Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 The Mobscene The Mobscene Right Wing N/A
2 DaGR8Bockines DaGR8Bockines Left Defense Please, hockey Jesus, let me play for a good team!
3 kdogpa kdogpa Left Defense Looking forward to a competitive WJC
4 X3R0 9 X3R0 9 Right Defense Available Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays...unless in tournament, then I'm available all nights.
5 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Left Wing 95
6 GoalieBro GoalieBro52 Goalie Will eat some quality ass.
7 Ruthless937 Ruthless937 Center hi there
8 Kilarney42 Kilarney42 Right Defense I have applied for ownership for the WJC as well
9 SomaticAddict SomaticAddict Left Wing I love GOLD
10 mikehogie mikehogie Left Wing Does the first round playoff exit requirement prevent TC players on 2nd+round chl teams from participating in WJC?
11 faceblunteddd23 faceBlunteddd23 Center
12 Cauustic Cauustic Right Defense The fucking greatest
13 Huezee Huezee Right Defense
14 DanTheMan1452 DanTheMan1452 Center Decent at centre
15 Jones l31l Jones l31l Goalie Can play everyday
16 xKessel o SM0K3z Right Wing .
17 TEmery1 TEmery1 Goalie Nope
18 XRougeGamer XRougeGamer Right Defense h
19 Wooly x 33 Wooly x 33 Left Wing WJC
20 BbyFartMageeZax BbyFartMageeZax Left Wing Can I play
21 smythe dawonder Smythe Dawonder Left Wing nn
22 SlickSTICKLY SlickSTICKLY Center Na
23 x iLLMaTiC 7x11 x iLLMaTiC 7x11 Center N/A
24 Hall of Fame31 Hall of Fame31 Right Wing Ready to play
25 Saucerman x3 Saucerman x3 Right Wing Lol is Lol backwards #Funfacts
26 x_CaM_73_x Ehlers l27I Center .
27 UTackleFatKids UTackleFatKids Right Wing .
28 N0 REM02SE N0 REM02SE Left Defense Good availability
29 Arctic Blur Arctic Blur Center none
30 naughtyUncleTed naughtyUncleTed Center available for all games
31 Grandpa Jagr Grandpa Jagr Left Defense .
32 jared2112 jared2112 Center
33 koojey MrKooj Right Wing None
34 Dunkaroo x 32 Dunkaroo x 32 Goalie Better than germ so not the worst tendy
35 Supercheebs Supercheebs Center Hoping to bring home the cup for Mexico.
36 CornHoleCaron CornHoleCaron Left Wing .
37 Pete Cruise Pete Cruise Right Defense none
38 xTHFLASHx xTHFLASHx Left Defense na
39 Maverick FPS Maverick FPS Left Wing Can Play center and rw
40 Sneakypancake7 Sneakypancake7 Right Wing N/A
41 Jayson29 Jayson29 Left Wing None
42 rmac777 rmac777 Right Wing Let Go!!!!!
43 I Nylander l I Nylander l Right Wing im bad
44 SIay x 23 SIay x 23 Left Wing I get 1st rounded
45 PartyDrew PartyDrew Right Wing I can also play LW
46 BoogieHedgehog6 BoogieHedgehog6 Center What dat mouf do?
47 DeBrusk x74x DeBrusk x74x Right Wing Experience in X1 OFHL XG AND ROOKIE LG TC
49 TSB MIGHTYMOUSE TSB MIGHTYMOUSE Right Defense I can play both sides if needed
50 nicermen nicermen Center .
51 BigPaulerBrand BigPaulerBrand Left Wing None
52 Jsums48 Jsums48 Right Wing .
53 MischiefMaster6 MischiefMaster6 Left Wing No questions at all
54 WestySnipes17 WestySnipes17 Right Wing None
55 Karlsson o 65 Karlsson o 65 Right Defense I play either side and either hand
56 PittPanther43 PittPanther43 Center No
57 ITTA Allday ITTA Allday Center C or RW.
58 TSmitty__4 lYankeesfan4l Right Wing .
59 FoggyCanuck FoggyCanuck Right Wing no
60 Rallo x 74 Rallo x 74 Center none
61 STOnEdYinZeR412 STOnEdYinZeR412 Right Wing NonE
62 hoyas1977 hoyas1977 Left Wing Let's go
63 FLYERSfanFURY FLYERSfanFURY Left Wing I can play center
64 xx BROWN xx31 xx BROWN xx31 Goalie Canada
65 BookerWoo BookerWoo Center Book
66 Huckfinn95 Huckfinn95 Goalie
67 Sports518God Sports518God Left Wing Any position
68 l Dangs l l Dangs l Right Defense .
