wing East Amateur
1621 Mcisaac81 Duckyz-_-2010 Goalie East Prospect
1622 No_Reguard No_Reguard Right Wing East Prospect
1623 Elfauxmexican Elfauxmexican Left Wing East Prospect
1624 TheIronThronee TheIronThronee Left Defense East Prospect
1625 xXHAYDENXx70 xXHAYDENXx70 Goalie East Prospect
1626 cokmills spencersewell10 Center Central Amateur
1627 X_nuge93_x X_nuge93_x Center East Draft Pick
1628 ASAPBenji- ASAPBenji- Right Defense East Veteran
1629 ImYxcky ImYxcky Left Wing Central Amateur
1630 J-yardy J-yardy Left Defense East Veteran
1631 Leafs780 Lucky_Irish780 Right Defense Central Veteran
1632 Treebark-- Treebark-- Goalie East Prospect
1633 Derrick713mx Derrick713mx Right Wing Central Prospect
1634 Thibodeau_l21l Thibodeau_l21l Center East Veteran
1635 sicilianfinest9 sicilianfinest9 Goalie East Prospect
1636 JP10 JP10 Center Central Amateur
1637 Terror-72 Terror-72 Goalie West Prospect
1638 HelenCheller-_- HelenCheller-_- Right Defense West Draft Pick
1639 lastingimpact lastingimpact Goalie East Amateur
1640 jwwhorn jwwhorn Right Defense East Prospect
1641 ReVerZeTwisT ReVerZeTwisT Right Wing East Prospect
1642 Thomps79 xGtt52 Center East Veteran
1643 Brenmasta- Brenmasta- Right Wing East Draft Pick
1644 GunnarWulf GunnarWulf Left Wing Central Amateur
1645 F0G 19 F0G19- Right Wing East Veteran
1646 Sakxc- Sakxc- Center East Amateur
1647 Heatmiser47 Heatmiser47 Left Defense East Prospect
1648 MrMorgan31 MrMorgan31 Right Defense East Veteran
1649 Karlssxn Karlssxn Right Defense East Veteran
1650 Kebec-Gamer Kebec-Gamer Right Wing East Veteran
1651 AssRanchero AssRanchero Left Wing East Amateur
1652 Yournewstepdad95 MeanDeanGaming Right Defense West Prospect
1653 iMurphy757 iMurphy757 Left Defense East Amateur
1654 Stefanrepsmn Stefanrepsmn Left Wing Central Prospect
1655 Norris Dud DudNastyy Left Defense East Veteran
1656 Jayareg79 Jayareg79 Left Wing Central Prospect
1657 Captain-Couch13 Captain-Couch13 Center Central Prospect
1658 Eh_SO_TeRiC Eh_SO_TeRiC Left Wing East Amateur
1659 T_MACK19 TMAC19 Right Wing East Prospect
1660 ZOMBOY191 ZOMBOY191 Right Wing East Veteran
1661 Buky_2 Buky_2 Right Defense West Amateur
1662 Springdogg Springdogg Left Wing Central Amateur
1663 XxPasTrnack88 XxPasTrnack88 Right Defense Central Veteran
1664 GasmanGoodro814 GasmanGoodro814 Left Wing East Prospect
1665 Angl3dangle_ the_ANGLE_-_ Goalie Central Amateur
1666 DJ4040 DJU4040 Left Defense East Veteran
1667 Brandflakes29 Brandflakes29 Center East Amateur
1668 xXReikyosXx xXReikyosXx Left Wing East Prospect
1669 Schutempo Schutempo Right Defense Central Veteran
1670 IN8Gaming IN8Gaming Center Central Amateur
1671 KROFTONITE KROFTONITE Left Wing East Veteran
1672 LxckSuperSoaker LxckSuperSoaker Right Wing East Veteran
1673 KrazyKritter17 KrazyKritter17 Left Wing Central Amateur
1674 Khalistany Khalistanx84 Left Defense West Prospect
1675 Gladulxv Gladulxv Right Wing East Veteran
1676 D3S7R0Y3RZ_FTW D3S7R0Y3RZ_FTW Right Wing East Amateur
1677 Lamberttt91 Lamberttt91 Right Defense East Amateur
1678 Venturella17 ItzVench412 Left Wing East Amateur
1679 BasiTheDemon BasiTheDemon Right Wing West Veteran
1680 BROSKI_002 Brxseph-_ Right Wing Central Veteran
1681 xShoot_N_Scores xShoot_N_Scores Left Wing Central Veteran
1682 Akonvict21 Akonvict21 Center East Veteran
1683 Hyfro Hyfro Left Wing East Amateur
1684 Champion35302 Champion35302 Right Wing East Amateur
1685 weekeeteekee28 weekeeteekee28 Right Wing East Amateur
1686 Gunitdex Gunitdex Right Wing East Veteran
1687 Gravelio Gravelio Center East Veteran
1688 theman0305 theman0305 Left Wing East Prospect
1689 ultimate0joe ultimate0joe Left Defense Central Prospect
1690 l DEANOO l ImDeanoo- Goalie East Amateur
1691 TKO_13__ TKO_13__ Right Wing West Veteran
1692 SirLandshark SirLandshark Left Defense East Prospect
1693 Pequeno-c4 Pequeno-c4 Left Defense East Amateur
1694 Young_nnuT Young_nnuT Left Wing East Prospect
1695 madmorf madmorf Goalie East Amateur
1696 POISON_RAGE_4 POISON_RAGE_4 Right Wing East Prospect
1697 MikeK59 MikeK59 Right Defense East Veteran
1698 Brock_Fraser34 Brock_Fraser34 Goalie East Prospect
1699 Mrkane2u88 Mrkane2u88 Right Wing Central Amateur
1700 BR3Wx25 BR3Wx25 Left Wing East Amateur
1701 Mxkar_8 PnK6___23 Goalie East Prospect
1702 joebroni_ joebroni_ Left Defense East Veteran
1703 NiineOne NiineOneTF Left Wing West Amateur
1704 kslay718 kslay718 Right Defense East Prospect
1705 Mitchellspinks Mitchellspinks Right Defense Central Amateur
1706 Astrrro-_7 Astrrro-_7 Left Wing Central Veteran
1707 l Ringy l97l xRingyy Center East Veteran
1708 Rantalion34 Rantalion34 Right Defense West Veteran
1709 Hainesy1291 Hainesy1291 Left Wing East Amateur
1710 Jmoneypreludesi Jmoneypreludesi Left Wing East Veteran
1711 spudsmcnuffy spudsmcnuffy Left Wing East Prospect
1712 Greeno1822 Greeno1822 Left Defense East Veteran
1713 Bradtheburger Bradtheburger Goalie East Prospect
1714 Dona_tello Dona_tello Right Wing East Amateur
1715 Sir_Nibblesalot Sir_Nibblesalot Left Defense East Amateur
1716 Showtime-_-Loony Showtime-_-Loony Left Wing East Prospect
1717 packman488 packman488 Center East Amateur
1718 Getlivebaby getlivebaby Left Defense East Amateur
1719 NColby05_TTV NColby05_TTV Goalie East Veteran
1720 thekiller9879 Itz-_2_-Easy Right Defense East Veteran
1721 MutiiD MutiiD Right Defense East Veteran
1722 IM__ALZ IM__ALZ Right Defense East Draft Pick
1723 I Kessel x 81 l Kess_x81 Right Wing East Veteran
1724 Stxtzle18- Stxtzle18- Right Defense East Amateur
1725 TwinsFans7 TwinsFans7 Right Defense Central Amateur
1726 III H4nz0 III thirty-_-rounds Right Wing East Draft Pick
1727 Impactplayer06 Impactplayer06 Goalie East Veteran
1728 xtoasty92x xtoasty92x Center East Veteran
1729 Dizzybone24 dizzybone24 Goalie East Prospect
1730 Paradis-7117 Paradis-7117 Right Wing East Veteran
1731 ZachJpQc ZachJpQc Left Wing East Amateur
1732 Zachjeet ZachMann_ Right Wing West Veteran
1733 Jxsse-21 Jxsse-21 Right Wing East Veteran
1734 DOIT933 DOIT933 Right Wing East Prospect
1735 LilChapy LilChapy Right Wing East Amateur
1736 ErasedWavy ErasedWavy Right Wing East Amateur
1737 Intro9999 Intro9999 Center East Veteran
1738 PerryI10I PerryI10I Left Wing Central Prospect
1739 CorSnortzky CorSnortzky Right Wing East Veteran
1740 Show-Tiime92 Show-Tiime92 Goalie West Prospect
1741 IISxNtxJxGy29II IISxNtxJxGy29II Goalie East Amateur
1742 Tropics_White Tropics_White Left Defense Central Draft Pick
1743 Diizzyy420 Diizzyy420 Right Wing West Veteran
1744 HajiStax HajiStax Center West Amateur
1745 kyleparks22 kyleparks22 Left Wing East Amateur
1746 OzzunEight OzzunEight Right Wing East Prospect
1747 Xhenutsx Xhenutsx Right Wing East Prospect
1748 N3WTXWN_12 N3WTXWN_12 Right Defense East Amateur
1749 Bang-Chui-Mort Bang-Chui-Mort Left Wing East Prospect
1750 Esiasonfan chokhan_mai-wang Right Defense Central Amateur
1751 Nyg1227 Nyg1227 Left Defense East Amateur
1752 SheilaTequila_- SheilaTequila_- Goalie East Prospect
1753 BEOJR09_ BEOJR09_ Goalie East Prospect
1754 JayQue87 JayQue87 Right Defense Central Amateur
1755 Runny_Beck Runny_Beck Center East Prospect
1756 laydownfool61 laydown61 Center East Veteran
1757 lxGloryxl lxGloryxl Left Wing East Veteran
1758 Damorien Damorien Left Defense East Amateur
1759 The_Canadian777 The_Canadian777 Left Wing East Veteran
1760 Bobrxvsky- Bobrxvsky- Goalie East Veteran
1761 Ace-0666- Ace-0666- Right Defense East Prospect
1762 Mahon_SoLo Mahon_SoLo Right Defense East Veteran
1763 sausaucer_16 sausaucer_16 Center Central Amateur
