Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 LUV MACHINE BMX LUV MACHINE BMX Left Defense no questions
2 Drasik13 Drasik13 Right Defense none
3 X3R0 9 X3R0 9 Right Defense Available every night except Monday 8:30 game.
4 KrazyKanuk l77l KrazyKanuk l77l Left Wing
5 x57 Chedda x57 Chedda Goalie Why do i need to fill up this questions or comments box to be able to sign up? happy now ?
6 I-BAGA-I msbga29 Left Defense
7 BEAR EXCELZ BEAR EXCELZ Left Defense also play rd. available forr wjc games needed
8 GunnarWulf GunnarWulf Right Defense ...
9 The Mobscene The Mobscene Right Wing none
10 Dame l13l Dame l13l Right Wing Play C as well
11 Eamonn Eamonn Left Defense n/a
12 PRKz Jugg PRKz Jugg Right Wing Hi
13 REZ 4 HIRE REZ 4 HIRE Right Wing None
14 XSPARKY51 XSPARKY51 Center willing to play lw c
15 TheHardcoreHobo TheHardcoreHobo Center Still able to join
16 Supercheebs Supercheebs Center A cancer in the chatbox but a creator on the ice. Look forward to playing with some puck moving, pass first players with actual hockey sense. I'd also like a swimsuit model on a unicorn as a signing bonus please.
17 BigB I92I BigB I92I Right Defense Looking forward to it
18 kdogpa kdogpa Left Defense Just in case
19 Remnato Remnato Left Wing Can play any of the fwd.
20 R34RYAN RG x 34 Left Wing Top ps4 DP
21 HOOTENATER HOOTENATER Right Defense trying out defense
22 RaEnergy RaEnergy Center n/a
23 The Riddler3 The Riddler3 Right Defense Hi
24 CountyBoyJG CountyBoyJG Right Defense Looking forward to it
25 Gonafets115 Gonafets115 Goalie Available for a majority of games, varies by week.
26 DenyingSnipers0 DenyingSnipers0 Goalie solid goalie looking for a team.
27 NYYFan10 NYYFan10 Right Wing Let's go!!!
28 Grape Punch Nug Grape Punch Nug Left Defense russia
29 l6 Inf4mou5 9l l6 Inf4mou5 9l Left Defense None
30 STRYKER x 82 STRYKER x 82 Right Wing n/a
31 PRiME80nj PRiME80nj Left Wing Can’t wait
32 matsku77 Right Wing .
33 xDopemanX xDopemanX Left Wing Play LW, Do Center Occasionally
34 Sean 37 Sal Sean 37 Sal Left Wing Can play any position. Primarily a winger but can play C or D
35 jgrinn jgrinn Left Defense #2 in takeaways chl
36 Oh So Country Oh So Country Right Defense ZzZzZz
37 The Man Roch The Man Roch Left Wing T
38 mmucelli mmucelli Left Defense Nope
39 Riktorious Riktorious Center Ready to go
40 SEABIRD32 SEABIRD32 Goalie None.
41 EVOingRyan EVOingRyan Right Wing Applied for team Capitan
42 IAmUntamedChaos IAmUntamedChaos Left Wing .
43 Lord 21 x Lord 21 x Goalie no
44 GonqZillla GonqZillla Center Yup
45 xKNIGHTx21 Center Always Available
46 Eh CanadianHobo Eh CanadianHobo Center --------------
47 SamEvilSon SamEvilSon Goalie No comments
48 Crease-Fire I Crease Fire I Goalie Washed-Up Goalie
49 dangledU2 dangledU2 Left Defense Will play net ld or lw
50 x Genesys Qc x Genesys Qc Goalie I am the LGCHL goalie for Red Deer. Let me show you what I can do.
