Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Other Leagues Active In How many nights a week can you play? (on average) Questions or Comments
1 Str8offDATteet Str8offDATteet Right Defense All ...
2 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 OwNeDbYaGiRl02 Left Wing All Primary LW can play LD or RD as well Cheers!
3 Raidrayzor88 Raidrayzor88 Goalie Fbhl All Good luck all
4 Sgt_Fryman Sgt_Fryman Right Wing 4 N/A
5 Chayson16 Chayson16 Left Defense 1 I buzz
6 TaZ-iT- TaZ-iT- Center 4 N/A
7 dangles4days71 dangles4days71 Right Wing 4 Keep doing a good job this will be my 2nd season and I had a blast my first season
8 Space_Pilot3000 Space_Pilot3000 Center All None
9 bbhockey35 bbhockey35 Goalie All Ok
10 Bruqc33 Bruqc33 Left Wing All Can play c and rw if need be
11 Hainesy1291 Hainesy1291 Center 4 I like hockey
12 Big_D_Bird Big_D_Bird Goalie All First season,
13 Gcarey34 Gcarey34 Left Defense 3 Played in LeagueGaming a while back at LD was a NHL callup multiple times
14 Cainer3526 Cainer3526 Center 5 Chill
15 MiDamDikBurnsHot MiDamDikBurnsHot Goalie All Always available and reliable
16 Showtime6919 Showtime6919 Left Wing 4 I'm a bum
18 ses-DRAGON-ses ses-DRAGON-ses Goalie 2 Former AGM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Know as a Rat around the league, and i think that's it....
19 USSoldier1675 USSoldier1675 Right Defense All Be glad to play on any team
20 O_G_G_Y_7 O_G_G_Y_7 Center All na
21 Whowhatwhere69 Whowhatwhere69 Center All I wannaplay centre
22 kuffnlink kuffnlink Center 4 Center
23 xParaUSAx45 xParaUSAx45 Center 3 ?
24 Jrock4356 Jrock4356 Center All Ok
25 GaryLemley GaryLemley Left Wing FBHL 6 Can c too
26 YoungModern12 YoungModern12 Goalie All Can play D too, but mainly G
27 kwhiss613 kwhiss613 Goalie All Also play rd
28 Kc2s0v3c Kc2s0v3c Right Wing 5 Nope
29 pkinpa pkinpa Center 4 Team player with skills
30 Noblood777 Noblood777 Left Wing All Hi
31 Kylemykn Kylemykn Left Wing 2 Hockey
32 HaroldOfTheRox71 HaroldOfTheRox71 Left Wing 3 Drop the puck!
33 Water_wheels Water_Wheels Left Wing 3 Ready to return and help a squad win
34 CloutsPO CloutsPO Right Wing SHL 5
35 bullfighter91250 bullfighter91250 Left Wing 4 Available most nights from 730-11 mountain time
36 Marsh-all- Marsh-all- Center All Center mainly but also play wings... check drop in stats if you like... usually play with scrubs
37 Snowflake9613 ItsLittPham Right Wing All RW or LW
38 Connor_olstad24 Connor_olstad24 Right Wing All Is this the sign up for the chl
39 Col4Bin420 Col4Bin420 Right Wing All None at this time.
40 Killuminati--7 Killuminati--7 Left Wing 4 sign me up
41 Doubledose86 Doubledose86 Right Wing 5 have a newborn, so nights are a little hard to plan.
42 xBBoeser xBBoeser Goalie 1 Can only play on sundays
43 StreakXkill StreakXkill Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All Let's play nhl
44 Brian_7931 Brian_7931 Center 3 .
45 bubbleboy420 bubbleboy420 Left Wing MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL, 2 no questions
46 Khaoz255 Khaoz255 Right Wing 6 I can also play rd
47 Eff1965 Eff1965 Right Wing SSHL, 5 Ok
48 WEEDLES WEEDLES Left Wing SSHL,none 4 None
49 daveXburnXsniper daveXburnXsniper Left Wing 6 Lets plus !
50 Gargalhar Gargalhar Right Defense 5 First time signing up
51 Nothin420 Nothin420 Right Wing All Only available 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (for work)
52 mikeandmel85 mikeandmel85 Goalie SSHL, All Solid all around good goalie.
53 marcmenton marcmenton Left Wing 3 none
54 EHLShakes EHLShakes Left Wing All no questions or comments
55 Sabres930 Sabres930 Right Defense 5 N\A
56 Shanks_24 Shanks_24 Left Defense All .
57 OmegaWolf1020 OmegaWolf1020 Goalie 6 Also plays Defense
58 Bali_91 Bali_91 Goalie 4 Go Predz
59 ChoChaLipzMan ChoChaLipZMan Left Wing All Draft me
60 boysworld123 boysworld123 Left Defense 5 none
61 KaLisseRR KaLisseRR Center 3 .
62 MuckSpecial MuckSpecial Right Wing 3 Excited to play
63 Spidr-Man_2099 Spidr-Man_2099 Center 4 What happens if I can't get on at all for a week?
64 Millah Millah107 Left Defense 3 No comment.
66 samvan69 samvan69 Right Wing All Sick
67 Qc_lil_Tony Qc_lil_Tony Left Wing 1 Sunday
68 Matthew Holley Anaheim_Ducks_07 Center SSHL,None All Chel is life
69 WarChyld2689 WarChyld2689 Right Wing All Excited to be involved with season 7!!
70 eliesalhany_ eliesalhany_ Left Wing All amazing league
71 CompleteLuck21 CompleteLuck21 Right Defense All i know payner
72 QcConnarQc QcConnarQc Left Defense All no comments
73 blazinhippy22 blazinhippy22 Center 6 when do we start the draft ?
74 BlackSabs BlackSabs Left Defense All Hi
75 jphilly7 jphilly7 Left Defense 3
76 JamesCoyle JamesCoyle Left Wing All Good LW’er
77 Nicolas Therrien69 Right Defense SSHL, 6 Pas de question
78 Jay5 Jay321361 Center 4 No comment
79 Apollo--89 Apollo--89 Left Defense All loud Noises
80 XxHabs_KingxX XxHabs_KingxX Right Wing 3 Had a good season 6, hoping to have an even better season 7
81 X-902-Dinosaur-X X-902-Dinosaur-X Right Defense All K
82 cloudhucker cloudhucker Right Wing 4 Rw,lw,ld
83 Curt-Wyrz Curt-Wyrz Right Defense All Nope
84 TylerLOEKEY TylerLOEKEY Right Wing 6 Nope
85 edmast Edmast Right Wing All I can only play the late games 9.30pm
86 Daltonh44 Daltonh44 Left Wing 4 -Dalty
87 One_Nut_Phil81 One_Nut_Phil81 Left Wing 5 none
88 Shaggy2448 Shaggy2448 Right Wing All AGM
89 KJsniper KJsniper24 Left Wing 4 Can play C also
90 Topshotman53827 Topshotman53827 Goalie All Good goalie played lg s6 and wjc jr for Czech Republic available every night
91 Pikachuguy35 Pikachuguy35 Goalie 3 Looking forward to the league
92 QC-BARBEY QC-BARBEY Left Wing 6 Can play RW but I prefer LW since i'm a righty
93 QC_Moreault QC_Moreault Left Defense All K
94 Hbjhockey18 Hbjhockey18 Goalie Syndicate hockey league All I have no questions
95 Spyking316 Spyking316 Left Wing All No
96 billyg7718 billyg7718 Center 3 Thanks again
97 Fresher_than23 Fresher_than23 Left Wing 4 No
98 Yatoupourvous Yatoupourvous Goalie Vghl All I m a goalie
99 Dreamteamm66 Dreamteamm66 Goalie 4 .
100 Dr-HeimMann Dr-HeimMann Right Defense 4 Why don't you tell me I'm pretty anymore?
101 Biksta12 Biksta12 Right Defense 2
102 PuckNasty PuckNasty Left Wing none All looking forward to joining!!
103 Daveyboy-189 Daveyboy-189 Center none 4 no questions
104 Nick Saville what9114 Right Wing 6 I have none.
105 Cbdpine Cbdpine Goalie 5 I only play net I have a lot of games in you won't be disappointed
106 Willski318 Willski318 Goalie 6 Friend told me to try this gonna try it out
107 Megafresh33 Megafresh33 Left Wing 4 Can i get an amen
108 jbeezy199077 jbeezy199077 Left Defense 6 nope
109 Ekosecho Ekosecho Left Wing 3 available sun-wednesday
110 Aaitch14 Aaitch14 Right Wing 5 none
111 Eremita93 SANtheMAN19 Left Wing All I will play any forward position
112 MNShwag_Red MNShwag_Red Right Wing HNHL,Chl 3 It’s lit
113 Rogerdega Rogerdega Right Defense All Rd
114 grassi__ GRASSI__ Left Wing 2 No
115 RJ81 RJ81 Right Wing VG 2 I work shift work so some weeks I can play every night. Others I can only play one night. Depends on seasonal OT. Xo
116 KingxYoda KingxYoda Right Defense All D G W
117 Grondin101 Grondin101 Center 2 .
118 Hieu Hi3eu Right Defense 1 nothing
119 Kinneyyy Kinneyyy Center 4 n/a
120 rocOUTmaGLOKout rocOUTmaGLOKout Goalie 3 My availability may vary. I'll sign up for games and let you know if I can't make it.
121 Reefermeister Reefermeister Right Defense 4 I want to change my primary position to RD.
122 GoogleDemon GoogleDemon Left Defense 6 Nil
123 sky_smashin3 sky_smashin3 Center All I am interested in managing with b_tpa
124 bearbrook14 bearbrook14 Center 5 i like to play LG
125 VGamingWorldYT VGamingWorldYT Left Wing All uneccessary
126 dixin_tudeep dixin_tudeep Right Wing All I like to play and have fun pas the puck and win
127 Meatwad1062 Meatwad1062 Center SSHL,Fab league All Good job last season boys
128 RatWiggler RatWiggler Left Wing 3 no
129 CFH_Slaughtered CFH_Slaughtered Left Defense 5 N/A
130 smyles57 smyles57 Right Wing vghl 3 si
131 ejanzen88 ejanzen88 Right Wing All .
133 cleaver0311 cleaver0311 Right Defense All None
134 shagged66 shagged66 Left Wing 4 I was bought out of my contract. If this holds to be true I would like to change my position to LW and be eligible for bidding. If this is false and a team does have me in a contract for RD for 1 more season I will honor the contract. Thank you.
135 ItsMartel ItsMartel Center SSHL,None All PSN: ItsMartel
136 sausaucer_16 sausaucer_16 Center 2 None
137 Bubbin77 Bubbin77 Left Wing 6 None
138 Austin_Levesque Austin_Levesque Left Wing All Just had a baby so can only play 930 games most likely
139 Lions67 Lions67 Left Defense None 2 No questions
140 KllerJ KllerJ Right Wing All none
141 Straughn Straughn Center FBHL, VGHL All Also can play D both sides
142 ggjoey427 ggjoey427 Left Wing All Sup
143 Kalenfu Kalenfu Left Defense 3 Left handed
144 Orbog Orbog Right Defense 3 None
145 Antg310 Antg310 Right Wing 6 First timer getsome
146 NJDevil29 NJDevil29 Center All New to LG
147 chiuxjai ChiuXJai Center MHL All Can play anywhere if need to
149 Lance Shaffer LanceShaffer Left Defense 4 I play LD & RD
150 shawn040798 shawn040798 Left Wing Vg All None
151 bullyzoid bullyzoid Goalie 4 Looking forward to being apart of the league.
152 EarlTheGoat1979 EarlTheGoat1979 Goalie All I love this league
153 oHiippyTriiippy oHiippyTriiippy Goalie All None
154 oneeye15 oneeye15 Center All Just like to play
155 ledge424 ledge424 Left Defense All I can play either side D or center as needed. No drama
156 RxLegitimate RxLegitimate Goalie All AAA
157 Sly101aa Sly101aa Goalie 3 .
158 commodore0822 commodore0822 Left Defense 5 Seal team teal
159 Swamper15 Swamper15 Right Defense 5 Can play any position.
160 Yianni_Bruins Yianni_Bruins Goalie 5 Its all good
161 Stones8856 Stones8856 Right Wing 5 sign me to a lucrative contract
162 Pfeif04 Pfeif04 Left Wing 4 Playmaker
163 Ryonn Xbarrd0wnn Center 3 Hundo p
164 Craig_D85 Craig_D85 Goalie 4
165 kelelm2 kelelm2 Right Wing 5 I can be ready to play at 8:30 and 9:30 cheers
166 oIntrinsic oIntrinsic Left Wing All ---
167 Fordifide Fordifide Center 4 Oct 2? :$
168 tobydoinwork2 tobydoinwork2 Goalie 4 none
169 Drew Capitaldefense21 Right Wing 3 Travel for Europe, so my schedule changes weekly.
170 REDwings134013 REDwings134013 Right Wing SSHL,FBHL All .
171 Travi3yTML Travi3yTML Left Defense 3 wljdjwdklasdjslak
172 Imso4914 Imso4914 Left Wing All None
173 Acadienfelix30 Acadienfelix30 Goalie 4 Lets go
174 ORION_GMG ORION_GMG Goalie All Ready to play.
175 SilvaL15L SilvaL15L Left Wing All None
176 Chearthquake Chearthquake Left Defense 4 Looking to get into managment
177 krayzieyungb krayzieyungb Right Defense 5 None
178 longdonggreene longdonggreene Center None 4 Let’s have a good season
179 dghigs dghigs Goalie 3 Let's do this!!
180 Brubix Brubix Center All .
181 ZacCanada-519 ZacCanada-519 Center 4 No
182 G1x3r750 G1x3r750 Left Wing All \
183 coryn17 coryn17 Left Defense 4 Put me in coach
184 Jordanbrown1891 Jordanbrown1891 Goalie 5
185 BmorePhishDre BmorePhishDre Right Defense SSHL,FBHL 5 I play both Right and Left defense equally. It looks like there was a draft the other night. Hopefully I'm not too late. thanks!
186 JustinB-28 JustinB-28 Goalie Been in AHL, CHL, and FIFA league All Let’s have a good seson boys!!!
187 Kingilkillu Kingilkillu Right Wing All Play all F positions and can play G
188 Thatguyscamping Thatguyscamping Left Wing 5 N/A
189 kworker84 kworker84 Right Wing 5 No questions or comments
190 fwillis fwillis Right Wing SSHL, 5 Rw or lw
191 kushedout412 kushedout412 Left Wing All Versatile
192 The-Finisher_187 The-Finisher_187 Center All Ready to play
193 XxOvertEnemyxX XxOvertEnemyxX Left Wing 2 LD taking a break this season to try LW for a change
194 Tharealconvict Tharealconvict Right Wing All L
195 Boyer1990 Boyer1990 Right Wing 4 Should be more games in one night so it's just Monday 2 Wednesday
196 Bardown1389 Bardown1389 Center Fbhl All C
197 KushManQc92 KushManQc92 Right Wing All P
198 Wrecktrician Wrecktrician Right Defense 3 Do this
199 Blues1595 Blues1595 Goalie 5 Lgchl season 7
200 AVS_SW93 AVS_SW93 Left Wing All Blank
201 joel_shoe joel_shoe Left Defense 4 ?
