Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 KarlssonIsGod KarlssonIsGod Left Wing Can LD if needed there aswell....
2 EZ_WEEZY_RIDER EZ_WEEZY_RIDER Left Wing I can play any skater position no goalie
3 Holland X 98 Holland-989 Right Wing
4 OdessaSteps OdessaSteps Center
5 AgedEmbryo AgedEmbryo Center Or wing
6 general-RLCO general-RLCO Right Defense
7 Reider x 95 Reider15-15 Left Defense
8 xSLEEVES-91 xSLEEVES-91 Goalie
9 Hedmxnn Hedmxnn Right Wing
10 Pearson x 70 I_Toffoli_73_I Center
11 Jake From State Farm CorrosiveJake Right Wing or Center
12 PieR Talent PieR_Talent Right Wing May miss game one due to work
13 STLstash STLstash Left Defense Rd
14 TakeNotes97 TakeNotes97 Left Wing Or Rw
15 T--o--M--M---y T--o--M--M---y Left Wing
16 joestud18 joestud18 Right Defense Dman either side
17 DoubleZERO33 DoubleZERO33 Goalie
18 Mooner2019 Mooner2019 Goalie
19 Rico Suave TOS JulianI21I Left Defense
20 Timmycdogg Timmycdogg Left Defense
21 TaPoisse TaPoisse28 Left Defense
22 l Assonnato l Assonato_ Left Wing
23 Jwilly_24 Jwilly_24 Center Can play LW and LD as well
24 montoya__18 montoya__18 Goalie
25 Buckeyes2525 Buckeyes2525 Right Defense
26 o Mon0poly o Bdeezzz Center
27 ImaDoer3 ImaDoer3 Center
28 j_sherminator j_sherminator Right Wing
29 Xx96_BiDoU_96xX Xx96_BiDoU_96xX Center
30 Diamond--02 Diamond--02 Right Defense
31 CHARAx33 CHARAx33 Right Defense
32 ciulla19 ciulla19 Goalie
33 Jmoneypreludesi Jmoneypreludesi Left Wing
34 Diamond l 4 l Diamond-I4I Left Wing
35 Domix28- Domix28- Center
36 TH1CC_L4T1NA_ TH1CC_L4T1NA_ Right Wing
37 zZenkyyy- zZenkyyy- Right Defense
38 MikeeTeeze MikeeTeeze Goalie
39 XxSharKie_420xX XxSharKie_420xX Goalie
40 SupeRxGreeK SupeRxGreeK Right Defense Or LD
41 KSKrish KSKrish Left Defense
42 ItsWillee ItsWillee Center
43 louiedeuce8 louiedeuce8 Left Defense
44 NoThumbSweatyAF NoThumbSweatyAF Left Defense
45 Greasy-Reesey Greasy-Reesey Left Wing
46 GL3NzKy- AngZ-x Right Wing
47 Swiickk Swiickk Center
48 HazeeHype HazeeHype Right Wing
49 Metcalf91 Metcalf91 Right Wing
50 BigFreeze064 BigFreeze064 Right Wing
51 BrickWallBacon BrickWallBacon Goalie
52 Lach12 Lach12 Goalie
53 SomeoneStopMePls SomeoneStopMePls Right Defense
54 SilvaL15L SilvaL15L Left Defense
55 bottle_man bottle_man Center
56 I-TopCheese-I I-TopCheese-I Left Defense
57 JCpens22 Jcpens22 Left Wing
58 VRain_19 VRain_19 Left Defense
59 xBackstrom-i19i xBackstrom-i19i Center
60 SyNSxCrusade SyNSxCrusade Center
61 kered93 kered93 Center
62 JonFromEarth JonFromEarth Right Defense
63 HowRawTooRaw HowRawTooRaw Left Wing Or C
64 BulletShow21 BulletShow21 Center
65 koztom- koztomade Left Wing i can play any positions if needed F/D/G
66 Malliaman__ Malliaman__ Goalie
67 RanchX41X RanchX41X Goalie
68 Harmanm44 Harmanm44 Right Defense Yes
69 Mclub326 Mclub326 Right Wing
70 Paradis7117 Paradis-7117 Left Defense
71 LRKrazyLR LRKrazyLR Left Defense
72 Moongee- Moongee- Right Wing Allo
73 Oh Nebulous Nebbylous Left Wing
74 Stiivii-66 Stiivii-66 Right Defense
75 Fow72 Fow72 Left Defense
76 Hra-ow Hra-ow Left Wing
77 xTarasenko91 xTarasenko91 Right Wing
78 DanteLucc DanteLucc Right Defense
79 D_SPORS_5 D_SPORS_5 Left Defense
80 Bxrt1_ Bxrt1_ Center
81 Pfarrcyde23 Pfarrcyde23 Left Wing
82 bonwl bonwl Center
83 Royalkc85 Royalkc85 Left Defense
84 TheyCallMeDevo24 TheyCallMeDevo24 Left Defense
85 xDeal89 xDeal89 Goalie
86 xGianTx xGianTx Right Defense
87 NinjaGamer762 NinjaGamer762 Center Any FWD
88 Mtl-cor Mtl-cor Right Wing
89 FreeZ-o-R FreeZ-o-R Left Defense
90 foxpresentation foxpresentation Left Defense
91 TheNortoriousBIG TheNortoriousBIG Center
92 Pikachuguy35 Pikachuguy35 Goalie
93 SukMyChinesePeen SukMyChinesePeen Left Defense
94 DCorleon DCorleon Left Wing
95 Fresher_than23 Fresher_than23 Left Wing
96 DrWally DrWally Right Defense