Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 Unabuga6 Unabuga6 Defender Defender Welcome back!
2 Ducksfanwaterloo Ducksfanwaterloo Defender Midfielder,Goalie I'm elite
3 LittleRaGoo28 LittleRaGoo28 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
4 Pezdemic Pezdemic Midfielder Forward
5 Kotkaniemi mike71111 Midfielder Forward
6 X_2-Domi-8_X X_2-Domi-8_X Forward Midfielder
7 nickyP1999 nickyP1999 Forward Forward I got 2 buddies who I have decent chem with.
8 Nyl x 29 BBegrand Midfielder Forward hit the nae nae
9 x ScrumZzyy xScrumZzyy Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
10 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Forward Forward,Midfielder
11 hskrpwr84 hskrpwr84 Forward Midfielder
12 sparkplug87 nic Sparkplug87_nic Goalie Forward
13 Marner93 aslamsaleh Midfielder Forward Haven't played pro clubs yet but if I get on a team I'll be on on to practice whenever and level up
14 firepenguin17_ firepenguin17_ Forward Forward
15 TerryMinglewood TerryMinglewood Forward Forward
16 Bosanceros1992 Bosanceros1992 Forward Forward,Midfielder Forward mainly
17 Youcef252 Youcef252 Forward Forward,Midfielder I’m a 92 ST if available can play RW RAM CAM
18 whitesoxman77 whitesoxman77 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
19 Johnkenney01 Johnkenney01 Forward Forward No
20 Bosna17 Bosna17 Forward Forward,Midfielder SS17
21 bkong79 bkong79 Forward Midfielder
22 Dydy23 Dydy23 Midfielder Forward
23 TaZ-iT- TaZ-iT- Midfielder Forward
24 Crazyflame29 Crazyflame29 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
25 BlueJaysFan77 BlueJaysFan77 Forward Forward,Midfielder Hi
26 alonzi401 alonzi401 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie LGFA Becky Champion x3, Play every position.
27 II-Crazyy757-II II-Crazyy757-II Forward Midfielder
28 JTresatti JTx11- Forward Forward
29 Travi3yTML Travi3yTML Forward Forward,Midfielder Shdowndnxle
30 Tyronto__ Tyronto__ Midfielder Goalie :)
31 polishsausage86 polishsausage86 Midfielder Forward,Defender
32 Wsheikh90 Wsheikh90 Forward Midfielder Lets gooooo! The Madrid GOAT is back. best 500k you'll ever spend.
33 Arthur_Kaliyev34 Arthur_Kaliyev34 Forward Midfielder
34 Feylox Feylox Goalie Midfielder
35 CL95K CL95K Forward Forward
36 Akonvict21 Akonvict21 Forward Forward
37 Schwartz-74 Schwartz-74 Midfielder Midfielder,Goalie
38 Thorpe_Clan Thorpe_Clan Forward Midfielder,Defender
39 xOgLowkeyyx xOgLowkeyyx Midfielder Midfielder
40 ViPGamer61 ViPGamer61 Midfielder Midfielder
41 VitalyRocky VitalyRocky Midfielder Midfielder
42 Gaborik4295 Gaborik4295 Forward Forward Straight up Striker, can play left wing but have trouble staying on the left
43 Tantillo818 Tantillo818 Midfielder Forward,Defender
44 OvO Burrito Asvp_Bvrrito Midfielder Midfielder
45 Chucky-514 Chucky-514 Forward Forward
46 nickveezy23 nickveezy23 Forward Midfielder,Goalie
47 PTrick17 PTrick17 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
48 l9l_Fox_l9l l9l_Fox_l9l Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender CAM/CF/CM/RB In that order
49 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Forward Forward
50 bkeis bkeis Defender Defender None
51 Pavel Gogolev pasha170 Forward Forward
52 Booger_Bomb Booger_Bomb Forward Midfielder
53 worshiper81 worshiper81 Midfielder Forward,Defender
54 WamstanChurchil WamstanChurchil Midfielder Forward First season on fifa
55 zombieBRAAIINNS jekki- Midfielder Forward,Goalie
56 Hainesy1291 Hainesy1291 Forward Midfielder Very interested in playing FIFA competitively
57 melapelanxoxo melapelanxoxo Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
58 focus7d-_-b focus7d-_-b Forward Midfielder