202 jhorcher2018 jhorcher2018 Right Defense All .
203 Quacka690 Quacka690 Right Wing SSHL,Vghl All My name Jeff
204 egomaniacstud1 egomaniacstud1 Right Defense All always available
205 MAGIC_MIKEY1 MAGIC_MIKEY1 Right Wing All Nope
206 Knight-ryder1 Knight-ryder1 Left Defense 6 Hshsh
207 fishiswah fishiswah Goalie 5 Just can't play in mondays
208 XtremegamerL suzzyjollimore Center All All of my games have to be complete by 9:15 EST
209 x_Shadowfall_99 x_Shadowfall_99 Goalie 4 Keeper with experience
210 TheSpot_G_Spot TheSpot_G_Spot Center All I played club every year. I just recently switched to PS4. Xbox gamertag was NMSGdawg.
211 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Wing All Available every night for warmups and practice during the season as well.
212 I2ightinthedome I2ightinthedome Center 5 Donald Trump
213 CMDEADLY CMDEADLY Right Defense VG All No questions
214 msbga29 msbga29 Center 5
215 PatSt-Love DiGitaL_ViZioN Left Defense 5 Show Time!
216 Sniperx18x Sniperx18x Left Wing All I’m garbage
217 killagorilla1995 killagorilla1995 Center 4 Lg
218 killerzqc killerzqc Right Defense No All No
219 donron011 donron011 Right Defense fbhl 5 Play all positions
220 KRONWALLED_55_ KRONWALLED_55_ Center 4 Played before but skipped last season
221 ScRoTh_420 ScRoTh_420 Right Wing All Was an owner now just being a player
222 NaiveRealism NaiveRealism Center 4 Defensive and break-out oriented center. I make the players around me better and help the D keep the puck out of our net. Have mic, will communicate. Some experience as an AGM
223 GoochieOochie868 GoochieOochie868 Right Wing All
224 MrAbrams1994 MrAbrams1994 Left Defense 4 Shine bright like a diamond
225 Tronthedon23 Tronthedon23 Left Defense SSHL,League of Legends 2 Victory consistantly Train all year to be the enemy's misery No stress visibly, neither does it enter me I think positively; you can't harm me mentally Not physically, not spiritually; you'll never get rid of me I am the epitome of "this is what you did to me"
226 Hockeygab_20 Hockeygab_20 Right Wing All No
227 MO---58 MO---58 Left Defense 4 I have no questions or comments.
228 Thee_GasMan2 Thee_GasMan2 Right Defense All None
229 siriushp0904 siriushp0904 Right Defense All Also can play goalie
230 NantoriousBiG NantoriousBiG Right Defense All I can play wings as well!
231 BlazedOne412 BlazedOne412 Left Wing 4 Team player looking for a high cycling team.
232 Tystone99 Tystone99 Center 4 .
233 WutangCreamx0 WutangCreamx0 Right Wing 4 Let’s go
234 Phillyman12 Phillyman12 Right Wing All !
235 MidnightToker112 MidnightToker112 Left Wing 3 Season 7
236 Degabrad Degabrad Left Wing All Yeah
237 xmcguire86 xmcguire86 Left Wing 3 woo
238 Bigc9791 Bigc9791 Center 5 What is the weight of an African Swallow?
239 hopsin56 hopsin56 Right Wing All G
240 welchjr10 welchjr10 Left Wing 4 Good luck to all
241 rusty88777 rusty88777 Right Defense 3 free Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday nights can play Goalie if necessary is it fine if I don't use a mic?
242 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Th3Fr3akSh0w76 Left Wing All Nothing
243 JHochman JHochman Left Wing 3 Can also play D or G in a pinch if need be.
244 kevaloplis kevaloplis Left Defense 4 Looking forward to getting started!
245 Tbizzy14 Tbizzy14 Left Wing All I play goalie too
246 Farx9 Farx9 Center 6 .
247 Thebaldeagle69 Thebaldeagle69 Right Defense All Hi
248 chreid17 chreid17 Center 5 no
249 EcE_Reaper EcE_Reaper Left Wing All None
250 BeeBtheGreaT BeeBtheGreaT Left Defense 1 Left def
251 droxx22 Droxx22 Right Defense All Put me in coach
252 xXdizzy420Xx xXdizzy420Xx Right Wing All none
253 marctheArchitect themarchitect Goalie All Currently ranked 2nd in the world overall for save % in leader boards.
254 swany2013 swany2013 Right Defense 3 Toast
255 mikenaughty mikenaughty Right Defense 3 eastern time zone
256 Brendan8816 Brendan8816 Goalie 5 None
257 O4thLinePlug O4thLinePlug Right Wing Fbhl All Send it!!
258 Booseybad Booseybad Left Defense 5 None
259 Sgin23 Sgin23 Left Defense All Looking to be a part of a team. Thanks
260 KRONIK_KING720 KRONIK_KING720 Center 3 I am glad to be returning to LG
261 jf_hochey21 jf_hochey21 Right Wing 3 No
262 xSicKMoTioNz xSicKMoTioNz Left Wing 1 .
263 Bob99gretzky Bob99gretzky Right Defense 5 My second season.
264 cndpostal cndpostal Right Wing All Perfect
265 Murch1620 Murch1620 Right Defense 4 Easy goin' guy looking to play some competitive 6vs6
266 Gwarsloth Gwarsloth Right Defense 3 Only Tuesdays and Wednesday, thursday. I work sunday and Monday night's..
267 sensrock_1 sensrock_1 Right Wing All none
268 Newf1991 Newf1991 Right Wing 5 .
269 Capsrule19 Capsrule19 Left Wing All Looking to be a agm or gm
271 TrashClown22 TrashClown22 Right Wing VGHL 6 Former AHL AGM
272 Rockan40 Rockan40 Right Wing All Not sure yet if I wanna play defense
273 GamerTech29 GamerTech29 Right Defense All Thanks
274 CiNcHxUp CiNcHxUp Center SSHL,SPNHL All None
275 PrezLaurin31 PrezLaurin31 Right Defense 3 None
276 xl-lsilencel-lx xl-lsilencel-lx Left Defense All I can play every Position that's not RD or RW I'm vercitile and there should be an option for multiple positions :)
277 Andrewcarlisle15 Andrewcarlisle15 Left Wing 4 Ready
278 OilyDrip michwild Right Defense All :)
279 SteadyFaded SteadyFaded Left Wing 3 Availability: sun-tues
280 tarasenkoxL91L tarasenkoxL91L Right Wing 5 RW plz
281 onemanonechance onemanonechance Right Defense 3 Na
282 Flyersap Flyers_ap Center 1 None
283 Kerrobert9 Kerrobert9 Left Defense 4 None
284 Dr_Death_116 Dr_Death_116 Left Defense All I can play either LD or RD
285 eaglehawk2014 eaglehawk2014 Goalie All Switch bk to RD
286 Captnobody420 Captnobody420 Right Defense MHL, All Yup
287 firemike0288 firemike0288 Goalie VG 4 Available for 3 to 4 nigjts a week. LG is primary league and only play VG when i have no LG games.
288 Officer_Bob72 Officer_Bob72 Goalie All Hi, I stop pucks sometimes.
289 Jimbo_Slice093 Jimbo_Slice093 Right Defense VGHL All I play Left Defense and Right Defense.
290 SgtVandoos SgtVandoos Goalie 4 N/A
291 Dafoumanchew Dafoumanchew Goalie Vghl All None
293 Razor_Blaid83 Razor_Blaid83 Left Wing All NHL
294 YoungHawG YoungHawG Center All Go Kings Go!
295 ChenoKing ChenoKing Left Wing 5 Ready to Win
296 CaptainDube17 CaptainDube17 Center 5 No comment
297 Aztec066 Aztec066 Goalie 4 Better at g but can play anywhere
298 rh175199 rh175199 Right Wing All Rookie looking for a team
299 Stickybizzn3ss Stickybizzn3ss Center None 3 Ready
300 sG_NtrO sG_NtrO Right Defense All Dman and goalie
301 Nicholas1026 Nicholas1026 Left Wing All Im ready to play
302 Rockgosu4 Rockgosu4 Goalie All well lets go
303 WhippinDaSR5 WhippinDaSR5 Left Wing 4 primary left wing 2+ ppg
304 Key_Tops Key_Tops Goalie FBHL All I can play every night just never know if anything will come up
305 Dracula_x_99 Dracula_x_99 Center All N/A
306 S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E S-C-A-R-F-A-C-E Left Defense VG All I’m ready
307 Mystical-Rino Mystical-Rino Left Wing All Secondary position option?
308 MetroBoominq MetroBoominq Left Wing All no i have none
309 Nyboy914 Nyboy914 Center 3 No
310 Persian_Swag123 Persian_Swag123 Right Wing SSHL, 2 Nice
311 klip_81 KLIP_81 Left Wing All I play LW and a bit of RW
312 ZITOBURRITO ZITOBURRITO Left Defense All I play LD and Goalie
313 bkong79 bkong79 Right Defense 3 Let's play
314 baverstock4700 baverstock4700 Goalie All Available and ready play any night
315 concky77 concky77 Right Wing All
316 legends9129 legends9129 Left Defense 5 Can also be used as forward in a pinch
317 Joker420sumwhere Joker420sumwhere Left Defense All None
318 iCHIRP18 iCHIRP18 Right Wing All ...
319 Strick9Comics Strick9Comics Center All Forward and RD
320 hello_its_yello_ hello_its_yello_ Right Defense All What would you do for a klondike bar?
321 Obstructionzs Obstructionzs Right Wing All It’s my first season and I’m looking forward to getting to meet good players and get better at the game.
322 Ovie_x_8 Bure_l10l Right Wing All no
323 ViveLeQuebec_81 ViveLeQuebec_81 Left Defense 3 I can play RD
324 PushForKush PushForKush Left Wing 5 can make a good team better
325 King-Kush1331 King-Kush1331 Center 3 None
326 Metfan926 Metfan926 Right Wing 2 Ready to win.
327 Broutebambi Broutebambi Goalie 4 Avalability monday to thersday
328 mikethenef mikethenef Right Defense Fb hhockey All None
329 K-bagg978 K-bagg978 Left Wing 5 Very active, can play LD and C also.
330 X_XSaM X_XSaM Left Defense All i play left or right defense
331 Cmutimmah10 Cmutimmah10 Center 5 I like hjs.
332 Buildingwhat Buildingwhat Right Wing None All None
333 tslot9449 tslot9449 Center 4 none
334 Morrow_2867 Morrow_2867 Left Wing All Available to play every night.
335 THE_SHOE22 The_Shoe22 Center SSHL,FBHL All Coming on strong pick me up.
337 CrazyLegsHem CrazyLegsHem Goalie 3 .
338 RamsBAAAA-SON RamsBAAAA-SON Right Defense 4 Hmmm
339 big_tony666 big_tony666 Left Wing Vghl All When I get confirm Lg faster I give my other availabilities to vg
340 Mattybcanucks Mattybcanucks Right Wing All I have no problem playing any games
341 dixonater dixonater Left Wing All No
342 theniceguy1981 theniceguy1981 Left Defense 4 I’m a committed defencmen
343 teejacks1 teejacks1 Goalie 3 breakaway specialist
344 X73x_McAvoy_x73X X73x_McAvoy_x73X Left Defense 4 Also play Xbox
345 robinski88 robinski88 Left Wing All let's win
346 Scores-alot Scores-alot Right Wing None 3 I’m ready
347 lGalchenyuk27l mike71111 Left Wing Facebook 5 I only play Facebook for a season.
348 KaOTic_UniVerSe KaOTic_UniVerSe Center All If I can’t play a scheduled time I’ll give a heads up
349 Nasty_-55 Nasty_-55 Left Wing 5 None
350 LosLocoLocals LosLocoLocals Left Wing 4 I love center and left wing.
351 Khalofatso Khalofatso Right Defense 2 No
352 o S m i i t t y Smittyy10 Right Wing All Can play C too
353 WesleyS1971 WesleyS1971 Right Defense All Availability here bud
354 Krt-Peanutbutter littlebev1 Left Wing All d
355 Yeap_93 Yeap_93 Right Wing All Nope
356 sizzlakalonjii sizzlakalonjii Right Wing All None
357 Kable_72 Kable_72 Left Wing 3 LG left winger
358 K0_UP_CLOSE K0_UP_CLOSE Goalie All Last season, i main'd LD and LW. I am looking to take up goalie this season but can play D and Winger as well!
359 Trapppgawddd Trapppgawddd Left Wing 3 ....
360 tbaehr tbaehr Left Wing All GO WINGS
361 Kingdano420 Kingdano420 Right Wing 5 Can play rd as well
362 Awesomeness8793 Awesomeness8793 Center All I will let you know if I can't make it
363 Taso971 Taso971 Right Wing All None
364 bklyntony bklyntony Right Wing All Na
365 Schwartz-74 Schwartz-74 Goalie VGHL 5 Send help
366 Dark_side0895 Dark_side0895 Right Defense 4 Fig
367 El_cucuy79 El_cucuy79 Right Defense 3
368 Almosteasy88 Almosteasy88 Right Wing All No questions
369 jordanbaverstock jordanbaverstock Center All Are you ready
370 smurf_222 smurf_222 Right Wing All None
371 keithguy keithguy Right Defense 4 Can also play LD
372 I9I_Bento_I3I I9I_Bento_I3I Right Wing All 6ppg
373 Kingboivin31 Kingboivin31 Right Wing All 2nd overall
374 noahswick14 noahswick14 Left Wing All none
375 calhockey10 calhockey10 Left Wing 6 .
376 HELLOVATER HELLOVATER Right Defense 5 Looking to play for a Team that practices and communicates. Looking to win.
377 MountainGuerilla MountainGuerilla Right Defense 5 Solid rd. Played for kkotenay season 6. On Switzerland in lgwjc
378 VulgarGentleman VulgarGentleman Left Defense 5 I work on call. I can tell you if im available the day before the game. No problems playing 3 games a week.
379 Dixdirt Dixdirt Left Defense None 3 I love 2 party
380 XxCanuckzFanxX XxCanuckzFanxX Left Wing 4 Love this league
381 xx0-gam3r-7xx xx0-gam3r-7xx Left Defense 4 prefer early games
382 goalieman9231 goalieman92 Goalie 5 .
383 gtpursuit gtpursuit Left Defense 3 LD or RD
384 D480M8_72 D480M8_72 Goalie 4 Any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me, as I will do the same.
385 The_Falcon__ The_Falcon__ Left Wing All Also play C
386 tbeat- tbeat- Right Defense 6 do you know da wae?