1764 x_Nuggy_x x_Nuggy_x Goalie East Amateur
1765 Neverforgotten11 Neverforgotten11 Left Wing East Amateur
1766 Cedrostar76 Cedrostar76 Left Defense Central Amateur
1767 Dezzy894 Dezzy894 Left Wing West Prospect
1768 Fatt_Sajak Fatt_Sajak Goalie East Veteran
1769 Kojakle16 Kojakle16 Right Wing Central Veteran
1770 xxBert- xxBert- Center East Amateur
1771 xFIow-_- xFIow-_- Left Wing Central Veteran
1772 S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E Left Defense East Amateur
1773 Arrowhunter14 Arrowhunter14 Center East Amateur
1774 x_Jedi_x420 x_Jedi_x420 Left Wing Central Veteran
1775 Skyllasn Skyllasn Right Defense East Amateur
1776 Sinihockey SiniHockey Right Wing West Amateur
1777 TK_I98I TK_I98I Left Defense Central Veteran
1778 LeBenderDefender LeBenderDefender Left Defense Central Amateur
1779 PhocaVitulina20 PhocaVitulina20 Right Defense Central Veteran
1780 Captain_FookBoy Captain_FookBoy Right Wing Central Amateur
1781 TMoreau18 TMoreau18 Center East Amateur
1782 Gametime2334262 Gametimebot1234 Right Wing East Amateur
1783 KimOPereZ KimOPereZ Left Defense East Veteran
1784 ThugHughes ThugHughes Left Defense East Veteran
1785 Kellpapi Kellpapi Left Wing East Amateur
1786 jefferyhammond The-Hambone-11 Left Defense Central Prospect
1787 Knights29 Knights29 Left Defense East Veteran
1788 ObliviousLAX ObliviousLAX Right Defense Central Amateur
1789 Killingit420 Killingit420 Right Wing East Amateur
1790 oneeye15 oneeye15 Center West Veteran
1791 KruKiD42o KruKiD42o Right Wing West Prospect
1792 lizotte1104 lizotte1104 Left Defense East Amateur
1793 Burbinex19 Burbinex19 Center East Prospect
1794 Crazyflame29 Crazyflame29 Left Wing East Amateur
1795 Lannister_bro Lannister_bro Left Defense East Veteran
1796 x_-NuCkZy-_x x_-NuCkZy-_x Center East Veteran
1797 x4HxPESTILENCEx x4HxPESTILENCEx Left Defense East Veteran
1798 GucciPayne69 xCEOGUCCIx Left Wing East Prospect
1799 X_Bergeron37_X X_Bergeron37_X Left Wing East Prospect
1800 Rockxt 5 JusDePomme_aha Right Wing East Veteran
1801 RLynds1 rlnz1_ Right Wing East Amateur
1802 Five-Holez Five-Holez Right Wing East Veteran
1803 sLiiilVle sLiiilVle Center East Veteran
1804 NotGruetz NotGruetz Left Wing Central Veteran
1805 Sorrow_Scavenger Sorrow_Scavenger Right Defense East Amateur
1806 HitByTheBest95 HitByTheBest95 Left Defense East Veteran
1807 ItsbOnG42o ItsbOnG42o Left Wing Central Amateur
1808 BarDownNinja BarDownNinja Left Defense East Veteran
1809 Dramac6969 Dramac6969 Right Wing East Amateur
1810 Kerrobert9 Kerrobert9 Left Defense Central Amateur
1811 TokeNxstyy TokeNxsty Center East Amateur
1812 ShallowsFPS ShallowsFPS Right Defense East Prospect
1813 DocHolliday2681 DocHolliday2681 Right Wing East Prospect
1814 oFlxcka oFlxcka Right Defense West Veteran
1815 Oakley1169 Oakley1169 Right Wing East Amateur
1816 Doc_Peep Doc_Peep Goalie Central Veteran
1817 Siapaaah Siapaaah Right Wing East Amateur
1818 Djnel2011 Dj_Kurosaki_ Left Defense Central Veteran
1819 Lock3rs420 Lock3rs420 Left Defense East Prospect
1820 JDilla25 JDilla25 Center East Prospect
1821 hockeygeorge95 hockeygeorge95 Center East Amateur
1822 Hxndry HxndryWRLD Left Wing Central Veteran
1823 TheKaner_ TheKaner_ Right Wing East Veteran
1824 l-Rxcky-l l-Rxcky-l Left Wing East Veteran
1825 Therealpolopolo Therealpolopolo Right Defense East Veteran
1826 TANk_575 TANK_575 Left Defense East Amateur
1827 screamAIM_FIREx screamAIM_FIREx Left Wing East Veteran
1828 missRogue__ missRogue__ Goalie West Veteran
1829 RDLacsy78 RDLacsy78 Left Defense East Prospect
1830 KRONWALLED_55_ KRONWALLED_55_ Right Wing East Amateur
1831 buckybear88 buckybear88 Left Wing East Veteran
1832 VKDGalchy27 VKDGalchy27 Right Wing East Amateur
1833 snipindowntown snipindowntown Left Wing West Amateur
1834 shagged66 shagged66 Left Wing East Veteran
1835 Mcgsean Mcgsean Left Defense East Prospect
1836 Shanaykay18 Shanaykay18 Left Wing East Amateur
1837 XbuccsX XbuccsX Goalie East Amateur
1838 JasonL9850 JasonL9850 Goalie Central Amateur
1839 TBagSandwiches TBSandwiches Center East Amateur
1840 HemiSRT8-392 HemiSRT8-392 Left Defense West Amateur
1841 russianphenom16 russianphenom16 Left Wing West Amateur
1842 OGKing6371 Blohmer69 Left Wing East Amateur
1843 lISCOOPYIl lISCOOPYIl Left Defense East Amateur
1844 KinGDooGi KinGDooGi Left Wing East Amateur
1845 J Peeace JPeeace Right Wing Central Veteran
1846 xSnipeSter xSnipeSter Right Wing East Veteran
1847 jayyyyb23 jayyyyb23 Goalie East Veteran
1848 tiguy022 tiguy022 Left Wing East Prospect
1849 Duce2020 Duce2020 Left Defense East Amateur
1850 MickeyPizzazz MickeyPizzazz Left Wing Central Prospect
1851 Schmidty34_ Schmidty34_ Left Wing East Prospect
1852 Bugsyl17l Bugsyl17l Left Defense East Veteran
1853 LayingTinyPipe LayingTinyPipe Right Wing East Amateur
1854 AJota1112 AJota1112 Center East Amateur
1855 Mjvoell44 Mjvoell44 Left Wing East Veteran
1856 dboot90 dboot90 Center East Amateur
1857 Watrbouy Watrbouy Left Defense West Amateur
1858 Pagzz-- Pagzz-- Right Wing East Amateur
1859 Jmonster5678 Jmonster5678 Left Defense East Amateur
1860 Saucelife67 Saucelife67 Right Wing East Draft Pick
1861 portis72 portis72 Right Defense East Prospect
1862 NateJones-_- NateJones-_- Left Wing Central Veteran
1863 TheNotoriousNHL TheNotoriousNHL Right Wing East Veteran
1864 fredpel7 fredpel7 Left Defense East Prospect
1865 Tantillo818 Tantillo818 Left Defense East Amateur
1866 LUCKY88711 LUCKY88711 Left Wing Central Amateur
1867 IVIaitre_Yoda IVIaitre_Yoda Goalie East Amateur
1868 Tcole1313 Tcole1313 Left Wing East Amateur
1869 akaChomi akaChomi Right Defense East Prospect
1870 GhostReaper0609 GhostReaper0609 Left Wing East Prospect
1871 Tekziy Tekziy Left Defense East Amateur
1872 X_Masse83_X X_Masse83_X Right Defense East Veteran
1873 B-RANDOM206 B-RANDOM206 Center West Prospect
1874 tball619 tball619 Left Defense Central Veteran
1875 ApexPredator724 ApexPredator724 Right Wing East Veteran
1876 Mitch Mitch2129 Right Defense East Amateur
1877 Andrew_1up Andrew_1up Right Wing East Amateur
1878 xWeatherBoyx xWeatherBoyx Left Wing East Prospect
1879 xKLuTchDoLphiNx xKLuTchDoLphiNx Right Defense Central Veteran
1880 cLaPPxD MuskwaTTV Right Wing West Veteran
1881 ShrEd_Slice ShrEd_Slice Left Wing East Amateur
1882 mcleve913 Mcleve913 Center East Prospect
1883 TWild10 TWild10 Right Wing East Prospect
1884 greatscottie greatscottie Left Defense East Prospect
1885 JJ_Hilly JJ_Hilly Right Wing East Veteran
1886 jovoy_Qc jovoy_Qc Goalie East Prospect
1887 LikeOrigami LikeOrigami Right Wing East Prospect
1888 ArticWolfking ArticWolfking Goalie East Prospect
1889 FrymanJR02 FrymanJR02 Goalie West Prospect
1890 Myq MyqGoat Left Wing East Prospect
1891 KiddSageOfficial KiddSageOfficial Goalie West Prospect
1892 MrBaconBankai MrBaconBankai Left Wing East Prospect
1893 xMGZY xMGZY Center East Prospect
1894 Reshuffled Reshuffled Center East Veteran
1895 jpc77ttv jpc77ttv Goalie West Prospect
1896 Rashcolton45 Rashcolton45 Goalie East Amateur
1897 Stag_Arms-USA Stag_Arms-USA Right Wing East Amateur
1898 TIMBOGY TIMBOGY Left Defense East Amateur
1899 KamikaZeSlapshOt KamikaZeSlapshOt Left Wing East Amateur
1900 JTootoo22- JTootoo22- Right Defense East Amateur
1901 StonewallSieve StonewallSieve Goalie East Veteran
1902 Sedinpower tlance05 Right Defense East Veteran
1903 Chigurh_Soze_ Chigurh_Soze_ Right Defense East Prospect
1904 all_about_green all_about_green Center East Veteran
1905 DarkkerDaze DarkkerDaze Right Defense East Amateur
