Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Other Leagues Active In How many nights a week can you play? (on average) Questions or Comments
1 MrPenguin30 MrPenguin30 Goalie 4
2 FRODY FRODY16 Left Wing 1
3 Hockeyjohn3 Hockeyjohn3 Right Defense All
4 tsibs88 tsibs88 Goalie 3 I do media for LG so I will be calling games live each week which will knock out one night.
5 BrooksFromDallas BrooksFromDallas Right Defense 6
6 xRetributionx87 xRetributionx87 Right Defense All
7 Duges39 Duges39 Goalie All
8 Brian_7931 Brian_7931 Center 5
9 ShowMeTheMelbs_ ShowMeTheMelbs_ Left Wing All None
10 Brubix Brubix Center 5
11 Scootclaus Scootclaus Right Wing 6
12 Sharp_AS27 Sharp_AS27 Left Defense All
13 FRANKDTANK-36- FRANKDTANK-36- Right Wing All Signing up for RW but can play LW or C if needed
14 ThE-ACe11 ThE-ACe11 Left Wing All New to LG
15 dixonater dixonater Left Wing 5 2511
16 czechsniper040 czechsniper040 Left Wing All can do lw and goalie!!!!!@!@!@!@!@
17 calhockey10 calhockey10 Left Wing 6
18 Visionary LethalVisionary Right Wing All
19 TrueForce22 TrueForce22 Right Wing 2 No
20 Billdozer710 Billdozer710 Left Wing All
21 Godlyswag91 GodLySWaG91 Right Wing All
22 SMUT_617 SMUT_617 Right Wing 4 Prefer the early games if possible
23 The-Finisher_187 The-Finisher_187 Center 3 Let’s play
24 Ravens9190 Ravens9190 Left Defense 4
25 tmmet1 tmmet1 Right Wing 5
26 Umadcuzusad Umadcuzusad Left Wing All
27 HorridCRSP HorridCRSP Left Defense 4 None
28 Mcgraw522 Mcgraw522 Goalie All
29 ALBRIGHTx22 ALBRIGHTx22 Goalie All
30 New360Guy New360Guy Right Defense All i maybe late to a few games depending on work
31 Boyer1990 Boyer1990 Left Wing All All good
32 jjcracra jjcracra Center 3
33 BlasiaNation BlasiaNation Goalie Pavhl, fbhl 3
34 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Defense All
35 systemprime systemprime Goalie 3 No question
36 BeeBtheGreaT BeeBtheGreaT Left Defense 6 Dont mind playing offense as well
37 kucheran1214 kucheran1214 Goalie All
38 smashNgrab21 smashNgrab21 Left Wing SPNHL All
39 DJeachhit DJeachhit Right Wing All Fresh player. Looking to make a splash :)
40 dangles4days71 dangles4days71 Right Wing 4
41 Asperzion Asperzion Goalie All
42 Noodin13 Noodin13 Left Wing 4
43 lllTrick lllTrick Goalie 3 None
44 Pulverize_vL Pulverize_vL Right Wing 4 I can play any fwd position
45 krazy_kanuck krazedkanuck420 Left Wing 6 team player looking for good team
47 deadrising6669 deadrising6669 Right Wing 5
49 msbga29 msbga29 Goalie 3 I'm here so I won't get fined.
50 PingDingEB PingDingEB Left Wing 4
51 ZoGood ZoGood Right Wing 3
52 drdetroit317 drdetroit317 Right Defense 3
53 JEDlMIND JEDlMIND Right Defense QHCF 3 No comments please
54 tengaray tengaray Left Defense 6
55 Maxpain456 Maxpain456 Right Wing All
56 Cheddarr_cheese2 Cheddarr_cheese2 Left Wing 1 I have none
57 NYR23LGR NYR23LGR Goalie 4 None
58 BRILLOorGTFO BRILLOorGTFO Left Defense 5 Nope
59 Key_Tops Key_Tops Goalie SSHL,Pavhl, Fbhl 3
60 erikciz erikciz Left Defense 3 Can play either D position
61 Chikenbiskit Chikenbiskit Left Wing 4
62 Monotone_Waldo Monotone_Waldo Center 4 none
63 johnst0ne1976 johnst0ne1976 Right Wing 4
64 JStraiN_ JStraiN_ Right Wing 3 Hi
65 Sammy_the_deal Sammy_the_deal Left Wing All Play any forward position, just looking for competitive gaming.
66 ShrumBucket ShrumBucket Left Wing 3
67 Booseybad Booseybad Left Defense SSHL,vg sp All
68 monster_mania771 monster_mania771 Left Defense All
69 Xx-RASK-xX Xx-RASK-xX40 Left Wing All
70 Habs3105 Habs3105 Goalie 5
71 LumpyJo1nt LumpyJo1nt Left Defense 4 none
72 Yianni_Bruins Yianni_Bruins Goalie 5 Good site
73 ChefLewi ChefLewi Left Wing 2 How can I get in the top league?
74 pvtnoobripper pvtnoobripper Left Defense All Left dmen looking to compete for a position on a LG team
75 uniman29 uniman29 Right Defense 2 I have work Monday - Wednesday for 1 or 2 more weeks untill hockey starts. Should be able to play more after
76 MountainGuerilla MountainGuerilla Left Defense All Good Luck!
77 cementkidd57 cementkidd57 Goalie All
78 addybrant addybrant Center 2 A
79 JEDI-INFIDEL JEDI-INFIDEL Center 4 Imma defensive playmaking centre who plays and sticks to his position well. I a, always I front of bot nets and I have mad hustle.
80 MEGAshooter1212 MEGAshooter1212 Center 4
81 eaglehawk2014 eaglehawk2014 Right Wing All
82 RIZNI-EAGLE RIZNI-EAGLE Left Wing Lgchl 3 Looking for Everette Silver tips
83 eqbomber Eqbomber21 Right Wing 3
84 Appa2008 Appa2008 Center All
85 nypeteyblu nypeteyblu Right Wing 4 ?
86 RippedJockStrap RippedJockStrap Right Defense 3
87 Uchiha_Blood133 Uchiha_Blood133 Center MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All
88 Ty_Ung Ty_Ung Center 4
89 Durty_dee25 Durty_dee25 Center All
90 Ekosecho Ekosecho Left Wing 2 puck me
91 Sam_2410 Sam_2410 Center All
92 penguin_leaf319 penguin_leaf319 Goalie 4
93 Deezy10 Xx_Darse_xX Center 5
94 King of dekes PhillyPhan306 Left Wing 3 flexible wont miss games
95 UniQue_PlayMaker UniQue_PlayMaker Center None 3 None
96 SgtVandoos SgtVandoos Goalie All
97 Santkowski1287 Santkowski1287 Right Wing 3 N/A
98 Snackomo Snackomo Left Defense All I have played in leagues in the past ever since NHL 09/10. VHL, Weekend Hockey League. Etc etc. I have played club and 6s lobbies with some of the old time greats. I was primarily a 360 player until I picked up a PS4.
99 BuntMaestro27 BuntMaestro27 Center 2 NA
100 Mikel98809 Mikel98809 Left Defense 4
101 Chucky-514 Chucky-514 Left Wing All
102 MonGee___ MonGee___ Right Wing All I smell bad
103 BigL1ttleGuy BigL1ttleGuy Center All
104 MikeK59 MikeK59 Right Defense 2 None
105 OuttyS5V8 Killameaze Left Wing All give me the puck
106 Rezhomey Rezhomey Right Defense All Can play all forward and defence positions
107 immortaldynasty immortaldynasty Left Defense All rippin
108 PuckOffEh PuckOffEh Left Wing All Ok
109 Breakinfabb Breakinfabb Left Defense All
110 naaaliatch naaaliatch Right Wing All ALL TIME NHL GOALSCORING TEAMPLAYER and TENDY