387 itzTruue itzTruue Left Defense 4 None
388 Lil_Andrew Lil_Andrew Center 3 None
389 Blackknightwpg Blackknightwpg Right Defense All I can play all positions and I'm versatile
390 bananabreadman32 bananabreadman32 Right Wing 4 I’m changing to forward
391 Oh_Tangy Oh_Tangy Left Defense 3 Nope
392 addley99 addley99 Right Wing All Playmaking RW
393 Dustinkeefe19 Dustinkeefe19 Right Defense None All When do I start?
394 bEaRcAt_GaMiNg bEaRcAt_GaMiNg Left Wing 5 None
395 Duckweed1989 Duckweed1989 Left Wing All Naw, all good
396 Mitch_The_Titan Mitch_The_Titan Left Wing All I have no questions
397 Soulplane4 Soulplane4 Goalie FBHL NHL Owner All Im a top 100 goalie My secondary positions are Center and wing My cr is usually between 800-900
398 BrennanFrasso MrSkittleBaby Center All I’m elite
399 Sinneront Sinneront Left Wing 4 Back and ready to help my team get in the victory lane.
400 Mighty_Owl_ Mighty_Owl_ Goalie All Also play LD and RD
401 lllTrick lllTrick Center None 4 Also interested in left wing.
402 bbraves1328 bbraves1328 Right Wing 4 n/a
403 Harmanm44 Harmanm44 Right Defense 5 Last 8 games of last season, and playoffs was right d
404 NateJones-_- NateJones-_- Goalie All .
405 Vos_Axios Vos_Axios Goalie All GOALIE/DEFENSE
406 Majorjetsfan majorjetsfan Right Wing All none
407 LaFleuR11 LaFleuR11 Right Defense 6 cannot on sundays
408 Ray9733 Ray9733 Left Wing All Can play center too
409 Chezeel Chezeel Left Wing 4 ...
410 ShibbzyBruh ShibbzyBruh Right Defense 3 Let’s get it boys!!
411 SynCraftrz SynCraftrz Right Defense 5 N/A
412 Diirty_Triix_13 Diirty_Triix_13 Center SSHL,Spnhl 4 No comments
413 jcoch33 jcoch33 Goalie 4 None
414 Bornofosirick Tesserick Center 3 Available from tuesday to thursday
415 D1ggy420 D1ggy420 Right Wing All Previous Owner
416 IvanLach IvanLach Right Defense 3 .
418 B2-xX- B2-xX- Right Defense All Just switching over from Xbox so need to pad my stats #freshstart I can play any spot except net lol
419 Evan_simpy Evan_simpy Left Defense 3 None
420 Fo0o0G-19 Fo0o0G-19 Right Wing 3 Thank you
421 JOBO-COP81 JOBO-COP81 Right Defense All Thanks
422 TurmoiIz TurmoiIz Left Defense 5 Hey . I am an experienced EASHL player. I haven't participated in any online League. I only played with friends online. I've been playing since nhl13. I'm part of the well known G L A D I I A T O R S online club.
423 FidellCastro84 FidellCastro84 Right Defense SSHL,FBHL All no questions, LG Vet
424 FILthYFORCE FILthYFORCE Center All Looking for a team that plays as a team
425 goulet19 goulet19 Right Defense All ...
426 DLG_19 DLG_19 Right Defense 6 Not mondays
427 Just_HeinZ Just_HeinZ Left Wing All none
428 QuattroLuvsBooty QuattroLuvsBooty Center 2 2 or 3 nights a week depending on how my schedule fits in place for the following weeks.
429 Schmidty51 Schmidty51 Left Wing 4 Hey
430 Arrowhunter14 Arrowhunter14 Center All New s
431 Danxx46 Danxx46 Center 4 Cool with any skater position
432 EddieDrag EddieDrag Right Defense All Thank you!
433 GumpeR xxgumperxx Right Defense All None
434 Feeneykid93 Feeneykid93 Center All C rw lw
435 AzN-Warbringer AzN-Warbringer Right Defense 5 :)
436 simian_drunk simian_drunk Left Defense 4 Yeah hockey
437 DJxGrinder DJxGrinder Right Defense 5 Stay at home RD looking for a home for the season.
438 BonusDruthers BonusDruthers Center 4 Can play LW LD also
439 X_xtugboatx_X X_xtugboatx_X Left Defense All Can play either d. Some center.
440 KyleLBH KyleLBH Left Defense 5
441 Gredner Gredner Center All Gold medal world juniors CHL Q All star game champ LET'S DANGLE
442 BALLZZDEEPINER BALLZZDEEPINER Right Wing All Stay home D either side
443 PSURLZ PSURLZ Left Defense 3 n/a
444 Torieturtle26 Torieturtle26 Left Defense All New to league
445 Green1791 Green1791 Right Wing 2 looking forward to playing this game
446 GodsGift911 GodsGift911 Left Defense 3 I can okay both L&RD. Got 2 seasons in LGCHL.
447 Mawson_99 Mawson_99 Center 4 .
448 thisisavailable9 thisisavailable9 Right Wing 4 no
449 GoidFurYou GoidFurYou Left Defense 3 Im new to nhl
450 TheP1ck6 TheP1ck6 Right Defense 6 Natural Point Man
451 GetBigOrGetHuge GetBigOrGetHuge Left Defense All RD to LD please
452 Evilgenius_i35i Evilgenius_i35i Left Defense 5 Suck it
453 Perdikiotes Perdikiotes Right Defense none 4 None
454 BulletShow21 BulletShow21 Center All Forecheck backcheck paycheque
455 T_B_61 T_B_61 Goalie All Goalie Only
456 Auger_83_ Auger_83_ Right Wing All Gg
457 deezplz deezplz Right Defense 3 Play C also
458 PoppaDroppaShot PoppaDroppaShot Right Defense All None
459 Babagunoosh989 Babagunoosh989 Left Defense 4 No questions or comments. Other than I think I play like Drew Doughty
460 Tehh__Pwnerer Tehh__Pwnerer Right Wing All Can also play LW and center. Availibility is now perfect as i no longer work atm
461 cf_pat_652 cf_pat_652 Goalie 5 Played S4 and S6, Looking be an AGM for a team who picks me up, Team Russia GM, S2 LGWJC PSN
462 B-hop_420 B-hop_420 Right Defense All Availability is good, i can play ld or fwd and goalie if need be too
463 Nizzleneil9 Nizzleneil9 Right Wing 4 ...
464 Odd-NaiveGamer Odd-NaiveGamer Right Wing 4 Hi how are ya?
465 Sir_Nibblesalot Sir_Nibblesalot Left Defense 4 Ok
466 TSl9lx TSl9lx Center 5 C or RW
467 xNePx xNePx Left Defense 3 College Student
468 Alpapi-binsmokin alpapi-binsmokin Left Wing 5 I Play C as well
469 HotRod3323 HotRod3323 Left Defense 2 None
470 rorobull rorobull Right Defense All I can ply both defense positions.
471 TheRabidPanther TheRabidPanther Left Wing 4 I can also play RW
472 Ronik Ronik Center 3 Available
473 Im_JussSayin Im_JussSayin Center SSHL,Fbhl All I spin
474 qwikfinger qwikfinger Goalie 3 Lets do this
475 MrManuk MrManuk Right Defense 5 None
476 HyPe_DoMiNaToR HyPe_DoMiNaToR Left Defense None 2 None
477 Dencope Dencope Center 4 Also play LW
478 MrGiraud MrGiraud Left Defense All Ready to go
479 MN-StoneMason MN-StoneMason Right Defense All I Play defense on either side but prefer RD I also can play G if needed
480 Happy77dd Happy77dd Left Defense 3 Love ya
481 Lonelystar1 Lonelystar1 Goalie None 3 None
482 WarriorHobbit Warrior_Hobbit92 Left Defense 4 Lets win games?
483 GoalieGodz GoalieGodz Right Defense 5 -
484 NuttyOutlaw13 NuttyOutlaw13 Left Wing All No
485 JonnyZ_QC JonnyZ_QC Left Defense All Deff with EXP since 2009 Stay at home D and can play more offence if needed and can play RD as well.
486 Morn Morn Right Defense All -
487 gumster09 Gumster09 Goalie All Yea buddy
488 Lapointe1991 Lapointe1991 Right Wing 5 No Sunday or Thursday night's
489 NHL-MOST-HATED99 NHL-MOST-HATED99 Right Defense All I Play all 3 forward positions at competitive level, I play both defensive sides at competitive level. I don't play goalie at a competitive level.... lol
490 foustyfoost foustyfoost Right Wing All Lets stoodis!!!!!
491 MrNoSkillzHockey MrNoSkillzHockey Left Defense All I am available everyday and bring a gd team locker room spirit and have past gm experience.
492 Joey-campbell Joey-campbell Right Defense None All None
493 GetOutOfHim GetOutOfHim Left Defense 4 Can't wait for my second season! Super excited and ready to play!!
494 II-ninja416-II II-ninja416-II Right Wing 4 Eskeeeedit
495 G IR 3 3 IK G_IR_3_3_IK Right Wing All For a good time call 555-569-6969
496 GordonBombay1989 GordonBombay1989 Center 3 I'm excited
497 Jeown Jeown Goalie 3 Got 2 season experience one as goalie one as foward
498 Loyalty_Caper Loyalty_Caper Left Wing SSHL All Hi
499 SAND_MAN257 SAND_MAN257 Left Wing All New to Psn play lg on Xbox previously
500 HeartNSoul-X HeartNSoul-X Right Defense 3 I can play left side also
501 SnydesUSMC SnydesUSMC Left Wing All Lw or rw
502 DT_Fade DT_Fade Goalie 4 .
503 CyKho CyKho Left Wing 5 I'm on nhl18 quite a bit, mostly after 8, but I shouldn't have any trouble making most, if not all games. Pretty easy to play with, and very little drama.
504 TheWalmartThugB TheWalmartThugB Left Wing 5 A
505 ACE_SNIPER911 ACE_SNIPER911 Right Wing 4 Good
506 Schomby13 Schomby13 Left Wing Syndicate Hockey League All I am primarily a LW. I can play RW and play a little Defense. I am a decent G.
507 ThePoolMagician ThePoolMagician Left Wing All first season
508 Batmanbuzzz88 Batmanbuzzz88 Goalie 4 good job
509 Rocky1000 Rocky1000 Left Defense 3 My other position is RW
510 nexxgod nexxgod Left Defense All No questions
511 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Wing All None
512 Booger_Bomb Booger_Bomb Goalie 4 No questions
513 Joshleaman2015 Joshleaman2015 Goalie All playing goalie instead of lw
514 leafsguy11 leafsguy11 Left Defense All played with Kingston, and Owen Sound and Team USA for World Juniors
515 vnozzz vnozzz Center 6 N/a
516 Hadji PlusSizePounder Right Wing 3 Dog shit on face-offs. Trying something new.
517 Shaggy420412 Shaggy420412 Center 4 Cant wait to get back in lg
518 ptsiaras ptsiaras Left Wing 5 Will put the puck home
519 Gutta_gun29 Gutta_gun29 Left Wing All Nope
520 The_Prodigy1077 The_Prodigy1077 Right Defense 3 Can't wait to play, and hope to play for my home town Oshawa
521 Piezrus Piezrus Right Wing All Says I have to have something in here.
522 CrispyBacon777 CrispyBacon777 Goalie SSHL,FBHL All n/a
523 InsaneCheatCode InsaneCheatCode Right Wing All Ok
524 BartySauce BartySauce Right Wing All Ok
525 Duges39 Duges39 Goalie All None
526 TheBoozeSieve TheBoozeSieve Left Wing 4 Beer leagues on tuesday, only day I can't play
527 TML34GOAT TML34GOAT Right Defense All S
528 JCEB85 JCEB85 Left Wing other 3 go team
529 iiGOTskillz iiGOTskillz Left Wing None 3 Experienced EA Sports player
530 Jake From State Farm bbdeprdutions Center All .
531 sfcman sfcman Center All
532 T-Roach34 T-Roach34 Right Wing Fbhl 4 Looking for a team environment not people looking for stats
533 ScaNNy_Boii-50 ScaNNy_Boii-50 Center Fbhl 3 Sign me up already
534 DermDerm- DermDerm- Right Wing 4 N/a
535 Guesshoo1 Guesshoo1 Right Defense All I play every position effectively
536 Bmottly Bmottly Left Defense All Any night after 9:00 pm est
537 ILLUMINATI-NJ ILLUMINATI-NJ Right Defense SSHL,SPNHL 4 Calm and steady. I’ll be top 5 defenseman if I find a smart team.
538 Squirrel_l15l Squirrel_l15l Left Wing 4 -
539 Fth_biggy_ Fth_biggy_ Right Wing MHL,None All Hey
540 Hockeygamer0314 Hockeygamer0314 Center All none
541 RapleSyrup15 RapleSyrup15 Center 3 I have no comments
542 DoCJ1gGY DoCJ1gGY Center All a
543 Banksyslide Banksyslide Right Defense 4 None
544 chasenewman17 chasenewman17 Left Wing 5 None
545 Killerjake0007 Killerjake0007 Goalie All None
546 asstchief209 Asstchief209 Right Wing 4 Can RD if needed also
547 QC_SPRITS_QC QC_SPRITS_QC Left Wing 3 I can play everywhere
548 Jopetto75 Jopetto75 Left Defense All Good job thanks to everyone who keeps this sight going!!
549 combat__13 combat__13 Right Wing All I beat Lehk.
550 Fedorov91X Fedorov91x Goalie All Avail 24/7
551 Theekevv88 Theekevv88 Left Wing All Lw
552 Dualtz dualisgod Center 2 yung dagger dick
553 MaTh_HaBs MaTh_HaBs Center All No
554 Jebus8458 Jebus8458 Right Wing All I also play LW
555 zganec0505 zganec0505 Left Defense 4 first time playing on here so hope to get to play haha
556 asleeptech asleeptech Goalie All Can play all nights
557 hemi94 hemi94 Left Defense 4 Ld or Rd
558 LAXTWIN74 LAXTWIN74 Right Defense 4 NA
559 CJB721 CJB721 Left Wing All Can also play center
560 OsamaBinBLAZZZIN OsamaBinBLAZZZIN Right Defense 4 I play goalie as well
561 Rfry5555 Rfry5555 Right Defense 4 I travel for work every other week but mostly I’m available
562 clowe770 clowe770 Right Defense 4 Solid dman
563 DrShokola DrShokola Goalie 5 Nine
564 Chron-Beanz Chron-Beanz Right Wing All None
565 GreenTurkey GreenTurkey Left Defense All None.
566 FRANKIE__ FRANKIE__ Left Wing 4 Yes
567 Pulverize_vL Pulverize_vL Left Wing 4 I can play play LW RW LD or RD
568 Elspicoli420 Elspicoli420 Left Defense 4 .
569 diddygulp diddygulp Right Wing shl All no
570 chicks-n-whips chicks-n-whips Left Defense spnhl 3 none
571 sk8mafia6669 sk8mafia6669 Left Defense All I was good last season
572 KNIFEinYOURguts NONEbutTHEbrave Left Defense 3 Daddy's here.
573 Re1nbrecht Re1nbrecht Left Wing 4 Also play C
574 squatchess73 Squatchess73 Right Defense All Defenseman
575 xXDJFREEZEXx xXDJFREEZEXx Left Wing All ..
