Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Alternate Position(s) Questions or Comments
1 OptimusPrimus77 OptimusPrimus77 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
2 WinWitout4Knif3X WinWitout4Knif3X Midfielder Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
3 Cosminnn4 Cosminnn4 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Played Season6 with Inter Milan as CDM/CB/LB
4 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Defender Forward,Midfielder,Goalie Liverpool please
5 The_extreme_curl The_extreme_curl Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
6 Toddy todtal33 Midfielder Forward,Defender
7 ScrumzWRLD ScrumzWRLD Midfielder Defender
8 Mayor_35 Mayor_35 Defender Defender CB
9 Booger_Bomb Booger_Bomb Forward Forward When does this start
10 Bosna17 Bosna17 Midfielder Forward
11 Vxkingz-- Vxkingz-- Midfielder Forward Want to crack a roster
12 FrankBlanco902 SuqYaMudda Midfielder Midfielder
13 alonzi401 alonzi401 Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie It's Mike Alonzi and i'm straight up chillin ;) 4x Beckenbauer winner 2x league champ, 2x cup champ. Demon's favourite's favourite. ;)
14 Youcef252 bobby_platinum Forward Forward,Midfielder St but can play RM,RAM,RW,
15 harrmonix harrmonix Midfielder Defender Defensive Midfielder, or wing defender.
16 j_carlos_44 j_carlos_44 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
17 Rj White Ransfordfusion Defender Midfielder
18 Boytzz Boytzz Midfielder Forward
19 melapelanxoxo Lit_FreakuencyXo Forward Forward,Defender
20 Stun Gun thebrothers2000 Defender Defender,Goalie Very bad availability. If you're an owner, contact me on discord about it.
21 jaZz134 jaZz134 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender RB- Patient and Poised. Send me
22 tmbourg217 tmbourg217 Forward Midfielder
23 Respecognyze Respecognyze Midfielder Forward,Midfielder CAM. Rated 92 in fifa 19. Rated 84 if fifa 20. Also LAM/RAM
24 Oso-Sic Oso-Sic Midfielder Forward,Midfielder only play Midfield or Forward
25 Jackovasaurus_ Jackovasaurus_ Forward Midfielder 4/6 Availability - Looking to play forward or in Midfield this season so bid accordingly.
26 CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo Forward Forward,Midfielder
27 NYsports02 NYsports02 Forward Midfielder,Defender
28 Jimbosu88 Jimbosu88 Forward Midfielder
29 Kevin Ji In2Dream_Dooly Midfielder Forward,Midfielder LW God, CAM God, I deliver dimes
30 Gireud BouncingChecks Goalie Midfielder,Defender
31 Potts Nptt0 Forward Forward,Midfielder
32 NYC_1Ts NYC_1Ts Midfielder Forward LM LW
33 Hardcastle Deshki Forward Midfielder
34 K_Hutcho K_Hutcho Midfielder Forward
35 Daylo'n Fella_Daylo Defender Forward,Midfielder
36 PHI_Mata PHI_Mata Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
37 Kamatcho--9 Kamatcho--9 Forward Midfielder,Defender
38 mikeys_swagg_doe PhatAssGothGF Forward Midfielder,Defender,Goalie
39 firepenguin17_ firepenguin17_ Forward Midfielder
40 Kevrobert hannibal_style Forward Midfielder
41 Dschmangz Dschmangz Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
42 KP BodyGuard lukusdoncic41 Defender Midfielder,Defender LB
43 DankyDRU DankyDRU Defender Midfielder RB/LB/WB/CDM Looking for no drama and good competitive football. Management experience for the past 2 seasons. Llooking to defend my "worst defender in LGFA PSN" title.
44 mightypenguin42 mightypenguin42 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
45 XxCanadasGamexX XxCanadasGamexX Midfielder Midfielder
46 CrazyAM-MO CrazyAM-MO Midfielder Forward,Defender
47 SoCalmAssassinMA SoCalmAssassinMA Midfielder Defender CAM CDM or RB
48 Semple19 Semple19 Forward Forward Shitty avail
49 youssefzooki youssefzooki Midfielder Forward,Defender My favourite positions are CAM/LAM. Can also play as a ST/RM/LM/CDM/RB. Most played positions on Fifa 19 were CAM/ST + 91 rating. Played with a VPG team last year that finished mid table. Mainly played as CAM/ST but also played CM/LM/RM for them.
50 TheBobbyOrr4 TheBobbyOrr4 Defender Forward,Midfielder,Defender ONE OF US!
51 bentobox_steve bentobox_steve Goalie Midfielder,Defender
52 comical_owl comical_owl Defender Midfielder I mainly play CB, defense first simple passing.
53 Superbolt__ Superbolt__ Forward Forward
54 sniper261981 sniper261981 Defender Midfielder
55 KeEn_CJ KeEn_CJ Midfielder Forward,Defender Aaron Judge!
56 vivaelchelsea vivaelchelsea Defender Midfielder
57 ZeroFifteen ZeroFifteen Forward Midfielder
58 Sarbat_ Sarbat_ Midfielder Forward Mostly not available on Monday Wednesdays
59 TyPeCoRp TyPeCoRp Midfielder Forward
60 ChikiDiaz- ChikiDiaz- Midfielder Forward
61 itzrickybobby itzrickybobby Goalie Goalie HOF baby
62 PrinceSlum_TMT PrinceSlum_TMT Midfielder Forward,Defender
63 alexniclo alexniclo Forward Forward,Midfielder Usually active everyday. I can play around 2 hours a day however, on the weekends I can usually play the entire day if necessary.
