Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
2 BadHabbitts BadHabbitts Left Defense Veteran Player but new to the League.
3 RePel x 88 RePel x 88 Center
4 John Bri I 7 I John Bri I 7 I Left Wing
5 Krejci l46l Krejci l46l Left Wing
6 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Goalie
7 Eatchy Eatchy Right Wing
8 XGEnErAL 420X XGEnErAL 420X Goalie TopG :)
9 Joorrdan Joorrdan Left Defense
10 Herringthefish Herringthefish Goalie I’m allergic to Wags, someone send a Doc my way!
11 TheHeroicDuck TheHeroicDuck Left Defense
12 F R i K S x 9 9 F R i K S x 9 9 Goalie
13 PeteyMaCx11 PeteyMaCx11 Left Defense
14 Reiders90 Reiders90 Right Wing
15 Martel x 29 Martel x 29 Right Wing
16 DeIosh DeIosh Goalie
17 Koho Koho Left Wing
18 trevwings trevwings Right Defense
19 qnpsdub qnpsdub Goalie
20 Gabseh Gabseh Left Wing
21 P3k1ng DuK P3k1ng DuK Goalie
22 Stewkos Stewkos Center
23 MagiikStix MagiikStix Right Defense LD is fine too
24 l1l Sharp l0l l1l Sharp l0l Center
25 Charyzen Charyzen Goalie
26 BauerBoy11 BauerBoy11 Goalie Can i play tonight boys
27 Mxtayer Mxtayer Center
28 MarcoGoes5H0LE MarcoGoes5H0LE Center
29 Live365xPATRICK Live365xPATRICK Goalie
30 Project EBZ Project EBZ Left Wing
31 afbMART27 afbMART27 Right Wing try me
32 HuskGoat lHuskie Goalie
33 STE3LE STE3LE Center
34 TBS x P1R4T3 TBS x P1R4T3 Right Defense
35 Draisaitl x 29 Draisaitl x 29 Right Wing lw / c / rw
36 a1xFREAKx13 X1xFREAKx3X Center
37 Tatar l21l Tatar l21l Goalie
38 ySnowy ySnowy Left Wing
39 Basful Brettersonn Left Wing
40 RoasTT RoasTT Right Wing
41 Xx LoL xX 9 Xx LoL xX 9 Center
42 l Murray x 30 l l Murray x 30 l Goalie
43 Mr WorldWlde 69 Mr WorldWlde 69 Center
44 Rahzki PietrangeIo Left Defense
45 xJLucas xJLucas Right Defense Rd or LW
46 MedicMiiKE MedicMiiKE Left Defense
47 TR EGO23 TR EGO23 Left Defense
48 II REX Il II REX Il Left Defense
49 APX x 93 APX x 93 Center c/rw
50 hatemakerr hatemakerr Center ?
51 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Center
52 l Toffoli l73l l Toffoli l73l Left Defense
53 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Left Wing
54 Soapy412 Soapy412 Right Wing
55 BladezTML BladezTML Right Wing
56 Ballistik ICE Ballistik ICE Right Defense
57 Mr Blain3r Mr Blain3r Goalie Pick me!!!
58 Dekelicious Dekelicious Goalie
59 I St Michel I I St Michel I Right Wing im playing everywhere
60 Skoden Uprising Skoden Uprising Right Defense
61 x TERRY x 77 x TERRY x 77 Left Defense
62 Dualtz Dualtz Right Defense
63 dangledU2 dangledU2 Center Or lw
64 ItzTets ItzTets Left Defense
65 l Ringy l97l l Ringy l97l Center
66 xGoAtDeMoNx xGoAtDeMoNx Goalie
67 LemeIin LemeIin Goalie
68 DDW4 DDW4 Left Wing
69 OrockOnYoutube OrockOnYoutube Right Wing
70 D4D USA D4D USA Center
72 Malchesky Malchesky Right Wing any fwd
73 bmasker15 bmasker15 Goalie
74 l Chelios x24 l l Chelios x24 l Left Defense
75 KingKonz- KinggKonzz Goalie
76 Go for a celly Go for a celly Right Wing
77 ScottyWildthing ScottyWildthing Left Wing
78 Wadden l32l Wadden l32l Right Wing
79 I Steel City I I Steel City I Goalie
80 Schlemko x 17 Schlemko x 17 Left Wing
81 Studz x 7 Studz x 7 Left Wing
82 Dime a Dozen Dime a Dozen Center
83 SchroyDaddy SchroyDaddy Left Wing
84 Groulxz Genoo Jr Right Wing
85 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing RW. SJUSoccer69’s real name is not Dave.