111 lGalchenyuk27l mike71111 Left Wing PAVHL 3
112 thornton_4183 thornton_4183 Left Wing 3 Excited to play
113 dasgreenbassterd dasgreenbassterd Left Wing 6 I'm glad to be here finally
114 Xx1ninjastar1xX Xx1ninjastar1xX Left Wing All
115 DevilEngage DevilEngage Center All
116 BAkArdE3_GuY BAkArdE3_GuY Right Wing 6 Also play goalie
117 Krt-Peanutbutter krt-peanutbutter Goalie All
118 MajiikalSniipes MajiikalSniipes Left Defense All
119 Rudimus Rudimus Left Wing 5 Can I get some 3:00 am EST games for the West coast? lol jk
120 Chron-Beanz Chron-Beanz Right Wing All
121 Arrowhunter14 Arrowhunter14 Center Spnhl All
122 Nyl x 29 vNylander Center All Top 40 player in the world, very active
123 snakeeyes8532 snakeeyes8532 Left Defense All
124 LeafsMania13 LeafsMania13 Right Defense 4 ..
125 XtremegamerL suzzyjollimore Center All Only able to play 830 est game
126 hunt_em_up_26 hunt_em_up_26 Right Wing All
127 Shark126216 Shark126216 Goalie All Ld is my secondary
128 mmclaughlin88 mmclaughlin88 Center Fbhl 5
129 Hainesy1291 Hainesy1291 Center 6
130 KeggerDF KeggerDF Right Defense 3 Right or left defense
131 Agzny Agzny Right Wing 4 ...
132 knight2k knight_2k Goalie 3
133 Fordifide Fordifide Center 4 Top 100 2 way dangler
134 SiD0670 SiD0670 Goalie 3 Unavailable Wednesday Thursday.
135 Harbec Harbec Left Defense 2 Available 1 week out of 3. Working in Nunavut
136 Creafearz Creafearz Right Wing 3 No comments
137 Rockan40 Rockan40 Left Wing All
138 CloudQc CloudQc Center All
139 WrightDizzy WrightDizzy Left Wing 3
140 Vito_Vendetta187 Vito_Vendetta187 Left Defense 4
141 ShenPenn ShenPenn Left Wing 5
142 Jessieman13 Jessieman13 Right Wing All Can play goalie to
143 Howjokes Howjokes Right Wing Pavhl All
144 Wukie89 Wukie89 Right Wing 3 Let's roll
145 Kuchersnipe_86 Kuchersnipe_86 Left Wing 3
146 BlackDawgg71 BlackDawgg71 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, 5
147 GeTReaLBrO-amw GeTReaLBrO-amw Right Defense 3
148 saucier17 saucier17 Right Defense 4 Nope
149 DUCKS0423 DUCKS0423 Left Wing 3
150 Jaysen262k Jaysen262k Left Defense 3
151 Truenohaps Truenohaps Right Wing 2 Work schedule crazy. Week by week availability
152 killerbox90014 killerbox90014 Goalie All Want win lol
153 TheGrumpyCatRulZ TheGrumpyCatRulZ Left Wing PAVHL 4 I can only play 9:30 games.
154 Fth_biggy_ Fth_biggy_ Right Wing PAVHL 4 Let's have a great year.
155 tha_nightman Greasy_mcdangle Right Wing 4 N/A
156 Diggi8469 Diggi8469 Right Wing 4 ..
157 Brendan8816 Brendan8816 Left Defense 6
158 PSURLZ PSURLZ Left Wing 4
159 Jeown Jeown Left Wing 4 If you need a good playmaker im your man . I love apples
160 SyNSxCrusade SyNSxCrusade Center All
161 yeeyee_dipper yeeyee_dipper Left Defense 3 I am a ld
162 Punany4 Punany4 Left Wing 3
163 Rodonets15 Rodonets15 Left Defense 2 Got none
164 IM_ON_WELFARE247 IM_ON_WELFARE247 Right Wing All
165 HercyParvin HercyParvin Right Defense All
166 rfuci1207 fdawg22 Right Wing 3 I use to play on xbox but now im on PS4
167 Applauded_killer Applauded_Killer Right Wing 2
168 Corvino_ Corvino_ Left Defense 4 New to lg
169 Wybenga26 Wybenga26 Right Defense All
170 hemi94 hemi94 Left Defense 5 LD OR RD Prefer left
171 El_cucuy79 El_cucuy79 Right Wing 4 Can play RW, RD, LW, LD.
172 HotTrash79 HotTrash79 Left Wing 5
173 GRAYGHOST408 GRAYGHOST408 Left Defense 4 4-5 nights a week
174 Stacy1071 Stacy1071 Center All N/A
175 oHiippyTriiippy oHiippyTriiippy Right Wing FB league 6
176 gtpursuit gtpursuit Left Defense 5
177 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing All
178 SeanieMack SeanieMack Left Wing 2 .
179 Nucksducksfan Nucksducksfan Right Wing 5 Would I be in chl,ahl,or nhl which should I tryout for
180 Andrewcarlisle15 Andrewcarlisle15 Right Wing 3
181 NJStol322 NJStol322 Right Wing All
183 BCNYY02 BCNYY02 Left Defense 5
184 noahswick14 noahswick14 Goalie All
185 King_Nyx King_Nyx Right Defense All Only RD
186 RobertELee12 RobertELee12 Left Defense 3 None
187 whitesoxman77 whitesoxman77 Left Defense 2
188 Darkangel16536 Darkangel16536 Right Wing 3 None
189 worf26 worf26 Center 5 :)
190 Lil_Andrew Lil_Andrew Center 3 I can play
191 epicness12341234 epicness12341234 Center 5 How do people determine each others skill? How does matching teams skill work or how do you find out if someone is even good enough to play in this league?
192 sjackson2324 sjackson2324 Right Wing Vghl All Can play any position except goalie
193 Shaggy2448 Shaggy2448 Right Wing 4
194 Gemini-Da-Don-98 Gemini-Da-Don-98 Left Wing 6 Good luck
195 dufreZ dufreZ Center 3
196 GooNi3x28 GooNi3x28 Right Wing All Used to play, manage on LGCHL Xbox
197 edmast Edmast Right Wing 5 I can play any position but goaltender
198 martnn SpecialxKx9 Left Wing All
199 tactfeeezy tactfeeezy Right Wing 3 No
200 Pucknetter Pucknetter Left Wing 4 I play LW, C or RW very well! Team player who always finishes and makes great deeds.
201 belisleluc63 belisleluc63 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL, 5 also play d
202 nbistline nbistline Goalie All
203 Joey-campbell Joey-campbell Center All None
204 SALDAMAN123 SALDAMAN123 Right Wing All
206 Boxingmmajunki Boxingmmajunki Goalie 5
207 JaySgr92 JaySgr92 Center All Can play everyday
208 Raidrayzor88 Raidrayzor88 Goalie 5
209 Timmicide Timmicide Right Wing All
210 Officer_Bob72 Officer_Bob72 Left Wing 6 I can play Monday-Wednesday (league) and some Sundays,and everyday outside of LG. I pride myself on my defensive and play making skills. I can also play any position on the ice well.
211 Illgill89 Illgill89 Goalie 3
212 Sgt_Fryman Sgt_Fryman Right Defense 4
213 Beel-Zebub_13 Beel-Zebub_13 Left Defense 3
214 Geeg2010 Geeg2010 Left Defense 3
215 QuakSmacker QuakSmacker Left Defense 5 I played with waldbauer19
216 Waldbauer19 Waldbauer19 Right Defense 4 Would like to pair with QuakSmacker
217 tpr55msp tpr55msp Right Defense All
218 xl_JDE0201_lx xl_JDE0201_lx Center 4
219 Method018 Method018 Center 5 As center, i play a defensive first type of center. allowing D to press if they wish, or be first back on a turn over. I have a career 50% in the faceoff dot. but I can play either wing or even goalie. on my EASHL team we would shuffle positions so everyone would improve in each role.
220 kershaw1984 kershaw1984 Left Wing 3
221 boogywoogy102490 boogywoogy1024 Right Wing 1 Hi
222 BigOLsalami BigOLsalami Left Defense 4 Can play any offense position, Defense as well. DONT play goalie. Solid and D and can play center decent.
223 Hbjhockey18 Hbjhockey18 Left Defense All I can play center
224 kickass8000 kickass8000 Right Wing All None
225 MN-StoneMason MN-StoneMason Goalie All
226 evoLwon- evoLwon- Goalie 2 backup goalie (3 games a week)
227 beastofawesome2 beastofawesome2 Right Wing 2
228 CyKho CyKho Center 5 Ready for S6
229 BROTORCH BROTORCH Right Defense 2 Also play LD. Can play most nights, except for Mondays
230 Nova_Visionary Nova_Visionary Right Defense 4 No questions or comments
231 x0V3RDOS3 x0V3RDOS3 Left Wing All
232 xGrapeCherry xGrapeCherry Center All also play rw and goalie
233 DrFurryNips DrFurryNips Right Defense 5 n/a
234 stewie_griffin20 stewie_griffin20 Left Defense 3 Yes
235 Sniperx18x Sniperx18x Left Wing 4
236 Bunnicula83 Bunnicula83 Left Defense 3 None
237 Jiffy13dring Jiffy13dring Left Wing All
238 DanHarper13 DanHarper13 Left Wing All
239 Northernrocker23 Northernrocker23 Right Defense 5 None
240 elias261 elias261 Right Defense 5
241 N_DUMAIS N_DUMAIS Right Wing All
242 breault breault Center 4
243 boscom1998 boscom1998 Right Defense All
244 Markphillrs Markphillrs Left Wing 2 First time playing in a league like this.
245 Captn_Carl Captn_Carl Right Defense 4 Lg
246 Goodie99 Goodie99 Right Wing All I play every position.
247 AnthonyD1686 AnthonyD1686 Right Wing Lgahl 3 Can't wait to play baby
248 jetsareawsome1 jetsareawsome1 Left Wing 3
250 Dankbudz519 Dankbudz519 Center 5
251 DLG_19 DLG_19 Right Defense All
252 IrishKiller_420 IrishKiller_420 Right Defense All
253 QC_Moreault QC_Moreault Left Defense 5
254 Huggiebear Huggiebear2369 Center All
255 XxbanditxX84 XxbanditxX84 Right Defense 3
256 Killah_man420 Killah_man420 Right Defense 5
257 Bigc9791 Bigc9791 Left Wing 5
258 Riot889 Riot889 Left Defense All
259 lll_ScArEcRoW_ll lll_ScArEcRoW_ll Goalie All No questions or comments
260 Clapaul Clapaul Right Wing 4 Can play solid Rd or LD
261 General_Lee_High General_Lee_High Right Defense PAVHL 3 Is this being played on nhl18
262 asstchief209 Asstchief209 Right Wing 4 Can play RD also if needed.
