Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 OptimusRiem OptimusRiem Left Wing Let’s gooooo
2 LHutty LHutty Right Defense N/A
3 XxLAX4L1F3xX XxLAX4L1F3xX Right Wing Can play everywhere on ice with no lapse.
4 CT Assassin15 CT Assassin15 Center I just want to play
5 The Last Mikel The Last Mikel Center Can play wing if needed
6 Rotate3237 Rotate3237 Right Wing .
7 LTYOUNG48420 LTYOUNG48420 Goalie No
8 GrumpyHucFreak GrumpyHucFreak Left Defense Ready to play more hockey
9 TFL Holiday TFL Holiday Right Wing .
10 Janesee79 Janesee79 Left Wing Hi
11 RAM You Over RAM l83l Center Looking to get known more. Thanks
12 CADIJAK CADIJAK Right Wing It’s Bone Saw
13 babygoat19 babygoat19 Right Wing Ffhjfdghjh
14 user revert user revert Right Wing Secondary LW
15 LB58 LB58 Left Wing 9 of 9
16 killercharlo69 killercharlo69 Right Wing LGCHL roster
17 GainfulCrown709 GainfulCrown709 Right Wing play right wing but can play whatever is needed
18 Maker58 Maker58 Left Wing I played for north bay battalion
19 Fiesty Muffin Fiesty Muffin Left Wing
20 Crux l20l Crux l20l Goalie Nah
21 GKZxBANDiiT GKZxBANDiiT Right Defense Can play either side D
22 D3VIL D4WG D3VIL D4WG Right Wing I also C - not to good on faceoffs but add a great defensive aspect for the team
23 Jxmbo97 Jxmbo97 Goalie no
24 xCheerZx TrT Spartan37 Left Defense .
25 Shlarchey Shlarchey Right Wing can play center also
26 MANBEAST6 MANBEAST6 Left Wing Play center as well
27 ForgivingCord37 ForgivingCord37 Right Defense none
28 Krause l95l Krause l95l Goalie None.
29 ocus10 ocus10 Goalie ive won in the nhl level as a G
30 Its ebcott Its ebcott Left Wing .
31 DA GUN 5H0W DA GUN 5H0W Right Defense Can play LD as well, full avail.
32 Havik tmR Havik tmR Left Wing can also play C
33 Krauwm Krauwm Right Defense None
34 RockyGrass666 RockyGrass666 Left Defense .
35 Smitthias US Smitthias US Left Defense I'm on the Barrie Colts TC but haven't played a game, so Im not sure if I'm eligible, but I would love to do it.
36 spencerjoey spencerjoey Left Wing when does the wjc start and how do the teams work?
37 Xtreme Allen Xtreme Allen Right Wing Let’s do this
38 Lipari22 Lipari22 Left Defense N/A
39 ii Upheaval l Upheaval l Goalie N/A
40 DrunkLonewolf DrunkLonewolf Right Defense Hi
41 SirCrazyBeard SirCrazyBeard Center Hi
42 WizardMercury4 WizardMercury4 Right Wing None
43 lietuenantdan20 lietuenantdan20 Left Wing didn't make playoffs
45 Frishmania Frishmania Center I play C.
46 haugerr haugerr Goalie i am signing up, but my team is currently clinched the playoffs. i did not know when sign ups are until so if my team makes it into the 2nd round i will not play in the wjc
47 Mykezero Mykezero Right Defense I can play both RD/LD any night / game
48 Im Gravi Im Gravi Goalie Checked To Here CJ
49 Project Genetix Project Genetix Right Wing Pls
50 xDirty Lou xDirty Lou Left Defense ld/lw
51 G1r0ux G1r0ux Left Wing Good aval
52 xSniizz xSniizz Right Wing can play any forward position.
53 xDopemanX xDopemanX Left Wing Available all games will play lw and center if needed, will known well in advanced if can’t play and can give heads up but rarely happens
54 GoldenGopher34 GoldenGopher34 Right Wing TC player
55 SeanBoswell97 SeanBoswell97 Right Wing Woooo
56 Born in a Storm Born in a Storm Center Or lw
57 GoNz0o87 GoNz0o87 Left Wing If there is a possibility of owning for this I’m interested in getting my feet wet for owning potentially for regular season
58 Goose l90l Goose l90l Left Wing N/A
59 aL E G A C Y 71 aL E G A C Y 71 Right Wing ....
60 Steele1454 Steele1454 Left Defense Goalie
61 bcunningham9393 bcunningham9393 Left Defense None
62 MadAd1369 MadAd1369 Right Defense .
63 l krejci l 46 l l krejci l 46 l Goalie none
64 The AB Show The AB Show Left Wing N/a
65 Zdeno x 17 Zdeno x 17 Right Wing Yo
66 ill9will6 ill9will6 Right Wing I like defence on the left side as well. Not a strong faceoff man but, can play positionally sound if needed.
