Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Herringthefish Herringthefish Goalie BANG
2 Lou Kang 850 Lou Kang 850 Right Defense
3 Squirtle Why Squirtle Why Left Defense
4 UWPE UWPE Right Wing
5 Shlarchey Shlarchey Right Wing
6 Ted Teddy Bear Ted Teddy Bear Left Wing
7 Og Dangs Og Dangs Right Wing
9 RGDeded RGDeded Center
10 Agostopolis Agostopolis Left Wing
11 xPICKARDx54 xPICKARDx54 Right Wing Can play other positions also.
12 Eatchy Eatchy Center
13 DrunkLonewolf DrunkLonewolf Right Defense
14 ItsCOC ItsCOC Left Defense
15 Kapitanov x 91 Kapitanov x 91 Goalie
16 Kollzy l12l Kollzy l12l Center
17 Lundieeee Lundieeee Goalie
18 lStastny26l lStastny26l Center
19 user revert user revert Right Wing
20 igetblunted247 igetblunted247 Goalie
21 ChiefAuggy ChiefAuggy Left Defense
22 SlowGazzelle SlowGazzelle Goalie
23 Fxwst Fxwst Center
24 pitwinkle PitWinkle Goalie
25 DaYoungBuck DaYoungBuck Right Wing
26 ouyaDaddy Thomps79 Goalie
27 Parayko l55l Parayko l55l Left Wing
28 T Heil Tyrant T Heil Tyrant Center
29 Avatar Heart Avatar Heart Right Wing
31 G00N G00N Goalie
32 l Scali l l Scali l Goalie
33 Dylaniscool61 Dylaniscool61 Right Wing
34 MrSilKyy MrSilKyy Center
35 The Skoden The Skoden Right Defense
36 l Gentry l l Gentry l Left Wing
37 TFL Holiday TFL Holiday Right Wing
38 DirtyTilly6012 DirtyTilly6012 Left Defense
39 GTIBR0 GTIBR0 Right Wing
40 reggie boyz reggie boyz Left Wing
41 Hall of Fame31 Hall of Fame31 Right Defense
42 MON5T3R 207 MON5T3R 207 Left Defense
43 xKookz xKookz Left Wing
44 Jyuhnn Johnkenne y01 Left Wing
45 Scoobyy91 APX x 93 Right Wing
46 lX NOTEZ lX lX NOTEZ lX Goalie
47 Boevas Boevas Right Wing
48 TheIndubitable1 TheIndubitable1 Goalie Can sub in for defense
49 Chainer AM Chainer AM Center tyhsgvhbgvff
50 BlaNchet331910 BlaNchet331910 Goalie
51 Snook l13l Snook l13l Goalie
52 stackcity715 stackcity715 Left Defense
53 ServingStank ServingStank Left Wing
54 aeLgi aeLgi Right Defense can also play LD, RW and C
55 G1r0ux TN G1roux Left Wing
56 OwZ Kerzay OwZ Kerzay Right Defense
57 GalboSchmalbo GalboSchmalbo Right Wing
58 Hope Legacyy Hope Legacyy Right Defense
59 VeNoIVIouS VeNoIVIouS Goalie pick me up daddy :D
60 MeatMagician450 MeatMagician450 Right Defense either side D
61 BowserKOTK BowserKOTK Left Defense
62 Leveskii 11 Leveskii 11 Center
63 immortalbmw immortalbmw Goalie
64 Der Panda71 Der Panda71 Center c/lw
65 PBanc PBanc Right Wing
66 TheCoyDuck TheCoyDuck Right Defense
67 Sportfreak114 Sportfreak114 Center
68 Gilmour l 93 Gilmour l 93 Right Defense Can play either side def
69 Baaacks Baaacks Left Wing
70 Kopi Kopi Left Defense Or rd
71 ll27ll3155 ll27ll3155 Left Wing
72 clutchcolbs x9 clutchcolbs x9 Goalie
73 Chews n Brewss Chews n Brewss Right Defense
75 Disensitized Disensitized Right Defense
