Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 TrollSlayer420 TrollSlayer420 Left Defense
2 WithTheLitesOut WithTheLitesOut Left Defense
3 l Ristolainen l l Ristolainen l Left Defense
4 Hortonx93 horton05 Left Wing
5 SteveB9211 SteveB9211 Goalie
6 Stewkos Stewkos Center
7 drally20 drally20 Goalie
8 l Stastny26 l l Stastny26 l Center
9 the avengers261 the avengers261 Left Wing
10 APX x 93 APX x 93 Right Wing
12 TeachMe13 TeachMe13 Center
13 MJ23 x Cash MJ23 x Cash Right Wing
14 LukeForceWalker LukeForceWalker Left Wing Can also ld
15 Desyd19 Desyd 19 Right Defense
16 HTH94 HTH94 Center Or RW
17 ThatZachGuy ThatZachGuy Right Defense
18 ACE 22 QC ACE 22 QC Center
19 Chytil l72l Chytil l72l Right Defense
20 l Letang l58l l Letang l58l Right Defense
21 Nraimondi44 Nraimondi44 Right Wing
22 o S m i i t t y o S m i i t t y Goalie
23 Really Good Dad Really Good Dad Right Defense
24 Bubba GX Bubba GX Left Defense
25 Big Tony 16 Big Tony 16 Left Wing
26 Dxwny Dxwnyy Left Defense
27 jared2112 jared2112 Center C/RW
28 Huddy Hudacek Goalie
29 trevwings trevwings Right Defense
30 HA G0T EMM HA G0T EMM Left Wing
31 CT 66 CT 66 Center
32 Rockxt 97 Rockxt 97 Right Wing
33 NlKx5 NlKx5 Left Defense
34 Bcrippsx31 Bcrippsx31 Goalie
35 LiLNickaI93 LiLNickaI93 Left Wing Usually LD but I still fuck
36 Mr SaWse Mr SaWse Left Wing Can play LW/ C or LD
37 blaker029 blaker029 Left Defense
38 Kopi Kopi Right Wing
39 JVR l21l JVR l21l Right Wing
40 swiss97 Swiss97 Center
41 XxTerryTORxX Terry No LOVE Left Defense
42 DerekRoy 14 DerekRoy 14 Goalie
43 I Voracek I93I I Voracek I93I Right Wing
44 Magik x Twitch Magik x Twitch Goalie
45 VeNOM3O99 VeNOM3O99 Goalie
46 cabcavlax1 cabcavlax1 Right Defense
47 Palmtop Tiger27 Palmtop Tiger27 Left Defense
48 Pabst 12 Pabst 12 Right Wing Or c
49 Dimitri x 91 Dimitri x 91 Right Defense
50 Pure Pone Pure Pone Left Defense
51 l Scopes x l20l l Scopes x l20l Goalie The best
52 xDubz 17 xDubz 17 Right Wing Tabarnak
53 Bossy_22_ l Bossy l x 22 Center
54 Chalklin Chalklin Right Wing
55 iReeva iReeva Goalie
56 Ozzy9041 Ozzy9041 Right Wing
57 its Rask its Rask Goalie
58 Drfootball909 Drfootball909 Left Defense
59 Supple Carrots Supple Carrots Left Defense
60 Xx2murph7xX Xx2murph7xX Center
61 l Gaudreau 13 l l Gaudreau 13 l Left Wing
62 Dieu Charlo Dieu Charlo Right Defense
63 Schlemko x 17 Schlemko x 17 Left Wing
64 LI Obito Uchiha LI Obito Uchiha Left Wing
65 ThatCurfewLife ThatCurfewLife Left Wing Can play either Wing
66 Gerbe x 42 Gerbe x 42 Center
67 Air Raiders Air Raiders Left Wing
68 BbyFartMageeZax BbyFartMageeZax Left Wing
69 Payner Payner Goalie
70 REZ 4 HIRE REZ 4 HIRE Right Defense
71 Reggie Howser Reggie Howser Right Wing
72 McLucas22 McLucas22 Right Wing
73 l Dangs l l Dangs l Right Wing
74 DomSquad100 DomSquad100 Left Wing
75 kopitarfan97 kopitarfan97 Center
76 BigJayAyotte BigJayAyotte Right Wing Going out. Not sure if ill make it for game 1 or 2. Ill try lol
77 l1l Bones l3l l1l Bones l3l Left Wing
78 Der Panda71 Der Panda71 Center
79 TPForMyBungCole TPForMyBungCole Center
80 Ruthless937 Ruthless937 Goalie
81 Ringuette x 97 Ringuette x 97 Center
82 Hope Legacyy Hope Legacyy Right Defense
83 Stinkfoot Bundy Stinkfoot Bundy Left Wing
84 Tatawaka Tatawaka Left Defense Lets go
85 l Chelios x24 l l Chelios x24 l Left Defense !
