Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 XGEnErAL 420X XGEnErAL 420X Goalie Topg Here BEST PSN and i can top5 xbox
2 Newfie Apex Newfie Apex Right Wing
3 ll Oshie ll ll Oshie ll Left Wing
4 Spacelessbark SpacelessBark Right Defense
5 SpenceDangles SpenceDangles Right Wing
6 JuniorHawk16 JuniorHawk16 Left Wing
7 Chr1s Chr1s Right Defense
8 Kroneez Kroneez Right Wing
9 Billsmafia1186 Billsmafia1186 Left Wing
10 ChellKing96 ChellKing96 Right Wing
11 OBrien x 8 OBrien x 8 Center
12 SchneiderVice SchneiderVice Goalie I once beat composure twice in one night
13 TheRandemGamer TheRandemGamer Right Defense
15 DDW4 DDW4 Center
17 warstrat3gy01 warstrat3gy01 Left Wing
18 HuskGoat lHuskie Goalie
19 I Jordo l I Jordo l Right Wing
20 SurpriseMe22 SurpriseMe22 Right Wing
21 Deadsilence05 Deadsilence05 Right Defense
23 ArmoredSet6130 ArmoredSet6130 Right Wing
24 x Tka c h uk 19 x Tka c h uk 19 Right Defense
25 OrockOnYoutube OrockOnYoutube Right Wing
26 ThatZachGuy ThatZachGuy Right Defense
27 edbone11 edbone11 Left Defense
28 Eatchy Eatchy Center
29 officialmark07 officialmark07 Left Defense
30 bettylouu12 bettylouu12 Right Wing
31 S i M o N x 12 S i M o N x 12 Left Wing
32 Snails x 7 Snails x 7 Right Wing I'd like to be captain
33 Farfadet92 Farfadet92 Left Defense Yolo
34 bootlegers bootlegers Right Defense
35 Eamonn Eamonn Left Defense
36 o NEM3SIS Math Parenteau Center
37 Gunwoat Gunwoat Right Defense
38 a1xFREAKx13 X1xFREAKx3X Center
39 Landy Byng Landy Byng Left Defense
40 APX x 93 APX x 93 Center C/RW
41 Pure Pone Pure Pone Left Defense
42 Spawzz Spawzz Left Wing
43 BreakIn3 2 1 BreakIn3 2 1 Right Defense
44 NHL JL 13 NHL JL 13 Center
45 Wavy Nana Wavy Nana Left Defense
46 l Vezina l 1 l Vezina l 1 Goalie
47 Huddy Huddy Goalie
48 Dublaga Dublaga Center
49 Kyuzo Kenshi Kyuzo Kenshi Right Wing
50 Stoner x 95 Stoner x 95 Right Wing May not be available until around 10-10:30 depending when I finish work
51 Dannyy Briere Dannyy Briere Right Defense
52 Wast3d Tal3nts Wast3d Tal3nts Right Wing
53 ySnowy ySnowy Left Wing
54 Ragey23 Ragey23 Right Defense
55 Dups77 Dups77 Left Defense
56 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Right Defense
57 AMalcs AMalcs Left Wing
58 Eagles9412 Eagles9412 Left Defense
59 l Chelios x24 l l Chelios x24 l Left Defense
60 Karma I2I Karma I2I Left Wing :/
61 TimmyTheTig3r TimmyTheTig3r Right Defense
62 Position banc Position banc Right Wing
63 FlowMaster Joe FlowMaster Joe Right Wing
64 UniqueSniperr UniqueSniperr Right Defense Can play ld
65 gun9rave gun9rave Center
67 Lingross Lingross Right Defense
68 Odieeeeee Odieeeeee Right Defense
69 shutthegate shutthegate Goalie
70 Bob le nainroux Bob le nainroux Right Defense
71 MJ23 x Cash MJ23 x Cash Right Wing
72 Phantom FG PHANTOM FG Goalie
73 I Prozzer I I Prozzer I Right Wing
74 danlizhot Dan x 39 Goalie
75 Yahter Yahter Left Wing hi
76 Polarities Polarities Left Defense
77 Kopi Kopi Right Wing Only available game 1 and 2
78 SouPerSaiyan SouPerSaiyan Right Wing
79 ItsCOC ItsCOC Left Defense D either side
80 John Bri I 7 I John Bri I 7 I Left Wing
81 TehBass x 27 TehBass x 27 Right Wing
82 JDoolus JDoolus Goalie
83 Wxllsy XVI Wxllsy XVI Center
84 Jarome 83 Jarome 83 Left Wing Can play the late game only
85 DomSquad100 DomSquad100 Left Wing
86 Desyd19 Desyd 19 Right Defense
87 Xx LoL xX 9 Xx LoL xX 9 Center
88 Zk x ViiPeRz Goalie
89 G lR ii M x G lR ii M x Left Defense
90 Chaskin12 Chasky212 Right Defense
92 lxl MLGesus lxl lxl MLGesus lxl Center Lw or ld as well
93 Foote Foote Left Defense
94 I_PowerPak_I Left Wing
95 shoco123 shoco123 Right Defense
96 Po_luhr Young Jaquavis Goalie
97 Givemedings16 Givemedings16 Center
98 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Goalie
100 gundamfreedomx gundamfreedomx Right Wing
101 Rivzky Rivzky Right Wing
102 C4NADA C4NADA Right Defense
103 Sejje Sejje Left Wing
104 Na9y420 Na9y420 Right Defense
105 Vaporize 17 Vaporize 17 Right Defense
106 l S4K l l S4K l Center
107 l FreeStyle 7 l l FreeStyle 7 l Left Defense
108 Kernsy Kernsy Goalie
109 Doughty x I8I Doughty x I8I Left Defense Don’t draft me I won’t play I’m playing with my friends