69 OWNED UR L1FE OWNED UR L1FE Right Wing Have never not medaled
70 Suneedee Suneedee Left Wing No
71 JmacGames FaZe Jmac Right Wing W
72 Weavs x 19 Weavs x 19 Right Wing Nope
73 Pyloned Pyloned Right Defense None
74 JerseyDevils 27 JerseyDevils 27 Left Defense Dick
75 KrazyKanuk l77l KrazyKanuk l77l Center GO FOR GOLD
76 l HEALEY l l HEALEY l Goalie None
77 EG Soul Reaver EG Soul Reaver Right Wing no
78 ThatCanadianKat ThatCanadianKat Left Wing
79 fascetti84 Fascetti84 Left Defense Let's do dis
80 aL E G A C Y 71 aL E G A C Y 71 Right Defense hello
81 PigsOnJupiter PigsOnJupiter Left Wing No
82 ele905 ele905 Center someone good be my dad
83 Too Much Twoco Too Much Twoco Goalie Available 9/9 Most weeks
84 CampingFaTJeSuS CampingFaTJeSuS Center .
85 KSease KSease Left Wing Gucci Gang
86 MANBEARPIGCT83 MANBEARPIGCT83 Left Defense No comment or questions
87 I Prozzer I I Prozzer I Right Wing K
88 CKlim20 CKlim20 Left Defense I'm a scrub
89 iTz x Luigi x iTz x Luigi x Left Defense .
90 HandsLikeHans HandsLikeHans Right Defense K
91 fuzzmiller23 fuzzmiller23 Right Defense blah
92 heritiKyl heritiKyl Right Defense None.
