Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 VibeMerchant VibeMerchant Defender Defender oh fuck yeah spread it
2 BLUESfan1997 BLUESfan1997 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender DM - Natural. FB - Accomplished. Wide AM - Accomplished. CM - Competent. CB - Awkward.
3 Ash_bae94 Ash_bae94 Midfielder Forward,Defender
4 Cosminnn4 Cosminnn4 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
5 icymigue icymigue Forward Midfielder
6 mullett177 mullett177 Defender Midfielder
7 Chiraq_44 DaDevilsAlpha Midfielder Midfielder
8 Fear-Alisson-1 Fear-Alisson Goalie Defender
9 Goes171 Goes171 Defender Midfielder,Defender Hi
10 cupid55 cupid55 Forward Forward,Midfielder
11 Semik123 Semik123 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
12 jchain01 jchain01 Midfielder Forward,Defender CAM, CM, ST, FB
13 KingFetz KingFetz Defender Forward,Midfielder Apply the sauce directly to face
14 NYsports02 NYsports02 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Fun
15 DubCityKing11 DubCityKing11 Defender Midfielder Ayo
16 bushforprez1 bushforprez1 Defender Midfielder,Defender Can play most nights. RB/LB/CB/ALL MID
17 Mayor_35 Mayor_35 Defender Defender
18 GRedd10 GRedd10 Defender Midfielder
19 Pvt_Gosling Pvt_Gosling Midfielder Forward Full availability. Cdm/Cm. Moodi is the goat. 41212 is trash.
20 ZackAttacks11 ZackAttacks11 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Can play every position on the field
21 Noble-1985 Noble-1985 Midfielder Midfielder
22 djalbanian djalbanian Forward Midfielder Ask around, you'll find out what you're getting.
23 D-Saboteur D-Saboteur Forward Forward
24 xblasphemee xblasphemee Forward Forward,Midfielder
25 littlewing8887 littlewing8887 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
26 Misterroot84 Misterroot84 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
27 Jorsilva0808 Jorsilva0808 Midfielder Defender DEFENSIVE MID / RIGHT BACK
28 FB_DGaming24 FB_DGaming24 Forward Forward
29 Alexmaltese1 Alex-malte1 Defender Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
30 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
31 BearInATux BearInATux Goalie Midfielder,Defender May have some availability issues due to school.
32 GreatWun21 GreatWun21 Midfielder Midfielder
33 Questiansauce Questiansauce Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender ST/CAM/RB
34 Javier Javier12122001 Goalie Goalie
35 SoCalmAssassinMA SoCalmAssassinMA Midfielder Forward,Defender #1 IN YOUR HEARTS #16 on the team sheet
36 iasxus obsufcate Goalie Midfielder,Defender if u read this zack sucks
37 Gamer_Alp7 Gamer_Alp7 Midfielder Defender
38 Pheonixx-96 Pheonixx-96 Forward Midfielder Someone good pick me up please
39 ZeroFifteen ZeroFifteen Midfielder Defender Strongest on the wings. A good striker partner for the two up top formation.
40 PanaNounder PanaNounder Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
41 Fabian I. Rodriguez FabioloPR Forward Midfielder .
42 SlimmerShady24 SlimmerShady24 Forward Midfielder
43 ISpamL2onU19 ISpamL2onU19 Defender Forward,Midfielder .
44 KevinSLB1302 KevinSLB1302 Forward Forward Ballon D’or, League Title, Golden Boot. Still not enough!
45 TyPeCoRp TyPeCoRp Midfielder Midfielder,Defender Another season where I have to carry Youssef *dab*
46 Es_Jefe Es_Jefe Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Can play all positions . Interested in a winning team .