76 YourCrazyGecko YourCrazyGecko Goalie
77 Dr Tre 2001 Dr Tre 2001 Center
78 RlELLY 44 RlELLY 44 Right Defense
79 Morrison Flow Morrison Flow Right Defense
80 Fiesty Muffin Fiesty Muffin Left Wing
81 Xcel Xcel Center
82 wtfkevo wtfkevo Right Wing
83 Jumps x 42 Jumps x 42 Center
84 Some fat gezer Some fat gezer Right Wing
85 YREAOUBADMRO SiZZLe4725 Left Defense
86 MxrteI MxrteI Right Wing
87 GR33N BEENZ GR33N BEENZ Left Defense
88 BreakIn3 2 1 BreakIn3 2 1 Right Defense
89 lMalteseFalconl lMalteseFalconl Center Any FWD Position
90 Galxrneau Galxrneau Right Defense
91 Beaudy x 91 Beaudy x 91 Right Wing
92 l v11 l l v11 l Center
93 Nyquist x 12 Nyquist x 12 Right Wing Any fwd or d
94 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing RW. Gimme a RIM
95 Brreeezzy Brreeezzy Left Wing
96 INash 61I INash 61I Right Wing
97 The Treestone The Treestone Left Wing
98 iTub3 iTub3 Goalie
99 Icesn1per2525 Icesn1per2525 Left Defense
100 Get Acedd Get Acedd Right Wing
101 Packer98 Packer98 Center
102 hotchamp75 HotChamp75 Right Wing I can play all positions but goal. But prefer rw tonight. I can take faceoffs. I play a two way game.
103 BullBreed333 BullBreed333 Right Defense
104 Eamonn Eamonn Center c/lw/rw
105 Tex243 Tex243 Goalie Or LD
106 Tendy x 20 Tendy x 20 Goalie
107 lHuskie lHuskie Goalie
108 X God Skillz X X God Skillz X Right Defense
109 Portcenter Portcenter Left Wing
110 CrazyJ0eDavola CrazyJ0eDavola Right Defense
111 KarlssonIsGod xKarlssonIsGodx Left Wing Can LD aswell.....
112 BigJay x89 BigJay x89 Right Defense
113 PykerFR PykerFR Center
114 TheGreech TheGreech Right Defense
115 Dame l13l Dame l13l Right Wing
116 xDirty Lou xDirty Lou Left Defense
117 Askarov x 30 Askarov x 30 Goalie
118 GKC0 GKC0 Left Defense
119 drally20 drally20 Goalie
121 l Bousquet l l Bousquet l Goalie
122 Holland-989 Holland X 98 Right Wing
123 BTW8892 BTW8892 Left Wing
124 PezReloaded PezReloaded Goalie
125 SuoIVIoNeV SuoIVIoNeV Right Wing
126 Focus TF Focus TF Right Defense
127 H0L7BY H0L7BY Goalie
128 xDream21 xDream21 Left Defense LD or RD
129 reggiecush88 ReggieBullets21 Right Wing
130 DwnSyndromeDAV3 DwnSyndromeDAV3 Left Defense
131 Rivzter Rivzter Right Wing
132 Havik tmR Havik tmR Left Wing
133 Fox l1l Fox l1l Left Defense
134 General Jobo General Jobo Right Defense
135 Remnato Remnato Right Wing
136 Eberle l7l Eberle l7l Center
137 GaTiNeAu JiSS87 GaTiNeAu JiSS87 Left Defense
138 MJP1502 MJP1502 Left Wing
139 Zumeck Zumeck Goalie
140 BallyHooBrio MLJ 68 Right Wing
141 uknome88 uknome88 Left Defense
142 Luusky Luusky Left Defense
143 JaguarJeff13 JaguarJeff13 Right Defense Also LD
144 N A S T Y x 93 N A S T Y x 93 Center
145 l Volcom x 28 l l Volcom x 28 l Right Wing
146 Retnuh23 Retnuh23 Left Defense
