Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 bl1zz72 bl1zz72 Goalie I suck and need to play.
2 SleightOfVic SleightOfVic Goalie
3 Deke94 Deke94 Goalie
4 Too Much Twoco Too Much Twoco Goalie
5 BHawks96 BHawks96 Goalie
6 Daddy Kaneee Daddy Kaneee Right Wing
7 Canuck x 16 Canuck x 16 Right Defense
8 BoogieHedgehog6 BoogieHedgehog6 Right Wing
9 Drasik13 Drasik13 Left Wing
10 Jewest One Jewest One Goalie I'm the worst
11 Some fat gezer Some fat gezer Right Wing
12 PartyDrew PartyDrew Left Wing
13 l Semp l l Semp l Right Wing
14 G lR ii M x G lR ii M x Center Sup
15 SurpriseMe22 SurpriseMe22 Right Wing
16 Bc bud024 Bc bud024 Right Wing
17 Leafs x 21 Leafs x 21 Right Wing
18 OFs OFs Left Wing
19 Gunwoat Gunwoat Center
20 TheCreaseTV TheCreaseTV Goalie
21 Tatar l21l Tatar l21l Goalie
22 Fiilzy- Mantha x 39 Center
24 cdubb06 Cdubb06 Goalie
25 Andvaur Andvaur Goalie
26 StayzClan StayzClan Right Defense
27 CaPTaiN PauL CaPTaiN PauL Right Defense
28 l Rockystar l l Rockystar l Goalie
29 WatchUrBack360 WatchUrBack360 Goalie
30 TVK TVK Center
31 Rockxt 97 Rockxt 97 Center
32 PortuggeePrince PortuggeePrince Goalie
33 VforthHorsemanV VforthHorsemanV Right Defense
34 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Right Defense
35 Bubba GX Bubba GX Left Defense How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck had opposable thumbs?
36 CripTik Sh0ckZz CripTik Sh0ckZz Left Wing
37 CripTik GodZz CripTik GodZz Right Wing
38 CripTik SeNseZz CripTik SeNseZz Center
39 Giroux Giroux Right Defense
40 Juney Juney Center
41 Jude le Polski Jude le Polski Right Wing
43 Colossal31 Colossal31 Left Wing
44 M a x y l19l M a x y l19l Right Defense
45 Suterx20 Suter x 20 Center suck a dick duggan
46 Dimitri x 91 Dimitri x 91 Right Defense
47 Ricky is MVP Ricky is MVP Left Wing
48 wooley11 wooley11 Goalie
49 ironster ironster Goalie I'm the muffin man.
50 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
51 l Sergachev l l Sergachev l Center
52 Danglesdre Dangles dRe Left Wing
53 AceBrian AceBrian Center
54 Pl Warrior lT Pl Warrior lT Left Wing
55 Subban II76II Subban II76II Left Wing
56 axemurderer29 axemurderer29 Center Can play anywhere
57 Momz Spaghetty Momz Spaghetty Left Wing
58 Sitful Sitful Center
59 Super Marky Super Marky Right Defense #EEEESSSSSSPORTS
60 Pont40 Pont40 Left Defense
61 Stieny Stieny Right Defense
62 l Miller 16 l l Miller 16 l Left Wing
63 TOMFTW88 TOMFTW88 Center
64 iAMoee iAMoee Left Wing
65 px Melrose px Melrose Left Defense
66 FSTx McKNIGHT FSTx McKNIGHT Right Defense
67 l Fucale l 31 l Fucale l 31 Goalie
68 drally20 drally20 Goalie
69 Ahmbience Ahmbience Center
70 XxMiles75xX XxMiles75xX Left Wing rw rd ld also
71 Licium Luiigi Licium Luiigi Goalie
72 CARRiONx7 CARRiONx7 Left Defense
73 l Thomps l l Thomps l Goalie
74 DeLosh x 1 DeLosh x 1 Right Defense
75 rG Breezyy rG Breezyy Center
76 xKing Michael2 xKing Michael2 Goalie
77 Stewkos Stewkos Center
78 ct83 ct83 Left Defense
79 rjm214 rjm214 Left Wing
80 Z3R0CR45H Z3R0CR45H Goalie I'm terrible and could be drunk by game time
81 Nightingale l8l Nightingale l8l Left Defense
82 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing
83 FN Dark FN Dark Right Wing
84 l Gentry l l Gentry l Left Wing
85 Leif Ender Leif Ender Left Defense
86 Really Good Dad Really Good Dad Right Wing C/rw
87 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l Left Wing Have to be up early Saturday might not play tonight but probably will
88 RocKoKaneFlow RocKoKaneFlow Goalie
89 Hilly Hilly Left Wing
90 Os1r1s54 Os1r1s54 Left Defense Can Play LD/RD. Likes cats
91 WhiffleUrChin WhiffleUrChin Left Wing any position - including G
92 Neil x 25 Neil x 25 Left Defense
93 Vargy Vargy Left Defense
94 JohnnyHockey31 JohnnyHockey31 Center
95 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing
96 Soapy412 Soapy412 Right Wing RW or LW shitter here
97 Ataraxy_01 Right Wing
98 Mitchy Marns Mitchy Marns Left Defense
99 Malchesky Malchesky Left Wing
100 BullBreed333 BullBreed333 Right Wing
101 lxl MLGesus lxl lxl MLGesus lxl Left Wing Cant make first game, will be back for 2nd
102 Pavel-96-Bure C l x r k y y y Left Wing
104 MayerTopKat100 MayerTopKat100 Left Wing
105 l91l Stammer l91l Stammer Center
106 Krejci l46l Krejci l46l Center
107 Beer x 91 Beer x 91 Left Wing
108 sbdr91 sbdr91 Left Wing Might not be home for the first game, maybe even second depending how quick the games go