47 J-Bohemian J-Bohemian Forward Midfielder Can play only 1-2 match days / week
48 rishi-rishikumar rishi-rishikumar Defender Midfielder
49 iRaPiiDZz98 Xl_Gunners_lX Defender Midfielder,Defender
50 SlimSimDaSAVAGE SlimSimDaSAVAGE Midfielder Defender BIG CHUNGUS
51 vClassiCz_MeRkz STF_Merk Forward Forward,Midfielder I can play every game
52 Defti_95 defti_95 Forward Forward,Midfielder
53 Gbanana911 Gbanana911 Goalie Midfielder,Defender 2/6 for games
54 gods_ninja99 gods_ninja99 Forward Forward,Midfielder
55 Central153 MrPierreLouis- Midfielder Defender
56 Arab-EliYass Arab-EliYass Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender 6/6 availability CDM> Attacking midfield
57 The_Show_Gun The_Show_Gun Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
58 Robbedthasafe904 Robbedthasafe904 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
59 yvngarturo yvngarturo Forward Midfielder
60 EL_PARAGUAYO EL_PARAGUAYO Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender I’m nasty with the passing
61 xBadr93 xBadr93 Forward Midfielder
62 Devil_Clutch1 Devil_Clutch1 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
63 Z-69-C-del-G Z-69-C-del-G Midfielder Forward,Defender
64 the_ghozt the_ghozt Forward Midfielder
65 alonzi401 alonzi401 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goalie Mr. 9 Time, Mr. Becky, Mr. Green Jacket whatever you wanna call this mans right here. LGFA Hall of Famer....Mike "Utility" Alonziiiii.....Alonziiii.
66 ninofade ninofade Midfielder Midfielder Cam /rcm /lcm
67 Argo2315 Argo2315 Forward Midfielder I can also play wingers and I play all midfield positions but cdm.
68 Good_fella85 Good_fella85 Forward Forward
69 BroadwayCJ97 BroadwayCJ97 Goalie Goalie Commish hates me Bogs wish they could be me
70 ElJazzyToro ElJazzyToro Forward Forward,Midfielder
71 Moblasi Moblasi Forward Forward I strike
72 manleyFGC manleyFGC Midfielder Defender CDM/CM/RB/LB/CB
73 Inferno425 Inferno425 Goalie Midfielder,Defender GK and CB
74 Mo0odi-992 Mo0odi-992 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
75 Mr_TP22 Mr_TP22 Defender Midfielder,Goalie
76 AchiIIes-sV AchiIIes-sV Midfielder Midfielder
77 infinite-sv infinite-sv Forward Midfielder i can only play ST or CAM
78 OptimusPrimus77 OptimusPrimus77 Midfielder Midfielder
79 Ethan11 Ethan11 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
80 Cityxop Cityxop Forward Midfielder
81 EL_CHAMO31 EL_CHAMO31 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
82 Confidentstackz Confidentstackz Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
83 Jackovasaurus_ Jackovasaurus_ Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie 2/6 availability probably only on Sundays. So please bid accordingly
84 jhawks543 jhawks543 Defender Midfielder
85 finkleberrie finkleberrie Forward Midfielder Am st
87 djmzofficial Tapha97 Forward Midfielder
88 ram_ram_ ram_ram_ Midfielder Midfielder
89 Destiny xWC_destiny_WCx Defender Defender The 2x fan
90 Hulkniss Carpediemed Goalie Defender
91 Gireud BouncingChecks Defender Defender,Goalie YNWA FUCK CENSOR BOT
92 RabidFaux RabidFaux Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
93 vivaelchelsea vivaelchelsea Defender Midfielder
94 Wilmas13HxA Wilmas13HxA Defender Forward,Midfielder
95 Rose_tz Rose_tz Forward Forward,Midfielder Mostly ST, Decent cam
96 Marboy56 Marboy56 Forward Forward,Midfielder 6/6 Avail. Preferred position RS. ST will do as well. Can also play anywhere in midfield.