67 Weston Streetz Weston Streetz Left Wing Can Play Any Position!
68 Icesn1per2525 Icesn1per2525 Left Defense Defense
69 MANBEARPIGCT83 MANBEARPIGCT83 Left Defense Can play both ld and rd
70 BallZach77 BallZach77 Left Wing
71 Bourque l 77 l Bourque l 77 l Goalie None
72 Canadiiians Canadiiians Left Wing Finished season in CHL, played for LGCHL Hurricanes, missed playoffs
73 l v11 l l v11 l Center C or LW
74 Freethe3rdnip Freethe3rdnip Left Wing let me impress
75 TFL BLAZ3R TFL BLAZ3R Center Team Japan
76 aged mutton aged mutton Left Wing I play anywhere but goalie.
77 AstroniiK AstroniiK Center WJC
78 ItsTurd ItsTurd Center None
79 KarlssonIsGod xKarlssonIsGodx Left Wing Can LD aswell.....
80 l REFORMED l l REFORMED l Right Wing l
81 AssaultVo1d AssaultVo1d Left Wing TC - Acadia Bathurst Titans Probably will get knocked out in 1st round lol
82 GetLoudJuice GetLoudJuice Left Wing I have also submitted an ownership application.
83 Martinook Martinook Right Defense 9/9
84 NotreDame830 NotreDame830 Left Wing What time are games
85 Rob475 RAWB3234 Center 9/9
87 lsoundwaveI lsoundwaveI Goalie 2nd pos is RD
88 SiLeNt o5 SiLeNt o5 Left Wing N/a
89 Joe Sakic x 19 Joe Sakic x 19 Goalie No question and comments
90 JP NASTY JP NASTY Right Wing RW here
91 Fireball0524 Fireball0524 Goalie None
92 habsfan9091 habsfan9091 Left Wing None
93 Toews l19l1951 Toews l19l1951 Center No
94 NorthernPride92 NorthernPride92 Center C
95 REZ l24l REZ l24l Right Wing yes
96 GoDetWings GoDetWings Goalie 9/9
98 Torn Thongs Torn Thongs Left Defense yo
99 HammerJaK PePuhJaK Goalie 9/9 availability
100 MrPOTatoHEAD702 MrPOTatoHEAD702 Goalie goat
101 DeeezHandz DeeezHandz Right Wing Hi
102 Insane x lHeATl Insane x lHeATl Left Wing None
103 Courage FR Courage FR Right Wing Back to Back Golds babyyyy
104 MPsmitty MPsmitty Left Wing LW
105 l Ghost x 12 l l Ghost x 12 l Right Wing Psn player switching over
106 CrookedMedal538 CrookedMedal538 Left Wing Na
107 Krafty84x Krafty84x Right Defense Lets have some good times
108 Huckfinn95 Huckfinn95 Left Defense
109 Zumeck Zumeck Goalie N/A
110 SgrtPepper SgrtPepper Right Wing N/a
111 MikeMaugerEsq MikeMaugerEsq Left Defense None.
112 RealBigBear31 RealBigBear31 Left Defense Can play either side for defense
113 fred1rock fred1rock Center Can play everywhere
114 HOUNDjr91 HOUNDjr91 Right Wing None
115 Kidney Bean69 Kidney Bean69 Left Defense no
116 BigDaddyMaggot BigDaddyMaggot Center Going center for wjc
117 NotSoIRISHmick1 NotSoIRISHmick1 Center Can I play ACTUALLY PLAY WJC this year?
118 xGoAtDeMoNx xGoAtDeMoNx Goalie full avail
119 WesternBeastt WesternBeastt Right Defense Or ld
120 Virtsak Virtsak Center
121 Lagsak Lagsak Left Wing 9/9
122 Margo I Margo I Right Defense N/A
123 xG Green xG Green Left Wing Wanna get some dubs
124 xMarnerx16 xMarnerx16 Left Wing Hello
125 Scorvat Scorvat Center Yeet?
126 NW Sanctioned NW Sanctioned Right Wing gg
127 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Left Wing .
128 Uh 0h 0reo Uh 0h 0reo Left Wing Just got eliminated from playoffs :(
129 Vengeful Merc Vengeful Merc Goalie Goalie
130 POT SHOT122 POT SHOT122 Right Defense Hi
131 Doozy Dingo Doozy Dingo Left Wing A
132 ITTA Allday ITTA Allday Right Wing Ha.
133 Jenks x 71 Jenks x 71 Goalie None
134 xB 3 R S 3 R Kx xB 3 R S 3 R Kx Right Defense Rd,ld
135 Pwnologistz Pwnologistz Left Wing 8=D
136 Lepage x 12 Lepage x 12 Left Wing None
137 PeacfulBob PeacfulBob Right Wing Yes
138 l LittleButta l l LittleButta l Right Wing No
139 SensibleElm SensibleElm Left Defense Applied for ownership aswell
140 David Casselhof David Casselhof Left Defense No
141 Asstr0nical AstroIinho Goalie
142 Washboard25 Washboard25 Right Defense None
143 GHOST I67I GHOST I67I Center I
144 Just A Viking85 Just A Viking85 Left Wing N/A
145 hockeygent23 hockeygent23 Goalie Hi
146 DevilzAdvocateD DevilzAdvocateD Right Wing Looking forward to it
147 GoogAndSwag GoogAndSwag Goalie Available
148 Locust Summit Locust Summit Left Wing Nope
149 bpaff24 bpaff24 Goalie N/A
150 danglingpenguin danglingpenguin Center none
151 Xcel Xcel Center *
152 bigkahuna03 bigkahuna03 Left Wing First time joining this. hoping its easy to follow and join