1906 Tuck1515 Tuck1515 Goalie East Prospect
1907 Heqld Heqld Left Wing East Veteran
1908 Notorious250 Notorious250 Left Defense Central Veteran
1909 OSUbucks47 OSUbucks47 Right Defense East Prospect
1910 thisgameiseasy thisgameiseasy Right Defense East Prospect
1911 ndirishman22 ndirishman22 Left Defense East Amateur
1912 QC-BARBEY QC-BARBEY Left Wing East Amateur
1913 vvMcLovin vvMcLovin Center East Amateur
1914 boonewb boonewb Right Defense East Prospect
1915 ImFidelCashflow ImFidelCashflow Right Defense East Prospect
1916 Oddzy_96 Oddzy_96 Left Wing East Amateur
1917 Hypnxtiikz Hypnxtiikz Left Defense West Veteran
1918 Muttly-Magoo Muttly-Magoo Goalie East Amateur
1919 ryanwashere78 ryanwashere78 Left Defense East Veteran
1920 SENKOxi91i SENKOxi91i Right Wing East Amateur
1922 HIDEnP33KnSNEEK HIDEnP33KnSNEEK Right Defense West Amateur
1923 wkory wkory Center Central Amateur
1924 stl710goon stl710goon Center Central Amateur
1925 Sens-army-68 Sens-army-68 Right Wing East Veteran
1926 taco132 taco132 Left Defense East Amateur
1927 Mxeric17 Mxeric17 Left Defense Central Amateur
1928 Tommyallidoiswin Tommyallidoiswin Center Central Veteran
1929 tabbs85 tabbs85 Goalie East Veteran
1930 TheDrixMeister TheDrixMeister Right Defense East Amateur
1931 grosbeeer26 grobeer26 Left Wing East Amateur
1932 Chive123 Chive123 Right Wing West Amateur
1933 Heatshow19 Heatshow19 Right Wing East Amateur
1934 CypinaxTTV Cypinaxttv Goalie East Prospect
1935 Jthersch16 Jthersch16 Left Defense Central Amateur
1936 Jtc3328 Jtc3328 Center East Amateur
1937 J_Gedds J_Gedds Right Wing East Prospect
1938 MnMz24 MnMz24 Left Defense West Amateur
1939 Oranges OrangesForHands Right Defense Central Amateur
1940 robodaman85 robodaman85 Goalie Central Prospect
1941 Murbayn Murbayn Goalie East Veteran
1942 MathLav27 MathLav27 Left Wing East Draft Pick
1943 alboys22 alboys22 Right Wing Central Prospect
1944 Royalkc85 Royalkc85 Left Defense Central Veteran
1945 defty_lefty defty_lefty Left Wing Central Veteran
1946 Double1116 Double1116 Right Wing East Amateur
1947 Smitty9314 Smitty9314 Left Defense Central Amateur
1948 RanchX41X RanchX41X Goalie East Veteran
1949 Horvxt- Horvxt- Center Central Veteran
1950 DustyGl0ve TheSnipeShow911 Goalie West Prospect
1951 EyeGreenOnYew EyeGreenOnYew Goalie East Prospect
1952 jacksdawgs jacksdawgs Goalie Central Veteran
1953 YourFriendBR BR-TheTendy Goalie East Veteran
1954 Webkinz_Drama Webkinz_Drama Center East Prospect
1955 Dahlin l7l Dahlinl7l Left Defense East Veteran
1956 Memento_Mori_814 Memento_Mori_814 Center East Amateur
1957 rocketspankie rocketspankie Goalie East Prospect
1958 PhilthethrilI PhilTheThrilI81 Left Defense East Veteran
1959 BR_Skully BR_Skully Left Wing East Veteran
1960 kushedout412 kushedout412 Right Wing East Veteran
1961 OhBakk OhBakk Right Defense East Veteran
1962 TennisTurkeyTrot TennisTurkeyTrot Goalie East Amateur
1963 Avez12 Avez_12 Left Wing Central Draft Pick
1964 svvisco svvisco Left Defense East Veteran
1965 TheSuperBongBros TheSuperBongBros Left Defense East Amateur
1966 BrandonUtd BrandonUtd Left Defense East Veteran
1967 jambo313 jambo313 Right Defense West Prospect
1968 Pixel_Pwn Pixel_Pwn Right Wing East Veteran
1969 OcEaNtOmBs55 Degravees55 Center East Veteran
1970 DUPERMAN13 DUPERMAN13 Left Defense East Veteran
1971 MurderMass86 MurderMass86 Left Defense East Veteran
1972 Fck_itsbingey Fck_itsbingey Left Wing West Amateur
1973 Vxsion x 12 vVxsion Center East Amateur
1974 McBangBang22 McBangBang22 Right Wing East Veteran
1975 Effect_Kmatt Effect_Kmatt Right Defense West Prospect
1976 Lt_Dans_Legs33 Lt_Dans_Legs33 Right Wing East Amateur
1977 Jevax Jevaxx Right Wing West Amateur
1978 WeekendNachos19 WeekendNachos19 Center East Amateur
1979 K X N E 8 8 K-X-N-E-8-8 Left Wing West Amateur
1980 The_Intersect68 The_Intersect68 Center East Prospect
1981 hockeyhockey789 hockeyhockey789 Right Wing West Amateur
1982 Flyeaglesfly2019 Flyeaglesfly2019 Goalie East Amateur
1983 Slabaugh04 Slabaugh04 Goalie East Prospect
1984 Cxaufy Cxaufy Left Wing East Prospect
1985 JustZhack JustZhack Left Wing East Prospect
1986 OilersFanEh OilersFanEh Goalie West Amateur
1987 SmittySieve SmittySieve Left Defense East Prospect
1988 TerryNoLOVEx Terry_No_LOVE Left Defense East Veteran
1989 GunitQC GunitQC Left Defense East Amateur
1990 x_ReAcTiiOnz_71 Rexcttz_ Right Defense East Veteran
1991 Kreaks_ Kreaks_ Right Defense East Veteran
1992 CGS_GARBO_69 CGS_GARBO_69 Right Defense East Prospect
1993 Patchh45 Patchh45- Center East Prospect
1994 vShot94 vShot19 Right Wing East Veteran
1995 SgtVandoos SgtVandoos Goalie East Veteran
1996 ledge424 ledge424 Right Defense East Amateur
1997 Papahingleyjr Papahingleyjr Right Defense East Prospect
1998 sweetlou-1st Sweetlou-1st Left Defense East Amateur
1999 Critch30 Critch30 Center East Amateur
2000 I--Ghosty--I I--Ghosty--I Right Wing East Veteran
2001 Leprechaunn_90 Leprechaunn_90 Right Wing East Amateur
2002 Sphyze-SZN Sphyze-SZN Right Wing East Draft Pick
2003 Elevate-SZN Elevate-SZN Right Defense East Veteran
2004 BroadwayCJ97 BroadwayCJ97 Right Defense East Veteran
2005 Fresher_than23 Fresher_than23 Left Wing East Veteran
2006 BloodDemon_9 BloodDemon_9 Right Wing East Veteran
2007 iTendy_- iTendy_- Goalie East Amateur
2008 West2point0 West2point0 Right Defense East Amateur
2009 CPT-3ITCH-BOY CPT-3ITCH-BOY Left Wing East Amateur
2010 ti-jake66 ti-jake66 Right Defense East Prospect
2011 DropkickTrissy DropkickTrissy Right Defense East Amateur
2012 Lojishen Lojishen Left Wing East Veteran
2013 Parzival_1397 Parzival_1397 Right Wing East Amateur
2014 Taso971 Taso971 Right Defense East Veteran
2015 NowYOUDoneit NowYOUDoneit Right Defense Central Prospect
2016 Grattzky Grattzky Center East Prospect
2017 ReDneK_ArMy ReDneK_ArMy Right Wing East Prospect
2018 Mythic_Shadow9 Mythic_Shadow9 Center West Amateur
2019 X-z3tt3rbergzz-X X-z3tt3rbergzz-X Right Defense East Prospect
2020 MaxAttack2119 MaxAttack2119 Right Wing East Amateur
2021 kdawg197999 kdawgnb79 Right Wing East Prospect
2022 fritolayguy fritolayguy Left Wing East Amateur
2023 DaGrOoT23 DaGrOoT23 Right Defense East Prospect
2024 Rannisto X 7 IbrahJR27 Left Wing East Prospect
2025 Lafleur-77- Lafleur-77- Right Defense East Amateur
2026 Marts79 Marts79 Goalie East Veteran
2027 Rxmanov-_-27 Rxmanov-_-27 Right Wing East Prospect
2028 TheDustyTrailz Arenadol28l Goalie East Amateur
2029 Battle-Lion- Battle-Lion- Goalie West Prospect
2030 Impulse4811 Impulse4811 Goalie East Prospect
2031 Zphilly12 Zphilly12 Left Defense Central Veteran
2032 NATIVEKARLSSON65 NATIVEKARLSSON65 Left Defense Central Prospect
2033 LAZEYE LAZEYE Center East Veteran
2034 Nitrameau Nitrameau Left Defense East Amateur
2035 xAmateur_Hour xAmateur_Hour Left Wing East Veteran
2036 xPhisty9x xPhisty9x Right Wing East Veteran
2037 PistolPete7788_ PistolPete7788__ Left Wing East Veteran
2038 Sniper0002014 Sniper0002014 Goalie East Amateur
2039 mattkiinnoo mattkiinnoo Right Wing East Veteran
2040 FUQT FUQT Center East Veteran
2041 Chamski_23 Chamski_23 Goalie East Veteran
2042 Maxx_20 Maxx_20 Right Defense East Veteran
2043 Yrakcaz Yrakcaz Right Defense Central Amateur
2044 Poum92 Poum92 Right Defense East Draft Pick
2045 X-Top_Garbage-X X-Top_Garbage-X Left Defense East Prospect
2046 EZJSkin-92 xJesseSkinner- Right Wing East Amateur
2047 TomTom18Qc TomTom18Qc Center East Prospect
2048 xFxExAxRx11 xFxExAxRx11 Right Wing Central Amateur
2049 lx_V1PER_xl lx_V1PER_xl Right Defense East Amateur