97 emmcon emmcon Midfielder Forward
98 Callumh71 CallumLUFC10 Defender Midfielder,Defender Cdm,full back,Cb Sign me for 100% cup record Not here to take part, here to takeover. Mighty LEEDS
99 vonaey vonaey Defender Forward,Midfielder Can play any defense position, mainly winger in mid. #Honeybunzgang
100 Albralelie-sV Albralelie-sV Forward Midfielder I can play any position forward and I can play cm/cdm but can't master rwb and lwb or lm/rm
101 TXI_COBRA_XM TXI_COBRA_XM Forward Midfielder,Defender
102 YT_ItsZae YT_ItsZae Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
103 KiXSTAr-sV KiXSTAr-sV Forward Forward,Midfielder
104 TTV-TheManBerto BertinhoR11 Midfielder Forward,Defender i hate real madrid
105 AtomicFlea-_- AtomicFlea-_- Midfielder Forward I play RM or ST
106 Semple19 Semple19 Forward Forward only signed up for mayor and his loud ass keyboard
107 FutuCiary FutuCiary Defender Midfielder
108 Bruins10R Bruins10R Defender Forward,Midfielder
109 BenficaFan19 dsaleemz19 Defender Defender Let’s goooooooo
110 Midway_Express MJames2410 Forward Defender
111 King_Barros King_Barros Midfielder Defender Main positions:Cm,cdm,cb and full back
112 Zinedale39 Zinedale39 Midfielder Forward
113 CrazyAM-MO CrazyAM-MO Forward Forward,Midfielder 1)ST LF, 2)CAM, 3) CM
114 The-Dominator-95 The-Dominator-95 Midfielder Forward,Goalie been playing since 04 team player
115 Grazman12 Grazman12 Forward Midfielder
116 AyoFreezy AyoFreezy Goalie Defender
117 Naxvyy Naxvyy Forward Forward
118 Quickdraw203 Quickdraw203 Midfielder Defender 6/6 let’s get it
119 JOKER-ONE-TWO JOKER-ONE-TWO Goalie Goalie 6/6 Availability
120 LastxTrick XTrix4Ever Defender Midfielder
121 iamTano iamTano Midfielder Defender
122 Adhil98 Adhil98 Forward Forward,Midfielder
123 Rmd_Speedy Rmd_Speedy Defender Forward
124 Obi_duncan_94 Obi_duncan_94 Defender Midfielder
125 CodyBear cbear522 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender Just bid on me, you wont regret it. 6/6 availability most weeks except when its not.
126 XioGSheppy XioGSheppy Goalie Forward,Midfielder
127 Lauchlinr Lauchlinr Midfielder Forward
128 WinWitout4Knif3X WinWitout4Knif3X Defender Midfielder,Defender,Goalie This is a very complicated case, Maude. You know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you's. And, uh, lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands in old Duder's head. Luckily I'm adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug regimen to keep my mind, you know, limber.
129 Shteekalutz DjNoMemba Midfielder Forward,Defender
130 nicks_neckbeard nicks_neckbeard Defender Forward I'm shit
131 Obscurity815 Obscurity815 Midfielder Forward
132 BiigL94 BiigL94 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
133 DvddyCasanova101 DvddyCasanova101 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
134 Omar13VA Omar13VA Forward Forward,Midfielder
135 GirthyXL GirthyXL Forward Midfielder
136 ECHXMPO ECHXMPO Midfielder Defender
137 Oso-Sic Oso-Sic Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender not a CB, i'll play LB/RB if I must. also not looking to play every game. rotational player preferred.
138 UPTBurraveli UPTBurraveli Forward Forward
139 ramsam02 ramsam02 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
140 AZEVEDO2002 AZEVEDO2002 Goalie Forward Please bid accordingly, availability not great. Have work and school.
141 Mr_Funk_E_Fresh Mr_Funk_E_Fresh Forward Forward,Midfielder Looking to play Forward or an attacking midfield role!
142 Cxv120411 Cxv120411 Forward Forward,Midfielder
143 iTzz_xSoosinho1 iTzz_xSoosinho1 Goalie Defender
144 defty_lefty defty_lefty Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
145 TheDurtyJ TheDurtyJ Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
146 Jimbosu88 Jimbosu88 Forward Midfielder
147 Flying_Taco_Boy Flying_Taco_Boy Goalie Midfielder
148 MenaceRJ MenaceRJ Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
149 Tjhdp11 Tjhdp_11 Forward Forward 20 mil or don't bid
150 TawKohh TawKohh Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
151 StepMotherLover StepMotherLover Midfielder Defender