153 Vortex Tragiic Vortex Tragiic Center w
154 Friisky ReJectz Friisky ReJectz Right Wing !
155 xBroNz3x xBroNz3x Left Defense Can play either side
156 Elias l26l Elias l26l Goalie None
157 SenSei Dropshot SenSei Dropshot Center Hi
158 LAWWD REEKRIS LAWWD REEKRIS Goalie im leet i swear
159 T E A L x 17 T E A L x 17 Right Defense None:
160 Ditsak Ditsak Goalie
161 FA Hitstick FA Hitstick Right Wing
162 bootlegers bootlegers Left Defense nope
163 Daffey Dekes Daffey Dekes Center Open availability
164 Remnato Remnato Right Wing ok with either wing
165 Kovitar Kovitar Center Sunday Monday avail
166 Mr Creeperton93 Mr Creeperton93 Right Defense .
167 Eh CanadianHobo Eh CanadianHobo Right Defense --
168 TJ Leone 716 TJ Leone 716 Left Wing None
169 Jonan182 Jonan182 Center very flexible with game times
170 FastenedAxis9 FastenedAxis9 Right Wing Didn’t make it to the second round of playoffs
171 l Chris x l8l l Chris x l8l Goalie Im here again
172 Idropyy iDropyy Left Wing na
173 Fluffy I37I Fluffy I37I Center No questions
174 Pablo I26I Pablo I26I Right Wing no question
175 Adawa Cooks Adawa Cooks Goalie .
176 Flames I18I Flames I18I Left Wing I am looking to own a team for WJC. I have AGM and GM already. I just GM’d Allen Americans this past season and got first rounded, and I GM’d Victoria last season.
177 Wreck It Random Wreck It Random Left Wing Playing WJC as Goalie for the luls
178 xTc NaturaL xTc NaturaL Right Wing TC for Allen Americans
179 TOP LINE TOM TOP LINE TOM Right Wing Full availability
180 Danno 514837 Danno 514837 Goalie Ok
181 Sports518God Sports518God Left Wing Blah
182 BWitt x 14 BWitt x 14 Left Wing hello
183 pmh50xx PMH50XX Right Defense O
184 BbyFartMageeZax BbyFartMageeZax Left Wing No questions
185 Pinks0 Pinks0 Right Defense I play D
186 xXberriez xXberriez Left Defense No
187 Caboose35 Caboose35 Center Good guy. Tries hard.
188 Velocity I7I Velocity I7I Goalie I would like to play goalie and own
189 UNBREKABLE IVAN UNBREKABLE IVAN Goalie When do they start?
190 Krug x 47 Krug x 47 Left Defense Hi
192 Gvnb Gvnb Right Wing Can play either wing but prefer right
193 punkuuprite punkuuprite Center LW secondary
194 xXarmyman941Xx xXarmyman941Xx Left Wing none
195 DEATHTAKESU DEATHTAKESU Goalie When does it start
196 bbom2324 bbom2324 Right Defense N/A
197 NONEbutTHEbrave KNIFEinYOURguts Center Butt
198 ur aTowel420459 ur aTowel420459 Right Wing Play any fwd spot and if there is no pos lock i also play g
199 Uzi Snipe Uzi Snipe Left Wing ...
200 Alejandrotheone Alejandrotheone Left Wing lets win it
201 T 1 v Z T 1 v Z Left Wing Centre also
202 iBozaK x42 oVo Kappy Left Wing None
203 a tribe cq a tribe cq Right Defense Hi
204 agrigs26 agrigs26 Goalie can play either def if needed
205 xItsMonzYx xItsMonzYx Center Rw
206 Nummi7 Nummi7 Right Wing Own team called HCLummi
207 Dirty Pull Ups Dirty Pull Ups Center 1075 CR center
208 Ted Teddy Bear Ted Teddy Bear Goalie Full availability
209 CaseyKiller CaseyKiller Left Defense No?
210 Its Jim l24l Its Jim l24l Center C
211 ocirEo xl cirE lx Goalie Signed up as a RD but also can play goalie.