51 Dunsy1998 Dunsy1998 Left Wing Get played more
52 ITTA Allday ITTA Allday Right Wing I suck.
53 Diabolic Viper Diabolic Viper Goalie Available all
54 uC Logic uC Logic Left Wing No
55 BenchBoss67 BenchBoss67 Left Wing can play rw as well
56 TRoberts2 TRoberts2 Goalie
57 Xx2murph7xX Xx2murph7xX Center
58 WateryDolphin77 WateryDolphin77 Right Wing HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
59 Carm95 Carm95 Center Chickn Carried me
60 TrueBruinsFan88 TrueBruinsFan88 Right Defense None
61 MiCHaeLHaNGeLo MiCHaeLHaNGeLo Left Defense Ive played both G and LD.
62 MisfitChutoy47 MisfitChutoy47 Left Defense
63 ILLUMINAUGHTY o ILLUMINAUGHTY o Left Wing Can play RW and C if really needed
65 Fear x 63 Fear x 63 Right Wing Available for all games
66 SilentUrge6 SilentUrge6 Left Defense Available most nights.
67 PiggPenn44 PiggPenn44 Left Defense D can play either side prefer Left.
68 xU sniper xU sniper Goalie Just looking to play
69 x23 Harris x23 Harris Right Defense .
70 TrollSlayer902 TrollSlayer902 Left Defense Saskatoon Stealthy told me to sign up here i am lets go!!!!
71 L0ck I7 Up L0ck I7 Up Left Defense Like to play FWD. Available most nights.
72 Chromeaholik Chromeaholik Goalie love to play
73 StealthyAdopted StealthyAdopted Right Defense Hi
74 Downtown55 Downtown55 Right Defense
75 lumpkinbd lumpkinbd Center Looking for Gold
76 GoalieBro GoalieBro Goalie Goalie you fucks
77 Prey For Pocius Prey For Pocius Left Defense .
78 xMacPhee xMacPhee Right Wing Available almost all the time Sunday-Wednesday
79 Failerino Failerino Goalie site mad me write something
80 DeLbz ll DeLbz ll Right Wing :)
81 DRUNKINxR3DNECK DRUNKINxR3DNECK Right Wing Looking forward to playing
82 l xMavaria l l xMavaria l Right Wing Hope to win that WJC
83 xQcRambox xQcRambox Left Wing Ready to roll
84 Tricky l88l Tricky l88l Left Defense No
85 HeadShotzPro HeadShotzPro Right Wing I can play near every game.
86 dmowles39 dmowles39 Center I'm not locked in here with all of you- you're all locked in here with me.
87 BakdoorBeatdown BakdoorBeatdown Right Defense Lets get it
88 ravensxx52 ravensxx52 Center Can play right wing as well
89 x Golden Aces x x Golden Aces x Left Defense N/A
90 XxxTHEREVxxX32 XxxTHEREVxxX32 Right Wing Nope
91 GonqDizZay GonqDizZay Right Wing .
92 Butchko14 Butchko14 Right Defense im g
93 TPForMyBungCole TPForMyBungCole Center N/A
94 l War Puffin l l War Puffin l Left Defense I like Turtles.
95 SerialSniper16 SerialSniper16 Goalie Available 3-4 days each week. Days change weekly but set bi-weekly schedule
96 D0N TITO D0N TITO Right Wing none
97 NicoH58 NicoH58 Center :/
98 Super Inception Super Inception Left Wing Durp
99 Palmtop Tiger27 Palmtop Tiger27 Left Defense none
100 l Drapeau 10 l l Drapeau 10 l Goalie .
101 phiNnyy phiNnyy Left Defense When does it start?
102 LUCKY SnowGoon LUCKY SnowGoon Left Defense Hey
103 Hammer Bro11 Hammer Bro11 Right Defense can play lw as well
104 Rivzky Rivzky Right Wing Pretty good RW looking forward to help a team to win the cup!
105 xMIKExNHLx 70 xMIKExNHLx 70 Left Defense Good nhl thanks for saison
106 NGN Redwings NGN Redwings Left Defense Limited avail
107 NealRambo35 NealRambo35 Left Defense Can also play rd lw rw
108 L1F3ASW3KNOW1T L1F3ASW3KNOW1T Goalie None
109 O EkmanLarsson AwCc x 97 Left Defense N/a
110 Bourque x13 Bourque x13 Right Defense RD or LD
111 KeBven KeBven Center C or rw
112 AMatthewsx34x AMatthewsx34x Center I like hockey
113 xPaigeV xPaigeV Left Defense Let’s go
114 Glachs Glachs Goalie 24/7 avail Goalie here
115 F1LLPULA v51 F1LLPULA v51 Left Wing na
116 Pyloned Pyloned Right Defense How do I sign up for ownership? I’d like to have a go and see what it’s like to own a team and see if it’s my thing for the next LG season!