576 StudWord StudWord Left Defense All no
577 Steven-Seagal-2 Steven-Seagal-2 Goalie 3 None
578 BRILLOorGTFO BRILLOorGTFO Left Defense All
579 Pyromaniac15423 Pyromaniac15423 Left Defense 6 Can play both LD and RD
580 LtJimDangles LtJimDangles Center 4 Typically online every Thursday - Sunday nights around 8pm to midnight. Sometimes on mon-wed but its hit or miss.
581 Irishguy1005 Irishguy1005 Left Defense 3 N/A
582 ToneCarbone ToneCarbone Right Defense All Lets Go Guys!
583 lastarnegserieu lastarnegserieu Center All No
584 Thatguymatt25 Thatguymatt25 Goalie 3
585 D-Force12 D-Force12 Left Defense All Mobile D-Man who contributes offensively and not afraid to pinch on the backcheck. Can play L or R.
586 N_DUMAIS N_DUMAIS Right Wing All I love LG
587 Imcanedianehh Imcanedianehh Left Defense 5 Hi
588 hockeysauce hockeysauce Left Defense SHL 3 .
589 Undead_K94 Undead_K94 Center All Nadda
590 MajiikalSniipes MajiikalSniipes Left Defense 6 None
591 xBoeser xBoeser Left Wing All Hi i'm new to this league looking to play some competitive organized 6's been around the community forever and can't wait to get started, also I can LW or RW
592 OntarioGuna OntarioGuna Center 4 Toronto
593 RaZCuL RaZCuL Right Defense 4 Please keep me as RD /LD this season not rw thanks
594 memphisonfire memphisonfire Left Defense All
595 howz_dat_taste howz_dat_taste Right Defense All or LD
596 MikeK59 MikeK59 Right Defense 4 RD
597 DodgesBlueShells DodgesBlueShells Left Defense All NA
598 SN1PINGKING SN1PINGKING Left Wing 5 Thank you
599 budymaya budymaya Left Defense 1 Idk about being available
600 StroobieDoobie StroobieDoobie Right Defense All D/goalie
601 xX__CINEMA__Xx xX__CINEMA__Xx Left Wing All None
602 Vapetokes77 Vapetokes77 Right Defense Sp Vg All Stay at home defense
603 T0m_mcmcson T0m_mcmcson Left Defense 3 3 night or more depending on the week.
604 hotwheels9966 hotwheels9966 Left Defense All ld
605 Dads Devil Devil_Dawgs0313 Left Defense 6 No
606 MitchRobicho MitchRobicho Left Defense 4 Defense first player. Dont expect many goals from me. Can also play any position including goalie.
607 KesselySnipes420 KesselySnipes420 Left Wing Fbhl 4 Just be able to schedule around my fbhl schedule as well. Looking for a team environment not a bunch of people looking for stats.
608 uniman29 uniman29 Right Defense All trust me, you'll love me.
609 chelios_2_4_ chelios_2_4_ Left Defense 3 nope
610 deadrising6669 deadrising6669 Right Wing SP 3 n/a
611 iamgager iamgager Right Wing All N/A
612 RJ_MacReady_27 RJ_MacReady_27 Left Defense All none
613 CoastToCoast1989 CoastToCoast1989 Left Wing 2 can only play 1 night this season; took a coaching job that will honestly take up a lot of my time from 7pm-10pm
614 D_R_D_A_N_K_S D_R_D_A_N_K_S Right Wing All Is that cool if I can smoke in here?
615 saturnclown saturnclown Center 3 :-)
616 Neeposh_patrick Neeposh_patrick Left Wing Vghl All No comment
617 magnum_316 M-A-G-N-U-M_316 Right Defense All Rd very defensive
618 headhunter9872 headhunter9872 Right Wing All .
619 DanOtunE DanOtunE Right Defense All I play RD and LD and can be on any night
620 boscom1998 boscom1998 Right Defense All Played for Owen Sound Attack in Season 6
622 james angle jangle07 Right Wing 3 .
623 Hank Ham the_man427 Left Defense 5 None
624 V__Monk__V V__Monk__V Left Wing All Pumped to play
625 NOOB_tube_ARMY1 NOOB_tube_ARMY1 Left Defense All Looking forward to new season
626 Palums Palums Left Defense All Primarily play LD but can play RD as well and LW/RW in a pinch.
627 ShirtNoService ShirtNoService Left Defense All Can play either side on defense. Capable at LW and C as well.
628 Butchery666 Butchery666 Center 4 N/A
629 Tangelis Tangelis Goalie 3 Can not play NHL times, way too late for me.
630 clenny822 clenny822 Left Defense 3 LD or RD fine
631 YouCanGetIt__ YouCanGetIt__ Right Wing All Can play every night
632 KingWillum KingWillum Left Wing 6 .
633 abdiel_666 abdiel_666 Left Defense All none
634 Collins1515 Collins1515 Right Defense 4 Can also play forward
635 Cbthomas28 Cbthomas28 Right Wing Vghl All None
636 LeBlanc21 LeBlanc21_ Left Defense LGHL All Just looking to play some good ol fashion competitive hockey again.
637 ShenPenn ShenPenn Left Wing 5 Fun game. Much excite.
638 coryturner coryturner Right Wing All Use to be a gm in a few leagues
639 Tyronto__ Tyronto__ Center MHL, All Returing LG member switched over to ps4 from Xbox
640 dlomac86 dlomac86 Center All Team player that doesn't care about individual stats.
641 OsamaBinSTABBIN OsamaBinSTABBIN Right Wing 3 ?
642 crazeematt1 crazeematt1 Goalie All My gameday availability will be based on my after school sports. I live on the west coast so it kind of screws stuff up. All 3 of my other high school years practices ended by 5:30 PST (8:30 EST), so I should be able to play 9:30 and 10:30 games (unless I have a match). I’ll be available for most Sundays. Basically don’t count on me for 8:30 EST games Mon-Wed.
643 BringEmDownOG BringEmDownOG Left Wing None. All Can RW also.
644 TheHerbHoarder TheHerbHoarder Goalie All Na
645 Battz Battz Goalie All Ready for Scouting games.
646 brenoamaral17 brenoamaral17 Goalie All Played briefly in two other leagues counting this one
647 Durty_dee25 Durty_dee25 Right Wing All If you know me holla at me
648 wAvy_Gzzz_ wAvy_Gzzz_ Center 3 Really trying to make a name in this league.
649 SeanieMack SeanieMack Center All .
650 heisenbergz_29 heisenbergz_29 Right Defense 5 None
651 dj_kreation dj_kreation Left Wing All Versatile forward can play anywhere
652 UrbanGuerrilla UrbanGuerrilla Left Defense 4 I don't have a question or comment
653 Lillocojeep Lillocojeep Right Defense All Also Lw and G
654 Poit77 Poit77 Left Wing All none
656 Chalzman Chalzman Left Defense All .
657 Eng_champion Eng_champion Center 2 N/a
658 Bettercallsaul18 Bettercallsaul18 Center All N/A
659 captain21canada captain21canada Right Defense All nothing
660 chad2pair chad2pair Right Defense 3 stay at home defenceman
661 Leester24554 Leester24554 Right Defense All No
662 i-Mr-T-i i-Mr-T-i Right Wing All none
663 IND1gl3x IND1gl3x Center All Any forward pos.
664 mhogan5 mhogan5 Right Wing All .
665 teamslapaho teamslapaho Right Wing SSHL, All I am a team player and I am always available
666 SRH_prodegy SRH_prodegy Left Wing All Hi
667 RollanDubs RollanDubs Left Defense All Questions or Comments
668 ReDeYezReAPeRx ReDeYezReAPeRx Right Defense All N/A
669 Tikillah Tikillah Right Defense All
670 DoNcEnZ13 DoNcEnZ13 Right Wing All RW RD LD
671 Capsfan95 Capsfan95 Left Wing 5 No
672 Rampagekiller815 Rampagekiller815 Center 4 I’m purdy good
673 TheMonkeyShow TheMonkeyShow Left Defense 4 Yep
674 Jawoba_9 Jawoba_9 Left Wing 4 Hello
675 the_tack the_tack Center 3 None
676 superguy1999 superguy1999 Center All Live in Ontario but a Canucks fan
677 lilman239 Lilman239 Left Defense All Defensive Defenseman
678 bkeis bkeis Left Defense All None
679 mmclaughlin88 mmclaughlin88 Center Fbhl All /
680 Sammy_the_deal Sammy_the_deal Left Wing All 2nd season here, hoping to get some more burn this time around.
681 Gamingfreak911 Gamingfreak911 Right Defense All Good d-man
682 Clapaul Clapaul Right Defense 6 Can play left wing but primarily prefer right wing
683 IM_F-N_RIZZED IM_F-N_RIZZED Center All Can play RW and G as well.
684 Laddydaddy16 Laddydaddy16 Right Wing All L
685 Bonvie7 Bonvie7 Right Defense 2 2-3
686 Mom1sec Mom1sec Left Wing 4 No comment.
687 Frygglez Frygglez Left Defense 6 Very solid LD , look for me on team Germany for the WJC
688 Illgill89 Illgill89 Right Defense 3 .....
689 Pegyy15 Pegyy15 Right Wing All i love play nhl
690 Splashguard Splashguard Left Defense 5 -Made top ten weekly defensemen multiple times. -VERY competent goalie - can play ALL positions -good on the draw
691 N4t1v3_KuSH N4t1v3_KuSH Goalie All No
692 Tomd8995 tomd8995 Right Defense 4 No
693 Check_Czech_it Check_Czech_it Left Defense SSHL,VGHL / FBHL All Right handed. Will play either defense side or winger alternate.
694 SwAg-_-ShOTzz SwAg-_-ShOTzz Center 6 Hi
695 ChaosShallReign8 ChaosShallReign8 Left Defense Fbhl All Season 2
696 ESTR19 ESTR19 Center SSHL,VGPHL 3 .
697 RippedJockStrap RippedJockStrap Right Defense None 3 Stay at home defensivemen looking to be a part of a great team.
698 ClutchRobin_13 ClutchRobin_13 Right Defense All Play LD as well. Can play any position if needed
699 loadedbrawler loadedbrawler Right Defense 3 None
700 boots23amc boots23amc Right Defense All RD
701 General_Lee_High General_Lee_High Right Defense 3 TRUMP 2020
702 Fethdar Fethdar Left Defense 5 None
703 Tekniks79 Tekniks79 Left Defense All Lets play
704 Sergeant_Sizzle Sergeant_Sizzle Right Defense 5 My availability is almost always 9/9 for the week.
705 RickyRick69 RickyRick69 Center All Hello
706 Zachcvh Zachcvh Left Defense All Will play RD, but prefer LD.
707 BANJOBOY19 BANJOBOY19 Left Defense None 4 Can't wait til next season
708 j_sherminator j_sherminator Right Wing All Can play Center and Left Wing as well as Right Wing
709 ShrumBucket ShrumBucket Left Wing All I still don't know why this is here.
710 EQDonkey EQDonkey Right Defense 3 H
711 wincowboy wincowboy Center All i play all positions
712 BUSTAHYMAN88 BUSTAHYMAN88 Right Defense All N/A
713 Sinisterkiller91 Sinisterkiller91 Right Wing 5 .
714 sportsgeek5 sportsgeek5 Right Defense All can play g to
715 AsianRenegade76 AsianRenegade76 Left Defense All Let’s win
716 Radical Wave RadicalWaves Left Wing All I'm not bad..
717 WeEatAssNow WeEatAssNow Right Defense All None
718 Jasono79 jasono79 Left Wing 6 Ready to play!!
719 HercyParvin HercyParvin Right Defense All None
721 gaxmode gaxmode Goalie 3 No
722 xXPurplowkeyyXx xXPurplowkeyyXx Left Wing All when does this start
723 dasgreenbassterd dasgreenbassterd Right Defense Fbhl All Team player likes to practice hit me up
724 XXwires-rathXX xxwires-rathxx Left Wing All Dis nigga back ho!!! Lw all day every day foo
725 steel243 steel243 Left Wing Spnhl shl vghl 6 No
726 AMogilny_89 AMogilny_89 Center All Strong 200 Foot Game I love cycling, I love passing and scoring. Two Way Dangler. Definitely can hold my own with anyone.
727 Cardinalsin47 Cardinalsin47 Left Defense 3 I stream the games
728 Fatjoedashow1984 Fatjoedashow1984 Right Defense 5 None
729 B-RANDOM206 B-RANDOM206 Center 5 pick me :)
730 matz0622 matz0622 Right Defense All yep
731 zacktheman95 zacktheman95 Center 3
732 smashNgrab21 smashNgrab21 Left Defense All Better than most
733 Hockeyislife313 Hockeyislife313 Right Defense 5 My first season in LG. Im a solid dependable Dman who thinks defence first which i heard is needed around the league
734 kc2917 kc2917 Left Defense SPNHL All LD
735 ThE-ACe11 ThE-ACe11 Left Wing 3 Ok
736 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Goalie SPNHL VGHL All
737 daverobs1203 daverobs1203 Left Defense All Left or right defenseman
738 monster_mania771 monster_mania771 Left Defense All 1
739 Howjokes Howjokes Right Defense All Can play every position except G and LD
740 nibblingwalrus nibblingwalrus Right Defense All Rw rd goalie
741 your_dad_i_am your_dad_i_am Goalie All I'm ready
743 wolfric_99 wolfric_99 Right Defense 3 LD or RD
744 Ironcity87 Ironcity87 Left Defense All Go pens
745 Damion0824 Damion0824 Left Defense 5 No
746 Deadlyone910 Deadlyone910 Goalie All Have played LD also an know I’m a good Goalie.
747 Jmiichh-Qc Jmiichh-Qc Left Wing Eml 4 Hello
748 captMorty captMorty Left Defense 2 Busy schedule, I put up a minimum of nights available. Max is 3.
749 Nucksducksfan Nucksducksfan Right Wing All I also play goalie as an emergency
750 ATL_NiizzyyTouch ATL_NiizzyyTouch Right Wing All #TeamPlayer
751 tjt108198 tjt108198 Right Defense All I played RD in LGCHL The Last season of NHL 17 and put up some solid games for one of the worst teams and im really easy to play w
752 tcar23 tcar23 Left Defense All Can play LD or RD and forward if needed.
