Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
2 icymigue icymigue Forward Midfielder
3 AZEVEDO2002 AZEVEDO2002 Goalie Forward :)
4 djalbanian djalbanian Forward Midfielder
5 TTV-TheManBerto BertinhoR11 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender cerb made me do this
6 Z-69-C-del-G Z-69-C-del-G Forward Midfielder,Defender
7 BLUESfan1997 BLUESfan1997 Midfielder Defender Defensive Mid: Natural, Center-Mid: Accomplished, Full-Back: Competent, Center-Back: Awkward.
8 nicks_neckbeard nicks_neckbeard Defender Forward
9 Wsheikh90 Wsheikh90 Defender Forward,Midfielder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pB0htHYVXo
10 x ScrumZzyy ScrumzWRLD Defender Defender
11 SweatyBreasts SweatyBreasts Defender Forward,Midfielder Top 3 Defender in the League and I'm not number 3. Please gimme a good CB partner.
12 Mayor_35 Mayor_35 Defender Defender
13 Misterroot84 Misterroot84 Forward Defender
14 Inferno425 Inferno425 Goalie Midfielder,Defender Top Keepah
15 PandaKendo PandaKendo Defender Defender
16 mullett177 mullett177 Midfielder Midfielder Solid CDM, very positionally sound, and simple gameplay.
17 D3_NickJ D3_NickJ Midfielder Midfielder Both.
18 Es_Jefe Es_Jefe Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Looking to win
19 Shteekalutz DjNoMemba Midfielder Forward,Defender
20 Boytzz Boytzz Midfielder Midfielder
21 GreatWun21 GreatWun21 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
22 iasxus obsufcate Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
23 Pheonixx-96 Pheonixx-96 Forward Forward,Midfielder
24 Pxcioretty-_- Pxcioretty-_- Goalie Forward
25 Javier Javier12122001 Goalie Goalie
26 ZackAttacks11 ZackAttacks11 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Am willing to play any position if striker isn’t needed
27 Ethan11 Ethan11 Midfielder Forward CM, CDM, ST
28 Quickdraw203 Quickdraw203 Midfielder Midfielder
29 Destiny xWC_destiny_WCx Defender Defender The 2x fan , back to back fan
30 KevinSLB1302 KevinSLB1302 Forward Forward
31 cupid55 cupid55 Forward Forward,Midfielder
32 Cosminnn4 Cosminnn4 Midfielder Forward,Defender LET'S GET 12 TEAMS BOYSSSSSS
33 Callumh71 CallumLUFC10 Defender Midfielder Fullback/ cdm / rw
34 TerryMinglewood TerryMinglewood Forward Defender
35 Devil_Clutch1 Devil_Clutch1 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
36 CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo Forward Forward
37 Watrbouy Watrbouy Defender Forward
38 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Forward Forward
39 Tantillo818 Tantillo818 Midfielder Forward,Defender
40 Bilal-9-6- Bilal-9-6- Midfielder Forward
41 LarsLof LarsLof Midfielder Forward
42 OptimusPrimus77 OptimusPrimus77 Midfielder Defender
43 vClassiCz_MeRkz vClassiCz_MeRkz Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
44 EL_PARAGUAYO EL_PARAGUAYO Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
45 i3RODEUR i3RODEUR Midfielder Defender,Goalie
46 SomeoneStopMePls SomeoneStopMePls Goalie Defender RWB/RB/RCB if not GK
47 TheRealJZKITTY TheRealJZKITTY Defender Midfielder
48 abundanceofbuns abundanceofbuns Forward Forward st
49 DubCityKing11 DubCityKing11 Midfielder Defender
50 aPenetratingGaze Ur_Uncle_Fister_ Midfielder Forward I don't want to coach Carter people