117 AG Mazy AG Mazy Right Wing I have no questions
118 T03TaFarm3 T03TaFarm3 Left Wing LW
119 RyBish33 RyBish33 Right Defense Well balanced TWD
120 palittinoah4 palittinoah4 Goalie Top g
121 H0L7BY H0L7BY Right Wing none
122 Hautein Hautein Goalie None
123 Suneedee Suneedee Left Wing None
124 l Xenogenesis l l Xenogenesis l Left Wing .
125 danlizhot Dan x 39 Goalie OUAN
126 Kid_Icarus__88 Right Wing Champion Here
127 l Moniz l l Moniz l Left Wing No questions or comments it just won’t let me sign up until this is filled out for whatever reason
128 Doobs Da Merc Doobs Da Merc Left Defense Lol
129 Os1r1s54 Os1r1s54 Left Defense LD/RD
130 tom16bou tom16bou Right Wing Yesssir
131 Digg Derkler Digg Derkler Right Wing Put me in Coach!!
132 BbyFartMageeZax BbyFartMageeZax Left Wing No
133 DIXON l35l DIXON l35l Left Wing hi
134 Spooky_Guacamole Karlsson o 65 Right Wing Yikes
135 JeFfBdR31 JeFfBdR31 Right Wing .
136 DaredElliot DaredElliot Right Defense Solid two-way defender that likes to move the puck and see the plays before they happen
137 STL TopShelf STL TopShelf Right Wing Is the earth flat?
138 Spicy the Goat Spicy the Goat Center ..
139 Karma I2I Karma I2I Left Wing I got good Availability
140 NotoriousFAT 00 NotoriousFAT 00 Left Defense Can play either side of defense.
141 Trollin4points Trollin4points Left Defense LD or RD
142 DaFuture SC DaFuture SC Right Defense Just wondering when is the draft going to be held?
143 JAG 1144 JAG 1144 Left Defense OK
144 DrNOIX DrNOIX Right Wing .
145 AlexinThe305 AlexinThe305 Right Wing .
146 tomsallstars tomsallstars Goalie Ready to play and win
147 Gun It Expresss Gun It Expresss Left Defense none
148 EastRock Thrill EastRock Thrill Left Wing ?
149 ShellMountain83 ShellMountain83 Right Wing .....
150 WingelsDGC WingelsDGC Center N/A
151 oldfreakgamer66 oldfreakgamer66 Left Wing right to
152 Kucherov l 86 l Kucherov l 86 l Left Wing Hi
153 Ca Na Da 4L Ca Na Da 4L Right Defense :)
154 POIRIER x l27l POIRIER x l27l Right Wing it starts when
155 TootsVenombot TootsVenombot Right Defense Yotoyo
156 PseudonymZeroX PseudonymZeroX Left Wing New LW on the scene. Looking to make it or break it.
157 hearst747 hearst747 Left Wing Available most nights
158 Powdah P Powdah P Right Defense n/a
159 Focus TF Focus TF Right Wing none
160 chilleo59 chilleo59 Left Wing Lets go!!!
161 iZer iZer Right Defense Right Defense
162 XI Dubois XI XI Dubois XI Right Wing Willing to play any forward position
163 Saucenikov xc RaiN iv Center Willing to play any forward position if need be.
164 WithTheLitesOut WithTheLitesOut Left Defense hey
165 Sports518God Sports518God Left Wing When will teams be giving out?
166 bigb0y7 bigb0y7 Left Defense Was my first season in lg does this work the same way as lgchl did?
167 BPIERCE690 BPIERCE690 Right Wing Hi
168 TG White Shadow TG White Shadow Right Wing Looking for a cohesive group
169 Islander112286 Islander112286 Right Defense RD
170 JuniorHawk16 JuniorHawk16 Left Wing Hi
171 Go Bar South23 Go Bar South23 Center Go Sauce Go
172 Ice4veinzz Ice4veinzz Left Wing Looking foward to playing
173 vinnyboydc5 vinnyboydc5 Center Playing for the gold chip!!!
