Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 Frauts Frauts Right Wing
2 TOTHELEFT14451 TOTHELEFT14451 Center hwen does the next season start ?
3 MyNamesMino MyNamesMino Left Wing
4 dragon8ye dragon8ye Center Center for Czech Republic in WJC.
5 BK_0994 BK_0994 Left Wing Both wings or d
6 Blitzburgh_31 Blitzburgh_31 Left Defense
7 ColinEastern ColinEastern Center
8 TheMcKapy themckapy Left Wing Wubba lubba dub dub!
9 Kalvinator95 Kalvinator95 Right Wing
10 CrazyLegsHem CrazyLegsHem Center
11 Fedorov91X Fedorov91x Goalie
12 Buy_my_dogs Buy_my_dogs Right Wing
13 JBrodeur435 JBrodeur435 Goalie
14 General_Lee_High General_Lee_High Right Defense
15 AllinFitness AllinFitness Goalie
16 XxbanditxX84 XxbanditxX84 Right Defense
17 iCb4uC iCb4uC Goalie
18 xDarts-_-23 xDarts-_-23 Goalie
19 dmac7719 dmac7719 Left Defense
20 WolfxI29I WolfxI29I Left Wing
21 Faytal_Flow Faytal_Flow Goalie Elite backup goalie here.
22 Zacha l 37 l BigSaveNabokov Center
23 FullyDynamic FullyDynamic Center
25 Hunter x 39 Krvstoffer Goalie
26 Igotdat420 Igotdat420 Left Wing
27 Mp_Seanor Mp_Seanor Left Defense
28 xGrapeCherry xGrapeCherry Center can play all positions
29 o S m i i t t y Smittyy10 Right Defense
30 jared2112 Brkaway89 Center
31 Williams_55 Williams_55 Left Wing
32 OhhCrosby87 OhhCrosby87 Right Defense
33 Peeace--- Peeace--- Left Defense
34 xKLuTchDoLphiNx xKLuTchDoLphiNx Goalie
35 greatzilla007 greatzilla007 Goalie
36 GonzoArmstrong GonzoArmstrong Right Defense
37 MrGhillieDMR MrGhillieDMR Goalie LOL I cant believe I keep signing up for this shit
38 phillysmvp phillysmvp Left Defense No scrubs
39 eGodJumps eGodJumps Left Wing
40 Claytonking17 Claytonking17 Left Defense
41 Bufflechuck Bufflechuck Right Defense
42 x ScrumZzyy xScrumZzyy Right Defense
43 WestSideHockey WestSideHockey Goalie
44 Malliaman Malliaman Goalie
45 IxI-Toffoli-IxI IxI-Toffoli-IxI Left Wing
46 KillsAKill- KillsAKill- Right Wing im fucking sick
47 Rico Suave FLS JulianI21I Left Defense
48 PattyIce14 PattyIce14 Can+play+LD
49 Semple19 Semple19 Left Wing
50 Rickstoneman11 Rickstoneman11 Goalie
51 II-Amazing-ll II-Amazing-ll Left Defense I play both sides
52 cholesterolbomb CholesterolBomb Right Defense
53 Firefighter58 Firefighter58 Left Wing
54 lDatsyuk13l FFrantic_ Right Wing
55 OldManWhilickers OldManWhilickers Left Wing
56 debarrd debarrd Left Defense
57 Snoop_651 I_xSNOOPx_I Left Wing
58 xi_Goldy xi_Goldy Goalie
59 xXLikeABOSSXx92 Gaborik_x_l12l Left Wing
60 Vikes Vikes_69_28 Right Defense
61 lilman239 Lilman239 Right Wing Can play any position needed, no preference. Will always goalie if need be
62 Iplay_for_keeps Iplay_for_keeps Center
63 Deadlyone910 Deadlyone910 Goalie Solid G at that
64 JLAden12 JLAden12 Right Wing
65 ll_Larkin_71_ll ll_Larkin_71_ll Left Defense
66 xDubz47 xDubz47 Center
67 lBl2llNlK lBl2llNlK Right Wing
68 SliestGibbon659 SliestGibbon659 Right Wing
69 JKHank07 JKHank07 Right Wing
70 Markz_51 Markz_51 Right Defense
71 KJsniper KJsniper24 Center
72 SW-Bobcats9 SW-Bobcats9 Goalie
73 pemm pemm Goalie
74 NoSleeves12 NoSleeves12 Draft+me%2C+do+it.+You+won't.+
75 jayvee028 jayvee028 Left Defense LD or RD.
