Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 Wsheikh90 Wsheikh90 Defender Forward They call me Sheikh Strikes
2 FB_DGaming24 FB_DGaming24 Forward Forward,Midfielder
3 PhillyMydTrx PhillyMydTrx Defender Forward,Midfielder
4 Meh230 Meh230 Defender Midfielder,Defender I also play CDM
5 WinWitout4Knif3X WinWitout4Knif3X Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
6 A_BREED_APART A_BREED_APART Forward Forward I’m the King
7 Armando_3266 Armando_3266 Goalie Goalie
8 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
9 AlphaQMarco17 AlphaQMarco17 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
10 VibeMerchant VibeMerchant Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie tryna be on my bull
11 littlewing8887 littlewing8887 Midfielder Forward
12 nicks_neckbeard nicks_neckbeard Defender Forward,Defender
13 Pvt_Gosling Pvt_Gosling Midfielder Forward Cdm,Cm. Full availability. Moodi still the Goat
14 icymigue icymigue Forward Midfielder
15 vonaey vonaey Defender Midfielder,Defender Can literally play anywhere but ST and GK . Main position is RB/LB/CB. #HoneybunzGang
16 patrickisonfire patrickisonfire Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
17 YT_ItsZae YT_ItsZae Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
18 Mo0odi-992 Mo0odi-992 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
19 Goes171 Goes171 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender CDM>CB>FB>Any
20 cupid55 cupid55 Forward Forward,Midfielder It’s time
21 oddnotnormal oddnotnormal Midfielder Forward,Midfielder L/C/RAM, ST, CDM
22 egyptdrummer egyptdrummer Midfielder Defender
23 EL_CHAMO31 EL_CHAMO31 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
24 Ash_bae94 Ash_bae94 Defender Forward,Midfielder granizo submarino amarillo
25 ZackAttacks11 ZackAttacks11 Forward Midfielder,Defender Striker cam cdm and fullback
26 SlimSimDaSAVAGE SlimSimDaSAVAGE Midfielder Defender BIG CHUNGUS
27 ninofade ninofade Midfielder Midfielder
28 jchain01 jchain01 Forward Midfielder
29 BLUESfan1997 BLUESfan1997 Midfielder Defender Availability: 4/6 - Am available for Sunday and Monday, but am tentative/unavailable on Tuesdays. Positions: DM - Natural, FB - Accomplished, Wide AM - Accomplished, CM - Competent, CB - Awkward.
30 djalbanian djalbanian Forward Forward
31 TheRealJZKITTY TheRealJZKITTY Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Kitty Strikes. If I have a baseball season I am 2/6 on Sunday
32 Albralelie-sV Albralelie-sV Defender Forward I can play upfront if not rb
33 manleyFGC manleyFGC Defender Midfielder CB>CDM>RB>LB
34 GRedd10 GRedd10 Defender Midfielder
35 AtomicFlea-_- AtomicFlea-_- Forward Forward I’ve played Striker for LG Getafe and can play CAM RW and alternate I would Say CM and RM
36 DonHexiQ DonHexiQ Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie =)
37 Zinedale39 Zinedale39 Forward Midfielder
38 Chiraq_44 DaDevilsAlpha Midfielder Forward,Defender
39 TTV-TheManBerto BertinhoR11 Midfielder Forward,Defender PLAY ME IN THE MIDFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
40 Quickdraw203 Quickdraw203 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender Yeeeeeeeet
41 Good_fella85 Good_fella85 Forward Midfielder
42 The_CheeseMan88 The_CheeseMan88 Defender Midfielder
43 guardado238 guardado238 Defender Forward
44 Mayor_35 Mayor_35 Defender Defender
45 Fear-Alisson-1 Fear-Alisson Goalie Midfielder,Defender
46 Daattoo Daattoo Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
47 Haskelld15 Haskelld15 Forward Midfielder,Defender
48 KingFetz KingFetz Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
49 mullett177 mullett177 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Attacking Midfielder, can play CB as well.