174 l Gaudreau 13 l l Gaudreau 13 l Left Wing would like mgnt
175 LEBEAUBL0ND LEBEAUBL0ND Right Defense Nice
177 BombedToaster BombedToaster Center LETS PLAY PUCK
178 Simply Mn Simply Mn Center Yeyeyeye
180 Ixam15 Ixam15 Right Wing No comment
181 SGT Rolston SGT Rolston Left Defense Solid d-man, that knows how to stay home and move the puck.
182 Its T Smith Its T Smith Goalie My name's paul
183 Jelly x 35 Jelly x 35 Right Wing no questions to be asked
184 xOshie77x xOshie77x Left Wing yo
185 BuschIceWizard BuschIceWizard Right Wing LW or RW, available all nights
186 ATOMC PINEAPPLE ATOMC PINEAPPLE Left Wing Excited to be a part of this :)
187 l GET BUSY l l GET BUSY l Right Defense Can play either side, prefer the Right.
188 Minni Munch Minni Munch Left Wing Hello
189 l47l TKrug l47l l47l TKrug l47l Right Wing Really be an awesome opportunity to showcase my offense of two way abilities on the wing
190 jygal1ng jygal1ng Right Defense I like bacon
191 IsC0NaLd0 IsC0NaLd0 Right Wing thanks 4 watchin
192 I3I Sharpy I5I I3I Sharpy I5I Left Defense Needed to put something here
193 QCMasterKillQC QCMasterKillQC Right Wing Im ready
194 XEG CLOUDI XEG CLOUDI Right Defense Rd
195 GiveMeTheRocket GiveMeTheRocket Right Wing None
196 BLUExL1NExK1NG BLUExL1NExK1NG Right Defense None
197 willyisawesome willyisawesome Right Wing I can play anywhere for the most part rw being strong suit
198 x Leddy x x Leddy x Goalie It’s making me enter this and idk why, just ignore
199 thepreacher223 thepreacher223 Center Or wing
200 l Ennis x 63l l Ennis x 63l Left Wing What?
201 Skinn x 21 Skinn x 21 Goalie Sunday’s and Wednesday are my usual days available. Monday’s and Tuesday’s are hit and miss because of work
202 Backstrom x 19 Backstrom x 19 Center Very good chemistry with players Lucic x 17 and Drxma since NHL 10
203 Lucic x 17 Lucic x 17 Left Defense Played with Backstrom x 19 and Drxma since NHL 11
204 THE CROW X1994X THE CROW X1994X Right Wing I'm ready for anything.
205 the avengers261 the avengers261 Left Wing I’m looking forward to play with whatever team and to have fun
206 vX ReBiiRth Xv vX ReBiiRth Xv Goalie None
207 rogue x nova41 Rogue X Nova41 Goalie None
208 MerKCitY803 MerKCitY803 Center I can play any forward if needed
209 Ponlor Ponlor Right Defense Yup
210 iTub3 iTub3 Goalie First time playing WJC
211 agroffisbackbro agroffisbackbro Left Wing Debut as forward in lg in worlds
212 CERBY 96 CERBY 96 Goalie Yes
213 murderboy100 murderboy100 Right Wing Umm it says questions?
214 Gub l 6ix Gub l 6ix Left Defense Really looking for a league to get myself going on LG.
215 salopard84 salopard84 Right Defense Good right d
216 VolTaGe TaCKtik VolTaGe TaCKtik Left Wing I can play
217 BGN Career BGN Career Right Defense No
218 Hu88z Hu88z Left Wing What question
219 The Bearcat1789 The Bearcat1789 Left Wing
220 THE PUDGE 22 THE PUDGE 22 Right Defense Sign me up please. Primary RD. Secondary LD
221 xxbigxqcxpoxx XxBigxQCxPOxX Center .
222 Gh0sT 1369 Gh0sT 1369 Right Wing Can play any forward position, am willing to switch to defense ( if I can ) for a team with competent forwards .
223 ktb killa ktb killa Center Pick me
224 l Ringy l97l l Ringy l97l Left Wing I played for Tri city this year..