263 codylourenco77 codylourenco77 Right Defense MHL, 5 Love playing chel Love the game Boys
264 ODucks182 ODucks182 Left Defense All
265 jhamlett9 jhamlett9 Center All
266 Drippy Hardin DrippyHardin Right Wing All Top Pass First/Cycle Fwd
267 McSmellyDigit McSmellyDigit Right Defense All
268 Warriors8013 Warriors8013 Left Defense All
269 roB_wHitEy roB_wHitEy Center 4
270 SnydesUSMC SnydesUSMC Left Wing All
271 CP3-III CP3-III Left Defense 4 Honoured to be here
272 DeadShadow781 DeadShadow781 Left Defense All
273 Jake From State Farm bbdeprdutions Center All
274 LD_GAM1NG_QC0016 LD_GAM1NG_QC0016 Right Wing 2
275 plyicehky plyicehky Goalie vghl, pavhl All
276 Jthreats Jthreats Left Defense All good eashl player getting into league gaming
277 iCHIRP18 iCHIRP18 Right Wing All
278 Batmanbuzzz88 Batmanbuzzz88 Goalie 3
279 xmcguire86 xmcguire86 Left Wing 4 k
280 CMkrunch CMkrunch Right Wing 3 No comments
281 WopFro WopFro Left Defense 3 Thanks for organizing this whole thing!
282 Aaitch14 Aaitch14 Left Wing 3
283 MiDamDikBurnsHot MiDamDikBurnsHot Goalie All
284 Endrit81 Endrit81 Goalie All
285 InsaneCheatCode InsaneCheatCode Right Wing All
286 barrdown barrdown Center 3 I do shift work... available all nights one week and Sunday/Thursday nights the next
287 Peakee_Blinderz Peakee_Blinderz Goalie 5 Elite goaltender
288 FrektOut FrektOut Goalie 4 Are LG NHL games at 830pm and 930pm EST?
289 the_tack the_tack Center 2
290 berardomauro95 berardomauro95 Right Wing 4
291 itsnickthetrick itsnickthetrick Right Wing 2 None
292 bpurvis82 bpurvis82 Right Wing 3
293 Johnkenney01 Johnkenney01 Left Wing All
294 Hartstopper HARTSTOPPER Left Defense 3
295 DomP123 DomP123 Right Wing All
296 DeathToRob DeathToRob Center 2 None
297 Komotoast Komotoast Left Defense None All Will I be able to play this season
298 Dbean361 B3an_1002 Left Wing All Good versatile player game play any position except for goalie
299 GoochieOochie868 GoochieOochie868 Right Wing All Goochie wit da oochie!!!
300 Auger_83_ Auger_83_ Center All looking for a good home
301 B-hop_420 B-hop_420 Right Defense All Available most nights, i practice lots
303 Deadlyone910 Deadlyone910 Right Defense All
304 Nba2k16islife201 Nba2k16islife201 Center 3
305 Soupy622 Soupy622 Goalie 3
306 codytheawesome1 codytheawesome1 Left Defense All Can play any position other than G.
307 KushManQc92 KushManQc92 Right Wing 4
308 roha21 roha21 Right Defense 5
309 monkeydaddy7130 monkeydaddy7130 Goalie All
310 FriedNoggin FriedNoggin Left Defense 2
311 Franchize378 Franchize378 Left Wing 5
312 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Goalie All
313 SnipeSter16 SnipeSter16 Right Wing SSHL,VGHL 3
314 HEATPUMPS HEATPUMPS Goalie All Want to be a Champion
315 Malliaman Malliaman Goalie All
316 Kann0n_42_ Kann0n_42_ Right Defense 4
317 l-Spartan09-l l-Spartan09-l Left Wing 4
318 Meatwad1062 Meatwad1062 Center All
319 jeforio jeforio Right Defense 4 Gfym
320 chalkyknight chalkyknight Left Defense All
321 twobent twobent Left Wing All
322 FranKCorb FranKCorb Left Wing All I’ll do it
323 danjohnson1323 danjohnson1323 Right Defense 3 N/a
325 Mattybcanucks Mattybcanucks Right Wing All
326 MackNhoez MackNhoez Left Defense All Spent last season bouncing around bottom feeding teams.. was called up to AHL main roster and finished the season there. 2 way left D with a right shot and good givaway/takeaway ratio comparative to most players.
327 commodore0822 commodore0822 Left Defense 4 None
328 castles720 CASTLES720 Center All
329 TJaremey TJaremey Right Defense All Or left defence
330 WesleyS1971 WesleyS1971 Right Defense All RD or LD
331 anthrox1212 anthrox1212 Left Defense 4 Can also play right d
332 sG_NtrO sG_NtrO Right Defense 5 Also play LD
333 Justcause17 Justcause17 Left Defense 5 Played season 5- was first time in league and after a few weeks really got a hang of it! I am very excited for season 6!
334 JafGaming14 JafGaming14 Right Wing 5
335 RyanDeez RyanDeez Center 4
336 its420somewhere9 its420somewhere9 Right Wing 3
337 bearbrook14 bearbrook14 Center 4 like to play nhl18
338 DaKnot DaKnot Center 4
339 HeartNSoul-X HeartNSoul-X Right Defense All
340 b_tpa b_tpa Right Defense 5 I can also play Goalie
341 bcds141 bcds141 Right Defense 4
342 Dprkariya9 Dprkariya9 Center 3
343 TygCham TygCham Goalie All
344 Harmanm44 Harmanm44 Center 5
345 DOPEY-STEVENS DOPEY-STEVENS Right Wing 6 Secondary position RD
346 Bigtizzle33 Bigtizzle33 Left Defense 3 Rd or ld. No preference
347 Stlcujo Stlcujo Left Defense 6
348 CheckMark CheckMark204 Left Defense 5 Unavailable to play on Sundays.
349 killer_habs25 killer_habs25 Right Defense 4 None
350 joeddd17 joeddd17 Right Defense 3 Work 3pm-1am mon-thurs so I'm good to play before 3pm after 1am and every fri-sun night
351 Col4Bin420 Col4Bin420 Right Wing 4
352 ZERO_MERCY487 ZERO_MERCY487 Goalie All
353 frite069 frite069 Right Wing 3
354 Kable_72 Kable_72 Right Wing 3
355 JKayy_ JKayy_ Right Defense 5
356 Leester24554 Leester24554 Goalie All No
357 jcoch33 jcoch33 Right Wing 4
358 Fossy416 Fossy416 Center 3 None
359 ItsbOnG42o ItsbOnG42o Right Wing 3
360 Boosted2ggsx Boosted2ggsx Left Wing 3
361 Jxnkow WillyG_0y Left Wing 5
362 HELLOVATER HELLOVATER Left Defense 6 Right handed. Always willing to practice. I can handle criticisms and take advice.
363 iMountMoms iMountMoms Left Wing SSHL,FBHL 3 I can also play any position but Goalie would be my strongest.
364 KingWillum KingWillum Right Wing Vghl 6
365 nitram308 nitram308 Right Defense 3
366 sportsgeek5 sportsgeek5 Goalie SSHL, All
367 mttkffmn16 mttkffmn16 Right Wing 2 Tuesday Wednesday
368 Tangelis Tangelis Goalie 3
369 IceAJ420 IceAJ420 Right Wing 5
370 ussyucker88 ussyucker88 Left Defense SSHL, 4 Uhmmm
371 Bradley3322 Bradley3322 Left Wing 4
372 RaZCuL RaZCuL Right Wing SSHL,VGHL All
373 McGoogles50 McGoogles50 Goalie 4
374 Throatpunch87 Throatpunch87 Left Defense 3
375 Stony123 Stony123 Goalie 5 .
376 Happy77dd Happy77dd Right Wing 5
377 PIT09pens PIT09pens Left Wing 4 Ready to join lg
378 chadkillz134 chadkillz134 Goalie All
379 The_Canadian777 The_Canadian777 Goalie All
381 pemm pemm Goalie 5
382 OsamaBinBLAZZZIN OsamaBinBLAZZZIN Left Wing 2 No
384 NOOB_tube_ARMY1 NOOB_tube_ARMY1 Right Defense All
385 EarlTheGoat1979 EarlTheGoat1979 Goalie All
386 RG x 34 R34RYAN Left Wing 6
387 budymaya budymaya Left Defense All I can literally play all 6 positions
388 Slapnutz_2 Slapnutz_2 Left Wing 5
389 daverobs1203 daverobs1203 Left Defense All Can play left or right defenses shut down. Also excellent center or winger. No goalie
390 Vapetokes77 Vapetokes77 Right Defense All play in nhl
391 Xtremedirt12 Xtremedirt12 Left Defense 4 I can usually play later at night pacific time
392 O4thLinePlug O4thLinePlug Right Wing All Lets win the Stanley cup
393 Irishguy1005 Irishguy1005 Left Defense 3 On call 2 nights a week
394 TheLoneWolfIsMe TheLoneWolfIsMe Right Wing All RW is my 1st position G is 2nd.
395 Towel5566 Towel5566 Left Defense 4
396 FrostyAlkaholik FrostyAlkaholik Left Defense All None
397 welchjr10 welchjr10 Left Wing 3 Let's play
398 KStormmmmmmmmmmm KStormmmmmmmmmmm Right Wing All Best at RW/LW, but can play C.
399 Red_Pepsi98 Red_Pepsi98 Right Wing 3
400 xBOBARINOx xBOBARINOx Left Defense All
401 magnum_316 M-A-G-N-U-M_316 Center All
402 WhippinDaSR5 WhippinDaSR5 Left Wing 5
403 Joshleaman2015 Joshleaman2015 Goalie 6
404 WatchUrStep_UGA_ WatchUrStep_UGA_ Goalie Spnhl 4 2nd primary is Center
405 ae_Casso ae_Casso Goalie PAVHL All Looking forward to my second season.
406 GRIMEYNI44A GRIMEYNI44A Center None All Play your fkn position!!!!
407 kushedout412 kushedout412 Center All
408 CrazyDiablo212 CrazyDiablo212 Right Wing 5
409 Nypd09 Nypd09 Right Wing 5
410 ItsK0ltrain ItsK0ltrain Right Defense 5
411 GodsGift911 GodsGift911 Left Defense 4 1 LGCHL season under the belt. True D man, looks for pass over shot.
412 Wade-Belak Wade-Belak Right Defense All
413 cf_pat_652 cf_pat_652 Goalie 5 Played goalie and rw in season 4 lgchl
414 leafs1791 leafs1791 Goalie 3
415 Rubbershoes Rubbershoes Goalie All
416 Mumby13 Mumby13 Right Defense All
417 G1x3r750 G1x3r750 Left Wing vg/sp/fb All
418 Peril_G2 Peril_G2 Left Wing 6
419 Odd-NaiveGamer Odd-NaiveGamer Right Wing MHL, 5 What do I do?
420 xXInfamousOne211 xXInfamousOne211 Right Wing 4
421 martinboo72 martinboo72 Right Wing 3 I play last year
422 Xpertgamer607 Xpertgamer607 Left Wing All
423 howz_dat_taste howz_dat_taste Right Defense All
424 happyman69 happyman69 Left Wing 3
426 jdotrdot8121 jdotrdot8121 Right Wing 5
427 Grzzlh Grzzlh Left Wing All Also can play Center
428 l Kane l x l88l Gibber_30 Left Wing 3
429 flavadave613 flavadave613 Right Defense 3 .