2050 Cbdpine Cbdpine Goalie Central Amateur
2051 CastroNY516 CastroNY516 Left Defense East Veteran
2052 B00radley420B B00radley420B Left Defense East Prospect
2053 FxtDino- FxtDino- Right Wing West Veteran
2054 AceRoyale- AceRoyale- Center East Veteran
2055 mjp71115 mjp71115 Center East Prospect
2056 Vrain91 Vrain91 Left Wing Central Veteran
2057 iDidIt4TheNooky iDidIt4TheNooky Right Defense West Prospect
2058 Besslah Besslahh Left Wing East Draft Pick
2059 McLxvinn McLxvinn- Center East Veteran
2060 Stun Gun thebrothers2000 Goalie East Prospect
2061 Serpentis97 Serpentis97 Right Defense East Prospect
2062 Colossal_Nacho Colossal_Nacho Goalie East Prospect
2063 JRush JRush Left Wing East Prospect
2064 EV0xGSR327 EV0xGSR327 Right Wing East Veteran
2065 ejanzen88 ejanzen88 Left Defense East Veteran
2066 Goalz_Mcoy Goalz_Mcoy Left Defense East Amateur
2067 Pipersluagh Pipersluagh Left Defense East Amateur
2068 Killacode228 Peppabrooks Right Wing East Prospect
2069 Babagunoosh989 Babagunoosh989 Left Defense Central Veteran
2070 New360Guy New360Guy Left Wing Central Amateur
2071 NMonk1247 NMonk1247 Left Defense East Amateur
2072 Freezer x 13 Freezxr_- Left Wing East Veteran
2073 Zetterhank40 Zetterhank40 Center East Prospect
2074 Salter19 Salter19 Left Wing East Prospect
2075 RyBudz RyBudz Goalie East Veteran
2076 Icewings9140 icewings9140 Right Wing East Prospect
2077 Mclarke323 Mclarke323 Right Defense East Amateur
2078 Friezen- Friezen- Left Defense East Amateur
2079 scottp114 scottp114 Right Wing East Prospect
2080 xkilluh95x xkilluh95x Goalie East Veteran
2081 Schreckxxy Schreckxxy Right Wing Central Prospect
2082 SovietBabushka- i3RODEUR Right Wing East Veteran
2083 Lunchboxhero_ LunchBoxHero_ Left Defense West Veteran
2084 Kilokahn__ Kilokahn__ Left Wing West Veteran
2085 Muise1993 Muise1993 Right Defense East Amateur
2086 MLG-Owen MLG-Owen Right Defense East Prospect
2087 buddha_chrome buddha_chrome Right Wing East Amateur
2088 xiRiSHxPLaYa xiRiSHxPLaYa Left Defense West Amateur
2089 fighting_sleep_ fighting_sleep_ Center East Amateur
2090 frogboyxd frogboyxd Center East Prospect
2091 ludmers ludmersl Right Wing East Amateur
2092 LeFournier LeFournier Center East Prospect
2093 T12FRED28 T12FRED28 Left Wing East Prospect
2094 Randymarsh2012 Randymarsh2012 Right Wing East Prospect
2095 CraftySnail68 CraftySnail68 Right Wing West Amateur
2096 ISpamL2onU19 ISpamL2onU19 Left Wing East Prospect
2097 ManbeastMARK ManbeastMARK Right Defense West Amateur
2098 Too_Splashy_Fo_U Suprxme4k Center East Amateur
2099 tkcoop tkcoop Left Defense East Prospect
2100 spaced42 spaced42 Right Defense Central Amateur
2101 petitfred312 petitfred312 Right Wing East Draft Pick
2102 JV_DANK_13 JV_DANK_13 Left Wing East Veteran
2103 FowuhI FowuhI Left Defense East Veteran
2104 Timmya1010 Timmya1010 Left Wing East Prospect
2105 Temp-509505 Temp-509505 Center East Prospect
2106 zxgras_l46l zxgras_l46l Right Wing Central Prospect
2107 NishFitzz NishFitzz Right Wing East Prospect
2108 Lilfutz Lilfutz Goalie East Amateur
2109 Markiiss ShxwGoesOn- Center East Veteran
2110 Texan_riot Texan_riot Right Defense Central Amateur
2111 Kittykid13 Kittykid13 Center East Prospect
2112 Bberg83 Bberg83 Left Defense East Amateur
2113 J89Wedra JWedgy Right Defense Central Amateur
2114 The_man_of_hour The_man_of_hour Left Wing East Prospect
2115 Papadamou_l88l Papadamou_l88l Left Wing East Veteran
2116 x-_YAMA_-x x-_YAMA_-x Right Wing East Prospect
2117 Enzo-eac Enzo-eac Left Defense East Prospect
2118 beckbronson beckbronson Right Defense East Veteran
2119 xKipp-- xKipp-- Right Defense East Amateur
2120 FrankieMutz FrankieMutz9 Right Wing East Amateur
2121 moustachetordu moustachetordu Right Defense East Amateur
2122 Cc_C4UFi3LD_cC Cc_C4UFi3LD_cC Left Wing East Amateur
2123 Jaypeetch Jaypeetch Right Defense East Veteran
2124 Ferret146 Ferret146 Left Defense East Veteran
2125 NaM_I97I NaM_I97I Right Wing East Prospect
2126 C_McDavid1997 C_McDavid1997 Right Wing West Prospect
2127 Aetherxal Aetherxal Right Wing East Veteran
2128 ReggaePlease Reggaeplease Left Defense East Veteran
2129 GreenMijo GreenMijo Center East Amateur
2130 Chieferr-- Chieferr-- Goalie East Veteran
2131 hockeyflow92 hockeyflow92 Right Defense East Draft Pick
2132 Pietrxngelo Pietro-_-Qc Right Defense East Amateur
2133 WutangCreamx0 WutangCreamx0 Goalie East Veteran
2134 OhCanada27 OhCanada27 Center East Veteran
2135 Jake GuentzeI xSaquon Right Wing East Amateur
2136 Brett_14x Brett_14x Left Defense Central Veteran
2137 Dbtp80 dbtp80 Goalie East Amateur
2138 IsaacRixon IsaacRixon- Right Defense East Amateur
2139 Bluuee-71 Bluuee-71 Right Defense East Veteran
2140 Rikplaysbass Rikplaysbass Left Defense East Amateur
2141 mxmeci mxmeci Right Defense East Prospect
2142 Dr3amGamingTTV Dr3amGamingTTV Left Wing East Veteran
2143 Serpe x 13 Serpe_x_13 Center Central Veteran
2144 DaBears_2323 DaBears_2323 Right Wing East Amateur
2145 xYammeRx xYammeRx Right Wing East Draft Pick
2146 zDoMiNuS-SaGe__ zDoMiNuS-SaGe__ Right Wing East Veteran
2147 perrysavage33 perrysavage33 Left Defense East Veteran
2148 Tqrqsenko Tqrqsenko Goalie East Amateur
2149 Tiernan2198 Tiernan2198 Right Defense East Prospect
2150 Daveyboy-189 Daveyboy-189 Left Wing East Amateur
2151 x13MapleChiefs34 x13MapleChiefs34 Left Wing East Amateur
2152 falkdaddy1 Falkdaddy1 Left Defense East Veteran
2153 Armenhammer905 Armenhammer905 Left Defense East Prospect
2154 AyeKeeks AyeKeeks Right Wing East Veteran
2155 Theos-_- Theos-_- Right Wing East Veteran
2156 KiloTangoTango KiloTangoTango Left Wing East Prospect
2157 In-Your-Six In-Your-Six Right Defense Central Amateur
2158 xiTz_McKenzie_-x xiTz_McKenzie_-x Right Wing East Amateur
2159 Joek1619 Joek1619 Goalie West Amateur
2160 GotATHaNASIOU gotathanasiou Right Defense East Veteran
2161 Ghosted8324 Ghosted8324 Goalie West Amateur
2162 Jenlocs Jenlocs Goalie West Veteran
2163 TTV_Bruins460 TTV_Bruins460 Center East Veteran
2164 Swiji- Swiji- Right Wing East Veteran
2165 Sepharah Sepharah Center East Prospect
2166 Marcolac2727 Marcolac2727 Right Wing East Prospect
2167 ItsNotEzPz ItsNotEzPz Left Wing West Amateur
2168 NeedATissuE23 NeedATissuE23 Goalie West Amateur
2169 Cxrnaqe Cxrnaqe Goalie East Veteran
2170 mcanadiens24 mcanadiens24 Left Defense East Veteran
2171 LegacyOfBean LegacyOfBean Goalie East Amateur
2172 Locust_Summit Locust_Summit Center East Prospect
2173 Catigory Catigory Center Veteran
2174 icy__vibez69 Dangle-city-boyz Center Central Prospect
2175 Rxmpxge44 Rxmpxge44 Right Defense East Prospect
2176 croft_da_kid croft_da_kid Right Wing East Prospect
2177 roy0rr roy0rr Goalie East Prospect
2178 DoNcEnZ13 DoNcEnZ13 Right Wing East Amateur
2179 UnkyWinks69 UnkyWinks69 Left Wing East Prospect
2180 BigMork BigMork Right Wing Central Prospect
2181 LtSplinter LtSplinter Left Wing Central Amateur
2182 AsianLover420__ AsianLover420__ Right Wing Central Prospect
2183 GunPowderNlead11 GunPowderNlead11 Left Defense East Amateur
2184 I_Can_Ball_19 I_Can_Ball_19 Center East Prospect
2185 itsgally itsgally Right Wing East Veteran
2186 Thebaldeagle69 Thebaldeagle69 Right Defense West Amateur
2187 CrucifiedCasto_ CrucifiedCasto_ Left Wing East Prospect
2188 sSacrifice sSacrifice_ Center East Amateur
2189 oilers1493 oilers1493 Left Wing West Prospect
2190 Benner77 Benner77 Left Wing East Amateur
2191 FOGDEVIL17 FOGDEVIL17 Left Wing East Amateur
2192 PlayBoiCenterSG- PlayBoiCenterSG- Right Wing East Veteran
2193 Nyboy914 Nyboy914 Center East Veteran
