Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Ayztraks Ayztraks Goalie I've been in LG since 2016, know the website site rules and everything so can fill any roles
2 FrankZTank6 FrankZTank6 Left Wing .
3 razorgods razorgods Left Defense none
4 Cxleton Cxleton Left Defense YEE
5 PuckNastyI8I PuckNastyI8I Left Defense NA
6 DaysOfRevenge DaysOfRevenge Left Defense
7 Joakim XI Joakim XI Left Wing Weeeee
8 RtC21 RtC21 Center I have series x and nhl22 x/s version only.
9 YINZER l95l YINZER l95l Goalie Elite G
10 NJDEVIL30274 NJDEVIL30274 Left Wing .
11 Dylaniscool61 Dylaniscool61 Right Wing o Bonez x is ass at NHL
12 deadironwolf deadironwolf Right Defense none
13 Vengeful Merc Vengeful Merc Goalie None
14 Morrison Flow Morrison Flow Right Wing rw
15 Fiilzy Fiilzy Center No question
16 jesushaxyou jesushaxyou Goalie Fun time here
17 KeBrik KeBrik Right Defense RAV on TC
18 Cydonian Knight Cydonian Knight Right Wing Here to Win!
19 xXx AgentJ xXx xXx AgentJ xXx Right Wing rw/c
20 Huckfinn95 Huckfinn95 Left Defense
21 lietuenantdan20 lietuenantdan20 Right Wing chl roster
22 T F A 24106 T F A 24106 Left Wing Na
23 NE0N X 8 NE0N X 8 Goalie no comment
24 Luddy x 31 Luddy x 31 Goalie no questions
25 WILKESY l13l WILKESY l13l Center None
26 OfficialGr33ny OfficialGr33ny Right Wing None
27 Dirtx91a Dirtx91a Goalie YES
28 Fanzy Duck Fanzy Duck Right Wing Agreed
29 Panarin72x10 Panarin72x10 Right Wing Nope
30 Baercheese Baercheese Right Wing No
31 Googan85 Googan85 Center Psn players > Xbox players
32 BELLZY8237 BELLZY8237 Right Defense K
33 BbyFartMageeZax BbyFartMageeZax Left Wing N/a
34 Trravvy Trravvy Right Defense None
35 Yann x44 Yann x44 Right Defense 6/9
36 LastSculpture37 LastSculpture37 Left Defense N/A
37 NemeTEX NemeTEX Left Defense Also Play LW and C
38 Jiglipuff1 Jigglypuff5192 Left Wing nope
39 xAKUx Reaper xAKUx Reaper Left Wing No
40 FumbleFrenchie FumbleFrenchie Center none
41 M4CK EH M4CK EH Left Defense I play caps so no Sunday
42 C0R3Y1992 C0R3Y1992 Left Defense no
43 Samoskevich Samoskevich Center
44 Buckeyes2525 Buckeyes2525670 Right Defense Only Rd
45 HoosierDad7386 HoosierDad7386 Right Defense None.
46 DDRIZZL01 DDRIZZL01 Left Defense :]
47 The Man Roch The Man Roch Left Wing I
48 Sumaaa-- Sumaaa x Right Defense none
49 Edgarnormous Edgarnormous Center Na
50 TSB Halo1218 Aorvi Goalie Can i play without being signed up for season 40 of regular season? it wont let me signup to be assigned a team
51 xX Z3NO Xx xX Z3NO Xx Left Wing I just want to play.
52 DrunkLonewolf DrunkLonewolf Right Defense Hi
53 VolTaGe TaCKtik VolTaGe TaCKtik Left Wing Full'
54 l Cote x 15 l l Cote x15 l Right Wing I’m not good.
