Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 XGEnErAL 420X XGEnErAL 420X Goalie Thx
2 AngryMuskratXYY AngryMuskratXYY Right Defense
3 KosmicEA KosmicEA Left Wing
4 Buddy x 34 Buddy x 34 Goalie
5 Joorrdan Joorrdan Left Defense
6 x TERRY x 77 x TERRY x 77 Left Defense
7 Ragey23 Ragey23 Right Defense
8 Really Good Dad Really Good Dad Right Defense
9 Shtummyy Shtummyy Goalie
10 APX x 93 APX x 93 Center C/RW
11 Skoden Uprising Skoden Uprising Right Defense
12 Eatchy Eatchy Right Wing
13 qnpsdub qnpsdub Goalie
14 Z3R0CR45H Z3R0CR45H Goalie FNP LETS GO
15 EnVyD l 1 EnVyD l 1 Goalie
16 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Left Wing
17 Geee Ohhh Deeee Geee Ohhh Deeee Center Can play any fwd
18 Perrilyzer1 Perrilyzer1 Goalie
19 Stifmeister x 7 Stifmeister x 7 Left Wing
20 xJLucas xJLucas Right Defense I’ll play either D side
21 Lyons x 63 Lyons x 63 Right Wing
22 Huddy Huddy Goalie
23 Kaxnan Kaxnan Left Defense
24 Vaporize 17 Vaporize 17 Right Defense
25 ScottyWildthing ScottyWildthing Left Wing
26 Broberg x 70 Broberg x 70 Right Defense
27 Stewkos Stewkos Center
28 Back342 l2l Brown l3l Goalie
30 LemeIin LemeIin Goalie
31 Wooly x 33 Wooly x 33 Left Wing
32 l Vezina l 1 l Vezina l 1 Goalie
33 AMalcs AMalcs Left Defense
34 zHitmans zHitmans Right Defense
35 l Ringy l97l l Ringy l97l Center
36 Some Pylon Some Pylon Left Defense im the worst,
37 The SNIZ Daddy The SNIZ Daddy Left Wing
38 SouPerSaiyan SouPerSaiyan Right Wing Cum alllll over me
39 Huckfinn95 Huckfinn95 Left Defense
40 Karmuh x 86 Karmuh x 86 Right Wing
41 OrockOnYoutube OrockOnYoutube Right Wing
42 meka DVA meka meka DVA meka Right Defense
43 McFleuryyy McFleuryyy Left Wing
44 RaiN l 87 l RaiN l 87 l Left Defense
45 bmasker15 bmasker15 Goalie
46 BullBreed333 BullBreed333 Right Wing
47 Dangs92 Dangs92 Right Wing
49 Crux l20l Crux l20l Goalie
50 detee ef detee ef Right Wing
51 GENxRebel GENxRebel Right Defense
52 Kollzy l12l Kollzy l12l Left Wing
53 l3l Ray l8l l3l Ray l8l Right Defense
54 TBS x P1R4T3 TBS x P1R4T3 Right Defense
55 l JLP l l JLP l Center
56 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
57 Lingross Lingross Right Defense
58 Martin ScoresEZ Martin ScoresEZ Left Defense
59 PlayboiPryme PlayboiPryme Right Wing
60 trevwings trevwings Right Defense
61 a1xFREAKx13 X1xFREAKx3X Center
62 officialmark07 officialmark07 Left Defense
63 Raynor Raynor Left Wing
64 Dermott l 23 l Dermott l 23 l Right Defense
65 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Goalie
66 ySnowy ySnowy Left Wing
67 lX Kane 88 Xl lX Kane 88 Xl Right Wing
68 Draisaitl x 29 Draisaitl x 29 Left Wing
69 Moesof17john Moesof17john Right Wing
70 xXx AgentJ xXx xXx AgentJ xXx Right Wing
71 Mr Blain3r Mr Blain3r Goalie I’ll sing to you
72 PapaSwayze PapaSwayze Center
73 pitwinkle PitWinkle Goalie
74 Go for a celly Go for a celly Right Wing