50 Misterroot84 Misterroot84 Goalie Defender
51 ravenousbambino ravenousbambino Defender Midfielder
52 dirtymoles dirtymoles Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
53 EL_PARAGUAYO EL_PARAGUAYO Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Playmaker passing vision skiller
54 Panayiotis993 Panayiotis993 Forward Forward,Midfielder
55 LastxTrick XTrix4Ever Midfielder Defender
56 PanaNounder PanaNounder Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
57 SlimmerShady24 SlimmerShady24 Forward Forward
58 Pheonixx-96 Pheonixx-96 Forward Midfielder Cbear522 sucks
59 BiigL94 BiigL94 Forward Forward
60 Gbanana911 Gbanana911 Defender Midfielder 2/6 available
61 salvii__ salvii__ Forward Forward,Midfielder
62 ram_ram_ ram_ram_ Midfielder Midfielder Cam , lcm , cdm
63 NYsports02 NYsports02 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender No comment.
64 SoCalmAssassinMA SoCalmAssassinMA Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Host of the LG Shots and TOTS Podcast Media content creator S10,11 Mid or Def
65 FutuCiary FutuCiary Defender Midfielder LB/CDM/LCB
66 Jorsilva0808 Jorsilva0808 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender I play everywhere, bet... no cap
67 Naxvyy Naxvyy Forward Midfielder HI
68 alexniclo alexniclo Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Prefer attack but I’d play where my manager needs me.
69 Dryfus320 Dryfus320 Midfielder Forward
70 bushforprez1 bushforprez1 Defender Midfielder,Defender CB LB RB 6/6 ayo
71 bo_money1 bo_money1 Defender Midfielder
72 CodyBear cbear522 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Everywhere I've been, I've been the best player. I love being a leader, and I love being the best. I just want to get better. It's not about being cocky or selfish or anything like that. It's just how I am. - Lebron - Cbear522
73 Central153 MrPierreLouis- Midfielder Defender EL PRESIDENTE HAS RETURNED
74 The_Show_Gun The_Show_Gun Midfielder Forward,Defender
75 kuddy-76 kuddy-76 Forward Midfielder
76 Caddiehack Caddiehack Defender Midfielder,Defender Play all back line defense but my heart is at cdm.
77 DubCityKing11 DubCityKing11 Defender Midfielder Bet
78 Hulkniss Carpediemed Defender Forward i love mayor not dubcity
79 Mr_Funk_E_Fresh Mr_Funk_E_Fresh Midfielder Forward EZ dubs.
80 baynecfc baynecfc Forward Midfielder
81 lil_nande lil_nande Midfielder Defender
82 AchiIIes-sV AchiIIes-sV Midfielder Midfielder
83 Inferno425 Inferno425 Goalie Defender
84 XFrenkie_DeJongX XFrenkie_DeJongX Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I'm a Box-to-Box and playmaker player, from wining the ball with pressure to helping scoring on top. A huge fan of possession and tiki taka. My primary is CAM but I play CM and CF (False 9) as well.
85 HAWKSBOSS8850 HAWKSBOSS8850 Goalie Goalie
86 Confidentstackz Confidentstackz Forward Midfielder
87 RNG-RyanCUFC RNG-RyanCUFC Forward Forward Got experience in vfl vpg flc gfl got a few tots
88 nicholas08chick nicholas08chick8 Defender Forward,Midfielder
89 Traequon Traequon Midfielder Forward I'll play anywhere in the mid or striker
90 yvngarturo yvngarturo Midfielder Forward Cam! or st or lm or rm
91 Omar-oc Omar-oc Defender Midfielder,Defender 1-LB 2-RB
92 Cosminnn4 Cosminnn4 Midfielder Forward,Defender AND ANOTHER ONE!
93 Moblasi Moblasi Forward Forward Best striker in my mind
94 Noble-1985 Noble-1985 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Main Position cdm, secondary position defence. Comments - cant commit to any days, but just want to sign up just in case im available to play.