212 Avs4lyfe19 Moonstar1988 Center Lethbridge Hurricanes roster C, deny make playoffs
213 Treffeisen96 Treffeisen96 Left Defense Let's win gold
214 Kreezo2824 Kreezo2824 Right Wing No questions.
215 NotoriousRezky NotoriousRezky Left Defense thanks
216 CRIPBATMAN973 CRIPBATMAN973 Left Wing !!!!!!
217 NotoriousFAT 00 NotoriousFAT 00 Left Defense Sign up at LD but I play either side.
218 o Heartbreak3r o Heartbreak3r Right Wing -
219 CornHoleCaron CornHoleCaron Left Wing .
220 GreatHAMbino67 GreatHAMbino67 Right Defense certified pooper
221 RlELLY 44 RlELLY 44 Right Defense let's go
222 gundamfreedomx gundamfreedomx Left Defense bad avail
223 CreamedC0RN CreamedC0RN Goalie N/a
224 maverickk41 maverickk41 Center esketit
225 M4c S4ucey M4c S4ucey Center Let's do that hockey!
226 Greek x31x Greek x31x Goalie None
227 iBeLLiGeRanT iBeLLiGeRanT Left Wing .
228 waleovechkin703 waleovechkin703 Right Wing Will also play right D
229 Drags x 95 Drags x 95 Center
230 KOSisKing KOSisKing Left Defense 9/9? Not sure what the wjc schedule is but I can be available on most nights if scheduled in advance.
231 l Cote x 15 l l Cote x 15 l Right Wing Looking to manage
232 MOOSE1664 MOOSE1664 Left Defense
233 Turfarea Turfarea Right Defense No questions.
234 lilnic92 lilnic92 Left Wing None
235 ABigGuy316 ABigGuy316 Right Wing i can play any fwd positions
236 SpheredSeeker89 SpheredSeeker89 Goalie Secondary pos is LD
237 PAPA LINZ x2 PAPA LINZ x2 Right Defense Ready to play
238 BeviMerchant BeviMerchant Left Wing
239 H0cKey x 67 Voracek x93l Center No
240 Xl Tiger IX Xl Tiger IX Center Can play rw too
241 Perfetti_- xPerfetti Left Defense PSN D here looking to win gold
242 ronnie111401 Lil Dink Ron Center I can also play RD or RW
243 BoomYeti BoomYeti Center OG VHL Player.
244 Lights911 Lights911 Right Wing None.
245 BeerxCaptain71 BeerxCaptain71 Right Wing Can play lw, rd, ld as well
246 zander olet zander olet Left Defense None
247 Noahifyy Cholowski Right Defense i am bad
248 BIGPAWmcgraw BIGPAWmcgraw Goalie None
249 xl IC3MaN412 lx xl IC3MaN412 lx Center I'm just here so I dont get find.
250 DuGu4y27xX DuGu4y27xX Right Wing I can play Left wing too !
251 CEG Decay CEG Decay Left Wing N/A
252 Kuzvechkinov Kuzvechkinov Center Na
253 FioriBros12 FioriBros12 Right Wing n/a
254 Kdog mk2 Kdog mk2 Left Defense Les gooooo
255 Yin 75 Yin 75 Goalie N/A
256 EXOTICxGINGER28 EXOTICxGINGER28 Right Wing lets play
257 l Lavoie x 97 l Lavoie x 97 Center no
258 Jetski2371 Jetski2371 Right Defense
259 TheKingSmacky TheKingSmacky Left Defense Cote eats meatballs
260 wT Basic wT Basic Right Wing No
261 iiNFiiD3L iiNFiiD3L Goalie I’m trying to get on a team.
