Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Hall of Fame31 Hall of Fame31 Right Defense
2 CoreyPerry1 CoreyPerry1 Right Wing
3 Fiesty Muffin Fiesty Muffin Left Wing
4 IGarbsI IGarbsI Goalie
5 pitwinkle PitWinkle Goalie
6 C0R3Y1992 C0R3Y1992 Left Defense
7 SeanBoswell97 SeanBoswell97 Right Wing
9 TheCoyDuck TheCoyDuck Right Defense
10 xXberriez xXberriez Left Defense
11 CrazyJ0eDavola CrazyJ0eDavola Right Defense
12 Pohloe Pohloe Goalie
13 KarlssonIsGod xKarlssonIsGodx Left Wing
14 x Welsh 16 x Welsh 16 Goalie
15 Eatchy Eatchy Center
16 xKookz xKookz Left Wing
17 l Scali l l Scali l Goalie
18 Hertz x 18 MrOprahWinfrey Left Wing
19 Pattelite Pattelite Left Wing
20 Tayyyzzzz Tayyyzzzz Left Defense
21 TFL Holiday TFL Holiday Right Wing
22 Scoobyy91 Scoobyy91 Right Wing
23 Canable83 Canable83 Left Wing
24 Koho Koho Left Wing
25 Fox l1l Fox l1l Left Wing
26 Scylla1630 Scylla1630 Left Wing
27 JxHaTch24x JxHaTch24x Right Defense
28 Chainer I88I Chainer I88I Right Wing
29 Janesee79 Janesee79 Left Wing
31 aeLgi aeLgi Right Defense Can also play LD, RW and C
32 xBrovaltine xBrovaltine Left Defense
33 T R I C K x9 T R I C K x9 Right Wing
34 Kapitanov x 91 Draper x 40 Goalie
35 General Jobo General Jobo Right Defense
36 CHARAx33 CHARAx33z Right Defense
37 Rivzter Rivzter Right Wing
38 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Goalie
39 nyhvix Higgs I88I Left Defense
40 Bureee Bureee Right Wing
41 l Miller 16 l l Miller 16 l Center
43 clutchcolbs x9 clutchcolbs x9 Goalie
44 immortalbmw immortalbmw Goalie i have done very well at these in the past but no one drafts me anymore. someone give me a try, i may surprise you.
45 Holtby x I70I Holtby x I70I Goalie
46 I JVR I I JVR I Center
47 RGDeded RGDeded Center
48 Ragu l97l Nesttyy Left Wing
49 Bush x 92 Bush x 92 Right Wing
50 A5HLEY O A5HLEY O Left Defense
51 Buck-042 DaYoungBuck Left Defense Or RD
52 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing RW, need Rim
53 l Volcom x 28 l l Volcom x 28 l Right Wing
54 Lou Kang 850 Lou Kang 850 Right Defense
55 Vio37 Vio37 Center
56 Bellx91 Bellx91 Left Defense
57 TiDanKilleR6226 TiDanKilleR6226 Center
58 BiGBoSSMaN8 BiGBoSSMaN8 Right Defense
59 xGetAcedx xGetAcedx Right Wing
60 BeviMerchant BeviMerchant Left Defense
61 Danno 514837 Danno 514837 Goalie
62 babygoat19 babygoat19 Right Defense
63 wT Basic wT Basic Right Wing
64 l Bousquet l l Bousquet l Goalie
65 Tex243 Tex243 Goalie Or LD
66 Herringthefish Herringthefish Goalie Auggy and Blur ego’d me and hurt my feelings
67 z Chieef z Chieef Goalie
68 Leveskii 11 Leveskii 11 Center
69 Sup_Sop xSupSop Left Wing Can also play C and RW
70 Dip City Don Dip City Don Center c/rw/rd
71 I Parksy x I76I I Parksy x I76I Center
72 xPICKARDx54 xPICKARDx54 Right Wing
73 l Lavoie x 97 l Lavoie x 97 Center
74 Guentzyy Guentzyy Left Defense
75 Mr Lundieee Lundieeee Goalie
76 l REFORMED l l REFORMED l Right Wing
77 Bonez TBD Bonez TBD Goalie
78 Belial I19I Belial I19I Right Wing
79 Beaudy x 91 Beaudy x 91 Right Wing
80 Bourque l 77 l Bourque l 77 l Goalie
81 Wooly x 33 Wooly x 33 Left Wing
82 MANBEARPIGCT83 MANBEARPIGCT83 Left Defense Can play ld or rd
83 CurT Cooks CurT Cooks Center
84 Duukk Duukk Right Wing
85 Some fat gezer Some fat gezer Right Wing
86 H0cKey x 67 Voracek x93l Left Wing
87 FriskyBeaverr FriskyBeaverr Goalie
88 Gxxvm Gxxvm Right Wing
89 Ragu l67l Ragu l67l Goalie
90 Noodle The God Noodle The God Right Defense
91 Krause l95l Krause l95l Right Defense
92 Luusky Luusky Left Defense Or RD
93 OG Mr ProdiGy OG Mr ProdiGy Left Wing
94 Sharpchel Sharpchel Left Wing I can play left or right wing
95 CornHoleCaron CornHoleCaron Left Wing
96 Shlarchey Shlarchey Right Wing can play center
97 GTIBR0 GTIBR0 Right Wing