93 Billpro007 Billpro007 Goalie Hi
94 ZuKe Zuchegno ZuKe Zuchegno Right Defense can play LD
96 G spots G G spots G Left Wing Can backup center
97 SoaR Messiah SoaR Messiah Left Defense Solid LD, draft me. Won silver last WJC.
98 tigers3798 tigers3798 Left Defense Franchise
99 xGoAtDeMoNx xGoAtDeMoNx Goalie none
100 danlizhot danlizhot Goalie no question or comment
101 Shutdown RD Shutdown RD Right Defense Gg
102 BirdinaIs BirdinaIs Goalie Gucci gang
103 mochez18 mochez18 Goalie may or may not be a shitter
104 LADYxR3DxBUSH LADYxR3DxBUSH Right Wing only early games.
105 RAWxLOOPYxLOOx RAWxLOOPYxLOOx Right Defense Ready to play
106 RideThePorkChop RideThePorkChop Center .
107 NYxRANGERS27 NYxRANGERS27 Right Defense Take Pride In The Lockdown
109 Fr0dmang715 Fr0dmang715 Right Defense No questions or comments at this time
110 GoonSquad5 GoonSquad5 Left Wing My primary position is lw and c but i am also solid everywhere else but goalie
111 I2odgerscable92 I2odgerscable92 Left Wing Gg
112 lBeLiEvEJESUSl lBeLiEvEJESUSl Right Defense Let’s go
113 Farfadet92 Farfadet92 Left Defense Defensive Dman
114 MLG xCOMEBACKx MLG xCOMEBACKx Left Defense None
115 iZer iZer Right Defense RD
116 MURPHANATOR3000 MURPHANATOR3000 Left Defense i can play everyday
117 BPIERCE690 BPIERCE690 Left Defense I can play either side idc
118 DarkExpert2 DarkExpert2 Goalie Can play all games
119 Trollin4points Trollin4points Left Defense I can play RD too
120 xXOverzZ xXOverzZ Center Name of my dog
121 Rocketsteph Rocketsteph Left Defense h
122 ItzTets ItzTets Left Defense Nice
123 lX Kane 88 Xl lX Kane 88 Xl Right Wing RW
124 TrapLord847 TrapLord847 Goalie Ready to play
125 x57 Chedda x57 Chedda Goalie Im better than keatsauce
126 REZ 4 HIRE REZ 4 HIRE Right Wing None
127 xI Oshie Ix xI Oshie Ix Right Wing Hello
128 Xx Koop24 xX Xx Koop24 xX Left Wing No
129 Zadina ll11ll Zadina ll11ll Goalie Excited to start up!
130 RyckyBoyGaming RyckyBoyGaming Goalie no
131 conV Tipsy conV Tipsy Goalie .
132 bootlegers bootlegers Center C,RD,G
133 larry1790 larry1790 Left Defense No
134 Rockpile l 89 l Rockpile l 89 l Left Defense try me
135 RaPidz PheNomz RaPidz PheNomz Center No
136 Habsolute23 Habsolute23 Left Defense no question
137 Zk x ViiPeRz Zk x ViiPeRz Goalie no
138 CL0CK3RB0Y509 CL0CK3RB0Y509 Goalie When does scouting start?
139 Crasseman Crasseman Right Wing RW / C
140 the avengers261 the avengers261 Left Wing Good luck all
142 Reviive Legacy Reviive Legacy Center .
143 SchlichtYxFifty SchlichtYxFifty Center None
144 BIG SWAGG BIG SWAGG Right Defense Hi
145 Milah and Ted Milah and Ted Goalie I’m the greatest living
146 FIuoxe FIuoxe Goalie Goalie
147 rollinj0071 rollinj0071 Left Defense Solid
148 bcunningham9393 bcunningham9393 Center I would love to participate.
149 Just A Bearclaw Just A Bearclaw Right Wing Apparently I must put something here.
150 Payner Payner Goalie Hi
151 iDurTy iDurTy Left Wing .
152 DJDVLN DJDVLN Goalie I’m a decent goalie
153 BoBB Chukyy BoBB Chukyy Left Wing available 7/7
154 Eichsl9l Eichsl9l Right Wing .
155 bure-x-10 Left Defense gogotacobell
156 Rated ARRRR Rated ARRRR Left Defense None
157 zXSAKICx19Xz zXSAKICx19Xz Right Wing K
158 Sakic x 91 Swaut Left Defense Cant wait to get started
159 NLMB Lid NLMB Lid Right Wing Any forward is fine.
160 SirMikeKnight SirMikeKnight Right Defense it's making me write something here
161 dangledU2 dangledU2 Left Wing Draft me!
162 kdevv kdevv Left Wing
163 LiL Hazy Dubz LiL Hazy Dubz Right Wing Just looking to play some competitive games
164 R34RYAN RG x 34 Left Wing No
165 PivotGivinner PivotGivinner Goalie .
166 Big bopper 17 Big Bopper 17 Right Wing Excited
167 Heisman Award Heisman Award Left Wing .
168 Bradman87 Bradman87 Right Defense Let’s play some hockey.
169 chilleo59 chilleo59 Left Wing None
170 Unhinged Canuck Unhinged Canuck Left Defense Let's go
171 xMacPhee xMacPhee Right Wing I’m good at basically any positions
172 TheSnipeShow91 TheSnipeShow91 Goalie draft me
173 DA GUN 5H0W DA GUN 5H0W Right Defense Was on ice dogs this season. Not in playoffs, can play LD or RD.
174 Midnight Boss22 Midnight Boss22 Right Wing Nothing
175 JacobAA19 JerkyTidepod341 Goalie Great
176 Dr Tre 2001 Dr Tre 2001 Center I'm trash
177 l Freddy ll l Freddy ll Left Defense Great pickup smart team player
178 TheKingDaddyx TheKingDaddyx Center Na
179 Noble l21l Noble l21l Right Defense .
180 palittinoah4 palittinoah4 Goalie Secondary-ld
181 PreeminentBeing Shi no seishin Goalie N/A
182 SassyTricks72 SassyTricks72 Center Tricky x 91
183 DrNOIX DrNOIX Center No comments
184 EricE30 ERICE30 Right Wing 9/9 availability can also play C
185 SamEvilSon SamEvilSon Goalie Ok
186 Kalamazoo x Kalamazoo x Right Wing .
187 STRYKER x 82 STRYKER x 82 Right Wing can play anything
188 DenyingSnipers0 DenyingSnipers0 Goalie Looking for a team that needs a solid 10dy. Hit me up on xbox at debyingsnipers0 hoping to help any team that need a it.