2194 nordet2 nordet2 Goalie East Veteran
2195 XotiicIX XotiicIX Goalie East Prospect
2196 DamilkMan596 DamilkMan596 Left Defense East Veteran
2197 Snake123436 Snake123436 Center East Prospect
2198 J_King342 J_King342 Goalie East Veteran
2199 Shaggy2448 Shaggy2448 Left Wing East Veteran
2200 Theburmeister94 Theburmeister94 Goalie East Prospect
2201 lastarnegserieu lastarnegserieu Center East Amateur
2202 xTeerzy66 xTeerzy66 Right Wing East Amateur
2203 Gio91502 Gio91502 Goalie East Prospect
2204 Nashersnipes15 Nashersnipes15 Center East Prospect
2205 Ninuch7 Ninuch7 Left Defense East Amateur
2206 WowMyNameIsTaken WowMyNameIsTaken Right Defense East Draft Pick
2207 Falzax Falzax Left Wing West Amateur
2208 Romanator30 Humble_Rome30 Left Defense East Amateur
2209 Coyotedave Coyotedave Left Defense East Prospect
2210 mikenaughty mikenaughty Right Defense East Veteran
2211 Spyking316 Spyking316 Left Wing Central Amateur
2212 sollymon65 sollymon65 Right Defense East Prospect
2213 sdex44 sdex44 Right Defense East Amateur
2214 Rivnasty Rivnasty Right Wing East Veteran
2215 IAmGreyGooseTTV IAmGreyGooseTTV Goalie East Prospect
2216 default888 default888 Right Defense East Prospect
2217 monokuuu monokuuu Right Defense East Amateur
2218 BucktacuIar BucktacuIar Goalie East Veteran
2219 Frogz99- Frogz99- Goalie West Amateur
2220 Re1nbrecht Re1nbrecht Right Wing East Veteran
2221 Diet-double-dew9 Diet-double-dew9 Goalie Central Prospect
2222 xDeedss xDeedss Left Defense East Veteran
2223 ShootingParr ShootingParr Left Defense East Amateur
2224 Foxnetsov Foxnetsov Center East Veteran
2225 Tronthedon23 Tronthedon23 Left Defense Central Veteran
2226 PHIXP PHIXP Left Defense East Amateur
2227 Isaacalexisaiah8 Isaacalexisaiah8 Goalie East Prospect
2228 StepbroCallum StepbroCallum Right Wing East Prospect
2229 ScooTz-10 ScooTz-10 Right Wing West Veteran
2230 xPolskaaa--92 xPolskaaa--92 Left Wing East Veteran
2231 Xaviersdb ii-Leach Right Wing West Prospect
2232 QuIk_BoNz11 QuIk_BoNz11 Right Wing Central Prospect
2233 DrewGMR DrewGMR Right Wing East Veteran
2234 GraveyardDave28 GraveyardDave28 Goalie East Amateur
2235 Maraunta Maraunta Left Defense East Amateur
2236 CousinVinnyy CousinVinnyy Right Wing East Prospect
2237 lx_kane88_xl lx_kane88_xl Right Wing East Veteran
2238 Trippy17 Trippy17 Left Wing East Amateur
2239 EverlastSG EverlastSG Right Defense East Prospect
2240 Psyycc P-syc-D Left Defense West Veteran
2241 Bitcoin98x Bitcoin98x Right Wing East Veteran
2242 Joelover71 Joelover71 Right Wing East Prospect
2243 j_sherminator j_sherminator Goalie East Veteran
2244 Rxbitaille Rxbitaille Left Defense East Amateur
2245 BRANN-THE-MANN BRANN-THE-MANN Left Wing East Amateur
2246 Docteurnoxx Docteurnoxx Left Wing East Amateur
2247 HappyGiImore18 HappyGiImore18 Right Defense East Prospect
2248 Stubby Stubby75 Right Defense West Amateur
2249 bwatty19 bwatty19 Left Wing West Amateur
2250 AngZ-x AngZ-x Center East Veteran
2251 Therealdealtnt13 Therealdealtnt13 Center East Prospect
2252 XBarcodeX-- XBarcodeX-- Left Wing East Veteran
2253 GrittySaves GrittySaves Center East Veteran
2254 GxblinSlayer GxblinSlayer Center Central Amateur
2255 TapzoutTV TapzoutTV Goalie West Prospect
2256 TomMorin62 TomMorin62 Center East Veteran
2257 DxT Gerbe DxT_Gerb Right Defense East Veteran
2258 BigDik-Fingers BigDik-Fingers Right Wing East Veteran
2259 FartBoxSniffer- IcedFire97 Goalie East Veteran
2260 nuber1980 nuber1980 Left Defense East Veteran
2261 saybass saybass Left Wing East Prospect
2262 Bigtruss7786 Bigtruss7786 Goalie East Amateur
2263 kuffnlink kuffnlink Center East Amateur
2264 DodgesBlueShells DodgesBlueShells Right Defense East Veteran
2265 Kingdano420 Kingdano420 Right Wing West Veteran
2266 StoneR-3point0 LeBumdart Right Wing East Veteran
2267 SpankMeDddy SpankMeDddy Left Defense West Prospect
2268 VivaLePwnage PurePwnageXD Right Wing East Veteran
2269 J_durst-8 J_durst-8 Center East Veteran
2270 QsA_x_SnipZ QsA_x_SnipZ Goalie East Draft Pick
2271 Kiladpa475 Kiladpa475 Left Wing East Veteran
2272 V RBK Sniper V vrbksniperv Left Wing East Amateur
2273 Shorty2fly187 Shorty2fly187 Left Wing Central Amateur
2274 Bloodmist-22 Bloodmist-22 Left Wing East Prospect
2275 LaFleuR11 LaFleuR11 Right Defense East Veteran
2276 nehxC nehxC Right Wing East Veteran
2277 Pelley_ Pelley_ Goalie East Veteran
2278 ISpamSpins- ISpamSpins- Center East Prospect
2279 NHL-MOST-HATED99 NHL-MOST-HATED99 Center East Amateur
2280 GeneralGio97 GeneralGio97 Left Defense East Prospect
2281 Brayden41warrior Brayden41warrior Right Defense Central Prospect
2282 stammerchel stammerchel Left Defense East Veteran
2283 xSalda- xSalda- Left Wing East Veteran
2284 Cheese69183 Cheese69183 Left Defense East Prospect
2285 Mata__95 Mata__95 Left Wing East Veteran
2286 Badkitty93x Badkitty93x Right Wing Central Veteran
2287 Wazarino Wazarino Right Defense West Amateur
2288 robobeanaz robobeanaz Left Wing East Prospect
2289 happyman69 happyman69 Left Wing East Veteran
2290 DynamicZee DynamicZee Right Defense Central Amateur
2291 Lachance2K21 Lachance2K21 Left Wing East Prospect
2292 Xkuef- Xkuef- Right Wing Central Prospect
2293 Def1anse Def1anse Left Wing East Prospect
2294 XxKovalchuk17 XxKovalchuk17 Left Wing East Amateur
2295 GunnaFlip GunnaFlip Center East Draft Pick
2296 Tibbernac TibbyFromDaBlock Right Defense Central Veteran
2297 Bry2230 Bry2230 Right Defense East Veteran
2298 SidTheKid_PiTT87 SidTheKid_PiTT87 Center East Veteran
2299 Gamertagrequird Gamertagrequird Left Defense East Veteran
2300 Raeg-x Raeg-x Left Defense East Amateur
2301 Banging Models AlexCarusoFan Left Defense West Veteran
2302 Captain--Luu Captain--Luu Right Defense East Veteran
2303 Scrueyouhippy Scrueyouhippy Center East Amateur
2304 stekan19 stekan19 Center East Prospect
2305 xGianTx xGianTx Right Defense East Veteran
2306 K1ngCapital K1ngCapital Left Wing East Veteran
2307 MuRder514 MuRder514 Right Defense East Veteran
2308 Mclub326 Mclub326 Right Wing East Veteran
2309 herndog28 herndog28 Left Defense Central Amateur
2310 Lamb_Chopz_27 Lamb_Chopz_27 Center East Amateur
2311 DjNoMemba DjNoMemba Right Wing East Amateur
2312 KarlssonIsGod KarlssonIsGod Left Wing East Veteran
2313 KarlKruz KarlKruz Right Defense East Amateur
2314 Bigc9791 Bigc9791 Center East Amateur
2315 xxMorra xxMorra Right Defense East Veteran
2316 pierre_poutine pierre_poutine Left Wing East Amateur
2317 SAND_MAN257 SAND_MAN257 Center East Veteran
2318 Ethancy Ethxncy Right Wing East Veteran
2319 YamesYahn YamesYahn Left Wing East Prospect
2320 FreezeMothaSucka FreezeMothaSucka Right Defense Central Veteran
2321 Asphyyy Asphyyy Center West Draft Pick
2322 Red_sox92 Red_sox92 Right Wing East Veteran
2323 Butchery666 Butchery666 Right Wing East Amateur
2324 Big superkid Big_Superkid Goalie East Veteran
2325 z Spiers zSpiers Goalie West Veteran
2326 Space_Pilot3000 Space_Pilot3000 Left Defense East Amateur
2327 bumpylove bumpylove Center East Prospect
2328 That1Had2Hurt2 That1Had2Hurt2 Left Defense East Amateur
2329 xXOverzZ XxOveRzZ Right Wing East Veteran
2330 bschmidy10 bschmidy10 Left Wing Central Veteran
2331 D1amxnd_ D1amxnd_ Right Defense East Veteran
2332 KryptoJayTTV KryptoJayTTV Left Defense West Amateur
2333 Morse-Kode- Morse-Kode- Left Defense East Amateur
2334 R0ffmann93 R0ffmann93 Left Wing East Veteran
2335 shockers2004 shockers2004 Center East Veteran
2336 XDownSouthKillaX XDownSouthKillaX Left Defense Central Veteran
2337 Zanghi02 Zanghi02 Left Wing East Prospect