51 xBadr93 xBadr93 Forward Forward,Midfielder
52 vonaey vonaey Defender Defender Honeybuns
53 SoCalmAssassinMA SoCalmAssassinMA Midfielder Forward,Defender Whoever bids for me has the biggest......
54 Oso-Sic Oso-Sic Midfielder Forward Winger/CM - availability is good with this pandemic shit going on
55 KingFetz KingFetz Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
56 NYsports02 NYsports02 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Soccer
57 xblasphemee xblasphemee Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender 1st Pos- Striker 2nd Pos-CDM 3rd POos LB/RB
58 Thxmson- Thxmson- Forward Midfielder
59 eStokes PhillyJitbag Forward Midfielder
60 bo_money1 bo_money1 Defender Midfielder,Defender
61 TyPeCoRp TyPeCoRp Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
62 HazeyF HazeyF Midfielder Midfielder rdm, cdm ..
63 Gireud BouncingChecks Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
64 melapelanxoxo Lit_FreakuencyXo Forward Forward,Midfielder
65 Shroom-Souljah Shroom-Souljah Goalie Goalie
66 OvertimeRJ_ OvertimeRJ_ Forward Forward,Midfielder
67 King_Barros King_Barros Forward Defender
68 Harrdus3820 Harrdus3820 Midfielder Defender
69 Jimbosu88 Jimbosu88 Forward Forward,Midfielder
70 P-a-t-r-i-c-ki-- P-a-t-r-i-c-ki-- Defender Forward,Midfielder
71 Fabian I. Rodriguez FabioloPR Forward Forward You already know LOL!
72 Mrwindupbird240 Mrwindupbird240 Defender Midfielder
73 Marner_Magic16 Marner_Magic16 Midfielder Midfielder
74 Pvt_Gosling Pvt_Gosling Midfielder Midfielder
75 PanaNounder PanaNounder Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
76 zaytsev_vasily_ zaytsev_vasily_ Forward Midfielder CF/RS/RW/CAM
77 Farinha-san Farinha-san Goalie Goalie
78 mikeys_swagg_doe PhatAssGothGF Goalie Goalie I’m sticking around this season
79 Semik123 Semik123 Forward Midfielder
80 LaAlbiceleste331 LaAlbiceleste331 Defender Forward,Midfielder
81 itzrickybobby itzrickybobby Goalie Goalie Flaco please trade me!
82 CrazyAM-MO CrazyAM-MO Forward Midfielder CM, ST,LF,
83 MickyDangles MickyDangles Forward Midfielder
84 lacrossecarl lacrossecarl Goalie Defender You will not regret me
85 Crosby8706 Crosby8706 Forward Midfielder
86 youssefzooki youssefzooki Midfielder Forward,Defender still a crackhead...and my player will still attempt to cross the ball with his head from 30 metres
87 sizzlak09 sizzlak09 Forward Midfielder,Goalie
88 K_Hutcho K_Hutcho Midfielder Midfielder
89 jhawks543 jhawks543 Defender Midfielder
90 CookedMegaToast CookedMegaToast Midfielder Forward,Defender
91 Chiraq_44 Chiraq_44 Midfielder Forward,Defender
92 Ohdoya69_420 Ohdoya69_420 Goalie Forward
93 Respecognyze Respecognyze Forward Forward,Midfielder Looking to be ST/CAM this season for a good team. Looking for a solid squad. Don't waste ur money on me.
94 BenficaFan19 dsaleemz19 Defender Defender
95 iGetCised iGetCised Midfielder Defender
96 Argo2315 Argo2315 Forward Midfielder
97 Lauchlinr Lauchlinr Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
98 lCerbl lCerbl Forward Forward,Defender They call me Cerb Shots
99 PR1NZ3-- PR1NZ3-- Midfielder Forward I'm a CAM with great passing, vision and creating great opportunities
100 I-Thorpe-I I-Thorpe-I Forward Forward i am ass
101 BroadwayCJ97 BroadwayCJ97 Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Thank you Stun Gun for being the throw-in piece required for Bayern to say yes for the trade for me.