55 BigHARDCORE32 BigHARDCORE32 Right Defense Hello
56 kraaFt kraaFt Left Wing na
57 myzees myzees Left Wing N/A
58 xKookz xKookz Right Wing none
59 tgBeezy tgBeezy Left Defense N/a
60 SykoWithTape SykoWithTape Center
61 a tribe cq a tribe cq Right Defense No
62 Celtic2735 Celtic2735 Center
63 SJMayhem SJMayhem Left Wing Hoping to be noticed
64 BlushWest BlushWest Left Defense Hey
65 Pedderssen Pedderssen Left Defense No
66 JohnnyKashTV JohnnyKashTV Left Defense no
67 TwitchBiLL3Y TwitchBiLL3Y Right Wing Sign Me Up!
68 Sh3rb9 Sh3rb9 Right Defense N/A
69 slimegoat slimegoat Left Defense N/A
71 EvokedLeaf29 EvokedLeaf29 Right Defense I like apple juice
72 B1G CHEECH B1G CHEECH Goalie Good
73 EFXG Ghost EFXG Ghost Goalie Na
74 Jason0228 Jason0228 Center Peterough Pete centre
75 l Giroux l28l l l Giroux l28l l Left Wing N/A
76 YoUrLaCkOfSkI1L YoUrLaCkOfSkI1L Right Wing LGWJC
77 Rocky I93I Rocky I93I Left Defense None
78 maritimer506 maritimer506 Right Defense Tc
79 The Renzo8063 The Renzo8063 Center Nothing at this time!
80 V3XX Hyper I HYPER I1605 Right Wing y
81 Xx S Curl xX Xx S Curl xX Right Wing All good
82 PastorGaiins PastorGaiins Right Defense None
83 xl cirE lx xl cirE lx Right Defense Medicine Hat in playoffs but if knocked out early I'm available.
84 lx beefy xl lx beefy xl Left Wing Wooo let's gooooo
85 Pmister3 Pmister3 Right Defense none
86 Drxww 16 Drxww 16 Center Hi
87 CVilly82 CVilly82 Left Wing .
88 Lil SkiBall4926 Lil SkiBall4926 Right Defense .
89 JimboSpikes JimboSpikes Goalie No
90 NYR25FAN NYR25FAN Right Defense I’m ok rd
91 NineInchSurpise NineInchSurpise Left Wing
92 CBK Tryhard CBK Tryhard Left Wing
93 CrimeCaptain CrimeCaptain Center None
94 SPENCE G MACK SPENCE G MACK Goalie Let’s goooo
95 KeiranGW KeiranGW Goalie hi
96 V RBK Sniper V V RBK Sniper V Center n/a
97 agrigs26 agrigs26 Goalie Hi
98 HurricaneHirtle HurricaneHirtle Left Wing None
99 Date Mist Date Mist Left Wing None
100 Linux 0P Linux 0P Right Wing asgfaf
101 Detroit Dekes Detroit Dekes Left Defense LD or RD
102 coindust 2005 coindust 2005 Goalie Looking forward to hopefully at least trying out for the team
103 WhiteMamba4823 WhiteMamba4823 Left Defense Going back to left defense lol
104 LIKEaBOSSxH1 LIKEaBOSSxH1 Right Wing Wing
105 Bin Soup Bin Soup Right Defense Excited to get started!
106 Lou Kang 850 Lou Kang 850 Right Defense Kool
107 Khaoz255 Khaoz255 Right Wing Can also play Lw
108 Watch the 1T385 Watch the 1T385 Left Wing Goals
109 Rybs12 Rybs12 Goalie No
110 Saad Excuse Saad Excuse Left Defense Central
111 Weber61645 Weber61645 Goalie nope
112 Blunterone BlunterOne Right Wing none.
114 WearilessGolf35 WearilessGolf35 Left Defense N/A
115 ChAsInG budZzZ ChAsInG budZzZ Goalie No
116 Fl3xinG0ATgod Fl3xinG0ATgod Goalie None
117 Bilal-I96I Bilal x 19 Center None
118 superroger11 superroger11 Right Wing Hi mom
119 Enzoren- Enzorenn Center get good
120 Mittendueces Mittendueces Left Wing Looking to play in the WJC
121 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Center hi here to have fun
122 Ergos719 Ergos719 Right Wing Rw
123 TennisTurkeyTrot TennisTurkey519 Goalie no
124 LEGACY OF MiSO LEGACY OF MiSO Right Defense ..........
125 EVOingRyan EVOing2aSTi Right Wing Ready to win another medal
126 xxJONx xxJONx Left Wing none
127 punkuuprite punkuuprite Left Wing 9/9 availability
128 FD Bagpiper FD Bagpiper Goalie none
129 ZeRo-I92I ZeRo l92l Left Wing .
130 Grxffon Grxffon Left Defense love this game
131 Randem Looch Randem Looch Right Defense Thumbs Up
132 Dersley24 DERSx1546 Right Wing None
133 Dusty Nation09 Dusty Nation09 Left Wing None
134 ShowTimeSniper1 ShowTimeSniper1 Center N/A
135 Greffard vE Greffard vE Right Wing
136 Woezyy Woezyy Left Defense no
137 Alpacxlypse Alpacxlypse Right Wing .
138 Diabolic Viper Diabolic Viper Right Defense ….
139 Patato x 77 Patato x 77 Left Wing Can play any
140 auzzib02 auzzib02 Goalie oui
141 TW Scxrt TW Scxrt Goalie o
142 The Nurfgunner The Nurfgunner Right Wing Poop
143 CammieCamMiller CammieCamMiller Goalie Poop
144 amtrack206 amtrack206 Left Defense None
145 FirebushNewFie FirebushNewFie Right Wing Nothing
146 Musty88_ Musty88 Right Wing no
147 Drewzy311 Drewzy311 Right Defense ..
148 KQ31 IceQueen7700 Right Defense None
149 Baby0shie Baby0shie Right Defense Open availability
150 MathFromThe6 MathFromThe6 Left Defense available all games
151 SquirtShirt SquirtShirt Goalie XSX
152 Megajer71 Mega2trash0 Center N/A
153 The Dude5993 The Dude5993 Right Defense Who would win a fight between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?