430 toiletcover X--RND--X Left Wing 6 Hello
431 mikelong11 mikelong11 Center 4 Experienced EASHL player (in past NHLs). First time trying this process.
432 Typhoon0103 Typhoon0103 Goalie 3
433 Schwaziza Schwaziza Left Defense 3
434 keithguy keithguy Right Defense 3
435 Dev-O-91 Dev-O-91 Right Defense All RD/LD
436 Habsfan675 Habsfan675 Left Wing 3
437 Land-Creature Land-Creature Left Defense 6
438 Nothin420 Nothin420 Right Defense All .
439 Loyalty_Caper Loyalty_Caper Left Wing 2 Looking to play some hockey
440 brody_paq brody_paq Left Wing All
441 Tyler_Hayward77 Tyler_Hayward77 Center All 718 CR , 3.5 PPG
442 Dtfudge30 Dtfudge30 Right Wing All Exited to start
443 Knight-ryder1 Knight-ryder1 Left Defense 5 U
444 rywill1387 rywill1387 Left Wing All None
445 CiNcHxUp CiNcHxUp Left Wing All Also play Left Defense
446 PNGEwvu16 PNGEwvu16 Left Wing 4 Can't wait to play!
447 BostonJavoie BostonJavoie Goalie All
448 boots23amc boots23amc Right Defense 5
449 TeamWillie5 TeamWillie5 Goalie 3
450 xxPIGROASTER88xx xxPIGROASTER88xx Right Defense 3 None
451 NRusso317 NRusso317 Right Defense 4 Work schedule changes but can end up playing most nights.
452 TheHockeyJedi87 TheHockeyJedi87 Left Defense 3 Hoping to have a great time playing competitively in EASHL, and be able to improve my skill
453 Sovinnia Sovinnia Right Defense 4
454 Alcapone-514 Alcapone-514 Center All
455 Arm3g3ddoner Arm3g3ddoner Right Defense 5
456 coyoman2 coyoman2 Right Wing 3 giddy up
457 Cardinals6theman Cardinals6theman Right Wing 5 None
458 Lonelystar1 Lonelystar1 Goalie 4
459 MossyOak56545 MossyOak56545 Left Defense All
460 Deko2004 Deko2004 Left Wing SSHL,PAVHL 4 I can play LW C RW and LD. I am available Sun Mon Tues and Thursday.
461 TheRabidPanther TheRabidPanther Left Wing 3 Past GM of the Guelph Storm
462 COULTER145 COULTER145 Right Defense All
463 punisher570305 punisher570305 Left Defense All Lets go
464 aharquail aharquail Right Defense All
465 Kroeger71 Kroeger71 Right Defense 4
466 Alexraymond007 Alexraymond007 Right Defense All No comments
467 xCanadasPrimest xCanadasPrimest Center PAVHL All i want to be more active in this league
468 CANUCK_420 CANUCK_420 Goalie 6 None
469 Battz Battz Right Wing All
470 Jbone070789 Jbone070789 Left Wing 5
471 xXFrANz420Xx xXFrANz420Xx Left Wing All
472 Broutebambi Broutebambi Goalie 4 I can play monday to thersday
473 King-Kush1331 King-Kush1331 Right Defense 3 Hey
474 jasonx1755 jasonx1755 Goalie All
475 The_swan_88 The_swan_88 Center 2 Swannnnny
476 Fethdar Fethdar Right Wing 5
477 Happy-Gilmore-27 Happy-Gilmore-27 Left Defense 2 None
478 Bonvie7 Bonvie7 Right Defense 2
479 XxGreenwoodxX514 XxGreenwoodxX514 Right Defense All ...
480 1WEJ WEJ Left Defense 4
481 Jonskies8 Jonskies8 Left Defense 4 none
482 Doc Vanilla DoctorVanilla Right Defense All
483 BUSTAHYMAN88 BUSTAHYMAN88 Right Defense 6
484 Hra-ow Hra-ow Center 5
485 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Wing All
486 Bali_91 Bali_91 Goalie 3
487 NaiveRealism NaiveRealism Goalie 4 None
488 DeathRoe9 DeathRoe9 Left Wing 4 nope
489 OBEY_Rizzy-91 OBEY_Rizzy-91 Center MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All Just send it
490 Austin_Levesque Austin_Levesque Left Wing All
491 MileHighHays MileHighHays Right Defense 4 Primary: RD Secondary: RW
492 bigjimsrevenge bigjimsrevenge Center 4 None
493 Onion_Pie Onion_Pie Left Defense 2
494 Mr_e_ous420 Mr_e_ous420 Right Defense 4
495 DARKTIMIDE11 DARKTIMIDE11 Right Defense 5
496 Jmiichh-Qc Jmiichh-Qc Left Wing SSHL,Eml 4
497 Ringzyy Ringzyy Goalie 5
498 itzrickybobby itzrickybobby Right Wing PAVHL 6
499 OldnStillPlayn OldnStillPlayn Left Wing 4 Im the best
500 bkeis bkeis Left Defense All
501 KiNgFLiPS Flipking91 Right Wing Vg,vpha All Non questions
502 Cory_17 Cory_17 Center VGHL 3 Comments
503 Born2BeTheGreat1 Born2BeTheGreat1 Center 5
504 Bart_MDA666 Bart_MDA666 Right Defense All
505 squatchess73 Squatchess73 Right Defense All
506 BrennanFrasso MrSkittleBaby Right Wing All
507 TheWalmartThugB TheWalmartThugB Left Wing 4 q
508 K-bagg978 K-bagg978 Left Wing All
509 Dlcjr75 Dlcjr75 Left Defense 5
510 Bardownbeauty19 Bardownbeauty19 Right Wing All
511 Joeja15 Joeja15 Goalie All I can paly all in less I start playing dnd or somthing
512 Ram-z1987 Ram-z1987 Left Defense All
513 Big superkid Big_Superkid Goalie None All I love NHL
514 ChAoTiCzen13 ChAoTiCzen13 Right Wing 4
515 Multipl_Scorgsm Multipl_Scorgsm Right Defense 3 Play goalie also
516 Ace_G17_PGH Ace_G17_PGH Left Wing All
517 TSl9lx TSl9lx Center 4
518 RarryxxVX RarryxxVX Left Wing 6
519 Gwarsloth Gwarsloth Right Defense 3
520 Thrustie Thrustie Center 4
521 Guesshoo1 Guesshoo1 Right Defense 4
522 FizzFazel54 FizzFazel54 Left Defense 4
523 DanOtunE DanOtunE Right Defense 4 First timer
524 PghFANATIC PghFANATIC Left Defense All
525 Bigajd09 Bigajd09 Right Defense 4
526 bklyntony bklyntony Right Wing 5
527 sml09 sml09 Left Wing All
528 Tystone99 Tystone99 Center 4 ..
529 Alpapi-binsmokin alpapi-binsmokin Left Wing 5 I play C and L equally well
530 leblond1112 leblond1112 Goalie 2
531 EnvyTheGhost EnvyTheGhost Right Wing 4
532 Madernwarfare58 Madernwarfare58 Right Defense All
533 SilentKiller0043 SilentKiller0043 Left Wing 3
534 Bruqc33 Bruqc33 Left Wing 5
535 Lamoureux2 Lamoureux2 Goalie 6
536 Icrashbikes Icrashbikes Left Defense 4
537 parisienne1980 parisienne1980 Left Wing 4
538 Canucksfan66420 Canucksfan66420 Goalie All
539 JDFRYE31 JDFRYE31 Center 2 Also comfortable playing either wing, right hand shot
540 baverstock4700 baverstock4700 Right Wing All
541 SHTYGOAT Sabres930 Right Defense All Keep your stick on the ice
542 Ironcity87 Ironcity87 Left Defense All
543 TSwizzIe_ TSwizzIe_ Right Defense 4
544 Asura JOSHTHEMANGLER44 Left Defense 5 Can play all pos but prefer C Ld.
545 Faya-trick89 Faya-trick89 Left Wing All No question
546 KRAKA-1974 KRAKA-1974 Left Defense SPNHL 5
547 Bumpzilla Bumpzilla Goalie 4
548 WickedWombatXL WickedWombatXL Right Defense 3 Why does it require me to ask a question or make a comment? No, just kidding... disregard such nonsense!
549 tcar23 tcar23 Left Wing 3 I play LD as well
550 Bianco_Neri1 Bianco_Neri1 Right Wing All
551 HalfVirgin- HalfVirgin- Center 2 Cole is weird
552 Deadlydoorknob Deadlydoorknob Left Defense 5
553 DDLoWB DDLoWB Center All
554 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Wing All
555 Average_Joe_18 Average_Joe_18 Right Defense 4 I can play anywhere
556 Blshnovskl EmptyLsAwesome Left Defense 4
557 MightHeat MightHeat Center 4
558 Jf2200065 Jf2200065 Right Wing 3
559 Mallette94 Mallette94 Left Defense 5 nothing
560 brade187 brade187 Left Wing 4
561 Slywolf1129 Slywolf1129 Goalie 5 Primary is G but I can also fill in the role of C or LW when needed.
562 bradlayman23 bradlayman23 Goalie 1
563 Hotsauce_114 Hotsauce_114 Goalie 2 .
564 x-Frost-Wolf-x x-Frost-Wolf-x Right Defense All
565 JRGreaterThan JRGreaterThan Goalie All G / D
566 hockeysauce hockeysauce Left Defense 3 can play all five skater positions
567 M_Bassett17 M_Bassett17 Center All
568 Martymcsavesx35 Snipeshotty Goalie All Playing for 4 years. Very active.
569 MrPeppa777 MrPeppa777 Center All
570 LHSbrad35 LHSbrad35 Right Wing All Play RW mostly, but has played Center and RD as well. Ex-owner in season 5 LGCHL PSN and available all nights.
