Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Bourque l 77 l Bourque l 77 l Goalie
2 Janesee79 Janesee79 Left Wing
3 l MB7 l l MB7 l Right Wing
4 x88x Kane x88x Kane Right Defense
5 iCantD3K3 iCantD3K3 Left Defense Can play RD as well
6 BowserKOTK BowserKOTK Left Defense
7 bigmyck19 bigmyck19 Right Wing
8 Fear x 63 Fear x 63 Right Wing
9 lX Kane 88 Xl lX Kane 88 Xl Right Wing
10 Doitlive23 Doitlive23 Right Wing
11 BubbaMilo BubbaMilo Right Defense
12 REX9277 REX9277 Left Defense
13 hawck33 hawck33 Goalie
14 afbMART27 afbMART27 Right Defense
15 Tatar l21l Tatar l21l Goalie
16 BarDownQc BarDownQc Right Wing
17 patsway patsway Right Wing
18 BreakingSinSter SinisterSound83 Right Wing
19 Holta Holta Goalie
20 RunDaBattri Fialah Right Wing
21 l Bousquet l l Bousquet l Goalie
22 Sneakypancake7 Sneakypancake7 Right Wing
23 ur aTowel420459 ur aTowel420459 Right Wing Ill play any of the 6 pos
24 Brxndamour Brxndamour Left Wing
25 Beaudy x 91 Beaudy x 91 Right Wing
26 l0l iVeRsOn l3l l0l iVeRsOn l3l Center
28 kdevv kdevv Center
29 Newf Nasty3837 Newf Nasty3837 Goalie
30 Margo I Margo I Goalie I graduated with Honors from the Bob Probert School of Checking.
31 GK KING207 GK KING207 Right Defense
32 Pohloe Pohloe Right Defense
33 wtfkevo wtfkevo Goalie
34 Itz Dyn Itz Dyn Center
35 OG DAWG 14 OG DAWG 14 Left Wing
36 FriskyBeaverr FriskyBeaverr Goalie
37 Charyzen Charyzen Goalie Pwoach
38 Bennymac1609 Bennymac1609 Left Wing
39 Kernsy Kernsy Goalie
40 Schreiny Schreiny Center
41 Whiiiitee Whiiiitee Left Defense
42 iamcooln iamcooln Left Wing
43 IxBOSTONxI IxBOSTONxI Right Defense
44 Kuzvechkinov Kuzvechkinov Center
45 Rittich x 33 Rittich x 33 Goalie
46 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Goalie
47 SavageBongChops SavageBongChops Center
48 HoooFooo HoooFooo Left Wing
49 Portcenter Portcenter Left Wing
50 Hautein Hautein Goalie
51 Tragic l19l Tragic l19l Right Defense
52 bpaff24 bpaff24 Right Defense
53 bootlegers bootlegers Left Defense
54 INash 61I INash 61I Left Wing
55 Draward x 97 Draward x 97 Center
56 TXnewman TXnewman Left Defense
57 Remnato Remnato Right Wing
58 uknome88 uknome88 Goalie
59 xXx AgentJ xXx xXx AgentJ xXx Right Wing rw or c
60 Iegxndary Iegxndary Left Wing
61 The Treestone The Treestone Left Wing
62 El Donn Juan El Donn Juan Right Defense
63 Trouba I8I Dezalve Left Defense
64 Parayko l55l Parayko l55l Goalie
65 SlowGazzelle SlowGazzelle Goalie Signed up to have a team for FNP
66 BigDaddyMaggot BigDaddyMaggot Center
67 STL TopShelf STL TopShelf Right Defense
68 GRG allstarbear GRG allstarbear Goalie
69 yuh reed yuh reed Right Defense
70 Chyeeet Chyeeet Right Defense
71 JTE x 12 JTE x 12 Left Wing
72 TheFunkyH TheFunkyH Center
73 Hattani Hattani Center
74 LB58 LB58 Left Wing
75 NOTEZ 420 NOTEZZZ 420 Goalie
76 Fr0styTheBird66 Fr0styTheBird66 Right Defense
78 Bryan l10l Bryan l10l Left Wing
79 PykerFR PykerFR Right Wing
80 TotalledBreak94 TotalledBreak94 Right Wing
81 X27xChuckyx27X X27xChuckyx27X Goalie
82 Bruins37 Bruins37 Left Defense
83 Mr Torts Mr Torts Right Defense
84 Wayne Kenov Wayne Kenov Left Defense
85 Grayyy 23 Grayyy 23 Left Defense