262 TNOOSE856 TNOOSE856 Left Defense Can also RD.
263 austin8956 austin8956 Center
264 IronCuda47 IronCuda47 Left Defense I can play left or right side defence
265 xHighTydeHippie xHighTydeHippie Left Wing Will play wing/RD/G
266 PuckinNutz PuckinNutz Left Wing Can play C and RW
267 Und3rSh0tkid Und3rSh0tkid Left Wing Na
268 IGarbsI IGarbsI Goalie Hit me up for scouting by sending me a pm or add me on discord Garbs#2626
269 SUPERM4RIO66 SUPERM4RIO66 Left Wing :)
270 iCantD3K3 iCantD3K3 Left Defense No
271 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing hi
272 DaFuture SC DaFuture SC Right Defense Nome
273 iWreckRookies iWreckRookies Left Wing Ownership app posted
274 Na9y420 Na9y420 Right Defense World Juniors
275 D1saster91 D1saster91 Right Defense Also applied for ownership
276 M0BINSPRIZZA M0BINSPRIZZA Left Defense Sarnia Sting - out in 1st rd.
277 private D0NUT private D0NUT Goalie Q
278 Magundis Magundis Center N/A
279 GOJE7SGO GOJE7SGO Right Wing Rw/c
280 CupcakeDusterr CupcakeDusterr Goalie signing up for wjc
281 MiIes75 MiIes75 Center Pair me with penscrosby gold medal winner
282 O Baron 0 O Baron 0 Center None
283 Travosaurz Travosaurz Right Wing Yup
284 NotableMaple NotableMaple Left Defense None
285 Shootin x Pucks Shootin x Pucks Right Defense Will play both sides and both hands
286 xl staal 18 lx xl staal 18 lx Right Wing game 7 loser
287 CORNDOG x39x CORNDOG x39x Goalie First time ever doing WJC. ;)
288 I Damaster I I DAMASTER I Left Wing Agree
289 KosherWarrior88 KosherWarrior88 Right Wing I can play Rd or Ld as well
290 JOHNROY6 JOHNROY6 Left Defense Hope i gonna be pick!!
291 Billy Smith x31 Billy Smith x31 Goalie Hi
292 l1l Brown l7l l1l Brown l7l Right Wing XD
293 SinBinBound SinBinBound Right Defense Ready to play more hockey
294 AavinA XIX AavinA XIX Goalie Goalie primary, LD secondary
295 FrankZTank6 FrankZTank6 Left Wing 1
296 Restricted Mob Restricted Mob Left Defense ?
297 Air RicRae Air RicRae Right Wing MVP
298 MLG Zack 01 MLG Zack 01 Goalie I’m a tc
299 Tarasenko x 91 Tarasenko x 91 Left Wing Sign me up
300 J4M3Sx615x J4M3Sx615x Left Defense No questions or comments
301 l KhaaN l l KhaaN l Right Wing Can play C RW and G
302 Bcentrulla14 Bcentrulla14 Left Defense Hi
303 BaSS MONKEY 24 BaSS MONKEY 24 Left Defense None
304 xHibbs xHibbs Right Defense Let’s go
305 nuggleton nuggleton Left Defense When do we start
306 Skoonee Skoonee Right Wing i play rw
307 REDBLACKS14104 REDBLACKS14104 Left Wing none
308 Brendon x94 Brendon x94 Right Wing .
309 dthomas53 dthomas53 Center .
310 Andshad Andshad Goalie Cote is cool
311 StroonzLIVE StroonzLIVE Left Defense nope
312 JimyCrakCorn JimyCrakCorn Right Defense no
313 The Riddler3 The Riddler3 Right Defense Yay
314 dangerousjd dangerousjd Right Defense Ok
315 ChuK v2 ChuuukY x Right Wing
316 BigTree2105_SOFA BigTree2105 Goalie didn't make it to 2nd round, trying goalie instead of defensemen
317 Doomsday FNFA Doomsday FNFA Right Defense Looking to get gold
318 Buckeyes2525 Buckeyes2525 Right Defense play both sides
319 kinger7171 Kinger7171 Left Wing I’m Active and looking to help my team when the wjc Championship.
320 VOODOOx07 VOODOOx07 Right Wing RW
321 AveX InceptionZ AveX InceptionZ Center Just want to play some hockey
322 mobleader1988 mobleader1988 Left Wing Im a lw in 2nd round if we get bounced out i would like to play wjcs
323 keller19965 keller19965 Center im on the greyhounds but we are not in the playoffs.
324 STG BEAST STG BEAST Goalie Pick me up
325 Kollzy l12l Kollzy l12l Right Defense Yeet
326 WannaBE Cali WannaBE Cali Right Defense Can also play LD
327 ALEX KO 27 ALEX KO 27 Left Wing Hi
328 l JLP l l JLP l Center GOLD
329 XxbeastinshotxX XxbeastinshotxX Goalie None
330 macros73 macros73 Right Defense which net is ours?
331 balloon boy toy Pinkmilk67 Center Lets go
332 Avoine x 35 Avoine x 35 Goalie Hello
333 Samsquanch15883 Samsquanch15883 Right Defense Looking to keep playing high end chel after our first round exit in the CHL playoffs
334 KILL BILL 14 KILL BILL 14 Right Defense Can play LD or RD
335 Vandy l97l Vandy l97l Right Wing Nothing
336 Lou Kang 850 Lou Kang 850 Right Defense Kool
337 RichHomieLuke2 RichHomieLuke2 Goalie How long does this last
338 Andersen x 31 x Andersen x 31 x Goalie my team didn’t make it past the first round
339 xDUCCI23x xDUCCI23x Right Defense I can also play winger but I get more playing time as a Dman
340 XxSgtSketchiexX XxSgtSketchiexX Left Defense None
341 TVK TVK Center ;)
342 Celtic Renegade Celtic Renegade Right Defense 9/9 until lockdowns are over. After that ill still be 9/9.
343 KushManQc92 KushManQc Right Wing 9/9
344 TheRealMcGrubes TheRealMcGrubes Right Defense Do i go into bidding or tryouts?
345 beernuts83 beernuts83 Goalie A
346 HurricaneHirtle HurricaneHirtle Center None
347 Vanny8891 Vanny8891 Left Wing I wanna be on team canada
348 Murray211197 Murray211197 Right Wing I can play also center
349 The Solid Nuke The Solid Nuke Left Wing Let’s get it
350 ShldorDaConquer ShldorDaConquer Right Wing Na
351 egan34 egan34 Left Defense LD, RD or LW
352 captaincheeba20 captaincheeba20 Goalie None
353 MaGmApIg28 MaGmApIg28 Left Wing no questions
354 blnd oj blnd oj Goalie No
355 FLEET GOD FLEET GOD Goalie 80 save percentage. 88 save percentage in 2 playoff games. My team lost in first round
356 HockeyProd9 HockeyProd9 Goalie Is there a draft?
357 GTIBR0 GTIBR0 Right Wing I'd like to part of this for the first time, however we've been eliminated from the playoffs!