753 Boughss Boughss Left Wing 5 .
754 Truenohaps Truenohaps Right Wing 2 Work schedule is crazy
755 kcgaudette2013 kcgaudette2013 Right Defense All
756 RarryxxVX RarryxxVX Left Wing 6 Play rw also
757 Whystheboozegone Whystheboozegone Left Defense 5 .
758 mrwenz462 mrwenz462 Left Wing 4 none
759 Higgy1231 Higgy1231 Left Wing All Season 6 stats 18G-29A-47P
760 Kmac519 Kmac519 Right Defense 3 None
761 DIP_SPITTER96 DIP_SPITTER96 Left Defense All None
762 sizzlak09 sizzlak09 Center All Great center took a break a few seasons now I’m back and ready to play
763 TirpaK80 TirpaK80 Left Defense 3 Sun Mon Tuesday my nights to play, I can also play forward if needed.
764 Baldy_Onenut Baldy_Onenut Right Defense 6 No
765 Darc625 Darc625 Right Defense All None
766 pvtnoobripper pvtnoobripper Right Defense 3 Excited to get another season started
767 Diggi8469 Diggi8469 Right Wing None All ...
768 JDD87reaper JDD87reaper Right Defense All N/A
769 Khjush- Khjush- Center All lw too
770 Bradley3322 Bradley3322 Left Wing 4 Good luck everyone
771 bschmidy10 bschmidy10 Left Wing 3 None
772 Cbertin10 Cbertin10 Right Wing 6 I think i did pretty good last season, trying to make it to NHL or AHL for this upcoming season
773 tengaray tengaray Center All No
774 jonshadow12 jonshadow12 Left Defense 6 None
775 Hyfro Hyfro Left Wing FBHL 5 I’m currently not available to play mondays or Thursday. Everything else is fine.
776 ASAP_CAR4A ASAP_CAR4A Left Wing All Na
777 WamstanChurchil WamstanChurchil Right Defense All Can play anywhere
778 Romanator30 Romanator30 Center SSHL,FBHL 4 none
779 SuperBurgerChips SuperBurgerChips Left Defense 5 Playing since 2010 this is my first time trying LG hockey and i look forward to it
780 Boston_Shaun Boston_Shaun Right Wing 6 No
781 Hail_mgoblue Hail_mgoblue Right Defense 2 Have limited availability because I coach my 3 boys in hockey. First month will be difficult but availability will be much better in late March.
782 DomP123 DomP123 Right Wing 6 Pick me up buttercup
783 SoGoDxLiKe_92 SoGoDxLiKe_92 Right Wing 4 Also LW or LD. Decent Goalie. Played 3 seasons on XB1 CHL
784 K1773rm0nk3y K1773rm0nk3y Right Wing All Can play some center but mostly rw
785 Lemieux_Polamalu Lemieux_Polamalu Center All am i AhL this year?
786 DevilsPride4 DevilsPride4 Right Wing All
787 HockeyLord989 HockeyLord989 Right Wing 6 Lets get it
788 xXImSoScotianXx- xXImSoScotianXx- Right Defense All No
789 jomorin30 jomorin30 Right Defense 3 Stay a-t-il home D
790 Dlcjr75 Dlcjr75 Left Defense All no
791 hitz72007 hitz72007 Left Defense 3 NA
792 DeathToRob DeathToRob Center 3 none
793 JEDlMIND JEDlMIND Right Defense 4 No.
794 dracolis dracolis Center 3 lets do this
795 l48l_Robinson l48l_Robinson Left Wing Chl 3 None
796 ItZ-SkdZ ItZ-SkdZ Left Wing 5 Give yo boy a chance
797 Northernrocker23 Northernrocker23 Right Defense 4 Can play both sides
798 Rezhomey Rezhomey Left Wing All N/A
799 Dev-O-91 Dev-O-91 Right Defense All RD/LD
800 Goodie99 Goodie99 Right Wing All I'm a defence first creative playmaker. I am available for AGM position if needed. GM of year for Season 2 WJC.
801 Mikehockey8771 Mikehockey8771 Goalie All Hi
802 flyers22890 flyers22890 Center All also play LW
803 kingggermaan17 kingggermaan17 Left Defense 4 Always available
804 Tmoney5423 Tmoney5423 Goalie All Thanks
805 Im-beast-ur-not_ Im-beast-ur-not_ Right Defense 4 No questions or comments
806 Ravens9190 Ravens9190 Left Defense All Left def
807 KStormmmmmmmmmmm KStormmmmmmmmmmm Right Wing All RW/LW/C
808 Nypd09 Nypd09 Right Wing All Re
809 Hksevo Hksevo Right Defense 4 Thanks
810 M16_ANDpregnant5 M16_ANDpregnant5 Left Wing 3 Nah
811 Monotone_Waldo Monotone_Waldo Right Wing 3 Good on wings as well
813 IN_Y0URBACKD00R IN_Y0URBACKD00R Right Defense All Let's go, SOLID Rd here
814 heisenburgYO heisenburgYO Right Defense All Can play backup goalie as well
815 MDConMan MDConMan Right Defense All Very flexible and team oriented.
816 Bigtizzle33 Bigtizzle33 Left Defense 3 Can play LD and RD. Cannot play Wednesdays
817 P_Po_Patches P_Po_Patches Right Defense 5 I can play every position except goalie
818 iBostonGeorge iBostonGeorge Center All Boston George #20
819 castles720 CASTLES720 Center 3 Hope this is the psn version
820 Ram-z1987 Ram-z1987 Left Defense All None
821 DobSloB DobSloB Right Defense All Played in LG season 6 NHL 17, just picked up 18.
822 CorbonJ Corbon1967 Left Defense 3 PSN gamer Corbon1967
823 Landon61blues Landon61blues Center None 5 Looking to hopefully get into the next season! Cant wait!
824 XlxLegacy xIxLegacy Right Wing All Nothing
825 Mjl3082 mjl3082 Left Defense All No
826 BOMBSQUAD-ryan BOMBSQUAD-ryan Left Defense All What's the best way to get noticed before drafting/signings?
827 danky_spank danky_spank Left Wing All I love you
828 Dc_Deke92 Dc_Deke92 Left Defense FBHL All Looking forward to hitting the ice in LG
829 PurpleKushYo PurpleKushYo Left Defense All Weeeeoooo
830 Towel5566 Towel5566 Left Defense None All I play all positions but goalie
831 Stryker_joe Stryker_joe Right Defense 3 None
832 Dmcgloin Dmcgloin Right Wing Vgphl 5 I play every position
833 BadAss777Qc BadAss777Qc Right Wing All Nice ligue
834 MattAdoresDanna MattAdoresDanna Left Wing 2 None
835 Kronic305 Kronic305 Goalie 4 need good defence
836 Gamerzone01230 Gamerzone01230 Right Wing 5 First time doing this but usual goals scored a game ranges from 2-4
837 Truenorthelite Truenorthelite Center All None
838 TalkiestTuna403 Talkiestuna403 Left Wing 3 New to psn but played lg on xbox one
839 swiftDee52 swiftDee52 Center 3 .
840 thomson_1977 thomson_1977 Right Wing 5 can play RD as well
841 Delsright Delsright Right Wing 3 Here to have fun ! 3rd season playing in the league
842 Deko2004 Deko2004 Left Wing All Cant wait until new season starts!
843 snipply1906 snipply1906 Left Wing None 3 .
844 GreyGhost14228 GreyGhost14228 Left Wing 1st season 4 N/A
845 MudDuck166 Smitydafuk Right Defense All played ahl and chl on xbox gamertag is Mudduck166
846 NoobTasticss NoobTasticss Right Wing 4 IGN: NoobTasticss, played season on NHL 17
847 iLLuminOttie iLLuminOttie Right Defense None All Yes
848 Springdogg Springdogg Right Wing 4 None
849 DekenDangles DekenDangles Center 4 None.
850 Shane22-33 Shane22-33 Center All Not that bad
851 Chel__Legend Chel__Legend Center 6 Can also play LW if needed
852 jayyyyb23 jayyyyb23 Goalie All available all days
853 Ruffcut09 Ruffcut09 Right Defense SSHL, 5 Newer player but picking it up fast
854 Farmer2786 Farmer2786 Right Wing No All Hi
855 TheRawdawg69 TheRawdawg69 Left Defense 3 Sup
856 Canucksfan66420 Canucksfan66420 Goalie SSHL, 6 No i do not have any questions
857 KCrusher33 KCrusher33 Left Wing 6 Glad to be back
858 Leafsgo7 Leafsgo7 Left Wing None All New at lghl but I am good
859 DerpyDaymare derpydaymare Goalie All I went for 18 million in LGFIFA for the PS, does that mean anything?
860 gariepy36 gariepy36 Center Shl 1 Can only play 2games on sunday for now ..
861 Jessieman13 Jessieman13 Right Wing All Heyyy
862 Crosby8706 Crosby8706 Goalie All How do you get drafted
863 Samsquantch---- Samsquantch---- Center None 2 Sign me
864 Legends-Kenny Legends-Kenny Goalie All Hi
865 FatDinosaurz FatDinosaurz Goalie 3 Do work a 2 weeks on 1 week off shift but home most nights
866 Mallard03 Mallard03 Right Wing 3 Let’s goo
867 TheBoss_1447 TheBoss_1447 Left Wing 3 Secondary position would be right wing
868 fancyhippy fancyhippy Right Defense 3 none at this time
869 crosby26AK Left Wing 3 none
870 knight2k knight_2k Goalie HVHL, 3 No comments
871 Xpertgamer607 Xpertgamer607 Left Wing All I used to a LGCHL G. But i wanna be a Lw
872 FloydsGhost FloydsGhost Goalie All Goalie
873 Fallinginfate89 Fallinginfate89 Left Wing All ..
874 Hunter_rolo Hunter_rolo Right Wing All willing do what it takes
875 Birdinals13 Birdinals13 Left Wing LG Xbox One 4 Let’s play some Hockey
876 paulxisxdanger paulxisxdanger Right Defense 3 n/a
877 Titler73 Titler73 Goalie 1 Lg
878 Corefor24 Corefor24 Right Defense 4 N/A
879 GuruGreg79 GuruGreg79 Right Wing SSHL, 2 None
880 Willyard Willyard25 Right Defense 2 My availability isn't good for early games. I work every third day, so the days will vary. I am terrible at hockey. Sign me up!
881 BL4CK-H4MMM3R420 BL4CK-H4MMM3R420 Right Wing 5 Can I still sign up???
882 TheHansenHammer TheHansenHammer Right Defense 5 I have 2 guinea pigs
883 SavageBeast6983 SavageBeast6983 Center 4 I can play mainly on week nights
884 snow_x_kid12 snow_x_kid12 Left Wing 4 .
885 Bunnicula83 Bunnicula83 Center 3 Can play all skater positions.
886 Lonsovich24 Lonsovich24 Left Wing 3 also play goalie
887 KENTUCKYx KENTUCKYx Right Defense 3 Looking forward to some good games.
888 Big-willber99 Big-willber99 Right Wing 4 Idk
889 Xx-arcblade-xX Xx-arcblade-xX Goalie 2 I work nights and schedule is scattered. What days are games played?
890 LSCVT LSCVT Center 6 Have Lightning season tickets. Will be the only thing that interferes with games as well as softball on Tuesdays
891 King_Nyx King_Nyx Goalie All Playing G or D
892 KingSynyster KingSynyster Left Wing All DEECENT
893 Kimosabe716 Kimosabe716 Goalie All Should be fun lol
894 ronnie_rose23 ronnie_rose23 Left Wing All .
895 douuordie douuordie Left Wing 3 N/A
896 Top_Wop9 Top_Wop9 Right Wing All R
897 Exovive Exovive Center 2 None
898 D-toxx420 D-toxx420 Goalie All Want to play goalie as primary but I'm LW if player
899 Randman20 Randman20 Goalie 3 Can my EASHL teammates join the same league?
900 Xx19_Toews_19xX Xx19_Toews_19xX Goalie 1 Goalie
901 justinknapp35 knappyboy35 Left Wing FBHL 5 I'm just looking to play
902 Zackattack61500 Zackattack61500 Right Wing 5 AHL
903 dominicstonechil dominicstonechil Center Lgchl psn All Just ready to play
904 Absorb Sniper AbsorbSniper Goalie 4 I'm a great goalie looking to play, i can also play any other position but goalie is my strongest
905 Patster052 Patster052 Right Defense 4 Nothing
906 Darkkjoe78 Darkkjoe78 Left Wing Qchl All I was an offensive defensemen
907 BigOLsalami BigOLsalami Left Wing 4 Legit as fuck. I show up for games I sign up for. Team player
908 ShowMeTheMelbs_ ShowMeTheMelbs_ Left Wing All Two rules, don't touch my perkasets, and do you have perkasets?
909 High_Voltage34 High_Voltage34 Goalie 3 Excited to get back into this I haven't played in the league since season 3 or 4
910 Skitzo369 Skitzo369 Right Wing All Can play all but could change
911 hockeyhockey789 hockeyhockey789 Right Wing All I can play good hockey
912 Onion_Pie Onion_Pie Right Defense 3 N/A
913 T_M_Jones T_M_Jones Right Wing All I’ve been a die hard since day 1 of EASHL
914 Hayyyybrayday Hayyyybrayday Left Defense All No
915 Goalz_Mcoy Goalz_Mcoy Center All Liked last season so thought I'd try it again
916 Erikson23 Erikson23 Right Wing 4 None
917 RiptideMizutsune RiptideMizutsune Right Defense All None
918 BHawks96 Bterzija Right Wing All Nope
919 LegendOfEvelyn LegendOfEvelyn Right Wing 3 Looking to actually get some playing time can play any FWRD position
920 Preap Preap Left Wing 3
921 Avenger__50 Avenger__50 Goalie All I’m can play anywhere decently
922 Cory_17 Cory_17 Left Wing 3 Hi
923 punisher4124 punisher4124 Goalie SSHL, All Really would like ownership
924 eqbomber Eqbomber21 Right Wing 4
926 Mikedubski Mikedubski Left Wing 3 LW preferred, but willing to be a utility skater.
927 Traxxonwaxx Traxxonwaxx Center All 2 way passing player. Can play C, LW, LD
928 CGio59 CGio59 Right Wing 3 I played a couple seasons on Xbox! I have experience and can move the puck well!
929 Dragonowlz801 Dragonowlz801 Right Wing 1 I am the real life Ryan Callahan no joke.
930 Coolboynico8850 Coolboynico8850 Center SSHL, All No questions
931 ISmitty_sg ISmitty_sg Right Defense 4 I'm rd but can play ld or re
932 raphy2652 raphy2652 Right Wing All No question
933 Recon_monster Recon_monster Goalie 4 None
934 Soundguy7 Soundguy7 Right Defense 4 Looking to play a solid stay at home game
935 Matarazzo1738 Matarazzo1738 Goalie All N/A
936 Baninja88 Baninja88 Right Wing 4 n/a
937 cruerocks1 cruerocks1 Right Wing 3 None
938 Rubbershoes Rubbershoes Goalie All Ok
939 BradDaBoss8 BradDaBoss8 Left Wing 4 Will I actually get to play?
940 TheHockeyJedi87 TheHockeyJedi87 Goalie 3 I'm playing lg again
941 purp_kush187 purp_kush187 Center All Win win
942 Str1ctlyBus1nesS Str1ctlyBus1nesS Right Wing 2 Na
943 big_joe12323 big_joe12323 Center All Joe
944 sugarcoatz sugarcoatz Right Defense 4 Can also play LD
945 TRmisery TRmisery Left Wing SSHL,Shl 6 No
946 FU2-GnomeofDeath FU2-GnomeofDeath Left Wing All Nope
947 Gettinloose49 Gettinloose49 Right Wing 5 None
948 Dadler61 Dadler61 Goalie All N/a
949 AssyrianKing187 AssyrianKing187 Right Wing All None
950 Gubplt Gubplt Center OPTHL, 3 No
951 Angl3dangle_ Angl3dangle_ Goalie 3 ?
952 PhilHitz PhilHitz Left Wing 5 i also play bith defenders
953 Milkkushsmoke420 Milkkushsmoke420 Right Wing All No questions
954 Boutch_87 Boutch_87 Goalie All I play almost every day, I don't like playing Sunday. Played 5 season in the league AG, AG, C, LD, C. Now I try G. I only play this league.