102 Central153 Central153 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender CDM/CB
103 Joester09 Joester09 Forward Forward,Midfielder
104 Semple19 Semple19 Forward Forward Available both games Sunday - Love Sempy
105 AirBlaster_ AirBlaster_ Midfielder Midfielder CDM
106 xCory95 xCory95 Forward Midfielder
107 zimDman zimDman Midfielder Forward
108 Jasaarciaa Jasaarciaa Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Cam preferred can play cdm or ST, defense if needed
109 XioGSheppy XioGSheppy Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
110 jchain01 jchain01 Forward Defender
111 Twiztid7886 twiztid78 Midfielder Forward
112 ramsam02 ramsam02 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
113 THELITTLEPIGGIE THELITTLEPIGGIE Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
114 UPTBurraveli UPTBurraveli Forward Midfielder PSN: UPTBurraveli Position: ST overall : 86 Secondary Position: LW/CAM overall : 86 Mic: Yes Availability: Weekends Discord: UPTBurraveli#5821 Location: Toronto, Canada Willing to show my worth through my play as either back up or first team Additional Notes: Good goal scorer, efficient passer, I'm willing to do what I can to help the team win!
115 Mo0odi-992 Mo0odi-992 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
116 MarekJagr-604 MarekJagr-604 Goalie Goalie
117 Ash_bae94 Ash_bae94 Forward Midfielder,Defender Loyal to the lasagna
118 BluePho_3enix BluePho_3enix Defender Midfielder,Defender I love Defense. I play CB, fullback, and CDM. Preferably I would rather play CB.
119 The_extreme_curl The_extreme_curl Forward Midfielder,Defender Dont ban me again thanks
120 Mr_Funk_E_Fresh Mr_Funk_E_Fresh Midfielder Midfielder CDM or CM. Just here to break legs.
121 LastxTrick XTrix4Ever Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
122 Stun Gun thebrothers2000 Defender Defender They call me BOG Stun
123 tmbourg217 tmbourg217 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender OWNER
124 RIPAsap27 IIASAPll Forward Midfielder
125 Robbedthasafe904 Robbedthasafe904 Forward Midfielder LS LF LW LAM LM LCM CAM CM
126 finkleberrie finkleberrie Forward Forward
127 nickveezy nickveezy Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
128 Jackovasaurus_ Jackovasaurus_ Forward Midfielder
129 Cl-Rammathorn69 Cl-Rammathorn69 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender Good in any position! Preferred from top to bottom would be (St,)(Cb,)Cm,wings, cam and fullbacks.
130 BearInATux BearInATux Goalie Midfielder,Defender
131 Irish-basturd Irish-basturd Forward Forward
132 ThundrLightning3 ThundrLightning3 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
133 YupBill3rs YupBill3rs Midfielder Defender
134 IvanTamariz IvanTamariz Defender Goalie Fullback and GK with VPG, VFL and ACL experience
135 A2v_NaStY A2v_NaStY Forward Midfielder
136 SuaveKy SuaveKy Defender Midfielder
137 GEEOFF91 GEEOFF91 Forward Midfielder
138 Berrakov Berrakov Midfielder Forward,Defender
139 mitongo mitongo Midfielder Midfielder RM, LM or CAM
140 Questiansauce Questiansauce Midfielder Forward,Midfielder CAM/CM main, RW/RM or LW/LM, or CDM with pro VPG London Div 1 experience.
