Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Gaallz Kotkaniemi l15l Right Wing
2 BigBADBruins14 BigBADBruins14 Right Wing
3 miniBEARDED104 miniBEARDED104 Goalie
4 l0l iVeRsOn l3l l0l iVeRsOn l3l Center
5 Charyzen Charyzen Center
6 Ballincurry30 BallinCurry30 Left Wing
7 LiftedBurrito92 LiftedBurrito92 Left Wing
8 Annoyin Noob Annoyin Noob Center
9 JoKer iZ SicK x JoKer iZ SicK x Left Defense
10 xAdamTheGreat11 xAdamTheGreat11 Right Wing
12 DEL ZOTTO X82X DEL ZOTTO x82x Center I've played Ld/Rd for many years in Lg at the NHL, AHL and this season CHL.. I'd like to play C as I am more than capable at faceoffs, fore/back checking and playing as a 3rd defender .. but tbh I couldn't care less where I play, I just wanna win baby and mostly have fun winning.
13 King Charlie II King Charlie II Right Wing
14 Cole_83_ ct83 Left Defense
15 Stifmeister x 7 Stifmeister x 7 Left Wing
16 Hope Legacyy Hope Legacyy Right Defense
17 APX x 93 APX x 93 Right Wing Can play C
18 x TERRY x 77 x TERRY x 77 Left Defense
19 Ethos Jinx Ethos Jinx Right Wing Rw/C can play either
20 AvalancheFan133 AvalancheFan133 Goalie
21 WhiffleUrChin WhiffleUrChin Left Wing any forward
22 Position banc Position banc Right Wing
23 jared2112 jared2112 Center
24 l HEALEY l l HEALEY l Goalie
25 KEAPPS Center
26 Wadden l32l Wadden l32l Left Wing Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
27 RyOfTheBeholder RyOfTheBeholder Left Defense RD too
28 TVK TVK Left Wing
29 Whiisky x Whiisky x Right Wing
30 G lR ii M x G lR ii M x Left Defense
31 Basful Basful Left Wing
32 drally20 drally20 Goalie
33 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Left Wing
34 hatemakerr hatemakerr Left Wing C/LW
35 Project EBZ Project EBZ Left Wing
37 l Stastny26 l l Stastny26 l Center
38 Apex Carrot Apex Carrot Left Defense
39 ThatZachGuy ThatZachGuy Right Defense
40 XxJGriZZa1xX XxJGriZZa1xX Goalie
41 Swibz Swibz Right Defense
42 SteveB9211 SteveB9211 Goalie
43 trevwings trevwings Right Defense
44 Wooly x 33 Wooly x 33 Left Wing
45 l durrrr l l durrrr l Right Defense
46 Viktomize Viktomize Left Wing
47 xWolfYankee71x xWolfYankee71x Right Wing Send message on Xbox please
48 Vaporize 17 Vaporize 17 Right Defense
49 TKOxHelocentric TKOxHelocentric Right Defense
50 Konecny x 11 Konecny x 11 Right Wing
51 gravemaster1117 LightskinNaruto Center
52 Optehic Optehic Left Defense Unsure if I can play first game, message me if you want to draft me so I leave work earlier.