189 Johnson x 92 Johnson x 92 Right Defense 9/9
190 Da GeRmAiNiAc Da GeRmAiNiAc Goalie None
191 FeltyPack603 FeltyPack603 Left Defense Willing to play anything but goalie if needed
193 Poodle911 Poodle911 Left Wing N/a
194 WithTheLitesOut WithTheLitesOut Center hey
195 Ren HG Ren HG Right Defense None
196 l SCREEN I l SCREEN I Left Wing Nope
197 xXx AgentJ xXx xXx AgentJ xXx Right Wing rw/c
198 dmiller2009 dmiller2009 Right Wing Can also play left wing
199 Come Gun Come Guns Left Defense None
200 budw3is3r1212 budw3is3r1212 Left Wing Aaaa
201 ZANNIE88 ZANNIE88 Right Wing A
202 BigBadBruins19 BigBadBruins19 Center Bigbadbruins19 C
203 o SoKe o o SoKe o Right Defense H
204 l Laine 29 l l Laine 29 l Right Defense How does this work?
205 AwesomeGuy21u AwesomeGuy21u Right Wing Played once already for team CAN. Just looking to play
206 MrBinxx MrBinxx Left Wing Ready
207 stillalive06 StillAlive06 Right Defense Or I play left defense
208 VGX Career XV VGX Career XV Left Defense No
209 Mamba iLy Mamba iLy Right Wing Im horny and want to play
210 Broomball16 Broomball16 Center Played for London
211 Blunterone BlunterOne Center this is a great idea
212 Specificationn SPECIFICATIONN Right Defense Any
213 TrT Spartan37 TrT Spartan37 Left Defense Hmm
214 TrueBruinsFan88 TrueBruinsFan88 Right Defense None
215 PRiME80nj PRiME80nj Right Wing Can play any forward
216 LeFantomeNordik LeFantomeNordik Right Wing -
217 mobleader1988 mobleader1988 Left Wing Mobleader lw
218 SilentUrge6 SilentUrge6 Left Defense Availability is open. Can also play RD.
219 CJ x 58 CJ x 58 Center C/RW from ps4 getting used to Xbox
221 Geonosis Geonosis Goalie I’m fairly mediocre in every way.
222 PiggPenn44 PiggPenn44 Right Wing willing to play LD or C as well. anywhere but Goalie is fine. Thanks!
224 Sean 37 Sal Sean 37 Sal Left Wing
225 DieselDominator DieselDominator Right Defense n/a
226 Babyboy324 Babyboy324 Left Defense N/a
227 Ice4veinzz Ice4veinzz Left Wing Draft??
228 MrJuiceBoxHero MrJuiceBoxHero Left Defense .
229 ThePiedPipes86 ThePiedPipes86 Right Wing Can also play RD
230 Minni Munch Minni Munch Left Wing Hi
231 MARTINEZ2619 MARTINEZ2619 Center
232 Chyeeet Chyeeet Left Wing Yeeet
233 SerialSniper16 SerialSniper16 Goalie I’m available every day! Looking forward to playing!
234 NealRambo35 NealRambo35 Right Wing Not playing defense this world juniors. I play lw or rw!
235 eNeRGiZeR 45 eNeRGiZeR 45 Right Defense Let's win!!
