Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Holland-989 Holland-989 Right Wing
2 Plughunter88 Plughunter88 Goalie
3 Elevate-SZN Elevate-SZN Right Defense
4 Compost06 Compost06 Right Defense
5 Hatred_Ghost Hatred_Ghost Goalie Just an average shitter
6 Gwanzie Gwanzie Left Wing
7 Ducks_200IQ Ducks_200IQ Left Defense 200 iq player, 2 times back to back fnp champion
8 L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 L-_0-_o-_p-_s_88 Center Can play any position
9 Brandxn87 Brandxn87 Right Wing
10 Boughss Boughss Center
11 JMalarkie JMalarkie Left Wing
12 xkilluh95x xkilluh95x Goalie
13 PeteyMaCx11 PeteyMacx111 Left Defense LemeIin smells like cheese
14 JFx31 JFx31 Left Wing
15 d-Anglin- d-Anglin- Right Defense
16 XDownSouthKillaX XDownSouthKillaX Center
17 CRAZYROGO-1-7 CRAZYROGO-1-7 Right Wing
18 xMakar08 xMakar08 Left Defense I’m cute trust me
19 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Defense
20 NoThumbSweatyAF NoThumbSweatyAF Left Defense
21 REAP 29 Reaplayy Center
22 VEXEloQuence VEXEloQuence Goalie
23 Fooldawg83 Fooldawg83 Goalie
24 Rehmtulla Rehmtulla Center
25 F0G 19 F0G19- Right Wing The one and only face of LG
26 bNYCe83 bNYCe83 Goalie
27 covey12345 covey12345 Right Wing
28 OdessaSteps OdessaSteps Left Wing I can play any forward position
29 xXiCb4uCxX xXiCb4uCxX Goalie
30 ItsWillee ItsWillee Center
31 Stiivii-66 Stiivii-66 Right Defense
32 Dr_Juice7 Dr_Juice7 Goalie
33 ITheFranchizeI ITheFranchizeI Goalie
34 xGianTx xGianTx Right Defense
35 SilvaL15L SilvaL15L Goalie
36 CHARAx33 CHARAx33 Right Defense
37 DoubleZERO33 DoubleZERO33 Goalie Duh
38 xHUD__97- xHUD__97- Center
39 Mooner2019 Mooner2019 Goalie
40 Levac27 Levac27 Goalie
41 TaPoisse TaPoisse28 Left Defense
42 DerpyDaymare derpydaymare Goalie
43 txctfeezy txctfeezy Right Wing or LW
44 Biologiccs Biologiccs Left Wing ELITE
45 Attackthemac AtTaCkThEmAc Right Defense
46 PhillySteve76 PhillySteve76 Goalie
47 DeathClxwn DeathClxwn Center
48 tabbs85 tabbs85 Goalie
49 Reider15-15 Reider15-15 Left Wing /C
50 DanteLucc DanteLucc Right Defense
51 Meestah Don MeestahDon Right Wing
52 BTL_MoTi BTL_MoTi Center
53 Schwartz_x9 Schwartz_x9 Left Wing
54 Dangletownsniper Dangletownsniper Right Defense Somebody save me thanks
55 Jmiichh-Qc Jmiichh-Qc Left Wing
56 lRufiooo lRufiooo Left Defense
57 mikenaughty mikenaughty Left Defense i like tacos. pink ones
58 PimmaFlav PimmaFlav Right Defense Or LD
59 Hra-ow Hra-ow Right Defense
60 lVlr T 16 lvlrT-_- Left Wing Go T go!
61 KSKrish KSKrish Left Defense
62 l Ringy l97l lRingyl97l Center
63 Xx LoL xX 9 xLOL-9 Left Defense
64 RanchX41X RanchX41X Goalie
65 vZarvek vZarvek Right Wing
66 Ols-9- Ols-9- Left Defense
67 ImaDoer3 ImaDoer3 Left Wing
68 DCorleon DCorleon Left Wing Lw or ld
69 joestud18 joestud18 Left Defense have IRL hockey from 8est-9est, will prolly miss atleast game 1
70 jay6219 jay6219 Left Wing
71 Nealrambo Nealrambo Right Defense
72 SirGab- SirGab- Left Wing
73 ToppestOfTops ToppestOfTops Center
74 Chief-Tug_l49l Chief-Tug_l49l Right Defense
75 Hynzie20 Hynzie20 Right Wing
76 Goostaav Goostav_12 Center
77 Parihse Parihse Right Wing
78 Doughty x I8I Doughty-i8i Left Defense
79 Labrat Labrat Right Wing
80 Beaverclopsx27 Beaverclopsx27 Right Wing
81 Diamond l 4 l Diamond-I4I Left Wing
82 JCpens22 Jcpens22 Left Wing
83 Iplay_for_keeps Iplay_for_keeps Right Wing
84 ARoguePineapple ARoguePineapple Goalie
85 i9-Stamkos-1i i9-Stamkos-1i Center
86 Xeazyklllx Xeazyklllx Goalie
87 SkillzZy_x92x SkillzZy_x92x Center
88 FreeZ-o-R FreeZ-o-R Left Defense
89 Xxicepik28xX Xxicepik28xX Goalie
90 CaptainDube17 CaptainDube17 Left Wing
91 Wadden l32l HypeBeastXxQc420 Center or rw
92 stay_at_homed stay_at_homed Left Defense
93 GreasyxReesey GreasyxReesey Center Any fwd. Both hands
94 Mondy-_-91 Mondy-_-91 Right Wing
95 oBEASTo19 oBEASTo19 Goalie
96 ChyzNasty ChyzNasty Right Wing
97 Lach12 Lach12 Goalie
98 Mxster-77 Mxster-77 Left Defense
99 Jake From State Farm CorrosiveJake Right Wing Can also play C
100 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie
101 lX Kane 88 Xl lx_kane88_xl Right Wing
102 oneeye15 oneeye15 Right Wing Can play any position
103 xProspect-99 xProspect-99 Right Wing
104 Sumaaa-- Sumaaa-- Right Defense
105 Brindyx17 Brindyx17 Left Wing
106 Mugferd Mugferd Center
107 Semple19 Semple19 Left Wing
108 canuckftc12W canuckftc12W Right Wing
109 LaPlante94 LaPlante94 Right Defense
110 TheBobbyOrr4 TheBobbyOrr4 Left Defense shitter here
111 dmac7719 dmac7719 Left Defense
112 Alexdrum100 Alexdrum100 Left Defense Or rd
113 eastons17 eastons- Left Wing
114 cornect57 cornect57 Left Wing
115 Lehk- Lehk- Left Defense
116 PattyLive PattyLive Left Defense
117 XxJusT4TheShoWxX XxJusT4TheShoWxX Center
118 z Chieef zChieef Left Defense
119 iTz x Truue xNoHvlfSendz- Goalie 1/9
120 The_Falcon__ The_Falcon__ Left Wing