2338 Fus1on-GamingYT Fus1on-GamingYT Center East Prospect
2339 Exxotic_viiper Exxotic_viiper Left Wing East Prospect
2340 Kwaz15 XxKwXaXzYxX Right Wing West Amateur
2341 Xx LoL xX 9 xLOL-9 Left Defense East Veteran
2342 Dumbledore0212 Dumbledore0212 Goalie Central Prospect
2343 Beast_will_qc Beast_will_qc Goalie East Prospect
2344 iiBlxss iiBlxss Left Wing East Prospect
2345 SensHockey2525 SensHockey2525 Right Wing East Veteran
2346 Waldren Waldren Left Defense East Amateur
2347 o S m i i t t y Smittyy-_- Right Wing East Veteran
2348 bodycount123 bodycount123 Center Central Amateur
2349 Kcp613 XKellzz18X Goalie East Prospect
2350 T_H_E_C_H_E_F T_H_E_C_H_E_F Left Wing West Veteran
2351 Nehiyaw14 Nehiyaw14 Left Defense West Prospect
2352 Chipy-ox Chipy-ox Right Wing Central Veteran
2353 Reapz2313 Reapz2313 Left Wing East Veteran
2354 Gros_bidou Gros_bidou Right Wing East Prospect
2355 BLong67- BLong67- Right Defense East Veteran
2356 Silkysenko91 Silkysenko91 Left Defense Central Prospect
2357 SKY_symfuhny SKY_symfuhny Left Wing East Prospect
2358 HiImNewToNHL HiImNewToNHL Right Wing East Prospect
2359 sosobiggie11 sosobiggie11 Left Wing West Prospect
2360 General_Lee_High General_Lee_High Left Defense East Veteran
2361 Sargath85 Sargath85 Center East Amateur
2362 scottiedg scottiedg Left Wing Central Prospect
2363 Ripo_Dipo Ripo_Dipo Left Defense West Prospect
2364 Pxtvin- Pxtvin- Left Defense East Amateur
2365 le_tabarnak_- ggjoey427 Left Wing East Veteran
2366 WittedFanatic WittedFanatic Right Defense West Prospect
2367 DigitalSplashh DigitalSplashh Goalie East Prospect
2368 Rob1nsky Rob1nsky Left Wing East Veteran
2369 snizbardiz29 snizbardiz29 Goalie East Prospect
2370 dabears77_7 dabears77_7 Right Defense West Veteran
2371 BigSmeII BigsmeII Left Wing East Veteran
2372 Marner__x16 Marner__x16 Right Wing East Veteran
2373 Pricik31 Pricik31 Right Defense East Draft Pick
2374 MarcP3_TV MarcP3_TV Left Wing East Amateur
2375 Canewarning09 Canewarning09 Goalie Central Veteran
2376 DannyIreland DannyIreland Right Wing West Prospect
2377 ChelsCody88 n0xbrak3s- Center East Prospect
2378 YeeshModeYT YeeshModeYT Left Wing Central Amateur
2379 Whoazilla Whoazilla Goalie East Veteran
2380 le-flop97 le-flop97 Right Defense East Amateur
2381 Linklaterov-1 Linklaterov-1 Goalie Central Prospect
2382 Asperzion Asperzion Goalie East Amateur
2383 SliestGibbon659 SliestGibbon659 Right Wing West Veteran
2384 SureShotSnipez41 SureShotSnipez41 Center West Prospect
2385 Arma450 Arma450 Right Defense East Amateur
2386 PghFANATIC PghFANATIC Left Defense East Veteran
2387 Mxte-Oshnut- Mxte-Oshnut- Left Wing East Prospect
2388 silkybandittt silkybandittt Goalie East Prospect
2389 TerryMinglewood TerryMinglewood Right Wing East Amateur
2390 Hawkeye1403_ Hawkeye1403_ Right Wing East Amateur
2391 The-Dominator-95 The-Dominator-95 Right Defense East Veteran
2392 Skidmarkbrown93 Skidmarkbrown93 Right Defense East Prospect
2393 AKmatic_47 AKmatic_47 Left Wing Central Amateur
2394 thexgreatx8x thexgreatx8x Right Defense East Prospect
2395 Fodeezyy Fodeezyy Right Defense Central Amateur
2396 Hackett277 Hackett277 Left Wing East Prospect
2397 Hossa81x zHossa81 Right Wing Central Prospect
2398 CJx31 CJx31 Goalie East Veteran
2399 BlakeDaSharkzFan BlakeDaSharkzFan Left Defense West Prospect
2400 sizzlakalonjii sizzlakalonjii Right Wing East Amateur
2401 Jb_Em_KIMZ50 Jb_Em_KIMZ50 Left Defense East Prospect
2402 Kraz18 Kraz18 Right Wing East Veteran
2403 gbdrumify gbdrumify Right Wing East Veteran
2404 GrammyHands GrammyHands Left Wing Central Veteran
2405 Tml_duff Tml_duff Goalie East Prospect
2406 Arch_AzeK Arch_AzeK Right Wing East Veteran
2407 lx_2Slow_4Me_xl lx_2Slow_4Me_xl Left Wing East Veteran
2408 ChubbyOyster ChubbyOyster Right Defense East Draft Pick
2409 Arm9dnDang9rous9 Arm9dnDang9rous9 Center East Amateur
2410 DeeJayCWL DeeJayCWL Center East Prospect
2411 lx_2Fast_4U_xl lx_2Fast_4U_xl Right Wing East Amateur
2412 KoltTheBolt45 KoltTheBolt45 Left Wing Central Amateur
2413 mustardgasser88 Musty88_ Right Wing East Prospect
2414 FleXiizM FleXiizM Goalie East Prospect
2415 RoutineClutch RoutineClutch Center East Prospect
2416 ShireStix33 ShireStix33 Right Wing Central Prospect
2417 DCskins8 DCskins8 Left Defense Central Veteran
2418 Xeazyklllx Xeazyklllx Goalie East Veteran
2419 Greenbean_EVZ EyeSellCoins Right Wing East Prospect
2420 CrxzyOnStixx itsI3unt Left Wing East Prospect
2421 SlideToMyBlock SlideToMyBlock Left Wing East Amateur
2422 GreenLemon34 GreenLemon34 Right Wing East Prospect
2423 AdxmI1I AdxmI1I Right Wing East Veteran
2424 dinobambino7 dinobambino7 Right Wing East Amateur
2425 Rowrow31 Rowrow31 Right Wing East Prospect
2426 sniz420 7971 Right Defense East Amateur
2427 CLXXK CLXXK Left Defense East Veteran
2428 mrwenz462 mrwenz462 Left Defense Central Amateur
2429 BrosSnipe iTzPommer Center East Prospect
2430 Mxtayer Four_Ping_Tbnk Right Defense East Veteran
2431 The_Yoke_Beast The_Yoke_Beast Right Defense Central Veteran
2432 EaStWoOd_zZz EaStWoOd_zZz Right Wing East Prospect
2433 KSKrish Kskrish Right Defense West Veteran
2434 Troak__ Troak__ Right Wing East Veteran
2435 Thentrikjamz Thentrikjamz Right Wing East Veteran
2436 wutts91 wutts91 Right Wing West Prospect
2437 Urby_-_55 Urby_-_55 Left Defense East Amateur
2438 Itz-Stoned Itz-Stoned Left Wing East Prospect
2439 Insanepuppy310 Insanepuppy310 Center East Amateur
2440 II-Megga-II II-Megga-II Goalie East Veteran
2441 Xdc7988 Xdc7988 Left Wing Central Amateur
2442 EMacG77 EMacG77 Right Defense East Prospect
2443 MikeyD I7I MikeyD-_-7 Right Defense East Veteran
2444 Wheepingwhale Wheepingwhale Right Wing East Veteran
2445 KllerJ KllerJ Right Defense West Amateur
2446 reimatttack34 reimatttack34 Right Defense East Veteran
2447 STLstash STLstash Goalie Central Veteran
2448 Wr0b0623 MulishaTwist313 Right Defense East Amateur
2449 TheSoftCookie TheSoftCookie Center Central Prospect
2450 AyeeGibby AyeeGibby Left Defense East Amateur
2451 SLD_Crosby SLD_Crosby Left Wing East Prospect
2452 Geo22Dude MN_Gman22 Goalie East Prospect
2453 Prince-Of-Zeus Prince-Of-Zeus Left Wing East Veteran
2454 Fontz_Qc_14 Fontzee Center East Amateur
2455 yvngrif- yvngrif- Left Wing East Prospect
2456 eI 6uapo BKGuapo Right Defense East Veteran
2457 zdball zdball Right Defense East Veteran
2458 stealthstrike67 stealthstrike67 Right Wing East Veteran
2459 NoPeTs4n0aH NoPeTs4n0aH Goalie East Prospect
2460 L33t-Ricx0r L33t-Ricx0r Center East Veteran
2461 wildstajan1 wildstajan1 Center East Veteran
2462 PidgxNS xPidge29- Right Wing East Prospect
2463 Hunter_rolo Hunter_rolo Right Defense East Amateur
2464 Russian70244 Russian70244 Left Defense West Amateur
2465 Farx9 Farx9 Center East Amateur
2466 Chex_Mex83 Chex_Mex83 Left Defense Central Veteran
2467 BFM_CloutGod BFM_CloutGod Goalie Central Prospect
2468 SilentTrauma55 SilentTrauma55 Center East Veteran
2469 x_Sasky_x x_Sasky_x Left Defense West Veteran
2470 cyclone1189 cyclone1189 Right Wing East Amateur
2471 NoAIex NoAiex Left Wing East Amateur
2472 CalmYaSelf CalmYaSelf Goalie East Prospect
2473 JimmyTheeTulip JimmyTheeTulip Left Wing East Prospect
2474 Alomo33 Alomo33 Right Wing East Amateur
2475 Cloudi_13 Cloudi_13 Goalie East Veteran
2476 bigg101 bigg10101 Center Central Prospect
2477 Moneymfmike420 Moneymfmike420 Right Wing East Prospect
2478 TheBigDirtyStads TheBigDirtyStads Right Wing Central Prospect
2479 Salernn- Salernn- Left Wing East Amateur
2480 Hockeyockey2 Hockeyockey2 Center East Amateur