152 Bezzy4872 Bezzy4872 Defender Midfielder
153 Rahzki Rahzki Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Goated
154 NewPhoneWhoDiss NewPhoneWhoDiss Midfielder Forward CAM, LM, RM, CF, ST, CM
155 ohh_Polar ohh_Polar Defender Forward,Midfielder
156 JPW3030 JPW3030 Forward Midfielder,Defender
157 outerspacetr333y DROWZEE_333 Forward Midfielder,Defender
158 eligiop123 eligiop123 Midfielder Forward
159 FZekoo33 ekoo_warrior Forward Forward,Midfielder
160 Scheel41 Scheel41 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
161 RobThom_5 RobThom_5 Forward Midfielder,Defender
162 TheeButterflavor TheeButterflavor Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
163 TheRealJZKITTY TheRealJZKITTY Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Kitty Strikes
164 guner4321 guner4321 Midfielder Defender
165 DawgyDayCare DawgyDayCare Forward Midfielder,Defender
166 harrmonix harrmonix Defender Midfielder
167 NYC_1Ts NYC_1Ts Midfielder Midfielder
168 Mrwindupbird240 Mrwindupbird240 Defender Midfielder
169 xSJ_9 xSJ_9 Forward Forward
170 ravenousbambino ravenousbambino Midfielder Defender
171 Drozza17 Drozza17 Forward Midfielder,Defender
172 Impulse_hr Impulse_hr Midfielder Forward,Defender Been playing for a while but havnt been on for a minute hahaha
173 ghostp937 ghostp937 Midfielder Midfielder
174 Prettymodafckr Prettymodafckr Forward Forward 89cf approaching 90 excellent team player
175 Eugene PKwitDaSpeciall Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
176 ShadowSlayer2204 ShadowSlayer2204 Forward Midfielder
177 EZJSkin-92 EZJSkin-92 Midfielder Forward
178 ArthursGardener ArthursGardener Defender Forward,Midfielder
179 gingetopia gingetopia Forward Midfielder
180 I-Thorpe-I I-Thorpe-I Forward Midfielder,Defender a vet that is ass
181 DamilkMan596 DamilkMan596 Forward Forward
182 maine-gretzky maine-gretzky Midfielder Forward,Defender
183 KLoKLuca Birdman4581 Defender Defender
184 iTzRelliK iTzRelliK Forward Midfielder ST CAM, RM, & LM. Avail 6/6.
185 Meh230 Meh230 Defender Midfielder Fullback or CDM
186 Wsheikh90 Wsheikh90 Defender Forward Yeah, I signed up late. Don't @ me HALA MADRID!
187 XxMrMoney007xX XxMrMoney007xX Midfielder Forward,Goalie
188 E_Fuchs EI-_-Padryno Forward Midfielder
189 Ghost7faceRone Ghost7faceRone Forward Midfielder
190 Kingcoyote887 Kingcoyote887 Midfielder Forward LW,RW,CAM,CM
191 Awesomedan13 da1307n Forward Forward,Midfielder
192 realdemonX realdemonX Goalie Defender Dont bid on me if your a shitter
193 Thunderaxx_ Thunderaxx_ Forward Midfielder
194 P-a-t-r-i-c-ki-- P-a-t-r-i-c-ki-- Forward Midfielder,Defender
195 DK_Cash30 DK_Cash30 Forward Midfielder
196 muusman97 muusman97 Defender Midfielder
197 clutchx7x clutchx7x Midfielder Defender CDM/CM/FB
198 ballofmoney ballofmoney Defender Midfielder
199 talia900 talia900 Midfielder Defender
200 eudoleon eudoleon Defender Defender Lateral Izquierdo
201 aPenetratingGaze Ur_Uncle_Fister_ Midfielder Forward PLUG AND PLAY ME ANYWHERE FROM RM, LM, LW, RW, OR 1/2 OF A STRIKING DUO
202 Flo_Boy561 Flo_Boy561 Defender Forward,Defender,Goalie
203 RITBVIPER RITBVIPER Midfielder Forward,Defender
204 ToastSticks96 ToastSticks96 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
205 A7_Raul A7_Raul Defender Forward,Midfielder
206 Daattoo Daattoo Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
207 Armando_3266 Armando_3266 Goalie Goalie Exp- Vfl ht & lt exp,vpg, fgl, acl d1, avl, caps for vfl usa, won multiple tots and totw and various sites
208 JMejia14 JMejia14 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder CAM
209 mightymikepuma mightymikepuma Forward Forward
210 dirtymoles dirtymoles Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
211 egyptdrummer egyptdrummer Midfielder Midfielder
212 Rometapia Rometapia Midfielder Midfielder
213 GREECYMOVE GREECYMOVE Forward Forward,Defender
214 MintOverMango MintOverMango Forward Midfielder
215 Haskelld15 Haskelld15 Forward Midfielder
216 k21stian k21stian Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender I usually play CAM but don’t mind playing LCM since I’m a lefty and if need to drop back I’ll play CDM.