955 No_Ragrets_313 No_Ragrets_313 Goalie 5 ;)
956 xCanadasPrimest xCanadasPrimest Center All None
957 mdude599 mdude599 Center 5 I signed up last season but the logistics didn't work out, but I'm in college now so everything should be easier now. I also don't have a mic compatible with the ps4
958 HaVoc_draco1 HaVoc_draco1 Center All None
959 saucebauce91 saucebauce91 Left Wing 4 Looking forward to playing some good online hockey
960 Nicoderm Nicoderm Goalie 3 Anything that's past 9:30pm EST I will most likely not be able to make
961 UrAnNub UrAnNub Right Wing 5 Might be owner again
962 Bullet44 Bullet44 Right Wing All Can't wait for the new season start
963 Bauer_Made88 Bauer_Made88 Center SHL 4 Can play every except G
964 Bill6_2000 Bill6_2000 Right Wing 4 No
965 Coldnor Coldnor Left Defense 5 Also play defensive Center, and goalie
966 YaBoyDerwood YaBoyDerwood Left Wing All N/A
967 Nathan Bryant iSnipezz27 Right Wing All I’m a sav
968 X_TrY-Me-AgAiN_X X_TrY-Me-AgAiN_X Center MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, All Thanks
969 NJStol322 NJStol322 Right Wing All n/a
971 Muise1993 Muise1993 Right Wing All Let's go
972 Waldbauer19 Waldbauer19 Center 5 I play with QuakSmacker @ LD
973 Archie2395 Archie2395 Right Defense All First full season on PSN. Played 7 seasons on Xbox1
974 Kapus Kapus Right Wing All Need Vegas Knights
975 maxideezz maxideezz Goalie All no question
976 Mrkane2u88 Mrkane2u88 Right Wing All N/a
977 Mofuzzer Mofuzzer Left Wing All I played last season
978 DaKnot DaKnot Left Wing 3 No
979 JamesNeutron89 JamesNeutron89 Left Defense 2 Nope
980 natedogg1122 natedogg1122 Right Wing All Returning for second season
981 DrNash8 DrNash8 Goalie 2 G
982 Jerbro231 Jerbro231 Left Wing 3 None
983 jetsareawsome1 jetsareawsome1 Right Wing 5 None
984 Maniacjosh Maniacjosh Center All Good team players
985 Patrick69123 Patrick69123 Right Defense All Varies since I work shift work
986 SteveBos90 SteveBos90 Goalie All I play goalie
987 troublekid1999 troublekid1999 Goalie All None
988 DaChicagoKid DaChicagoKid Right Wing VGHL, and PAVHL 4 I'm interested in ownership
989 ztjj2008 ztjj2008 Center SSHL,FBHL All hope i get to play this season!
990 halliwell_2 halliwell_2 Right Wing All .
991 armyboydevin_199 armyboydevin_199 Center 3 N/A
992 Mickeyredmond81 Mickeyredmond81 Right Wing 1 Can only play Sunday nights due to work
993 reesekinch reesekinch Left Wing 6 Excited to be here
994 DabbZilla421 DabbZilla421 Goalie All Ericmitchell5@live.ca
995 Abysses Abysses Left Defense 2 I am new so I'd like to know how to invite me to the fist game?
996 Berts-007 Berts-007 Right Defense 4 Avail: biweekly due to shiftwork, weekends are good
997 belisleluc63 belisleluc63 Goalie MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL,SSHL, 5 L.
998 Young_Sav30 Young_Sav30 Goalie All None
999 Mannheimer1982 Mannheimer1982 Goalie 5 Goalie
1000 Kevdak Kevdak Goalie All N/A
1001 Painbrun painbrun Right Defense All I can play a solid right D too if needed
1002 TJaremey TJaremey Right Defense All Hi
1003 Southtowns01 Southtowns01 Center None All None
1004 menace812 menace812 Goalie None 3 I will be available as a tc only
1005 Braeden604 Braeden604 Right Wing 4 looking to tryout for a team
1006 EvanWall EvanWall Left Wing 5 None.
1007 bucsfanonthemoon bucsfanonthemoon Goalie 4 Am willing to play any other position
1008 frenchieisback frenchieisback Center 5 Can play any Fwd position
1009 BeeDohBeeDoh BeeDohBeeDoh Right Wing All I'm bad at everything.
1010 BFM987 BFM987 Center 2 i play sports
1011 Habsfan675 Habsfan675 Left Wing 3 Can’t wait for this season
1012 Cannon_Crew_603 Cannon_Crew_603 Right Wing All None
1013 Noodin13 Noodin13 Left Wing 5 No
1014 Fish Stick dimas-1973 Center 5 I’m best at C, but put me in any position other than G and I’ll be fine.
1015 SGDragonSlayer SGDragonSlayerYT Right Defense All For the first month of the season I'll only be available for late games (AKA games after 10EST) but after that I'll be able to play all games. Also I used to be an AHL goalie on here so I can also do a position change if it's needed
1016 Extortionism Extortionism Right Wing 3 Zing
1017 NeWFie-KaNaTa NeWFie-KaNaTa Goalie 4 Ill be much more active going into the new year than I have been since release
1018 Finnick- Finnick- Right Wing 2 ..
1019 UlcerousShark UlcerousShark Goalie All Ready for another season
1020 Austin2997 austin2997 Center All Potentially a couple Wednesday nights I won't be available.
1021 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Wing All LW
1022 Canadienjaysfan Canadienjaysfan Left Wing Fbhl All Hope
1023 caemma0166 caemma0166 Right Wing 3 None
1024 Biss34 Muttly-Magoo Right Wing 2 Hey
1025 Mazzatti Mazzatti Center 4 Available most nights, better than 50% face offs.
1026 Bsavage28 Bsavage28 Goalie 3 I’m a goalie and played back in nhl 16
1027 ThatEddyy ThatEddyy Center All I like chel
1028 mcvince88 mcvince88 Goalie 5 Can play RW and D
1029 Marts79 Marts79 Goalie All .
1030 Jf2200065 Jf2200065 Left Wing All None
1031 BeardSquad902 BeardSquad902 Left Wing All Pass the puck
1032 Rathx4 Rathx4 Center 5 None
1033 davidschoeberl davidschoeberl Left Defense 2 When/how will i find out i'm on a team?
1034 Russian70244 Russian70244 Left Defense All M
1035 FiVEpointOHHH FiVEpointOHHH Left Wing Spnhl All ..
1036 Arsenault91 Arsenault91 Right Wing All No
1037 Ninjajoe10r Ninjajoe10r Right Defense All Always active and ready to play some puck!!!
1038 Sierra1500-4ws Sierra1500-4ws Left Defense All Ready when ever im needed
1039 Arizona4life1107 Arizona4life1107 Goalie 6 My film https://youtu.be/HWmc-1wg3AM
1040 Kknodell Kknodell Left Wing 5 Let’s go
1041 MosDef02 MosDef02 Right Wing 3 I'm dope
1042 Neuvirth30 Neuvirth30 Center 4 N/a
1043 Billdozer710 Billdozer710 Right Wing All no
1044 x_Elite_76x x_Elite_76x Goalie All switching position, because.
1045 DJeachhit DJeachhit Right Wing 4 2nd season, looking for a breakout year
1046 DC_Lumpy DC_Lumpy Right Wing All Wanna try my hand at not playing goalie for a seventh season in a row
1047 Stooner20 Stooner20 Right Wing All No
1048 VileBelial VileBelial Left Wing 2 Woot
1049 MBrown412 MBrown412 Right Wing 3 Active TC in season 6.
1050 Elite-Hockey-God Elite-Hockey-God Right Wing All Sign me up!
1051 Wukie89 Wukie89 Left Wing 5 Let's go
1052 Dchez94 Dchez94 Center 3 Available Mon-Wed. Can play LW/C/RW. prefer RW/C
1053 New360Guy New360Guy Goalie All N/A
1054 VRain_19 VRain_19 Goalie 4 Back up goal tender
1055 BlueJaysFan77 BlueJaysFan77 Right Wing 2 Nothing
1056 LOVER0B0TS LOVER0B0TS Right Wing 4 ..
1057 Le_Pager Le_Pager Left Wing 4 None
1058 iMountMoms iMountMoms Right Wing FBHL 4 Can play anywhere
1059 waveslasher68 waveslasher68 Goalie 3 Ready
1060 ZERO_MERCY487 ZERO_MERCY487 Left Wing All Was a goalie last 2 season's discovered I'm a much better lw
1061 HotTrash79 HotTrash79 Left Wing 3 I love CHL
1062 LEAFER4880 LEAFER4880 Right Wing 4 Hi
1063 kingbrad42 kingbrad42 Left Wing All nno
1064 Jig_head__ Jig_head__ Right Wing SSHL,Vghl All New too lg. Looking for competitive teams. Can play either wing.
1065 TygCham TygCham Goalie 6 .
1066 HutchNY518 HutchNY518 Right Wing All Ready to play on a team that doesnt play favorites
1067 OnEil_15 OnEil_15 Goalie 5 Top goalie in club
1068 Foxracin666 Foxracin666 Left Defense 3 Let’s geaux
1069 GrosJoe_ GrosJoe_ Left Wing All I'm not the kind of guy who will be showing up for "warm-ups". It's a video game. I know the game well and I play the real thing. Will rarely put the team in trouble. I'll be there for games, on time. Also for practice but I can't commit for regular practices.
1070 scoot13 scoot_13 Center All I play a lot and several members of this league have encouraged me to join. I like to play with people who play their position and pass the puck around. Looking forward to some great games!
1071 jonathan221076 jonathan221076 Left Wing All Whe season start
1072 II_ThE_CR33P_II II_ThE_CR33P_II Goalie 2 Go everyone
1073 Krehger Krehger Left Wing 4 I'd like to commit to this league and take it by storm, bring it on. Hopefully it'll make me play more than I do.
1074 Snipecity14 Snipecity14 Left Wing 3 Not have bitchy owners
1075 FlyGuys9030 FlyGuys9030 Center 4 N/A
1076 dancintank419 dancintank419 Right Defense All Fire wincowboy , lazyeye and themechanic I spent time on both of them teams this year and this is supposed to be a development league and these guys are not developing players they're just happy being bad
1077 RageElemental RageElemental Right Defense 2 I work 3rd shift, 9pm - 7am EST, but my job allows me to move my schedule by 2 hrs, so I can play, but need to know what day I'm scheduled for ahead of time.
1078 Mapleleafs420 Mapleleafs420 Left Defense All I can start asap
1079 Westwindwolf Westwindwolf Goalie 4 None
1080 JaXXDouble JaXXDouble Center 5 N/A
1081 punisher570305 punisher570305 Left Defense All Ready
1082 hucableguy Right Wing 4 Available on discord and skype. Always on for practice.
1083 NateDogg0477 NateDogg0477 Left Wing 3 Depending when season end im good to go until mid April maybe longer
1084 mostwanted026 mostwanted026 Left Wing All Can play any position but goalie
1085 HeritagePETE HeritagePETE Left Wing 2 Only available on weekends.
1086 Crazyflame29 Crazyflame29 Left Defense 2 lets win
1087 Jbone070789 Jbone070789 Right Wing 4 Could possibly be available 5 days a week
1088 realwheels_5 realwheels_5 Left Wing 5 .
1089 L0stInMySm0ke L0stInOnACl0ud Left Wing 5 I hope this is as fun as it was years ago!
1090 johnst0ne1976 johnst0ne1976 Right Defense 4 none
1091 SkittIe- SkittIe- Center All -
1092 GRIMEYNI44A GRIMEYNI44A Center LGWJR, LGCHL All C, rw Available 24/7
1093 johngadd johngadd Center All thanks
1094 Slywolf1129 Slywolf1129 Goalie 4 Have you looked up lately? BREAKING NEWS the sky is blue!
1095 atkinsfamily2 atkinsfamily2 Right Wing FBHL 3 I
1096 Spyworld19 Spyworld19 Left Wing 5 no
1097 LIFTED_47 LIFTED_47 Left Wing 6 Can play wings or defence
1098 Mcgraw522 Mcgraw522 Goalie All goilie
1099 Idontkknow Idontkknow Center All None
1100 Bradymane92 Bradymane92 Left Wing All I play left wing and left D
1101 lucky_devil91 lucky_devil91 Right Defense SSHL,None All None
1102 Scttmax61 Scttmax61 Right Wing 3 Let’s go
1103 TiLate98 TiLate98 Left Wing All
1104 Golden_Hands_Qc Golden_Hands_Qc Right Wing 5 no
1105 ramp4gecanada ramp4gecanada Center 4 Most Friday and Saturday nights I can not play, but other than that I'm usually good to go
1106 Hell_hound_8914 Hell_hound_8914 Left Wing All Or rw
1107 kdubs9494 kdubs9494 Right Wing All I can be available also for left wing and defense if urgent!
1108 JTV20 JTV20 Goalie 2 None
1109 Eagles-2186 Eagles-2186 Left Wing All I had fun
1110 Itt79 Itt79 Center All i can play all over
1111 II_Joker33_II II_Joker33_II Left Wing All i ready to go.
1112 tony_snipeQC tony_snipeQC Right Wing 4 allo
1113 CaNnOnEeR352 CaNnOnEeR352 Right Defense All Have fun!
1114 UwillDoIt UwillDoIt Left Wing All Take Notes
1115 Sabreshockey716 Sabreshockey716 Center SSHL,Fbhl, 3v3 ps4 league 6 Na
1116 mohawk39 mohawk39 Goalie 4 .
1117 wmbrkskillaz wmbrkskillaz Left Wing All N/A
1118 King of dekes PhillyPhan306 Left Wing 3 can play everything
1119 b36reed b36reed Center All Thanks!
1120 graemebeeston66 graemebeeston66 Left Wing All .
1121 Dnice176 Dnice176 Right Defense 4 N/a
1122 Tendy87 Tendy87 Goalie 6 Can play anywhere
1123 Justin203 Justin203 Goalie 4 Played a few seasons as forward. Switched over to goalie just playing drop ins last year. I'm a solid goal tender. Stopped playing forward pretty much all together to just play net.
1124 monkeyfist_king monkeyfist_king Right Defense 5 Ready for a new season
1125 Doctcr Doctcr Center 4 i can play Center and Goalie
1126 Wilkybhoy Wilkybhoy Left Defense 3 From scotland , is play times uk or us
1127 Zxcvbnmlkjhgfdsa Zxcvbnmlkjhgfdsa Goalie SSHL,Vghl All I can play all the early games Sunday Monday Wednesday and all the games on Tuesday
1128 BlasiaNation BlasiaNation Goalie 2
1129 Alwaysdippin365 Alwaysdippin365 Left Wing 3 Play g to
1130 shanester38 shanester38 Right Wing 4 100% puck moving type player.