225 corms911 corms911 Left Defense I love reiders19❤️
226 GaryRocks30 GaryRocks30 Goalie Whens it start
227 xBroNz3x xBroNz3x Goalie Leggo
228 lX Kane 88 Xl lX Kane 88 Xl Right Wing :)
229 K0ng2 K0ng2 Goalie a
230 TEXASMX91 TEXASMX91 Center Comments
231 Gavnasty97 Gavnasty97 Left Wing I can play anything other than G
232 masse83 masse83 Right Defense None
233 ITzzRoberge x97 ItzzRoberge x97 Goalie No
234 DuffMcGriff DuffMcGriff Right Defense None
235 CaptainCampos79 CaptainCampos79 Center Gold
236 N0 REM02SE N0 REM02SE Left Wing I’m deadly
237 HarbingerSin HarbingerSin Left Wing Can also play Center
238 lPastrnak 88l lPastrnak 88l Left Wing I want to play some hockey
239 ItzTets ItzTets Left Defense Yo
240 Concerned Cad Concerned Cad Goalie Hi
241 BaskutKayz BaskutKayz Left Defense N
242 Rocketsteph Rocketsteph Right Defense no question
243 KronikWarrior74 KronikWarrior74 Left Defense Nope
244 Drunk3nCanadian Drunk3nCanadian Left Wing Just looking to play at least one game. Put availavility in for every game last season and not one ecu opportunityif that happens for wjc im done with LG
245 OC k3hn OC k3hn Left Wing Super pumped!
246 GnarlyTeddyBear GnarlyTeddyBear Left Wing always available
247 WooaahhCindaaay WooaahhCindaaay Right Wing No questions
248 UphillMoss290 UphillMoss290 Left Wing For some reason this was required
249 Lieutenant Emu Lieutenant Emu Left Wing None
250 Pete Cruise Pete Cruise Right Defense none. I can play 9/9
251 EG Soul Reaver EG Soul Reaver Right Wing .
252 PuckinNutz PuckinNutz Right Wing No
253 xXGoalieGodXx xXGoalieGodXx Goalie none
254 Cpt BOHICA Cpt BOHICA Goalie My primary position is Goalie, but can play either defensive position as well.
255 D0 It F0r Stat3 D0 It F0r Stat3 Right Wing On tc but just coming back so I’m able to play again :)
256 Gallant x 17 Gallant x 17 Right Wing I can play 9 game outa 9
258 Hockeydad4life HockeyDad4Life Right Defense Solid dguy
259 Full_melt707 l8lSelannel8l Right Defense Hello pals
260 oraclerampage Oraclerampage79 Left Wing Looking for a fun time
261 l KC97 l l KC97 l Right Defense Nope
262 cDuBs allSTAR cDuBs allSTAR Left Wing 9/9
263 Zach l19l Zach l19l Left Defense Can play both sides of Defense
264 xAdamTheGreat11 xAdamTheGreat11 Left Defense Here to impress not depress
265 ANTHRAX x I81I ANTHRAX x I81I Right Wing High
266 oaklanddad1212 oaklanddad1212 Left Wing I
267 Pfarrcyde23 Pfarrcyde23 Left Wing None
268 YummierScarab46 YummierScarab46 Right Wing hi
269 iceman469 iceman469 Right Wing Ok
270 Sakic x 91 Swaut Left Defense YUUUUUUUUUP can play LD & RD
271 I Steel City I I Steel City I Goalie None
272 IMARNER x I16I IMARNER x I16I Center can also play defence
273 MURPHANATOR3000 MURPHANATOR3000 Left Defense none
274 Specificationn SPECIFICATIONN Right Defense Good for any and all
275 TeamLTD TeamLTD Left Defense non3
276 GreatHAMbino67 GreatHAMbino67 Goalie Na
277 GotATHaNASIOU GotATHaNASIOU Goalie lets go
278 JoJoWHATWHAT JoJoWHATWHAT Left Defense All Games
279 xLegionofDoom10 xLegionofDoom10 Goalie im avail for all
280 l SMITH 39 l l SMITH 39 l Goalie Hello
281 purplehaze2513 purplehaze2513 Goalie Just here to have fun
282 DmAc4lyfe DmAc4lyfe Left Wing Very active!
283 KILGRAV3 KILGRAV3 Goalie Goalie or C
284 SuGaR nL SuGaR nL Center hi
285 Studz x 7 Studz x 7 Left Wing No
286 lxI Irish Ixl lxI Irish Ixl Right Defense I play either side for defense.