86 Chr1s Chr1s Right Defense
87 C0TES C0TES Right Defense will play RW/D/G
88 Raynor Raynor Left Wing
89 iTub3 iTub3 Goalie
90 Achilles Strife Achilles Strife Right Wing
91 GregxWhite GregxWhite Goalie
92 Blink l7l Blink l7l Right Wing
93 Maxwell x 3 Maxwell x 3 Right Defense
94 RoaringViper RoaringViper Goalie
95 lGl M a T i c lGl M a T i c Goalie
96 Stifmeister x 7 Stifmeister x 7 Left Wing
97 I HDC I I HDC I Goalie
98 Ezreal Ezreal Right Wing
99 RJYorke RJYORKE Left Wing
100 Zer0 Tension Zer0 Tension Goalie
101 l JLP l l JLP l Center
102 viv Fritz viv viv Fritz viv Right Wing If I’m on ur team u will win
103 Position banc Position banc Right Wing
104 Costa I2I Costa I2I Left Defense
105 Perrilyzer1 Perrilyzer1 Goalie
106 o KniGhtZ o o KniGhtZ o Right Wing
107 BDBeastx19 BDBeastx19 Right Wing
108 Foote Foote Left Defense
109 Daddy Dill0n Dilly Cooks Left Defense Chico bean
110 Arctic Blur Arctic Blur Center
111 Go Bar South23 Go Bar South23 Center
112 l FreeStyle 7 l l FreeStyle 7 l Left Defense
113 x BeIt x BeIt Left Defense
114 Remnato Remnato Center
115 Mastadon31 Mastadon31 Goalie
116 Kev l97l Kev l97l Left Wing
117 tbeat- tbeattt Right Defense
118 x Neal x 18 x x Neal x 18 x Goalie ILL G
119 McFleuryyy McFleuryyy Right Wing
120 TehBass x 27 TehBass x 27 Center
121 Record l77l Record l77l Center
122 l Hobbs l l Hobbs l Right Wing I'll play RD if I really have to
123 Sbass19 Sbass19 Left Wing
125 DCue79 DCue79 Right Defense Get pegged
126 l Stastny26 l l Stastny26 l Right Defense
127 Binger GT R Binger Goalie Tinkz
128 y05hiii GT R Yoshi Left Wing
129 CornwaIIace GT R Geiss Left Defense Probably can't play first or second game
130 Po1andsFinest Po1andsFinest Right Wing
131 x Hendry 91 Hxndry Left Wing
132 SmiTTy x 12 SmiTTy x 12 Center C or LW
133 Sejje Sejje Left Wing
134 Spooer69 Spooer69 Left Defense
135 WhoUsedAllTheTP WhoUsedAllTheTP Left Wing
137 LiLNickaI93 LiLNickaI93 Left Defense might play depends on my plans come game time
138 ThePalps ThePalps Left Defense
139 x Gallyy x Gallyy Right Wing
140 devilsknight617 Devilsknight617 Left Defense
141 Girgss Girgss Center Center or RW.
142 pitwinkle PitWinkle Goalie
143 The Gr8 Haxby The Gr8 Haxby Right Wing
144 DenyingSnipers0 DenyingSnipers0 Goalie
145 Im4thLineWorthy Im4thLineWorthy Left Wing
147 Dermott l 23 l Dermott l 23 l Right Defense LD RD doesn’t matter yo
148 Bc bud024 Bc bud024 Right Defense
149 Buddy x 34 Buddy x 34 Goalie
150 officialmark07 officialmark07 Left Defense
151 ThaiUp34535 ThaiUp34535 Left Defense
152 FiBERSTiCK FiBERSTiCK Right Defense
153 ArchambauIt ArchambauIt Center