Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 XGEnErAL 420X XGeneral420X Goalie TopG
2 Five5Hole_ Five5Hole_ Right Wing
3 SW-Bobcats9 SW-Bobcats9 Goalie
4 Happy-Gilmore-27 Happy-Gilmore-27 Left Defense
5 DodgesBlueShells DodgesBlueShells Left Defense
6 x-_price-31_-x X-_price-31_-x Goalie
7 PimmaFlav PimmaFlav Right Defense
8 K-bagg978 K-bagg978 Goalie
9 ThomaLong ThomaLong Right Wing
10 The_Real_Teal The_Real_Teal Left Defense
11 APX x 93 APX93- Center Can play rw too
12 CUP_CHECK_ IMaBEASTkidd19 Left Wing
13 bertone2909 bertone2909 Center
14 asstchief209 Asstchief209 Right Wing Good RW
15 Feylox Feylox Goalie
16 x-KooDeR-x x-KooDeR-x Left Defense
17 Gamingfreak911 Gamingfreak911 Right Defense
18 Krvstoffer Krvstoffer Right Defense
19 Primaryflash Primaryflash Left Defense
20 FreeZ-o-R FreeZ-o-R Left Defense
21 kevkey81 kevkey81 Left Wing
22 TakeNotes97 TakeNotes97 Right Wing Can also play C and LW
23 P_Po_Patches P_Po_Patches Left Defense
24 Dustinkeefe19 Dustinkeefe19 Right Defense
25 MrFrankPompei MrFrankPompei Right Wing
26 billybob29778 billybob29778 Goalie best unknown elite goalie
27 TKonecnyX11 TKonecnyX11 Center
28 Krewzii Krewzii Goalie
29 Grimrock89 Grimrock89 Right Defense
30 Schwartz_x9 Schwartz_x9 Left Wing
32 Bruggz-_- Bruggz-_- Right Defense
33 Kingbling647 kingbling647 Center no
34 Jpinvmt Jpinvmt Right Defense
35 Fishydangles Fishydangles Goalie
36 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Wing
37 JRGreaterThan JRGreaterThan Goalie best unknown elite goalie
38 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Defense can player either D spot, just prefer LD