95 xARROW40x xxArrow40xx Midfielder Forward
96 Devil_Clutch1 Devil_Clutch1 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender I play everything
97 TheVegan203 TheVegan203 Defender Defender
98 HazeyF HazeyF Midfielder Goalie unsure on how available yet.
99 Jackovasaurus_ Jackovasaurus_ Forward Midfielder
100 vClassiCz_MeRkz STF_Merk Midfielder Midfielder im playing CDM and CM this year
101 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie Aint going to lie about my availability smh... HOF utility player for all your needs. I make good freestyles too ;)
102 Redlineninja07 Redlineninja07 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
103 J-Bohemian J-Bohemian Forward Midfielder Will miss some games due to work
104 BlaNchet331910 BlaNchet331910 Goalie Forward,Goalie
105 EPIC_KILL3RZZ33 TheBlackTempleor Forward Midfielder
106 Solz422 Solz422 Midfielder Forward
107 maine-gretzky maine-gretzky Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
108 ScrumzWRLD ScrumzWRLD Defender Midfielder Only sign me if you want toxicity, 6/6
109 Rmd_Speedy Rmd_Speedy Defender Midfielder
110 Robbedthasafe904 Robbedthasafe904 Midfielder Forward,Defender
111 Shadow211 Shadow211 Midfielder Forward Hello, nice to meet you. I can play cam, cm, cdm, cf.
112 BroadwayCJ97 BroadwayCJ97 Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender Can I play for a team that doesn't allow three breakaways per game on me for once? pls?
113 ColombianGerman ColombianGerman Forward Midfielder,Defender
114 Soundguy77 Soundguy77 Defender Midfielder
115 mangulal mangulal Forward Forward RS/ST 90 overall left foot 6”0
116 Bicky_61 Bicky_61 Midfielder Forward To whom it may concern, I played LG Fifa psn on fifa 19 with juventus for a while, wanted to continue in this fifa missed out on fifa 20 due to work hours.
117 Maximus_Prim3_42 Maximus_Prim3_42 Midfielder Forward
118 iasxus obsufcate Goalie Midfielder,Defender pain, agony even
119 Fabian I. Rodriguez FabioloPR Forward Midfielder
120 emmcon emmcon Forward Forward,Midfielder
122 Wilmas13HxA Wilmas13HxA Defender Forward,Midfielder
123 Marboy56 Marboy56 Forward Forward,Midfielder
124 Chellyy-26 Chellyy-26 Forward Midfielder
125 Henry_the_Knight Henry_the_Knight Defender Midfielder
126 IIShamGodII IIShamGodII Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
127 Love 2 Rag Love-_2_-Rag Midfielder Midfielder
128 aubzz88 aubzz88 Forward Forward,Midfielder no d, cm or cdm.
129 Grazman12 Grazman12 Forward Midfielder,Defender
130 D-Saboteur D-Saboteur Forward Forward
131 SharlonD SharlonD Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
132 Flying_Taco_Boy Flying_Taco_Boy Goalie Midfielder,Defender
133 DRobGG21 DRobGG21 Midfielder Forward
134 Papadamou_l88l Papadamou_l88l Midfielder Forward
135 xblasphemee xblasphemee Forward Midfielder Will most likely be unavailable for most of the season. Probably 1/6 on a random week. I cannot manage this season for some unforeseen family issues. Please bid accordingly or not at all.
136 Silva ll 21 ll Blueshockey79 Midfielder Forward
137 Blonded2k Blonded2k Defender Midfielder
138 Codog Codog Defender Midfielder
139 Dawg_Nation09 Dawg_Nation09 Goalie Midfielder
140 Jimbosu88 Jimbosu88 Midfielder Forward
141 jhawks543 jhawks543 Defender Midfielder
142 Bhooper182 Bhooper182 Forward Midfielder
143 Athletic30 Athletic30 Forward Midfielder
144 Alie_lushi Alie_lushi Forward Midfielder
145 Weziiix Weziiix Forward Forward
146 Semik123 Semik123 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
147 Obi_duncan_94 Obi_duncan_94 Defender Midfielder
148 Questiansauce Questiansauce Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender ST/LAM/RAM/CAM/RB/LB Utility player
149 George1777SK George1777SK Defender Forward,Midfielder Fullback mostly, but cam and winger I also can perform well in
150 MoE_0817 MoE_0817 Forward Midfielder
151 KBG-_-UK KBG-_-UK Goalie Goalie In fifa 20 I was in the top 150 on the leaderboards for GK and have alot of experience and skills for higher levels of pro clubs.