358 Rodgers7714 Rodgers7714 Left Wing Game 7 choker
359 supamunk SupaMunk Left Wing Am I too late to to sign up?
360 Hc Metal Hc Metal Right Defense None
361 Erichmin Erichmin Left Defense Signing up as LD
362 KingRussia1522 KingRussia1522 Goalie .
363 GACapsFan GACapsFan Right Defense Looking forward to playing.
364 WaRRioR l19l WaRRioR l19l Left Defense Can play either side
365 II PeNNyWiSe Il II PeNNyWiSe Il Left Wing can play all 3 forward spots and goalie
366 G LOCK 415 G LOCK 415 Right Wing Rw tc
367 EPICxXcharge9 EPICxXcharge9 Left Wing Just want to keep playing
368 PykerFR PykerFR Center I can Play lw,rw
369 LedvinKa LedvinKa Center No
370 RINNE X I35I RINNE X I35I Goalie Éliminer en série
371 SCORPION525 SCORPION525 Goalie Nonthing
372 EX BOX B1NG EX BOX B1NG Left Wing .
373 KeepYourChinUp KeepYourChinUp Left Defense Going for Gold
374 xKalashnikov 74 xKalashnikov 74 Center sdgfsdfsd
375 AxilChel AxilChel Right Defense I have no questions at this time.
377 xB1ACKSHEEPx xB1ACKSHEEPx Left Wing I can also play right wing
378 oBLAUMYo oBLAUMYo Right Wing Can play LW as well
379 Bfreezy40 Bfreezy40 Center none!
380 goon166 goon166 Center C
381 JKeuler20 JKeuler20 Right Defense I can play both sides of defense.
382 SUPER SLOVAK 20 SUPER SLOVAK 20 Left Wing Lw or Rw
383 Savage Ns Savage nS Left Wing Ready to get coned
384 IFoggyl IFoggyl Right Defense hi
385 Thrash I6I Thrash I6I Left Defense Nothing
386 Xx twistedhz xX Xx twistedhz xX Left Wing .
387 Windtroop Windtroop Goalie no
388 gwabi gwabi Right Wing Gold
389 R o C K I13I Rofano Left Wing No
390 Ruined Planet Ruined Planet Right Defense Nope
391 MeOyHoyMenoy MeOyHoyMenoy Right Wing RW/LW
392 adrenaline15 adrenaline15 Center No comment
393 cob13 cob13 Right Wing Let s get it
394 zhorvath16 zhorvath16 Left Defense LD/RD
395 EPICxXrazor7 EPICxXrazor7 Right Wing I want to play I am available
396 BarrelManx81 BarrelManx81 Right Defense Defence man
397 Gyneman Gyneman Right Defense .
398 x BabyRacoon x x BabyRacoon x Center .