571 Metisboy36 Metisboy36 Right Wing 5 Skoden... studis
572 Evan_simpy Evan_simpy Left Defense 3 Hi
573 Finnick- Finnick- Right Defense 3 All good my niggas
574 Joker420sumwhere Joker420sumwhere Left Defense None 4 Let's have a good year
575 gumster09 Gumster09 Center All Yo
576 Patrick_Co-Kane Patrick_Co-Kane Left Defense All None
577 nexxgod nexxgod Center All
578 laxalaxa laxalaxa Left Defense pavhl 4 I am a college student so my nights per week can very but on average I am good to go 3-4 nights
579 Skeezman420 Skeezman420 Center All
580 Kevdak Kevdak Goalie All
581 oNo Durette oNoDurette Left Wing All HI
582 rasmusdahlin26 rasmusdahlin26 Left Defense All
583 Boston6171970 Boston6171970 Center 4
584 Feeneykid93 Feeneykid93 Center All C Rw Lw that order
585 The-WalterWhite7 The-WalterWhite7 Left Defense 2
586 blownhombray blownhombray Right Wing 5
587 OldManWhilickers OldManWhilickers Left Wing All
588 NeWFie-KaNaTa NeWFie-KaNaTa Goalie All
589 Hinglemcringle12 Berry1224 Goalie 3 No
590 Maniacjosh Maniacjosh Center All
591 MIKEHANCHO56 MIKEHANCHO56 Left Defense All
592 Red_Raider_2145 RED_RAIDER_2145 Goalie All
593 isHooKon3 isHooKon3 Center All Center only. Was a top 10 Center in NHL 14, skipped 15 on ps4 obviously, played a bit of 17 and was top 10 Center in NHL 18 Beta. I play defensively but can rock anywhere from a 2.5 to 3.5 ppg.
594 jjdadevil TwoJayz-n-Dabbz Left Defense 3
595 xX__CINEMA__Xx xX__CINEMA__Xx Left Wing All Last season thy messes up my position and switched me to RD, I am only a winger please don't mix it up
596 Jthersch16 Jthersch16 Goalie 3
597 tibod68 tibod68 Goalie 4
598 Dark3lf73 Dark3lf73 Left Defense 4
599 Kmac519 Kmac519 Left Defense 4
600 Prodota_gold Prodota_gold Left Wing 5
601 Thegetupkid_289 Thegetupkid_289 Left Defense 4
602 Cardinalsin47 Cardinalsin47 Left Defense 4 Can play RD and G as well
603 captMorty captMorty Left Defense 5 I can play other positions. Not so hot at the goalie.
604 xMAssStAtiC- xMAssStAtiC- Left Defense 6
605 xBBoeser xBBoeser Right Defense All
606 TirpaK80 TirpaK80 Left Defense 5 Interested in C and also RD positions.
607 XTailsy XTailsy Left Wing SP All Not sure if SP conflicts with LG but I am usually very open!
608 DermDerm- DermDerm- Right Wing 4 No preference on offense.
609 KingSynyster KingSynyster Left Wing All Would like to go to the London knights this season
610 Kerrobert9 Kerrobert9 Left Defense None 4 None
611 iBostonGeorge iBostonGeorge Center All Number #20 Georgetown Massacure
612 THE_SHOE22 The_Shoe22 Center None All Hockey
613 Tronthedon23 Tronthedon23 Left Defense 2 hey dere, hi dere, ho dere!!!!
614 chpmnk1121 chpmnk1121 Goalie 5
615 FlyGuys9030 FlyGuys9030 Right Wing All
616 SebQc97 SebQc97 Center All
617 egomaniacstud1 egomaniacstud1 Right Defense All
618 VattanRulez VattanRulez Left Wing 2 I can play LW and RW
619 cruerocks1 cruerocks1 Right Wing 2
620 Darc625 Darc625 Left Wing All
621 Zerginjection Zerginjection Right Wing All I'm very active player That's availble for all games. * And I am a team player.
622 thomefan251 thomefan251 Right Wing 3
623 cyberhitman cyberhitman Left Wing All
624 Tendy87 Tendy87 Right Wing 5 .
625 DankDojaDoobie DankDojaDoobie Left Wing All
626 WorkingforMCA WorkingforMCA Left Defense All
627 ticKlemEkeV ticKlemEkeV Center 3
628 SUPA_CANADIAN SUPA_CANADIAN Right Defense All Right D. can play most nights as long as I don't have beer league.
629 Dallas1262x Dallas1262x Left Wing 6
630 FidellCastro84 FidellCastro84 Right Defense FBHL All
631 IIISiNiST3Rlll IIISiNiST3Rlll Left Wing All
632 U_CantStopCrosby U_CantStopCrosby Center 3
633 cndpostal cndpostal Left Wing All
634 cbondjawish cbondjawish Left Wing All None
635 MrGrhymes84 MrGrhymes84 Left Wing 6 Good all around player who can play any position but strongest at LW. Second strongest position is goalie.
636 BBieren5 BBieren5 Right Defense PAVHL 3
637 iHawel iHawel Right Wing 5 Na
638 shockers2004 shockers2004 Goalie All None
639 l Murray x 30 l lFleuryx29l Goalie All
640 ACE_SNIPER911 ACE_SNIPER911 Right Wing All None
641 Space_Pilot3000 Space_Pilot3000 Center All
642 OmarAhmed63 OmarAhmed63 Goalie FBHL 4 -
643 M16_ANDpregnant5 M16_ANDpregnant5 Left Wing 3
644 Iron76Wolf Iron76Wolf Goalie 3 I wanna play
645 pearl19 pearl19 Left Defense 5 LD primarly, evenings usually
646 Hiasdamoon Hiasdamoon Right Defense 3
647 TheNortoriousBIG TheNortoriousBIG Center 5
648 kuffnlink kuffnlink Right Defense 4 Also play center and RW
649 Kc2s0v3c Kc2s0v3c Right Wing 3 No
650 XxTommygunxX XxTommygunxX Right Defense 4 Can play LD as well
651 Davidpedder1 itspeddertime Center 6
652 JHochman JHochman Left Defense 2 Can also play LW/RW/RD and G if need be.
653 DOMINICK526 DOMINICK526 Left Wing All
654 lilman239 Lilman239 Right Defense All
655 Heaters50in07 Heaters50in07 Goalie All Willing to split starts with another solid goalie for team stability
656 xxvoodooxx XxVo0d0oxX Center All c/Lw
657 matz0622 matz0622 Right Defense All
658 crazeematt1 crazeematt1 Goalie 4 Depends on school load. Generally I can be on every day but not 7 days a week during game times that I've seen on Reddit. I play when I can, this is really the only game I'll be playing till WW2 comes out anyways.
659 Bmottly Bmottly Left Defense All
660 xAsTrOnOmYx xAsTrOnOmYx Center 5
661 Der_Todesengell Der_Todesengell Left Defense 2
662 krayzieyungb krayzieyungb Right Defense All
663 von_shin_kicker von_shin_kicker Center VGHL 3
664 Splashguard Splashguard Left Defense All Strong goalie, defense and center.
665 svvisco svvisco Left Defense 4
666 Daveyboy-189 Daveyboy-189 Goalie no 5 no
667 dsully1087 dsully1087 Right Defense 4
668 tjoc8 tjoc8 Right Wing All
669 SinWin SinWin Left Defense 3
670 Dxcibel Dxcibel Right Wing All RW is my best position, but I'm an excellent defenseman as well.
671 Kingstrent Kingstrent Goalie 4
672 Bholefister14 Bholefister14 Right Wing All None
673 Veledity Veledity Left Wing All I Like NHL
674 GaryLemley GaryLemley Center All Season 4 owner of the Chicoutimi Sagueneens
675 SwAg-_-ShOTzz SwAg-_-ShOTzz Center All
676 TH_DarkShadow420 TH_DarkShadow420 Right Wing 5
677 Kbro815 Kbro815 Center 3 Can play Goalie
678 francey2325 francey2325 Left Defense 5 I am usually always available to practice and for games.
679 Sizzum12 Sizzum12 Left Defense All
680 Str8offDATteet Str8offDATteet Right Defense All
681 FLYxOCTOPIxFLY FLYxOCTOPIxFLY Center All Can't wait to play
682 IND1gl3x IND1gl3x Right Wing All
683 Rwspencer12 Rwspencer12 Right Wing 5 can play most nights
684 Captnobody420 Captnobody420 Right Defense 3
685 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Left Wing 4
686 isqc isqc Right Wing All
687 DeeReCK001 DeeReCK001 Left Wing 5
688 wolfric_99 wolfric_99 Right Defense 2
689 Taso971 Taso971 Right Wing All Nope
690 K1773rm0nk3y K1773rm0nk3y Right Wing All Ready to go
691 Big-willber99 Big-willber99 Right Wing All I love lg
692 joeyslip99 joeyslip99 Left Defense 4
693 xTaek Taekwonthis Goalie 5
694 grassi__ GRASSI__ Left Wing 2
695 HabsCollins1122 HabsCollins1122 Goalie 4
696 dancintank419 dancintank419 Right Defense All
697 Legendxquickz Legendxquickz Center All
698 RollanDubs RollanDubs Left Wing All n/a
699 Ninjajoe10r Ninjajoe10r Left Defense All Look forward to my second season! Can play either side for D. Also can fill in anywhere needed.
700 hockeyman22996 hockeyman22996 Goalie 6
701 caemma0166 caemma0166 Right Defense 5 None
702 m0rdred13 m0rdred13 Right Defense 3 Let's Rock!