152 EyeGreenOnYew EyeGreenOnYew Defender Forward
153 Ryxn_i89i Ryxn_i89i Forward Midfielder
154 Argo2315 Argo2315 Forward Midfielder
155 Destiny xWC_destiny_WCx Defender Defender The 2x fan
156 Potts Pottcy Midfielder Forward
157 StinThePin149 StinThePin149 Forward Midfielder
158 TyPeCoRp TyPeCoRp Midfielder Defender
159 Thunderaxx_ Thunderaxx_ Midfielder Midfielder
160 x_Odegaard21_x x_Odegaard21_x Goalie Midfielder,Defender
161 Get_Fried_Nerd Get_Fried_Nerd Midfielder Forward
162 King_Barros King_Barros Midfielder Defender cm,cdm,rb,lb,cb
163 U_Just_ U_Just_ Goalie Midfielder,Defender
164 Obscurity815 Obscurity815 Midfielder Midfielder
165 Callumh71 CallumLUFC10 Midfielder Defender cdm cm fb mot
166 blackatom blackatom Forward Midfielder
167 Midway_Express MJames2410 Defender Forward
168 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Midfielder Defender
169 Balake96- Balake96- Midfielder Midfielder
170 HxIding HxIding Midfielder Forward
171 ramsam02 ramsam02 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender i got pretty bad availability ngl
172 Holland-989 Holland-989 Midfielder Defender
173 RahGetBenjis RahGetBenjis Midfielder Forward
174 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goalie You already know who it is. 3x LGFA Champion, ex BOG and Owner. Haven't played clubs yet on 21. But don't worry I am good at FIFA 21. 2100 skill rating in FUT Division Rivals and finish Gold 1 / Elite 3 every weekend. Best position is anywhere in midfield, but I can play anywhere because I am the best. Will be available for 75% of the games this season, availability varies by week.
175 Javier Javier12122001 Goalie Forward,Defender
176 ImJamesBong ImJamesBong Midfielder Defender
177 closcast closcast Midfielder Defender
178 Cropper010188 Cropper010188 Forward Midfielder CF/CAM/CDM
179 talia900 talia900 Defender Midfielder
180 Xx_PATTEY_xX nicepeckerpattey Midfielder Midfielder
181 ElJazzyToro ElJazzyToro Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
182 AZEVEDO2002 AZEVEDO2002 Goalie Goalie To the people who haven’t asked me yet. my availability is still 2/6 to them :)
183 Vxkingz-- Vxkingz-- Midfielder Defender
184 Achley_ Achley_ Midfielder Forward
185 DennisDaMenace7_ DennisDaMenace7_ Defender Defender
186 eudoleon eudoleon Defender Defender LB
187 Jaason03 Jaason03 Forward Forward On st
188 Youngsimba112 Youngsimba112 Defender Defender
189 lafoshalavica lafoshalavica Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
190 tmbourg217 tmbourg217 Midfielder Forward CM/CDM/CF/ maybe an attacking full back. been gone for a few seasons now, happy to be back!
191 Alexmaltese1 Alex-malte1 Defender Midfielder,Defender
192 ChuckMTL- ChuckMTL- Forward Forward
193 EVILDESTINY64 EVILDESTINY619 Defender Midfielder
194 KiXSTAr-sV KiXSTAr-sV Forward Forward
195 Bruiser781 Bruiser781 Defender Midfielder
196 rishi-rishikumar rishi-rishikumar Defender Midfielder
197 ballofmoney ballofmoney Defender Midfielder
198 xBento- BentoCBF Midfielder Midfielder
199 Xl_pluto__ Xl_pluto__ Midfielder Midfielder
200 vivaelchelsea vivaelchelsea Defender Midfielder
201 mightymikepuma mightymikepuma Forward Midfielder
202 KevinSLB1302 KevinSLB1302 Forward Midfielder
203 zuzykins zuzykins Midfielder Midfielder
204 Jakedasnake-Qc Jakedasnake-Qc Defender Defender
205 DiscardedRex8 DiscardedRex8 Goalie Defender
206 vSMiiRK SMiiRK-_- Defender Goalie
207 Sodasterio Sodasterio Forward Midfielder
208 Omar13VA Omar13VA Forward Forward
209 lacrossecarl lacrossecarl Goalie Defender
210 E_Fuchs EI-_-Padryno Midfielder Forward
211 cixtimes cixtimes Midfielder Forward
212 BenficaFan19 dsaleemz19 Defender Forward,Midfielder Winning is all I care about
213 GirthyXL GirthyXL Forward Midfielder Excited for another season :D
214 Bigpete3281 Bigpete3281 Forward Forward,Midfielder
215 slimshady2021 slimshady2021 Goalie Midfielder Lam/Ram alternate positions
216 vonnagy vonnagy Forward Forward
217 shiftee shiftee Forward Defender Primary position is ST, secondary is CB.