86 Rico Suave FLS Rico Suave FLS Left Defense
87 Draisaitl 29 Draisaitl 29 Left Defense
88 Forsberg IX Darslow Left Defense My GT is Darslow
90 Lord x Finesse Lord x Finesse Center 8" Any pos
91 DeLong x 22 iDorKweeD Right Wing Rated R
92 SouPerSaiyan SouPerSaiyan Right Wing
93 Basful BasfuI Left Wing
94 xxCARUCHxx xxCARUCHxx Left Defense
95 l Wall x 31 l l Wall x 31 l Goalie
96 MotivatedBow53 MotivatedBow53 Center
98 shutthegate shutthegate Goalie
99 Detroit Dekes Detroit Dekes Left Defense Can play anything but goalie
100 Globes Globes Right Defense 50/50 I'm awake
101 PieR Talent PieR Talent Center
102 l PureSkillz l PureSkillz Right Wing
103 iScyllaSnipez iScyllaSnipez Left Wing Can play any fwd position
104 x Braydenn x Braydenn Right Defense
105 UphillMoss290 UphillMoss290 Left Wing
106 ScaryJoeyy ScaryJoeyy Center
107 Dualtz Dualtz Right Defense
108 SoY LoS 19 SoY LoS 19 Right Defense
109 MedicMiiKE MedicMiiKE Center
110 Pandaleupagus Pandaleupagus Right Defense
111 goonderk goonderk Left Defense /RD
112 its Gallyy its Gallyy Goalie
113 Billsmafia1186 Billsmafia1186 Left Wing
114 Some fat gezer Some fat gezer Right Wing
115 Double_brah DoubleBrah61 Center
116 Williams x12x Williams x12x Left Wing
117 xChief 27 xChief 27 Left Defense
118 Milah and Ted Milah and Ted Goalie
119 DeeSa Ali Oui Oui Qc Right Defense Left or Right defense idgaf
120 Wanyama x Wanyama x Left Wing
122 Laine Buddy Laine Buddy Right Wing
123 CroydonKNIGHT9 CroydonKNIGHT9 Center
124 l FLYERS l l FLYERS l Left Wing
125 Girgss Girgss Right Defense EAT. SLEEP. CHEL.
126 FtB x Sauce Popov x 29 Center C or rw
127 l Murray x 30 l l Murray x 30 l Goalie
128 sbdr91 sbdr91 Left Wing
129 Ezreal Ezreal Right Wing
131 The MainEvent The MainEvent Center C or RW.
132 PivotGivinner PivotGivinner Goalie
133 Wadden l32l Wadden l32l Right Wing Play any position
134 APsychicTaco APsychicTaco Goalie
135 I KiLLTarTED I I KiLLTarTED I Goalie
136 UltimateMUTPlay UltimateMUTPlay Center
137 iTub3 iTub3 Goalie Never played FNP before, heard about it though.
138 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
139 Sejje 19 Sejje Left Wing
140 P E R I D O T 9 P E R I D O T 9 Left Defense
141 an angrycricket An AngryCricket Right Defense
142 Bergi101192 Bergi101192 Right Wing
143 Kryptonite008 Kryptonite008 Right Wing
144 RoWsKi RoWsKi Left Wing
145 Ixam15 Ixam15 Right Wing
146 l Glad l l Glad l Left Defense
147 Dip City Don Dip City Don Center Can also play RW
148 BlueJays34 I METE I Center
149 Big Ol Juicy Big Ol Juicy Left Wing
150 AlexeiKovalev27 AlexeiKovalev27 Right Wing
151 Odieeeeee Odieeeeee Right Defense
152 officialmark07 officialmark07 Left Defense
153 RoaringViper RoaringViper Goalie
154 PlayboiPryme PlayboiPryme Right Wing
155 Anndroo Anndroo Goalie
156 Rehanek Rehanek Left Wing
158 HoT RiViT HoT RiViT Left Defense
159 McAvoy CX McAvoy CX Right Wing
160 JJ-Finesse- JJr Goalie
161 TurboYuri TurboYuri Left Defense might need 10 minutes
162 Sports518God Sports518God Left Wing Play anywhere
163 xXGoalieGodXx xXGoalieGodXx Goalie
164 Keapps KEAPPS Center
165 Gros Tabarnack Gros Tabarnack Center
166 Nybo x 3 Nybo x 3 Left Defense
167 JaysWayss JaysWayss Left Wing
168 lx Horty xl lx Horty xl Center C RW
169 Panxn Panxn Right Defense
170 Gwan Gwan Left Defense dont pick me or else grr
171 Leafy Leafy Left Wing
172 mfricha mfrichardson Center
173 Po1andsFinest Po1andsFinest Left Wing
174 jewbawkka jewbawkka Left Defense
176 jackD00P jackD00P Right Wing
177 l Kodiak l l Kodiak l Left Wing
178 l McQuade l l McQuade l Left Defense
179 R0tes R0tes Center
180 Skuttlebut Skuttlebut Left Defense
181 Soapy412 Soapy412 Right Wing