141 cmess x 90 cmess9030 Midfielder Goalie
142 ECHXMPO ECHXMPO Midfielder Defender
143 DylbertDangles DylbertDangles Forward Midfielder,Defender
144 Udyrtodiamond Udyrtodiamond Midfielder Forward
145 alonzi401 alonzi401 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
146 Dampo13 Dampo13 Defender Forward,Goalie
147 JoshPR20 oFuxioN- Forward Forward
148 FZekoo33 ekoo_warrior Midfielder Forward
149 Omar13VA Omar13VA Forward Forward
150 Dlewi_7474 Dlewi_7474 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
151 SlimSimDaSAVAGE SlimSimDaSAVAGE Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
152 a_kelly0207 a_kelly0207 Midfielder Defender
153 Daylo'n Fella_Daylo Defender Forward,Midfielder
154 Superbolt__ Superbolt__ Forward Forward
155 NYC_1Ts NYC_1Ts Midfielder Midfielder
156 Archie2395 Archie2395 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
157 ohh_Polar ohh_Polar Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
158 ToppestOfTops ToppestOfTops Forward Midfielder
159 Dirtyduster88 DirtyDuster88 Forward Forward,Midfielder
160 EAArellano-15 EAArellano-15 Forward Midfielder
161 Mattalo21uk Mattalo21uk Defender Midfielder,Defender I’m back yeah. Feels good m8. 6/6 m8
162 BiigL94 BiigL94 Forward Forward
163 Reninatz Reninatz Midfielder Defender
164 Goes171 Goes171 Defender Forward,Midfielder RB/LB primary, secondary are CDM>ST>CB
165 lRonnyDobbsl llTaZz- Midfielder Forward NA
166 Rj White Ransfordfusion Defender Midfielder,Defender
167 YT_ItsZae YT_ItsZae Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
168 eldommenuccio eldommenuccio Midfielder Defender
169 beernpickles beernpickles Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
170 littlewing8887 littlewing8887 Midfielder Defender
171 manleyFGC manleyFGC Midfielder Midfielder Prefer CDM
172 neh-1985 Noble-1985 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
173 The_Show_Gun The_Show_Gun Midfielder Forward
174 GRedd10 GRedd10 Defender Midfielder,Defender
175 elias261 elias261 Midfielder Defender
176 S-h-a-d-y_40_ S-h-a-d-y_40_ Forward Midfielder,Defender
177 Bruins10R Bruins10R Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
178 Fear-Alisson-1 Fear-Alisson-1 Goalie Midfielder,Defender
179 J-Bohemian J-Bohemian Forward Midfielder
180 Daniel94PT Daniel94PT Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
181 T-MAN-13-RHP T-MAN-13-RHP Defender Defender
182 WalmartLotLizard WalmartLotLizard Defender Defender LB or LCB. Can play ANYWHERE on the back line
183 Naxvyy Naxvyy Forward Midfielder
184 AyoFreezy AyoFreezy Defender Goalie
185 iRaPiiDZz98 iRaPiiDZz98 Goalie Defender,Goalie
186 AMR94_ AMR94_ Defender Defender
187 FB_DGaming24 FB_DGaming24 Forward Midfielder Hi
188 OkemosBoxedWater OkemosBoxedWater Defender Midfielder
189 sK_oKuxioN sK_oKuxioN Forward Midfielder
190 XxMrMoney007xX XxMrMoney007xX Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
191 GodFx- GodFx- Defender Goalie
192 BrandonUtd BrandonUtd Forward Forward
193 BbpL_Mata BbpL_Mata Midfielder Forward
194 i9-Stamkos-1i i9-Stamkos-1i Forward Forward,Midfielder hard for me the 7 pm games just here to have fun nothing more
195 K72M-_- K72M-_- Forward Forward,Midfielder
197 XxJusT4TheShoWxX XxJusT4TheShoWxX Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
198 ram_ram_ ram_ram_ Midfielder Defender
199 Canucks 47 xCanuckk Defender Goalie
200 Misabisa22 Misabisa22 Forward Midfielder St, cam, lam, ram
201 ImJamesBong ImJamesBong Midfielder Defender
202 n1tw1t n1tw1t Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Central midfielder prefer cam, cdm, lcm, rcm. Can also play wide mid, fwd, wing. Versatile, solid passing and defending player
203 PickleNick93 PickleNick93 Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goalie
204 Gbanana911 Gbanana911 Defender Goalie
205 Mugfxrd Mugfxrd Forward Midfielder
206 rishi-rishikumar rishi-rishikumar Defender Midfielder Primary CB, CDM
207 imEastman IIEastmanII Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
208 GreasyReesey- GreasyReesey- Midfielder Forward,Defender
209 PoopSmoke- PoopSmoke- Midfielder Forward CAM
210 JRGreaterThan JannaTakeSkill Goalie Goalie
211 Jyuhnn Jyuhnn Forward Forward,Goalie
212 Couture53 Couture53 Midfielder Forward
213 TassoBoss- Tassoboss- Forward Midfielder
214 Gramohh Gramohh Midfielder Forward Elite CAM. Yeah SOOOONK
215 Mr_TP22 Mr_TP22 Goalie Midfielder,Defender
