Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 y Snowy y Snowy Left Wing
2 Maxwell x 3 Maxwell x 3 Right Defense
3 Joorrdan Joorrdan Left Defense
4 Breaky Breaky Right Wing
5 BlueJays34 BlueJays34 Center
6 Daoust l88l Daoust l88l Left Defense
7 Ragey23 Ragey23 Right Defense
8 dangledU2 dangledU2 Center
10 SouPerSaiyan SouPerSaiyan Right Wing
11 Anger3 Anger3 Left Wing
12 Dangs92 Dangs92 Center
13 xDarth29 xDarth29 Center
14 APX x 93 APX x 93 Center
15 GoTxDaNkx GoTxDaNkx Goalie
16 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing
17 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Goalie
18 UniqueSniperr UniqueSniperr Right Defense Can play ld
19 Gabseh Gabseh Left Wing
20 Malchesky Malchesky Right Wing
21 Raynor Raynor Left Wing
22 Position banc Position banc Right Wing
23 I PowerPak I I PowerPak I Goalie im actually a stud
24 Provorov x 9 Provorov x 9 Right Defense
25 GhostRagzz GhostRagzz Right Defense
26 Dinxzy Dinxzy Left Defense Sleeper
27 XGEnErAL 420X XGEnErAL 420X Goalie TopG :)
29 Ice4veinzz Ice4veinzz Left Wing
30 Ob of Zob Ob of Zob Left Defense
31 Tenzous Tenzous Goalie
32 Lorenzo x 24 Lorenzo x 24 Left Wing
33 jfr0 jfr0 Left Defense
34 l Miller 16 l l Miller 16 l Center
35 DanTheMan1452 DanTheMan1452 Left Wing
36 Deadsilence05 Deadsilence05 Right Defense
37 Dev I4I Dev I4I Center
38 drally20 drally20 Goalie
39 Spawzz Spawzz Left Wing
40 Papi I29I Papi I29I Right Defense
41 PeteyMaCx11 PeteyMaCx11 Left Defense
42 ThatTwiggyAlien ThatTwiggyAlien Right Wing
43 ArchambauIt ArchambauIt Center
44 Karmuh x 86 Karmuh x 86 Right Wing
45 Spooer69 Spooer69 Left Defense
46 Kollzy l12l Kollzy l12l Left Wing
48 hatemakerr hatemakerr Left Wing If I know you I'll play wherever.