236 BigDTw81 BigDTw81 Center Can play any wing as well
237 Dunsy1998 Dunsy1998 Left Wing Just wanting to play
238 C4RD0NA C4RD0NA Goalie ?
239 AKCOMEDIAN907 AKCOMEDIAN907 Left Defense Excited to slay some sloots
240 Monke27 Monke27 Left Defense I am good to go.
241 BigMk2 BigMk2 Goalie N/A
242 CKxWhalefan26 CKxWhalefan26 Right Defense Cannot play on TUESDAYS! (Can possibly make 930 Tuesday Games)
243 TrollSlayer420 TrollSlayer420 Left Defense im down for any team!
244 LAINGX15 LAINGx15 Center Aval is 9/9
245 ascanlon30 ascanlon30 Right Defense none
246 BaSS MONKEY 24 BaSS MONKEY 24 Right Defense None
247 Digg Derkler Digg Derkler Right Wing Put me in, coach!!
248 LuNDiiN LuNDiiN Center none
249 Seek0 Seek0 Right Defense Can play LD too. Available anytime.
250 l Kimball l97l l Kimball l97l Left Wing l
251 JRGreaterThan JRGreaterThan Goalie put me in the net coach
252 CaptainCampos79 CaptainCampos79 Left Wing Legend here
253 Hype Telescope Hype Telescope Right Defense hi
254 REDWINGSSPEEDY1 REDWINGSSPEEDY1 Right Defense Can play left defense as well.
255 l ARO x 10 l l ARO x 10 l Left Wing Wjc hmmm probably be a Tc woot woot
256 THE PUDGE 22 THE PUDGE 22 Right Defense Sign me up
257 Hammersticks2 Hammersticks2 Right Wing Let’s goooooo!
258 Swibz Swibz Center :)
259 Marr570 Marr570 Left Wing Full avail all tourny
260 rjwoody4 rjwoody4 Left Defense None
261 TRoberts2 TRoberts2 Goalie None
262 leakoidi 91 leakoidi 91 Right Wing Hopefully Milah will see this.
263 Staios Staios Center Looking very forward to this!
264 I has Danglez I has Danglez Left Wing Can play most nights
265 R Mac7 R Mac7 Goalie Or LD
266 Jaw Ache Jaw Ache Left Defense N/A
267 Le1AnOnly1 Le1AnOnly1 Right Wing
268 xRKC xRKC Left Defense
269 TEXASMX91 TEXASMX91 Center Center
270 WhoUsedAllTheTP WhoUsedAllTheTP Left Wing Nope
271 BenSchwarmer21 BenSchwarmer21 Right Wing Why does it keep saying I need to fill this box out?
272 Sharkn1nja Sharkn1nja Goalie no
273 CHoD l 45 l CHoD l 45 l Right Defense play RW too
274 Fucalee Fucalee Goalie Top 9 monthly
275 Trinks81 Trinks81 Left Defense Hi everyone
276 Tricky l88l Tricky l88l Left Defense
277 Road_Qc Magik Road Right Wing Ready to help
278 UltimateMUTPlay UltimateMUTPlay Center None
279 WHEELHOUSE19 WHEELHOUSE19 Center Let’s get it
280 doc4psu doc4psu Right Defense n/a
281 KingZadina KingZadina Left Wing No.
282 RoUxChArD Qc RoUxChArD Qc Left Wing Lw
283 Endosmoke69 Endosmoke69 Goalie Am I still qualified to play this?
284 KoG DimpleBick KoG DimpleBick Left Defense I also play RD and RW, i can play G as well but only if need be. My CR is bad only because i play with a very inconsistent G but i can put the puck in the back of the net