216 TheArabTaco TheArabTaco Midfielder Forward
217 ZachMann_ ZachMann_ Midfielder Midfielder
218 G-R-E-E-N-Y-8 G-R-E-E-N-Y-8 Goalie Forward,Midfielder
219 STLstash STLstash Midfielder Forward,Defender
220 Foren_1 Foren_1 Midfielder Forward I play CAM mostly I can play wing and striker as well
221 Chellyy-26 Chellyy-26 Midfielder Forward,Defender
222 Gamer_Alp7 Gamer_Alp7 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
223 ravenousbambino ravenousbambino Midfielder Defender
224 kikithecat5 kikithecat5 Midfielder Forward dlewi_7474 told me about his club in the German division and it made me want to join him or any club in general
225 SwillMattyFresh SwillMattyFresh Midfielder Midfielder
226 Brick x 70 xBrickwall-_- Defender Forward,Midfielder cracked feef player
227 No_Ragrets_313 No_Ragrets_313 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Never really played this before
228 CRAZYROGO-1-7 xCrAZyRoGo Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
229 Jolasveinn4 Jolasveinn4 Midfielder Forward
230 ghost_726 ghost_726 Defender Midfielder
231 SuperNovaSquid SuperNovaSquid Defender Midfielder
232 ttv_walkinmaniac ttv_walkinmaniac Forward Defender
233 xWR-David-Neres- xWR-David-Neres- Forward Forward
234 Blisterix Blisterix Midfielder Defender
235 xXtichnell11Xx T-800-GOTTABLAST Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender I’m back. Send me to a team with alonzi
236 xSJ_9 xSJ_9 Forward Defender
237 FreeZe_PF IsoFreeZeYT Forward Forward
238 Zanzilla10000 Zanzilla10000 Forward Midfielder
239 Effect_Kmatt Effect_Kmatt Defender Midfielder
240 ISpamL2onU19 ISpamL2onU19 Defender Forward
241 Panayiotis993 Panayiotis993 Forward Midfielder
242 LLcoolSam5855 Sammyb4398 Midfielder Forward
243 FRANKIE__ FRANKIE__ Midfielder Forward,Defender
244 harrmonix harrmonix Defender Midfielder
245 D_SPORS_5 D_SPORS_5 Forward Midfielder no
246 twelve_xx twelvy_xxv Forward Midfielder,Defender im willing to play any position send me a message at twelvy_xxv for a try out let go
248 talia900 talia900 Midfielder Defender
249 VGNGAMER12 VGNGAMER12 Midfielder Forward Team first attitude Leader who doesn't mind being led Great passer, great positioning.
250 xCLOUTIER10x xCLOUTIER10x Defender Midfielder
251 rudymac rudymac Forward Midfielder
252 zeus_etm16 ZeusHunchoETM Midfielder Defender
253 NYYFan10 LatzoBear715 Forward Midfielder
254 CCLARK1999 CapBan_Clark1999 Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
255 Wilson14seremani Wilson14seremani Midfielder Forward,Defender
256 Alexmaltese1 Alexmaltese1 Defender Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
257 Deegjae Deegjae Midfielder Forward
258 l24thchromosome l24thchromosome Forward Forward
259 Adhil98 Adhil98 Forward Forward
260 ryan562010 ryan562010 Forward Midfielder
261 D-Saboteur D-Saboteur Forward Forward
262 Harry_Tattas Harry_Tattas Forward Forward,Midfielder
263 RobFords_Dealer RobFords_Dealer Midfielder Defender
264 Mxeric17 Mxeric17 Goalie Forward
265 xOwen39 xOwen39 Midfielder Forward
266 Defti_95 defti_95 Defender Midfielder,Defender
267 OwenBarnett14 OwenBarnett14 Midfielder Forward
268 iiBxrzxl13 iiBxrzxl13 Forward Midfielder
270 jacksdawgs jacksdawgs Midfielder Forward
271 Greene_870897 Greene_870897 Forward Forward,Midfielder
272 Crazyflame29 Crazyflame29 Forward Defender
273 Wilmas13HxA Wilmas13HxA Defender Forward,Midfielder
274 Zlurp--Zlurp Tapestry_Frame Midfielder Forward,Defender
275 xCousins_ xCousins_ Midfielder Midfielder
276 xDawgx- xDawgx- Defender Defender
277 TawKohh TawKohh Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
278 Lxcente Lxcente Forward Forward
279 DZRUHPT DZRUHPT Forward Forward
280 iCurlAtSquatRack iCurlAtSquatRack Forward Forward
281 klay517 klay517 Forward Forward,Midfielder
282 Nealrambo Nealrambo Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
283 TrinGOAT TrinGOAT Midfielder Forward,Midfielder looking to pass
284 ClutchDaddy91 ClutchDaddy91 Midfielder Forward,Defender
285 dirtymoles dirtymoles Midfielder Forward,Defender
286 MikehTheGod MikehTheGod Forward Forward,Midfielder
287 Vxkingz-- Vxkingz-- Midfielder Midfielder
288 Bluefacexbaby Bluefacexbaby Forward Midfielder
289 Biz_Nasty_12 Biz_Nasty_12 Forward Midfielder
290 Noblood777 Noblood77 Forward Midfielder,Defender Hi
291 iTzz_xSoosinho1 iTzz_xSoosinho1 Goalie Goalie I'm the goat. That's it.