49 Stewkos Stewkos Center
50 pghreaper PghReaper Center
51 Sitful Sitful Center Hey!
52 jonlol jonlul Goalie
53 APsychicTaco APsychicTaco Goalie
54 its Gallyy its Gallyy Goalie
55 SerialSniper16 SerialSniper16 Goalie
56 Perrilyzer1 Perrilyzer1 Goalie
57 trevwings trevwings Left Defense
58 Basful Basful Left Wing
59 Odieeeeee Odieeeeee Right Defense
60 Firehalomaniac Firehalomaniac Goalie
61 GIJoe Destro GIJoe Destro Left Defense
62 HuskGoat HuskGoat Goalie
63 SteveB9211 SteveB9211 Goalie
64 MarcoGoes5H0LE MarcoGoes5H0LE Center
65 l Semp l l Semp l Right Defense
66 Woahmack Woahmack Left Wing
67 iReeva iReeva Goalie
68 Eamonn Eamonn Left Defense
69 Vaporize 17 Vaporize 17 Right Defense
71 SDUBjr SDUBjr Goalie
72 Alfie48 Alfie48 Center
73 x BeIt x BeIt Left Defense
74 Karlsson Klaus Karlsson Klaus Right Wing
75 Mr Blain3r Mr Blain3r Goalie
76 x Fisher 81 x Fisher 81 Right Wing Center
77 Remnato Remnato Left Wing
78 Oo TheMvp oO Oo TheMvp oO Left Wing
79 Kroneez Kroneez Right Wing
80 x lmSoPro x AC Gagnon Left Wing Chu beau
81 TacticalSwim TacticalSwim Left Defense
82 Zigg989 Zigg989 Left Wing
83 officialmark07 officialmark07 Left Defense
84 Anthvass14 Anthvass14 Center
85 Xx LoL xX 9 Xx LoL xX 9 Center
86 x Lafond x Lafond Right Defense
87 Yantzer x 84 Yantzer x 84 Goalie
88 SpenceDangles SpenceDangles Right Wing
89 Vilardi x l73l Vilardi x l73l Goalie Will carry you to trophy points draft me
90 l Wall x 31 l l Wall x 31 l Goalie
91 Koho Koho Left Wing
92 Big Wet May Big Wet May Goalie
93 l Vezina l 1 l Vezina l 1 Goalie
94 Martin ScoresEZ Martin ScoresEZ Left Defense Game bites.
95 Really Good Dad Really Good Dad Right Defense
96 l PoIar l l PoIar l Goalie
97 Ca Na Da 4L Ca Na Da 4L Left Defense
98 StamToast StamToast Right Defense
99 rG Breezyy rG Breezyy Center
100 GreasyGogan Jay Rulez Center
101 TheGreech TheGreech Goalie
102 King Natzu King Natzu Goalie
103 JerseyDevils 27 JerseyDevilz 27 Left Defense
104 Charyzen Charyzen Goalie
105 Wooly x 33 Wooly x 33 Left Wing
106 BEAUPRE o TwiggyVoyage3 Goalie
107 Winston Payne Winston Payne Goalie
108 BizyBounce BizyBounce Goalie
109 shutthegate shutthegate Goalie
110 Wadden l32l Wadden l32l Center Jetfuel can't melt steel beams
111 Yahter Yahter Left Wing
112 Payner Payner Goalie
113 Fn Waz Fn WaZ Left Defense 6 9
114 Gilleh Gilleh Center Dont draft if u suck
115 I HDC I I HDC I Goalie
116 xKillzone99 xKillzone99 Right Wing I'll play any Position, doesn't matter.
118 BlueLineKing7 Bluelineking7 Left Defense
119 Dualtz Dualtz Right Defense
120 DCue79 DCue79 Right Defense Ferda boys
121 RoWsKi RoWsKi Goalie
122 detee ef detee ef Right Wing
123 xJackz 71 xJackz 71 Center
124 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
125 ll 7th ll ll 7th ll Right Defense
126 lx Miller xl lx Miller xl Right Defense
127 GONGSH0W GONGSH0W Right Defense
128 Dont be Saad Dont be Saad Left Defense hi hk
129 Dime a Dozen Dime a Dozen Center
130 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Left Wing
131 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus Right Defense
132 pitwinkle PitWinkle Goalie
133 JTavares l91l JTavares l91l Left Wing
134 TBS x P1R4T3 TBS x P1R4T3 Right Defense
135 FlowMaster Joe FlowMaster Joe Right Defense
136 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 Center
137 Soapy412 Soapy412 Right Wing
138 MxnsteR 95 MxnsteR 95 Right Defense
139 GeT MuTeDD GeT MuTeDD Right Defense
140 DeIosh DeIosh Goalie
141 HandsLikeHans HandsLikeHans Right Defense
142 SoY LoS 19 SoY LoS 19 Center Or rw
143 a1xFREAKx13 a1xFREAKx13 Center
144 x Gallyy x Gallyy Right Wing
145 Luusky Luusky Left Defense Left or Right
146 OFs OFs Left Wing
147 a Bas3 CaMp3r a Bas3 CaMp3r Right Defense
148 GregxWhite GregxWhite Goalie
149 Globes Globes Right Defense
150 goonderk goonderk Left Defense
151 m1st3r ped m1st3r ped Center
152 ka2good KA2good Left Defense
153 Nraimondi44 Nraimondi44 Right Defense May not be around tn. Signed up just in case
154 Sbass19 Sbass19 Left Wing
155 Meestah Don Meestah Don Right Wing
156 Flow Sauce Chew FLOW SAUCE CHEW Right Defense
157 RoaringViper RoaringViper Goalie
158 Zer0 Tension Zer0 Tension Goalie
159 Twistafied Twistafied Left Wing
160 A Kooky Eel A Kooky Eel Right Wing
162 SamEvilSon SamEvilSon Goalie
163 Eagles9412 Eagles9412 Left Defense
164 Duky GT R Duky Center Or rw
165 Badmash 604 Badmash 604 Left Wing
166 Doanxr Doanxr Right Defense
167 Curi0sity Curi0sity Left Defense
168 SuDzy92 SuDzy92 Right Wing
169 Rockxt 97 Rockxt 97 Right Wing
170 l Bossy l x 22 l Bossy l x 22 Right Wing
171 Foote Foote Left Defense
172 Naazzyy Naazzyy Center
173 SiCKO x M0DE SiCKO x M0DE Center or rw
174 UT75035 UT75035 Goalie
175 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing
176 SNipeSHow Inc SNipeSHow Inc Right Defense
177 AjHcCwRsSb AjHcCwRsSb Right Defense
178 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Right Wing
179 brandovedo brandovedo Right Defense
180 l Sakic l l Sakic l Center Can’t play
181 lx GIBBY xl lx GIBBY xl Right Defense
182 lx JoneZ xl lx JoneZ xl Goalie
183 DirtyJerrz DirtyJerrz Goalie
184 Chaskin12 Chasky212 Right Defense
185 y05hiii Y05Hiii Left Wing
186 Jaw Ache Jaw Ache Left Defense
187 xDubz 17 xDubz 17 Right Wing I can play at 9:45 rw or lw
188 GETHESEHANDS StanleyCupFrank Left Defense
189 MedicMiiKE MedicMiiKE Left Defense
190 o S m i i t t y o S m i i t t y Goalie Can’t play the first couple rounds can play later on