Leaguegaming - Your Virtual Career

# User Gamertag Primary Position Questions or Comments
1 X_2-Domi-8_X X_2-Domi-8_X Goalie
2 Mathqc22 Mathqc22 Right Wing i play G and Rd if you need
3 xXDuFrEsNe27Xx xXDuFrEsNe27Xx Left Wing Can ld
4 zTaylorHall4z zTaylorHall4z Left Defense
5 joestud18 joestud18 Left Defense FNP CHAMPION AND LEGEND JOESTUD18
7 Mwhite27 Mwhite27 Right Defense Can play LD or RD
8 sizzlakalonjii sizzlakalonjii Right Wing
9 SMx71viii-ix SMx71viii-ix Center
10 OBrien x 8 OBxOBrien Center
11 hyperd321 hyperd321 Left Wing ayyy
12 j_marz25 j_marz25 Goalie
13 Furdayzbuddy Furdayzbuddy Left Wing
14 J_Pedro13 J_Pedro13 Right Wing
15 J Peeace Kanyes-Ego- Left Defense It’s not who you know it’s who you blow
16 Ace_G17_PGH Ace_G17_PGH Left Wing Want to play let’s do it
17 xTaek Taekwonthis Goalie
18 jgiroux4 jgiroux4 Left Defense
19 l Murray x 30 l lFleuryx29l Goalie
20 Einx29 Einx29 Right Wing
21 Canadas__Game416 Canadas__Game416 Right Defense
22 Hra-ow Hra-ow Left Wing
23 Goostav_12 Goostav_12 Center
24 Highonshisha Highonshisha Center
25 Braaandonnn-- braaandonnn-- Right Wing
26 JCeeZ-_- JCeeZ-_- Center
27 Aghoriii Aghoriii Right Defense
28 debarrd debarrd Left Defense
29 greatzilla007 greatzilla007 Goalie
30 Grzz l19l Grzzlh Left Wing
31 jayvee028 jayvee028 Left Defense
32 chadkillz134 chadkillz134 Goalie
33 OhhCrosby87 OhhCrosby87 Right Defense
34 lDatsyuk13l FFrantic_ Right Wing
35 FITTY-41- AllinFitness Goalie
36 Akonvict21 Akonvict21 Center OG
37 xGourrrrr xGourrrrr Right Defense
38 FrenchMoron FrenchMoron Left Defense I'm like the second page of a Google search. I'm not really what you're looking for, but we both know you're starting to get a little desperate.
39 Pyromaniac15423 Pyromaniac15423 Left Defense
40 PhewPhewCam PhewPhewCam Left Wing
41 Illyfilly WillandJoshGee Left Defense
42 Back342 Back342 Goalie
43 KMAC5 KMcDonald_24 Left Defense
44 MrFrankPompei MrFrankPompei Right Wing
45 NaiveRealism NaiveRealism Right Defense
46 Craig_D85 Craig_D85 Goalie
47 CoastToCoast1989 CoastToCoast1989 Center any pos
48 foxpresentation redfangs Left Defense
49 L3iHowardL5i L3iHowardL5i Goalie
50 Daylight99 Daylight99 Right Wing nah
51 azdek63 azdek63 Goalie
52 BaLaia31- I-BaLaia-I Right Defense
53 PatSt-Love DiGitaL_ViZioN Center
54 Primetimme Primetimme Center
55 Hockeygamer0314 Hockeygamer0314 Right Wing
56 Moranaconda Moranaconda Left Defense Shit late again
57 kevin02277801 kevin02277801 Right Defense Either D
58 CANUCK_420 CANUCK_420 Goalie None.
59 tarasenkoxL91L tarasenkoxL91L Right Defense
60 Totalchaos6969 Totalchaos6969 Right Wing When is start date?
61 hockeypro686970 hockeypro686970 Right Wing
62 ZoGood ZoGood Right Wing Nope
63 TheHaunted29 TheHaunted29 Right Wing
64 GoochieOochie868 GoochieOochie868 Left Wing Wtf is this
65 Gaallz Right Wing
66 xOneTimer xOneTimer Left Defense
67 SacDiesel313 SacDiesel313 Goalie
68 Clay2326 Clay2326 Left Wing
69 Kash-kormier Kash-kormier Right Wing
70 bottle_man bottle_man Left Wing