1131 Shmeeemz Shmeeemz Right Wing 5 Im new to this whole EASHL league stuff. I currently have played 45 games in drop in and i have 37 goals and 33 assists for a total of 70 points. My record is 21-16-7 and I hate losing so ill do whatever I can to win.
1132 JOSHGORDON845 JOSHGORDON845 Left Wing All None
1133 K1ng_sl3yr K1ng_sl3yr Left Wing All null
1134 ooodjaceooo ooodjaceooo Right Wing 5 excited to play
1135 QuakSmacker QuakSmacker Left Wing All I play d with waldbauer19
1136 Weathergeakal Weathergeakal Goalie 6 Ready to play
1137 TheRealSkittles TheRealSkittles Left Wing 5 Hi I am back
1138 Thelon66 Thelon66 Left Wing All None
1139 DRHuckleberry DRHuckleberry Right Wing All .
1140 sam12c sam12c Right Wing All N/A
1141 Tibbytwo Tibbytwo Right Defense 5 None
1142 G8wood1 G8wood1 Left Wing 4
1143 think_box think_box Left Wing 3 ..
1144 twobent twobent Left Wing All Play ice hockey
1145 Cloudcraze Cloudcraze Left Defense All Have fun all !!!
1146 TheBuddhistTexan TheBuddhistTexan Right Defense All Let's get season 7 going
1147 CharlieK12345678 CharlieK12345678 Center 3 None
1148 Fuzzbro_18 Fuzzbro_18 Right Wing All Looking to have a good season with the team
1149 Kurbz Kurbz Left Wing 5 Solid team player. Pass first mentality.
1150 Mayor420klenert Mayor420klenert Left Wing All I can play ld as well or c
1151 oli_big oli_big Center All na
1152 OmarAhmed63 OmarAhmed63 Goalie FBHL 5 /
1153 Gemini-Da-Don-98 Gemini-Da-Don-98 Left Wing All Good luck
1154 leftbench671 leftbench671 Right Wing MHL,HVHL, 3 howdy
1155 Bestthereis1983 Bestthereis1983 Center SSHL,FBHL 5 i am currently playing in facebook league and i played LG last year.
1156 Chicbulls2333 Chicbulls2333 Left Defense All I also play RD
1157 Mikeylipps Mikeylipps Right Wing All Nope
1158 ChAoTiCzen13 ChAoTiCzen13 Left Wing 5 my third season.
1159 J-BAUWENS J-BAUWENS Goalie SSHL,fb All also RD/LD and/or C
1160 B00STED B00STEDSKYL1NE Goalie 3 I can play G and some LW/RW
1161 CammerTime88 CammerTime88 Left Wing All Hoping to get a chance for mor replaying time!
1162 monkeydaddy7130 monkeydaddy7130 Right Defense All Na
1164 Timmicide Timmicide Right Wing All Available every night.
1165 SDA_NELSON SDA_NELSON Right Wing 3 Let's go boys
1166 JayD_Tres JayD_Tres Left Wing All None
1167 SabreGamer95 SabreGamer95 Goalie 5 I am interested in being a GM or AGM
1168 bigdave44434 bigdave44434 Right Wing 2 When do i start
1169 TheFlyers1992 TheFlyers1992 Right Defense SHL All Can also play LD and if needed in an absolute emergency will play G (if possible in whatever league I end up in).
1170 Mckilla11 Mckilla11 Right Wing All Can play right or left wing
1171 JDarby05 JDarby05 Center MHL,HNHL,OPTHL,HVHL, All I can play any position but I prefer center
1172 Vaccaro77 Vaccaro77 Left Wing All I️ can also play left defenseman.
1173 Peril_G2 Peril_G2 Left Wing 6 Im good? I needed to fill this out so... here ya go.
1174 BiggieSmugz14 BiggieSmugz14 Right Wing 3 Let's play hockey
1175 Dr_Cones Dr_Cones Left Defense 3 Solid defensive defender, looking forward to a good season.
1176 Kevrobert Kevrobert Right Wing 5 Hiha
1177 Dksmith09 Dksmith09 Left Wing All None
1178 Stacy1071 Stacy1071 Left Wing All None
1179 Brandysoccer12 Brandysoccer12 Right Wing 6 Pair me up with my son, ItZ-SkdZ
1180 dave HopeYouViTalz Right Wing QCHL All no questions
1181 CrazyDiablo212 CrazyDiablo212 Right Wing All Na
1182 franknbeans776 franknbeans776 Right Defense none 3 ...
1183 danlupp215 danlupp215 Center 3 3rd shifter can play games anynight until puck drop time 7PM est avail mornings afternoons weekends
1184 Pocket_ones Pocket_ones Left Wing All .
1185 Rudimus Rudimus Left Defense 2 I Prefer forward though.
1186 ValliBalli ValliBalli Left Wing 3 No questions :)
1187 Beleafs67 Beleafs67 Left Defense None 5 Thanks!
1188 killuhkenny702 killuhkenny702 Goalie 5 Playing in Hawaii..time difference is 2(daylight savings time) or 3 hours from PST
1189 TheSavagePain_ TheSavagePain_ Goalie 5 first time here looking to play competitively
1190 Sizzum12 Sizzum12 Right Wing All 8:30 games only
1191 crazyAITKEN39 crazyAITKEN39 Left Wing All ready to team play and win some games
1192 Rmurry88 Rmurry88 Left Wing 5 Would like to get more games if possible
1193 XxFa5t_Currencyx XxFa5t_Currencyx Goalie All Thank you
1194 koberipple koberipple Goalie 3 No questions
1195 MightHeat MightHeat Left Wing 4 can play sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday
1196 HowRawTooRaw HowRawTooRaw Left Wing All Interested in getting some play time
1197 MAke-MY-DAy94 MAke-MY-DAy94 Goalie FB All I don't have any
1198 DaNeechie DaNeechie Right Wing All Here to play
1199 Wade-Belak Wade-Belak Goalie All Thanks
1200 JefeHOOLI JefeHOOLI Left Wing 3 Played Goalie for last 3 seasons all the way through the NHL.
1201 ndirishman22 ndirishman22 Left Defense None 3 No
1202 DeliciousDreams DeliciousDreams Center 5 I’m excited to play
1203 smiths36246 smiths36246 Left Wing 4
1204 Wright05 Wright05 Right Defense 3 No questions
1205 Koltdog68 Koltdog68 Right Wing FBHL All
1206 Lucas9413 Lucas9413 Left Wing All PS4 gamertag: Lucas9413
1207 Tspence313 Tspence313 Right Wing All None
1208 kevin02277801 kevin02277801 Goalie All Can play goalie or DEF
1209 tillmylast tillmylast Left Wing All play maker
1210 irok_399_ irok_399_ Center All n/a
1211 DatKidSlay DatKidSlay Goalie All None
1212 Shnibit Shnibit Left Wing All .
1213 iBerserkr iBerserkr Right Wing All I can play all nights! Late games for sure!
1214 bardown_1996 bardown_1996 Center 5 Looking to snipe a few genos
1215 IM_ON_WELFARE247 IM_ON_WELFARE247 Right Wing All Very active player
1216 EAGLEHEAVEN EAGLEHEAVEN Goalie 3 Ready for action, sign me up!
1217 DeMoNxbl DeMoN_XBL Center All no
1218 snipez4202013 snipez4202013 Center All Would love to have a team I can play a lot with
1219 CalmYaSelf CalmYaSelf Goalie All I work nightshift a lot. May affect availability
1220 XxMatthewsXx34 XxMatthewsXx3469 Left Wing All Lets go
1221 bluntedgunner420 bluntedgunner420 Left Wing 3 Let's go team
1222 Dprkariya9 Dprkariya9 Center All N
1223 Danglez777 Danglez777 Right Wing 4 RW
1224 FirstRevie FirstRevie Right Wing 4 I'm also pretty good at defense
1225 blackfeet689 blackfeet689 Goalie 3 K
1226 dip_shid77 dip_shid77 Right Defense 2 I’m not part of another league
1227 vladdy91 vladdy91 Right Wing 5 im no pro or anything but ill try my best and take any tips and criticisms
1228 xBOBARINOx xBOBARINOx Left Wing All .
1229 oZanderrrr oZanderrrr Right Wing All Played in late CHL season last. Hopefully get more games this season
1230 hockey0703 Hockey0703 Right Wing VGHL All Oof
1231 ndrdog ndrdog Right Defense All None
1232 Thc4me4 Thc4me4 Left Wing 3 Stupid how we have to fill this out just to sign up.
1233 beatzr beatzr Left Wing 3 None
1234 Mman07311 Mman07311 Left Defense 3 None
1235 Chive123 Chive123 Left Wing All Na
1236 Ozzman__Cometh Ozzman__Cometh Center All No
1237 Speedyturtle2017 Speedyturtle2017 Left Wing All Team player here
1238 GEEOFF91 GEEOFF91 Center All Wagwan
1239 CaptainPatrickK CaptainPatrickK Right Wing 2
1240 Precise__game Precise__game Left Wing 4 Looking to play
1241 j-hickey j-hickey Right Wing All No thanks
1242 hockeypro686970 hockeypro686970 Right Wing 4 I can't play fridays
1243 Seasprite204 Seasprite204 Left Defense 3 No questions
1244 Xx-RASK-xX Xx-RASK-xX40 Left Wing All Hi
1245 MJWxGaming MJWxGaming Left Wing FBHL 6 I’m a great winger and Center
1246 ZoGood ZoGood Right Wing VGHL 4 Nope
1247 Legendxquickz Legendxquickz Right Wing 6 Ello
1248 bleacherbum17 bleacherbum17 Center 5 Also starting-quality at either wing but like center more because it better fits my defensive style of play. Can play anywhere other than G.
1249 Lives4Hockey Lives4Hockey Center 4 Can play any position except goalie
1250 jodcar18 jodcar18 Right Defense All Na
1251 TOTHELEFT14451 TOTHELEFT14451 Center All i already played and ready to give my all to the team i get picked in
1252 MastaShake-FYL MastaShake-FYL Right Wing 3 left wing is good to
1253 smooth_op41 smooth_op41 Left Wing All ?
1254 Victorylap Victorylap Right Defense 6 none
1255 Inked_Zodiac Inked_Zodiac Left Defense 1 hello
1256 FredRondeau97 FredRondeau97 Center 4 Can’t play goalie too
1257 Geeg2010 Geeg2010 Left Defense 6 N/a
1258 TheSchwartz14 TheSchwartz14 Center All None
1259 MrBVA MrBVA Right Defense 4 Eastern Time zone player.
1260 Mrshadowmonkey Mrshadowmonkey Left Wing 6 Solid winger, Also good extra defensive forward where needed.
1261 Bullseye8585 Bullseye8585 Right Wing All Let’s get it?
1262 S_3TH-98 S_3TH-98 Goalie All hmm
1263 Hotsauce_114 Hotsauce_114 Goalie All N-a
1264 sjackson2324 sjackson2324 Right Wing Vghl All None
1265 Killah-b6902 Killah-b6902 Right Wing All Ready to play
1266 xx-vortex-xx94 xx-vortex-xx94 Center 4 K
1267 SilentKiller0043 SilentKiller0043 Left Wing 4 Would like to play LW but can play any position but goalie and center
1268 xDave7790x xDave7790x Right Wing 4 Signed up probably a year ago or so. didn't get any playing time. looking to give this another chance
1269 Darknight330 Darknight330 Right Wing 3 L
1270 HunterofHaj HunterofHaj Left Wing All None
1271 buddah2857 buddah2857 Left Wing 3 right handed shot. Can also play center
1272 Mr HexDex Soulx_the_scythe Goalie 5 .
1273 OwenPS_ OwenPS_ Left Wing 5 .
1274 RobinRobbinz RobinRobbinz Left Defense 5 Nope
1275 acadien_80 acadien_80 Left Defense All Hell yeah
1276 PedanMan PedanMan Goalie All No questions
1277 Kinkando Kinkando Left Wing 5 #88 LW
1278 Craven-A-27 Craven-A-27 Right Wing Vghl All Ain’t playing Defense no more
1279 Matt Frank Frankster_at_76 Left Wing SHL 4 NA
1280 Bagel_maan Bagel_maan Right Wing SSHL, 4 no questions or comments
1281 andI_KILLEDU andI_KILLEDU Left Defense 3 Can play rd, g, lw, and rw as well
1282 CriiMeZz-- CriiMeZz-- Right Wing 4 GLHF
1283 the_killer4672 the_killer4672 Left Wing 3 -
1284 WeaselGoesPop weaselgoespop Center 5 I can be available any night of the week as long as I know ahead of time.
1285 chrisbayley chrisbayley Goalie All Ice dogs chl
1286 MrPeppa777 MrPeppa777 Center FBHL All 2nd season In LG. Center or DMan.
1287 rocky87_b rocky87_b Right Wing 1
1288 RyanJizzum RyanJizzum Center 4 New to LGHL. Long time NHL player. Good at faceoffs. Pass first kind of guy.
1289 LuMiiiNaRy LuMiiiNaRy Left Defense 1 ETID
1290 J MeeHoff JimGottaP_S_4 Center All ....
1291 JoveAssassin JoveAssassin Left Defense All I will be streaming my games to my twitch account linked to LG. Twitch.tv/joveassassin feel free to message me for tryouts. Well versatile, play all positions.
1292 plyicehky plyicehky Goalie Vg All I can play lw too.
1293 JV_DANK_13 JV_DANK_13 Left Wing 4 No questions
1294 Metisboy36 Metisboy36 Goalie All Let’s go!!
1295 tommygun2313 tommygun2313 Left Wing All Im pumped for this upcoming season!