98 llSupernaut2 SuppIeCarrot Goalie
99 Icesn1per2525 Icesn1per2525 Left Defense
100 IVIAMADOU PBanc Right Wing
101 Zarvek Zarvek Left Wing
102 Sounds Fake Sounds Fake Goalie Goalie for FNP
103 Dradraaa Dradraaa Left Wing LW or C
104 Villy x 31 Villy x 31 Goalie
105 SlowGazzelle SlowGazzelle Goalie
106 l Curtis 88 l l Curtis 88 l Right Defense
107 l King Kaner l l King Kaner l Left Wing
108 MadameGrease89 MadameGrease89 Left Defense
109 BTW8892 BTW8892 Left Wing
110 Nyquist x 12 Nyquist x 12 Center
111 X God Skillz X X God Skillz X Right Defense
112 T Hopkins 40 T Hopkins 40 Goalie
113 Long Rod Ronald Long Rod Ronald Right Wing
114 Remnato Remnato Right Wing
115 OlyOlyOxynFree OlyOlyOxynFree Left Defense
116 Betttyy Betttyy Left Defense
117 rG Breezyy rG Breezyy Right Wing
118 Tanney0nay Tanney0nay Center
120 bpaff24 bpaff24 Right Defense
121 REZ l24l REZ l24l Right Wing
122 dirtracer91a DirtRacer91a Goalie
123 G3N3RAL33 G3N3RAL33 Goalie
124 Gerbe x 42 Gerbe x 42 Left Wing c/lw
125 private D0NUT private D0NUT Goalie
126 McPluggles McPluggles Center
127 Melvin x 94 Melvin x 94 Left Defense
128 Daffey Dekes Daffey Dekes Center
129 Flamingo3873 Flamingo3873 Right Wing
130 I WIZ I I WIZ I Goalie
131 l Chris x l8l l Chris x l8l Goalie
132 Goose l90l Goose l90l Left Wing
133 trevwings trevwings Right Defense
134 Lucky l20l Lucky l20l Left Defense
135 JTE x 12 JTE x 12 Left Wing
136 stewy420 83 stewy420 83 Goalie
137 Newey Newey Newey Newey Right Defense
138 T 1 v Z T 1 v Z Center
139 Portcenter Portcenter Left Wing
140 lStastny26l lStastny26l Center
141 Dumbeast1254 Dxmba Left Defense
142 Snook l13l Snook l13l Goalie
143 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
144 TheMasterIAm TheMasterIAm Goalie
145 Oakey Oakey Goalie
146 LOopSx91x LOopSx91x Right Defense Can play C LD to
147 SA Reflex Pro SA Reflex Pro Goalie you know if you know
148 Shid Shid Center
149 Holland X 98 Holland X 98 Right Wing
150 Breaky Breaky Center
151 S v e c h n y S v e c h n y Left Defense
152 Andersen x 31 x Andersen x 31 x Goalie
153 Some Pylon Some Pylon Left Defense
154 Gletzky Gletzky Left Wing LW/C preferred
155 lilnic92 lilnic92 Left Wing
156 iCLuTcH x BeasT iCLuTcH x BeasT Goalie
157 lX Kane 88 Xl lX Kane 88 Xl Right Wing
158 iCLuTcH x LaNg Brinksy l12l Left Wing
159 SirCrazyBeard SirCrazyBeard Left Wing
160 iCLuTcH x GoDz Zucker l16l Right Wing
161 l Gentry l l Gentry l Left Wing
162 Hautein Hautein Goalie
163 NyIsles3 NyIsles3 Right Defense
164 Lazy Pedestrian Lazy Pedestrian Right Defense
165 BowTanique BowTanique Right Wing
166 Joker17 x Joker17 x Goalie
167 Big bopper 17 Big Bopper 17 Right Wing
168 iMoRRoW iMoRRoW Left Defense
169 JAMIE iz GOD JAMIE iz GOD Right Wing
170 iGabout iGabout Left Defense
171 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 T9 GaLaRnEaUx19 Right Defense
172 Crankov Crankov Goalie
173 austiniswanted1 austiniswanted1 Goalie
174 B L A M E x 67 B L A M E x 67 Left Wing
175 Perfetti_- xPerfetti Left Defense
176 eM Syko eM Syko Left Wing
177 Kollzy l12l Kollzy l12l Center
178 RRaWGeRs RRaWGeRs Center
179 Disensitized Disensitized Right Defense
181 Waxibono Waxibono Goalie
182 Chyeeet Chyeeet Right Defense
183 MxrteI MxrteI Right Defense
184 Tom 0 Tom 0 Left Defense
185 ocirEo xl cirE lx Right Defense Can backup LD or G
186 Skoonee Skoonee Right Wing
187 l Belfour l20l l Belfour l20l Goalie
188 JaguarJeff13 JaguarJeff13 Right Defense Also play LD and Centre
189 SmiTTy x 12 SmiTTy x 12 Center
190 Philz 14 Philz 14 Right Wing
191 iiNsAnE x w00dy iiNsAnE x w00dy Center
192 Broomball16 Broomball16 Left Wing
193 Labrat Labrat I 81 I Center
194 wtfkevo wtfkevo Goalie
195 Magundis Magundis Center
196 Serpe x 13 Serpe x 13 Center