75 PieR Talent PieR Talent Right Wing
76 iTz x Luigi x iTz x Luigi x Left Defense
77 Weldxr Weldxr Right Wing
78 KingSlayerLXiX KingSlayerLXiX Left Defense
79 DavosJB DavosJB Goalie
80 ComaTikiss ComaTikiss Goalie
81 PaPa Munk PaPa Munk Right Wing
82 Josh l96l Josh l96l Left Defense
83 Tatar l21l Tatar l21l Goalie
84 rG Breezyy rG Breezyy Center
85 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Center
86 Dime a Dozen Dime a Dozen Center
87 ST33LRAIN0341 ST33LRAIN0341 Left Defense
88 NlK5 NlK5 Left Defense
89 Kev l97l Kev l97l Left Wing
90 Schlemko x 17 Schlemko x 17 Left Wing
91 DCue79 DCue79 Right Defense Oturd
92 Tendy Tendy Right Wing
93 Dinxzy Dinxzy Left Defense
94 Dualtz Dualtz Right Defense
95 goonderk goonderk Left Defense
96 Bradman87 Bradman87 Right Defense Let’s do this
97 shutthegate shutthegate Goalie fuck these devils
98 BURSEY BURSEY Right Defense
99 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing APsychicTaco is a virgin.
100 drally20 drally20 Goalie
101 TabarNUCK TabarNUCK Right Defense
102 I4I Hughes I3I I4I Hughes I3I Right Wing
103 Malchesky Malchesky Center
104 Sejje Sejje Left Wing
105 Gagne l83l Gagne l83l Right Defense
106 QC Guidax QC Guidax Right Defense
107 Farfadet92 Farfadet92 Left Defense Available all night long baby. Playing has a right handed grinder, i like to cycle the puck and go up if RW sets me up for a One-T. Currently in LG AHL
108 LEG3NDz R1D3Rz LEG3NDz R1D3Rz Right Defense
109 Eamonn Eamonn Left Defense
110 xMongeon xMongeon Right Wing
111 v ll a d d i v ll a d d i Goalie
112 JTavares l91l JTavares l91l Left Wing
113 Bad Guy l8l Bad Guy l8l Right Defense
114 H0L7BY H0L7BY Goalie
116 Broomball16 Broomball16 Center
117 TehBass x 27 TehBass x 27 Center
118 l Stastny26 l l Stastny26 l Right Defense
119 SteveB9211 SteveB9211 Goalie
120 SmiTTy x 12 SmiTTy x 12 Left Defense
121 BizyBounce BizyBounce Goalie
122 Cizikas x 53 Cizikas x 53 Center
123 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus Center
124 l GET BUSY l l GET BUSY l Left Defense Can play either side
125 Roisamy Roisamy Left Defense
126 Chr1s Chr1s Right Defense
127 Position banc Position banc Right Wing
128 HuskGoat lHuskie Goalie
129 Billsmafia1186 Billsmafia1186 Center
130 Drew x 8 Drew x 8 Center any fwd position
131 Sitful Sitful Center
133 AG Mazy AG Mazy Goalie
134 Wadden l32l Wadden l32l Right Wing
135 Zer0 Tension Zer0 Tension Goalie
136 jewbawkka jewbawkka Left Defense
138 RoasTT RoasTT Right Wing
139 TGil36 Center
140 Smittyy-_- o S m i i t t y Goalie
141 Thudson93 Thudson93 Goalie
142 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing
143 Endosmoke69 DozerB420 Goalie
144 Kaddie Shack Kaddie Shack Left Defense
145 Duggan Duggan Right Defense
146 Givemedings16 Givemedings16 Goalie
147 SJUSoccer9 SJUSoccer9 Center
148 Chaskin12 Chasky212 Left Defense