703 mikemoran19 mikemoran19 Goalie pavhl All i am a top goalie
704 HockeyLord989 HockeyLord989 Right Wing All
705 ledge424 ledge424 Left Defense 4
706 theSavageButcher Right Defense All
707 YoungHawG YoungHawG Center All Cheers to the league founders and governors! Great league you have here.
708 dj_kreation dj_kreation Right Wing All
709 cmike17 cmike17 Left Defense 4 None
710 SandmanHTMF SandmanHTMF Left Wing All
711 Taylormade1129 Taylormade1129 Center All
712 navy_chief_2008 navy_chief_2008 Left Wing All
713 CHIPcote57 CHIPcote57 Center 4
714 Zachcvh Zachcvh Left Defense All Strong on defense, a little weaker on offence. I can also play goalie.
715 MvtShameless Mvtshameless Goalie All
716 ThomaLong ThomaLong Center 4 NA
717 XlxLegacy xIxLegacy Right Wing All
718 tslot9449 tslot9449 Right Wing 3
719 BGuth8 BGuth8 Right Defense 3
720 RJ81 RJ81 Right Defense 2 rd or rw
721 MrGiraud MrGiraud Goalie All
722 JCEB85 JCEB85 Left Wing 3 Go Team.
723 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Wing All I have none
724 brian000000082 brian000000082 Left Defense 4
725 x_Matthews-34_x x_Matthews-34_x Center SSHL,Vhl 6 6 nights
726 IvanLach IvanLach Right Defense 3 Can play any position. If I signup I show up.
727 goalieman9231 goalieman92 Goalie 3
728 Darkkjoe78 Darkkjoe78 Left Defense All
729 Pyromaniac15423 Pyromaniac15423 Left Defense 4 Im hoping this season, if possible it could be shown on a players record how many games they lost by forfeit
730 N. Kronwall Zulu-111 Left Defense 4 Hello everyone , unfortunately i only play LD ..
731 BeerAndPepsi BeerAndPepsi Center 2 Tuesday and sunday
732 jordanbaverstock jordanbaverstock Center All I'm available for any night
733 S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E Left Defense 5
734 Flocka_waka71 Flocka_waka71 Left Wing None 2 I'm excited
736 Yngrr Yngrr Left Wing PAVHL All
737 darkcam_1337 darkcam_1337 Right Defense None. All None.
738 WHL_Hockey WHL_Hockey Left Defense SSHL,VG 4 Play majority of days can also play LW
739 CopperBlue5 CopperBlue5 Right Defense 4 Hi looking to join a team.
740 wach1371 wach1371 Goalie 3 can play after 7pm est
741 Hallowleg088 Hallowleg088 Left Wing All
742 bkong79 bkong79 Right Defense 4
743 ShibbzyBruh ShibbzyBruh Goalie All Work from 6-6. Available to play from 7-10pm
744 fireeyes2l2 fireeyes2l2 Center VG 4 none
745 Titans3393 Titans3393 Right Defense Pavhl 4
746 GrammyHands GrammyHands Left Wing All I'll play any position except G
747 ChaosShallReign8 ChaosShallReign8 Left Defense FBHL All decent at every position except goalie, but I primary either LD or RD, my shooting is better as RD (left handed), but better breakout passing as LD
748 killagorilla1995 killagorilla1995 Center 4
749 GreasyLikeButter GreasyLikeButter Left Wing 3 Rotating shift schedule, usually 3-4 days a week I'm available unless I'm on the evening shift
750 CrazyLegsHem CrazyLegsHem Goalie All Can play center and right wing as well
751 Penguins0916 Penguins0916 Right Defense All !
752 Fuzzy_Blues Fuzzy_Blues Right Defense 5 My ranking does not reflect my experience. I have been playing EA NHL since 2010.
753 Thepaul575 Thepaul575 Left Defense 4
754 Reincremation Reincremation Right Defense All None
755 FRANKIE__ FRANKIE__ Left Wing 5
756 MrManuk MrManuk Right Defense 4
757 jonshadow12 jonshadow12 Left Defense 6
758 Pucker6 Pucker6 Left Defense None 3 None
759 Banksyslide Banksyslide Right Defense None 3 None
760 EddieDrag EddieDrag Right Defense All
761 BigBurtyB420 BigBurtyB420 Right Wing 6
762 Studer11 Studer11 Center 2
763 MidnightToker112 MidnightToker112 Left Wing 3
764 the_killer4672 the_killer4672 Left Wing All
765 chiuxjai ChiuXJai Center All i just played goalie and fwd and found out center is my best position
766 GreenTurkey GreenTurkey Left Defense 3 None.
767 UrbanGuerrilla UrbanGuerrilla Left Defense 4
768 dghigs dghigs Goalie All Lets go
769 ae_MuSe ae_MuSe Left Wing 5
770 sterryxc23 STerryI23I Goalie 2 RIP
771 VoDk-SniiPy VoDk-SniiPy Left Wing All
772 RageElemental RageElemental Right Defense 3
774 TSweeneyG7 TSweeneyG7 Right Defense 5
775 CHIFE--SOSA CHIFE--SOSA Right Wing 5
776 Newf1991 Newf1991 Right Wing All
777 King_Anze King_Anze Left Wing 4
778 simian_drunk simian_drunk Right Defense 3 None
779 mtremblay91 mtremblay91 Left Defense 4 Hope ill meat u on the ices!
780 Bestthereis1983 Bestthereis1983 Center 6 I can play anytime after 330 P.M. EASTERN TIME
781 Tink-Show Tink-Show Right Wing All
782 Tchemdoo Tchemdoo Right Defense 3 Available after 9:30
784 Fallinginfate89 Fallinginfate89 Left Wing All
785 Huffdawg915 Huffdawg915 Goalie 4 originally signed up as a Rw but would like to move to goalie for the upcoming season
786 Le_CLO Le_CLO Right Defense 3
787 Idontkknow Idontkknow Right Defense All Let's play
788 Poit77 Poit77 Left Wing All none
789 potkins02 potkins02 Left Defense 3 Na
790 Unkle_steel Unkle_steel Left Defense All
791 platypus124 platypus124 Right Defense Fbhl 5 I prefer to play goalie but I was runner up in fbhl for best dman. I play a real stay at home style
792 Spartakis-55 Spartakis-55 Goalie 4 wen do we start?
793 LORDVEGA84 LORDVEGA84 Goalie 4 no questions no comments lets play hockey ;)
794 Elknuk22 Elknuk22 Center All
795 kingbrad42 kingbrad42 Goalie All
796 Snipecity14 Snipecity14 Center Pavhl 3
797 Green1791 Green1791 Center All
798 Meloyellow13 Meloyellow13 Right Defense 5
799 Johnnyutah1224 Johnnyutah1224 Right Defense 3
800 Bergeron_i37i Bergeron_i37i Goalie All
801 MrBVA MrBVA Left Defense 5 I'm from Toronto so prefer to be in the EST games if possible. Thanks.
802 Fat Less iToyvo- Left Defense None All Hi
803 Mickeyredmond81 Mickeyredmond81 Right Wing 1
804 Nvug312 Nvug312 Left Defense 4 Looking forward to a great season
805 ll_Hillyer77_ll ll_Hillyer77_ll Goalie All Top 25 goalie on combined
806 P_Po_Patches P_Po_Patches Right Defense 5
807 Trivium-23- Trivium-23- Center 4
808 atkinsfamily2 atkinsfamily2 Right Wing FBHL 3
809 lpfortin lpfortin Center 5 an play any fowards spots
810 Sportsfan957 Sportsfan957 Left Wing SSHL, 3
811 Customs_lll Customs_lll Left Wing None All None
812 MoneyMarsh412 MoneyMarsh412 Left Defense 3 Pick me
813 Kingilkillu Kingilkillu Right Wing 5
814 digs387 digs387 Left Defense 3
815 NinjaGamer762 NinjaGamer762 Center All I can play C, RW, or LD I just have the most experience in C
816 JoveAssassin JoveAssassin Left Wing 3 3 nights minimum, also play LD.
817 Shaker-8- Shaker-8- Goalie All Let's Roll
818 frosty98snowman frosty98snowman Left Defense 5
819 GODOWAR2008 GODOWAR2008 Right Defense All im average don't claim to be great.
820 mrwenz462 mrwenz462 Left Wing none 3 what happens after signing up for a drop in/scout
821 teamslapaho teamslapaho Right Wing SSHL, All I am always on
822 Chhrris99 Chhrris99 Right Defense All i cant play both sides of defense
823 Swamper15 Swamper15 Left Defense 4 I like to play ld rd Lw rw and g
824 Victorylap Victorylap Right Defense 4 none
825 mistohmurlee mistohmurlee Right Wing 5
826 MaverickUSA85 MaverickUSA85 Center 4 Signed up as center. I also have no problem playing defense as I know there is a overload of offensive players most times. Practicing goalie a lot as well.