287 MANBEARPIGCT83 MANBEARPIGCT83 Left Defense No questions
288 BigCountry7914 BigCountry7914 Right Wing
289 xDudester xDudester Left Wing Xbox and PS4 player
290 IX Twisted XI IX Twisted XI Goalie Na
291 LeGros x 66 LeGros x 66 Right Defense
293 Huckfinn95 Huckfinn95 Left Wing
294 xLTD23x xLTD23x Center CHL GM Season 29
295 Bergi101192 Bergi101192 Right Wing Papi long shlong
296 WannaBE Cali WannaBE Cali Right Defense None
297 TNOOSE856 TNOOSE856 Left Defense Can play either side D
298 N0nOmn1sM0r1ar N0nOmn1sM0r1ar Goalie Nope
299 COOPnSON2018 COOPnSON2018 Right Wing Gamertag: COOPnSON2018
300 l2l Clutch l8l l2l Clutch l8l Left Wing Lw or C
301 CazuaL JL CazuaL JL Right Wing .
302 uknome88 uknome88 Goalie .
303 BIG SWAGG BIG SWAGG Right Defense i want to play
304 I Nylander l I Nylander l Right Wing Bad
305 PigsOnJupiter PigsOnJupiter Left Wing .
306 Sbrangy Sbrangy Left Defense .
307 WhiteMamba BC WhiteMamba BC Goalie .
308 Na9y420 Na9y420 Right Defense Stay at home D man
309 rdonley7 rdonley7 Right Defense Neither!
310 F1ashOfTheBlade F1ashOfTheBlade Center 1) C 2) RW 3) G
311 DEL ZOTTO X82X DEL ZOTTO x82x Right Defense Rd/Ld I play both right and left defense equally bad... lol naw I play both at the same skill level, upgraded my controller and hard wired my connection so no more issues on that front.
312 MORTlCORE MORTlCORE Left Wing Chill
313 Sir William XII Sir William XII Center I like to pass
314 Weavs x 19 Weavs x 19 Right Wing Nothing
315 NBTU DropShotz7 NBTU DropShotz7 Right Wing NA
316 GoldyIsBack GoldyIsBack Goalie
317 CertifiedShayne CertifiedShayne Right Defense .
318 lS1MPLEl lS1MPLEl Center Yup
319 Staios Staios Center None :D
320 SneakyDaredevil SneakyDaredevil Center .
322 AOW SHOTIME AOW SHOTIME Right Defense Let’s do this
323 I Lateralus l I Lateralus l Left Defense I can play either side
324 o Black Fire x o Black Fire x Left Defense I can play RD too, but I use right handed stick.
325 AvA DrEamZ II AvA DrEamZ II Right Defense I can also play LD and C
327 DEVILDOGoc DEVILDOGoc Goalie Can play rd also
328 iTz FaTeLz iTz FaTeLz Right Wing Is it like a gm picks players or does everybody get auto assigned
329 Schwifty7 Schwifty7 Left Wing Put me in coach.
330 XxHowDatTASTExX XxHowDatTASTExX Goalie Solid Goalie skill.
331 CaPTaiN PauL CaPTaiN PauL Right Wing Looking for some puck
332 TheRocksays2324 TheRocksays2324 Left Wing No
333 Gagne l83l Gagne l83l Right Defense ????
334 McChallenged McChallenged Right Defense -
337 xProzer xProzer Goalie LETS GOOOOOO WIN ALL GAME
338 Rob475 Robsmash475 Center Can play any day and can play lw/c will play rw if needed
339 Craig B x91 Craig B x91 Right Defense
340 Im Sean Avery Im Sean Avery Right Wing Im a better hockey player than Zeno.
341 Buck McDowell Buck McDowell Right Defense Hi. My name is Buck,i am here to keep it simple and win the tournament. Thank you have a nice day. -Buck
342 SWIZZY x 61 SWIZZY x 61 Right Wing Availibility is all
343 GoogAndSwag GoogAndSwag Goalie sun tues wed
344 TheRandemGamer TheRandemGamer Right Defense Here to have fun and try to win some games and meet new people.
345 iDANGLESON iDANGLESON Right Wing Can I play
346 budw3is3r1212 budw3is3r1212 Left Wing A
347 TheAtchy TheAtchy Left Defense Can also play right side or forward (preferred center 'defensive mindset')
348 OVBryant l8l OVBryant l8l Left Defense Let’s get it
349 naughtyUncleTed naughtyUncleTed Center n/a
350 hawksfan20 hawksfan20 Center N/A
351 Nicdec0104 Nicdec0104 Goalie I play hockey
352 xXI CR1SIS IXx xXI CR1SIS IXx Left Wing Excited for the opportunity to show my skill and get in some games. Didn't have a chance as a TC last season.
