Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 TheBobbyOrr4 TheBobbyOrr4 Midfielder Defender
2 Criminal Vidal Inform_Vidal Midfielder Forward,Defender I Have A LOT of experience I play in ACL d1 east for NU and ive played on the xbox side of LGFA since season 2 now its like 15+. I mainly play CDM but I can play any midfield position. don't msg me on here I wont see it msg my psn inform_vidal
3 aubzz88 aubzz88 Forward Forward RW, ST, CF.
4 xOgLowkeyyx xOgLowkeyx Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
5 VinceMercerQc VinceMercerQc Midfielder Defender
6 itzrickybobby itzrickybobby Goalie Forward,Midfielder Got shafted playing for chelsea late in the season, stats never entered correctly for my keeping or midfield play, unfortunate but it is what it is! OH WELL onto the next one.
7 RaZCuL RaZCuL Forward Forward,Midfielder
8 TwistedClown19 TwistedClown19 Forward Forward
9 Youcef252 Youcef252 Forward Forward If I showed up more would have been top scorer
10 NODOGG17 NODOGG17 Goalie Midfielder
11 Price_Qc_Ch_37 Price_Qc_39 Forward Midfielder
12 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Defender Forward,Midfielder Elite here
13 NeWFie-KaNaTa NeWFie-KaNaTa Midfielder Defender
14 ScummyBoy11 ScummyBoy11 Forward Midfielder
15 Bosna17 Bosna17 Forward Forward,Midfielder
16 greatzilla007 greatzilla007 Defender Defender
17 sparkplug87 nic Sparkplug87_nic Goalie Forward
18 ItsRaGo ItsRaGo Defender Midfielder LB/RB not CB can play mid or wing if needed also got shit availability
19 Ash_bae94 Ash_bae94 Forward Midfielder
20 sINGLE---g6_ sINGLE---g6_ Goalie Goalie Very active
21 OptimusPrimus77 OptimusPrimus77 Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
22 LetsbetheHERO79 LetsbetheHERO79 Goalie Goalie
23 Stun Gun thebrothers2000 Defender Midfielder,Defender I'm a strong player, BOG, certified G, Bonafide Stud, and ya can't teach that! I have a busy schedule, and usually only make 2 matches a week. Still, I am one of the best defenders in the league when I can play, and even got a MOTM last season!
24 Johnnyutah1224 Johnnyutah1224 Midfielder Forward
25 BR_Skully BR_Skully Forward Forward
26 TerryMinglewood TerryMinglewood Midfielder Forward CANNOT FREAKING WAIT....LETS GO BABY WOOOOOOOO!
27 MajorDixieRect CaptainClutch_93 Defender Forward,Defender
28 Stxvio Stxvio Midfielder Forward
29 CompleteLuck21 CompleteLuck21 Midfielder Forward
30 rharmer3 rharmer3 Defender Goalie
31 bayernm07 bayernm07 Forward Goalie
32 xVishh xVishh Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender “We lost because we didn’t win.” – Ronaldo on Brazil’s 3-0 defeat to France in the 1998 World Cup final.
33 soccerplayer113 soccerplayer1113 Forward Forward,Midfielder
34 ostrich2face ostrich2face Forward Forward
35 o_VikiNGz__ X-TheNotorious__ Forward Midfielder
36 dalingo dalingo Defender Midfielder
37 KSIxHerculeSx KSIxHerculeSx Forward Midfielder
38 LaCaLLejerA420 LaCaLLejerA420 Midfielder Defender
39 jojodevil91 jojodevil91 Forward Midfielder
40 melapelanxoxo melapelanxoxo Forward Defender
41 damienhimself damienhimself Forward Midfielder
42 Rahzki Rahzki Defender Midfielder,Defender
43 Acesiciliano Acesiciliano Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender
44 DonHexiQ DonHexiQ Midfielder Defender,Goalie
45 xRichyyy- xRichyyy- Forward Forward
46 bentobox_steve bentobox_steve Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
47 talia900 talia900 Midfielder Defender
48 Salgigz Salgigz Forward Midfielder
49 KENNYHITMANHART KENNYHITMANHART Defender Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
50 DankyDRU DankyDRU Defender Midfielder RB & CDM, I'm old and don't have time for BS. Let's play FIFA!
51 BrandonUtd BrandonUtd Midfielder Forward
52 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Midfielder Forward I can only play 1 day a week
53 HazeyF HazeyF Midfielder Forward Rcm cdm
54 Clint Beriault melDI0T28 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
55 Tjhdp11 Tjhdp_11 Forward Midfielder,Defender
56 VoltageFusion VoltageFusion Midfielder Forward
57 Wsheikh90 Wsheikh90 Midfielder Forward Better known as the Madrid Goat
58 xXtichnell11Xx T-800-GOTTABLAST Forward Forward,Midfielder,Goalie
59 Ykaneko15 YoshiKaneko_15 Midfielder Forward
60 Dennis WAROFGODZ246 Forward Forward
61 stammerchel stammerchel Midfielder Midfielder
62 MikeyThomas17 lMikeyThomasl Forward Forward
63 Sharp_AS27 Sharp_AS27 Midfielder Midfielder
64 Jonathon1810 Jonathon1810 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
65 LeKotkaniemi LeKotkaniemi Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender,Goalie I play anything. I'd rather not play defense or midfield if your team is bad.