2481 deerhunter2911 deerhunter2911 Left Wing East Veteran
2482 o-Kevvy o-Kevvy Left Defense West Draft Pick
2483 SleeveSx11 SleeveSx11 Goalie East Veteran
2484 JNasTy003 Jnasty003 Right Wing East Veteran
2485 montoya__18 montoya__18 Center East Veteran
2486 CrAzYmOnKeY7171 CrAzYmOnKeY7171 Goalie West Amateur
2487 Azzoparty4 Azzoparty4 Left Defense East Prospect
2488 sugar_saleh sugar_saleh Right Wing East Amateur
2489 Slimsmitty1602 Slimsmitty1602 Right Defense East Amateur
2490 PGOsuperman PGOsuperman Goalie East Prospect
2491 Boom_Chickn_Nght Boom_Chickn_Nght Goalie Central Prospect
2492 x-sayers-x AjijaakNini Left Wing East Prospect
2493 XxJR28Xx XxJR28Xx Left Defense Central Amateur
2494 Planty_x77x Planty_x77x Right Wing East Veteran
2495 Guru x 26 GuruX26 Left Wing East Veteran
2496 DetAjax17 DetAjax17 Right Defense East Veteran
2497 ForzaTekk ForzaTekk Left Defense East Amateur
2498 Doucheyyy Doucheyyy Goalie East Veteran
2499 Hazlitt5 Hazlitt5 Center East Prospect
2500 Avalanche_War Avalanche_War Left Wing East Prospect
2501 xcorvo13 Xcorvo13 Right Wing East Veteran
2502 EPICxSKILLZY EPICxSKILLZY Right Wing East Veteran
2503 Princelemoon Princelemoon Right Defense Central Prospect
2504 Flinnur Flinnur Left Defense Central Veteran
2505 BenchBoss67 BenchBoss67 Left Wing East Amateur
2506 fred_spence fred_spence Right Wing East Veteran
2507 Pfarrcyde23 Pfarrcyde23 Center East Veteran
2508 tdk_95 tdk_95 Right Defense Central Veteran
2509 xKeeping xKeeping Goalie West Veteran
2510 SteelCityFan17 SteelCityFan17 Left Defense East Veteran
2511 Painfullyslain Painfullyslain Goalie East Veteran
2512 Gum---09 Gum---09 Left Wing East Veteran
2513 StenchOfDecay666 StenchOfDecay666 Right Defense East Prospect
2514 Winged_Faulk Winged_Faulk Right Wing East Prospect
2515 bigg-casino0311 bigg-casino0311 Left Defense Central Amateur
2516 xMarny-_- xMarny-_- Right Wing East Amateur
2517 TTV_trickshotman TTV_trickshotman Left Wing Central Prospect
2518 O-dawg30 O-dawg30 Center East Prospect
2519 Fear_Mjolnir_17 Fear_Mjolnir_22 Goalie East Amateur
2520 lllRookielll lllRookielll Right Defense East Prospect
2521 sjackson2324 sjackson2324 Right Wing East Amateur
2522 big_sleezy00 Big_Sleezy00 Right Defense West Veteran
2523 lxMcMuf_finxl lxMcMuf_finxl Left Wing East Prospect
2524 Heroic_veil2 Heroic_veil2 Right Wing East Veteran
2525 Primetimme Primetimme Right Wing Central Veteran
2526 Jbone070789 Jbone070789 Left Wing West Amateur
2527 Hi3eu- Hi3eu- Right Defense East Veteran
2528 CaNnOnEeR352 CaNnOnEeR352 Left Defense East Veteran
2529 Blitzburgh_31 Blitzburgh_31 Left Defense Central Veteran
2530 NazemGABRI_4 NazemGABRI_4 Left Defense East Prospect
2531 Stifmeister x 7 Stifmeister7_ Left Wing East Veteran
2532 x9xMRHOCKEYx9x x9xMRHOCKEYx9x Left Defense Central Amateur
2533 fiercedrakkar1 XxDrakkar1xX Left Wing West Prospect
2534 BostonCartman BostonCartman Goalie East Amateur
2535 Carter_11-c Carter_11-c Left Wing Central Amateur
2536 Gourr- Gourr- Left Defense East Veteran
2537 TheMooCowTlT TheMooCowTlT Right Defense East Amateur
2538 Ohdoya69_420 Ohdoya69_420 Left Wing East Prospect
2539 brenoamaral17 brenoamaral17 Right Wing East Veteran
2540 grenadinator11 grenadinator11 Right Wing East Veteran
2541 Tragic-vs5 Tragic-vs5 Center West Prospect
2542 K0_UP_CLOSE K0_UP_CLOSE Left Wing East Veteran
2543 Gustavthegreat87 Gustavthegreat87 Right Defense East Amateur
2544 IcyHot777 IcyHot777 Left Defense East Prospect
2545 Celltrace Celltrace Left Wing West Veteran
2546 Silkyaim Silkyaim Right Wing East Veteran
2547 RIPCITTYY_77 RIPCITTYY_77 Right Wing Central Prospect
2548 SudsieI88I SudsieI88I Right Wing East Prospect
2549 foilknuckles foilknuckles Left Defense Central Prospect
2550 V7_RampageZ-- RampyHockey Left Defense West Amateur
2551 Xx_91-TAVARES_xX Xx_91-TAVARES_xX Left Wing East Veteran
2552 bluedevil631 bluedevil631 Left Wing Central Veteran
2553 Jiipystamkos Jiipystamkos Center East Prospect
2554 Frygglez Frygglez Left Wing Central Prospect
2555 IRemzyI IRemzyI Goalie East Veteran
2556 IMadlMaxI lMaDMaX_24 Goalie East Amateur
2557 SabbyAy SabbyAY Center East Veteran
2558 BlxCky_lIX BlxCky_lIX Right Wing East Veteran
2559 BenDuguay BenDuguay Right Defense East Prospect
2560 BentPeen BentPeen Right Defense East Prospect
2561 FlyersNation17 FlyersNation17 Left Defense East Veteran
2562 Jibbertones4 Jibbertones4 Right Wing East Amateur
2563 Hra-ow Hra-ow Right Wing East Veteran
2564 Gibber_30 Gibber_30 Left Wing East Amateur
2565 l OptimusReim l Yaremchuk32 Right Defense East Amateur
2566 Mesmerize-_- Mesmerize-_- Center Central Veteran
2567 Vito_Corleone Vito_Corleone Right Defense East Veteran
2568 OffspringElement OffspringElement Left Defense East Veteran
2569 B4G Jagr 68 Sundinl13l Right Wing East Amateur
2570 XTailsy XTailsy Right Wing West Veteran
2571 JamesGuy_15 JamesGuy_15 Left Defense East Prospect
2572 Lapointe1991 Lapointe1991 Left Wing East Veteran
2573 NxSTy_I42I NxSTy_I42I Right Defense East Veteran
2574 Furdayzbuddy Furdayzbuddy Left Wing East Veteran
2575 FRED_BELLEROSE Kaner_88x Left Wing West Prospect
2576 XxHudon77xX XxHudon77xX Center East Amateur
2577 phoon19 phoon19 Left Defense Central Veteran
2578 TJ_MooseNutz TJ_MooseNutz Left Defense East Prospect
2579 Maltooz_71 MxTz_I91I Center East Draft Pick
2580 Lxrkin-71 Lxrkin-71 Right Wing Central Veteran
2581 bryg20 bryg20 Right Defense East Amateur
2582 xcrazynik xcrazynik Right Defense East Amateur
2583 GiantsMets10 GiantsMets10 Left Wing East Amateur
2584 MTL_MAKAVELI MTL_MAKAVELI Left Defense East Veteran
2585 Notoriousbiz14 Notoriousbiz14 Center East Amateur
2586 ZachMitchdizzle ZachMitchdizzle Left Wing Central Prospect
2587 Krusey55 Krusey55 Right Wing East Amateur
2588 Turtle_tom86 Turtle_tom86 Left Wing East Prospect
2589 ugotwr3cked911 ugotwr3cked911 Left Wing East Amateur
2590 stockel11 stockel11 Left Defense East Veteran
2591 Kickboxer31 Kickboxer31 Center East Prospect
2592 Runlikeheii- Runlikeheii- Right Defense East Veteran
2593 Beaverclopsx27 Beaverclopsx27 Right Wing East Veteran
2594 Caucasian-SayTan Lxroi- Left Wing East Amateur
2595 TheWalmartThugB TheWalmartThugB Left Wing Central Veteran
2596 JustinB-28 DaDawgg_ Left Defense East Prospect
2597 Borkdog187 Borkdog187 Right Defense East Amateur
2598 Letxng Letxng Left Wing East Veteran
2599 BCboi4 BCboi4 Right Defense West Amateur
2600 Konzy-- Konzy-- Goalie East Veteran
2601 Mathdouble2 Mathdouble2 Right Defense East Veteran
2602 oDeletedUser oDeletedUser Right Defense East Prospect
2603 NippinBiscuits NippinBiscuits Left Wing East Draft Pick
2604 Acuna13Jr Acuna13Jr Goalie East Prospect
2605 x-Ehlers-27 x-Ehlers-27 Left Wing East Prospect
2606 Some fat gezer Somefatgezer Left Defense East Veteran
2607 xSchlime xSchlime Left Wing Central Amateur
2608 donutspenton Newfie-_-goon7 Right Defense East Prospect
2609 Schmxtty Schmxtty Left Defense Central Amateur
2610 R3dRuM53 R3dRuM53 Right Wing East Prospect
2611 Pr-O_o-Li-FiKz Pr-O_o-Li-FiKz Right Wing West Amateur
2612 BUD_WEIS_ER19 BUD_WEIS_ER_19 Goalie East Amateur
2613 TheWindex TheWindex Right Defense East Prospect
2614 NaiveRealism NaiveRealism Center East Amateur
2615 Wadden l32l GucciRoIIieLambo Right Wing East Veteran
2616 Yafingazz Yafingazz Center East Prospect
2617 Wings_Rush_Fan Wings_Rush_Fan Right Wing East Amateur
2618 LePigeonFou LePigeonFou Right Defense East Amateur
2619 Eddie2708 Eddie2708_ Center East Amateur
2620 miifmachine miifmachine Left Wing East Prospect
2621 Justcallmechev Justcallmechev Center East Prospect