218 youssefzooki youssefzooki Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goalie Happy to be back serving LG again! Much love. A reminder to play well so you can shine in the weekly vids!
219 TheRealMarshallW XxPookieXx-- Forward Midfielder
220 ECHXMPO ECHXMPO Midfielder Defender
221 melapelanxoxo Lit_FreakuencyXo Forward Forward
222 biggotelli1 biggotelli1 Forward Forward,Defender ST CB
223 Es_Jefe Es_Jefe Midfielder Forward
224 UnguardableSnxg UnguardableSnxg Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Defender
225 Shorey_Szn02 Shorey_Szn02 Forward Forward,Midfielder
226 otero_87 otero_87 Midfielder Midfielder Mc/McD/McO
227 Not_Croqs Not_Croqs Midfielder Forward
228 Nanoccs23 Nanoccs23 Midfielder Forward
229 djmzofficial Tapha97 Forward Forward
230 LA-MUERTE-RNG LA-MUERTE-RNG Midfielder Defender Preference I like to play as a cdm.
231 KLoKLuca Birdman4581 Defender Forward
232 xxMorra xxMorra Forward Forward,Midfielder
233 Gamer_Alp7 Gamer_Alp7 Defender Midfielder,Goalie
234 XxMrMoney007xX XxMrMoney007xX Forward Forward,Midfielder
235 BostonCartman BostonCartman Midfielder Forward Mostly like to play CAM but can play out wide in the midfield
236 JoshPR20 oFuxioN- Forward Forward
237 Shteekalutz DjNoMemba Midfielder Forward,Defender
238 xXtichnell11Xx T-800-GOTTABLAST Forward Midfielder,Goalie
239 PedroQc_56k PedroQc_56k Defender Defender im a lateral
240 X Bilal 96 Bilal-I96I Defender Midfielder
241 Meowucmemeowudnt Meowucmemeowudnt Forward Defender
242 GreatWun21 GreatWun21 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
243 CrazyAM-MO CrazyAM-MO Forward Forward,Midfielder 1st- LAM/RAM/CAM 2md-ST 3rd- CM
244 CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo Forward Forward
245 PensCanuks PensQc Goalie Goalie hi
246 xSJ_9 xSJ_9 Forward Forward
247 Juansu_fati Juansu_fati Midfielder Midfielder Formally Known as JigaX9 ran lgfa Toronto in Fifa 17 with unabuga and was the championship team that dethroned Delano when he thought he was the best.
248 finkleberrie finkleberrie Forward Forward
249 FNC-Strike FNC-Strike Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
250 P-a-t-r-i-c-ki-- P-a-t-r-i-c-ki-- Defender Midfielder,Defender
251 AssassinMario21 AssassinMario21 Forward Midfielder
252 Ninuch7 Ninuch7 Defender Defender RCB / LCB 6/6
253 gods_ninja99 gods_ninja99 Defender Forward,Midfielder
254 Pryce098 Pryce098 Forward Forward
255 elpepe016 elpepe016 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender Im a utility player who makes good runs, can play all over the field. preferably upfront
256 BornToShooot BornToShooot Midfielder Forward
257 Sumaaa-- Sumaaa-- Defender Midfielder
258 MenaceRJ MenaceRJ Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
259 Unlikedavid-_- Unlikedavid-_- Goalie Forward,Midfielder,Goalie I live playing goalie
260 Kmakplays Kmakplays Defender Midfielder,Goalie