39 HurrichaneScoot HurrichaneScoot Right Wing
40 ItssYourBoyBlue ItssYourBoyBlue Goalie
41 Theo_a_kats Theo_a_kats Right Defense
42 ses-DRAGON-ses ses-DRAGON-ses Goalie
43 Laveir917 Laveir917 Center diamond in the ruff
44 DG_Keeper DG_Keeper Center
45 DirtyDeeds200 DirtyDeeds200 Left Defense
46 monokuuu monokuuu Right Defense
47 Meestah Don MeestahDon Right Wing
48 TheMooCowTit TheMooCowTit Right Wing
49 J_durst-8 J_durst-8 Left Defense
50 GunPowderNlead11 GunPowderNlead11 Right Defense
51 LANDOLEO87 LANDOLEO87 Left Wing We don’t want no scrubs!
52 jets-2016 jets-2016 Left Wing
53 althewall althewall Left Wing
54 smyles57 smyles57 Right Defense
55 NoThumbSweatyAF PteCyr Left Defense
56 Crease-Fire Crease-Fire Goalie
57 Tapperson Tapperson12 Center
58 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Defense
59 I-Price-X-31-I I-Price-X-31-I Goalie
60 Insane_girl_Qc85 Insane_girl_Qc85 Goalie Insane girl looking to have some fun tonight kicking ass
61 xfatherpatx xfatherpatx Center
62 Jasono79 jasono79 Right Wing
63 PitbullD2K PitbullD2K Right Wing Happy to have a chance to play
64 OGTreh OGTreh Goalie
65 Malliaman Malliaman Goalie
66 Bufford80 Bufford80 Center
67 Extendo28 Extendo28 Center
68 Jimbo_Slice093 Jimbo_Slice093 Left Defense
69 WestSideHockey WestSideHockey Goalie
70 WillyG_0y WillyG_0y Center
71 F0G 19 Fo0o0G-19 Right Wing
72 gocanucks01 gocanucks01 Right Wing
73 redflag33 redflag33 Center
74 GeT MuTeDD GeT_IVIuTeDD Right Defense
75 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Center
76 xXDuFrEsNe27Xx xXDuFrEsNe27Xx Left Wing
77 jared2112 Brkaway89 Center
78 Greeno1822 Greeno1822 Left Defense
79 XxDamagedPlanxX XxDamagedPlanxX Left Wing
80 Frody16 Frody16 Left Wing
81 TrashClown22 TrashClown22 Goalie Available for all games
82 Fresher_than23 Fresher_than23 Left Wing Lw rw ld
83 Rasta_Farian Rasta_Farian Left Defense
84 Degraves5 Degraves5 Left Wing
85 MJ2935 MJ2935 Right Defense
86 CharlesBawsMTL CharlesBawsMTL Center
87 Hra-ow Hra-ow Left Wing
88 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie
89 lFleuryx29l lFleuryx29l Goalie
90 SilvaL15L SilvaL15L Goalie
91 troy2499 troy2499 Right Wing
92 Furdayzbuddy Furdayzbuddy Left Wing
93 drally20 drally20 Goalie
94 OG-CrispyCreamy OG-CrispyCreamy Right Wing
95 Streetsmurf Streetsmurf Right Wing
96 GingerBVitis GingerBVitis Left Defense
97 RBCressor RBCressor Left Defense
98 j_marz25 j_marz25 Right Defense
99 soul2cold77 soul2cold77 Left Wing
100 The_Blind_Ref The_Blind_Ref Center Or LW
101 curlew7 curlew77 Right Wing
102 LaFleuR11 LaFleuR11 Right Defense Hi
103 KiNgFLiPS Flipking91 Right Wing
104 Chhrris99 Chhrris99 Left Wing
105 DeathClown27 DeathClown27 Left Wing
106 Juice-5 Juice-5 Right Wing
107 xl_JDE0201_lx xl_JDE0201_lx Left Wing
108 stay_at_homed stay_at_homed Left Defense
109 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
110 CANADIANxBACON1 canadianxbacon1 Right Wing Or can play g
111 JonFromEarth JonFromEarth Left Defense
112 iCb4uC iCb4uC Goalie
113 xXAucoin1Xx xXAucoin1Xx Right Defense
114 Johnkenney01 Johnkenney01 Left Wing Can play center too
115 Too-Rough-2008 Xx-Stickyhand-xX Right Defense
116 Mrbodybagz_D_O_A Mrbodybagz_D_O_A Left Wing
117 MaTh_HaBs MaTh_HaBs Right Wing
118 Coryjyoung Coryjyoung Left Defense
119 Heedlessjem420 Heedlessjem420 Center
120 cmike17 cmike17 Left Defense
121 Reincremation Reincremation Right Defense
122 Mtl-cor Mtl-cor Right Wing
123 Ch1ps_Ah0y_59 Ch1ps_Ah0y_59 Right Wing
124 iEskimo- iEskimo- Right Wing
125 o S m i i t t y Smittyy10 Right Wing
126 sherer20 sherer20 Right Defense
127 FookDonaldTrump1 FookDonaldTrump1 Left Defense
128 AAli x 21 AAli-21 Center
129 MattAdoresDanna MattAdoresDanna Left Defense
130 JLAden12 JLAden12 Left Defense
131 Parihse Parihse Right Wing
132 Truenorthelite Truenorthelite Center
133 DufOurmick DufOurmick Goalie
134 Charmop82 Charmop82 Right Wing
135 OLS x 9 K-Ols9 Left Wing
136 FrenchMoron FrenchMoron Left Wing I play in a library room. Therefore I'm more dedicated than you are. Deal with it.