827 Patrick69123 Patrick69123 Right Defense All I work shift work so varies
828 Hank Ham the_man427 Goalie 5
829 Arizona4life1107 Arizona4life1107 Goalie 6 Also play D right or Left
830 Dafoumanchew Dafoumanchew Goalie 6
831 Bhark70 Bhark70 Left Defense SSHL, 3 no
832 gorillal3iscuit gorillal3iscuit Left Wing All LW, RW, RD Played in the Moose xbox league back in the day
833 Bloomis_27 Bloomis_27 Center 4 N/a
834 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 Left Wing All Ya
835 PittZBT12 PittZBT12 Left Wing 4
836 Wayfaerer09 Wayfaerer09 Center 4 None
837 Willyard Willyard25 Left Defense 2 Ready to play again
838 jwl1643 jwl1643 Center All Top 50 in crops while only playing 100 or so games, average 3+ pts a game at center and rw
839 Ultsch271980 Ultsch271980 Left Wing Lgahl? 4 Put me on a team please
840 donron011 donron011 Left Wing All
841 heroesofneweed heroesofneweed Left Defense 5 None
842 Themira Themira Right Defense 3 This is my first time with league gaming
843 Laddydaddy16 Laddydaddy16 Right Wing All
844 DJESTRELA617 DJESTRELA617 Center All
845 Avenger__50 Avenger__50 Right Wing All I'm new to this setting all I ask is some time to get used to playing competitively
846 l WRAP x KING l Hockeylife113 Center All I can play c lw g
847 Gshinske13 Gshinske13 Left Wing No 4 No comment
848 Radical Wave RadicalWaves Center All
849 NewStarRis1ng NewStarRis1ng Left Wing All
850 Gingerhamlincoln Gingerhamlincoln Right Defense 4
851 BartySauce BartySauce Right Wing 4
852 BradDaBoss8 BradDaBoss8 Left Wing 4
853 MetroBoominq MetroBoominq Right Wing 5 - Top 5 in the world right now for NHL 3s - #2 Right Wing in NHL 15
854 Brody Davidson BWD7LBJ23 Right Defense SSHL,none 4 good league
855 Sheriff-woody16 Sheriff-woody16 Right Wing 4
856 Stooner20 Stooner20 Right Wing All
857 vdc_77 vdc_77 Right Defense 3 Rookie vet
858 o CoWxSToMP3r o emporerpopo233 Right Wing 4
859 Adam Paquette escobarloco420 Center 5
860 SteadyFaded SteadyFaded Center 3 Natural C, but values good team chemistry over position preference. Will go anywhere but between the posts.
861 dlomac86 dlomac86 Center All
862 Delsright Delsright Right Wing 3
863 KaOTic_UniVerSe KaOTic_UniVerSe Goalie Vghl 4 I can play any position
864 Imavan Imavan Left Wing All Played in VGHL for a few seasons then took a break wanted to get into another good league. Already have NHL 18 on PS4 and a working mic.
865 Play_hard4 Play_hard4 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All No
866 Borje_Salming_21 Borje_Salming_21 Goalie All
867 Bozman9121 Bozman9121 Right Wing 5 Days off are Friday and saturday
868 hotwheels9966 hotwheels9966 Goalie All
869 fearbefore22 fearbefore22 Left Wing 3 Playmaking power forward, ready to light it up.
870 MBrown412 MBrown412 Right Wing 3
871 SkeezerPleaser SkeezerPleaser Left Defense 4
872 SCHNeiDS_66990 SCHNeiDS_6699 Right Wing MHL,SSHL, 2 hi
873 DrEdOg_2002 DrEdOg_2002 Right Wing 4
874 munchkiny1980 munchkiny1980 Right Wing All
875 Bill_E_Creasey Bill_E_Creasey Goalie Pavhl 4
876 Brayden41warrior Brayden41warrior Left Wing None 5
877 clenny822 clenny822 Left Defense 3 RD fine too.
878 Mattyice2189 Mattyice2189 Right Wing All
879 Winterhawk64 Winterhawk64 Center All
880 LEAFER4880 LEAFER4880 Right Wing 4
881 bronel43 bronel43 Center 4 Let's do this
882 Tharealconvict Tharealconvict Right Wing All L
883 FilthyPuck97 FilthyPuck97 Center Ighl 4
884 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Right Wing PAVNHL SPNHL All What are the game times
885 legends9129 legends9129 Left Defense 4 play goalie also and LW
886 EatMoreAcid EatMoreAcid Left Wing All
887 melapelanxoxo melapelanxoxo Goalie 4 ggg
888 Chayson16 Chayson16 Left Wing 5 None
889 Dnice176 Dnice176 Left Defense 3
890 Batista2424 Batista2424 Right Defense 4 ...
891 RaHood FLYERSFAN_1999 Center All I am a great reliable center who can play good at both ends of the ice.
892 pothaed420 pothaed420 Center All
893 X73x_McAvoy_x73X X73x_McAvoy_x73X Left Wing 4
894 darthjesse69 darthjesse69 Right Wing 5 I play Primary RW but i am also a strong centre. Im pretty solid at this game, i think my stats prove that but you can find out for yourself. Play as a hitting sniper
895 Beast_3176 Beast_3176 Center 2 2-3 nights
896 ywg204god204ywg ywg204god204ywg Goalie 3 None
897 big_joe12323 big_joe12323 Center All Joe
898 Chalzman Chalzman Left Wing 5
899 Totalchaos6969 Totalchaos6969 Right Wing All N/a
900 LSCVT LSCVT Center All It's a hockey night
901 NateDogg0477 NateDogg0477 Left Wing 3
902 Blackstabbeth Blackstabbeth Right Wing All Play right d too!
903 BlueJaysFan77 BlueJaysFan77 Left Wing 3
904 pop_zilla420 pop_zilla420 Right Defense FBHL 4
905 B-RANDOM206 B-RANDOM206 Center All I am available to play every night
906 Boss_AZ Boss_AZ Left Wing 4 Just wanna chel, bud.
907 bear10house bear10house Left Wing 3
908 AmenTime AmenTime Right Wing 4 Haven't played nhl since NHL 16, and haven't played EASHL since 2015 on xbox
909 CJB721 CJB721 Center 5
910 SilentEcho97 SilentEcho97 Goalie 6
911 CaptainCarter45 CaptainCarter45 Right Wing 5 Already played only 1 game unfortunatly last year hopefully can get a roster spot I'd say I have quite a scoring ability
912 rapplejax5 rapplejax5 Left Wing 4 No
913 bostonrob23 bostonrob23 Center 4
914 torontobluejays2 torontobluejays2 Center 3 N/A
915 wmbrkskillaz wmbrkskillaz Left Wing 2
916 FirstRevie FirstRevie Right Wing 5
917 NickyC585 NickyC585 Center 3
918 Marts79 Marts79 Goalie 5
919 BlNAURAL BlNAURAL Right Wing All stoodis
920 No_Ragrets_313 No_Ragrets_313 Goalie 3 I play college hockey so I can not play on Friday or Saturday nights, and practice Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night
921 GetBigOrGetHuge GetBigOrGetHuge Left Defense All
922 BurghCityHustla BurghCityHustla Left Wing 3 None
923 VGamingWorldYT VGamingWorldYT Goalie All veteran on xbox side ahl goalie season 5 psn if in chl i play all positions I'm a livestreamer on Youtube
924 Kozmo483264 Kozmo483264 Goalie VG and SPNHL All
925 Jmagsta jmagsta Right Wing All Will play LW as well.
926 Pistolpacknfetus Pistolpacknfetus Left Wing All
927 BMarche2001 BMarche2001 Goalie SSHL,SPNHL All none
928 RUSHryan RUSHryan Left Defense All None
929 Crownroyal_83 Crownroyal_83 Left Wing 5 I also can play defense
930 believe_vlady believe_vlady Goalie 4
931 Mikedubski Mikedubski Left Wing 3
932 nightskysandhome nightskysandhome Right Wing 5 New to LG. Happy to play any position. Prefer to play Right Wing and Center.
933 Strateblazed Strateblazed Left Wing SSHL, All none
934 Smith x 27 Right Wing 5
935 DoctorChronos10 DoctorChronos10 Right Defense 6 None
936 Eagles-2186 Eagles-2186 Left Wing All
937 BANJOBOY19 BANJOBOY19 Goalie All
938 natedogg1122 natedogg1122 Right Wing All Can’t wait to get started again
939 gariepy36 gariepy36 Center 1 Good player can play anywhere but i can play only sunday night
940 ORION_GMG ORION_GMG Goalie All Looking forward to making my teammates proud.
941 WamstanChurchil WamstanChurchil Center All
942 EGirlSlayster EGirlSlayster Right Wing 4 Just want to play competitive EASHL.
943 chabz2001 chabz2001 Right Wing 5 I can play any position except goalie.
944 Ferdinando Castaldo FRNDOG Left Wing VGHL All
945 HairyPotHeads HairyPotHeads Right Wing All
946 AL_Mariners15 AL_Mariners15 Right Defense 2 Hi
947 DangleSniper091 DangleSniper091 Center 4 i play anything except goalie
948 Turqnasty Turqnasty Right Wing 3 1
949 robinski88 robinski88 Left Wing 6
950 MrYosch MrYosch Right Wing All
951 Troy Toothlesaggresor Right Wing All Multi time elite playoffs champs with my team edition as rw.
952 clarkinc22 CorpThug Goalie 2 Nope
953 Rungalaxy Rungalaxy Center All I'm good
954 HaVoc_draco1 HaVoc_draco1 Center 4
955 Mother_Falcon Mother_Falcon Right Wing 3
956 Gvdub Gvdub Right Wing All
957 DRHuckleberry DRHuckleberry Right Wing 6
958 Zackattack61500 Zackattack61500 Right Wing 5 Looking to play ahl or HL
959 Bradymane92 Bradymane92 Left Defense All
960 Naturesdisaster2 Naturesdisaster2 Goalie 4
961 Lonsovich24 Lonsovich24 Right Wing 2
962 guish_qc guish_qc Goalie 3 Go play
963 Bullseye8585 Bullseye8585 Goalie 5
964 GamerTech29 GamerTech29 Goalie 5 Thanks
965 MosDef02 MosDef02 Center 3 None
966 Chive123 Chive123 Left Wing 5
967 samael329 samael329 Goalie All
968 drewc81 drewc81 Right Wing All
969 monkeyfist_king monkeyfist_king Right Defense 5 I am getting better at forward, will not want to play center.