285 VANSUCH4444 VANSUCH4444 Left Wing .
286 Sir William XII Sir William XII Right Wing l
287 xKingTut37x xKingTut37x Right Wing Played last year good woth puck
288 Mr Chloroform Mr Chloroform Left Defense n/a
289 Game Seven W Game Seven W Right Wing 98
290 Im Sean Avery Im Sean Avery Right Wing I play, I win.
291 Journey DZ Journey DZ Right Wing Yee
292 Bokasmo77 Bokasmo77 Right Defense Let's win it ;)
293 AirBullseye23 AirBullseye23 Right Defense .
294 InY0f4c3 InY0f4c3 Right Wing Open availability
295 MasterChango08 MasterChango08 Left Defense None
296 EnVy x JAmES x EnVy x JAmES x Left Wing None
298 GreasdUpDefGuy GreasdUpDefGuy Left Defense N/a
299 CammieCamMiller CammieCamMiller Goalie Nah
300 Wxllsy XVI Wxllsy XVI Center none
301 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 Center All nights
302 Sbrangy Sbrangy Left Defense .
303 FJGeezy FJGeezy Left Wing Lw
304 MisfitChutoy47 MisfitChutoy47 Goalie I also play mediocre defense
305 MxTxL x l18l MxTxL x l18l Right Wing .
306 Gh0sT 1369 Gh0sT 1369 Right Wing Will play any forward
307 Lord of Hockey Lord of Hockey Goalie
308 Ouchie YumYums Ouchie YumYums Goalie 7 days a week Goalie
309 Glachs Glachs Goalie always avail.
310 SBuck 28 SBuck 28 Right Defense No
311 NONEbutTHEbrave KNIFEinYOURguts Left Defense Kiss my ass.
312 xB 3 R S 3 R Kx xB 3 R S 3 R Kx Center Any pos.
313 O EkmanLarsson O EkmanLarsson Left Defense .......
314 Moist Devils Moist Devils Right Wing I'll dominate.
315 CpT JackSp4rrOw CpT JackSp4rrOw Right Wing Left wing
316 Stav 98 Stav 98 Right Defense PSN Player looking for a shot
317 VK ELneyy VK ELneyy Left Wing Hum
318 xSUBBANxl76lx xSUBBANxl76lx Right Defense Really want to play
319 Ryley Ryley Left Wing No questions
320 BoGingy BoGingy Left Defense .
321 l Stevens I16I l Stevens I16I Left Wing I can play anytime and I really want to play!
322 DJpoopfart DJpoopfart Right Defense I am fast. To give you a reference point I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose… And a panther.
323 l Bobby l57l l Bobby l57l Left Defense sunday only
324 DSH42IZNIT DSH42IZNIT Goalie No questions or comments
325 Bushook Bushook Left Wing Why can't I leave this blank?
327 Carlsonnn Carlsonnn Center K
328 GnarlyTeddyBear GnarlyTeddyBear Left Defense defense
329 Lord Cyphoner Lord Cyphoner Center Play any forward position
330 LB58 LB58 Left Defense Here to play
331 mmucelli mmucelli Left Defense 1
332 No1xDraft PcK No1xDraft PcK Right Wing pick me!
333 DBLOCK902 DBLOCK902 Right Wing Thanks
334 BoonDoggle01 BoonDoggle01 Right Defense yay
335 PAST0RR PAST0RR Goalie Available all games
336 Lou Kang 850 Lou Kang 850 Right Defense hell yeah
337 sammzsequ sammzsequ Right Defense Play any pos defense
338 Daggermouth6911 Daggermouth6911 Center Why do I have to leave a comment
339 xDTNxWiLLiAmS xDTNxWiLLiAmS Right Defense Solid d man was 18th overall in Chl
340 l Tony27 l l Tony27 l Right Wing When is it starting?
341 SpitZ fr0gui SpitZ fr0gui Center Am I sure to be drafted
342 XxHedman77Xx XxHedman77xX Right Defense Nope
343 Chalklin Chalklin Right Wing ??
344 DORSIN0 DORSIN0 Right Defense None at this time
345 OLIVIERz QC OLIVIERz QC Right Wing ùùù
346 TheCheetahlo 33 TheCheetahlo 33 Goalie Yuh
347 l Xenogenesis l l Xenogenesis l Left Wing Let's go USA!
348 WatchForRiddick WatchForRiddick Center Let’s play
349 xQcRambox xQcRambox Left Wing Lets fucking do this
350 l Letang l58l l Letang l58l Right Defense Na
351 fran6disco fran6disco Right Defense No
352 SuperRussian77 SuperRussian77 Right Wing i can play rw, c, or goalie
353 xJAYlive xJAYlive Right Defense I'm bad.
354 QC Franklin G4SP Lucky VII Right Defense Qc Franklin is MVP
355 JWeezy1123 JWeezy1123 Goalie nope
356 I9I DRAC I9I I9I DRAC I9I Center None
357 RaPidz ShaDow RaPidz ShaDow Right Wing Rapidz shadow
358 Krumbone Krumbone Right Defense I can also play Left D.
359 LiftedBurrito92 LiftedBurrito92 Left Wing N/a
360 BostonMLV BostonMLV Left Defense Let's go!!
361 xI WABBIT Ix xI WABBIT Ix Left Defense Hi