Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Webstyle9 Webstyle9 Center Can play any forward position.
2 gbdrumify gbdrumify Right Defense
3 Wheelchairdevon8 Wheelchairdevon8 Right Defense
4 DanteLucc DanteLucc Right Defense I play lh Ld as well
5 Blummer04 Blummer04 Center
6 DrFurryNips DrFurryNips Right Wing
7 dshann88 dshann88 Right Defense Can play both RD and LD
8 actiondaveI3 bottle_man Left Wing
9 ItzAlive__ ItzAlive__ Left Wing
10 R1SK66 R1SK66 Center
11 Lynyrd_Skynyrd Lynyrd_Skynyrd Left Defense can play RD as well
12 BROKEN9216 BROKEN9216 Left Wing
13 Jasono_x_I96I Jasono_x_I96I Right Wing
14 KarlssonIsGod KarlssonIsGod Left Wing
15 MaGiiK_x96x MaGiiK_x96x Center
16 Xeazyklllx Xeazyklllx Goalie
17 Beastly-x- Beastly-x- Left Defense
18 TaPoisse TaPoisse28 Left Defense
19 ti-jake66 ti-jake66 Right Defense
20 Mondy-_-91 Mondy-_-91 Right Wing
21 Malliaman__ Malliaman__ Goalie
22 GingerBVitis GingerBVitis Left Defense
23 Bruggzy87 Bruggzy87 Right Defense
24 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie
25 Keebawdize Keebawdize Right Wing
26 Ryuu-Asura Ryuu-Asura Goalie
27 Knights29 Knights29 Left Defense
28 JUMBOcanuck JUMBOcanuck Left Wing
29 Lidstrom_x5x Lidstrom_x5x Right Defense
30 PieR Talent PieR_Talent Right Wing
31 zombieBRAAIINNS jekki- Right Defense Rd/ld
32 Berrakov Berrakov Right Defense
33 ItsWillee ItsWillee Center
34 Desy_93 Desy_93 Left Wing LW/C
35 Jpinvmt Jpinvmt Right Defense
36 Fred-Proulx- I-Proulx-I Goalie
37 Eamonn EamonnJCF Left Wing
38 GunnarWulf GunnarWulf Center
39 DavyJoneSx42x DavyJoneSx42x Goalie should be sober enough tonight Discord DavyJoneSx42x #3858
40 aKooDeR aKooDeR Left Defense I'm highly regarded as one of the top double overtime defensemen in the league by most... Errr...a few of my family members. P.S. Don't check my stats, cr or play a warm up with me.
41 Twisty-_-72 Twisty-_-72 Right Defense
42 MDConMan MDConMan Goalie
43 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Defense
44 NoThumbSweatyAF PteCyr Left Defense
45 FatHogChelly FatHogChelly Center
46 Brandxn87 Brandxn87 Right Defense
47 Mooner2014 Mooner2014 Goalie
48 iCb4uC iCb4uC Goalie
49 NinjaGamer762 NinjaGamer762 Left Wing Any FWD spot
50 Cshirk85 Cshirk85 Goalie
51 Doc_Marshmallow Doc_Marshmallow Right Defense
52 MrPurpleCrush MrPurpleCrush Right Defense
53 bonwl bonwl Center
54 Im_your_dad25 Im_your_dad25 Center Let’s fuck shit up!
55 ScooTz-10 ScooTz-10 Right Wing
56 RBCressor RBCressor Left Defense
57 bstieboydp bstieboydp Right Wing
58 xCounter43x xCounter43x Right Defense
59 Canadiens-27 Canadiens-27 Center
60 CANADIANxBACON1 canadianxbacon1 Goalie 1 the best g s out there
61 Polar4124 x-PoIar Right Defense
62 jhawkman81 jhawkman81 Left Defense
63 shockers2004 shockers2004 Center
64 xCOACH_19 xCOACH_19 Left Defense
65 Gourr- Gourr- Right Defense
66 Franchise Matty FranchiseMatty Left Defense
67 Capitalsfan_08 Capitalsfan_08 Left Wing
68 Jordanbrown1891 Jordanbrown1891 Goalie
69 zzzRy0 zzzRy0 Left Defense
70 Daddys_Gooch_fur Daddys_Gooch_fur Left Wing
71 StackedPads StackedPads Goalie
72 Westbygod Westbygod Center