2622 Ok Squidd OMGSquidd Left Wing East Amateur
2623 C_H_A_S_E_17 C_H_A_S_E_17 Left Wing East Amateur
2624 Ochi13-- Ochi13-- Right Wing East Prospect
2625 Snipshow-00 Snipshow-00 Center East Prospect
2626 Shnibit Shnibit Left Defense West Amateur
2627 P_Po_Patches P_Po_Patches Right Defense East Veteran
2628 XxKiller933xX XxKiller933xX Right Wing East Prospect
2629 koberipple koberipple Goalie West Veteran
2630 Crazy-_-Houle Crazy-_-Houle Right Wing East Veteran
2631 Sidxrix Sidxrix Left Wing East Veteran
2632 Tolerant Boilyyy Right Wing East Veteran
2633 D0N-ViD0-Sh0W D0N-ViD0-Sh0W Goalie East Prospect
2634 Xxja-kobexX Xxja-kobexX Goalie East Prospect
2635 Konplop_ OG-Konplop Right Defense West Veteran
2636 QC-TOUFF QC-TOUFF Left Wing East Prospect
2637 CHUDDY_KEIG CHUDDY_KEIG Center East Amateur
2638 xCremeBrulex xCremeBrulex Goalie East Veteran
2639 xGaGnE_ xGaGnE_ Center East Amateur
2640 itskell93 itskell93 Left Wing East Amateur
2641 xPrimeTime_I96I NoLimitKimmich Center East Veteran
2642 burny997 burny997 Right Wing East Prospect
2643 Anglesfan11 Anglesfan11 Center East Prospect
2644 TMiIls TMiIls Right Wing East Veteran
2645 DanTarrant91 DanTarrant91 Right Wing East Prospect
2646 Cardinalsin47 Cardinalsin47 Left Defense East Veteran
2647 the_killer4672 Bronson14_ Left Wing East Amateur
2648 TTV-jussSAYIN TTV-jussSAYIN Left Defense Central Veteran
2649 xSabrexWolfx xSabrexWolfx Center East Prospect
2650 Spud_The_Scrub SpudTheScrub Right Wing East Prospect
2651 Nat3dawg_07 Nat3dawg_07 Center Central Amateur
2652 itsjust2RUG itsjust2RUG Right Defense East Amateur
2653 bigdaddino69 bigdaddino69 Left Wing East Veteran
2654 randomdud123456 randomdud123456 Center East Amateur
2655 Hulksmash8649 Hulksmash8649 Left Defense East Prospect
2656 Binny_50 Binny_50 Goalie East Veteran
2657 Hockeyguy1005 Hockeyguy1005 Goalie East Amateur
2658 Tredder-cheese Tredder-cheese Center West Prospect
2659 Diecast420 Diecast420 Right Wing East Veteran
2660 I-BAGA-I msbga29 Left Defense Central Amateur
2661 eddropedro101 eddropedro101 Right Wing East Amateur
2662 xEls45- xEls45- Goalie East Amateur
2663 Jkiller1994 Jkiller1994 Right Wing East Prospect
2664 xsilkyyy xsilkyyy Left Defense East Amateur
2665 jonshadow12 jonshadow12 Left Defense East Veteran
2666 MistaWilliams8 MistaWilliams96 Left Wing East Amateur
2667 DrShotBlock DrShotBlock Goalie East Amateur
2668 BizzareNorthStar BizzareNorthStar Right Wing Central Amateur
2669 LittyAgain-_ LittyAgain-_ Left Wing East Prospect
2670 Maida2theb Maida2theb Right Defense Central Amateur
2671 Miipanton Yak_JesusIsLord Center East Veteran
2672 IzzBot_ IzzBot_ Goalie East Veteran
2673 HabsCaps-12 HabsCaps-12 Right Defense East Draft Pick
2674 Dads Devil Devil_Dawgs0313 Left Defense Central Veteran
2675 Austin2997 Maple__Jays Left Wing East Veteran
2676 Yourdadleftyou1 Yourdadleftyou1 Goalie East Prospect
2677 monkeydaddy7130 monkeydaddy7130 Left Defense East Amateur
2678 Ttv_tko_vburg489 Ttv_tko_vburg489 Right Wing Central Prospect
2679 jackrg301 jackrg301 Center East Prospect
2680 Lanslay Lanslay Right Defense East Veteran
2681 therealgents SlimySponge Left Defense East Prospect
2682 el_Grenada514 el_Grenada514 Right Defense East Amateur
2683 WHOstifher WHOstifher Left Wing East Amateur
2684 Vortex_XroyalzX Vortex_XroyalzX Goalie East Prospect
2685 Lanzo091 Lanzo091 Goalie East Prospect
2686 DaveyyGravy DaveyyGravy Left Defense East Prospect
2687 JStones68 JStones68 Center East Amateur
2688 CrawfishDinner DIliculo_ Right Wing East Prospect
2689 Sauvin645377 Sauvin645377 Right Wing West Prospect
2690 Logan-306 Logan-306 Right Wing West Prospect
2691 aubzz88 aubzz88 Right Wing East Amateur
2692 BOZO_BARREN BOZO_BARREN Center East Prospect
2693 XxMcAvoy_73xX XxMcAvoy_73xX Left Defense East Veteran
2694 JoeyBoBo623 JoeyB0B0_ Right Wing East Prospect
2695 Smetty-_- Smetty-_- Left Wing East Veteran
2696 FallenPatriot_ FallenPatriot_ Left Wing Central Amateur
2697 SirGab- SirGab- Left Wing East Veteran
2698 Mymiller75 Mymiller75 Left Wing West Prospect
2699 KyStew KyStew Left Defense West Veteran
2700 jamie14benn14 Benji_frank_100 Left Wing East Veteran
2701 alanscanucks alanscanucks Goalie East Veteran
2702 Imcanedianehh Imcanedianehh Left Defense West Amateur
2703 Diddy_Biytchass Diddy_Biytchass Goalie East Veteran
2704 Bureee xBuree Right Wing West Veteran
2705 JxmieBxnn14 JxmieBxnn14 Left Defense Central Prospect
2706 JLAden12 JLAden12 Right Defense Central Veteran
2707 Donut_wizard666 Donut_wizard666 Center Central Amateur
2708 timebot12 timebot12 Center West Veteran
2709 CrooksWild CrooksWild Goalie West Prospect
2710 TavaresIsALeaf TavaresIsALeaf Left Wing East Prospect
2711 sparkplug87 nic Sparkplug87_nic Goalie East Veteran
2712 gcampbell13 gcampbell13 Center East Veteran
2713 Kknodell Kknodell Left Wing West Amateur
2714 sales-_-majestes sales-_-majestes Right Wing East Veteran
2715 Billkessel Billkessel Left Defense West Amateur
2716 TheBoss_1447 TheBoss_1447 Left Defense East Amateur
2717 FILthYFORCE FILthYFORCE Right Defense Central Amateur
2718 THEJIMMY420 THEJIMMY420 Left Wing Central Amateur
2719 xWhassup xWhassup Right Defense East Veteran
2720 BardownSniper-37 BardownSniper-37 Left Defense West Amateur
2721 Ginoro Ginoro Right Defense East Prospect
2722 Enad2003 Enad2003 Center East Prospect
2723 Ctor-- Ctor-- Left Wing Central Prospect
2724 Blisterix Blisterix Left Defense East Veteran
2725 sabresnbillsfan sabresnbillsfan Left Defense East Amateur
2726 Sinksmasher Sinksmasher Right Defense East Amateur
2727 StopRagingMan StopRagingMan Left Wing East Amateur
2728 eviljd202 eviljd202 Goalie Central Prospect
2729 Watermeloner_ Watermeloner_ Goalie East Prospect
2730 I-Darby-I I-Darby-I Left Wing East Prospect
2731 NINJAKiller077 NINJAKiller077 Left Wing East Amateur
2732 PurplNurplToast PurplNurplToast Left Wing West Amateur
2733 imJefeTheGreat imJefeTheGreat Center Central Prospect
2734 Snipersteve19884 Snipersteve19884 Right Wing East Prospect
2735 Duece421 Duece421 Goalie Central Prospect
2736 johnnyrocco613 johnnyrocco613 Left Wing East Amateur
2737 Bar-Downski-1999 Bar-Downski-1999 Left Wing East Prospect
2738 I72I-EAGLE-I72I LXBZY_- Goalie East Prospect
2739 X-_-Pulver-_-X X-_-Pulver-_-X Left Wing East Veteran
2740 arpineoq arpineoq Right Wing East Amateur
2741 PhillySteve76 PhillySteve76 Goalie Central Veteran
2742 DEANO-716 DEANO-716 Right Wing East Prospect
2743 G8wood1 G8wood1 Left Defense East Amateur
2744 Hiddenskip Hiddenskip Center East Prospect
2745 DesireSolaR DesireSolaR Right Wing East Prospect
2746 Merciless20 Merciless20 Left Wing East Veteran
2747 PitbullD2K PitbullD2K Left Wing East Prospect
2748 tiwildread tiwildread Right Wing East Amateur
2749 Ah-xX-FooStY-Xx Ah-xX-FooStY-Xx Center East Amateur
2750 Dankbudz519 Dankbudz519 Left Defense East Amateur
2751 NotTatGuyPal Mccutch18 Center East Amateur
2752 Shed_the_Pillows Shed_the_Pillows Right Defense West Prospect
2753 NoxGusta NoxGusta Left Wing East Prospect
2754 Tkachuk_07 Tkachuk_07 Right Defense East Amateur
2755 Shmeeemz Shmeeemz Left Wing West Amateur
2756 EmickHD DeWitchDocta Center East Amateur
2757 Darc3519 Darc3519 Center West Prospect
2758 The_Hand_D2g The_Hand_D2g Left Defense East Amateur
2759 Ohboy_shy03 Ohboy_shy03 Goalie East Amateur
2760 Eyekyew Eyekyew-_- Left Defense East Amateur
2761 XxSmuckLuckXx XxSmuckLuckXx Left Wing East Amateur
2762 HitmanHam272263 HitmanHam272263 Center Central Veteran
2763 Antsanen13 Antsanen13 Center