970 lembizle87 lembizle87 Right Wing All Y
971 Thc4me4 Thc4me4 Right Wing 3
972 DJDVLN gAmErGoD95 Goalie SPNHL 6 Send me a message if you want to see me play!
973 Mystical-Rino Mystical-Rino Left Wing All
974 Nubeboy22 Nubeboy22 Left Wing All
975 EliteSports_91 EliteSports_91 Left Wing 6 How are teams chosen?
976 DrShokola DrShokola Goalie All
977 billyg7718 billyg7718 Right Wing 3 Yay
978 buddah2857 buddah2857 Center 3
979 Precise__game Precise__game Left Wing 2 Can’t wait to play
980 hockeyboy567899 hockeyboy567899 Center 2 No questions or comments
981 Thedanj84 Thedanj84 Right Wing 2 Rookie of the year!!!
982 QC_C0RB1N_QC QC_C0RB1N_QC Goalie All no
983 adoune22 adoune22 Left Wing All hi
984 rockygratt84 rockygratt84 Left Wing 3 Can play any forward position and defense if needed.
985 USAKid62 USAKid62 Right Wing Eashl club 5 .
986 Hockey-God-25 Hockey-God-25 Goalie 6 Cbj for the win
987 ThisIsNotSlim ThisIsNotSlim Left Wing All First timer :o
988 ShirtNoService ShirtNoService Left Defense 5
989 Titler73 Titler73 Goalie 2
990 Pegyy15 Pegyy15 Right Wing All :)
991 Bigshottabaker41 Bigshottabaker41 Right Wing All
992 Mullynhl Mullynhl Left Wing 3 I want to play CHL on the oil kings
993 ShadRC15 ShadRC15 Goalie 4 New to LG
995 Mgg28 Mgg28 Goalie 4
996 Dksmith09 Dksmith09 Left Wing 3
997 Asbury28 Asbury28 Right Wing 3
998 omaharichard omaharichard Left Wing 4 Na
999 NHL_DUDE95 NHL_DUDE95 Goalie All
1000 Bludz131 Sinksmasher Center None 4 Looking to start my career have only played with friends, want to get competitive
1001 Kknodell Kknodell Right Wing 4
1002 DabbZilla421 DabbZilla421 Goalie All
1003 SabreGamer95 SabreGamer95 Goalie 5
1004 Smitson smitson Right Wing 4
1005 JaG83D83 JaG83D83 Right Wing 5 I am a dedicated top rw. I play for the team and not myself. I want to be apart of a serious team and shoot for the top tier of online league play. Would like to be placed with a team of like minded goals and values if possible.
1006 Salmoo cowswentsalmoo Left Defense All last man back defense. elgato, can stream
1007 punisher4124 punisher4124 Goalie All
1008 xDevil138 xDevil138 Right Wing 2 K
1009 Mikehockey8771 Mikehockey8771 Goalie All When will the games start
1010 Rahzki Rahzki Right Defense VGPHL 5
1011 Snipemour66 Snipemour66 Left Wing 4 Na
1012 Shanks_24 Shanks_24 Left Defense 5 all preferred positions are C/RW/LD
1013 Scttmax61 Scttmax61 Right Wing 3 Let's play
1014 P1mpdaddypaddy45 P1mpdaddypaddy45 Right Wing 4
1016 TouchMyDuff69 TouchMyDuff69 Left Wing 6
1017 JOSHGORDON845 JOSHGORDON845 Right Wing All I will play anywhere
1018 ric-sha1993 ric-sha1993 Goalie All
1019 RidinPineSince09 RidinPineSince09 Center None 3 None
1020 Firefighter58 Firefighter58 Left Wing All
1021 AssRanchero AssRanchero Left Wing 4 I love the wing. Either side but prefer left. Not good at faceoffs or defense
1022 mcvince88 mcvince88 Right Wing 3 Can play center and defence (left idealy)
1023 TwO_PuMp_ChUmP11 TwO_PuMp_ChUmP11 Right Defense MHL, 1 1
1024 Foxracin666 Foxracin666 Left Defense All
1025 LazerHawk33 LazerHawk33 Right Wing 5
1026 Alwaysdippin365 Alwaysdippin365 Goalie Clhl 4
1027 Crosby8706 Crosby8706 Goalie All
1028 Degabrad Degabrad Left Wing 5
1029 QC_SPRITS_QC QC_SPRITS_QC Left Wing All Hello
1030 HrdWrkPAYSOFF HrdWrkPAYSOFF Right Wing All N/a
1031 ndirishman22 ndirishman22 Left Defense 2 This is my first time playing in a league. My schedule rotates each week and the times can be rough for me since I have young kids. I may be better as a sub to help teams out. I have been playing as nhl since the begining.
1032 Dylhole9 Dylhole9 Right Wing 5
1033 Canate94 Canate94 Right Wing All .
1034 totesmagoats208 totesmagoats208 Left Defense 5 Versatile Player - Can play C, LW, LD, RD
1035 Evilgenius_i35i Evilgenius_i35i Goalie None 6 Nothing to say here
1036 PAPARUSSO PAPARUSSO Right Wing All Can also play RD and C, but it only asks for a Primary Position!
1037 hockey0703 Hockey0703 Right Wing All
1038 MAke-MY-DAy94 MAke-MY-DAy94 Goalie SSHL,pavhl 3 I can als9o play LW or C
1039 G8wood1 G8wood1 Left Wing 2
1040 KilluminatiKro KilluminatiKro Left Wing All
1041 Topshotman53827 Topshotman53827 Goalie 5
1042 Bowl-of-Milk Bowl-of-Milk Center 4 I can play any position except LW. I prefer to play center. I play quite a bit and would be up for playing practice games or joining a eashl club to better myself and the team. Add me on psn, would be happy to try out asap
1043 mratchet mratchet Left Wing 2 Yeah
1044 justinknapp35 knappyboy35 Right Wing 4
1045 imnoninja imnoninja Right Defense 2
1046 chillipeppar chillipeppar Right Defense 4 Available almost every night unless I have to work late
1047 brenoamaral17 brenoamaral17 Goalie 3 on weekends
1048 Drouinsnipe drouinsnipe Goalie 4 i can play goalie and D
1049 LIAM4mvp-42 LIAM4mvp-42 Center 4
1051 Mr_FistHer420 Mr_FistHer420 Right Wing All Get'er done
1052 Mofuzzer Mofuzzer Left Wing All I can play either side for wing
1053 D-Force12 D-Force12 Right Wing 2 How can you move up to the higher leagues?
1054 MarcoFever19 MarcoFever19 Left Defense SSHL,None 5 .
1055 TopShelfSniper7 TopShelfSniper7 Left Wing 3 Put me in coach
1056 GHOSTkill919 GHOSTkill919 Center 5
1057 Maida2theb Maida2theb Left Wing 5
1058 SakDaddy8792 SakDaddy8792 Left Wing 3
1059 Panetta55 Panetta55 Right Wing All Don’t be silly!
1060 JDD87reaper JDD87reaper Left Defense 6 What do I do from here?
1061 YoungWilden YoungWilden Left Defense All None
1062 PurpleKushYo PurpleKushYo Left Wing 4 Lets get it on
1063 Canuckchef Canuckchef Left Defense 3 No.
1064 Cloud0911 Cloud0911 Left Wing All
1065 jathen380 jathen380 Right Wing All
1066 Slowloris_l99l Slowloris_l99l Goalie 3
1067 Slimgrady763 Slimgrady763 Goalie 4
1068 B0bey_ BobeyX Right Wing 2
1069 Scores-alot Scores-alot Left Wing 5
1070 CrazyRon_v1 CrazyRon_v1 Center All Also can play RW Rd G
1071 thisisavailable9 thisisavailable9 Goalie 3 No
1072 Riley9696 Riley9696 Left Wing 3
1073 Jay5 Jay321361 Right Wing 3 Ready for the season
1074 Bettercallsaul18 Bettercallsaul18 Left Wing 3 NoSleeves12 will vouch for me. Can potentially play center but not as confident on faceoffs but will be working on that.
1075 laprairie_1007 laprairie_1007 Right Wing All
1077 Mman07311 Mman07311 Right Defense 2
1078 churchy1707 churchy1707 Goalie All
1079 Sir_Optimal Sir_Optimal Left Wing 4
1080 D_Sooky D_Sooky Goalie 2
1081 Iron_byron20 Iron_byron20 Left Wing 5
1082 CharlieK12345678 CharlieK12345678 Center 3 Strong C great on face offs
1083 Qc_Habsfan88 Qc_Habsfan88 Right Wing 6
1084 LGx 2MadTurtles Carpenter7-4 Goalie 5
1085 jeff tremblay XxODBxX Goalie 4 lol
1086 dreadlocknik dreadlocknik Left Wing 4
1087 pkinpa pkinpa Center 5
1088 Buck-Slayer-17 Buck-Slayer-17 Right Defense 4
1089 Bardown1389 Bardown1389 Center All
1090 Tbnkelqc Tbnkelqc Left Defense 5
1091 DONK3YSLAPP420 DONK3YSLAPP420 Right Wing All .
1092 Dchez94 Dchez94 Right Wing 3 Dchez94
1093 Itz_Clutchtato Itz_Clutchtato Left Wing Pavhl 4 I'm an Elite Shitter
1094 JJLOOPS JJLOOPS Right Wing All
1095 RA_K3_ RA_K3_ Right Wing 4 No questions or comments really, I'm guessing there is a forum to look for recruiting clubs and teams , so i should be able to figure it all out
1096 Ericcccc68 Ericcccc68 Left Wing MHL, All None
1097 Booger_Bomb Booger_Bomb Goalie 5 Is there a Live chat
1098 OuttaNaptown OuttaNaptown Right Defense All
1099 Light-the-lamp_ Light-the-lamp_ Right Wing 4 Right wing or right D, woo!
1100 mhogan5 mhogan5 Right Wing All Will play LD and RD
1101 paraykofan5566 paraykofan5566 Right Wing 4
1102 Ri7goalie riley7hockey Goalie All
1103 fishiswah fishiswah Goalie 5
1104 Rathx4 Rathx4 Left Defense 3 -