1296 Bluemann7 Bluemann7 Right Wing 3 Wants to play RW or C. No league experience. Mostly drops\club
1297 Play_hard4 Play_hard4 Goalie 6 I will be there
1298 rywill1387 rywill1387 Right Wing All None
1299 king_katool king_katool Center 5 Can play RW RD LD too
1300 KrazyKanuk l77l KrazyKanuk_l77l Center SSHL,lg xbox 1 All .
1301 Brandflakes29 Brandflakes29 Center 5 NHL enthusiast whose new to league gaming.
1302 SwissCheez_Sieve SwissCheez_Sieve Center 5 Talented, High Potential, ready to go
1303 Xile_JohnC2400 Xile_JohnC2400 Goalie All if you check my profile my cover is updated monthly with my stats im monthly number almost everymonth i only play drop ins as of now im looking for a team
1304 gaggleTravi gaggleTravi Left Defense None 3 Remarks complete
1305 J2tino16 J2tno Goalie 6 None
1306 Coolboy-1_ Coolboy-1_ Left Wing 5 Let’s play
1307 OGTreh OGTreh Left Defense All How many teams are in a league?
1308 zgbeastmode zgbeastmode Goalie 3 Wanting to win
1309 Pk_exclusive Pk_exclusive Goalie Facebook hockey league 4 Nothing
1310 Curtis910 Ferguson-91 Goalie 1 Can I play multiple positions
1311 stonnyjay69 stonnyjay69 Right Wing 3 ready
1312 Destroyer9157 Destroyer9157 Right Wing 3 None
1313 Ryquash Ryquash Left Wing 4 Any position is fine.
1314 xXBigDeezy416Xx xXBigDeezy416Xx Center SSHL, 3 Lots of fun
1315 BIGPUMA9389 TheBigPuma_ Center 3
1316 seanmcthegreat seanmcthegreat Right Wing 3 PSN U/N: seanmcthegreat
1317 MBurkeW MBurkeW Left Wing All I'm the best trust.
1318 Neverforgotten11 Neverforgotten11 Left Wing 5 na
1319 Mother_Falcon Mother_Falcon Center All none
1320 dsully1087 dsully1087 Center 3 none
1321 vgamer_9155 vgamer_915 Goalie All
1322 JaySgr92 JaySgr92 Center All
1323 Badplayer256 Badplayer256 Right Wing 5 I’m playing left wing
1324 Naturesdisaster2 Naturesdisaster2 Goalie 4 None
1325 Imbatbud Imbatbud Right Defense 3 None
1326 lembizle87 lembizle87 Right Wing All yoyo
1327 Sonic_Bob_96 Sonic_Bob_96 Right Wing 3 Don't know what to write here
1328 Maximusdonkeus Maximusdonkeus Center 4 C
1329 Acid_Memoir Acid_Memoir Left Defense All Was on Xbox but took a few seasons off, Also can play either side of Defense
1330 bkralis50 bkralis50 Left Defense 5 I’ve played before on Xbox, first time on PS4
1331 Zerginjection Zerginjection Goalie SSHL,FBHL & ECL All Full time goalie, That's Improved alot lately. But playing Wing/Defense aswell if needed.
1332 Jimlock6416 Jimlock6416 Right Wing 3 Also can play D
1333 Rancher12345 Rancher12345 Goalie 1 .
1334 drummerJ99 theDrummerJ99 Center SSHL,fbhl 3 I'm more of a defensive center. Not super great at faceoffs yet but working on it. Have played defense previous seasons but ready for a new challenge and something different. CHL game times work best for me. Can't play anything after 10pm due to work in the AM.
1335 kylec08 kylec08 Right Wing 4 Looking forward to playing some online hockey
1336 Chriz1265443 Chriz1265443 Left Wing 4 K
1337 Firefighter58 Firefighter58 Left Wing All My cats breath smells like cat food!
1338 Irishkiller4ever Irishsaint95 Goalie SSHL,Going to be playing in vg 5 No
1339 jeremy0u812 jeremy0u812 Left Wing 3 Will play either wing & can play defense if needed.
1340 Gwanzie Gwanzie Center All I can play any position including goalie at a high level
1341 snakeeyes8532 snakeeyes8532 Center All ..
1342 Jacob Voz411 Center 6 Skilled center, good at playing defensively and a playmaker
1343 Zelo Almighty_Zelo Right Wing NHLJr 4 I also play in the junior league
1344 Shoota51 Shoota51 Left Wing All I'm a team player.
1345 MattCorrie1 mattemma87 Left Wing SSHL,FBHL All Haven't played in this league for a few seasons. Looking forward to hopefully making a squad!
1346 GeneralMcBoozey GeneralMcBoozey Right Defense 3 Meow
1347 RiPPER-XCVIII RiPPER-XCVIII Center None All None
1348 Shane Waldbauer TheWaldbauer Right Wing All Experienced player, enjoy playing a real world cycle game
1349 Christ-Boyz Christ-Boyz Left Wing SSHL,Shl All None
1350 The-C-Of-The-Red The-C-Of-The-Red Goalie All :)
1351 Habs3105 Habs3105 Goalie 5 gg
1352 MulderKJ MulderKJ Left Wing 5 I’m on PST
1353 FukItsHim FukItsHim Goalie Fbhl All This will be my second season. I'll also be playing for the Facebook league
1354 Colef1309 colef1309 Right Wing 4 none
1355 SirStacks3992 SirStacks3992 Right Defense 5 Let's kick some ass.
1356 Kainer_S86 Kainer_S86 Right Wing All Pumped to play in the league
1357 FamusSaS1925 FamusSaS1925 Left Wing All I can also play left D too
1358 stl420goon stl420goon Right Defense All available all nights
1359 sml09 sml09 Right Wing All None
1360 cmacklin2008 cmacklin2008 Right Defense 2 I can play either side. I can play Sundays and Tuesdays.
1361 MrHappyhappy1 MrHappyhappy1 Right Wing All No
1362 DOPEY-STEVENS DOPEY-STEVENS Right Wing All 2nd pos: goalie
1363 Smackbagger Smackbagger Right Defense 4 No
1364 hskrpwr84 hskrpwr84 Left Wing 4
1365 Jthreats Jthreats Left Defense All Lets go!!!
1366 TwO_PuMp_ChUmP11 TwO_PuMp_ChUmP11 Right Defense shl 1 .
1367 ric-sha1993 ric-sha1993 Goalie All nothing
1368 Tayporter315 Tayporter315 Center All Let’s play
1369 Daniel Sr Trukn8ter Goalie 3 .
1370 chalkyknight chalkyknight Goalie 4 Why is water wet?
1372 pemm pemm Goalie Spnhl 3 Hi
1373 BFORTHEV BFORTHEV Goalie 3 I can play defense and goalie to be honest and what ever positions but defense and goalie are main
1374 Number1Prodigy Number1Prodigy Right Wing 1 Let's go
1375 Enragedfury Enragedfury Goalie All None
1376 rsilverw rsilverw Center 4 Also can play LD
1377 spenscot1984 spenscot1984 Right Wing 3 No
1378 bear10house bear10house Center 3 Would like to be roster somewhere in chl
1379 Ryan Silva RaWr_ItZ_rYaN Right Wing 4 Can’t wait to start
1380 Davytx23 Davytx23 Right Wing Chl 2 Good vision, doesn’t force passes, can play defense as well if needed.
1381 xKLuTchDoLphiNx xKLuTchDoLphiNx Center All B
1382 thornton_4183 thornton_4183 Right Wing 4 Rw /rd love puck movement
1383 Joey_Stomp Joey_Stomp Center All No
1384 Trevhound Trevhound Right Wing None 6 Sun, Mon, Tues availability
1385 Duncan182 Duncan182 Goalie All N/A
1386 Annoyin Noob HollywoodNoob Goalie All im also signing up for xbox LG gaming
1387 sToneRR_x sToneRR_x Right Wing 3 Ready to play
1388 theman0305 theman0305 Goalie 3 Anywhere
1389 JubeiDOK JubeiDOK Left Defense All I'm all about using that stick.
1390 DangleSniper091 DangleSniper091 Left Wing 6 None
1391 Dowdenn Dowdenn Right Defense 3 None
1393 Gvdub Gvdub Right Wing All I can also play C
1394 wild_boal_crew wild_boal_crew Left Wing 3 I can play any forward position. I am a smart defensive player but I can make plays and I can find twine aswell. I'm a good all around player and I fit easily with most players.
1395 Ryanbosa081 Ryanbosa081 Goalie 5 I am ready to play.
1396 rapplejax5 rapplejax5 Right Wing 5 looking to continue a roster spot I had majority of the year
1397 oshlag oshlag Right Wing 3 Yup
1398 Stony123 Stony123 Center All na
1399 Umadcuzusad Umadcuzusad Goalie All Season 6 Vancouver Giants
1400 CaptainCarter45 CaptainCarter45 Center All Will be second season excited to play again thought I played rather well last year with geulph storm
1401 MegaTipsy MegaTipsy Right Wing 5 .
1402 heroesofneweed heroesofneweed Right Defense 5 None
1403 guish_qc guish_qc Goalie 6 Top 100 all goalie nhl 16 17 18
1404 EnerGy_AcTiveHD EnerGy_AcTiveHD Center 4 No questions
1405 Yngrr Yngrr Center All N/A
1406 Ice_king300 Ice_king300 Left Wing 2 First year of lg
1407 Method018 Method018 Center 5 strong 2 way forward, defensive minded forward in all 3 roles up front. career 50% FO's
1408 Buckschwinn Buckschwinn Left Wing All Lets get it
1409 leo_j_c leo_j_c Left Wing SSHL, All No
1410 Snipemour66 Snipemour66 Left Wing 5 No
1411 Seeleysurfer seeleysurfer Center All Sports
1412 rasmusdahlin26 rasmusdahlin26 Center All none
1413 Fooldawg83 Fooldawg83 Goalie All Getting back into eashl due to dobe with hut
1414 akp91 akp91 Left Wing 3 Can play any forward position
1415 HABSFAN4_LIFE04 HABSFAN4_LIFE04 Center none 2 none
1416 Thetower30 Thetower30 Left Wing 4 No comment
1417 hockeyisfun hockeyisfun Center 4 Center Snipe Show
1418 Chapmango chapmango_ Center All Hello, looking forward to being drafted, and moving up!
1419 Itsamemario22 Itsamemario22 Right Defense 4 Evening CST works best for me.
1420 Kurtdg25 Kurtdg25 Center 3 ...
1421 ICRED87 ICRED87 Right Defense 5 None.
1422 Rocsteady302 Rocsteady302 Left Wing All i also play LD
1423 NYR23LGR NYR23LGR Goalie All .
1424 Bergeron_i37i Bergeron_i37i Goalie 5 i can play sunday monday tuesday
1425 Simmer44 Simmer44 Left Wing 2 K
1426 B0bey_ BobeyX Right Wing 3 nope
1427 AvengedJoker15 AvengedJoker15 Right Wing 5 None
1428 CIVSEL CIVSEL Left Defense 2 Need to correlate with GM due to busy schedule. Thanks in advance to whomever picks me up
1429 Mason-Gosselin69 Mason-Gosselin69 Goalie 5 K
1430 Good_Guy_Ty_ Good_Guy_Ty_ Right Defense 3 No Questions.
1431 Bosna17 Bosna17 Goalie 3 L
1432 brandonrich44 brandonrich44 Left Wing All .
1433 Ultsch271980 Ultsch271980 Left Wing Other 4 Go hawks
1434 Billy_The_Kid691 Billy_The_Kid691 Left Wing 6 Right handed- two way forward. can play either wing. simple, quick puck movement offensive style and aggressive defense
1435 Backdraft222 Backdraft222 Right Wing MHL, 5 Hello guys
1436 cedrick403 cedrick403 Left Wing 4 I can play winger or center. I know how to play good center positioning and I backcheck, but I'm not the best at faceoffs.
1437 BigNasty_Daryl BigNasty_Daryl Left Wing syndicate hockey league 3 no
1438 Mattdisney111 Mattdisney111 Goalie All i want to switch positions from defence to goalie
1439 AngerRot AngerRot Center All N/A
1440 TheHaunted29 TheHaunted29 Right Wing All Game it hard
1441 zrico66 zrico66 Center 6 I an play any position except for goalie. This is my first time but i can do it all.
1442 millerlight225 millerlight225 Goalie 4 Availability is unknown but will advice gms once it is known
1443 THEJIMMY420 THEJIMMY420 Left Wing Fbhl 3 Can play any position
1444 cryinglebron cryinglebron Center 4 hi
1445 Mavsfan10 Mavsfan10 Right Wing 5 N/A
1446 Booxene Booxene Left Wing All
1447 Wayfaerer09 Wayfaerer09 Center VGHL 5 None
1448 mttkffmn16 mttkffmn16 Right Wing All Solid Rw play well with others. Cycle game is where it's at I am a great pass player can throw a puck miles. Shooting and scoring comes second to me I'll grab assists all day but if I know I have a shot and a good chance for a goal I will shoot and if I don't score there is high chance of rebounds.
1449 robmyatt robmyatt Left Wing 4 I'll start out in CHL right?
1450 vlado94 vlado94 Center 5 None
1451 TheGrumpyCatRulZ TheGrumpyCatRulZ Left Wing 4 I work over nights so 9:30 games or earlier (EST)
1452 Wulf1013 wulf1376 Right Defense 3 Responsible dman
1453 RyanW0414 RyanW0414 Right Wing 3 none
1454 XxbanditxX84 XxbanditxX84 Right Defense 3 No
1455 AnthonyD1686 AnthonyD1686 Right Wing 5 All around player can score but love to pass team player
1456 fearbefore22 fearbefore22 Left Wing 5 Nothing just happy to play organized league hockey.
1457 xxS-3-R-G-1-0xx xxS-3-R-G-1-0xx Center 4 .
1458 KilluminatiKro KilluminatiKro Left Wing All Team player, mostly interested in LW.
1459 Dramajonrio Dramajonrio Left Wing 4 No
1460 WatchUrStep_UGA_ WatchUrStep_UGA_ Center 5 LD and G also
1461 barrdown barrdown Left Wing 2 I’ll be a TC due to availability
1462 Bludz131 Sinksmasher Center 4 Defensive mined center, pass first
1463 TheSickestEver_ TheSickestEver_ Goalie 4 No
1464 jgosbee1999 jgosbee1999 Right Wing All See you soon
1465 Jon-Tberge Jon-Tberge Right Wing 4 No question
1466 LSCANUCK LSCANUCK Goalie 2 none
1467 Thedanj84 Thedanj84 Center 3 I can play any position except goalie.. Im a solid two way player always in support defencivey. I have over 25 years of experience playning thw real game.
1468 Rwspencer12 Rwspencer12 Right Wing SSHL,Vghl 3 Hope to play ahl
1469 Sovinnia Sovinnia Right Defense 4 no comment.
1470 FLYERSfanFURY FLYERSfanFURY Left Wing LG on Xbox. All I had 72 points last season on xbox. On ps4 I played with under point per game players most of the season....
1471 SwarlsBarkley Jyda01 Right Wing 4 Thanks!
1472 Bigang4 Bigang4 Right Wing All Hey
1473 Xtremedirt12 Xtremedirt12 Left Wing 2 None
1474 DeeReCK001 DeeReCK001 Left Wing 4 Put me in coach
1475 zoie007 zoie007 Center 2 Had a good time last season.
1476 jdotrdot8121 jdotrdot8121 Right Wing 4 Can also play C or LW if needed but best at RW
1477 Totalchaos6969 Totalchaos6969 Right Wing All Available
1478 D_Sooky D_Sooky Goalie . 1 .
1479 BCNYY02 BCNYY02 Left Defense All Nope
1480 DrtMcGrt DrtMcGrt Center VGHL All N/A
1481 Thepaul575 Thepaul575 Left Defense 4 Played S6 with Victoria
1482 WhichMoveNext WhichMoveNext Center Fbhl 2 2-3 days a week and I mainly play C but will also play Lw sometimes Rw
1483 Dirk-noobishki Dirk-noobishki Right Defense 4 None
1484 slapshotking902 Slapshotking902 Center 3 None
1485 etthan Etthan Right Wing 2 Nope
1486 I-XxNHLxX-I I-XxNHLxX-I Left Wing All
1487 lxWaRpAtHxl lxWaRpAtHxl Right Defense 4
1488 Drippy Hardin DrippyHardin Right Wing 3 I’m that nigga
1489 cjwght cjwght Right Wing 4 none
1491 Asperzion Asperzion Goalie All .