66 TOMIDEEZ TOMIDEEZ Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
67 Akonvict21 Akonvict21 Forward Midfielder No
68 B1g5ky122 B1g5ky122 Defender Midfielder
69 Jewett1220 Brother_BJew Forward Forward
70 Therabidpanther Therabidpanther Midfielder Forward,Midfielder I play any mid or attacking mid, also willing to go forward, please no D or CDM
71 BenficaFan19 dsaleemz19 Midfielder Defender
72 DerpyDaymare derpydaymare Goalie Goalie
73 Revenix1 Revenixx Goalie Goalie
74 Oso-Sic Oso-Sic Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
75 Domix28- Domix28- Defender Midfielder rd
76 BosnianDiamond11 BosnianDiamond11 Forward Forward,Midfielder I play mainly striker bit can play mid
77 l Feeney l l_Feeney_l Goalie Midfielder
78 Paddack_x_21 Paddack_x_21 Midfielder Forward
79 Samuel xGoodstuff12x Forward Midfielder
80 ChiFarm14 ChiFarm14 Midfielder Defender
81 FIJIWATER01 FIJIWATER01 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender Yes
82 Loach_Keeper Loach_Keeper Forward Midfielder,Goalie
83 diabloblanco29 diabloblanco29 Midfielder Midfielder
84 viper497 viper497 Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
85 Air-best-legend Air-best-legend Forward Forward
86 Neux_Messiah Neux_Messiah Forward Forward,Midfielder,Defender
87 ChiefWARDUB ChiefWARDUB Defender Defender First season.
88 jaZz134 jaZz134 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender RE-SIGN UP
89 blkpaladin1 Datello Defender Midfielder
90 Scheel41 Scheel41 Forward Midfielder
91 Real_Xalisco Real_Xalisco Forward Forward,Midfielder
92 Bruins10R Bruins10R Forward Midfielder
93 FrankBlanco902 FrankBlanco902 Midfielder Forward
94 Da2ed_H0rm0nes Da2ed_H0rm0nes Forward Midfielder
95 B-hop_420 B-hop_420 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder Usually a Rm or Rw depending on form can play RCM, CAM
96 xKillough Owen37x Defender Midfielder ACL Champ on Xbox, Multiple CS Leader including this last ACL season on PS4 in my first season. Also won Multiple titles on LGFA Xbox.
97 Moneybags x11 Moneybags_x11 Midfielder Forward Can’t play Tuesday’s. I play on the Xbox side, just checking to see what ps4 is talking about.
98 ObliviousLAX ObliviousLAX Midfielder Forward
99 Shorey_Szn02 Shorey_Szn02 Forward Midfielder
100 OMG_ITS_ROONEY OMG_ITS_ROONEY Forward Forward,Midfielder
101 FreeZe_PF FreeZe_PF Defender Defender
102 KeEn_CJ KeEn_CJ Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
103 Jlm1410 Jlm1410 Midfielder Midfielder
104 krazy_kanuck krazedkanuck420 Forward Midfielder
105 TheDitch21 TheDitch21 Forward Forward,Midfielder
106 BarryNation105 BarryNation105 Defender Midfielder
107 puckzone xPucky Forward Midfielder
108 LokiMachiavelli LokiMachiavelli Defender Midfielder,Defender Bayern sign me already!!!
109 DarthMaulester MAGAxCuckSlayer Midfielder Forward Just looking to get some games in.
110 Muellersfive Muellersfive Forward Midfielder,Defender
111 Dustin x 28 ltsDxstin Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
112 Bicky_61 Bicky_61 Midfielder Forward
113 KllerJ KllerJ Forward Midfielder,Defender no
114 HockeyStarDude HockeyStarDude Midfielder Forward,Defender
115 alexandros0987 alexandros0987 Goalie Defender hi
116 Migo_Next_Door Migo_Next_Door Midfielder Forward
117 TheKaner_ TheKaner_ Midfielder Forward,Defender
118 xNole- xNole- Forward Forward
119 zMagicLeo zMagicLeo Forward Forward,Midfielder