Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Shrum160 Shrum160 Left Wing
2 KarlssonIsGod KarlssonIsGod Left Wing
3 CHARAx33 CHARAx33 Right Defense
4 STLstash STLstash Left Defense Rd
5 Holland-989 Holland-989 Right Wing
6 xXiCb4uCxX xXiCb4uCxX Goalie
7 general-RLCO general-RLCO Right Defense
8 louiedeuce8 louiedeuce8 Left Defense 20 Win dman with no thumbs
9 Maxwell x 3 GreasyHotdog123 Right Defense
11 nehxC nehxC Right Wing C
12 JMalarkie JMalarkie Left Wing
13 BigTree2105_SOFA BigTree2105_SOFA Right Defense I can also play LD or G if needed
14 Pookie4lyf Pookie4lyf Right Defense
15 Hra-ow Hra-ow Left Wing
16 JCoch_33 JCoch_33 Goalie
17 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Defense
18 althewall althewall Left Defense Hi I’m wall
19 Mtl-cor Mtl-cor Right Wing
20 l Assonnato l Assonato_ Right Defense
21 PattyLive PattyLive Left Defense No
22 SupeRxGreeK SupeRxGreeK Right Defense LD as well
23 lpfortin lpfortin Center
24 Im-beast-ur-not_ Im-beast-ur-not_ Right Wing
25 Tantillo818 Tantillo818 Right Defense Can play both sides
26 Hedmxnn Hedmxnn Right Wing
27 CarryDeezReeses CarryDeezReeses Center
28 Lazy Pedestrian Lazy_Pedestrian Right Defense
29 VRain_19 VRain_19 Left Defense
30 ginger2001 ginger2001 Right Wing
31 Jwilly_24 Jwilly_24 Center
32 Elevate-SZN Elevate-SZN Center
33 MikeeTeeze MikeeTeeze Goalie Top G
34 BioIogics Biologiccs Left Wing Rusty,drunk and high
35 Malliaman__ Malliaman__ Goalie
36 l Ringy l97l lRingyl97l Right Wing
37 OcEaNtOmBs55 OcEaNtOmBs55 Left Wing
38 Buckeyes2525 Buckeyes2525 Center Can play d too
39 ExP_40 ExP_40 Goalie
40 Pxnarin Pxnarin Center
41 ISizxr 12I xgoalscorer9 Right Defense
42 X2x-SM00TH-x2X X2x-SM00TH-x2X Left Defense
43 JCpens22 Jcpens22 Left Wing
44 Timmycdogg Timmycdogg Left Defense
45 Upte_19 Upte-19x Right Wing
46 Kotal-Jahn Kotal-Jahn Right Defense
47 Spkstr69 Spkstr69 Left Defense
48 Stater5714 PennStater4life_ Goalie
49 xIKnoImZaddy xIKnoImZaddy Left Wing
50 ShotandmissLW ShotandmissLW Goalie
51 Charliebiscuit12 Charliebiscuit12 Left Wing
52 Gwanzie Gwanzie Left Wing
53 Ucantcme_kamakaz Ucantcme_kamakaz Goalie
54 BTL_MoTi BTL_MoTi Center
55 GEEZY501 GEEZY501 Left Defense Won’t let ya down
56 Hogan_Jr_ Hogan_Jr_ Right Defense
57 o Mon0poly o Bdeezzz Center
58 Fishydangles Fishydangles Goalie
59 StoneR-3point0 StoneR-3point0 Right Wing
60 Metcalf91 Metcalf91 Right Wing
61 natesous10 natesous10 Goalie
62 Bugsyl17l Bugsyl17l Left Defense
63 Hughesy_71 Hughesy_71 Left Wing
64 Hatred_Ghost Hatred_Ghost Goalie I have no thumbs
65 McBangBang22 McBangBang22 Goalie G or D
66 ItsWillee ItsWillee Center
67 x_domdAbomb_x x_domdAbomb_x Goalie
68 koztom- koztomade Left Defense any position
69 Maddens26 Maddens26 Left Defense
70 LudoBoss87 LudoBoss87 Right Wing
71 AyyxJayy AyyxJayy Left Defense
72 Wadden l32l HypeBeastXxQc420 Right Wing or C
73 Fooldawg83 Fooldawg83 Goalie
74 greatzilla007 greatzilla007 Right Defense
75 Diamond--02 Diamond--02 Right Defense
76 aKooDeR aKooDeR Left Defense Just keep scrolling...
77 Bxrt1_ Bxrt1_ Center
79 Schlemko x 17 PicLePic Left Wing
80 OGTreh OGTreh Goalie
81 zzzRy0 zzzRy0 Left Defense
82 xSilkyhands97x xSilkyhands97x Right Defense
83 zZenkyyy- zZenkyyy- Right Defense Im pheno
84 ImaDoer3 ImaDoer3 Center
85 Jpinvmt Jpinvmt Right Defense I suck
86 KSKrish KSKrish Left Defense
87 eIGringo86 eIGringo86 Goalie
88 HowRawTooRaw HowRawTooRaw Left Wing Can C aswell
89 Jxsse-21 Jxsse-21 Right Wing
90 redflag33 redflag33 Left Wing
91 FreeZ-o-R FreeZ-o-R Left Defense
92 CrawlingBacon CrawlingBacon Goalie
93 XxJusT4TheShoWxX XxJusT4TheShoWxX Right Wing
94 Ducks_200IQ Ducks_200IQ Left Defense
95 TaPoisse TaPoisse28 Left Defense
96 SyNSxCrusade SyNSxCrusade Center
97 BROKEN9216 BROKEN9216 Left Defense
98 canuckftc12W canuckftc12W Right Defense
99 xGianTx xGianTx Right Defense
100 Compost06 Compost06 Right Defense
101 BLong67- BLong67- Goalie
102 i9-Stamkos-1i Gmxm51 Left Wing
103 PrometheusXVII PrometheusXVII Right Defense
104 Gucci__Gui Gucci__Gui Right Wing
105 tdk_95 tdk_95 Goalie
106 ImLxziee- ImLxziee- Goalie
107 LaFleuR11 LaFleuR11 Right Wing
108 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
109 Danboni 16 Tidan-16 Center
110 foxpresentation redfangs Left Defense
111 kered93 kered93 Left Defense
112 xGrhymes xGrhymes Left Wing
113 Nealrambo Nealrambo Right Defense