147 Chyeeet Chyeeet Right Defense
148 I WIZ I I WIZ I Goalie
149 Coreymac27 Coreymac27 Right Wing
150 trevwings trevwings Right Defense
151 MT Apex MT Apex Left Defense
152 oSparz oSparz Left Wing
153 J-T-E-x JTE x 12 Left Wing
154 SenSei Dropshot SenSei Dropshot Center
155 Pohloe Pohloe Right Defense
156 Some Pylon Some Pylon Left Defense
157 MrOprahWinfrey MrOprahWinfrey Left Wing
158 SkuttIebut SkuttIebut Right Wing
159 WannaBE Cali WannaBE Cali Right Defense
160 Bush x 92 Bush x 92 Right Wing
161 Tayyyzzzz Tayyyzzzz Right Defense
162 JayJ4yy JayJ4yy Center
163 zBLINDZy zBLINDZy Center
164 ItsBest91 ItsBest91 Right Wing
165 B0SS of B0SSES B0SS of B0SSES Right Wing
166 Betttyy Betttyy Left Wing
167 Vollmz Keubu Goalie
168 NBD l Karma l NBD l Karma l Left Wing
169 Kyle l98l Kyle l98l Left Wing
170 x mR aNdersoN o x mR aNdersoN o Center fnp f/a g c rw rd or offhand lw/ld
171 Daddy Kaneee Daddy Kaneee Right Wing
172 I Steal Napkins I Steal Napkins Center
173 Po1andsFinest Po1andsFinest Left Wing
174 Roubidoo Roubidoo Left Defense
175 Shid Shid Center Net front presence
176 FriskyBeaverr FriskyBeaverr Goalie
177 Daffey Dekes Daffey Dekes Center
178 TiDanKilleR6226 TiDanKilleR6226 Right Wing Or C
179 Marche x 16 Marche x 16 Left Wing
180 l JLP l l JLP l Center
181 BizyBounce BizyBounce Goalie
182 Redmile89 Redmile89 Right Defense RD/LD
183 Crankov Crankov Goalie
184 Duberenko Duberenko Right Wing
185 BADxLARRY BADxLARRY Left Defense
186 ltzGreasy ltzGreasy Center
187 James HetfieId James HetfieId Left Defense LD/RD (either side works)
188 SmiTTy x 12 SmiTTy x 12 Center
189 Wayne Kenov Wayne Kenov Left Wing
190 Twistafied Twistafied Goalie
191 xElias_26x lPastrnak 88l Center
192 Neomop Neomop Left Defense
193 bpaff24 bpaff24 Right Defense
195 Wickie 71 Wickie 71 Center
196 Hautein Hautein Goalie
197 x Tremblay x Tremblay Right Wing
198 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus Center
199 o Trash o Panda o Trash o Panda Right Wing
200 l Herndy l l Herndy l Right Wing
201 iTzMagic13 iTzMagic13 Left Defense
202 Tiny x 30 Tiny x 30 Goalie
203 Jordo x 14 Jordo x 14 Right Wing
204 JBrodiee JBrodiee Right Defense
205 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing hi
206 Broomball16 Broomball16 Left Wing Full avail, will play with anyone.
207 OrocK LLC OrocK LLC Right Wing
208 Tha FarukianOne Tha FarukianOne Left Wing
209 vMvtt vMvtt Left Defense
210 masse83 masse83 Right Defense
211 Tb ToXiC Tb ToXiC Left Wing
212 flyers2844 flyers2844 Left Defense
213 OG Kevin Bacon OG Kevin Bacon Left Defense
214 LemeIin LemeIin Goalie Best backup G in the league. Good at filling water bottles and I’m a good luck charm!
215 Yetdi Yetdi Left Wing
216 Bardown Beauty Bardown Beauty Left Wing
217 Koho Koho Left Wing