109 mayweddaa mayweddaa Right Defense
110 SpIooosh SpIooosh Right Wing O
111 Shockz Shockz Center
112 o Crazy Legz o o Crazy Legz o Left Wing
114 PsychoticPlayer PsychoticPlayer Left Defense
115 Keapps KEAPPS Right Defense Me n perrilyzer1 are a package deal. Also a fun fact for you here, I'm not good.
116 Spawzz Spawzz Left Wing
117 PastorGaiins PastorGaiins Right Wing
118 xI Barks Ix xI Barks Ix Right Wing
119 Maaa dude1219 Maaa dude1219 Center
120 Glimi Glimi Goalie
121 cj142 cj142 Right Defense
122 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Right Defense
123 xXx AgentJ xXx xXx AgentJ xXx Right Wing
124 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Left Wing
125 Saucin Pucks Saucin Pucks Left Wing
126 Winterhawk1989 Winterhawk1989 Goalie
127 Wolfy l12l Wolfy l12l Left Defense
128 Perrilyzer1 Perrilyzer1 Left Defense I heard Keapps went RD specifically to play with CHICO NORRIS
129 CripTik Eclipse CripTik Eclipse Right Defense
130 The Gr8 Haxby The Gr8 Haxby Right Wing
131 I Voracek I93I I Voracek I93I Right Wing
132 Able sR Able sR Left Wing
133 Brunner x 24 Brunner x 24 Right Defense
134 SmiTTy x 12 SmiTTy x 12 Left Defense Lets win it all
135 Thudson93 Thudson93 Goalie
136 ThatZachGuy ThatZachGuy Right Wing
137 l FreeStyle 7 l l FreeStyle 7 l Left Defense
138 Lorenzo x 24 Lorenzo x 24 Left Wing
139 TurboYuri McTurbs Left Defense
140 xXGoalieGodXx xXGoalieGodXx Goalie
141 Proud Gay Dad Proud Gay Dad Right Defense
142 kadocanada kadocanada Left Defense zzZzzzZzzzzzzzZZZZzZzZZZZZZZZZ
143 rollinj0071 rollinj0071 Left Wing
144 Dino l24l Dino l24l Right Wing Can play C Too
145 Huds1N Huds1N Center
146 Sty l27l Sty l27l Center
147 Dan0245 Right Defense
148 Drew x 8 Drew x 8 Left Defense It's honestly 50/50 I play tonight. It's nice out and I'm headed out to go get some beers. Message me on Xbox closer to draft and I'll let you know
149 zPxcman zPxcman Center
150 Idropyy iDropyy Left Wing
151 TheReaperS2K TheReaperS2K Goalie
152 xl Slurpee lx xl Slurpee lx Left Defense
153 FlowMaster Joe FlowMaster Joe Right Defense
154 STL TopShelf STL TopShelf Right Wing Skilled
155 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus Right Defense
156 Dip City Don Dip City Don Right Wing
157 PureRippin PureRippin Center
158 IlFox IlFox Center C/RW... likely won't be there 1st round.
159 l Sundin x 13 l l Sundin x 13 l Left Wing
160 Wadden l32l Wadden l32l Center Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
161 BeefyCaucasian BeefyCaucasian Goalie
162 Gary Garoo Gary Garoo Right Wing
163 P i r a t e 87x P i r a t e 87x Right Wing
165 Mounner Mounner Right Wing
166 Kbsmith37 KB37 o Left Defense
167 PivotGivinner PivotGivinner Goalie
168 Ballistik ICE Ballistik ICE Left Defense
169 Ripo Ripo Right Defense
170 Reformed Goalie Reformed Goalie Goalie
171 Givemedings16 Givemedings16 Right Wing I'm ass
172 m1st3r ped m1st3r ped Right Defense
173 DK Don Cherry DK Don Cherry Left Wing 50% reliable
174 PercNowitzki041 PercNowitzki041 Center
175 Larsbone x605 Larsbone x605 Goalie
176 booondock88 booondock88 Left Defense
177 Huddy Huddy Goalie
178 shutthegate shutthegate Goalie
179 Big Blaster 14 Big Blaster 14 Right Wing
180 ItzTheRevA7X ItzTheRevA7X Goalie
181 svg 11 SVG 11 Right Wing
182 Foote Foote Left Defense
183 dirtracer91a DirtRacer91a Right Wing
184 DAV1S0N DAV1S0N Left Defense
185 the lax bro The Lax Bro Right Wing
186 xx BROWN xx31 xx BROWN xx31 Goalie
187 Ponlor Ponlor Goalie
188 KIefbom KIefbom Right Wing can play any forward position
189 SubieDoo38 SubieDoo38 Left Defense
190 APsychicTaco APsychicTaco Goalie
191 DeeSa Ali DeeSa Ali Right Defense Any position. Draft me for backup as I won't be able to make 1st game
192 Grazzei Grazzei Left Wing
193 FtB x Sauce Popov x 29 Center
194 Anndroo Anndroo Goalie
195 Der Panda71 Der Panda71 Center
196 Weldxr Weldxr Right Wing