353 KNIFEinYOURguts KNIFEinYOURguts Left Wing Suck it.
354 No1xDraft PcK No1xDraft PcK Right Wing none
355 Agger23 AggerX23 Goalie Hi
356 Maaa dude1219 Maaa dude1219 Center Yes!!!
357 B I N K Y I77I B I N K Y I77I Goalie No
358 I Prozzer I I Prozzer I Right Wing Franchise rw
359 Zer0 Tension Zer0 Tension Goalie None
360 Doop YNWA 7 Doop YNWA 7 Goalie -
361 Chaotic Hunter1 Chaotic Hunter1 Center .
362 dola1589 dola1589 Goalie i only play with buck and teebonomme
363 Alexander x 91 Alexander x 91 Goalie Hi
364 Gucci Wright Gucci Wright Right Wing I played for 67s and Sudbury this season
365 Juke 4K Juke 4K Goalie 84sv% 2.2GAA on the season, so in other words im thumbless, keep scrolling.
366 S i M o N x 12 S i M o N x 12 Left Wing Be scare if you see me on the lineup
367 FJGeezy FJGeezy Left Wing None
368 gundamfreedomx gundamfreedomx Left Defense I have bad avail
369 OvyTheGreat08 OvyTheGreat08 Right Wing Hi
370 Crasseman Crasseman Right Wing .
371 iamgager iAmGager Right Wing
372 Tragic l 19 l Tragic l 19 l Right Defense Play 3 nights min probably more
373 BANDIT ZX BANDIT ZX Left Defense None.
374 Moses Dangles Moses Dangles Left Wing none
375 SMS Fan 3 SMS Fan 3 Right Wing Questions or Comments
376 clutchcolbs clutchcolbs Goalie hello
377 xSnipEShoWx11 xSnipEShoWx11 Right Wing Available whenever
378 TheREAL CptKirk TheREAL CptKirk Right Defense No
379 Corey Crow I50I Corey Crow I50I Center C/lw
380 iDignifyRevenge iDignifyRevenge Center Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?
381 xNFx Marc xNFx Marc Center
382 l Marner x l16l l Marner x l16l Center no questions or comments
383 TnP x DaRkStaR TnP x DaRkStaR Goalie .
384 OrangeChickn OrangeChickn Left Wing #1 pick
386 Will D 5 Will D 5 Right Defense 1
387 whiteb0y9o2 whiteb0y9o2 Left Wing I wanna go to canada
388 freestyle iix FreeStyLe IIx Left Defense Nothing
389 xXx AgentJ xXx xXx AgentJ xXx Right Wing rw/c
390 Landeskog Landeskog Center Let's go
391 Grazzei Grazzei Left Wing ...
392 Dahlin x 8 Kotkaniemi x 15 Right Defense ?!
393 Mag1c x SauCe Mag1c x SauCe Right Wing None
394 B1GBEAR22 B1GBEAR22 Left Wing None
395 SirMikeKnight SirMikeKnight Right Defense none
396 xJettx xJettx Left Defense Through the legs specialist here looking to win a medal.
397 Senger x 75 Senger x 75 Left Wing .
398 kdoss kdoss Center Will be streaming all games active and available
399 Bushook Bushook Left Wing Will choke game 7
400 Juul Vendor Grassed Out Center I’m good
401 Da GeRmAiNiAc Da GeRmAiNiAc Left Defense Won’t play goalie
402 Braap I17I Braap I17I Left Defense I’m Poo
403 RpH KMART RpH KMART Right Defense Good luck you fairies
404 ROMAN95 ROMAN95 Left Wing
405 Lord Cyphoner Lord Cyphoner Center none
406 BigTuna760 BigTuna760 Right Defense Avail at least 3 games
407 Uemoda Uemoda Left Wing RIP Waffle
408 STEALTHxSh0ts STEALTHxSh0ts Left Wing
409 TheLastRecluse5 TheLastRecluse5 Right Defense Rd
410 pghreaper PghReaper Goalie i also can play other positions
411 Mr Space Baby Mr Space Baby Right Wing no
412 Ripo Ripo Right Defense 9/9
413 Mr WorldWlde 69 Mr WorldWlde 69 Right Defense No
414 x Tka c h uk 19 x Tka c h uk 19 Right Wing Ezpz
415 BuddyWhackit7 BuddyWhackit7 Center Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pay until now
416 elliottism elliottism Left Defense Nah
417 VerbalCheatcode VerbalCheatcode Left Defense Can play both sides of defense and available open
418 Hall of Fame31 Hall of Fame31 Right Wing Solid player
419 IXI Ein IXI IXI Ein IXI Goalie None
420 o Heartbreak3r o Heartbreak3r Right Wing I agree
421 WestySnipes17 WestySnipes17 Right Wing None
422 J CAL41598 J CAL41598 Goalie Received
423 truecl3ver truecl3ver Right Wing play goalie also
424 warstrat3gy01 warstrat3gy01 Center I would love to play in this tournament.