154 Thrashpandaz Thrashpandaz Goalie Sweet
155 l Chubb I l Chubb I Right Wing no
156 Tantillo818 pro boofer Left Defense None
157 CTM HITMAN CTM HITMAN Right Wing Can play both Wings
158 Blastdona Blastdona Goalie n/a
159 VoodooDabber VoodooDabber Center Excited for this season
160 Fender019 Fender019 Right Wing Fwd\Def
161 kidclutch7 kidclutch7 Goalie Open Availability , Can play anytime
162 EliteDeltaDC EliteDeltaDC Left Wing N/A
163 Gucci Wright Gucci Wright Right Wing No
164 Manatee x 92 Manatee x 92 Right Wing .
165 GlaucomaX8522 GlaucomaX8522 Right Defense i play D or G
166 PensCanuks PensCanuks Center hi
167 CptConway96 CptConway96 Center C/RW
168 Supercheebs Supercheebs Center Haven't played a game on my team yet
169 Stoolie09QC Stoolie09QC Left Wing no
170 Fallin Force Fallin Force Left Defense Sure
171 MWT Dweeb MWT Dweeb Goalie Let’s gooooo
172 lx careys xl lx careys xl Right Wing .
173 Yami Syzz Yami Syzz Left Defense Too late?
174 EricE30 ERICE30 Right Wing ya...
175 Marco l26l Marco l26l Right Wing Nope
176 Prowsey8 Prowsey8 Left Defense .
177 JP NASTY JP NASTY Right Wing It said to leave a comment!
178 l Leddy l l Leddy l Right Defense Oh
179 l Emery87 l l Emery87 l Goalie Nope
180 DatsyukianxDeke DatsyukianxDeke Right Wing Open Avail
181 xKillzone99 xKillzone99 Center C,LW,Rw here
182 Rabb1t x14 Rabb1t x14 Goalie Nope
183 Judgement Owl Judgement Owl Left Defense Possibly out first round can I still sign up?
184 Cpl Crease Cpl Crease Goalie None
185 Nakis x 14 Nakis x 14 Left Wing -
186 Xcel Xcel Left Defense Why can the human eye see more shades of green than any other color?
187 Horty xx Horty xx Right Defense LFG
188 superchimp99 superchimp99 Left Defense .
189 LoadingWin LoadingWin Goalie Am I even allowed to play even though I’m banned
190 ByTownBully ByTownBully Right Defense N/A
191 DFromBoston DFromBoston Left Wing LW/C/RW
192 DocoPunk DocoPunk Right Wing no
193 TanneyOkay TanneyOkay Goalie hi
194 Buzz9998 Buzz9998 Right Defense W
195 Daggz x17 Daggz x17 Center here but dont wanna play
196 Elias l26l Elias l26l Goalie none
197 MURPHANATOR3000 MURPHANATOR3000 Left Defense
198 Koala T Bear Koala T Bear Center g
199 Bk Dirk Bk Dirk Left Defense .
201 CountyBoyJG CountyBoyJG Left Defense /
202 Berriezzzz Berriezzzz Center hi
203 I Damaster I I DaMaSTeR I Left Wing 9/9
204 AllAroundBeauty AllAroundBeauty Right Wing We
205 xCENTRULLAx xCENTRULLAx Left Defense .
206 Mr Sexy Sloth Mr Sexy Sloth Center Eliminated first round. We’re trash
207 ThexIProNoob ThexIProNoob Right Wing Lets Get It
208 xSilkyBandit xSilkyBandit Goalie N/A
209 MoooQc MoooQc Center no
210 Dangle Spree Dangle Spree Right Wing RW
211 Justdominate247 Justdominate247 Left Wing LFG
212 Specificationn SPECIFICATIONN Right Defense I can’t win a game 7!
213 Kmoreau19 Kmoreau192937 Left Wing No
215 Ob of Zob Ob of Zob Right Defense I can play LD too
216 CrookedMedal538 CrookedMedal538 Right Defense why am i doing this to myself?
217 Crawferd Crawferd Right Wing .
218 GreatHAMbino67 GreatHAMbino67 Right Defense 7+/9
219 xB 3 R S 3 R Kx xB 3 R S 3 R Kx Right Defense If allowed
220 sniz420 7971 sniz420 7971 Right Defense Can play both sides on D
221 Wpg General Wpg General Right Defense Let’s go