110 LemeIin LemeIin Right Defense King Kong
111 trevwings trevwings Right Defense
112 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l Left Wing FNP ON MEEEEEEEEE
113 Dangs92 Dangs92 Right Wing
114 rickchel rickchel Left Wing
115 Wooly x 33 Wooly x 33 Left Wing
116 mfricha mfrichardson Center
117 gregy99 gregy99 Center
118 Soapy412 Soapy412 Right Wing
119 HandsLikeHans HandsLikeHans Right Defense
120 o Crazy Legz o o Crazy Legz o Left Wing
121 l6 Inf4mou5 9l l6 Inf4mou5 9l Left Defense
122 Shockz Shockz Left Wing
123 Sitful Sitful Center Hi
124 Bennymac1609 Bennymac1609 Center Can also play LW or RW just as well
125 Streetsmurf TrueUndefeated Right Wing
126 Whiisky x Whiisky x Right Wing
127 x TERRY x 77 x TERRY x 77 Left Defense
128 Leafy Leafy Left Wing
129 Gilleh Gilleh Right Wing Can only play 2 games
130 cj142 cj142 Center may have to leave early around 10pm
131 Capitalize x94 Capitalize x94 Center
132 Auggy98 Auggy98 Goalie
133 Wadden l32l Wadden l32l Right Wing Tbnk
134 Flow Sauce Chew FLOW SAUCE CHEW Right Wing
135 Spooer69 Spooer69 Goalie
137 GoalsGranted GoalsGranted Goalie
138 JTavares l91l JTavares l91l Left Wing
139 Ca Na Da 4L Ca Na Da 4L Left Defense
140 The Riddler3 The Riddler3 Right Defense
141 Klim x 20 Klim x 20 Left Defense
142 Groulxz Genoo Jr Right Wing
143 Lightzz2k Lightzz2k Goalie
144 Nuge Nuge Left Defense
145 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus Center
146 PieR Talent PieR Talent Right Wing
147 OFs OFs Left Wing
148 BEAUPRE o BEAUPRE o Goalie Ill arrive at game time, 9pm.
149 Yung Gren Yung Gren Center
150 Ezreal Ezreal Right Defense
151 FJGeezy FJGeezy Left Wing
152 Perrilyzer1 Perrilyzer1 Goalie
153 Und3rSh0tkid Vagassani 097 Right Wing
154 ll SiZZLe ll ll SiZZLe ll Right Wing
155 hatemakerr hatemakerr Left Wing no.
156 BoogieHedgehog6 BoogieHedgehog6 Right Wing
157 RoaringViper RoaringViper Right Wing
158 brandonbramanti brandonbramanti Left Defense ill play ld, lw, c, rd
159 Amiot x 04 Amiot x 04 Right Defense
160 x Hendry 91 Hxndry Goalie suck me sideways
161 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing
162 BURSEY BURSEY Right Defense
163 DAV1S0N DAV1S0N Left Defense
164 ScarFace1483 ScarFace1483 Right Wing
165 Howard I35I Howard I35I Goalie
166 The Gr8 Haxby The Gr8 Haxby Right Wing
167 xXx AgentJ xXx xXx AgentJ xXx Right Wing
168 Colonel20 Colonel20 Right Defense
169 flipnremix flipnremix Left Defense D either side
170 STL TopShelf STL TopShelf Center
171 Buckneison Buckneison Right Defense
172 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
173 MrMalice25 MrMalice25 Center
174 Krejci l46l Krejci l46l Left Wing
175 DeeSa Ali DeeSa Ali Right Defense Any pos
176 Crease-Fire I Crease Fire I Goalie
177 Proud Gay Dad Proud Gay Dad Right Wing
178 Wickedly Moist Wickedly Moist Center Center or Right Wing.
179 cabcavlax1 cabcavlax1 Right Defense
180 KosmicEA KosmicEA Left Wing
181 React 10 React 10 Center
182 Redmile89 Redmile89 Goalie
184 rds I 67 I rds I 67 I Right Wing
185 Beta Dreams Beta Dreams Left Defense
186 LukeForceWalker LukeForceWalker Left Wing I watch Gilmore Girls Daily
187 MMurph MMurph Center
188 BANDIT ZX BANDIT ZX Left Defense
189 XxJGriZZa1xX XxJGriZZa1xX Goalie
190 Jumps x 66 Jumps x 66 Left Wing
191 l Bossy l x 22 l Bossy l x 22 Center
192 CT 66 CT 66 Right Defense Best RD in the game
193 K1eetus K1eetus Left Defense
194 JC Enterprise JC Enterprise Right Defense
195 CJWAGEN1028 CJWAGEN1028 Right Defense
196 Ksw Ksw Right Wing Or c
197 AwCc x 97 AwCc x 97 Left Defense
198 Chislett 19 Chislett 19 Left Wing Hi
199 Ethos Jinx Ethos Jinx Center
200 xJLucas xJLucas Right Wing Can play any position
201 ArchambauIt ArchambauIt Right Defense
202 jeff0012 Jeff0028 Right Wing
203 Weldxr Weldxr Right Wing
204 SirWinsATon SirWinsATon Right Defense
205 KEAPPS Center
206 SNipeSHow Inc SNipeSHow Inc Right Defense
207 JJr JJr Left Wing
208 Huberdeau I11I Huberdeau I11I Left Wing
209 Lazy Pedestrian Lazy Pedestrian Right Defense
210 ST33LRAIN0341 ST33LRAIN0341 Left Defense
211 Provorov x 9 Provorov x 9 Right Defense
212 Flynnnie Flynnnie Right Defense