76 Chowski777 Chowx7 Center
77 ViRuS_I29I_ ViRuS_I29I_ Goalie Available for all games tonight.
78 Meestah Don MeestahDon Right Wing
79 GhostMK GhostMK Center
80 Illyfilly Illyfilly Center
81 Kev_F88 Kev_F88 Left Wing
82 Pfarrcyde23 Pfarrcyde23 Left Wing
83 Dedstarks Dedstarks Right Defense
84 chadkillz134 chadkillz134 Goalie
85 Dylan_Bellz Dylan_Bellz Right Wing
86 B-raded B-raded Left Defense Play everywhere
87 Nikolai xZombie NikolaixZombie Right Defense
88 phillygonaspanku phillygonaspanku Left Defense
89 ImSikBoi ImSikBoi Left Defense
90 bobbatta bobbatta Goalie Good for 1 or all games.
91 ryofthebeholder ryofthebeholder Left Defense
92 Mr-Ziggle-NUTZ Mr-Ziggle-NUTZ Right Defense
93 jkap123 jkap123 Center
94 PteCyr PteCyr Left Defense
95 xX_PARAYKO_55Xx xX_PARAYKO_55Xx Left Defense
96 xLedHedx ILedHedI Right Wing
97 Johnkenney01 Johnkenney01 Left Wing
98 Nickelj6 Nickelj6 Goalie :)
99 mratchet mratchet Left Wing
100 Hockeyjohn3 Hockeyjohn3 Right Wing
101 DrOz2385 DrOz2385 Goalie
102 The-Statistician The-Statistician Left Defense
103 Diamonddangles4- Diamonddangles4- Left Wing
104 BigFreeze064 BigFreeze064 Right Wing
105 QC_Moreault QC_Moreault Left Defense
106 lpfortin lpfortin Right Wing
107 JKayy_ JKayy_ Left Defense
108 TheGua2dian TheGua2dian Right Defense
109 doundansticky doundansticky Left Wing
110 oBiLL3Yo oBiLL3Yo Right Wing Should be FUN
111 OutStandnSkill OutStandnSkill Left Wing Can i have a stick please , im Ready to go ! Lets go Lets go.
112 alonzi401 alonzi401 Goalie
113 OdessaSteps OdessaSteps Right Wing
114 Teamrun420 Teamrun420 Left Defense
115 calmblueicex calmblueicex Right Defense
116 Halakness Halakness Right Wing
117 Zam x 93 ZVM93 Right Wing
118 oraclerampage oraclerampage Center
119 Swamper15 Swamper15 Can+play+Ld+Rd+Lw+Rw+or+G
120 omnicidal-havoc omnicidal-havoc Left Wing
121 thesophist10 thesophist10 Center
122 Agger23 Agger23 Left Defense
123 Tcx7 MomGetDaCamera Left Wing
124 Gladz x 95 Pacioretty__67 Right Defense
125 BryanAdoresLiz BryanAdoresLiz Right Wing I can play LW or RD as well.
126 Melanson4 Melanson4 Left Defense
127 zDUJ- zDUJ- Center C/LW
128 Bbrawler84 Bbrawler84 Right Defense Tenacious "D"
129 woeisme2185 WOEisME2185 Left Defense Can play either side
130 FireHawk_575 FireHawk_575 Left Wing
131 xNav61 xNav61 Center Yawn
132 Sedinpower Sedinpower Right Defense im the best
133 Krok-o-dill Krok-o-dill Goalie