399 myzees myzees Left Defense top 4 dman in CHL my rookie season
400 Warhawk289 Warhawk289 Left Wing N/A
401 eM Syko eM Syko Right Wing RW
402 Gilmour l 93 Gilmour l 93 Left Defense Ya
403 TURNTxUPxTSAL TURNTxUPxTSAL Right Defense Can play anywhere but center or goalie
404 BracedRobin0911 BracedRobin0911 Goalie good availability
405 DeLbzzz DeLbzzz Right Wing Let’s go
406 xFROGGYSTYLE xFROGGYSTYLE Center I am a center
407 hustles13 hustles13 Right Wing Put me in coach
408 OG Harris I23I OG Harris I23I Right Defense .
409 HornyTriceratop HornyTriceratop Right Wing Bears, beets, battlestar galactica
410 iObscurity iObscurity Left Defense N/A
411 HornyRhin0ceros HornyRhin0ceros Left Wing I’m a hard worker
412 ClAppiNxChEEkzz ClAppiNxChEEkzz Right Wing N/A
413 canuck515 Canuck515 Right Defense no
414 Tenzous Tenzous Goalie Ok
415 ItsJustTy93 ItsJustTy93 Center None
416 BetrGazzelle BetrGazzelle Goalie Hi
417 RhYnox7 RhYnox7 Left Defense N/A
418 CHEWDATGRIZZ09 CHEWDATGRIZZ09 Center Hi it's chew
419 ScarFace1483 ScarFace1483 Right Wing 9/9 rw
420 GKC0 GKC0 Left Defense No
421 BEATDowNx52 BEATDowNx52 Right Wing All
422 PointyLeader965 PointyLeader965 Goalie PointyLeader965 thanks
423 freestyle iix FreeStyLe IIx Left Wing 9/9
424 Johnny_v76v Johnny v76v Goalie avail all. Former Gold medalist.
425 Saiigneur Saiigneur Goalie No
426 CapnTurbot CapnTurbot Center no
427 Snook l13l Snook l13l Goalie None
429 RoyalKnightQc RoyalKnightQc Right Wing Lets go boys
430 TheGodlyHaze TheGodlyHaze Goalie N/A
431 K11LA K 915 K11LA K 915 Left Defense Nerds
432 Pastrnak x88 Pastrnak x88 Left Defense Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
433 l0l iVeRsOn l3l l0l iVeRsOn l3l Center Hi
434 NYYFan10 NYYFan10 Left Wing
435 Northup12 Northup12 Left Defense No
436 OlyOlyOxynFree OlyOlyOxynFree Left Defense N/a
437 Saint ADHD Saint ADHD Left Wing Zero
438 JoeMerc07 JoeMerc07 Right Defense yiaa
439 Joshie x 44 Joshie x 44 Right Defense N/A
440 x BrooxY x x BrooxY x Center :)
441 YourCrazyGecko YourCrazyGecko Goalie N/a
443 AMatthewsx34x AMatthewsx34x Center Also RW
444 Duchesneau x 78 Duchesneau x 78 Goalie No
445 TheVersace16 TheVersace16 Left Defense THE LD HERE
446 casey lombardi casey lombardi Right Defense .