217 HeyAbed HeyAbed Midfielder Forward Looking for a great season and to meet new people !
218 Caddiehack Caddiehack Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
219 tman04 tman04 Midfielder Midfielder
220 ObiWanZee- ObiWanZee- Goalie Midfielder
221 peepul_rejekt007 peepul_rejekt007 Forward Midfielder
222 Alie_lushi Alie_lushi Forward Midfielder can play LW/RW/ LM/RM/ ST/CF.
223 baynecfc baynecfc Forward Midfielder
224 guardado238 guardado238 Defender Midfielder Cb
225 DonHexiQ DonHexiQ Goalie Midfielder,Defender
226 melapelanxoxo Lit_FreakuencyXo Forward Midfielder
227 Fmoham6627 Fmoham6627 Forward Forward
228 AnxietyHangoverr AnxietyHangoverr Midfielder Forward,Defender Mainly play RM ,RW, RCM and defense
229 Jakedasnake-Qc Jakedasnake-Qc Forward Forward
230 Drizzyjod Drizzyjod Midfielder Forward Never played in a league for pro clubs but i olay lots of FUT... i play quite a bit just trying to figure out how the games work
231 Bruiser781 Bruiser781 Defender Midfielder
232 Catatafish81 Catatafish81 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
233 Traequon Traequon Defender Midfielder,Defender Prefer LB/LM/CB
234 RzR_CHAMP RzR_CHAMP Midfielder Midfielder
235 GhostGamer333 GhostGamer333 Defender Goalie
236 PhillyMydTrx PhillyMydTrx Midfielder Forward
237 iamchillson iamchillson Goalie Midfielder Former top ranked VFL GK
238 YupBill3rs YupBill3rs Forward Midfielder
239 HAWKSBOSS8850 HAWKSBOSS8850 Goalie Goalie
240 Bhooper182 Bhooper182 Forward Midfielder
241 GK_Carbajal90 IICarbajal_90 Goalie Goalie
242 Youngsimba112 Youngsimba112 Midfielder Defender
243 Stun Gun thebrothers2000 Defender Defender .
244 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Midfielder Forward,Goalie
245 Xl_pluto__ Xl_pluto__ Midfielder Midfielder
246 MarekJagr-604 MarekJagr-604 Goalie Goalie
247 Cmojames13 Cmojames13 Forward Midfielder
248 zuzykins zuzykins Defender Forward,Midfielder
249 LejeuneTheLegend LejeuneTheLegend Forward Forward
250 XbuccsX XbuccsX Forward Goalie
251 DennisDaMenace7_ DennisDaMenace7_ Defender Midfielder,Defender
252 ColombianGerman ColombianGerman Midfielder Forward Vfla 1 totw. 12th in tots points
253 xBento- BentoCBF Midfielder Defender
254 OkemosBoxedWater OkemosBoxedWater Midfielder Defender Just trying to win games
255 Jaguarknight_ Jaguarknight_ Defender Midfielder,Defender
256 BostonCartman BostonCartman Midfielder Forward
257 SammyTheDeal Sammy_the_deal Midfielder Midfielder
258 Tankdezal Plugugly3oh3 Forward Forward
259 IKILLDUSTERS111 IKILLDUSTERS111 Forward Midfielder
260 cixtimes cixtimes Midfielder Midfielder
261 Panayiotis993 Panayiotis993 Forward Midfielder am i too late 4 this season
262 lil_nande lil_nande Midfielder Defender
263 Vxkingz-- Vxkingz-- Midfielder Forward,Defender Ooo
264 WiIIiam-6 WiIIiam-6 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
265 mangulal mangulal Forward Forward RS
266 STW_hood_ STW_hood_ Forward Forward
267 oddnotnormal oddnotnormal Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Primarily CAM - best in 4231 tiki-taka style football Can also play on the wing and ST
268 Darknight330 Darknight330 Midfielder Forward
269 closcast closcast Midfielder Midfielder,Defender RAM/RM CDM/FB
270 AlphaQMarco17 AlphaQMarco17 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
271 embel30-ttv embel30-ttv Midfielder Defender
272 patrickisonfire patrickisonfire Midfielder Defender
273 DiscardedRex8 DiscardedRex8 Defender Goalie
274 IIUK7II IIUK7II Goalie Goalie
275 Brian_7931 Brian_7931 Forward Midfielder