53 BlGdaddyDONALD BlGdaddyDONALD Right Wing
54 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Center
55 z HE HATE ME z z HE HATE ME z Right Wing
56 o S m i i t t y o S m i i t t y Goalie
57 iTz x Luigi x iTz x Luigi x Left Defense
58 Dualtz Dualtz Right Defense Or LD
59 treece507 treece507 Left Wing
60 Farfadet92 Farfadet92 Left Defense
61 Ice4veinzz Ice4veinzz Left Wing Very good lw
63 officialmark07 officialmark07 Left Defense
64 LiLNickaI93 LiLNickaI93 Left Defense
65 Furdayzbuddy FurDayzBuddy Left Wing
66 Deke Qc Deke Qc Center
67 P3k1ng DuK P3k1ng DuK Goalie
68 Some Pylon Some Pylon Left Defense
70 xKillzone99 xKillzone99 Goalie
71 EastRock Thrill EastRock Thrill Left Wing
72 Proud Gay Dad Proud Gay Dad Right Wing
73 Waxibono Waxibono Goalie
74 Sitful Sitful Center
75 I3I Sharpy I5I I3I Sharpy I5I Left Defense
76 ImxMrxSoLoDoLo ImxMrxSoLoDoLo Right Defense
77 Back342 l2l Brown l3l Goalie
78 Thudson93 Thudson93 Goalie
79 DrunkLonewolf DrunkLonewolf Right Defense
80 McLxvinn McLxvinn Right Wing Can play any fwd pos
81 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
82 l FreeStyle 7 l l FreeStyle 7 l Left Defense
83 Vague Being Vague Being Goalie
84 PARA099 PARA099 Goalie
85 Spooer69 Spooer69 Left Defense
86 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing
87 HuskGoat lHuskie Goalie
88 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l Goalie Door slammer
89 Pure Pone Pure Pone Right Defense
90 Sbass19 Sbass19 Left Wing
91 l S4K l l S4K l Center Hello. Play for anyone
92 Dxwny Dxwnyy Center I'm black
93 Xx LoL xX 9 Xx LoL xX 9 Center Might not be able to make game one
94 Slampsonn OhMySlamps Goalie
95 Bubba GX Bubba GX Left Defense
96 Tolvanen l11l Tolvanen l11l Goalie
97 Drfootball909 Drfootball909 Left Defense
98 An AngryFawn An AngryFawn Goalie hmu before drafting me due to availability.
99 oldfreakgamer66 oldfreakgamer66 Right Wing
100 kcut kcut 9 Right Defense not sure i can play
101 Jemima Jemima Right Wing mmmm
102 Dangles4days Norris4Orr Left Defense
104 Stewkos Stewkos Center
105 Dangs92 Dangs92 Right Wing
106 PAST0RR PAST0RR Goalie
107 Really Good Dad Really Good Dad Right Defense
108 its Gallyy its Gallyy Goalie
109 KMAC5 KMAC5 Left Defense
110 curdogg68 curdogg68 Goalie
111 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus Center
112 Gunwoat Gunwoat Right Defense
114 McFleuryyy McFleuryyy Center
115 DaBeAsT4BoStOn8 DaBeAsT4BoStOn8 Goalie
116 rjm214 rjm214 Left Wing
117 Lazy Pedestrian Lazy Pedestrian Right Defense
118 Po1andsFinest Po1andsFinest Left Defense
119 l Semp l l Semp l Right Defense
120 Koho Koho Left Wing
121 GregxWhite GregxWhite Goalie
122 N_w_A_I99I I HandLikeFeet Left Wing
123 x Gallyy x Gallyy Right Wing
124 Winston Payne Winston Payne Goalie
125 Skuttlebut Skuttlebut Right Defense Elite Defenseman here :)! Looking to play some puck tonight.
126 justlax10 justlax10 Left Wing
127 xTaek xTaek Goalie
128 Black83Unicorn Black83Unicorn Goalie
130 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
131 I shaun l Shaun 82 Right Wing
132 Nybo x 3 Nybo x 3 Left Defense
133 DomSquad100 DomSquad100 Left Wing
134 Pannnnnnnnn Pannnnnnnnn Right Defense
135 Shockz Shockz Left Wing
136 Powdah P Powdah P Right Defense
137 jackD00P jackD00P Right Wing
138 xxCARUCHxx xxCARUCHxx Left Defense
139 SonsOfDisaster SonsOfDisaster Goalie
140 goonderk goonderk Left Defense
141 ll SiZZLe ll ll SiZZLe ll Left Defense
142 Gary Garoo Gary Garoo Right Defense
143 xKing Michael2 kingyiskingy Goalie Hey
144 Carm95 Carm95 Center
145 Highonshisha DoubleBrah61 Right Defense
146 l Scopes x l20l l Scopes x l20l Goalie The best
147 mfricha mfrichardson Right Wing
148 Dieu Charlo Dieu Charlo Right Defense
149 DeeSa Ali DeeSa Ali Right Defense Any pos
150 BSditka42 BSditka42 Right Defense
152 Darcy Kuemper Darcy Kuemper Goalie
153 l Saucy x 17 l l Saucy x 17 l Right Wing
154 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Goalie
155 Yahter Yahter Left Wing hi
156 ScottLAX18 ScottLAX18 Right Defense
157 Achilles Strife Achilles Strife Right Wing
158 uknome88 uknome88 Left Defense
159 BLUExL1NExK1NG BLUExL1NExK1NG Right Defense
160 General Jobo General Jobo Left Defense
161 rG Breezyy rG Breezyy Center
162 StayzClan StayzClan Right Defense Goal horns for dayzzzzzzz
163 Bureee Bureee Right Wing
164 Iebren Iebren Right Defense
165 Globes Globes Right Defense
166 Girgss Girgss Right Defense Don't draft me.
167 Primetimme Primetimme Center
168 Hopkins 28 Hopkins 28 Left Wing
169 Ace x 705 Ace x 705 Right Wing
170 Duggan Duggan Center
171 KingClutch x 77 KingClutch x 77 Center
172 xTiDanKilleR--55 Tidan x 55 Right Defense
173 Hriiz Ritz Crackerrr Right Wing
174 therealmooresy mooresy 27 Center hellur
175 Flow Sauce Chew FLOW SAUCE CHEW Right Wing
176 I St Michel I I St Michel I Center
178 l Wall x 31 l l Wall x 31 l Goalie
179 Landamov Landamov Goalie
180 ele905 ele905 Left Wing
181 gregy99 gregy99 Center
182 Odieeeeee Odieeeeee Right Defense
183 PivotGivinner PivotGivinner Goalie
184 l Mackie l l Mackie l Center
185 Antonucci x 15 Antonucci x 15 Left Wing
186 MedicMiiKE MedicMiiKE Center
187 Joonetic Joonetic Center
188 Cardon1 Center
189 Und3rSh0tkid Und3rSh0tkid Right Wing
190 Perrilyzer1 Perrilyzer1 Goalie
191 XGEnErAL 420X XGEnErAL 420X Right Wing :)
192 Lord x Finesse Lord x Finesse Right Defense C/RW/G Ristolainen likes the colour black.
193 FlowMaster Joe FlowMaster Joe Right Defense
194 NlK5 NlK5 Left Defense
195 Lorenzo x 24 Lorenzo x 24 Left Wing
196 Drew x 8 Drew x 8 Left Defense
197 l Ristolainen l l Ristolainen l Right Defense
199 Anndroo Anndroo Goalie
200 PieR Talent PieR Talent Center Benchwarmer here. Need someone to carry me to my first fnp w
201 Josh l96l Josh l96l Left Defense
202 lx Miller xl lx Miller xl Left Defense can play rd if needed