292 E_Fuchs EI-_-Padryno Forward Midfielder
294 Fmoham6627 Fmoham6627 Goalie Goalie
295 cripbenoit cripbenoit Midfielder Forward cam / winger
296 deadrising6669 deadrising6669 Forward Forward
297 teeydollasign teeydollasign Midfielder Defender CDM
298 SICKTRICK25 xl_SlCK_lx Midfielder Forward,Defender
299 DecupleORNothing DecupleORNothing Forward Midfielder Can play anywhere in attack. CAM, LAM, RAM, RW, LW, ST. Have won multiple TOTS in VFL.
300 assassin408844 assassin408844 Forward Forward my name on discord is michael#1422. i am one of the top fifa anys in the world and i play well up top at st. Matches Played: 831 Goals: 1242 Assist: 1350
301 NotMazzy Mazzzyyy_ Forward Midfielder
302 Krusey55 Krusey55 Forward Midfielder
303 IzzetChronarch IzzBot_ Defender Forward,Midfielder
304 Hawkeye1403_ Hawkeye1403_ Goalie Forward
305 The-Dominator-95 The-Dominator-95 Midfielder Forward can also play gk
306 HAWKSBOSS8850 HAWKSBOSS8850 Goalie Goalie
308 Bubbly-giant0 Bubbly-giant0 Forward Midfielder I am a lf
309 AchiIIes-sV AchiIIes-sV Midfielder Midfielder
310 Darkshadow_fire2 Darkshadow_fire2 Forward Forward
311 SheLuvzSmudgy SheLuvzSmudgy Midfielder Defender
312 NiiTro814 NiiTro814 Defender Goalie
313 Traz615 Traz615 Midfielder Forward,Defender
314 RzR_CHAMP RzR_CHAMP Forward Midfielder
315 Grazman12 Grazman12 Forward Midfielder
316 StepMotherLover StepMotherLover Midfielder Forward,Defender
317 dkline44 dkline44 Forward Defender Prefer ST or either Wing. If playing defense, prefer LB, LWB, RB, RWB, not central defense
318 lpfortin lpfortin Forward Forward
319 Maximus_Prim3_42 Maximus_Prim3_42 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
320 RabidFaux RabidFaux Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
321 gods_ninja99 gods_ninja99 Forward Midfielder
322 perrysavage33 perrysavage33 Midfielder Forward,Defender
323 LatinosGamingHD LatinosGamingHD Forward Forward killer striker, good friend to connect with good skiller
324 Good_fella85 Good_fella85 Forward Midfielder Solid ST or CAM/LAM/RAM looking for an unselfish team that'll rise to the top. Experience in CVPL and AFL. Open to trialing. Hit me up.
325 eazyenak eazyenak Defender Forward
326 ninofade ninofade Midfielder Midfielder
327 GamingKidPro GamingKidPro Forward Midfielder
328 TopCheeseNeon TopCheeseNeon Forward Midfielder