64 Eugene PKwitDaSpeciall Forward Midfielder,Defender I can play any position fr
65 Scheel41 Scheel41 Forward Forward,Midfielder
66 Shteekalutz DjNoMemba Midfielder Forward,Defender
67 BenficaFan19 dsaleemz19 Defender Midfielder
68 Fabian I. Rodriguez FabioloPR Forward Midfielder
69 cupid55 cupid55 Midfielder Forward new here, please guide me how I can join?
70 Wrath_SiNz Wrath_SiNz Midfielder Midfielder,Defender
71 DamilkMan596 DamilkMan596 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
72 OkemosBoxedWater OkemosBoxedWater Defender Defender
73 EL_PARAGUAYO EL_PARAGUAYO Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
74 finkleberrie finkleberrie Forward Midfielder
75 VibeMerchant VibeMerchant Defender Midfielder you already know
76 boo_dizzy pewptypaynth Midfielder Forward
77 xXtichnell11Xx T-800-GOTTABLAST Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goalie
78 JoshPR20 oFuxioN- Forward Midfielder
79 I-Thorpe-I I-Thorpe-I Midfielder Forward Play RM and Cam. But best pos is RM
80 ThundrLightning3 ThundrLightning3 Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
81 Mrwindupbird240 Mrwindupbird240 Midfielder Defender
83 Ash_bae94 Ash_bae94 Forward Midfielder,Defender 5/6 season long availability, willing to play defense for a winning team :)
84 XioGSheppy XioGSheppy Goalie Forward,Midfielder Would rather play primary over alternate.
85 Bruins10R Bruins10R Forward Forward,Defender
86 SweatyBreasts VibePlug Midfielder Defender Lm Prim
87 Destiny xWC_destiny_WCx Midfielder Midfielder
88 premierplayer premierplayer Midfielder Forward PP HERE
89 BLUESfan1997 BLUESfan1997 Midfielder Midfielder
90 KingClutch x 77 KingClutchx77 Midfielder Forward
91 MarekJagr-604 MarekJagr-604 Goalie Goalie
92 sizzlak09 sizzlak09 Forward Goalie
93 Wsheikh90 Wsheikh90 Midfielder Forward
94 TheeButterflavor TheeButterflavor Forward Midfielder Will not be available for Monday night games.
95 TheSuperBongBros TheSuperBongBros Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender
96 bubica83 bubica83 Defender Goalie
97 Tjhdp11 Tjhdp_11 Goalie Forward I'm actually bad but want to play GK this season.
98 CodyBear cbear522 Forward Midfielder,Defender Team player, average skill.
99 Javier Javier12122001 Forward Forward
100 RitchiDachi RitchiDachi Midfielder Forward,Midfielder
101 Misterroot84 Misterroot84 Forward Forward,Midfielder
102 MARQO13 MARQOVEZELLI Forward Midfielder
103 ms_cuevas ms_cuevas Goalie Defender brain-dead primate with awful availability looking to 3rd string GK...2 games a week max...
104 Mattalo21uk Mattalo21uk Defender Midfielder
105 TerryMinglewood TerryMinglewood Midfielder Forward,Defender Hi again
106 xMORENZ TuchMysak Midfielder Defender
107 Vish x 91 xVishh Midfielder Forward,Midfielder,Defender Not signing up to play every game, want to play a couple games a week so dont get me if youre expecting more then that, you have been warned. Can play ST, All Mid positions, and all the Backs.
108 Pvt_Gosling Pvt_Gosling Midfielder Defender Experienced Cdm/Cm. Winning possession and being an outlet in build up play are my specialties.
109 bayernm07 bayernm07 Forward Midfielder,Goalie Haven't tried gk in fifa 20 yet
110 thegringoooo thegringoooo Forward Midfielder
111 Tamburello93 Tamburello93 Midfielder Midfielder
112 HazeyF HazeyF Midfielder Midfielder rcm, cdm only
113 GodlyKnees GodlyKnees Defender Midfielder,Defender Mainly play CDM but also play CB
114 ToastSticks96 ToastSticks96 Midfielder Midfielder
115 talia900 talia900 Midfielder Midfielder
116 Ethan11 Ethan11 Midfielder Forward,Defender Utility player wanting to get into league play. Can play central, good defensively and setting up players, and striker or LB/winger when needed.
117 Brendan8816 Brendan8816 Midfielder Forward,Defender
118 SayTito99 SayTito99 Midfielder Forward,Defender,Goalie
119 Nocturnal_Turtle Nocturnal_Turtle Midfielder Midfielder None
120 GrippaDaFlippa GrippaDaFlippa Forward Forward St
121 Ouvrir_laporte44 Ouvrir_laporte44 Forward Midfielder
122 jeff0012 jeff0012 Midfielder Forward
123 JustinB-28 DaDawgg_ Forward Midfielder,Goalie Hi, I’m back trying to play some soccer in the league. A nice player. I’m a good forward. Solid midfielder. And as long as the defense isn’t bad, I’m not a bad goalie