447 KGB Nitro KGB Nitro Right Defense
448 ThatMightyDuck ThatMightyDuck Right Wing Hi
449 RafterRat62 RafterRat62 Left Defense Can play either side D...not many can
450 georgiaboy54 georgiaboy54 Right Defense none
451 Hard Aviator2 Hard Aviator2 Right Defense N/A
452 Xx Koop24 xX Xx Koop24 xX Right Wing B
453 Nothing x 16 Nothing x 16 Left Defense Yes
454 DirtyTilly6012 DirtyTilly6012 Left Defense No
455 Sir Waffles142 Sir Waffles142 Goalie Game times?
456 Synntek l53l Synntek l53l Goalie Willing to play RD as well
457 ShortioZ ShortioZ Right Defense CHL roster didnt pass 1st round
458 Slim Shourdsy Slim Shourdsy Center None
460 Waysidesaucin Waysidesaucin Left Wing Let’s roll
461 MrSquadTactics MrSquadTactics Right Defense Looks like fun
462 DRAGONx40xKING DRAGONx40xKING Right Wing Cant sign up without filling this in aparently.
463 Jeromi Beans Jeromi Beans Center Hi
464 TSkipper73 TSkipper73 Left Wing Also play C
465 sonicjoe45 Eberle l7l Center I’m gay
466 Peck l87l Peck l87l Center No
467 FlyersPhenom90 FlyersPhenom90 Left Wing Also LD
469 Ti Mathieu 21 l TiMx71 l Center :o
470 Nickify Nickify Left Defense 9/9
471 n1njagadn n1njagadn Left Wing Agree
472 Creamy Tea Creamy Tea Left Wing Maybe?
473 Murzyn55 Murzyn55 Left Defense None
474 J Pizzle 33 J Pizzle 33 Goalie No
475 ZumaXD20 ZumaXD20 Left Wing L
476 Gratefulvenom GratefulVenom Left Wing K
477 ShowTimeSniper1 ShowTimeSniper1 Left Wing Letsss gooooo
478 Purplemike3 Purplemike3 Left Defense n/a
479 TheBlueDevil56 TheBlueDevil56 Left Wing Suck
480 OkiVision6046 OkiVision6046 Right Defense Nope
481 TTvTChedbob Chedbob Right Wing can play any forward position, left handed
482 Blackhawk198188 Blackhawk198188 Right Defense None. Scouting beginning tonight
484 IcyKING Misha IcyKING Misha Goalie hi
485 Liptrot93 Liptrot93 Left Wing I’m an upcoming prospect
486 TonelessWarrior TonelessWarrior Left Defense ?
487 xRed5StandingBy xRed5StandingBy Goalie
488 HoNoItsForTinQC HoNoItsForTinQC Left Wing HoNo
489 yuh reed yuh reed Right Defense none
490 eNeRGiZeR 45 eNeRGiZeR 45 Left Defense No
491 TendyLife50 TendyLife50 Center idk
492 LIKEaBOSSxH1 LIKEaBOSSxH1 Center Two way center
493 jakers21607 Jakers21607 Goalie When does it start
494 STL TopShelf STL TopShelf Right Defense None
495 Serenial Energy Serenial Energy Left Wing K
496 Yantzer x 84 Yantzer x 84 Goalie Veteran goalie, numerous successful seasons in the NHL, late signup this season.
497 Dae l15I Dae l15I Center when does it start?
498 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Center none
499 Millsy4903 Millsy4903 Right Wing -
500 Loukzz Loukzz Left Defense can play rd too
501 Riktorious Riktorious Right Wing Ready to play
502 Zakistant06 Zakistant06 Right Wing Letsgo
503 X8 airbender 4X X8 AirBender 4X Goalie Just want to play and redeem myself after that crappy season
504 Slugger921 Slugger921 Center .
505 IleChaudLapin IleChaudLapin Right Wing rw/c
506 TXnewman TXnewman Left Defense Also play RD
507 WackyWilly9 WackyWilly9 Left Defense
508 Stevens l29l Stevens l29l Right Defense
509 Daggermouth6911 Daggermouth6911 Left Wing no
510 The Wild Aces The Wild Aces Goalie None
511 EricE30 ERICE30 Right Wing all
512 DAV1S0N DAV1S0N Left Defense Looking to play backup (backpack)
513 DawsTheBoss62 DawsTheBoss62 Center None
514 RtC21 RtC21 Right Wing None
515 ItsCOC ItsCOC Left Defense .
516 CapsulateGenie CapsulateGenie Left Wing Looking to prove
517 Clutch I94I Clutch I94I Goalie No
518 KL GROWLERS 123 LB 486528 Right Wing N/A
519 LavenderMoss246 LavenderMoss246 Left Wing I play all forward positions
520 Strong_dvs Strong1704 Center No questions
521 slimegoat slimegoat Left Defense N/A
522 TBagSandwiches TBagSandwiches Left Defense !
523 Downtown55 Downtown55 Left Wing I’m shit
524 thetarv thetarv Goalie Ready
525 PhilKesselHater PhilKesselHater Left Wing apparently I needed to fill something in here...
526 Phoenix1381 Phoenix1381 Left Wing No
527 o Too DiiRtyy o Too DiiRtyy Right Wing .
528 HWC Hypur HWC Hypur Goalie I’m a very good goalie
529 Gens rule 29 Gens rule 29 Right Defense no comment
530 l Weekz l l Weekz l Right Wing RW
531 AlexS0606 AlexS0606 Center First wjc
532 saturnnz saturnnz Right Wing I don't have any
533 PriNceReDniGhT PriNceReDniGhT Right Defense No
534 SnR Void SnR Void Left Wing I want to get some ice time to prove i'm not here to be a TC every season.
535 Perron I57I Perron I57I Goalie
536 Tanney0nay Tanney0nay Center hi
537 Fl3mdOG69 Fl3mdOG69 Left Wing Japan pls
538 Dardog3000 Dardog3000 Right Wing No
539 iEntropy8 iEntropy8 Left Defense None
540 iV3NOM3 iV3NOM3 Right Defense Chl Tc on the nailers
541 ReactRiotTango- xReactRiot Goalie N/A
542 GR1ZZI03I GR1ZZI03I Left Defense No
543 TKShooter22 TKShooter22 Left Defense ass
544 IX Twisted XI IX Twisted XI Right Defense Hi
545 ThistleAndWeeds ThistleAndWeeds Right Defense None
546 Thibodeau I98I Thibodeau I98I Right Defense Im terrible
547 BlaNchet98 BlaNchet331910 Goalie Mo
548 Parayko l55l Parayko l55l Goalie I want to G and have a good time
549 CTRAlN 15 CTRAlN 15 Right Wing Maze
550 ele905 ele905 Left Wing Hi
551 Chasteen l10l Chasteen l10l Left Defense Chasteen L10L
552 V3XX Hyper I HYPER I1605 Right Wing What up
553 Sevv09 Sevv09 Right Defense hi
554 SW3ATY B0BANDY SW3ATY B0BANDY Left Defense Play anything except goalie signed up for LD
555 npatsy9 npatsy9 Right Wing .
556 Nelson Yankee88 Nelson Yankee88 Right Defense Hi
557 Eagles9412 Eagles9412 Left Defense teal here
558 XseniorcitizenX XseniorcitizenX Goalie First season
559 ShotgunShel ShotgunShel Right Wing Fun
560 rifleman10 rifleman10 Left Defense Late pick.
561 WhiffleUrChin WhiffleUrChin Left Wing any fwd position
562 BigHARDCORE32 BigHARDCORE32 Right Defense Sweet
563 Sbrangy Sbrangy Left Defense .
564 ProphetsOfRage ProphetsOfRage Goalie Nothing
565 Blackzev Blackzev Right Wing No
566 Jai Diggs Jai Diggs Left Defense N/A
567 Xx ROY xX QC Xx ROY xX QC Goalie Eliminited fiât rood
568 Patlaf55 Patlaf55 Right Defense .
569 ElVraiChien ElVraiChien Right Wing .
570 LeafyLuff44 REG Leafy Left Wing Avail 9/9
571 harvdiesel harvdiesel Right Wing Avail 9/9
573 CellyHrd CellyHrd Left Wing
574 Zuwd Zuwd Right Wing N/A
575 BrierleyBlood BrierleyBlood Right Defense .
576 xHDxASSASSIN18x xHDxASSASSIN18x Left Defense Can also play RD. Pretty solid player.
577 Sargent2411 Sargent2411 Right Defense I’m looking forward to getting some game time.
578 GoonSquad5 GoonSquad5 Left Wing N/a
579 carl0419 carl0419 Left Defense Hi
580 IN8Gaming IN8Gaming Left Defense Thanks for this!