425 Pearson x 70 Pearson x 70 Left Wing .
426 DUSTydanglezz DUSTydanglezz Right Wing
427 Tapt58 Tapt58 Goalie Unsure of availability in the next couple of week,s signing up for tc/ecu role.
428 PivotGivinner PivotGivinner Right Defense full availability
429 QuongI22I QuongI22I Left Defense Nun
430 I Petri I 20I I Petri I 20I Right Defense None
432 DaGR8Bockines DaGR8Bockines Left Defense ................
433 Big bopper 17 Big Bopper 17 Right Wing Beer
434 afb21 afb21 Left Wing .
435 SaucexBin SaucexBin Right Wing .
436 TrT Spartan37 TrT Spartan37 Goalie late
437 Rabitoz Rabitoz Left Wing No
438 GirlsGotGameTTV GirlsGotGameTTV Left Wing None
439 BaseWater BaseWater Center ....
440 Ok Squidd Ok Squidd Right Defense Hi
441 Homiezoned Homiezoned Right Wing —-
442 ll MyTHiC ll MyTHiC Right Wing .
443 AnRaDe728 AnRaDe728 Left Defense currently on the Titans!
444 Arvidsson l33l Arvidsson l33l Left Wing None
445 Reggie Howser Reggie Howser Right Defense Canada eh?
446 iDurTy iDurTy Left Wing H
447 UZI l93l UZI l93l Center Can also play RW
448 Doc x Dank Doc x Dank Left Defense .
449 MischiefMaster6 MischiefMaster6 Left Wing Left wing
450 LiL Hazy Dubz LiL Hazy Dubz Right Wing
451 Dimitri x 91 Dimitri x 91 Right Defense HMU if u need
452 Reiders90 Reiders90 Right Wing Hi
453 TSmitty__4 lYankeesfan4l Right Wing Good availability
454 Ariasaki Ariasaki Goalie No
455 Apex Carrot Apex Carrot Left Defense hi
456 xGoAtDeMoNx xGoAtDeMoNx Left Defense Poop
457 xX Jonesy 14 Xx xX Jonesy 14 Xx Right Defense mm
458 KingNoodleTron KingNoodleTron Right Defense ?
459 I3rody I3rody Goalie No comment
460 DavidMisery5490 DavidMisery5490 Left Wing Thank you!
461 samipote samipote Goalie ok
462 DocoPunk DocoPunk Right Defense Two-way RHD here to join a WJC squad.
463 Moesof17john Moesof17john Right Defense n/a
464 hahalovesit hahalovesit Goalie Let’s do that hockey
465 twilight138 twilight138 Goalie #
466 mochez18 mochez18 Goalie lol
467 xX ibchiln Xx ibchiln Left Wing Can play LW or RW. Just looking for a fun and competitive league.
468 oilersfan1999 oilersfan1999 Right Wing
469 KingZadina KingZadina Left Wing None
470 HuskGoat lHuskie Goalie Hi
471 XProgressoX XProgressoX Center I
472 Dublaga Dublaga Center N/a
473 hoyas1977 hoyas1977 Center LookiNg to play
474 MistaWilliams8 MistaWilliams8 Left Wing N/A
475 FaceboxAJC44 FaceboxAJC44 Goalie None
476 Carlucci98 Carlucci98 Right Defense hu
477 xSUBBANxl76lx Subban x I76l Right Defense pick me
478 Bu11frog91 Bu11frog91 Goalie Decent goalie or lw/c
479 KMswagerYT KMswagerYT Goalie I’ve played CHL and this league
480 BigSaveNabokov NHL Blows Left Defense No